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Sheriff Israel got #Loomered in front of the entire Marjory Stoneman Douglass public safety meeting tonight and the whole room erupted in applause. It was live-streamed by The Florida Channel.

Even police officers were thanking me.

The Broward Coward must step down.
The live stream should be available on the Florida Channel
You can watch @browardsheriff Scott Israel get #LOOMERED during the #Parkland school shooting public safety meeting today here on “The Florida Channel” timecode 1:37:50 in the video titled “Marjory Stoneman Douglass HS public safety commission part 4”.…
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12 more parents have lost their children. Another community is traumatized. I have had #enough

I am DONE with @NRA telling me I can't talk about this. DONE accepting federal limits on #research

And I know you are, too.

This is what you can do:
1. Share your stories. After #Parkland, people across the country told about the horrors they had seen as #Docs4GunSense. Stories matter. This is not a glamorous movie. These injuries are REAL LIFE. This us OUR LANE.

2. Talk about guns. Talk about guns with gun owners and non gun owners. We are on the same side. Create consensus. Want some tips? Listen to me and @ERdisasterdoc - try it out for size.
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@GeorgeW01735467 @PrisonPlanet @RealPIW @SteveKingIA @HealthRanger @gatewaypundit @BreitbartNews @worldnetdaily @TheDailyCaller @ASavageNation @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @rushlimbaugh @IngrahamAngle @AnnCoulter @michellemalkin @LouDobbs @marthamaccallum @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Ukrainian beta-test: The overhead vid that got scrubbed showed a team raising a long banner on cue as cover while an EMT drill dummy was slid into place. In P-land bubbly girl who heard shots from 2 places at once said "army" threw bodies into the corners & covered them w/ mats.
@GeorgeW01735467 @PrisonPlanet @RealPIW @SteveKingIA @HealthRanger @gatewaypundit @BreitbartNews @worldnetdaily @TheDailyCaller @ASavageNation @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @rushlimbaugh @IngrahamAngle @AnnCoulter @michellemalkin @LouDobbs @marthamaccallum @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump I have a pic of the "victim" 30 feet away while they work. Here's P-land raw audio, video & tweets all time… Joseph Callan. Saneprogressive posted 1 of 4 hours of chopper footage & is gone from here & YT to bitshoot.
See #BakerActLARP & #NikFam
@GeorgeW01735467 @PrisonPlanet @RealPIW @SteveKingIA @HealthRanger @gatewaypundit @BreitbartNews @worldnetdaily @TheDailyCaller @ASavageNation @seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @rushlimbaugh @IngrahamAngle @AnnCoulter @michellemalkin @LouDobbs @marthamaccallum @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump A 140lb autistic 19 year old w/ the mind of a 14 year old did NOT hit 34 on 3 floors w/ 17 kills in <7 minutes w/ gas mask & boxer's fracture. I am not certain but think he was told he was to star in an "active shooter video" by his JROTC advisor & the man he was staying w/.
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Grab a young person and bring them to the polls. They have so much at stake
#GOTV #GunSense
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Trump (& MSM) knew Page was in the 1992 WH & was their Russian nuke boy since & Mueller know that according to Attenuation Doctrine he'd be disbarred for using the dossier to obtain warrants unable to convince a judge he didn't know it was poisonous fruit.
NONE of YOU pointed-out either & that means, like Trump, you're either comped or dirty.@ChuckGrassley @replouiegohmert @TGowdySC @RepDevinNunes @mattgaetz @RepSeanDuffy @RepDeSantis @Jim_Jordan @MarkMeadows @BobGoodlatte6 & like @MariaBartiromo knew a/b the #AwanBrothers in 2016.
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The bomber appears to hate drug smugglers & pedophiles.
#DNCBombHoax=most predictable GOTV drive ever!
I can tell by trending it's not working.
#cnn #msnbc #nbc #abc #morningjoe #gma #BernieSanders
biden bomb niro nypd fbi
Time for #Parkland & #VegasTruth…
Trending at 9:30 EST 10/25/2018:
Meanwhile at FBJTTFCIAHQ: "Yeah, it ain't working boss. I guess we need a bloodbath. Who's playing Vegas this weekend?"
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WE TOLD YOU. Brennan trying to cover his FAILING OP that is FALLING APART.

Brennan counts on us NOT KNOWING that Saudi politics is very complicated. His plotters understand that complication. The Western audience they intended to HOODWINK does not.

The fact that they struck at Saudi Arabia FIGURES - also the fact that they struck ON TURKISH SOIL - exactly like the way communist BLOOD HOAXES in America are always in what I call "Deep Blue Murder Zones" - where all the workup of the crime is by a compromised authority.
Whether it's Eric Holder and #Parkland, Andy McCabe and #LasVegas or John Brennan and #SaudiArabiaInTurkey - these DIRTY, SKETCHY events are always where there is deep Democrat or Globonazi NARRATIVE CONTROL by the same Cankles World Order Dirtbags. This is Brennan's "WMD" lie.
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@Gibbsdithers @CJBesch @GeorgWebb @YouTube @BeschlossDC @McFaul @DanScavino For those looking in who are not familiar w/ Bill Browder or the #MagnitskyAct or the arms for drugs ratlines that Manafort & Deraposka & Biden & McCain & Hillary et al. have run forever aka #IranContra now #AwanContra there's this short version recap:
@Gibbsdithers @CJBesch @GeorgWebb @YouTube @BeschlossDC @McFaul @DanScavino @georgwebb a $6m fine on a $230m gain seems fair; ask Preet!…
ffs HSBC & Hermitage? What could go wrong?…
We don need no stinkin FARAs!…
The 4th Estate is dead. Long live the 5th Estate…
@Gibbsdithers @CJBesch @GeorgWebb @YouTube @BeschlossDC @McFaul @DanScavino Do I have my dots connected correctly above as to the Hermitage & Browder & Prevezon plea & Fusion lobbying for repeal of the #MagnitskyAct & Akhmetshin & Denis Katseyv & Strongsville European Adoption Agency & the Human Rights (cough, kids) Accountability Global Initiative?
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Aaaand #Kavanaugh has returned answers for all these questions in a 263 page document. Put on some coffee and let's go through them.…
Kavanaugh answers a question from @SenFeinstein about his use of the term "abortion-inducing drugs," which was tweeted about by Hillary Clinton and others. Only recounting plaintiff's assertions, he says.
Kavanaugh says his description of Roe v. Wade in a 2003 email was comments on the view of legal scholars, and "did not describe my own views."
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#AalayahEastmond giving this testimony should give all America pause.
This is one of our children detailing a story we hear from seasoned military.
It's gutting, it's horrific, it's untenable.

Yet #Kavanaugh says that these weapons should be available to all.
"Remember all victims of #gunviolence....If Judge #Kavanaugh doesn't have the decency to shake the hand of the father of a victim of gun violence, he won't have the decency to protect us from gun violence."--#AalayahEastmond, #Parkland shooting survivor
ICYMI #AayalahEastmond, #Parkland survivor:
"If the youth across the country can fight to eradicate gun violence, why can't judges, lawmakers and Donald Trump understand that young people are dying from this senseless gun violence?"
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I hope the #Kavanaugh confirmation hearing is total chaos.
#Kavanaugh not sworn in and we're one hour into hearing. I am excited about the chaos that has transpired thus far and not sorry for feeling this way. I expect Kavanaugh will be confirmed. If the hearing is a shit how, then it won't be a total waste of time. #ExcitedNotSorry
#Kavanaugh leaves @fred_guttenberg hanging at confirmation hearing. #Parkland #GunReformNow
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FBI knew a/b training kids in N Mexico to be school shooters for 2 years.
ATF Gun-runner Stephen Paddock’s GF was FBI.
Mateen’s father was w/ the FBI.
FBI knew a/b these shooters.
Tell Trump to declare FBI-JTTF a state-sponsored terrorist organization. #Bernie2020 #CNN #MSNBC
Stop #GladioC & Martial Law!
Force #Parkland & #VegasTruth
Don't let Soros & FBI-JTTF stage a riot w/ #FakeNazis like Charlottesville that #CNN can call "race war"--how he 86d Ukraine's government.
Ask @JeffreyToobin to show you video of a black antifa protestor.
#MAGA #QAnon
Soros overthrew Ukraine president w/ $100m on marches AND thugs to attack those marches. He's put in $18.5 billion to do that here.…
Don't wear purple!
See #GladioC #NoMAVNI #VegasTruth & #NikFam hash pages for TRUTH.… #BlueWave2018
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(1) Thread #4 about the #TaosCompound New Mexico case, starting 8/30/18.

Read my series of threads about this case:

NM has a GOP Governor with power to direct the state AG to take over the case from the small-town DA.

Facts > Speculation

(2) You're not helping #MakeAmericaGreatAgain by accepting the cherry picked talking points of either Democrats OR Republicans.

On the GOP side, we must clean up our act when it comes to reporting & discussing this case. It is serious!

Don't be a hypocrite. Use your brain.
(3) Trust me, I've heard everything people are saying about this case. And I have assembled the facts that correct the misinformation. Anyone can do this, I'm not special. It just takes an open mind & a couple of hours of searching online, & I've done most of it for you.
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Everyone who knows their Clinton cartel who saw Lanny Davis was Cohen's attorney knew exactly what was going on right away. @esoteric_ed Blame Clapper's HAMMER for comped lawyers & judges; according to Dennis Montgomery, he has every US keystroke since 2006 on file. #MAGA #Bernie
At last count, he said 156 federal judges including FISC chiefs & #SCOTUS Roberts were spied on. Evidence is plentiful; clean bars (& congressional committees) to try the cases are scarce, almost non-existent.… @FreedomWatchUSA
Search @youwildman + Muller
Key to stopping #GladioC see UK is #Parkland & #VegasTruth

Nik Cruz did NOT hit 34 w/ 17 kills in <7 mins on 3 floors w/ gas mask.…
PDD62 & modernization of Smith-Mundt (2013 Def Reauthorization Act)
made terrorizing citizens legal.
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If you mention #MollieTibbetts and someone responds #NiaWilson, it is time to face some uncomfortable truths. First, please understand, the Democrat media machine coordinated and spoon fed them that talking point, *entirely* to silence you. Media doesn't care about either murder.
Let's look at the tragic murder of #NiaWilson. The killer was a career criminal. The crime rate of Oakland is off the charts. Homicide is 5X the national average. What do locals do about that? Democrats have run it since 1977.
Democrats & (mostly Democrat) Californians were so pleased with how Oakland has been run, they elected one of the Mayors for nearly ten years the current Governor! Democrat cities regularly suffer lousy education, poor mental health support, corrupt govt, corrupt cops...
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@Thomas1774Paine His recent revelation a/b Stone & Manafort doing dossiers on all the Young Republicans decades ago says to me everyone on social media w/ 50k followers who were not already celebs & everyone in DC & MSM are shills or comped.
THIS is what a real truth teller's numbers look like.
@Thomas1774Paine Here's 1 of their counterparts on the left @brycetache Look what he's selling.
17k tweets=71,000 follows? WTF? What good is meta-data if no one does the math? #Qanon's not organic, #Tyler bots created the buzz. Webb's soft reveal op didn't get the traction they wanted--so #Q
@Thomas1774Paine @brycetache People can't grasp controlled resistance, soft disclosure ops; why would the enemy tell on itself?
"Here is what we've done.
Here is what we're doing.
Here is what we're going to do--and their ain't a gd thing you can do about it."
aka resistance is futile. #GladioC #VegasTruth
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@leeamm7 @zerohedge @TheLastRefuge2 @csthetruth @Thomas1774Paine @ThomasWictor @LionelMedia @JaredBeck Cruz did NOT shoot 34 on 3 floors in <7 minutes.
CG PD tweeted a/b the shooting @ 11 am.
10+ witnesses say multiple shooters & 1 was w/ Nik as shots were fired. #NikFam #CNN #MSNBC #GMA BSO audio Raw video
@leeamm7 @zerohedge @TheLastRefuge2 @csthetruth @Thomas1774Paine @ThomasWictor @LionelMedia @JaredBeck The kid on Inside Edition said he was loading bullets 1 at a time; ARs use magazines & BSO said he'd already shot people outside. Why was CCTV video on a 20 min delay? He got dressed in full SWAT gear in 2 minutes? Kid shot in legs was on his cell smiling on gurney. No wounds.
@leeamm7 @zerohedge @TheLastRefuge2 @csthetruth @Thomas1774Paine @ThomasWictor @LionelMedia @JaredBeck Some student video (since deleted) was shot in the early a.m.
Who is Alex View?
Raw video shows truth & it & BSO audio (expert testimony) is admissible in court.
Bill Cooper predicted this in the 1990s. #BakerActLARP
Look at censorship in the UK.
#GladioC Martial Law is coming.
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[1] #AboutAvenatti

#Q asks - Who is the REAL #MichaelAvenatti ?

Well Housatonic IT Services never really thought about it, but since you ask #Qanon , we would be happy to take a peak
[2] #AboutAvenatti

Although it is biased (as described in #AboutStrzok)... and even edited by confessed pedophiles (dead serious... even people who discuss how they have fantasies of raping their own parents), we always have to start with @Wikipedia

[3] #AboutAvenatti

Dammit ...

"While in college and later in law school, Avenatti worked at The Research Group, a political opposition research and media firm run by #RahmEmanuel (later White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama, and Mayor of Chicago)"
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I think people who currently speak as wise commentators have absolutely NO idea how much of a generational sea-change is occurring in the human ability to shift ideas and actions to face climate change and other challenges. 1/X (sorry not sorry)
Older people feel comfortable centering preferences (utility theory!) and habits (eating meat, taking flying holidays ...) over planetary & common problems.

Younger people (my students, kids I know) prioritize principles and common good, and make choices accordingly. 2/X
They make principled choices often and openly despite convenience, personal advantage and taste. My kid gave up dairy milk overnight because of his love of the rain forest. My students/postdocs forgo career opportunities because they won't fly. 3/X
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It's been 5 months since the #Parkland massacre. On the 14th of the month I've been tweeting each of the portraits I drew.
Remembering #AlyssaAlhadeff.
A star soccer player. A devoted friend. One of the youngest to die.
14 yrs old.
I'm still here. She's not. I remember. RIP Line drawing of young woman. Text: Alyssa Alhadeff 14 years old
"He was a very funny kid, outgoing and sometimes really quiet," wrote Miguel Duque, about his baby brother #MartinDuque.
What a disgrace for our country that students are murdered in school.
Remembering Martin, 5 months after his death.
#RoadToChange Line drawing of young man in baseball cap. Text: Martin Duque 14 years old Stoneman Douglas HS
Cara means "friend" in #Irish.
Cara's funeral was held on her 15th birthday.
Her father came here from Ireland to pursue the American dream.

#msdstrong #SchoolShooting Line drawing of young woman, smiling. <br />
Text: Cara Loughran <br />
14 years old <br />
Went to school <br />
Came home dead
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Trump: Day 533
124th Day at a Trump Golf Club
167th Day at a Trump Property
-NK Calls US Attitude "Regrettable"
-Lawyers Call Comey "Machiavellian"
-EPA Withholding Cancerous Report
-Tariffs Threaten Lobster Industry
-Lord Mayor of Sheffield Bans Trump
Day 638 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 490 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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July 4th, 2018.

There are three points in history that absolutely nothing to do with each other,..

Pickett’s Charge of 1863
Obama of 2008
Ocasio #NY14 of 2018

...and everything to do with each other
General Lee was brilliant….
but did you know his #2 guy George Pickett was a no-kidding genius?

What he was to Calvary, Patton was to Tanks.

And like Patton….Pickett finished Dead Last in his class at West Point.
Always getting into trouble.
At West Point, Pickett was a loser
Too much of a party guy and always getting into trouble.

But when he got into the field
and away from prying eyes of Captains and Generals, he was AMAZING.

Army was smart enough at least to send Pickett out West.

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I had to get a little space around the murder of five humans who happen to be in the news biz. Killed for doing a job that is vital to American values. A job that has been under constant assault by #Trump & his propaganda team masquerading as a news channel, #FoxNews /1
I normally tweet off the cuff, cynical, shots about #POTUS and his enablers. This time it’s different. This time it’s cold blooded killing in a field I know and studied. I have a feeling of cold dread existing side by side with red hot rage. We all know who encouraged this. /2
#Trump has used his aggressiveness to target journalists. BY NAME. Promoting his base to vilify any journalist and news media that disagrees with him. It’s a tactic that has endeared him to his cult of personality. It’s a technique that is straight out of the dictators manual. /3
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My “NO” to a #SCOTUS nominee until after the election is an act of radical love:
This no is a “yes” for my mother and my mother-in-law and my sisters and my daughters, so they can access the health care they need.
This no is a yes for immigrants and their children.
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