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Stanislav Lunev.
Payback for today.

Payback angle becoming more and more clear. 2/24 - Parkland stand-down bombshell. Note message - WE CAN MAKE YOU EAT THE BLAME.

These people are RUTHLESS.
Warning call was made and NOT ANSWERED.…
This will ultimately depend on one of two things to exceed a conspiracy THEORY: (1) the Q people actually HAVE on 2/24/18 some kind of intercepted preliminary knowledge, or (2) enough evidence materializes by looking at all the right places. To test, assume endpoint, FIND PATH.
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#BREAKING: @FIU's new pedestrian bridge just collapsed onto SW 8th Street. This company proudly "performed structural monitoring."
#BREAKING: Multiple fatalities reported in @FIU pedestrian bridge collapse. @BDITest just deleted this tweet from 3 days ago in which they said they were "thrilled to have performed structural monitoring" on the project.
#BREAKING: 2 days ago @FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg said in story about new pedestrian bridge now deleted from the school's website “FIU is about building bridges and student safety. This project accomplishes our mission beautifully."
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In honor of #PiDay - JOKES!
Watch out - Mr. Magoo is going after those Confederate statues! #PiDay
Here is Mr. Magoo delivering a pay-off to Stormy Daniels. I was with Brian Williams when I took this with my cellphone. Yeah, that's right. My. SMARTphone. #PiDay
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Once you see the PLOT to BRAINWASH AGAINST GUNS, you absolutely cannot unsee it.

We are budging NOT ONE INCH on due process until Eric Holder has been brought to justice for #Parkland. And more.

You thought we found all his scandals? Think again.

#QAnon #FollowTheWives
Why was it ESSENTIAL that Eric Holder be succeeded by an AG so close it was a conflict of interest? Why did it take so LONG to replace him? Why did they try to HIDE the connection between Holder's wife, Sharon Malone, and her college BFF Loretta Lynch?

#QAnon #FollowTheWives
It's because Eric Holder had PLOTS - otherwise known as Holder scandals - that actually ran over the entire 16 year timeline of their plan to take us down. And the plot to BRAINWASH AGAINST GUNS was one of them. They couldn't turn this stuff off. It was irreversible.

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1) Starting a thread to talk about the slogan "Never Again."…
#ParklandShooting #ParklandStudentsSpeak #ParklandStrong #Parkland
2) There's the young John Podesta lookalike David Hogg, star of the reality show, "How The Survivors of Parkland Began The Never Again Movement."

That's two pieces of content lifted straight from the Holocaust lexicon: "Never Again" and "Survivors."…
3) The New Yorker breathlessly notes: "Only 4 days after the school shooting...the activist movement that emerged in its aftermath had a name (Never Again), a policy goal (stricter background checks for gun buyers), and a plan for a nationwide protest (a March for Our Lives...)."
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Open letter to @davidhogg111.

Dear Sir,

I'm addressing you since you have made yourself the face of the #Parkland Massacre. As I watch you and your activist friends make your media rounds, I cannot help but notice that you rarely, if ever, mention #nicholascruz by name.
Odd. After all, he is the man who killed 17 children and traumatized hundreds more... Your friends. Your classmates. You should hate him. You should be cursing his very name. But you don't. Now why could that be...?
At first, I thought it was solely agenda driven. You'd sooner have the world blaming the shooting on Dana Loesch or other law-abiding gun owners like myself. Then...something else occurred to me. Another reason you cannot speak his name.
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Seriously? Your piece title is “David Hogg is Fair Game...” Do you recognize the potential danger of that dog whistle threat -or was click bait all you considered? #Parkland @davidhogg111 @shannonrwatts
Gotta give you credit for your NRA-style tactics. While unoriginal, it’s amazingly consistent with their members’ messages that those who oppose guns-anywhere don’t have the right to be in the debate, “to insert” ourselves. That’s often tactic #1.
Tactic #1 - delegitimize us with gunsplaining. Tell us we can’t be in the debate because we don’t know the rights names, terms, numbers, categories, costs of guns, ammunition... But guess what: we don’t care! We know our goals and won’t be quieted.
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This is in many ways a restatement of the Mamet Principle, but it shows that at the upper echelons of leftist thought, the pretense of ignorance is used in a highly strategic manner to achieve "social justice "goals. This can and will be demonstrated by deconstructing #Parkland.
The point is that the advancement of the illogical argument is only stupid on the surface, and this is in fact a logical pattern of viral malice.

Hanlon's Razor ("Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.") can be and IS weaponized everywhere.
Hanlon's Razor fails because "adequately" is easily spoofed. All manner of deceptions can be used to make an intelligent process return a wrong value for "adequately". Science works because nothing remains "adequate". Every theory of gravity falls to a better one, eventually.
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OK, new thread! Greetings from the Senate Appropriations, where they're set to hear the school safety/mental health/gun access bill as well.
To clarify, the last absurdly long thread was House Appropriations. Now we're in Senate Approps. They'll do their version of the bill here, which is now unlike the House version in several significant ways, esp. after amendments in House Approps.
After this, both bills will head to the floor in either chamber.
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With the term hero being thrown around indiscriminately, I thought I'd share a few observations on true heroism demonstrated before, during and in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting. #NeverAgain #Parkland #MSDStrong
A hero sees something and says something #NeverAgain #Parkland #MSDStrong
A hero shelters others despite personal danger #NeverAgain #Parkland #MSDStrong
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(1) It's 12 days since the #Parkland shooting. I've been through a range of emotions since then, but I've recognized a pattern that I'd like to share with you.

#SecureOurSchools #DrainTheSwamp #MAGA
(2) It's now crystal clear that local law enforcement services in Democrat Broward County, Florida are a MESS of corruption, dishonesty, and negligence.

Just like the federal law enforcement & intelligence community that President Trump inherited from the Democrats.
(3) I have full confidence in President Trump and everyone he has appointed (or is working with outside the executive branch) to restore the rule of law in America.

I've seen many times that he can pull off the seemingly impossible while in stealth mode.
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I’ve just received confirmation from a credible source that MSDHS DID INDEED have a morning fire drill.

That means certain media outlets and David Hogg withheld this information from their reporting. That also explains Hogg saying he was recording “at 9:32” in the clip below.
Why would David Hogg specifically interview students about gun control during a school fire drill, then say it was footage recorded during an active shooting? & why would the media report that story without specifying that some of the footage wasn’t captured during the shooting?
I understand David Hogg has politically active parents and might legitimately be a natural (or parentally indoctrinated) gun-control activist. Regardless, it’s extremely bizarre that he recorded interviews with his peers about gun control — hours before an active school shooting.
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"There were THREE SHOOTERS... We thought this was a DRILL, but it wasn't..." and MORE! FULL VIDEO HERE


@POTUS @browardsheriff @PamBondi @BrianMastFL #MAGA #QAnon
DEFINITELY MORE THAN ONE SHOOTER.... Cruz not in "Riot gear" as witness explaines... he was simply walking in plain clothes as she heard shots being fired.


ARCHIVE #MAGA @POTUS #ParklandSchoolShooting #Parkland
You can hear the cops setting up for the camera before entering the room. @POTUS #MAGA #QAnon

ARCHIVE THIS NOW! IF I get booted... I WILL BE BACK! Hat tip to... YOU know who you are!
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I'm reading through the Democratic minority report on the Nunes memo - red notes are my thoughts... 1
The reason STeele left is testified to in the Fusion GPS testimony linked in image.
on Gowdy's preformative support for Mueller
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FOLLOW THE MONEY! GRANT MONEY received by Broward County from the US Dept of Education (James W. Runcie, Chief Operating Officer) /Congresswoman Lois Franke to Sheriff Israel & Robert Runcie (Broward Co., FL superintendent). HOLY COW! #Qanon8chan #QAnon #GreatAwakening.
1. Background: Robert Runcie leaving Chicago to become chief of Broward County Florida schools. Left CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS… #Qanon8chan #QAnon #GreatAwakening.
2. James Runcie Resigns over controversy of funds mismanagement.… #Qanon8chan #QAnon #GreatAwakening.
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✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 #Parkland
There are all kinds of kids protesting these shootings which is awesome...and, just as Black folks been protesting gun violence for decades, "BLM" took the fight to a other level via exposure post-Ferguson/ Trayvon
I know there was some tension then, too...similar "we been fighting thus for years, why is BLM, Netta, Delay, etc getting all the attention now?" stuff

That's how it goes folks
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(1) Another topic the #Parkland fiasco has reminded me about:

What to do when an adult is "mentally incompetent" to make important decisions, such as elderly with dementia, severe brain injury survivors, handicapped since birth etc.

We have a duty of care to them & others.
(2) This is not just about guns or just about the harm that mentally incompetent adults can do to others. It's about protecting THEM from themselves and from those who try to exploit them, usually for money.

This is a BIG job.
(3) Nicolaz Cruz was adopted on the day of his birth, and his biological brother Zachary was adopted by the same parents when he was born. Roger and Lynda Cruz were aged around 62 and 50 at the time. Roger died 5 years later, from heart failure.…
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Philando Castile was a registered gun owner shot & killed by the police while streamed on Facebook live. The NRA said NOTHING.
fuck @DLoesch & the NRA for playing oppression Olympics & using their fake concern for black victims of gun violence. ya'll don't care.
John Crawford was killed by police in Target while carrying an air gun he was going to buy IN AN OPEN CARRY STATE. the NRA? ghost @DLoesch
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#GreatAwakening #QAnon #CBTS

#ActiveShooter #PsyOp's is being delivered to #American's thru the #NDAA and H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 - Until 2012 the U.S. Government was FORBIDDEN to use Propaganda on its own people.…
#ActiveShooter Drills that "Go Live" with #CrisisActors mixed with Tragedies like #SandyHook, #BostonBombing, #SanBernardino, #ParisAttack, #LondonBridge, and #Parkland is being done to push agenda's by manipulating the public with a mix of real and fake news.
#NaomiWolf Exposes #FakeNews / #FalseFlags | Former Clinton/Gore political consultant Naomi Wolf explains why we should be skeptical of overly theatrical news stories. #BostonBombing

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The NRA has a network of companies called *Business Alliance* partners.

This partnership makes each of these companies #DeadlyAllies of the NRA.

#DeadlyAllies Thread
Through their relationship to the NRA these *Business Alliance* partners are complicit in the deaths of every gun violence and mass shooting victim. Do you want to do business with the NRA’s #DeadlyAllies?

No? Then tell them so, and #Boycott all #DeadlyAllies.
Did you know that being an NRA Business Alliance member makes you #DeadlyAllies? Please cut your ties to the NRA before we cut all ties to you.

#Boycott all #DeadlyAllies
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Last night, I joined students & community members from Madison for a vigil for the #ParklandShooting. This is my speech:
We stand here today, not as community leaders, teachers, students, government officials, or bystanders... we stand here as members of humanity, as guardians of the good in this world.
I stand here in honor of my beautiful mother Joyce who took her own life with a gun before I was even two years old.
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Let's talk about how Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Sec of Education Duncan and Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel's PC policies on young offenders resulted in Nikolas Cruz being able to pass a background check, despite his frequent brushes with the law.
During the Obama administration, AG Holder and Sec of Ed came out with guidelines to "end the School to Prison Pipeline." They claimed that zero-tolerance policies in schools, and police too eager to arrest minors, was racist, creating a 'disparate impact' on minority students.
The Obama officials announced standards and practices for schools and police departments to 'decriminalize' and deescalate disciplinary problems caused by disruptive and often violent students in the system.
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🚨In 2016 #NikolasCruz was under in-home mental health investigation not only was he diagnosed as depressed he TOLD THE COUNSELOR HE WANTED TO BUY A GUN?!? Why aren’t we talking about this? #NeverAgain #March4OurLives
@realDonaldTrump was correct! #mentalhealth
#NikolasCruz had ADHD, was autistic, depressed and medicated #BrowardCounty KNEW THIS the county failed him and the the county failed #parkland @DWStweets needs to fess up to her community #NeverAgain #MarchForOurLives
CC: @DLoesch @seanhannity…
“he plans to go out and buy a gun, it is unknown what he is buying the gun for” #NikolasCruz @browardsheriff
Also he has a brother? #neveragain
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I haven't thought of this in ages, but I remembered, reading the reporting on the #Parkland survivors' meeting with Trump that I have been a fly on the wall in a meeting of this nature, and it is one of the singular experiences of my life. /1
First, some background. From roughly 2005-2011, I wrote and developed a play based on the experiences of attorney Kenneth Feinberg as the special master of the September 11 Victims Compensation Fund. As research, we had several hours of on-record conversation. /2
That fund, briefly, was designed to provide financial compensation to the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks, as well as those injured, in exchange for forgoing litigation against United and American Airlines. In the end, Feinberg disbursed roughly $7 billion. /3
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