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Sayed Mousa Alsadr said“One of the most important objectives behind the plots that struck Lebanon was to destroy the form of coexistence and national unity in Lebanon. When coexistence is targeted by a plot, the symbols of coexistence will definitely be the first to be attacked."
On February 19, 1975, fathers of the Saint Louis Capuchin Cathedral in Beirut was the first time in the history of #Islam and Christianity that a Muslim cleric was carrying out a #Christian religious rite and that was Musa as-Sadr!
In his speech during the civil war he said:
“We have gathered for the human being for whom religions came; the religious which were of the same origin, and each promised the emergence of the other, and acknowledged each other.
Every bullet that is shot at a Christian town is as if it is shot at my home, heart, & children."
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The Saudi Govt warned of the possibility of cancellation of this year’s Hajj because of the #coronavirus. If it happens it won’t be the first time Hajj was stopped, for different reasons ranging from plague, war, banditry etc
#islam #history
We pray Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) bring an end to the Pandemic before the Hajj season ameen.
I will list some of the years and reasons Hajj was stopped in the past.
865 CE massacre at Arafat:
Corresponding to 251 AH:
Ismail bin Yusuf, known as Al-Safak, who led a rebellion against the Abbasid Caliphate, massacred pilgrims that gathered at the Arafat Mountain near Mecca, forcing the cancellation of the Hajj.
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#Islam instructs men to beat their rebellious wives?
It would seem absurd to suggest that Islam accepts domestic violence, so where does this notion come from? Opponents of Islam notoriously cite a passage from the Quran 4:34 where men are instructed to deal with a wife’s
persistent misconduct by first persuading and advising them, followed by deserting the marital bed, before being given permission to take the last resort of daraba—a word that literally means ‘to hit’. But they conveniently ignore the symbolic way of hitting the rebellious wife &
they also ignore the other meaning of the word daraba. In fact, through a detailed and necessary study of the word darb in the verse one can infer two distanct meanings
The triliteral root ḍā rā bā (ض ر ب) occurs 58 times in the Quran, in two derived forms:
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Testimony of Women in #Islam :-
The only verse in the entire Quran to equate the testimony of two women to that of one man is the verse of debt (ayat al dayn), which occurs in Quran 2:282.
"You who believe, when you contract a debt for a stated term, put it down in writing…Call
in two men as witnesses. If two men are not there, then call one man and two women out of those you approve as witnesses, so that if one of the two women should forget [or err] the other can remind her."
A literal reading of this verse can lead one to assume that women are
generally more likely to err than men; accordingly, the testimony of a woman would be de facto half of a man’s.
The Quran, as discourse, was directed toward a people who, before its revelation, had little or no regard for women and who did not allow their inclusion in matters
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Mencermati perkembangan info terupdate virus corona, dalam upaya memaksimalkan ikhtiar dan mencegah penyebarannya, Daarut Tauhiid memutuskan :
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President Bashar al-#Assad interview, he affirmed that Head of the #Turkish regime, #Erdogan, fights beside terrorists out of his brotherhood ideology, so even Erdogan himself is unable to tell the Turks why he is sending his army to fight in #Syria.

#Saudis used their wealth in combination with their destructive brand of Islam #Wahhabism, to serve Western interests, through its support of the #MuslimBrotherhood. A masonically inspired organization started by Jamal ud Din al Afghani.…
The Muslim Brotherhood: The Many Faces of Her Majesty's Service
Hired Assassins of the West and Saudi Arabia
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DHS whistleblower Philip Haney was found dead on Friday.
The whistleblower against the Obama administration was shot dead near his vehicle in California.

#Deepstate #Obama #Whistleblower #Qanon…
Philip Haney told @seanhannity in 2016 that he was ordered during the Obama administration to scrub the record of Muslims in the US with terrorist ties.

#Whistleblower #Deepstate #Islam #Muslims #Qanon

@seanhannity Here is the list from @clarionproject of 120+ members of Congress supporting CAIR that Phil Haney mentioned in his FEB 3, 2020 Interview below.

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[ Thread: Internationalized #manpower in the war for #Tripoli ]
Long before #Ankara began sending #Syrian Turkmen fighters in Dec to help the #GNA, the number of gung-ho fighters willing to go risk their lives on behalf of the #LNA in W #Libya was insufficient.

That is an important reality even if pro-#LNA voices are loathe to acknowledge it
That’s why the #LNA has used #Sudanese mercs throughout 2019. On LNA side, Sudanese mercs have been basically part of the furniture, eliciting little comment.

Above issue is also the reason why the arrival of a few hundred #Russian fighters near #Tripoli in Sep had a big effect.
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Watched #Shikara.
It has secularised the #HinduGenocide in #Kashmir and romanticised it for the mega bucks it will make.
Our homes and murders are a mere prop in this story.
Massacres, rapes and vandalised temples must've been too gory to qualify for even a prop, in a love story.
It reeks of the bhaichara politics of @VVCFilms right through
Blaming American guns
Disparaging the #Ayodhya movement
Rationalising #Jihad and cleverly masking its underlying #HinduHate
Glossing over the judicial apathy
Mocking at the help rendered by a 'Party' in the camps...
Airbrushed #Islam as a non-issue
Underplayed #Jihad as mere stray events
Exaggerated exceptions of individual warmth over deep society wide hostility.
Gross simplification of the issue of our return.
#Shikara like #Padmavat turns #HinduGenocide into entertainment for commerce.
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Popular Hindu Myths
1. Hindus more progressive than Muslims
2. Hindus more open to reforms
3. Hindu reforms took place under Nehru
4. Not burning widows alive a major reform
5. Pakistan wiped out its Hindu population
6. India is a secular country
7. Hindus are secular by nature
Pop Hindu Myths
8 Indian institutes protect constitution
9 Muslims live under tyranny of fatwa
10 Muslim women need Hindu saviors
11 Strict laws bring swift social reforms
12 Pak is epitome of evil
13 India is d best place for Muslim
14 There's nothing like Hindu terrorism
Popular Hindu Myths
15 Hinduism not religion but way of life
16. Caste is past
17. Hinduism is inherently tolerant
18. RSS is cultural organization
19. India overpopulated due to 15% Muslim population
20. Hindu women has more right & freedom compared to Muslim women
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Periyar's rationality: He said Islam was the traditional religion of Tamizh Naadu.

Periyar's Sexual equality: He paid goons to HARASS his OWN WIFE to prevent her for going to temples.
He later married his adopted daughter.

Periyar's Reasoning: He thought Kumari Kandam existed
Periyar On Malayalis
*Trigger Warning*⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Profane language.
Which way forward, O Sons and Daughters of Chozhas and Pandyas?
1. Chad: Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thavar?
2. Beta Male: Periyar?
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Cet article m’interroge : quel est le "mécanisme" - mental, philosophique, politique - qui permet de voir "anti-#islam" là où je ne vois que "pro-#apostats" ?
#Thread ⤵️…
Oumma, dont le siège est à Bagnolet, est un site communautaire qui déclare plus de 2,6 millions de visiteurs par mois. Ce qui, avec les 18,8 k d'abonnés ici sur Twitter et les 867k sur Facebook, en fait (comme ils disent) "un phare de l'islam francophone"…
Or, ce "phare" et nos Lumières ne font pas forcement bon ménage.
@CarolineFourest s'est plusieurs fois fritée avec ce site, y compris dans les tribunaux. En 2016 le directeur de Oumma Zouhair Amri a été condamné pour diffamation avec ses 2 sodals : Hicham Hamza et Alain Bonnet.
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Man we have some juicy stuff coming down the pipe. The #Iran nuclear deal is going to expose an entire state secret & uranium trafficking network run on a secret server by #Hillary & friends. They were working for the #Luciferians to funnel nuclear secrets & bombs to #Iran & #NK
#Obama administration knew about #NorthKorea having miniaturized nukes. #Iran & #NK were black ops intelligence black sites. Using proxy sites to terrorize the world and influence world events.…
Here is #SusanRice admitting they are funneling hundreds of billions of dollars into the pockets of terrorists. Hidden in plain sight. Where do you think they got the money to put an $80 million bounty on POTUS? Our tax money. 😡
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Yep. 👇🏼 Not shocked.
#Hillary #Obama #Biden love the terrorists.
Of course they hosted them at the @WhiteHouse.
#Islam is the name of the Democratic game❗️
💣 The leader of an Iran-backed US embassy siege in Baghdad was welcomed to the White House by #BarackObama 8 years ago before becoming Tehran’s 'point man’ in Iraq.👇🏼
⚠️💣👉🏼Hadi al-Amiri was of ‘grave concern’ to lawmakers as Obama’s guest in 2011'

PS: Obama hosted the Muslim Brotherhood at WH in 2012❗️
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#JohnKerry, chief negotiator of #Obama nuclear #IranDeal has uncomfortably close ongoing personal relationship with #Iranian Foreign Minister #JavadZarif, whose son was best man at Kerry's daughter's wedding.
Kerry's counterpart in 2015, Zarif was close to slain Gen #Soleimani
The 2009 wedding of #VanessaKerry to Dr. Brian Vala Nahed, of Iranian ancestry would be incidental were it not for dinner party hosted by #GeorgeSoros where #JohnKerry met best man #MahdiZarif, and father, #Iran's FM #JavadZarif…
#JohnKerry raised eyebrows again, flirting with #LoganAct prohibitions regarding unauthorized American citizens dealing with foreign governments.
Kerry met repeatedly with Iran FM #JavadZarif in 2019 to discuss ways to keep the #Iran nuclear deal intact.…
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The Black American Church vs. Eurocentric Christianity

A church birthed fourth out of the wildfires of slavery and #whitesupremacy becomes one of the oldest institutions opposed to racism in the world: #TheBlackChurch


"Satan, Were Gonna' Tear Your Kingdom Down"
"If it has come about that today The Black Christ; has to be led into the field against The White Christ; by a young black poet, than a deep cleft in the church of Jesus Christ is indicated."

-- #DietrichBonhoeffer

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This Tweet #Trending is dedicated for #Arabs who have been deceived for centuries about their #Quran & the status of Jesus Christ due to radical imams teachings within mosques. Do know the one who took care of Muhammad was a Christian Monk named Bahira! Like, share, & Retweet !!
The Nature of Jesus Christ in the #Quran : The only one with a pure spirit i.e., Holy Spirit was Jesus Christ, because he is the lord God/Allah. & if you can't understand, listen to the teachings of apostle Mark the Evangelist
Does that mean #Arabs or #Muslims do not know God? They do but they haven't fully discovered his nature. Same goes for many #Jews & so in order for God's words to become true, the miracle of Mokattam Mountain was moved before the Caliphate and the Jews ✝️
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#France #Paris

France recognizes Anti-#Zionism now official as #Antisemitism.
The #French #Parliament recently passed a #resolution on this. The resolution of #MP @SylvainMaillard ("La République en marche") adheres to the definition of the "International Alliance for #Holocaust Remembrance" from 2016,
which was adopted by the #European Parliament and the #German government: "#AntiSemitism is a certain perception of #Jews who hatred of #Jews can find expression. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of #AntiSemitism are directed against #Jewish or non-#Jewish individuals and/
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It has been estimated that 23 million Yazidis have been killed by Islamic extremist groups during the past several decades.
The population continues to decrease. Just 200 yrs ago, it was 2M & it is now estimated to be less than a million worldwide

History timeline of genocides👇
▪️ Islamic terrorists started a series of genocidal campaign against the Yazidis in 630 AD by killing and abducting many.
▪️ Islamic terrorists incited a major war against the Yezidis in 637 AD.
▪️980-81 AD. Islamic #Kurdish armies surrounded the #Yezidis living in the Hakkar region. They promised the Yezidis mercy if they surrendered to them but failed to keep their promise. Instead, most of the Yezidis were massacred. Those who survived were forced to convert to Islam.
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A 22-year-old Hindu Girl Mahik Keswani daughter of Amer Lal is missing since Friday from #Karachi

Nobody has contact with her family for ransom or about her conversion to #Islam & her marriage

@ImranKhanPTI look what's happening to Minorities in your Naya #Pakistan 😡
It's really heartbreaking to see this.
This is not only a crime but a sin before the eyes of GOD.

#Pakistan is a state full of hate, bigotry, extremism.

Her video has emerged where she's in a burqa saying she converted to Islam on her own & married a Muslim.
Its sadden to say, she has been converted!

When a Hindu girl kidnapped she use to appear after 4 to 8 days in front of media, in those 4-8 days what mental torture girls use to face can’t be imagined. ?

@pid_gov @ImranKhanPTI @Malala @UN @UNWomenWatch @KTHopkins
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Até 2020, seremos ‘silenciados’.

#Soros #Saud #Rothschild #Khazarians #Cabal #FakeJews #SynagogueOfSatan #CIA #Mossad #Islam #Vatican #EU #ClimateChangeHoax #Depopulation #Nazism #NWO #UN

Soros: Online Trump Supporters Will Be Entirely ‘Silenced’ By 2020
Memorando de 2017 descreve guerra diária na mídia
Plataformas vão banir jornalistas/cidadãos de direita
Financiada p/Soros, a Media Matters tem acesso a dados brutos do FB/Twitter/sites mídia social

Temos sentido essa estratégia desde que Trump assumiu...…
Do Memorando:
Nos próximos 4 anos, a Media Matters vai se concentrar em expor divulgadores de conteúdos de direita. As plataformas Google, Facebook/etc não serão neutras e não enriquecerão divulgadores de campanhas tóxicas que envenenam nosso discurso nacional sem consequências.
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Since our Shepard is a Muslim, let me come from the perspective of Islam. Allah said in Surat An-Nisa “O ye who believe, stand firm for justice even against your own selves”. Islam is a religion of peace, equity and fairness. It shies away from oppression and contempt.
In 2015, a certain coup and counter coup emperor promised about 200 million people that he was a reformed democrat and would uphold the trust and mandate, rule of law and end impunity in a country led astray by his like minds.
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Thread: 1/3

The #Muslim community should collectively agree on a moratorium on "women's right in Islam" lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. for the external gaze, until we get it together internally. #Islam
It is tiring to have to fight oppression from the state only to turn around and be victimized by patriarchy from your own community.

I'm not here to make life easy for Islamophobes, but neither am I will to be treated as a second class citizen by the state or Muslim men.

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