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⚠️SEBI has imposed a penalty of INR 20L 💰 on Sangam India for delayed ⏰disclosures with respect to Promoter Share Transactions ⛳️❌

A Thread 🧵

#SangamIndia #SEBI #redflag #corporategovernance
1. Promoter bought 4.55% stake but disclosed it after delay of 1926 days Image
2. The inter-se promoter transaction of more than 5% in FY17 was also disclosed with delay of 1200 days Image
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SEBI bars IIFL Securities from onboarding clients for 2 years due to the misappropriation of funds

A thread #sebi #investing #iifl #IIFLSecurities #redflag #corporategovernance
During inspections, it came to light that out of the 45 client bank accounts examined, a staggering 26 were not titled as "client accounts." This despite a prior warning from BSE.

Violated provisions of the SEBI 1993 Circular
The inspection team discovered a troubling trend. Funds were regularly transferred from client bank accounts and clients' dividend accounts to IIFL's Pool/Control Accounts. These accounts, managed and controlled by IIFL, functioned as the company's own bank account. Image
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📢 Attention Investors! 🚨

🔍 Dive into the latest bombshell from SEBI regarding Brightcom. This time, it's about the Promoter's alarming and unusual trading behaviour.

Let's dive into the details 🧵! 📈

#Brightcom #SEBI #redflag #corporategovernance
The background : Promoters are purportedly disregarding regulations pertaining to their trading activities⚠️🤯 Image
1. Disclosure Lapses in trading by promoters: Law says you have to disclose if your traded value is more than 10L

There were instances where disclosures were not made. Promoter denied wrong-doing but was termed untenable by SEBI ImageImage
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Continuous delay in Merger Proceeding by Creditors
SEBI’s Shirpur Gold Refinery Order on Fund siphoning

SEBI asked resignation of Punit Goenka, MD CEO of Zee as well Mr. Chandra of Essel Group.

Let’s take a deep dive into this interim order and understand!

#Zeel Image

Resignation of 2 Independent Director - Sunil Kumar and Neharika Vohra in Nov’19 on misappropriation of FD of Zee by Yes Bank for squaring off loan of other Essel grp entities
Mr Subash Chandra, then chairman of Zeel/Essel grp provided LoC to yes bank on 200 Cr Loan o/s in Essel Green Mobility Limited. as per LoC, he accepted that Essel group companies incl Zee will have FD of 200 Cr that can be used in event of default
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Milestone Furniture - Auditor mil nahi raha h so as Financial data bhi nahi mil raha h

Co running without MD CEO CS

They intimated about the CEO resignation on 25th May-23 who actually resigned on 12th May-23

Promoter stake 0%

#Redflag ImageImageImageImage
The same auditor on 26th May-23 signed the financials of Mangalam Organics -… Image
Zero Revenue of the co #milestonefurniture Image
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Rajesh Exports Governance Issue Saga Continues

- No Audit Report in Financials
- Questionable RPTs
- FS of FY22 not matches with FS in AR of 22
- More Redflags

A thread 🧵

#corpoategovernance #redflag #fraud

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Rajesh Exports did not released Audit Report for FY23 though co claims its financials are audited

Interestingly - there is no sign & seal of auditor on FS

PS - In FY21 - we found two different financials of co in Annual Report & in Q4FY21 Results (check quoted tweet) ImageImage
Link to incomplete financials of FY23

Consolidated -…

Standalone -…
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We should be clear that the term “profoundly autistic” was created by neurotypical people in an effort to diminish autistic individuals - specifically those with high-support needs, those with other developmental disabilities, and non-speaking autistic individuals.

#RedFlag 🚩
When I see well-intentioned people or entities using the term, I don’t blame them. However, it is important for them to realize just how dehumanizing and harmful the term is. I am hoping that @AutismINSAR will realize this as well as we move forward.
I’m happy to see that @thinkingautism has recently tackled this in an interview and pretty great informational thread.

This month has been a whirlwind and didn’t see these until now. They are well worth a read.…
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SEBI HAS EXPOSED MORE DARKER SIDE OF BCG - Misleading disclosures, profits, shareholding patterns, CG issues

Thread 🧵

#brightcom #brightcomgroup #bcg #sebi #redflag
Preface SEBI order covers
1. Misleading Promoter SHP
2. Undisclosed & Non - audited subsidiaries FS
3. DAUM Settlement
4. Misleading Disclosures
5. Statutory Auditor & Indep Director - inelligible
6. Accounting irregularities

This order is one of the best, give it a read
1. Misleading Promoter Shareholding - comparing promoter shareholding disclosed to the exchanges & available with RTA, Sebi found promoters inflated shareholding by 10% to 29% since 2016🧐😯 (see table below), we wrote this about in our previous thread Image
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Does this sound like an innocent father talking about his son he recently found dead?? Or does this sound like a guilty dad trying to plant a narrative to investigators? Notice he catches himself and tries to say “he had so many wonderful qualities”
#RedFlag #AlexMurdaughTrial
What kind of grieving father has this many negative things to say about their son who he claimed to find with his head blown off? Just imagine finding a loved one like that…it would be unthinkable! He throws him under the bus quick! @MandyMatney @elizfarrell #AlexMurdaughTrial
If it was someone I loved and I had nothing to do with murders…I’d be sobbing uncontrollably telling them how wonderful he was and how shocked I am something like this could possibly happen to him! Alex throws his son under the bus bc he’s already told police THE narrative
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The latest Q3 Results of EKI Energy has uncovered a dark truth : non-compliance with IndAS 115, Revenue Recognition.
Auditor Walker Chandiok (Grant Thornton) today issued a qualified report.
Is this just the tip of the iceberg?

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Reported Figures for 9M-
Revenue - 1384 Cr
PBT - 347 Cr
PAT - 260 Cr

As per Auditor -
Revenue - 1194 Cr (-14%)
PBT - 237 Cr (-32%)
PAT - 177 Cr (-32%)

Generally company also have Concall post results,this time there is no mention of concall.
Dark clouds of doubt now loom over the previous auditor D.N. Jhamb, who issued unqualified report in Sep-22, and resigned on 8-Dec-22 citing reasons of pre-occupation.

Now the bigger question is whether revenue recognised in earlier years are as per IndAS requirements or not?
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“Good corporate governance is about 'intellectual honesty, not just sticking to rules & regulations, capital flowed towards co that practice good governance'

Mega thread 🧵 of Corporate Governance issues, frauds exposed by us

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Before moving ahead if you want to know who is behind Beat The Street and What exactly Beat The Street does?

Here is thread

All thanks to the team behind the stage @SudzzBTS @nimishshp
If you want to read Beat The Street Corporate Governance Coverage in documentary format you can read here…
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Shareholding gaffe at Glenmark Life: Focus shifts to Sebi new rules…

Company promoters bought shares even when they held more than 75 per cent

Brilliant analysis by @This_khushboo @bsindia

A quick thread 🧵

#glenmark #corporategovernance #redflag
Glenmark Life Sciences, 100% subsidiary of Glenmark Pharma, launched IPO in July 2021

Post-IPO, stake of promoter group fell from 100% to 82.84%

Sebi rules provided three years to reduce promoter stake to 75%
During this time further purchase of shares by promoters wasn’t permitted

Promoter Saldanha purchased 7,800 shares (0.01 per cent) from the market in November 2021

Proxy firm SES said purchase, even if inadvertent, violated SAST regulations
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⚠️The curious case of GMM Pfaudler⚠️

"Commitments made in Concalls were never Implemented & company continue to lie. "


A thread 🧵

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#GMmpfaudler #redflag #corporategovernance
The backstory in Aug-2020, GMM entered into complex transaction involving GMM pfaudler, promoter, DBAG buying out their international parent whuch owns international business

Details of which are summarized below
Most importantly read highlighted in red that stake is locked
Redflag 1
Lock in period?

Post complex transaction in Sept-20 concall Company said promoters (Patel 33% & DBAG 24% stake will be locked in for 3 yrs i.e. till Aug-23)

Same was reiterated in Q2FY23 concall also as asked by @saketreddy
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A #Marseille, le procès d’un haut fonctionnaire et de « la pourriture de la #corruption au sein de la collectivité ». Aurait-on pu détecter l'affaire dans l'#OpenData de la #CommandePublique ? Un (long) 🧵avec plein de #data dedans⬇️…
Notons pour commencer que, s'agissant de détecter non pas un marché frauduleux parmi un océan de probité, mais la présence d'un système dévoyé, on va se concentrer ici sur des signaux d'alertes un peu agrégés, question de tenter d'identifier des mauvaises pratiques.
(ndlr : ce fil peut également servir de guide pratique du parfait corrompu). Première idée : réduire au max la durée de publicité des marchés pour protéger les amis de la concurrence. Si on regarde les 2200 marchés du CD13 publicisés au Tender Electronic Daily, rien de flagrant. Image
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Weekend Read Investing Resources Vol 18

Stock from Sunrise Industry
Gland Pharma Lies, Disguise & Insider Sell
Microcap Investing Lessons
Valuation Lessons
Sensex to hit 1L, When?
Branded Spices Report
Crypto Explained

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#investing Image
We have launched a dedicated channel for reports.

Now you can find daily news updates on this channel but at same time Research Reports on the different channel in a clutter free manner.

Join now and share with your friends as well.
Betting on Future Growth & Expansion: Narayana Hrudayalaya

Hospital Sector Analysis & Narayana Hrudayalaya Business Analysis

Business Overview
Financial Performance
Expansion & Future Plans
Peer Comparison

#Healthcare #Narayanahrudalaya
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Jordan Gray loves his indecent exposure facilitated by @Channel4.

He is a patron of Educate & Celebrate, which installs gender identity ideology in schools with the chant of "smash heteronormativity".

#safeguarding #ChildSafety #RedFlag #WomanFace Patrons Educate and Celebrate https://www.educateandcelebrat
@Channel4 You can tell Gray's sex - as only a man would describe himself as a comedienne or actress in 2022.

How many schools has he visited?
Educate and Celebrate is "transforming schools," using Jordan Gray to mislead children that sex sterotypes can mean they are the opposite sex.

This is creating avoidable distress.

#WomanFace #safeguarding #RedFlags
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Il est pas évident de trouver LE projet #NFT qui va sortir du lot vu les centaines de collections #NFTs qui sortent chaque jour⚠️

Par contre certains indices (#redflag) permettent en général de détecter les projets #scam

En effet les projets NFT pullulent et il est parfois compliqué de détecter les scams au milieu des projets sérieux..

Les redflags que je vais évoquer ne permettent de détecter tous les scams, ce sont juste des indices qui pour moi sont révélateurs et pertinents...
La liste n'est bien entendu pas exhaustive 📃
Il s'agit simplement des critères que je retiens pour choisir les projets dans lesquels j'investis 🔬
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[𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙤 𝙤𝙨 𝙥𝙖𝙞𝙨 𝙖𝙛𝙚𝙩𝙖𝙢 𝙖 𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙖 𝙙𝙚 𝙨𝙪𝙖𝙨 𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙝𝙖𝙨 𝙣𝙖 𝙞𝙙𝙖𝙙𝙚 𝙖𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙩𝙖] 👨‍👧‍👧

Tu é pai de menina? saibas que tu serás a maior referencia masculina da vida dela. Conheceu uma mulher e esta pensando em namoro? saiba como é a relação dela com o pai ⬇
@38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @RedpillOliver @RosbifesXXX @jeff_podcast @UrsoPolNE @AnaCarlaNeriii @frank_testo As conversas sobre a importância dos pais geralmente giram em torno dos filhos: como os meninos se beneficiam de ter um modelo masculino positivo, um disciplinador consistente e um parceiro de alta energia em seu caminho para buscar o sucesso na carreira e na família ⬇
@38bitcoinheiro @alan_schramm @RedpillOliver @RosbifesXXX @jeff_podcast @UrsoPolNE @AnaCarlaNeriii @frank_testo Na idade adulta. Mas, como mostram pesquisas recentes, os pais também afetam a vida de suas filhas adultas de maneiras intrigantes e ocasionalmente surpreendentes:…

Ao explorar essa área, o mais importante na mente de muitos ⬇
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At this very moment Venus is conjunct Uranus while the Scorpion Moon is in direct opposition to their position in Taurus.
This is a tumultuous moment indictive of a sudden reversal in monetary policy effecting the public at large. A decision has been made. ImageImage
The effects of this decision will be played out into the coming Full Moon cycle which starts tomorrow and ends Friday the 17th. This cycle peaks on #FlagDay June 14.
Today as the Scorpion Moon opposed the Venus🔴Uranus position in monetary Taurus, #Bitcoin lost ground. As a matter of fact, as the alignment grew stronger, and the moon opposed exact, #BTC took a sudden nosedive.
Uncanny? ImageImage
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📚[Thread] Passado sexual em pauta!

A corrosão emocional do histórico sexual, afeta diretamente seu presente e futuro.

Confúcio certa vez disse - "Se queres prever o futuro, estude o passado. Por esse fator, conta-me o teu passado e saberei o teu futuro." 🧶

= Image
@frank_testo @RosbifesXXX @FuriaeTradicao @UrsoPolNE @jeff_podcast @AnaCarlaNeriii @RuanPerico @RedpillOliver @Ravielfury A velha piada americana começa com “Como você chega ao Carnegie Hall?” e termina com as sábias palavras: “Pratique, pratique, pratique”.

É um conselho que parece se aplicar a pessoas que querem se envolver – ou prevenir – a infidelidade conjugal 🧶
@frank_testo @RosbifesXXX @FuriaeTradicao @UrsoPolNE @jeff_podcast @AnaCarlaNeriii @RuanPerico @RedpillOliver @Ravielfury As pessoas que são sexualmente infiéis a seus parceiros de casamento “praticam” comportamentos que remontam às suas primeiras experiências sexuais que aumentam a probabilidade de serem infiéis. Por outro lado, ao evitar esses mesmos comportamentos 🧶
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⚠ Como prometido na votação feita, aqui vamos apresentar 30 sinais que indicam que uma mulher possa ter tido um passado sexual de fazer inveja nas cozinhas dos restaurantes chineses, e grandes aventuras nos 🎠 da vida!

Segue o fio... 🧶 Image
@LeButDuCoq @Oliveira_leumaS @Juniorex @FuriaeTradicao @danielaugusto_b @mrjoaopaulo13 @jeff_podcast @Lockhart_Heytor @BasMaicon1 @UrsoPolNE 1. Ela tem um piercing na 🐸 ou nos mamilos

Ter piercings em áreas sensíveis mostra tolerância à dor e gosto pela autodestruição, atenção e validação. Quanto mais pendente e chamativo, maior a contagem de entalhes 🧶
@LeButDuCoq @Oliveira_leumaS @Juniorex @FuriaeTradicao @danielaugusto_b @mrjoaopaulo13 @jeff_podcast @Lockhart_Heytor @BasMaicon1 @UrsoPolNE 2. Ela tem pelo menos duas tatuagens visíveis

As tatuagens indicam uma alta tolerância à dor. E a mesma atração pela dor combina-se com uma necessidade crônica de atenção. Entenda que as tatuagens não são ousadas e não “quem ela é”. É uma marca, antes reservada às GPs 🧶 Image
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Essa postagem é um tsunami de #redflag🚩por isso, sempre que posso aconselhar um amigo, digo" na primeira oportunidade, saia do 🇧🇷, se a oportunidade e não aparecer, crie ela"

Além da romantização de traficantes, ladrões e homicidas. ⬇
Uma clara síndrome de Estocolmo.

Exaltam a Mc viúva, a Dra Deolane, viúva de um MC e advogada oficial de traficantes do PCC.

Vírginia, famosa por namorar o YouTube Rezende, ter dado pro Neymar no RJ e ser mulher do filho do Leonardo, onde engravidou em meses. ⬇
Anitta,a cantora mais famoso do gênero Pornmusic, e alta rotatividade de parceiros sexuais.

Marquezine ex do Neymar, pelo corpo magro, Luiza Sonza, ex do Windows, e outra da gravadora Pornmusic, Felipe Neto (quem não lacra não lucra) ⬇
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Thank you @IWS_Network for giving me the opportunity to share my #story 💜 ! This a part of Voices Without Frontiers program… #IWS #WomenInSTEM #VoicesIWS #ecology #conservation #biodiversity
I was born in #saopaulo, #Brazil’s largest city, very different from the #Amazon Rainforest & Rio! See me and a #samauma, the most famous Amazon tree 🌳
Also me & @IsabelaHissa in front of Sao Paulo’s #MASP (Modern Art Museum) & me and my mom in #Rio! #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Image
I can say I lived in a great #rainforest because Sao Paulo & most of the coast of Brazil are in the Atlantic Forest 🌴🌺🐍. It is one of the 34 world’s #hotspots of #biodiversity, with more than 1500 plant species and 90% of original area loss. #VoiceIWS @IWS_Network Source: https://www.e-educa...
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{Mini #Thread] C'est vendredi et le vendredi... C'est éducation party !

Un peu de vocabulaire avec le #rugpull en #crypto. Nous allons voir ce qu'est un rug pull mais aussi, comment essayer d'en déceler un avant de tomber dans le piège.

Détendez vous et voyons ça ensemble ⬇️
Le "#rugpull" est un terme anglophone qui se traduit en français par tirage de tapis. Pas très #sexy hein ?

Dans le secteur des #crypto, un rug pull est une arnaque où les fondateurs/développeurs abandonnent leur projet et s'enfuient avec les fonds des investisseurs.
La grande majorité des #rugpull se produisent sur des plateformes de #finance décentralisée (#DEX).

Ils opèrent sur ces plateformes car ils sont beaucoup plus simples à mettre en œuvre.

Mais ils existent aussi sur des plateformes centralisée comme avec Thodex et son PDG.
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