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Our Constitution is not, by any sense, in operation today.
We are living NOW, not at some undefined future date, in a full dictatorship.
Keeping up a running commentary on the dictator's stupid comments has to be the least useful response.
2. Last night I listened to @NicolleDWallace 's show, and @maddow 's.
Guests saying, "He has to..."
"He must..."
He ain't gonna.
Quit that stupid shit.
Make believe solutions only work on pretend problems.
Military coup, or armed uprising, and the dead fall down.
3. Or we go on like we are.
Remember when Mueller was going to save us?
Remember when impeachment was going to save us?
Now the election is going to save us.
"Sure, Jan."
It's time to admit where we are. Only then can we choose a path forward.
He & #MoscowMitch = total control.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced she will form a bipartisan House committee led by Rep. Jim Clyburn to investigate the federal response to coronavirus pandemic and ensure that congressional funding is spent wisely.…
We need @SpeakerPelosi to step up in whatever ways she can right now and lead. Trump is out of his league, and #MoscowMitch only knows how to obstruct, not lead.
Interesting that Pelosi is giving this House committee power to subpoena, and to investigate the federal response retrospectively. You can see where she is going with this. Schiff too with setting a 9/11-style commission. Accountability is coming. #grateful
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We don't want to give 45 any excuse to Postpone #Elections2020
SO, let's start by all signing up to #VoteByMail
THREAD below with a
Tweet & a Postcard
with info, deadlines & links to sign up in all 50 States
Congressional Bills, too, but do we trust #MoscowMitch?
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Money is not real.
Not even the cash in your pocket.
It's not real.
In the past two weeks billions of dollars have just ceased to exist. Poof. Markets.
Real things cannot cease to exist in this way. Matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed.
Money is both, regularly.
2. The #GOP and #MoscowMitch , His Madnesty and all the other liars and criminals, are even as we speak trying to create a vast pool of money which does not, as of this moment, exist, and give that newly imagined money to their rich friends.
Ignore them.
3. First water. Next food. Next shelter.
It doesn't really matter if you have lights to read by, or a TV to watch. Water. Food. Shelter. Insure, to the best of your ability, access to those three things.
Dirty water will keep you alive, if it's all you can find.
Acorns are food.
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Nobody wants to watch another lying @GOP. Get #MoscowMitch off the screen @MSNBC @mitchellreports .
@SenSchumer you need to get in there and address everything @senatemajldr McConnell just said. Call him the Charles Koch's lackey who would leave American workers to be cast out on the street for bailouts for rich donors. Call Koch a mass murderer.
Go after Trump family trying to make money from testing and the delay in doing anything because Charles Koch says no to a federal govt response. Make Trump listen to an attack on him in reaction to McConnell. Turn Trump against @senatemajldr.
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MAR 22 #COVID19 #MDTHREAD 1: GLOBAL 316,659 w 13,600 DEATHS Beginning at 9AM Most stories WaPo Live Updates.
Derek Hawkins, Kim Bellware, Lateshia Beachum, Adam Taylor and Brittany Shammas
Or link is in tweet SEE EARTHQUAKE in #Croatia below
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 2: #Trump still #MAGA lying. “I invoked the Defense Production Act, and last night, we put it into gear,” Trump said on FRI Infomercial. NO, per @FEMA chief
“No. We haven’t yet,” FEMA Admin #Gaynor said Sunday on @CNN’s #SOTU “State of the Union.”
MAR 22 #COVIDー19 #MDTHREAD 3: #DUBAI#UAE flagship carrier, #Emirates, announced Sunday that it would move to suspend all passenger flights by Wed in response to #COVID19 .
we cannot viably operate passenger services until countries re-open their borders.
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I’m going to say some indelicate things. This isn’t meant to deprive anyone of hope. It’s meant to help us make better tactical decisions about where we spend our limited resources in a time with no functional centralized government. 👇thread👇
This entire clusterfuck is on purpose. I’m going to bring the receipts -When states tried to buy their own gear- the fed govt outbid them while trump gloated on television. Exhibit A)…
When the nation tried to organize a coherent response - recess was called by #MoscowMitch…
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I think it's worth mentioning that Mitch McConnell #MoscowMitch set us up for this, for today, from before Donald Trump was President*.
If you'd like to read a four year old essay that still mostly works, fits the known facts, in two parts, with no ads,…
3. My work.
Right now today the crisis is the coronavirus and the associated global economic shutdown.
The crisis is climate change.
The crisis is mass extinction.
The crisis is, basically, that our economy is the crisis, coronavirus is an inevitable output of our economy, and
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If all the bills on #MoscowMitch’s desk were being voted on, how progressive would America be?
Truly, let’s consider this.
If we had the Senate, ideally with @ewarren as Majority Leader, what kinds of changes would we be enjoying? /1
2/ First, we’d have improved election security. That’s not only critical to ensuring our democracy, it could possibly kills that “rigged against me!” narrative@if radical right & left candidates.
Imagine the sanity. 🙏…
2/ H.R.6 protecting our Dreamers.…
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1/A short thread on #MoscowMitch and his decision to not remove Trump earlier this year. Mitch had a choice - cut loose the big Orange Guy, or lash himself and his Senate majority to this deeply unpopular, historically corrupt and unwell man. We all know what he decided.
2/First, the Presidential. Trump is losing the election. His job approval is worse than election day 2018 when Dems won by 8.6 pts; he is 7-9 pts down to Biden; his only lead in 2020 battlegrounds is TX; Cong. generic is +7 Dems.

Really bad.

3/Senate outlook has turned markedly worse for #MoscowMitch since the Senate trial.

No poll taken in the key states this year - AZ, CO, ME, NC - has a GOP incumbent leading. Most are in the low 40s.…

And this is before Bullock makes MT competitive.
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Needs to be said...
At this point, with this administration, it's impossible for me to believe that lack of #coronavirus test kits is UNintentional.

donald is gambling. he's shown us his hand:
1. "Virus will disappear"
2. "Flu" kills more
3. Most people have "mild symptoms"
4. Will have a vaccine "very soon"
5. "Gone in April"

These statements, & many more, are being mistaken as ignorance - or disinformation. The latter is true, but the more accurate term is "cover-up".

Just take cards 2 & 3 in the tweet above, & you see his calculation/ gamble.
By not testing, illness & deaths can be dismissed by the admin as flu. He's banking on the mild symptoms & passing of initial outbreak by summer, so that he's in the clear by height of the election cycle. Up to this point, it's an informed gamble. Then, his ignorance kicks in...
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Ok here it is! The updated #BlueWave2020 Senate candidate donate list. This list is in alphabetical order by state. If a state is missing, it's because there is no candidate or the state hasn't had a primary yet to weed out for THE candidate. PLEASE RT so we can get out the vote!
Alabama: @SenDougJones has fought hard for the people of Alabama since his election in 2017. He now faces a challenge from racist house elf Jeff Sessions. DONATE now to defeat Sessions and keep this seat blue! #BlueWave2020…
Arizona: @CaptMarkKelly is working to unseat the unelected, unqualified, and undeserved Martha McSally. He will fight for Arizonians and the rest of the country like he's done all his life. DONATE now to defeat McSally and flip this seat! #BlueWave2020…
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Everyone say THANK YOU to
et al for bringing us this unholy WTFINGF
Trump outplayed ALL of YOU at the peril of our DNI & proving #MoscowMitch is Trump’s mitch
@senatemajldr @SenateGOP @LindseyGrahamSC @SenThomTillis @SenMcSallyAZ @SenSusanCollins @lisamurkowski @BenSasse Because now the awesome @SenateGOP are forced to choose between Ratcliffe who LIED about his qualifications
Ratcliffe thread 👇🏻
@senatemajldr @SenateGOP @LindseyGrahamSC @SenThomTillis @SenMcSallyAZ @SenSusanCollins @lisamurkowski @BenSasse Or Grenell who has more issues than Vogue
at the mendacity of the once “greatest deliberative body” beclowning yourselves by the Insane Clown Posse
Good Job Mitch, you’re the best, said no sane person ever
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Can confirm with actual supporting documents
This isn’t my “partisan” opinion these are the facts from BLS - Trump is underperform in the job creation irrespective of what iterative lie he decides to peddle
Facts should inoculate his deepening disinformation
On farmers and the worrisome growth of bankruptcies, tariffs and what certainly appears to be some irregularities of “bailouts”
FTR farmers don’t want bail outs. They want customers
And entire thread sourced to the teeth bc Mr Boyd is a IRL friend of mine
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On 11/7/18, the morning after the election in which Dems beat the GOP by 8.6 pts, the @FiveThirtyEight Trump job approval tracker for likely/registered voters had him down 8.5, 44/52.5.

It's 44/52.5 -8.5 today. There is a reason Trump seems worried.
@FiveThirtyEight 2/Repeat after me - Trump is losing the election.

Using Real Clear, the only battleground state Trump leads in now is Texas, and there not by much.

That he's down 4 and at 45% in NC is just brutal for him, for GOP Senate chances too.
@FiveThirtyEight 3/Every Senate poll taken in last few months w/head to heads has GOP incumbent in AZ/ME/NC trailing their Democratic opponent. As a general rule of thumb, incumbents in the low 40s almost always lose.

#MoscowMitch's hold on power may be slipping away.
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Dear China

Anming Hu, Researcher at University Arrested for Wire Fraud and Making False Statements About Affiliation with a Chinese University
cc @911CORLEBRA777 want the indictment?…
@911CORLEBRA777 Oh FFS how on earth did the University of Kentucky allow this?
FFS did you NOT VET HU before hiring him?
He was listed on a PUBLIC WEBSITE:
“HU was also a faculty member at the Beijing University of Technology ("BJUT"), Institute of Laser Engineering in Beijing, China...”
@911CORLEBRA777 Seriously FFS what is wrong with both the University of Kentucky
cc @JustAGirl515 if Bevins has any connection with this, I will literally go H-A-M…
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1. Despicable pedophile typecast Alex Azars is a big pharma lobbyist. If anyone has proof he's engaged in a state bribery prior to being sworn get to your state prosecutors to open his grand jury.
2. Trump the Kochs and #MoscowMitch have empowered these monsters to kill us all. @HHSGov @WhiteHouse @SenateGOP

These are the 2020 cycle @SenateGOP who want us all dead:@SenMcSallyAZ @SenatorCollins @SenCoryGardner @joniernst @SenDanSullivan @SenThomTillis
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Folks, there's a lot going on with #SpillTheTeaForWarren, so I've decided to fundraise to #SendMitchHome.

If we raise $10k for @AmyMcGrathKY, I will tell you what the tattoo on my ribcage says (hahahaha).

If we hit $100k, I will tweet a pic (GAH).

@AmyMcGrathKY And thanks to @travisakers who inspired this. LOL.
@AmyMcGrathKY @travisakers And of course, the indomitable @cmclymer who started it all.
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Toadyism, sycophancy - obsequious behavior toward someone important to gain favor or advantage. This is not forced on you, but a choice you made. So...
GOODBYE: #BlueBloodbath 2020
Lamar Alexander TN @SenAlexander
Shelley Moore Capito WV @SenCapito
Bill Cassidy IS @BillCassidy
Susan Collins ME @SenatorCollins
John Cornyn RD @JohnCornyn ,
Tom Cotton AT @SenTomCotton ,
Steve Raines MY @SteveDaines is
Mike Enzi WY @SenatorEnzi
Tom Tillis NC @SenThomTillis ,
Joni Ernst IA @joniernst ,
Cory Gardner CO @SenCoryGardner .
Lindsey Graham SC @LindseyGrahamSC
Cindy Hyde-Smith MS @cindyhydesmith
James Inhofe OK @JimInhofe
Marsha MCSally AZ @SenMcSallyAZ
Mitch McConnell KY @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch
David Purdue GA
Jim Risch ID @SenatorRisch
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NEW: Sanders campaign was briefed that Russia is attempting to help his campaign.

G-d help us. I feel like we are living in a nightmare. Which is the chaos Russia hoped to create.…
Well I am sure that the Sanders campaign disavows Putin's help and is not asking for it.

That said, our lawmakers should address the American people and explain to voters what Russia is doing so we can be on the lookout and counter this!
A good time to remind us that Senate Republicans have blocked legislation to keep our elections safe. And we must target each and every GOP Senate seat up for re-election in 2020 and end #MoscowMitch’s reign of terror!
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This is why we have a new DNI- this briefing. I have been predicting Trump would roll out the carpet for Russia:
“Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get Trump re-elected.”…
Now Trump has installed a crony who has no intelligence background as DNI, and will do nothing to stop Russia from subverting our democracy again. We have a Putin puppet regime in charge. Where are the patriots in leadership to save our democracy?!!
.@SpeakerPelosi you must inform the American people of what the House learned on Russian interference in 2020. Please do not repeat the mistakes of 2016 and allow #MoscowMitch (and now Trump) to silence our response while Russia subverts our democracy. Inform the American people!
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@je_mclaughlin @Marston4ca42 @senatemajldr Never forget #MoscowMitch got millions in campaign $ from Russian-American oligarchs at the time Russia was attacking us & also orchestrated the lifting of sanctions vs. Deripaska when our govt was shutdown & he couldn't be bothered to get it open and get Americans back to work!
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@FreddyMagnus You're serious??? @MZHemingway is a Trump streetwalker with an occasional and usually accidental relationship with the truth, but let's say she got this one right.

What does it prove?

Stone's counsel is presumably competent, and the juror went through meaningful voir dire. /2
@FreddyMagnus @MZHemingway 2/ When Marionetka Putina came down that escalator, I thought, "Why the hell not?" And when I learned that he had gotten most of his loans from DoucheBank, I thought he was probably okay.

But then, I learned that DB was the bank of choice for Russian money-laundering. /3
@FreddyMagnus @MZHemingway 3/ Relationships make the world go around, and when you look at how mobbed-up Trump is, you find it unlikely that he wouldn't be in bed with Putin.

Mueller couldn't prove conspiracy conclusively, but that seems to be a function of Trump's obstruction. /4
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I’m old enough to remember when folks like @TheJusticeDept AG Barr, and @SenAlexander we’re described by various “pundits” “insiders” and “serious political analysts” as “institutionalists” and that @SDNYnews was “independent”.
The old norms NO LONGER APPLY. #FridayNightMassacre
ANY TIME you hear ANY TALKING HEAD on tv or radio describe anyone as an institutionalist, turn the tv channel. They are applying old criteria to the current band of fascists. The #FridayNightMassacre is every bit as alarming as “The Night of the Long Knives” or the Reichstag Fire
Think it can’t happen here? Read about the Weimar Republic. Ask yourself why Stephen Miller suggested transporting caged immigrants by boxcar. Review how complicit politicians of the day like @senatemajldr today allowed a madman to have unchecking power. Follow @AuschwitzMuseum .
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