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This week marks #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.

This is a cycle of how the #BuildingSafetyCrisis and living in in block under 9 metres with ACM cladding and all the other defects has affected me in just under 8 months 👇

Part 1: Lack of sleep.
Going to bed and thinking "what happens if there is a fire and we don't wake up?".

Turn on all phone sounds in case neighbours call. Prepare "emergency" box with key valuables/docs in case we need to flee the flat. 2/18
Part 2: The tears.
And there were a lot of them from the minute we found out our building was not safe. #WakingWatch parked outside our front door the very next day.

We learnt we had same cladding as #Grenfell, missing cavity barriers, balconies are rubbish - the whole hog. 3/18
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Costs: average cost to date of £194,000 per building; leaseholders face average monthly bill of £296 but 1 in 5 pay over £500 a month.
Time: 61 buildings still have a WW in place, with an average of 10 months so far, but 12 buildings are in their second year of WW and some are in their 3rd and 4th year. One building has had a WW for 42 months.
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The #CladdingScandal is a story of broken Tory promises, pushing thousands into financial hardship and paralysing part of the housing market. As the #FireSafetyBill comes back to the Commons, here is a refresher of just a few of the government's broken promises so far (THREAD).
Why does this matter? There are hundreds of thousands of leaseholders in the UK still living in buildings with unsafe cladding and other fire safety issues, almost four years after the Grenfell Tower disaster.
Today, MPs will vote on an amendment which would legally protect leaseholders from the costs of a problem they did not cause. Legal protection is extremely important - on the evidence below, it is clear leaseholders need more than Tory promises.
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1/ Bitter sweet...after nearly £200,000 spent on waking watch and related works & looks like our £7K a week waking watch is soon to be lifted!🤞Great welcomed news, but no thanks to @mhclg's inefficacious Waking Watch Relief Fund (aka 'alarm fund') here's why...
2/ @MetisBuilding was a prime candidate for the fund.

To lift our WW we either had to address the internal defects which instigated the WW or install an £89K alarm. When the fund was announced on 17/12/20, I hoped we'd get an alarm covered fast, buying time to sort these defects
3/ But it took until 31/01/21 for the WWRF to open and even then it didn't open fully (despite @team_greenhalgh saying it would)...

Whilst waiting for the fund to open we spent £46,125 on our WW...and every week that subsequently passed a further £7,166.88 was spent.
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We've had #wakingwatch for over a year (£60k/month).

We agreed to fund a temp fire alarm system (£350k) to get rid of them. @LondonFire agreed the plan.

Now, mid-project we are told by @NFCC that the original plan wasn't good enough.

@NFCC now say that we can't get rid of #WakingWatch without a total redesign including heat sensors in every flat.

This is obviously far more expensive + turns a 2-3 month project into a 6-9 months.

This completely changes the analysis of whether the temp alarm is even worth it
We are now FORCED into a choice:

a) cut our losses on the fire alarm and live with a £350k waste of money + continue to pay waking watch until remediation

b) pay all the extra for the heat sensors + the extra 3-6 month WW costs

And still no news on Gov funding for anything!
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I used to live here. There's 132 flats. Those flats contain 132 heat detectors, 264 smoke detectors and 264 sounders. Please explain how a #WakingWatch with two eyes, a nose and an air horn gives better early detection and warning? Just connect them all to a centralised system.
If you're wondering what a good fire alarm looks like in a block of flats, this will explain. Fire officers tend to think about offices when you mention fire alarms & wouldn't be aware of the smart systems now available for flats. GB tech, made in GB.
If talking about the costs of #WakingWatch, NFCC tell us, it's for early detection & warning. Pre-existing costs of this, for residents, already include their domestic smoke detection/alarm system & if the block has AOVs there'll be smoke detectors for them in communal areas too.
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@hmtreasury @GOVUK will soon be making a profit out of the #BuildingSafety Crisis! Simple maths for the moment, would welcome help from an economist to validate. Pls share THREAD 👇
£1.6bn of taxpayer funding pledged to #ACM fund (£600m) and #BuildingSafety fund (£1bn) assuming this is all spent @hmtreasury could receive back 👇
£320m in VAT £200m Tax/NI from project workers, £100m Corporation Tax from remediation firms. So £1.6bn becomes £980m. This is further reduced by 👇
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