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Inside the CULT
@TulsiGabbard was born into, raised in and brainwashed by.

Her parents are recorded with their "ascended master"
mocking #Christians and being worshiped.…
If it doesn't affect harm me, my family, children or others then personally I believe everyone should be able to worship and follow any religion.
Is running for the most powerfull seat in America and her religion would most certainly affect the above.
Would in affect me in a negative manner?
I don't know but it is worthy of an investigation.
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#Islamophobia adalah ketidakadilan terbesar terhadap Islam dan kaum muslimin, baik secara moral maupun material, fisik maupun psikis, lahir maupun batin.
Ketidakadilan terhadap umat Islam dalam bentuk #Islamophobia melibatkan 2 ekstrem yang berlawanan: Ekstremis Barat (kelompok kapitalis, liberal, sekular, orientalis, dsb.) vs Ekstremis Ghulat (kelompok takfiri, Khawarij, Syi'ah, dsb.)
Ekstremis Barat menebar virus #Islamophobia dengan dua cara: 1) membuat nonmuslim berpandangan jelek terhadap Islam dan kaum muslimin serta 2) menjauhkan ajaran Al-Qur'an dan Sunnah dari kaum muslimin.
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The Chams are an Austronesian people indigenous to what was previously the kingdom of Champa, now in modern day south Vietnam. They currently follow 3 religions, Hinduism, Sunni Shafi'i Islam & a third religion mixing the other two together. They were conquered by Vietnam.
Champa along with Vietnam was under the rule of Han dynasty China after China expanded & conquered territories in south China & Indochina. The official Khu Liên (Qū Lián) led Chams to revolt against China in 192 & established the independent Cham kingdom of Lâm Ấp (Linyi).
The Chams were then Indianized by their neighbor Funan. China & #Champa then fought each other several times over the next 800 years as they shared a border. China invaded Champa in the Sui dynasty in 605 & sacked the Cham capital before withdrawing after disease struck the army.
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I decided to rewrite the thread on the Seal of Muḥammad to focus on the seal itself, and not the seal as part of the black shahāda flag, on which I have a proper thread. First of all, let's start with the actual design of the #seal on the #prophet's signet ring.
The most common and popular reading of the engraving today is "Allāh Rasūl Muḥammad", an #Arabic linguistic construction which places the subject after the object similar to the famous verse in the Qur'anic Fāṭir: 28: "Innamā yakhshā Allāha min ʿibādihi al-ʿulamāʾu."
Supporters of this theory argue that one should always position #God's divine name(s) in a superior position when writing a text, as did the prophet do when writing his letters. They state that only the top position befits the Divine Being, therefore starting with Allāh.
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#FCPE : simple #communautarisme ou vraie infiltration #islamiste ?

[#thread ⤵️]

Qui trouve-t-on parmi les membres du conseil d’administration de la #FCPE ?
Quatrième ligne, deuxième en partant de gauche : OZCELIK Mustafa, administrateur.…
Mustafa ÖZÇELİK figure aussi dans un autre organigramme : celui de la #DITIB, branche française de la Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı turque : président de l'antenne d'Epinal, membre de l'assemblée générale, membre du conseil du surveillance de Strasbourg.…
La Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı (Présidence des affaires religieuses), administration étatique turque directement rattachée au cabinet du Premier Ministre, a pour missions officielles de “s'occuper des activités liées aux croyances de la religion de l'#Islam”,...
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Salafism is not Islam, rather it is a political ideology to keep the power and wealth in the hands of Saudi Royal family.
Introduction, Saudi Royal’s Prostitution Rings, Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade and historical background of Saudi Royal family…
The #MuslimBrotherhood is a London creation, representing organized Islamic fundamentalism, it is an umbrella of fundamentalist Sufi, Sunni, and radical Shiite brotherhoods and societies. The founder was a freemason 😨
Mind you 🤔😉
The Nazis and the Salafi movement, would eventually work together to revive the ancient mind-control tactics of the Ismailis, to form a body of agent-provocateurs, the Muslim Brotherhood.
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3 deaths in Pittsburgh 32, 32, 38 & 26th street lead map ordinates to Cyprus Island #ExxonMobil Found more gas places off the shores of Island #Turkey #Erdohan #Greece #Israel @realDonaldTrump @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
little thread read research…
Gov of PA Tom Wolf
reductions in property taxes and the corporate tax, and a new severance tax on natural gas
Cyprus Island and USA connections
Cyprus–United States relations are bilateral relations between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America.…
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1. There are about 20 million people gathering to participate in the pilgrimage (ziyara) for #Arbaeen. It is in Commemoration of the death of #ImamHussein (Grandson of Mohammed the Prophet) and rightful Caliph/Imam. He had 72 against thousands, finally, alone on the battlefield..
2. He allegedly called out to God (Allah) 'Is there any soul to help me?' but he had been betrayed.
40 days after He was slain at the battle of #Karbala his sister #Zainab returned from imprisonment at the hands of Yazid, the tyrant in Damascus, (and enemy of the family ...
3. of the Prophet) with #Hussein severed head, to reunite it with his body.

This event is the crux of the rift in #Islam.

Caused by Greed, Hunger for Power and Glory, Self edification, Patriarchy. The legacy of #Yazid ......
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Woohoo @RepMattGaetz
Ripping #Racist #AlSharpton
God Bless you 🙏
The white man is the Devil Al Sharpton said
#AlSharpton Reading From Teleprompter!! WTF is this shit!!
#Racist #Bigoted #Homophobe #Jewishphobe supports #Islam supports #illegals AL hates #blacks and #Whites! Ignore #JustinTrudeau brown faced it's a Distraction. Pay attention they want to take away #Guns from Police! ..
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@Joerg_Meuthen #noNazisdo #Followerpower #noAfD #niemalsAfD #AfDm8dumm #AfDVerbot #AfDgehoertNICHTzuDeutschland

Na, sowas:

Prof. #Mythen ist sich also tatsächlich einmal mehr nicht zu schade dafür, gegen Kinder und Jugendliche zu hetzen, die in jungem Alter...
@Joerg_Meuthen ... schon viel mehr Verantwortungsbewusstsein haben als viele #AfD 'ler in ihrem ganzen Leben - stark…

Offenbar haben Sie meinen Thread nicht gelesen, aus dem eindeutig hervorgeht, wie erbärmlich die #sogAfD mit ihren unwissenschaftlichen Standpunkten gegenüber den 99,94 % ...
@Joerg_Meuthen ... (für AfDler nochmals in Worten: Das sind praktisch alle❗☝😮) seriöser Klimaforscher dasteht, die übereinstimmend die Annahme des - zumindest anteilig - menschengemachten #Klimawandel s unterstützen.

Zu den 0.06 % gehören überwiegend sehr...
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A #Hindu teacher was attacked by a mob and a temple was vandalised in #Pakistan's Sindh province over allegations of blasphemy. The incident took place in #Ghotki in #Sindh on Sunday.
Riots broke out in #Pakistan's #Sindh province after a school principal from the minority #Hindu community, named #NotanMal was booked on charges of alleged blasphemy. An FIR was filed against him after a student's father Abdul Aziz Rajput claimed the teacher committed blasphemy.
According to Abdul Aziz Rajput, #NotanMal uttered derogatory remarks against the Prophet of #Islam. However, there is no evidence to support his claims.
Following the riots, protesters are demanding to arrest the school principal.
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My name Salman & I'm not afraid to make this public that I'm an ex-Muslim and gay. It's not easy for us who have been living under the closet for years about our religion and our sexuality to come out public about it. We've been forced to live our lives in fear, in isolation ...
under persecution from our families, friends, society and state especially for me coming from a highly conservative #Muslim majority society like the Islamic republic of #Pakistan, where both being openly gay and leaving #Islam are both criminalized by law.
#LGBT rights is human rights, freedom to choose & leave your religion is a basic human rights too unfortunately simply doesn't exist where I come from and if we even speak out about our existence we are threatened with consequences, labelled as foreign agents and worst...
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"Contrary to myth being fabricated, Islam does not pose a threat to the West. Rather, Islamic “terrorist” organizations have been created to serve Western imperialistic objectives" 😈…
Salafism is not Islam, rather it is a political ideology to keep the power and wealth in the hands of Saudi Royal family.
Introduction, Saudi Royal’s Prostitution Rings, Saudi Royal’s Child Sex Slave Trade and historical background of Saudi Royal family…
The #MuslimBrotherhood is a London creation, representing organized Islamic fundamentalism, the organization called the Muslim Brotherhood is the umbrella of fundamentalist Sufi, Sunni, and radical Shiite brotherhood societies…
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@PeteButtigieg the "breath of life" in the Bible is NOT meant as breathing as in lungs.
The root word used in the original Hebrew text is RUACH, which is the word SPIRIT of Life.
Which means God gave man/woman the spirit it of life. It is later translated into English as
Breath because the spirit is also like the wind, invisible but can be felt.
This can confirmed by other Bible verses couple of verses.
BREATH" is intended as "spirit"
God's Spirit (life) is in the blood
Leviticus 17:14 - For [it is] the life of all flesh; the blood of it [is] for the life thereof: therefore I said unto the children of Israel, Ye shall eat the blood of no manner of flesh: for the life of all flesh [is] the blood.
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Mast Qalander: read about it
In this ruins of the kotla lived a Mast Qalander. every day he would walk down to the tomb of Bhure shah in the vicinity of the Red fort and pray to the"saint with the fiery temper". A big-built man with a barel of chest and a shaggy beard,
his prayers were not the silent outpourings of a heart but the mutterings of one who had lost contact with his surroundings and lived in a world of his own. He would walk down to the shrine of Hare-Bhare and beat his 'chimta' (iron tongs) to announce his arrival.
The young were overawed by him and the old considered him to be someone from the past who had been visiting the jama Masjid area for long as one cared to remember. like Zanoni,he was likened to an order of mystics who thrive for centuries.
#islam #sufi #masjid #mastqalnder #Allah
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I keep hearing a lot of #HongKongProtestors makint statements about "CHINESE GENOCIDE AGAINST THE UIGHUR MUSLIMS" if that's true, why is there a revival of #Islam in #China right now?…
Chinese laws and actually, Communist Laws in general forbid persecution of ethnic groups as well as religions.The Uighur in Prison right now are there due to committing crimes which include Jihadist activity. The group that claims it's a genocidal campaign is "Human Rights Watch"
and this organization was caught lying about Left Wing governments in the past already. Meanwhile they have been silent about actual genocide committed by American Allies or US sponsored Dictatorships. So long story short : No, there is no genocide or concentration camps. It's bs
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Ma description des terroristes de #CharlieHebdo" (hommages à #Charb #Tignous" suscite une controverse

Je cite: "2 frères parisiens d'origine algérienne, musulmans et ayant fait allégeance à #AlQuaïda, qui ont tué en criant «Allahu akbar» et en disant avoir «vengé le prophète»"⤵️
Toutes ces informations sont vraies, vérifiés, connues et publiques.

Mais on s'offusque que je "souligne" l'origine algérienne et surtout la religion musulmane.
Ça serait faux, car en faisant allégeance à #AlQuaïda ils auraient automatiquement apostasié.

Ah bon ?
Le twitto qui a débarqué sur ma TL pour affirmer ça cite le cheikh Al-Tayeb d’Al-Azhar qui a a dit: « Le terrorisme n’a pas de religion ».

Malheureusement, le Grand Imam de la mosquée al-Azhar n'est pas un "pape" et ne dispose pas d'un pouvoir d’excommunication.
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Something special today. I found some old notes on the different theological schools existent within Sunni #Islam. Since there's a lot of confusion on this matter, I'll share them with you guys. It's a very brief and very simplified description, so nothing complex really.
There are three main ways to approach the Islamic creed (ʿaqīda):
1) Through literalist textualism
2) Through the bāṭin (inner esoteric meanings)
3) Through speculative rationalism

It's important to note that these three ways mostly coexisted within the Islamic world.
The 1st is used by the school of al-athariyya (from #Arabic أثر - tradition/transmission). They approach the #Islamic creed through a literary reading of the relevatory texts, focusing on its ẓāhir (apparent) meaning. The texts are the sole authorities in matters of belief/law.
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This brave #Uyghur #Muslim girl, still resides in #Xinjiang aka #EastTurkestan is indicating that four of her relatives are in #China's #ConcentrationCamps. She obviously wants the world to know regardless of what might happen to her, PLEASE SHARE for her sake.

Clip 2: There are more "witness testimonials" coming right out of #Xinjiang aka #EastTurkestan. They don’t saying anything but it's written all over their faces, clearly sending a message to the outside world that all is not good.

#SaveUyghur #CloseTheCamps
Clip 3: Another witness testimonial of a wife longing for her husband who is detained in #China’s #ConcentrationCamps.

#SaveUyghur #CloseTheCamps
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I'm no fan of the secular academical approach to #Islamic militantism. We all know who I'm talking about. There're some aspects to it that make it inherently flawed and inconsistent with the reality of #Islam. I'll comment on two of these flaws, but there are many more.
It enforces the idea of nationalism through the use of the term "foreign fighters". This term is foreign (pun intended) to the Islamic worldview, and is the result of the artificial, post-colonial borders dividing the #Muslim world into European-style nation-states.
In the Islamic worldview, a Muslim is symbolically related through membership of the shared religion to any other member of this socio-religious group we call the "ummah" (the Muslim Community). That's the inside group. Those that do not share the religion are obviously not.
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Haben wir uns alle in Sachen #Grundschulverbot geirrt? Und wer ist überhaupt diese Carsten #Linnemann?

Ein Thread:

Nachdem sich halb (Twitter-)Deutschland tagelang über die Forderung nach einem #Grundschulverbot echauffiert hat, stellt sich nun heraus:

Carsten Linnemann hat nie ein Grundschulverbot für Einwandererkinder gefordert. Carsten Linnemann hat gar nichts gegen Einwanderer und #Muslime. Wir alle haben Carsten Linnemann als einen vermeintlich Rechten vorgeführt.

Da liegt wohl ein schlimmes Missverständnis vor.

Das jedenfalls meint @ulfposh.

Nun ist Ulf Poschardt nicht irgendwer, sondern Chefredakteur der @WELTnews (WELTN24-Gruppe), einem der größten Medienportale in Deutschland.…

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"kabarnya sejumlah delegasi kelompok Taliban yang dipimpin langsung oleh Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, wakil pimpinan Taliban berkunjung ke Indonesia dan diterima Wakil Presiden Jusuf Kalla. Apa kepentingan mereka bro...?"
"menurut juru bicara Taliban, Zabinhulllah Mujahed delegasinya berkunjung ke Jakarta itu untuk memperkuat relasi politik dan kerja sama antara Indonesia-Afghanistan di masa depan. Beritanya dapat disimak di…"
"Tapi bro....bukankah arah perjuangan Taliban itu #menegakkan #Syariah #Islam yg dlm perjalanan perjuangannya itu dituduh melakukan pelanggaran HAM maupun penindasan kebudayaan ..?"…/laporan_khusus/…/091116_taliban
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I am starting a new series which will include all the unsubstantiated claims of Mullahs and I'll add every tweet in this series by serial no. With title "Mullalogy "


उंगली पर लगा #पाखाना तीन बार चाट लिया जाए तो उंगली पाक हो जाती है

●In Islam there is no such thing as marriage, it is a contract.

●Your women are your "kheti"
You can enter in your wife from anywhere you want like your farming fields.

Sura 2:223
#Mullalogy #mullahlogy

●Your women are your "kheti"
You can enter in your wife from anywhere you want like your farming fields.

Sura 2:223
#Mullalogy #mullahlogy

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