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1. I have been kind of light on analysis recently for one simple reason:

I have no clue what the hell is going on.
2. We have moved out of the realm of documents and testimonies, and into a shadowy fog of propaganda - a DisInfoWar.
3. The good thing is, pretty much nobody else in the world has a fucking clue either. Probably less than 100 out of 7+ Billion have a real idea of what’s happening.
4. For the sake of entertainment, however, let’s look at what those who PRETEND to know what’s going on would like us to believe.
5. We are meant to believe that for little to no reason, all of Trump’s “inner circle” from his business life have completely 180’d on him in the past 3 weeks.
6. The fake news likes to compare Trump to mobsters, but really it is just a New York thing - LOYALTY is HUGE.
7. Trump is notoriously paranoid. He has existed in a universe that few of us can fathom in its cutthroat, aggressive competitiveness. And not only that, he became an alpha predator in that world.
8. Guys like that do not keep disloyal betrayers in their inner ranks, they would view that as an inconceivable vulnerability.
9. Omorosa is a deadly predator as well. She was married at Trump tower. We’re to believe that she is now helping Trump’s establishment enemies?
10. Michael Cohen is a lawyer. We’re to believe that you can order a lawyer to commit crimes for you and they would do it? Or that a lawyer like Cohen would contract a fuckin retard like Lanny Davis?
11. We’re to believe that David Pecker of the National Enquirer has a secret safe full of Trump dirt that he is suddenly RUSHING to give to the SDNY? For some kind of nebulous immunity?
12. What is the thread that binds all of these people?

They are experts at the seedy underbelly of our society. They are the kings of thieves.
13. Manafort too, is playing a role. Which means you can bet your ass Roger Stone is involved behind the scenes - his name just migt be too hot right now.
14. I am pretty good at looking at official docs and such. But the war we are seeing right now is taking place in the “smoke filled rooms” side of politics. If the official stuff is the internet, the battlefield right now is the Dark Web.
15. Because of this, the surface level reporting is utterly nonsensical. Like Dark Matter having a gravitational effect but being completely invisible - the structure of it cannot be pieced together through a rational perspective.
16. Notice how all of the spygate players have gone dark. Where is Nunes? Goodlatte? Wray? Rosenstein? There is NOTHING. The Trump side is a complete black box right now.
17. Why was Brennan’s security clearance yanked (without leaks), but nobody else’s? Why the abruptness there? More questions with no answers.
18. Whatever is going on, Trump is choosing to muster and deploy his pit fighters, his lowborn but loyal crew, to execute it. Everyone official is staying out of it completely.
19. Trump tweets favorably about Manafort (convicted), but aggressively against Cohen (pled to something insane? Inner circle?) WHY? Because that is the tune he wants people dancing to.
20. Rudy Giuliani is the ultimate combination of both worlds. He publically battles Mueller on official terms, but fully understands the “Underbelly” battle as well.
21. Where is Crooked Hillary? Did she decide to stop doing world tours all of a sudden? Where is Obama? Where is the Coup Crew? Nowhere to be seen.
22. It’s like every thread we have been following publically dropped off the face of the earth to make way for multiple narratives that are indecipherable. This makes me incredibly suspicious. Fog of War.
23. Trump still seems completely calm. He is going out and doing rallies and giving interviews, not a care in the world. The same people who SAY he is melting down have been saying that for months.
24. The “Deep State” has conceded Russia. We actually can infer that they conceded Muh Russia a long time ago - they are doing a Hail Mary with Stormy fuckin Daniels. And all of Trump’s loyal crew is leading that charge - it has been CO-OPTED
25. The Media has no clue how to handle it. If you notice, they always hedge against the credibility of Omorosa, Cohen, etc - because they can’t help themselves but push the narrative.
26. Insanely, John Brennan appears to believe that they are WINNING! Look👇

27. Does he really believe that? Does he not read the news? Has Trump somehow convinced the plotters that he is on the ropes? Or is this just another play, another positioning? More unanswered questions.
28. I had thought that, as things pick up, there would be more testimonies - more document releases, etc. But I think I was wrong. I think that all happens after.
29. Instead, my take is that shit is going DOWN - and everything is being masked as much as possible. The explanations can come in the postmortems - and will be written by whoever wins. That alone should tell you about the stakes here.
30. So this ends my somewhat rambly thread - don’t listen to anyone who claims to know what is going on.

Trust NOTHING right now.

I personally am going to apply an extended Fudge rule from here until the midterms.

Just vote, for the love of God, VOTE.
31. Be nuts about it. Get everyone you know to vote. My gut tells me that this current battle is far more important than 2016 was - because 2016 started it, but a victory now will FINISH IT.

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