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@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @carrybeyond @bywillpollock @YDanasmithdutra @KyHoopFan @Ginger624 @HunterJCullen @CatsChocolates Lengthy <thread> on former guy's burrowed senior executives in federal gov't. @LongAsUCan2
Jan 24, 2021:
1/ "The practice of shifting employees from appointee to career status, informally called burrowing, occurs at the end of every presidency..." (con't)…
@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @carrybeyond @bywillpollock @YDanasmithdutra @KyHoopFan @Ginger624 @HunterJCullen @CatsChocolates @LongAsUCan2 2/ "An Accountable[.]US review has found that, as of Mar 1, 2021, at least 24 Trump administration independent executive agency leaders who are uniquely positioned to undermine President Biden's agenda have remained in gov't positions..."
77-page PDF:…
@clearing_fog @TeresaCCarter2 @carrybeyond @bywillpollock @YDanasmithdutra @KyHoopFan @Ginger624 @HunterJCullen @CatsChocolates @LongAsUCan2 3/ Election Assistance Commission Commissioner
Donald Palmer
▸ attempted to promote in-person voting during the COVID-19 pandemic
▸ worked to undermine open and fair elections as a Virginia State election official
▸assisted former guy's 2016 voter fraud commission...
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36.01/ Week 36 - March 20-26, 2021 - thread starts here.

Week 35, March 13-19, linked below:
36.02/ Last night, my wife showed me this NYTimes story about Jewish N*ziHunting ladies during WW2. It's a venn diagram of everything awesome!…
36.03/ Mentioned to my brother @acypess this morning that Biden has a superpower to (a) make his positions sound moderate & reasonable no matter what, which then (b) drives his opponents crazy in frustration. E.g. Putin & #MoscowMitch recently, challenging him to duels & whatnot.
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Save Democracy, Senate Democrats Must Kill The Filibuster

Political unity between these parties is not possible given the starkly, indeed diametrically, opposed positions the parties have taken with respect to our system of democracy itself

#Republicans oppose democracy

They have used every means possible to undermine democracy in order to secure for themselves the power of the U.S. government.

They continue, for example, to pursue their historically aggressive agenda of gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Thus far, since last November’s election, GOP lawmakers in 28 states have advanced over 100 bills aimed at restricting access to voting.

They are not lovers of democracy.

They are still lying about the election (#StopTheSteal)

They remain racist, homophobic, etc...

#MOG Image
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Seems weird that the Republicans can do whatever they want with 50 votes, but the Democrats need 60.
Appreciate all of the detailed notes on senate procedure, but bottom line (1) Republicans want to tear things down, and you can always do that with 50 votes (2) Republicans just fired the parliamentarian last time he got in their way (3) Filibuster is anti-civil rights relic.
Anyone who thinks #MoscowMitch would have shrugged his shoulders and gone home if he wanted something done, but only had 50 votes + house + president is delusional. He would have burned the place down to get his way.
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The Qs are pissed at the GOP senators who voted to convict. I think they're also pissed at #MoscowMitch who said very plainly that their hero is guilty. (How he voted isn't relevant here... bear with me for explanation).

This is a good thing.

A thread.

The GOP is fracturing into the old conservatives and the QAnons. The old guard wants to split and form a new party.

This should be encouraged by all and any means necessary.

Not because we want this new party. But because they will lose because of a fractured base.

So far, the old GOP has consistently united against a single goal: winning at any cost. By any means necessary.
We just put the last 4 years to bed, and we know now full well just what they'd do to win. It includes being OK with insurrection, and a madman at the helm.

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31.01/ Week thirty-one, Feb. 13-19, thread begins here. Week thirty linked below
31.02/ I have too much to say post-Impeachment but Goldman's thread helped me understand the sound trial attorney thinking behind not calling witnesses. Yet therein lies their error: Impeachment is a political process not legal. It was bad politics IMO.
31.03/ So many topics over the past 2 wks that've blooped by me because I was sick, so I guess I'll run thru a few of them. Superbowl: Brady can't be the GOAT b/c he's been repeatedly caught cheating. The biggest story, to me, is why his crimes have been normalized & lauded.
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H'ok. Time to sound off, now that I've calmed down from the rage of what happened earlier, and while yeah, I'm still pretty angry, there's some things that do have to be said.

Let's begin, shall we? A thread

I know it looks like the #Democrats caved in hard.
I know, because that is what they did.

I also know what hashtags I saw in my list as I was typing out this hashtag. Here's the deal: Dems are still seen as Public Enemy #1.

And when the public you're trying to serve would rather see you dead than acknowledge your victory, you got an enormous problem.

Make no mistake. If the #ImpeachmentTrial would've brought votes, I can't imagine anyone on the prosecution would've been safe.

GOP knows this.

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Y’all need to read this entire article! The video itself is insane! He shows pics of Dem leaders “causing wars” & being in control for decades but completely ignores fact #rethuglicans started every war EVER! & #moscowmitch has bn in Senate for 30 yrs!…
2/The video begins with Trump’s eyes in the shadow, & its 2nd frame focuses the audience on the Capitol building – America’s Reichstag, where the decisions being denounced by the rally’s organizers were being made that day. The third frame of the video is the Hollywood sign in LA
3/This image immediately directs attn of an audience attuned to an American fascist ideology to the supposedly elite class of Jews who, according to this ideology, control Hollywood. Appearance of the Hollywood sign makes no other sense in context of a short video abt an election
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29.01/ Week twenty-nine thread, for Jan. 30-Feb. 5, 2021, begins here. Last week's thread (28.01) linked below.

29.02/ Every once in a while, I let the depraved fatalism of the phrase "boys will be boys" just wash over me...
29.03/ Snow still following here in Central NJ, with some swirling wind, allowing me to use the word "snow squalls" at the breakfast table. My 14yo suggested that if the wind is strong enough to dislodge squirrels, it'd be "squirralls of snow." Yup.
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Needed to update. My traitor deck of cards. US crooks only

A♠️ #MoscowMitch (this wld bug the shit out of Trump)
A♣️Bill Barr
J♣️ Navarro
J❤️ Gaetz
J♦️Manafort /1
5❤️Gabbard /2
5♦️Don Jr
4♣️Eric Trump

Ran out of cards. As the Jokers I have George Nader (only b/c I think he’s in custody - unless pardoned) and Dershowitz.
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The Bulwark, like @ProjectLincoln, is manned by former Republicans who believe in the Constitution and rule of law. This is a pretty strong condemnation of today’s GOP & its dishonest approach to everything.…
#MoscowMitch has backed down on hijacking Senate leadership. I wonder how much of that retreat was calculation, and how much resulted from condemnation. Either way, this fight is far from over.
“I’m sure I’m not breaking any news here by stating declaratively that Republicans in Congress have no actual interest in ‘unity’ with Joe Biden.
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This article answers my earlier question about why Schumer and the Democrats outvote #MoscowMitch and take control of the Senate.

They have to overcome a filibuster to do it.…
Ironically, the Democrats can eliminate the filibuster with a simple majority vote and then take power without caving to the unreasonable demands of #MoscowMitch.
“Last night the Post ran a story headlined:

“Fight over the rules grinds the Senate to a halt, imperiling Biden’s legislative agenda’.

“It’s part of an emerging genre about bulging to-do lists, Republican game-playing and impeachment trials slowing the Senate to a crawl.
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The very last thing #MoscowMitch wants is bipartisanship in the Senate.…
“When McConnell’s spinners claim that he wants to keep the filibuster to facilitate bipartisanship and moderation, it’s knee-slappingly laughable. McConnell himself has shown us otherwise.
“In an interview with journalist Joshua Green in 2011, McConnell explained exactly why he was expanding use of the filibuster and other procedural tactics against even noncontroversial aspects of President Barack Obama’s agenda.
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28.01/ Week twenty-eight, January 23-29, starts here. Week 27 (Jan. 16-22) is below.
28.02/ One of my largest lists "News2016," started early in the #TrumpCrisis, has this tagline: "Started for the 2016 election, persists until Trump (ym'sh) is gone"

I don't want to delete the valuable list but I'll change the name/tag to honor my promise…
28.03/ My 14yo son's idea for fixing the "worst rule in sports" aka the #NFL #FumbleTouchbackRule: it's a touchback but retained by the offense. So the ball is placed on the opponent 20, but the down is retained.
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So its been well over 48 hours since Democrats took the Senate majority and @LeaderMcConnell has not agreed to a peaceful transfer of power.

How long are we expected to wait, another week? month? months?

@SenSchumer it is time to set timelines and conditions!

For example:

If you do not agree to a peaceful transfer of power or hand the @SenateDems their gavels by Monday at 9AM

Then the caucus will begin discussions to abolish the filibuster

Start strategizing and taking command of this situation @SenSchumer . The people want transparency!

Update: Its now been over 72 hours since Democrats have won the majority. @LeaderMcConnell refuses a peaceful transfer.

Every hour that we hold the majority is precious. We voted for this.

Its time to play hardball @SenSchumer! You set the demands and tell this to #MoscowMitch:
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Thread. My life in pictures. Four years of this. Over. Thank the Goddess. Marching for immigrant rights after the hateful Muslim ban, marching for freedom of the press. Marching against the hateful T***p regime. 2017 was an activism year that didn’t stop. 1/
Every January, a Women’s March. Not this year! 2/
Marched to see his taxes. Marched against his 1.5 trillion dollar tax scam, rammed through by #MoscowMitch in the middle of the night. 3/
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26.01/ Week twenty-six, Jan. 9-15, 2021, begins here.

Last week's thread is here:
26.02/ Maggie H reports: "I asked for comment from the WH on the chants to hang Mike Pence. 'We strongly condemn all calls to violence, including those against any member of this administration,' said Judd Deere, a WH spokesman" & I love this response:
26.03/ Dr. Perry is right on the money here:
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📌About an hour before Trump's GOP stormtroopers assaulted our Democracy Wednesday, one Mitch McConnell -- THAT Mitch McConnell -- was on the Senate floor doing what he does best: talking in code out of both sides of his dirty, ROTTEN mouth ...

📌Seems Mitch was finally ready to put a band aid on America's gaping wound -- the one he literally had everything to do with.

📌Mitch was going to push for certifying the vote of the American people. After months of inaction, Mitch the Great was saving the day.

📌But even Mitch knows, and has suppressed, that he could have removed Trump from the White House last year.

📌Even Mitch knows, but has suppressed, that he could have spared us from the absolute carnage of the past year that led to yesterday's attack on our democracy.

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.@chucktodd & @mitchellreports are both hardcore pro-Republican hacks posing as mainstream media.
They are on @MSNBC right now pretending like they have literally slept through the last few *decades* and just heard #MoscowMitch for the first time ever, and are impressed with his latch ditch effort to save undemocratic Electoral College as *his* storm troopers invade Capital.
Don't let anyone tell you that @MSNBC is the Democratic version of Fox "News": they have a full panel of Republican apologists on right now.
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Steve Scalise, Seditionist-in-Chief.
He’s against people bullying the Secretary of State.

The treason weasels are applauding him.
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Post-Trump Career Thread 1/

BTW all GOP politicians who were on national stage in 2016, have developed a 'strategy' to survive the Trumpomess. They KNEW he will burn this down. They've all thought they had the perfect way to have a career beyond Trump. Here are a few examples:
Post-Trump Career Thread 2/

Some were Trump friends before his 2015 run for President started, and have remained with him until now. Like notorious serial pants-grabber & alleged attorney Rudy Giuliani.

When I say 'old friends', I mean these are criminals who need pardons
Post-Trump Career Thread 3/

Some opportunists jumped onboard early in 2016, but were smart enough to see Trump is setting up a kleptocracy, and JUMPED OFF before the inaugration to avoid all legal stench. Like failed Bond Villain, the Chrischristie
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#RESISTANCE Members We've come "THIS" Far but Tomorrow we "NEED" to pull off "ALL" the stops & by that i mean we "LITERALLY" need to throw out "EVERYTHING" & yes "EVEN" the kitchen sink in order to get @ossoff & @ReverendWarnock "IN" the senate by "ANY" means Necessary!!!!! 1/7
And "IF" we are successful in making it "THROUGH" this "MASSIVE" hurdle & make the Impossible Possible, We will not only "HAVE" Control of the senate for 2 years at the start of President-Elect @JoeBiden & VP-Elect @KamalaHarris term in general 2/7
But we will "ALSO" do away with the deranged turtle @senatemajldr #MOSCOWMITCH McConnell & "HIS" Corrupt hold of power in the @USSenate!!!!!

So let's make this count people!!!!!

There's little to "NO" Time to waste!!!!! 3/7
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I've been working with DCReport, looking at the election results of #MoscowMitch and the vendors responsible for counting the votes for McConnell & some of his buddies who also had surprising wins👇

There's more coming that I'll pin stay tuned…
While Trump our very own 'Mr. Projector & Distractor In-Chief' points 'over there' at another voting machine vendor I worked with @DCReportMedia to look at the largest voting machine vendor who's counting America's votes.

What I found was concerning👇…
Ted Cruz refused to certify Trumps loss saying we must investigate election results due to "violations & lax enforcement of election law" What about TEXAS!

My latest DCReport piece looks at how Texas ignored experts sounding election cybersecurity alarms…
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25.01/ Thread for week twenty-five, Jan. 2 to Jan. 8, 2021, begins here.

Week 24 thread was here:
25.02/ We've been blaming 2020 for our troubles, but maybe it's b/c it was the Year of the Rat? Acc. to "In Chinese culture, rats were seen as a sign of wealth and surplus" and if that doesn't describe 2020, what does? (P.S. I was born in a ratty year)
25.03/ This is about the can-opener guy and, yes, he's abusive but strangely proud of it showing us that the AITA topics are possibly not as made up as we assumed.

I pray that when DJT is deposed & disposed these people will feel stigma again.
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