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1/ BREAKING: Prioritizing discharging patients first rounding style did not result in earlier discharges! Check out our @JHospMed article! …… A 🧵
2/ First, a shout out to this incredible team! @kenistonangela @florakisuule @lladymcbeth See pic below for full team
Thx to @AHRQnews for supporting the study! #teamwork @cudivhospmed @hopkinsbayview @DH_Hospitalist
3/We tested the effects of physicians prioritizing discharging patients first compared to usual rounding style
☑️3 hospitals
☑️Daily surveys of physicians asking about rounding styles, team composition, and #workload
☑️Intention-to-treat analysis
☑️Outcome: DC order time, LOS
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"God gave you a voice. Use it. If you can see the worth in me, then you can see the worth in everyone you meet. We are all called to serve, as an everyday act of humility, as a habit of mind. To see the worth in every person we serve."-- Elizabeth Bonker…
Gene Editing Can Change The Social Behavior of Animals in Unexpected Ways…
#GeneEditing, #VasopressinHormone, #AnimalBehavior, #UnexpectedOutcomes
Deep Visual Proteomics defines single-cell identity and heterogeneity | Nature Biotechnology…
#DeepVisualProteomics, #CellularPhenotypes, #ImageAnalysis, #ArtificialIntelligence
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#onlineclasses was just one of a number of demands @UCUHallam made of @sheffhallamuni but we have more. 👇

1) campus MUST be made safe for essential #f2f classes. It FAILED our H&S inspections. We've reported breaches to @H_S_E #CampusCovid 1/
2) provide clarity and consistency for Sem2 teaching. Flipflopping each week increases staff & student anxiety/confusion and improves NOTHING #MoveOnline #StayOnline 2/
3) stop #workload intensification. Staff are on their knees. How can we plan/teach online+f2f+both simultaneously, hold smaller classes, provide 1-2-1 support, drop-ins. We were exhausted by extra workload BEFORE #Covid. This is unsustainable. Something has to give! 3/
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कुनै पनि स्वास्थ्यकर्मीले आफुलाइ #COVID__19 को लछण देखिँदा वा #COVID__19 भएका बिरामीकको सम्पर्कमा आएपछि, quarantine मा बस्न र उपचार गराउ पाउन पर्छ। कोरोनाको सङ्क्रमणको शङ्का लागेका स्वास्थ्यकर्मी को तलब काट्ने, जागिर बाट निकाल्ने जस्ता कार्यले उनिहरु हतोत्साहित हुन्छन्।
#COVID__19 देखिएपनि, आफ्नो र परिवारको स्वास्थ्य र आर्थिक अवस्थामा खराबी नआउने बिस्वासले स्वास्थ्यकर्मीको मनोबल उच्च रहन्छ। आफ्नो‌ लछण बताउँदा #Quarantine मा बस्नुपर्ने र आफ्ना साथिहरुको #workload झन बढ्ने हुदा, सामान्य लछण भएका स्वास्थ्यकर्मी ले आफ्ना लछण लुकाउन सक्छन्।
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Just came out of Democracy Commission to obv crushing news. Would be easy to descend into doom. Just remember that’s what Tories wanted their 50% shitty threshold to do. They want us demoralised. Resist! We have a lot to assess + do. We need to build. We need resources to do it/1
A lot of us did a lot of work on GTVO. We’re knackered. We reached a lot of ppl+got strong YES result. What can we learn+do? Must reflect+organise together at every level. How can we boost creative ideas like those at HESC in November and reach more ppl? Eg ntnl phonebanking? /2
We need deep diving on what holds some members back from voting. Research we did @leedsucu last time gave us a mixed picture of timing, ballot confusion+fatigue, key messages not getting across. Has this changed? Have we succeeded in some areas/dropped others or stayed same?/3
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Thanks everyone @UCU_Ulster who made overcoming tech issues possible! Really great questions on REF, #Anticas and #SecureWork, #Workload + academic & academic related & professional staff contracts (#LoveOurARPS!)/1
The stuff that came up about role profiles for academic related+professional staff roles is partially covered…
^Academic role profiles+guidance were agreed through JNCHES (AUT days, pre-UCU). ARPS role profiles weren't quite prioritised in same way /2
Who're ARPS? WE ARE LEGION! Working in diverse roles sometimes referred to as professional/services/managerial; in 2004 Framework Agreement as 'Academic Related'. We include library+IT staff, administrators, specialists, student support, counsellors, careers advisors, more! /3
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Been thinking about a conversation last night at a dear friend’s birthday party with several academics in attendance, wrt GTVO, the current ballot for #securework #equalpay #fairpayinhe+ fair #workload & #defendUSS: important messages we need to get out there before too late! /1
Fundamentally we all need to understand *any* ballot result we get on any issue affects our bargaining power in *all* other areas. I don’t think this point can’t be hammered home enough. Casualised colleagues who don’t yet qualify for #USS came out in number bc they got this /2
Pre-Trade Union Act 2016 we’d have been dancing on tables celebrating our last ballot result bc we got to about 42% turnout taken on aggregate + HUGE vote for action. The threshold provides a “fake news” cover for employers to pretend turnout <50% means no strength of feeling /3
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