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May 13, 8 tweets

Here are a few slides I sent the guys by way of a pre-amble:

For all the blithe talk about #EnergyTransition, the blunt truth is that civilisation runs on hydrocarbons. Remove the latter and the former falls, too.


Even the food we eat requires them. We have not improved the living standards of all our teeming billions on the quasi-Neolithic methods of farming so beloved of the ignorant #Green metromarxists.


But who wants to discuss THAT when we can all Ooh! and Aah! at the ongoing #Tech-#memestock-#crypto collapse instead??


As for rising prices, it's going to take a LOT to get Pandora to lock the nasties back in her accursed box - as #JeromePowell, almost alone of all his hapless peers, seems slowly to have realised.

#FederalReserve #inflation


Regarding #bond #yields, as Bagehot famously said: "John Bull can stand much. But he cannot stand 2%", though HE meant no-one could survive, investing sanity intact, if they were that LOW!



Not investment advice, etc, etc.


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