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1/ In today's broadcast of "Lies #MOLeg Tells About Abortion in Missouri" let's talk about if abortion is dangerous/unsafe in this state. Uninterested in a long tweet? Here's the punch line: Abortion is safe! For those of you who like numbers because #FactsMatter read on.
2/All information on this tweet is publicly available at…. The most recent data is from 2017. From DHHS' website you can find this quote: "Complications were associated with 1.9% of Missouri abortions." There were 3,903 abortions in Missouri in 2017.
3/Now this includes "20 failed abortions" but what does that really mean? Well Missouri requires that any time a pill abortion fails that it is reported to state. But is this really a "complication" or just part of the known profile of taking a pill abortion? Let's ask #ACOG!
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35+ state laws in 2019 have joined to try to overthrow Roe vs. Wade

“There is great misunderstanding about the actual meaning of having the right to an abortion. A lot of this misunderstanding is pushed by well-meaning liberals so I want to discuss it…Long essay ahead.”

The right to abortion is NOT about the right to not be a parent. Women already have the right to not be a parent through adoption & safe haven laws in some states

Abortion is specifically about the right to NOT be pregnant/endure child birth.
This is the right to bodily autonomy
Reproductive labor is not only a biological function, it is also the base form of labor for all economic systems.

Economies cannot function [are not sustainable] if women are not constantly producing new humans.

[Examle: the concern in Japan for declining birth rates.]
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Thank you @DAvallone for telling the story of you brave mom— it is because of Woman like her that woman like me have been afforded the right to bodily autonomy for most of my life
I want to remind people what illegal, back alley abortions look like— the consequences that comes with this power grab of #WomensRights

Geri Santoro, 29 year old mother of 2 daughters, abused by her husband— In 1963, she left her husband w/her daughters #MyBodyMyChoice
Geri Santoro moved back to her hometown, began working to support her family, had an affair w/a married co-worker & became pregnant

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From Dem Coalition in re Trump asking for UNITY in his #SOTU:
"A president intent on unity does not ban immigrants based on their religion." #StateOfTheHuman #WeWontGoBack
"A president intent on unity does not call the Speaker of the House “bad for America.”
#StateOfTheHuman #WeWontGoBack #SOTU @SpeakerPelosi
"A president intent on unity does not call for criminal investigations into his political opponents to distract from his own failures."
#StateOfTheHuman #WeWontGoBack #SOTU
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Dear @SenatorCollins, You keep saying you’re hearing “nothing” from constituents about #Kavanaugh. I invite you to come back home and actually spend some time in #Maine- and see the incredible community fighting his nomination. 1/9
For someone who repeatedly promised Maine women you would protect our rights - and earning the @PPact endorsement - how do you explain the 76% of women who OPPOSE his nomination? 2/9
And why are you letting the White House papers - of his “most formative years” (his words, not mine) not be released? Where’s the anger? 3/9
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