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😂🤣😂🤣🤣One Day We shall speak on the evolution of a single client law firm that suddenly became a megalomaniac overnight. ‘Proxies’ happeneth to them all. Nothing is hidden under heaven. He who loves untruths will soon be lost in the labyrinth of his lithany of lies. ⏰
Let me say this categorically for it has to be said and someone has to make it clear. There is no connection or semblance of association of the word INTEGRITY with @ProfOsinbajo & @MBuhari. You say what you can’t put into action. The only consistent thing is your love for lies.
Only the brain damaged will sing the praises of economic gormandizers and rule of law subjugators, abusing the power of the state to perpetuate themselves in office. The blatant show of irresponsibility & lack of accountability prove they are the most corrupt duo in our history!
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The world has changed so much that we don’t really need platforms like this to express our displeasure when we have our handles. The @wef platform has its own agenda & you simply can’t create your own. Your country made a decision, you could have simply honored that. But No. 😞
We can’t conquer the world without first conquering ourselves. What is African Inity when there is no unity within the countries that constitute Africa? Nigerians went wild over this & the @NGRPresident took a decision in line with the people’s mandate but you felt U know better?
What can you say there that can’t be recorded on your phone and shared on your twitter handle while #WEF is tagged for the needed effect? If you must be a voice of the people you have to respect their wishes even if you don’t fully agree with them.
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I’m godfather to a number of twins and I can’t but wonder the kind of conversations they probably had while growing up in their mother’s womb. Which is kind of synonymous with our conversation today about life and death. A Spanish article by Pablo Luis Molinero illustrates thus:
One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?”

The other replied: “Why of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will ask later.”
“Nonsense” said the first. “There is no life after delivery. What kind of life would that be?”

The second said, “I don’t know, but there’ll be more light than here. Maybe we’ll walk with our legs & eat from our mouths. Maybe we’ll have other senses that we can’t now understand.”
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The job of an educator is to teach students to see the vitality in themselves. ⛱
Countries that value education design a means that makes it theirs as it matches and mirrors their society. This focus sanitizes the kind of contents that the future generation are attracted to. In other words, they avoid culturing ‘wet cements’ (impressionable) in the masses.
In China, the Gaokao is one of the most stressful periods of a high school student’s life. It is known to single-handedly decide your future job opportunities and social status within society. So you won’t say you we’re born into wealth or privileged by affiliation. You decide.
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The deceased Kuwaiti writer Abdullah JarAllah (ra) said:

I will not worry upon my death nor be unduly concerned about my body for my Muslim brothers will do the needful.

1- يجردونني من ملابسي...
They Will disrobe me
2- يغسلونني...
And wash me
3- يكفنونني ...
And enshroud me
4- يخرجونني من بيتي ...
And take me from my home
5- يذهبون بي لمسكني
الجديد ( القبر ) ...
And they will carry me to my new abode (the grave)
6- وسيأتي الكثيرون لتشييع جنازتي...
And many will come to participate in my Janaaza
بل سيلغي الكثير منهم أعماله ومواعيده لأجل دفني ...
Many of them would have taken time off their jobs or cancelled appointments in order to attend my burial.

وقد يكون الكثير منهم لم يفكر في نصيحتي يوما من الأيام ...
And most of them would not have reflected a day over my advice
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Directing people to attack your leaders on foreign soil is the height of barbarism. You don’t fight incompetence with crime or hate. You raise the bar and show leadership where they have failed until they get the message. Don’t make yourself an enemy of the state. #RiseAsOne 😡
Civility also must be perceived as a two way street. You don’t clamp down on peaceful protesters on their fatherland and deem freedom of expression and association treasonable felony unduly and expect agitations to sublime. Water will find its level somehow. Govt must do better!
The word “Leaders” was deployed intentionally depicting genuine responsibility and service to the people. Do we have leaders in Nigeria?! Is the interest of the people and Nation prioritized by those at the helm? Does National Security have a meaning in our clime?! #RiseAsOne
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There must be a protocol that restricts and forbids @PoliceNG officers from mounting road blocks on the highways. We have spent over two decades if not more paying lip service to this & many lives have been lost due to this primitive approach to security engagement. #EndImpunity
We can have highway patrols and not highway robbers in @PoliceNG uniforms mounting roadblocks and demanding ransom from road users unduly. We should learn from disasters past and present of innocent lives (Police & citizens) cum goods worth millions avoidably lost to this. 🚨
Things like this must NEVER be allowed to happen again in any civilization. How many lives will have to be lost before we realize that it could be us or our loved ones? When will @PoliceNG stop acting with impunity? *Actual event date still being verified- but roadblocks still on
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I will be telling the world 3 major stories even though there are more, about how our @PoliceNG Institution has been bastardized beyond recognition to the point where they now ruin lives for profit. These stories are as real as our current individual situations. #TrustBeDamned
I’m sure some may think #WhiteHorseBank is some Nollywood debut but it is as real as the misfortune of Nigeria under the worst of aberrations in the history of our democracy. It is the story of the worst miscarriage of justice in the history of man featuring our very own Police.
Circa 1960 before the civil war, a young SAO moves back to Nigeria with a degree in Economics from the UK & a dream to make a difference. He begins House Office Phones Industrial Cleaning Nigeria LTD which is essentially into Industrial Cleaning & Pest Control. #WhiteHorseBank
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On several interviews and news reportage, I’m erroneously introduced as a lawyer because I’m into advocacy. I am NOT a Lawyer, not title driven and certainly can't be boxed. My struggle need not become my identity lest I’m sapped of living/relevance without a battle.⛱
My certificates were many years ago and nothing conditions me to remain the same man I was last month. Our youth lack role models and I won't be part of the ‘Icarus Deception’ that suggests that you have to have a title to be impactful or influential in society.
I have chosen to be a ‘No One’ an ordinary Human being contributing my quota to Nation Building for future generation sake. This is easy to aspire to become than seeking to gather titles or certificates. I am a lot of things but supremely a Human. Be true to your humanity.
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I’m sore disappointed in the IG @PoliceNG for yet another blunder adding to his debut of returning criminal tactical squads to status quo to reinforce impunity. He’s failed to bring a single killer Fulani Herdsman to book yet he’s calling peaceful protest an act of terrorism?! 🙄
Now we have to launch an enquiry into the educational qualification of the IGP. It is a sad day for Nigeria indeed. We can finally connect the dots for the rationale behind the impunity ridden police institution that has pitched itself against the people as an ethnic brigade.
Unfortunately, it’s not in the place of @PoliceNG to re-write our constitution or determine the rights of the citizenry under their new ethnic rule in the name of regime security. This we’ll RESIST. You don’t just throw words around as it pleases your agenda. This is a democracy.
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“The Chaos the assumed Change brought blew into the lives of idol worshippers like a mad storm, tearing the nails and windows out of their souls and opening them to the sky that reveals their hypocrisy.
They now float around like a painful circumscribed inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, seeking the miraculous on the daily, even in forlorn situations while celebrating inanities.
“O return our messianic ‘Duke of Limbs” they wail...”return just so we can we can shame the aginners” they chant with deep fanfaronade in reverence of their vulpine beast of operatic (theatrical) dimensions.
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I will educate further on the #RiseAsOne Campaign. Pay attention. The rulers of now need a reality check. The Revolution is imminent. You can’t mortgage the future of our youth and grandstand. My children and yours MUST never inherit this madness. #FixSociety
You shouldn’t need to be convinced that our Govt operates without limit, grandstanding with the rights to arrest, torture & kill anyone, anywhere with no warrants, no objective trial in violation of due process. Police have been militarized & armed forces have lost their purpose.
We the people are being perceived as the enemy and treated as same by all Govt agencies. When you create a group they tag you terrorist just to justify their violation of your rights. IPOB & Shiites experience are fresh in our minds, it could be you tomorrow. #RiseAsOne
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Dear Distinguished Ezemmou @DrJoeAbah let me start by saying apology accepted and I wasn’t a bit offended nor took the exchanges to heart. You & I have done a lot together over the years and in your magnanimity you have taken a ‘No One’ like me seriously enough to engage.
To this extent you can do no wrong in my eyes as our actions will no doubt affect millions should we lose sight of the purpose of our collaboration. As we grow, there are certain things that will die to our attention thus tweets of certain characters make no meaning to me.
I also hardly get distracted by banters but because you were the one responding I tried to add my perspective not because I was against your position which has always been mine. I felt the need to present another perspective to the citizen you were engaging who felt dissatisfied.
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