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Is our democracy so fragile that it can not be met by the strength of our will ? We will save the republic from all enemies domestic and foreign. #WeThePeopleMarch
The people are in the streets!
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FINALLY coverage of the #WeThePeopleMarch:
"Where were other outlets when thousands of protesters demanded the president’s impeachment while marching down Pennsylvania Avenue?"…
“From what I observed, the ‘We the People March’ had all the key ingredients for a media spectacle. The cohort of protesters gathered on the sidewalk across from the Trump International Hotel, serving as the symbolic target of their collective ire. With placards in hand..”
"Tennis legend @Martina , who grew up in Communist Czechoslovakia, stood before the protesters and assured, ‘I know a totalitarian regime when I see one. Okay? And this is what we have now.’" #WeThePeopleMarch
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This video of Saturday's #WeThePeopleMarch has over 105,000 views - shows demand by the American people to see what happened while our media refuses to cover a peaceful protest. Maybe we needed to invite a few violent neo-Nazis? Then you would cover @CNN @MSNBC @washingtonpost?
@CNN @MSNBC @washingtonpost cc' @UNSEATpac - as you were saying. This video of #WeThePeopleMarch has over 106,000 views. Still no media reporting on it.
@CNN @MSNBC @washingtonpost This video of the #WeThePeopleMarch has over 229,000 views. Again, the media not covering a peaceful protest, so Americans looking to social media.
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One woman, @amy_siskind, organized a giant march on Washington yesterday, with 60+ solidarity events nationwide, mostly run by women.

@vigil4democracy and @SoSAmerica2019 supported, among other orgs.

The media studiously ignored it. A thread. 1/x
How does America recover from a media that ignores the outrage of its population? That’s content chasing the next spectacle from a deranged emperor? #WeThePeopleMarch 2/x…
Mothers and grandmothers bore witness. This was recorded by activist teacher @JoshuaPotash’s mother. #WeThePeopleMarch 3/x
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Over 10k. Not a single mention on @MSNBC or @CNN - people are mentioning and noticing all over social media. This is how you earn distrust and get people to question what actually drives coverage decisions.
It’s almost as if they want Trump to stay in office and not cover dissent because they’re afraid it might hurt their ratings....oh wait....
I just want to add the #WeThePeopleMarch - which was 100% grassroots- was the largest protest march against this regime since the Women’s March.

We have to ask why the media chose not to cover it.
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Cruelty to immigrants. Emoluments. No gun control. Endless lies and constant golf. Treason. Obstruction of justice. Disregard for the law. Using DOJ to skirt the Constitution and bash enemies. Sending American military to help MBS who causes famine in Yemen & murdered Khashoggi.
Ripping off funds Congress allocated for military improvements like child care and safe housing to build a vanity campaign promise. Rolling back every pollution control Obama set down. Racist rhetoric. Making everyone the “other.” NO GUARDRAILS.
These are just some of the reasons I, along with thousands of others in 60+ places will walk today. #WeThePeopleMarch sends a message to our elected officials. None of this is okay. It is way past normal or acceptable. #WeThePeopleMarch to demand accountability from Congress!!
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On why we need to march!
“If you are beyond frustrated by any or all of the Trump administration policies, author and activist Amy Siskind understands. That’s why she’s spearheaded the #WeThePeopleMarch across the country on Saturday, September 21st.”…
“If people are waiting for the 2020 election to save us, they will be disappointed,” warns activist, author and organizer of the #WeThePeopleMarch, Amy Siskind.
🇺🇸 We the People are marching to save our democracy Sept 21 🇺🇸
Get to DC, or check the website for solidarity marches around the country.
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1/ UPDATED THREAD: I inadvertently skipped option 4 in the 7 options for how to respond to the whistleblower complaint. So let’s start again: according to sources, the IC IG is not telling the committee what’s in the complaint because the law states it must come from the DNI...
2/ So we have a few options. Option 1 is inherent contempt. That’s when the house dems have the Sergeant at Arms detain the DNI and compel him to hand over the complaint during his testimony as he will likely refuse to do so. This hasn’t been used since 1934.
3/ Option 2 is a contempt citation referral to the DoJ, but that’s headed by Bill Barr, so yeah.

Option 3 is to file suit like they did in the Mazar’s case, but rumor has it you can’t take civil judicial action in whistleblower cases. Not sure I read the law that way, though...
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I wanted to say something for a few days.. now that I have had time to sit with it.. I will share.

I want to make something clear. We are all in this together. Its us vs. trump. Its not this group and that group vs. another group vs. trump.
We are all in this together. We all want the same things here. We want this maddness of trump and administration to be done with. We don't want division between us. It doesn't help anything but furthering frustration.
We need to look at the bigger picture here. Its not this group over that group. I can't stress that enough. Ive seen too much of that going on that I can't sit by anymore. Some resisters are giving up because of it. Let's stop this group division. Let's focus on the real problem
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Seriously, we have to be hitting rock bottom if people can protests at risk in Moscow and Hong Kong - show up en masse in London - kick out a Putin puppet in Italy - but we're too lazy or passive to show up. We need to ALL march Sept 21! #WeThePeopleMarch
We just did a hands-on call with organizers - there are solidarity marches all over the country! Or you can easily host!…
There are also buses and carpools coming to DC from all over!
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I hope our Democrats in Congress are enjoying their 6 weeks away from DC. It’s not like Trump is doing anything while you’re gone - DAILY - 🙄

Maybe this fall consider working 4 or 5 days a week and trying to save our democracy and impose some level of accountability!
The rest of us shorten or cancel vacations when there are work emergencies. But golly gee, nothing big happening in DC right now. Just him mainstreaming white nationalist, committing human atrocities daily, and corruption like we’ve never seen. Nah, no biggie. Take the 6 weeks.
When you all get back, we are marching to remind you - you work for us!

Let’s make this a million person march on Sept 21 in DC people. Spread the word! #WeThePeopleMarch
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Article on how #WeThePeopleMarch has gone viral. @KarMcR and I hoped for grassroots. We got it!

"We finally have proof that a lot of people want to protest. The We The People March was launched about 10 days ago and social media buzz started soon after."…
@KarMcR "The type of enthusiasm this march already has was elusive in the past. We believe that’s mainly because social media never lit up. Now it has (and we’re still in the early phases)."
@KarMcR "This has the feel of the early days of the 2017 Women’s March. It’s already the biggest protest since then. Last report was over 10,000 people signed up for Washington, DC, alone."
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"We the People are marching to be seen and heard. We are marching to remind our elected officials that they work for us. We are marching because the current regime is a threat to our democracy and values. We are marching to demand action."#WeThePeopleMarch
We have over 20 Solidarity Marches, including London and Bangkok - Bedminster, NJ and Mar-A-Lago coming soon. Someone needs to set one up at his VA golf course!…
If someone can take on the NYC march, we want to also make sure you march by Fox News. And we could use #WeThePeopleMarch protests outside McConnell’s home and others.
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We are up to 18 Solidarity Marches - adding 2 in AZ, one in CA, and one in TN.

Again, we are hoping for a HUGE presence in DC, so if schedule and $$$ allow, please join us there! #WeThePeopleMarch…
For those looking to more actively interact on planning etc for the #WeThePeopleMarch, consider joining the FB event page. Among other things being discussed is getting the giant Baby Trump float to the DC march ; )…
Another key part of the #WeThePeopleMarch will be registering people to vote! There will be registration at the main march in DC, and all solidarity marches will have it as well. Stay tuned for more info!
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@KarMcR and I are launching the website for the We the People March! You can register for the DC march & in the coming days we will fill up maps w/ solidarity marches & buses/carpools headed to the DC.
Spread the word!
@KarMcR We want as many people in DC as we can. Aiming for a Puerto Rico type presence! There will be solidarity marches for those who cannot travel.
If you are on Facebook, you can also follow our event page there which already has over 6k signed up! #WeThePeopleMarch…
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We are a go!
WE THE PEOPLE MARCH in DC on September 21!
@KarMcR and I are working with fab volunteers to get a website up in next few days.
We will list solidarity marches, transport folks are arranging to get to DC & info on the march itself, etc. Stay tuned! #WeThePeopleMarch
@KarMcR Mission:
"We the People are marching to be seen and heard. We are marching to remind our elected officials that they work for us. We are marching because Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy and values. We are marching to demand action. Silence and inaction are complicity. “
@KarMcR We also have set up a Facebook event page for the We the People March in DC. You can use it to invite friends and spread the word. We will also post updates on this page. Give us a bit to get the website up as well! #WeThePeopleMarch…
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