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Since the recent event with arguably the largest echo was the #FOMC decision, it's called - what else- "The Pause That Refreshes"
#FederalReserve Image
The first thing to notice is that goods prices have broadly stabilised and volumes are fairly flat - in other words, #NGDP has ceased its torrid pace of increase. Service prices are still elevated but #payroll cost increase is slowing.
2/n Image
The #ISM #PMI showed an uptick but is still below 50 which implies that revenue growth is NOT about to accelerate again. Again, slower #inflation & flatline volume = an end to the boom, but not yet a bust.
3/n Image
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🛒 My investing strategy for 2023 is here.

— 5+ years of trading & investing experience in this one 🧵

: HOW TO WIN in this next BULL RUN. 💫

⬇️⬇️ Image
📖 Background:

I have learned much throughout my investing experience and journey in the #Web3 space.

: These tips come from trial and error.

The tips and strategies will prevent you from making the same mistakes I have made.

-- Let's dive in. ⚔️
🔐 Reducing risk

This tip can not be underestimated.

Everywhere in the crypto space, there is a risk.
Risk of an asset losing its value, being hacked, being a scam/rug pull and more.

You are responsible for evaluating the assets you buy.
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1/ I saw a post from @Route2FI on @CantoPublic which has been pumping hard. #CANTO #NOTE

How come this #Cosmos chain is at $120 mil TVL & #Kuji is at only $7 mil?

@TeamKujira has been building hard, but Canto is better?

I found the answer. See next, a thread. 🧵
2/ #CANTO (native token) & #NOTE (its stable) represent 72% of the chain's volume & about $46 mil in value.

But what worries me more is that you can issue Notes with Canto!

Pump Canto price, borrow more Notes. Fly wheel. 🚀

Sounds familiar? #Luna & #UST anyone? 🙃

Next 👇
3/ If you check the price of NOTE it's over peg by 3 cents on the dollar, see pic

Demand is high - of course! You can borrow more Notes so long Canto price is pumping.

Guess what happens when Canto price crashes? Liquidations.

Not pretty.

More on that overstated TVL next. 👇
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OG: @pandanaiksapi:
#Binance is the largest crypto exchange in the world with a daily volume of over $15 billion, 10x bigger than the second. It's considered the safest for trading and storing #crypto assets, but is it truly #SAFU? #crypto #trading
A 🧵from a stupid trader (1/?)
Binance, founded by @cz_binance in 2017, has its origins in China. Due to the government's ban on #crypto, it had to move its headquarters to Japan. However, as Japan also started to implement stricter regulations for #crypto, Binance had to move again, this time to Malta. (2/?)
On Feb 21, 2020, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) announced that @binance does not have an operating license. Binance has also been investigated multiple times by the IRS and the US Department of Justice on charges of money laundering.

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Like seriously, #Crypto bois

Where in any way shape or form do you use one single network today?

Or are you even aware of any network or security protocols you use frictionlessly?

This evolution is happening for public networks, but not the wild West…
It's been failure and rugs one after another for years on years, with few successful adopted networks with utility tokens, like #Ethereum

Which is why $qnt is #erc20 for its utility functions, why wouldn't it be on the most popular network.

There's a necessity to " leap frog " 2 decades of friction and limited #interoperability to arrive where we need to be to achieve true real time digital assets across jurisdictions.

Leading solutions as discussed via #WEF, are #API #Gateways

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🧵 -- $KUJI --🧵
🧵 @TeamKujira 🧵

🧵Thread about $KUJI and why I think it`s a great fighter!


#Crypto #Cryptoinvestor #100x
@TeamKujira story:

So before we start I would like to say I am impressed with the Devs of $KUJI cuz they have not given up even after dramatic history with $LUNA.

Hat`s off to the DEVS
Quick recap:
$KUJI was based on Terra ecosystem and to be precise $KUJI provided liquidation mechanism Anchor protocol.
So as we all know as $LUNA (now $LUNC) collapsed it took with it every protocol on the network...

But @TeamKujira didn't give up and its better than ever.
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Everything you need to know about $MARS Airdrop:

- Snapshots: before and after #UST depeg.
- $MARS pools on @astroport_fi
- MARS - $UST deposited on @ApolloDAO and @SpecProtocol
- Mars Lockdrop

Keep reading to verify your eligible amount 🧵
Two snapshots were taken on Terra Classic — one before the depeg of $UST and one after:

Snapshot 1: Block 7544910 (May 7, 2022)

Snapshot 2: Block 7816580 (May 28, 2022)
The Airdrop takes into account the following:

- $MARS and xMARS tokens in your wallet.
- MARS tokens in the unstaking cooldown period.
- MARS tokens provided as liquidity on @astroport_fi and @terraswap_io.
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We should consider looking back at the #UST collapse. I watched it go down first hand and have a list of 3 wallets that were buying and immediately selling at a loss perpetually to intentionally run charts down. Would love to have proof of what I witnessed.

A thread 🧵...
The primary contributors came from just 3 wallets:

Wallet 1: terra1yl8l5dzz4jhnzzh6jxq6pdezd2z4qgmgrdt82k (0x8d47f08ebc5554504742f547eb721a43d4947d0a)
Wallet 2:

terra195wtjmpjxhp336mclqfsyk2plvs8mw3lhsc5nc (0x4b5e60cb1cd6c5e67af5e6cf63229d1614bb781c)
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Earlier this week the @federalreserve raised #policy rates at an extraordinary 75 basis point increment (its fourth time doing so this year), in an attempt to moderate excessively high levels of #inflation.
Still, if the central bankers were hoping to see signs of slowing in the persistently solid #LaborMarkets, as an indicator that policies were slowing growth and in turn #inflation, they may be somewhat disheartened by today’s data.
Indeed, nonfarm #payrolls increased by 261k jobs in Oct, with private employment rising an average of 262k/month over the past three months, which does not yet imply that the slowing that policymakers believe we’ll need to see to tame #inflation has arrived.
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Trust in #Dollar #UST as a reserve currency eroding rapidly, with yields on #US10Y #US2Y et al. exploding before our very eyes.

Every principle of global economic stability & equality and functions underlying the original #BrettonWoods agreement is more or less long gone.

/1 Image
Due to the #petrodollar underpinning 85%+ of our global financial system, and because its abandonment would cause a hard reset (and the strength of #American industrial #militarycomplex), #DXY still reigns as #reservecurrency.

But the trust component is rapidly diminishing.

Obviously, I'm not predicting that we're going away from it as a reserve currency. Not deliberately, anyway.

But military might, a value derived from underlying commodities (RIP 1971), and trust (RIP 202X?) are historically the 3 musketeers keeping reserve currencies on top.

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🌟: Let me introduce you to Y2K Finance, the next great Arbitrum project.

What is @y2kfinance ? How does it work? And how it could have saved you from the #LUNA collapse?

A thread (🧵)

#Ethereum #Arbitrum #L2s #crypto #altcoin Image
1-What is Y2K Finance?

@y2kfinance is a suite of structured products designed for exotic peg derivatives. It will allow market participants:

📌To Hedge
📌To Speculate

On the risk of a particular pegged asset
2-Why is Y2K concerned with pegged assets?

#Y2K believes there is a fundamental mispricing in the risk associated with pegged assets.

Recent de-peg events like $UST or $stETH and fear-based runs on $USDT have shown the risk is much higher. UST de-pegstETH de-peg
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1/ #Terra Classic : A ponzi or a mechanism design failure?
Terra Classic was a use-case-specific Cosmos blockchain designed to create a market between #LUNA and #Terra stables, each coin assumed to be at price pegged to the denominated currency, eq, US dollars in case of #UST Image
2/ #Terra's market module was designed to do this via a constant product market-making algorithm, where,

base pool = pool_size * 2
terra pool = base_pool + terra_delta

where terra delta tracked the total net #terra coins (denominated in SDR) swapped for #Luna
3/ Since continuous one-directional swaps will lead to high terra delta resulting in pool imbalance and high spreads, the delta was replenished at the end of every block by subtracting the regression amount (terra_delta / pool_recovery_period) from it,
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#Avax ve #Solana için tehlike çanları çalıyor. Sadece onlar için değil CZ ve #Binance içinde aynı şeyler geçerli. Aylardır uyarılar yapıyorum.

#Luna krizini ve yapacakları dolandırıcıkları 1 ay öncesinden söylediğimde kimse beklemiyordu sıfırlanacaklarını ama ne oldu patladı...
Bir tweet atmıştım vakti zamanında Tarih 28 Mayıs.. Kasım-Aralık ayları geldiğinde birçok düğüm çözülmüş olacak ancak iş işten çoktan geçmiş olacak.

Aylar öncesinden yapılması gereken herşeyi sizlere aktardım. Banka hesaplarınıza ufak ufak para çıkmarya başlamalısınız dedik.

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Long tweet of the week on @synthetix_io, sit back, turn on a soft light and fill a glass of wine...
Are you afraid of #sUSD minting after the #ust and #luna events?
Let's talk about the possible risks surrounding the protocol, I'll take all the information from the litepaper, I don't feel like editing a sheet done so well and precisely:
''One risk involves the debt SNX holders issue when they stake their SNX and mint Synths. As previously explained, this debt can fluctuate due to exchange rate shifts within the system.
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1/ 关于 #BendDAO 清算,我们到底该不该恐慌?网上各种蹭流量的自媒体声音并不统一,所以我花了一点时间整理了我的想法。先说结论:最大的风险就是未来的24小时 #BAYC 能够挺过难关。过了明天,风险化解的一大半。之后的8月30日又会有新的危机。以下详述:
2/ 截止今天,#BendDAO 只接受7款蓝筹JPG的抵押借贷,分别是:#bayc#punk#mayc#doodles#spacedoodle#clonex 以及 #azuki。项目已经跑了4个月了。本以为,Azuki价格腰斩只是个例,没想到流动性枯竭,现在谁也跑不了。
3/ 如果NFT资不抵债,极有可能造成类似 #Luna/#UST 的连环清算。然而目前看来,BendDAO的运行依然是健康的。根据目前的清算规则,出价必须高于地板价的95%,以及必须足够偿还全部债务。平台发不承担资金风险。
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1/ #Kujira is the true successor to all that was good about the #Terra / #Luna / #UST ecosystem.

Forget Terra 2.0, look into Kujira. A thread. 🧵

@TeamKujira rebounded after the Terra collapse with its own chain, exchange, stablecoin & liquidation engine.

All in two months! 👇
2/ The team started with a liquidation engine on top of Anchor, but after Terra collapsed, they shifted gears.

They deployed their own chain on Cosmos and started building. FAST.

Now, Kujira is about to make its latest move. 👇

3/ I present you their Cosmos native stablecoin: #USK.

This is the missing piece to bring the #Kuji ecosystem together.

The best part? All fees on Kujira network will go to Kuji stakers (see #13).

What about risks/competitors? 👇
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[Arbitrage - How I made 50K to 500K in 1 day ]

1/ 3 months ago, I made some good cash with #UST's fall in a single day. 💦

Litterally printing cash out of the OSMO/UST pool. If you aren't familiar with arbitrage opportunities, here an intro to three arbitrage strategies. 🧵 Image
2/ As a cosmos addict and a developer, I have algorithms that monitore DEX hubs in the cosmos arbitrage for arbitrage oppotunities. This one was huge due to CEX suspending transactions and opening the gate few times each hours. Thus, arbitrors were not able to play it.
3/ The trick here was to spam Binance to have the withdraw at the right moment. Another smart move was to do a leverage loan with BTC/ETH, so that you have the possiblity to make more profits since at the end the arbitrage was around 5-10% without selling your cryptos.
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@CelsiusNetwork - Risk Assessment

- Minimal exp to #UST (Pulled out of #Anchorprotocol early following risk mitigation process)
- No directional exp to #luna
- No forced selling of stETH at discount (withdrawals paused & @Mashinsky stated 'plenty of ETH').

- Current Discount is 5.4% (and closing) on ~$400M-$500M = ~$25M
- Discount represents ~0.25% of $10B in AUM.
- Discount likely has a floor (arbitrageurs/speculators will intervene as PoS date approaches).
- Plenty of FUD online around this low risk exposure.

- Over-collaterized retail lending (no risk)
- Nearly 100% collaterized institutional lending (including potential loans to #3AC directly or indirectly)
- On-chain borrowing is known & public. Liquidation levels have been lowered/loans repaid (situation stabilized)

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1/ Eli5DeFi is a collaborative effort to educate people about #DeFi, #Cryptocurrency and #Blockchain with infographics and visual guides.

Our #Notion page is a one-stop place for curated DeFi information and resources
2/ To find our unrolled #infographics🧵, you can check our @typefully page below:
3/ Our first #visualguide is about @CurveFinance Primer, including @ConvexFinance and #CurveWars narration. Check the🧵for more details!

$CRV $veCRV $CVX $crvCVX
#Curve #Convex #DeFi #YieldFarming

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a lot of stablecoin depeg in last 2 months #Crypto
#UST = algorithmic failed
#USDT = sentiment from Terra FUD
#USDD = same as UST
Don't forget about other crypto who's depeg also, such as #stETH
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El 2022 ha sido una montaña rusa, pero nos ha dado varias lecciones para INVERTIR MEJOR.

Esto es lo que he aprendido en lo que va de año.

🗯 Psst… En el tweet # 11 encontrarás la versión corta
1/ 1️⃣ Los YouTubers son animadores, no expertos financieros

Es mejor ver a los YouTubers como comediantes o animadores.


En el 2022, muchos han quedado en ridículo con sus "predicciones" y "análisis del mercado.
2/ Los millonarios son incapaces de predecir el futuro teniendo años en el mercado, y tu te fías de una persona en YouTube.

Las instituciones pagan MILLONES de dólares a analistas financieros. Es muy poco probable que alguien en YouTube sea un verdadero experto
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1/ I received a lot of requests to look into #Freeway.

It promises 43% yield/year. 🤔

After Anchor crashed, many of you are eager to lose your money again. I have to oblige & warn you again!

"Is it safe? Should I send them all my money?"

Time to find out.

An exposé thread 👇 Image
2/ What is Freeway?

A rebrand of AuBit, founded in 2017.

They started the old fashion way in TradFi & then realized crypto is the new ball game.

Enter Sadie, a new fresh face with experience in crypto (the "CEO").

Spot anything suspicious? 👇 Image
3/ Their whole team is made of old hats with a lot of TradFi experience turned into "crypto experts".

Sadie is just the new face of the rebranded AuBit now called Freeway. She's after your cash & she's excellent at marketing.

So what is going on here, really? 👇 Image
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🧵on all IBC connected chains in Cosmos and how we came from no #IBC to around 48 active IBC chains and 70%+ in developer growth in 2021. We explore all #Cosmos IBC chains in an easy to digest thread. Or through Medium… #IBCGang #ATOM @cosmos
2) #Cosmos has been having rapid growth over the last couple of years. To give a little context Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol (#IBC) was only approved on March 29th, 2021 from governance proposal #41.
3) According to a report by Electric Capital Cosmos had a 70% growth in developers in the #Cosmos ecosystem in 2021. This will only continue to grow as Cosmos technology improves and more tools come such as EVM-based chains.
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You have a Keplr wallet and want to understand how to claim your LUNA 2.0?

Here's a step by step thread that explains everything 🧵

Please, RT & share this thread to help other Keplr users get the money they deserve 👇

#Cosmos #IBC #UST #LUNA #airdrop
1. Check if you receive an airdrop

To check, copy & paste your LUNA address here:

You will see that:
👉 30% is FREE
👉 70% is VESTED
2. Go to your Terra station extension and click on "Add a wallet"

👉By doing that, you'll be able to import your Keplr wallet on Terra station
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