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This powerful piece by @Lees_Martina reconstructs the horrifying tragedy of Grenfell & explains why, 5 years on, 640k people still live in flammable flats & up to 4.2million are trapped in #claddingscandal created by govt failures, corporate wrongdoing & regulatory incompetence.
When you read the painful details of the multiple failures which led to tragedy of Grenfell, & when you have personally experienced the fallout as millions of us have, it’s been very hard to believe that we live in a country, properly regulated, that values people over profits.
I want to thank those journalists who have kept asking questions, supporting Grenfell families who still wait for justice, & those millions trapped in the #claddingscandal. Without you, this would have vanished from public sight, esp @PeteApps @insidehousing @Lees_Martina.
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“Growing up in a Danish family, I was always familiar with the idea of ‘#hygge’, which is a sense of cosiness and warmth. It’s something I really value because it’s a hugely important part of what makes a home feel like home." 1/
"I still remember how excited I was when I bought this flat with my gf 5 years ago. But now our place of hygge has become a place of despair - we have a #wakingwatch patrolling the building 24/7 because it is deemed that unsafe, with a £60k/week bill to pay for it" 2/
"I’m an optimist and I grew up believing that our government genuinely care about the safeguarding of its citizens. Now, after experiencing first hand the insidious nature of the #claddingscandal, I’ve had to re-evaluate." 3/
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Why are we documenting the human stories? 🧵
Public memory can be short term. In a political #posttruth world, where collective memories can be silenced and alternative facts presented to rewrite history, it is more important than ever to compile such collective memories. 1/
Humans are wired for #stories - we’ve been telling them as long as there’s been language. In a time when we are numb to statistics more than ever, there is a need to humanise the numbers and the narrative. 2/

#EndOurCladdingScandal #EndOurFireSafetyScandal
We don’t need all stories to be heart breaking tales. For everyone who’s impacted by the #claddingscandal, we all have our struggles, no matter how big or small they are. If we feel that individually our story is not worth telling, then no one will tell our collective story. 3/
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We have also asked #Brent and #Harrow London Assembly candidates what they will do for leaseholders in #claddingscandal

We have received three responses from:
@KrupeshHirani of @UKLabour
@anton_georgiou of @LibDems
@IPriceReformUK of @reformparty_uk

Brent and Harrow's @UKLabour candidate @KrupeshHirani speaks about @SadiqKhan's suggested levy on developers to fund to #EndOurCladdingScandal in #London.
@LibDems candidate @anton_georgiou and @LondonLibDems will focus on practical steps implemented at City Hall: not work with developers who do not fix existing buildings, and trialling a public #FireSafety register.
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Costs: average cost to date of £194,000 per building; leaseholders face average monthly bill of £296 but 1 in 5 pay over £500 a month.
Time: 61 buildings still have a WW in place, with an average of 10 months so far, but 12 buildings are in their second year of WW and some are in their 3rd and 4th year. One building has had a WW for 42 months.
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The #CladdingScandal is a story of broken Tory promises, pushing thousands into financial hardship and paralysing part of the housing market. As the #FireSafetyBill comes back to the Commons, here is a refresher of just a few of the government's broken promises so far (THREAD).
Why does this matter? There are hundreds of thousands of leaseholders in the UK still living in buildings with unsafe cladding and other fire safety issues, almost four years after the Grenfell Tower disaster.
Today, MPs will vote on an amendment which would legally protect leaseholders from the costs of a problem they did not cause. Legal protection is extremely important - on the evidence below, it is clear leaseholders need more than Tory promises.
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#Facts Matter:
Property developers who built flats covered in dangerous cladding donated £2.5 million to the @Conservative since the #Grenfell fire in 2017, @BorisJohnson has personally received £50,000 from individuals with links to the #CladdingScandal. #EndOurCladdingScandal
• Reuben Brothers (European Land and Property) donated £200,000 to the Conservatives 2019 election.
• Jamie Reuben donated £50,000 personally to the @BorisJohnson.
• Jamie Ritblat (Delancey) donated £100,000 to the Conservatives during the 2019 election.
•During the #coronavirus pandemic, the 3 biggest housebuilders made 3 billion.
•Persimmon is expecting to report £850 million in profits in its final results for 2020.
•Redrow’s founder has given more than £1.1 million to the @Conservatives since the #GrenfellTower fire.
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Really hard not to be wound up by gov limp response to #CladdingScandal question on #BBCQT

1) ACM is NOT the “most dangerous” it is just the first type of dangerous cladding that came to the government’s attention
2) It’s not just cladding. Missing fire breaks in 000s building - which would allow fire to spread fast - are clear sign of systemic failure. But not included in Government funding
3) Leaseholders are ALREADY paying thousands of £s every day for enforced interim measures.
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Meanwhile: Up to 4million people caught up #claddingscandal as govt heaps contempt upon contempt on innocent homeowners whilst developers, builders & freeholders profit despite systemic failures.

Thanks to those who won’t let this awful story disappear.…
This by @PeteApps is excellent on the astonishing evidence that emerged in the Grenfell Inquiry this week.

“The picture the inquiry is painting is not yet complete. But it is already starting to look like one of the great corporate scandals of our time.”…
“Thousands of people are trapped in their homes, unable to sell and facing crippling bills for repairs. More fires and more deaths are by no means impossible.” @PeteApps

What will it take to make this govt think seriously and act swiftly and fairly on the #claddingscandal?@mhclg
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Post-Grenfell, thousands of us still live in flammable homes, for which we were never responsible & are now liable for financial cost, untold stress & inability to move. The silence has been deafening, govt urgency lacking. End the hidden housing scandal.…
Huge appreciation for the tireless efforts of @insidehousing @PeteApps to keep drawing attention to the extent of the #claddingscandal. Thanks also now to @Lees_Martina @thesundaytimes for pushing this new campaign. There is no excuse, none, for @mhclg @RobertJenrick to ignore.
Glad so many names supporting #EndOurCladdingScandal, incl @SadiqKhan @AndyBurnhamGM @MikeAmesburyMP , former UNSR for Housing @leilanifarha. But, where are the rest?

Over 3 years, as the developers responsible just keep on building - did Govt just pretend not to see us all?
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Just having an attack of remorse, I've been indulging in graveyard humour about the Government & Europe when I should be saying something meaningful about the #claddingscandal & Downing Street being lit green to show 'solidarity' to mark the third THIRD anniversary of Grenfell 1/
...while people remain trapped slowly (or not so slowly) running out of money in unsaleable &, potentially life-threatening flats . Actually my anger at that is inexpressible, so instead, legal Twitter, what about solutions? 2/
...For example in the specific case of retro-fitted cladding, I can see the problems with negligence but "other causes of action are available". Why are there not causes of action on the basis of derogation from grant/ breach of covenant/ nuisance? 3/
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My life turned upside down in 2013 when I made the worst decision of my life - to buy a #leasehold home in #SouthKilburn regeneration trusting propaganda by @Brent_Council about affordable, high quality, energy efficient home.
Over the years it has become clear that this home is badly constructed from the core. There are construction defects with balconies, leaking windows and faulty communal boiler system. I have had to endure 7 winters of intermittent or no hot water.
The estate is not maintained by @Brent_Council’s partner @LQHomesMatter. Dead landscaping. Dirty grounds and interiors. Failing heating system. Breaking communal doors.

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In a week where British political parties seem to be pledging billions, why are 17,000 households in Britain *still* living with dangerous flammable cladding - where are the pledges to fix this crisis, & fast?

@mhclg @LabourSJ @sajidjavid @ChukaUmunna @ukcag
“There is an extreme level of anxiety. There are elderly people, people with babies, who are constantly worried about what happens if fire breaks out in the middle of the night..This has come at huge financial cost to all of us..People are reaching breaking point.”: @ukcag
2.5 years after Grenfell, there seems to be no urgency or appetite to resolve this #claddingscandal.

Last night, a new fire in Bolton at student accommodation. Thankfully it seems no serious injury.

What will it take to wake up this govt? @mhclg…
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More than 2 years after #Grenfell the govt finally admits (quietly in a technical note) that 2nd type of cladding - not only the ACM panels used on Grenfell Tower - should also be removed. This note means most HPL cladding must come down @ukcag @McrCladiators #claddingscandal Image
My @TheSTHome investigation showed the #claddingscandal beyond Grenfell-type ACM could affect as many as 200,000 people, mostly private leaseholders - many with HPL…
Who will pay? That’s the big question. The government cladding replacement fund only covers ACM - not HPL
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