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9 Sep, 6 tweets

In case you missed it, last week was the #OurLandOurNature alternative congress, which finished on Friday with a #protest in Marseille, France, where we were joined by a number of other orgs including @xrFrance, @amisdelaterre & @yfcmarseille.


Despite the torrential rain ⛈️ the turn out was big, showing how strong the resistance is towards the false solutions to tackle #ClimateChange being proposed at the #IUCNcongress.


The plan to turn 30% of the world into Protected Areas by 2030 (30x30) is a distraction from the real causes of #environmental destruction - instead it puts a price on #nature & allows big business to profit.


It's no coincidence that conservation NGOs are in bed with the biggest polluters on the planet: @NutellaGlobal, @JCDecauxGlobal & @LOrealGroupe even sponsor the #IUCNcongress! 🧐


We can't trust those destroying nature to protect it... Along with other orgs, we're showing that different solutions exist & already work - ones that are anti-racist, anti-colonial & respect #diversity.


#Indigenous Peoples must be at the ♥️ of the #climate movement & we must center their voices in the fight against climate change & #biodiversity loss.
Learn more about the congress 👉
The fight continues! Join the movement to #DecolonizeConservation

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