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@Halsrethink Bill is however subject to the 'productivity' fallacy of interest rates. That the natural rate is low because we supposedly have nothing worth investing in and hence funnelling money into (usually poorly managed) public projects would help raise it.
@Halsrethink Contra that, there are many obvious instances of the misuse of too much too easy credit in so many fields. It also overlooks that genuine productivity gains may be limited because 'hurdle' rates have been elevated by all manner of govt interventions - hardly to be cured by more!
@Halsrethink We're in a bifurcated world where the sabotage of capital markets has (a) prevented creative destruction of zombies and (b) promoted 'destructive creation'™️ of Unicorns, as well as layering debt upon debt to strip 'cash-out' gains for PE/SPAC Ichneumon parasites
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.@DanScavino, 3 this week.. The people Are trapped within so much Darkness right now, right before they are about to see the light . It's time to give them something to keep their minds at ease.
Let's make it happen, TOGETHER..
Do It ..................

Love You. ImageImage
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Hi .
Turn 10 ...
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Latest projection

in 7 out of 8 regions

#theSNP 2nd votes get 0 seats.

But lots of unionists sneaking in as a result of wasted SNP votes.

@AlbaParty for a #Supermajority

Prevent unionists benefiting from wasted votes
and dictating debate in Parliament.

1 #SNP

SNP 1&2


Richard Leonard
Monica Lennon
Mark Griffin
Monique McAdams

Stephen Kerr
Graham Simpson
Meghan Gallagher


1 #SNP

@AlbaParty can replace unionists with

Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh
Lynne Anderson
Dr Jim Walker
Margaret Lynch



Pauline McNeill
Anas Sarwar
Paul Sweeney
Pam Duncan-Clancy

Annie Wells
Sandesh Gulhane

Patrick Harvie


1 #SNP

@AlbaParty can replace unionists with

Michelle Fearns
Ailsa Gray
Shahid Farooq
Lynn McMahon
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Service thread with some observations on the draft election platform of #Germany|s #Green Party @Die_Gruenen (published 19 March)…
#Greens call for a more active #German foreign policy & above all for a strengthening of the #EU. Franco-German cooperation 🇫🇷🇩🇪 referenced along mside a #transatlantic approach. Issue of systemic rivalry with authoritarians highlighted.
#Greens describe the #transatlantic partnership as pillar of 🇩🇪 foreign policy, with #climate as core element. Recognition that #US will be less focused on European #security & that @Europe will need to do more. Good to see specific mention of security of
#Poland & 🇪🇪🇱🇻🇱🇹
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Looking forward to a deep-dive into yesterday's #Budget2021 speech, with commentary from an interesting panel discussion #NEFBriefing
.@roswynnejones opens the seminar by saying that #Budget2021 was “one of the most important Budgets of modern history”. Due to #Coronavirus, our interaction with the state had changed in ways that would previously have seemed unimaginable #NEFBriefing
Wynne-Jones says that many key issues were left out of #Budget2020, such as funding for #SocialCare or #WelfareReform, but its big spending has also “offended Thatcherites” #NEFBriefing
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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According to media reports, China's authorities are considering restricting rare earths exports. At the same time, the government announced that it would sharply increase the production quotas for the current year.…
#China #Commodities #geopolitics #green
Booted up vigorously

China's rare earth production, in tons per year (in thousands)
by @NZZ…

#China #Commodities #geopolitics #green #Graphic Image
About 80 percent of all rare earths consumed worldwide come from China.
#China #Commodities #geopolitics #green
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Not crude oil and natural gas, but raw materials such as cobalt, tungsten or lithium will shape geopolitics in the future

With the energy transition, the importance of metals that are used for batteries is increasing.…

#China #Commodities
However, the fall in the price of many raw materials from 2012 onwards put questions about security of supply into the background, especially in European politics and industry.
#China #Commodities #Oil #oilandgasindustry #geopolitics #news #Europe #green #energy
To this day, Asian and above all Chinese companies dominate battery production, so that a considerable part of future value creation and jobs in the European automotive industry are in danger of being lost.

#China #Commodities #Oil #geopolitics #news #Europe
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Il giuramento del Governo Draghi
13 feb | TG4 | Rete 4

Mario #Draghi presta giuramento: «Giuro di essere fedele alla Repubblica, di osservarne lealmente la Costituzione e le leggi e di esercitare le mie funzioni nell'interesse esclusivo della Nazione.»
🆘Crisi economica, SOS dalle Partite Iva
11 feb | TG4 | Rete 4

Gli #ambulanti manifestano a @Montecitorio: "Fateci lavorare‼️". Il sit-in degli ambulanti a Montecitorio per protestare contro le chiusure e la mancanza di #ristori. In un anno oltre 6mila chiusure nel settore.
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From the oval office to the communities where it all happens.

Climate action goes beyond just hoping that things will get better— Hope is inspired by action.

Government must be held accountable, we must hold ourselves accountable. We can't afford to fail, not on this.
The lives of our future and our future's future is on the line, those who suffer the most from the impact of climate change are the vulnerable communities where even at time of stability— government presence is non existent.

We do not have the time to wait till 2030/2050,
Some might say we are simply alarmists, but Greta put it perfectly when she said "it's like waking up in the middle of the night seeing your house on fire and then deciding to wait 10, 20, 30 years before calling the fire department while labeling those trying to wake people up,
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🔥Thread on BGT 2020-21 series🔥
India beat Australia : 2-1
"These are the moments we wait & live for [as to] when we will get the opportunity and contribute for the team,"
This was what .@imShard said when he was asked about what was he thinking while coming to bat on day 31⃣
He further added saying "This time also - in my mind and in my heart - I was only thinking that the longer I bat, the smaller their lead will be. Just wanted to spend time on the pitch." -- Philosophical right?
If you ask a realistic person who hasn't watched.. 2⃣
the Gabba test or the whole 2020-21 series, you give him this scenario in which Shardul thought those things. i.e. Ind were 186/6, 183 runs behind Australia. 2 new batters in the crease - 1 net bowler who debut & other played a game where he was injured after bowling 10 balls. 3⃣
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Until 2050 we'll likely see "a #supercycle in investments in 'clean' energy infrastructure, 'clean' transportation & everything that's required for the '#green' transition."

There's so much bullshit in here, I'll unpack some of it in a #degrowth-thread.…

1st (cf. @MGSchmelzer): there is no reason to assume that a massive productivity- & hence production-boom will lead to reduced emissions, because it will increase production&growth, & it is those two variables that global greenhouse emissions track most closely. #Degrowth.

Every time capitalism has made massive productivity gains (e.g. w/ the #steamengine; the taylorist #assemblyline; computers), that has led to a *radicalisation* of capitalism as a mass production system (as opposed to earlier versions, where luxury goods were for elites),...
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Remember woman who tuk multiple @SriSriTattva products 4 range of problems frm diabetes 2 gas 2 liver disease & developed liver failure, listed for liver transplant?
Here is original thread:

23 samples, Analysis results
#MedTwitter #livertwitter
Before I go into results, I must say this was overwhelming. There was SO MUCH the lab identified, impossible to put everything here. So I made a summary. At the end of this thread, I have linked a full analysis described in Excel format. Some results were VERY concerning
How did we analyse?
Here R links 2 methods
They R high end, done under strict protocols
Frm Ministry of Forest, Environment, Climate / NABL approvd Lab
Here is list V analysed 👇
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So we start with the 1st line & hit the buffers as we hit the “reallocate funds fallacy”. This has been explained so many times. Cancelling #HS2 means no money for anything else. Funds raised for #HS2 can ONLY be spent on HS2 & these funds are borrowed against future use.
If there’s no HS2, there’s no funding for HS2 & no money. Also please explain how NR received an initial £48bn for CP6 back in 2019 if HS2 was “hoovering up funds”. As for value, as seen with existing lines, heavy capital costs are made back over the lengthy operational timespan
Remember that parts of today’s WCML are almost 200 years old. How many times has that paid for itself over & over & over again above its initial costs? Also, what’s with a #Green going with the austerity rhetoric?? We can’t afford not to decarbonise, at any cost, esp public spend
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TODAY: Public hearing at the planning commission. Sign up to testify over the phone at this link:…
One thing that must have escaped my notice during the implementation triplex legalization in low density zones: Minneapolis retained the varying lot size minimums in what used to be our single-family zoning districts R1 and R1A (6,000 and 5,000 square feet).
I don't know why we needed two single family zones, though I can guess, but I think it makes sense not to retain this ratcheting up of restrictions. @MoreNeighbors is asking for 3,500 square foot lot minimums across the board.
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In the last year, we profiled 12 #waterwarriors who are fighting for a water-secure #India.

1. S.Vishwanath (@zenrainman)

A water activist and urban planner who has developed over 100,000 recharge wells across #Bangalore as part of his #AMillionWells Project.

2. Veena Srinivasan (@veenas_water)

The Director of @csei_org at @atree_org, her research has given us perspective on how human activities have a profound impact on water stress and has highlighted the methodological issues with our groundwater analysis.

3.Aabid Surti

The octogenarian is a national-award-winning author, artist & environmentalist. Through his Drop Dead Foundation, Surti visits housing colonies in #Mumbai with a plumber in tow to fix leaking taps – a service he has been doing for free for 15 years.

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Today's date on the Archangelic Calendar is:


If you are conscious that a new day has begun, it is customary to send love and kindness to someone.
Gaia is in the “Fire, Earth and Spirit Setting.” We are not in Kansas anymore, and the new settings will take some time to calculate. There are more supernatural elements at play here, and we will be continually figuring out the schematics as we settle in.
The double jump and other activity that we experienced yesterday have caused the Calendar and our reality to shift in more ways than one. The new energy settings, timeline, and available dimensions are palpable, and it is something that is going to be an important detail later on
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Red [fires]
Red [waves]
Red [Chi-na]
Red [dragon]
Red [planet]
Red [Rome]
Red [devil]

RIG FOR RED ImageImage
3.2 - LINKS TO PARTS 1 & 2


PART 1 - Intro & The # of Current Events

PART 2 - Signs of Sodom & of the Revelation

And get yourself a copy of a King James #Bible

And #PRAY to #God

🙏 Image

Say a #Prayer for @POTUS and our great country


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Jon Danzig
Cross-party group of #MPs join Good Law Project legal action


The Government is keeping billions of pounds worth of #COVID-19 contracts hidden from view, writes Jolyn #Maugham, QC, director of the Good Law Project.
We know that the Department of Health and Social Care has awarded more than £11billion worth of contracts to private companies.

[More details:…/d/1ne_ChWpXgy1fI_9wuscBZ_A6_5ncOFtV/view]
Yet they have failed to publish the details of contracts worth more than £3 billion. What has that money been spent on?
Who has it been spent with?
The law requires the Government to publish details of contracts within 30 days of the award.
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#DeepikaPadukone: #No_Hasty_Actions_Please

Warning: #Hash_tags in this article are purely coincidental and aren't meant to be taken seriously. Do not Google their meanings. You will end up on same page.
While the whole Hindu Right Wing is baying for Deepika Padukone's blood, I have a different take. I cannot shun this responsibility to post my thoughts about Deepika. I advocate no #Hash_Tea actions against her. Let me elaborate.
We should never forget Deepika is a woman of #substance. She is made of sterner #stuff. She's managed to create her own identity away from her father's shadow and done her best to #weed out nepotism in cinema field.
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