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A thread 🧵 on #CentralBanks for your awareness.

Gold has been considered hard money for 5000 years. 20% of all the gold ever mined is owned by central banks of the world. Why do central banks buy gold?

- Balancing foreign exchange reserves
- Hedging against fiat currencies
How much gold do we have in the entire world?

A cube (22m x 22m x 22m) is all the gold ever mined.
- 201,296 tons of gold (above ground, extracted)
- 53,000 tons of gold (below ground, unextracted)

46% used for jewelry
17% held by central banks
22% held by private investors……
Here’s a prev 🧵 on #FederalReserve the largest central bank in the world
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Mega Thread

This is an attempt to lay out an extensive timeline of events with sources for reference, leading to what the World Economic Forum and World Leaders like to call “The Great Reset”.
I prefer to call this leviathan the BioSecurity State. Its preparation and the infrastructure put into place dates back at least 21 years, although it can be argued it goes back much further.
I realize there are significant historical events I leave out like 9/11 and subsequent wars. I try to focus on key events, stories and documents that builds specifically upon the narrative of pandemics, digital ID, digital currency and cyber security which are interlinked towards……
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BTC Price Skyrockets 🚀– What's Next for Bitcoin?

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1/ The Fed signaled that it tightened too hard and may need to pause or cut rates, which has to #bitcoin hitting $27K over night.

But where next for bitcoin? Lets dive in...
2/ 📊 Recent data from Cointelegraph and TradingView revealed BTC/USD hitting $27,025 before consolidating. At the time of writing, the pair is around $26,500 , but WHY the sudden surge....? #BitcoinPriceMovement
3/ 🚀 A catalyst for this fresh upside came from the Federal Reserve's balance sheet data, showing almost $300 billion being injected into the economy as part of the banking crisis response. This further fueled the price movement for Bitcoin. #FederalReserve #BTC
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#FederalReserve is the largest central bank in the world.

Citizen vs. State: If you look at the original founding principle objectives of the federal reserve, you can’t find a single one which benefits the citizen. The fifth objective is clearly a great lie we’ve all been……
Just an FYI. I tweet from my readings and curated knowledge of the masses. I’m no banking contagion expert 😂 Image
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Todays UNN show situation report by KimPossible was all about the #bankingcrash who caused it and why, needless to say it was yet another failed attempt by the remaining #blacksun minions > Watch 13-MAR-23 NEWS 1…
Here is the last of #kimpossibles report from todays show. 13-MAR-23 NEWS 1…
#quote: Jacob Rothschild passed away last weekend 80+ yrs old. Nathan Rothschild is running the family biz now. h/t KimPossible 13-MAR-23 NEWS 1…
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#Biden backs strength of #banking system after collapse of #SVB, #SignatureBank | Mar 13
- When fed auths bailed out depositors in insolvent lenders SVB (NASDAQ:SIVB) and #SignatureBank on Monday,
Joe sought to reassure the public Image
#Ukraine-#BanderasBox opened.
#RAND Co | Jan 25
- There is an urgent need for #resources to flow into the national econ, especially the #banking system. Only European countries bound by #EU and #NATO commitments will be able to provide them
#SVB #SignatureBank #BanderasBox.
#Rand Co | Jan 25
- The key objective is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse
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The Federal Reserve have announced a new system created to protect banks from collapse in response to SVB and Signature Bank.

They've called it the Bank Term Funding Programme

Let's get this explained simply 👇
A large part of the reason SVB collapsed was because it bought a massive amount of low interest US T-Bills that plummeted in value after interest rate hikes and inflation rendered their return absolutely terrible.
When SVB was forced to raise liquidity they had to sell these bonds at massive losses, accruing heavy losses from those that they sold
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Here is this Week’s Market Wrap

'Banking on a Collapse' written by @shyamsek

A Thread (1/n)

#Banking #SiliconValleyBank #SVBCollapse #marketwrap
One week is a long time in global banking. Or, so it seems if one goes by the latest inflation and interest rate commentary of the federal reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. (2/n)

#banking #inflation #interestrates
The Silicon Valley bank collapse has almost caused a setting for a rapid reset of the interest rate trajectory in the US. (3/n)

#SiliconValleyBank #SVBCollapse #interestrates
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#FederalReserve is the largest central bank in the world. It’s the US central bank with a GDP of roughly $25 trillion and debt of up to $32 trillion. US is already 130% debt-to-GDP ratio. It’s not sustainable at the current high FED interest rates reaching 5%+

The interest……
#DebtLimits are just a fake virtue signaling asking congress to approve increasing limits each year. We know that high debts aren’t sustainable.

See #FederalReserve chairman Jerome Powell asking congress for increasing debt limits to pay off its debts.

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During the past week, I and we conducted an in-depth analysis of the U.S. #economy . The results were not encouraging.

First, I discovered that the banking sector was more fragile than previously thought.
It also seemed that the U.S. credit markets were in the grips of a (fallacious) complacency, shown on the proportionally milder reaction of the "junk" bonds on the current tightening cycle.

But, can the #Fed support the markets in the current situation? We're not so sure.
2/ Image
The good news was that the "zombie-corporation" problem seemed to be less severe than previously thought.

However, we also know that the ultra-easy monetary policies has created weak highly indebted firms.
3/ Image
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The global business cycle is forecastable around 4-5mo ahead and the provision of liquidity into the financial markets is forecastable around 2-3mo ahead, currently.

The onset of economic crises is much more cumbersome and uncertain to forecasts.

A short 🧵on what's coming. 1/6
The flow of aggregate financing in China sputtered in October and fell of a 'cliff' in Nov/Dec. This implied that

1) This month will see first signs of a renewed decline in econ. indicators.
2) Decline will deepen in March and April.

Details. 👇
Global liquidity has been driven by China especially during this year with the onset of QT:s by the #FederalReserve and the #ECB.

The slump in October was followed by a massive increase in November, which lifted the markets. 3/
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Here's a thread of (6) charts 📊 that are worth nothing from this last week's @MorganStanley Global Investment Committee (GIC) Weekly Report (01/30/23)... 🧵/👇🏼

#macro #economy #earnings #stocks #StockMarket #bonds…
1/🧵 "In the short run, flows, sentiment, positioning & technicals can be powerful drivers, while over the longer term, fundamentals like growth, profitability & productivity are critical, as are earnings surprises." @MorganStanley

#macro #earnings #stocks #StockMarket #bonds
2/🧵 "But sometimes, & for extended periods, markets can settle on one particular thesis, no matter how narrow or implausible." 📊h/t @MorganStanley @GoldmanSachs $MS $GS @Bloomberg

#macro #earnings #stocks #StockMarket #bonds $SPY $SPX
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US President Woodrow Wilson sold America like a stock to those elite bankers financiers like JP Morgan, Rockefellers, Rothschild, Warburg and Jacob Schiff who ended up creating the #FederalReserve

This single act undermined all the US taxpayers ever since. A thread 🧵 Image
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Wondering about latest news 📰 in the #realestate #housingmarket 🏡💵 with pricing, #interestrates, etc.? Here's an updated thread for January 23' that includes all the latest macro/market data... 🧵/👇🏼

📊h/t @RealEstateCafe
1/🧵 "44% year/year drop in ⁦@MBAMortgage
⁩ Purchase Index is largest decline on record." 🇺🇸📉

📊h/t @LizAnnSonders @bloomberg

#realestate #realestateinvesting #FederalReserve #interestrates #macro #realator #mortgagerates
2/🧵 Affordability "threshold" for housing, via the @AtlantaFed 🏡

📊h/t @NewsLambert

#realestate #realestateinvesting #FederalReserve #interestrates #macro #realator #mortgagerates
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🔥#Bitcoin in fiamme negli ultimi giorni🔥 Inversione di tendenza o bear market rally?

Approfittiamo oggi del momento di stasi del mercato per capire in che fase ci troviamo e come mi sono mosso in questi giorni ⬇️🧶

1/ Il forte movimento di Bitcoin ha scatenato una vera e propria ondata di liquidazioni. Nel momento di maggiore hype, si sono registrate liquidazioni Short per un totale di 130M.
2/ L'ondata di liquidazioni quando Bitcoin è tornato ai 20k non è stata però al livello di quella registrata l’8 Novembre per il crollo di FTX. Un aspetto interessante è che $ETH ha registrato la maggior quantità di liquidazioni, nonostante il rialzo sia stato guidato da $BTC.
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A confluence of unprecedented events in 2022 weakened asset prices across all markets. (1/n)

#assetallocation #investing #personalfinance #throwback #thread
The Fed’s pivot to a less aggressive monetary policy is likely to set the tone for the markets in 2023. (2/n)

#FED #FederalReserve #monetarypolicy
It is expected that global inflation will continue to be higher in this decade, in combination with a significant slowdown of the U.S. economy. (3/n)

#inflation #interestrates #globalmarket
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An argument for why the Gambler's Fallacy, the Recency Bias, and Conditional Heteroskedasticity could set up an attractive asymmetric return profile ahead of Wednesday's US inflation (#CPI) data ...

🧵 1/n
Headline CPI is forecasted to come in at 6.5% YoY, compared to 7.1% the month before. CPI has clearly been trending downward since June 2022, which is positive for the #economy and risky assets as it puts a ceiling on how high the #FederalReserve has to raise rates.

The Gambler's Fallacy & Recency Bias:
CPI swaps indicate that CPI should be approx. 2.5% (!) this June. This seems to be an example of the "Gambler's Fallacy"; a misunderstanding of #probabilities in which people wrongly project reversal towards a long-term mean.

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As we kickoff 23', here's a thread w/ the latest data 🏦💵🖨 on #StockMarket liquidity, credit, & financial conditions within the broader markets... 🧵/👇🏼

📊 h/t @crossbordercap

#FederalReserve #interestrates #stockmarket #Crypto #GDP $DXY $TLT $SPY $ES $SPX $QQQ $DIA $IWM Image
1/🧵 One of the indicators we watch is the @federalreserve 'Net Liquidity' as this tracks the markets very closely....

📊 h/t @fkronawitter1

#FederalReserve #interestrates #stockmarket #Crypto #GDP $DXY $TLT $SPY $ES $SPX $QQQ $DIA $IWM

2/🧵 In addition to this, investors also have to look past the @federalreserve as global Central Banks 🏦 have joined in QT against the #inflation backdrop...

📊 h/t @LanceRoberts @ISABELNET_SA @topdowncharts @insidefinance

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My latest post, on the #FederalReserve, #banking, and #money is here.

The Dark Origins of The Federal Reserve (Part 1): Economic Alchemy…
Part 2 of my #FederalReserve exposé is now live.

Find out the truth about the secret meeting on #JekyllIsland -- and how six men radically changed U.S. history.…
The last segment of my #FederalReserve deep-dive is now out.

This post explains why the Fed enslaves you and causes war.…
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#McFadden #FederalReserve is a Private Institution, not a GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY

The #CentralBanks Control the Money System and Make Trillions in Interest on the FIAT they print out of thin air

Debt Based Money System With Fractional Reserve Lending of 10:1 is cancer to society. History from an AI report o...
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Bears & bulls in $WTI $BRENT here's a list of catalysts that flip #oil markets green & RED in the next 90 days.
ON the - SIDE
#FOMC rebooted recession narrative & risk, covid cases China, no #opec cuts, no #opec meeting until summer, recession narrative EU, bad economic data out of China, questions about long delays in China reopening, La Nina warmer winter, 2023 earnings & guidance as not great.
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Seven charts to explain, why the U.S. is heading into a #recession (which is unlikely to be "mild"). 🧵

Let's start with the most problematic one: the yield curves. Many read these like the Bible, and they rarely have gotten it wrong. However, this time there's a problem.
1/14 Image
Our first-ever U.S. #recession call, in March 2019, predicting the beginning of an U.S. recession in early 2020, was based on the inversion of the yields of the Treasuries with 10-year and 3-month maturities.

But, they are being manipulated. 2/…
This is depicted in the strange divergence of the 10y/3mo and 10y/2y spreads in early 2022 shown in the figure above. I explained this in detail in my @EpochOpinion piece in May.

Main point: purchases of Treasuries by the #Fed are twisting the curves. 3/…
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1- #FederalReserve hikes 75bps interest rate? Stocks Analysis After US jobs report.
2- Stocks went up sharply on Wednesday after Fed chair Jay Powell gave a strong hint that the central bank would slow its interest rate hikes later this month. That’s why on Wednesday, S&P 500 surged 3.2% in one day, while bitcoin strongly holds the $17,000 range.
$SPX Image
3- And here on Thursday, December 2, US jobs numbers were hotter than expected, which added to the pressure on the Fed to maintain its tough stance on inflation. After the report, $SPX slipped 1.2% because of fear of tightening.
@financialjuice Image
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