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/Professional Male Model Seeking Photographer. Must Have Experience. Alphas prefered./

“Isn’t that discriminatory?” Yoongi wondered, scrolling through job listings. He’d been reading aloud some of the more interesting ones to Namjoon across the diner table from him.
“Not necessarily,” Namjoon said, tapping away at his laptop. “But it doesn’t sound like the kind of job you’d want though. If they have a subgender preference then they’re probably really picky about everything.”
“All models are picky,” Yoongi nodded in agreement. “I’m curious what they need an alpha for.”

Namjoon stopped typing and looked up Yoongi over his glasses. “You’re going to respond just to sate your curiosity? That seems like a bad idea, so of course you would.”
“Hey, a job’s a job at this point,” Yoongi shrugged. He sipped at his coffee as he kept scrolling. “All of these listings sound boring and the kind of thing I’d hate.”

“Let me guess, weddings? Baby pictures? Family portraits?” Namjoon questioned, his work forgotten.
“Might as well open up a family studio,” Yoongi made a face. “I don’t know Joon, a job is a job but I’d rather get skullfucked then take more pictures of happy couples getting married.”

Namjoon winced at the image, returning to his laptop. “Colorful as always Yoongi.”
“You know, for an alpha, you’re kind of a prude,” Yoongi said.

“I may be a prude Yoongi, but when’s the last time you got laid,” Namjoon sighed.
Lips pursing, Yoongi scrolled back up to the model listing and sent off an email indicating his interest. “I’d rather go without for ten years than put up with an omega like Jin,” he commented snippidly and Namjoon’s head snapped up. “Kidding, you know I love Jin.”
“Sometime I wonder why I’m friends with you,” Namjoon retorted, closing his laptop lid. “Speaking of Jin, I’m going home, to him, and probably bend him over the kitchen tab-”
“Shut up,” Yoongi flung a paper coaster at him, the other alpha chuckling has he packed up his laptop. “I do not need to know what you get up to. I already suffered enough when I lived with you and you started dating him. His screams will forever be embedded in my mind.”
Namjoon smirked as he stood up, shouldering his bag. “He’ll be proud to hear that. Night.”
“Night,” Yoongi waved him off, sliding back in his chair and looking around at the other patrons of the small eatery. By the scents wafting around, it was a grab bag of alphas and omegas. Couples engrossed in each other, pumping out pheromones to keep their date interested.
Far as Yoongi was concerned it was stupid. Who could keep smells straight in a place like this? Wrinkling his nose, he made to stand up when his phone went off, an email coming through.

It was the model, indicating a time and a place to interview.
/Thank you for replying! Just so we’re clear, I’m an omega and I’m looking for a long term photographer./
Now Yoongi was confused. An omega wanting an alpha for a photographer? It seemed odd still that he’d have that kind of preference. Yoongi figured he’d learn more when they met, so put away his questions and made to leave when another email came through.
/Oh, I forgot to say what I’m modeling! I understand not everyone will be comfortable with this, but I am a fetish model. I’ll understand if that’s not the kind of work you want to do, just please let me know if you’re not going to show./
Yoongi’s eyes widened and he read the email over and over, making sure he indeed read that right. A fetish model? An omega fetish model? Wanting an alpha photographer?

Well, Yoongi’s interest was definitely piqued.
Yoongi wasn’t surprised that the omega chose to meet at coffee shop. That kind of ad could get all number of shady responses. He’d worn a black beanie on his head so the omega could get a good look at him before making himself known.
Didn’t stop him from eyeing every customer that came in over his coffee. There were plenty of omegas, but none of them seemed to be looking for anyone, just grabbing their drinks and leaving or sitting with friends.
Until four men walked in all in varying heights. By the smell, there were two omegas and two alphas, and one of the omegas was looking at each person in the room with interest. Yoongi sat up a little in his chair when the omega’s eyes landed on him.
Oh, he was cute. Fluffy brown hair and black rimmed glasses. He was the smallest of the group, but held himself with such poise. The omega said a few words to the other three who all looked towards Yoongi. Bodyguards. That was pretty smart.
Then, the model was walking towards him, and he had that confident strut that said he knew he looked good, knew he smelled good, knew he was every alpha’s rut dream.
“Hi, Yoongi?” the omega inquired, tilting his head slightly. Yoongi didn’t dare look at the column of skin on his neck or the exposed, unmarked scent gland. Not even a peek.

“Yeah, hi, that’s me,” Yoongi said, hastily getting up to bow slightly. “Nice to meet you?”
“Same,” the omega smiled, his smile a beacon of sunshine that dazzled Yoongi into sitting back down slowly. “I’m Jimin. I’ll apologize if you get some glares, my friends just want to make sure I’m safe.”
“No, I get it, I’d do the same if I was your friend,” Yoongi said, trying an awkward smile. The two stared at each other for a second, Jimin’s smile was curious and Yoongi felt dumb and ugly.
“So… you brought some samples of your work?” Jimin asked, leaning forward, elbows on the table.
“Huh? Oh, yeah, of course,” Yoongi nearly knocked over his coffee in his haste to pull out his portfolio binder.
Yoongi watched Jimin flip through the pages of his proofs, humming softly at each new shot. “Wow, these are really good,” Jimin said, looking up and meeting Yoongi’s eyes. He closed the book and set it in front of him on the table.
“Thanks,” Yoongi smiled back at him and fidgeted slightly in his seat.
“I guess I should tell you about what I’m looking for?” Jimin said, sitting back in his seat. “I had a photographer for a long time, about four years? She was great, we got along great and took really good pictures.”
“I take it something happened?” Yoongi asked, frowning a little.
“Hmm… I guess you could say that, but that’s not important,” Jimin shook his head. “What’s important is that I no longer have a photographer and every day I’m not working, it’s money I’m not making.”
“Understandable, how often do you do shoots?” Yoongi asked, getting more comfortable with talking. Business he could talk about.
It was a good distraction from the sweet smell of ripe strawberries and hibiscus. Talking business kept him from wanting to bury his nose in that scent and breathe in.
“Twice a week,” Jimin said. “And I also do cam shows on the weekends but I don’t require a videographer for that.”

Yoongi choked slightly at the thought of Jimin doing a cam show, stifling down the groan at the images that brought to mind.
“Okay, twice a week is doable,” Yoongi said finally, ignoring the crack in his voice.
“Fantastic,” Jimin’s lips curled into a different kind of smile, one that had Yoongi’s alpha growling in response. “I think maybe we should do a test shoot first? I’ll pay you of course, but if we don’t have a connection or work well together then there’s no point in going on.”
“That’s fair,” Yoongi said, internally howling. This had to go well. It had to. “Quick question though, why did you specify an alpha for a photographer?”
Jimin licked his overly plush lips and chuckled softly. “Because of the alpha pheromones, it gets me in the mood, and it’s better for the shots if I look like I’m ready to be fucked.”
(ten min break, the fun starts now =) )
The first shoot was scheduled for two days from their meeting, and to say Yoongi was nervous was an understatement. He was going to be locked into a room with the hottest omega he’d ever seen, taking pictures of him in all kinds of lewd ways.
He didn’t know what to expect. But Jimin opening the door in a loose shirt and ripped jeans wasn’t what he had been expecting. Though, he didn’t think Jimin would answer the door in a latex onsie either so jeans and tshirt it is.
“Hey, right on time,” Jimin backed up to let him in. The apartment wasn’t sardine can, but it wasn’t an empty studio either. Yoongi set down his gear and looked around. It was just one room, though the bedroom area was cordoned off from the rest of the living space.
“Nice place,” Yoongi said, unpacking his camera. “Um… so what do you usually do for your shoots? What um… you know.”
“What will I be modeling?” Jimin mused. “I do all kinds, I get sponsored by companies to do shoots with new kinds of toys and role play outfits. But my specialty is pet play.”
Yoongi knew enough about fetishes that he had a basic understanding of what some were. But… he had no idea what pet play was and looked at Jimin with confusion.
“I put on dog or cat ears and a tail and some lingerie then act like a pet,” Jimin said. His eyes were twinkling with mischief. “Since this isn’t a sponsored shoot, I figured we could start there, that okay with you?”
“Uh… if that’s… comfortable for you?” Yoongi said. He didn’t understand how people got off on that kind of thing but to each their own.
“Great, I’ll go get changed, set up for a shoot on the bed okay?” Jimin disappeared when Yoongi nodded and now Yoongi was left alone. Well, alone in Jimin’s apartment where his scent saturated every inch of the place, but that was neither here nor there.
Setting up his tripod and bounces and lights, he jumped when the bathroom door opened and Jimin came out in a fluff white robe wrapped around him. “Oh wow, you really are a pro,” Jimin said, looking at all the equipment.
“Was this too much?” Yoongi blinked at him, trying to ignore the fact that Jimin was wearing cat ears, a pink wig, a pink collar and he had no idea what was hidden under that robe.
Not that he had to wait long though because Jimin was already heading towards the bed, the robe falling from his shoulders. Yoongi blanched at the sight of the frilly chemise and the white panties and pink stockings. But the pale pink fluffy tail... that was something...
Jimin knew he was staring because he gave his ass a little bit of a jiggle before climbing up onto the bed. The sheets were white and fluffy, and Jimin looked so small amidst the fluff and how big the bed was.
“How do you want me?” Jimin asked, breaking Yoongi’s dumb stare.

“Um, right… just um… relax I guess? And do what you usually do?” Yoongi said, looking at the digital display on his camera. “I’m new to this, so go easy on me.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll save the rough stuff for later,” Jimin said, moving onto his hands and knees. His back arched and he bent his head low so the tail was visible.
Yoongi barely remembered he was supposed to be taking pictures, pressing the shutter on his remote. He had to take a step back, watch Jimin without looking through the digital display for a second.

It was probably a mistake.
Jimin knew his body, knew he looked good. His skin was a subtle tan, skin smooth and sprinkled with moles. His waist was trim but his hips and thighs were thick, not to mention his ass. Yoongi was glad for the excuse of having to look at Jimin but he couldn't start drooling.
“You like it like this?” Jimin asked, his voice curling around Yoongi’s dick and he was /not/ going to get an erection like this. “You like me in this position? Alpha?”

Yes, yes he did.
Taking a steadying breath, Yoongi returned his attention to the camera, tightening the zoom on Jimin more. Jimin sat up on his knees, paws in the air and pouted at him. “Don’t ignore me alpha.”
Yoongi knew he was doing it on purpose to entice his alpha side, and fuck if it wasn’t working.

“Alpha’s not ignoring you,” Yoongi said, feeling a little awkward. He didn’t know if he was going to be able to take this.
“Alpha, do I look pretty for you?” Jimin mewled, licking the back of his hand and grooming himself with it, pushing the hand against his hair and cheek.
“Yes, omega,” Yoongi murmured. “Very pretty.” Feeling a little emboldened with how Jimin was acting, Yoongi tilted his head slightly. “Turn around omega, show me your pretty tail.”
Jimin’s eyes darkened and he turned, slowly, until his nice round plump ass, hugged by the white lace was in full view. As was the tail. Which Yoongi was just now realizing wasn’t just attached to the panty. No. There was no ass to those panties.
It was a plug, with a tail. Yoongi was pretty sure he stopped breathing at that point.
“Alpha, alpha I’m getting so wet for you,” Jimin whimpered, his thighs shaking and he began rutting against the bed. “Tell me I’m pretty alpha.”
“Fuck, omega,” Yoongi was glad that Jimin was turned around because he had a hand pressed against his dick to keep from getting fully hard. “You’re going… fuck… you’re going to ruin those panties.”
Jimin wiggled his hips from side to side, the tail swishing slightly. “Alpha, would you fuck me?”
Yoongi’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped. “Um…”

Turning his head, Jimin’s bottom lip was caught between his teeth and he looked so good that Yoongi swallowed roughly, his fingers twitching to touch.
“Too much?” Jimin said, his normal voice back and gave Yoongi was grateful as it snapped him back to attention. “Sorry, I’ll tone it down.”
“Um… on your back, will get some close ups,” Yoongi said, figuring it was best to just move on. This had stupid idea written all over it, but he needed the close ups. Grabbing his hand held, he walked on stiff legs towards the bed.
Jimin was laid out, one knee bent, stockings hugging his thick thighs and he played with the lace on his chamise and his other hand was stroking his pink tail. Yoongi was glad for the camera to be between them, even if it meant Jimin was making sultry faces at him.
“You look very pretty omega,” Yoongi said. “You got all pretty for alpha?”

“Yeah,” Jimin grinned, rolling slightly onto his side, and sliding his hand down to cup his dick, tongue between his teeth.
It was obvious Jimin had been doing this a while, knew what looked best and what angle his face needed to be at for the light. The fact he could do that and look so fuckable was driving Yoongi crazy.
“Am I doing good?” Jimin asked, rubbing at his dick slowly.

Yoongi nodded, taking a few close ups of Jimin’s face. It was a bad, bad idea, but he knelt onto the bed to get some shots over top of Jimin. “You’re doing so good,” Yoongi said, snapping a few more pictures.
Then… then there was more pressure on his own dick than there had been just a second ago and he looked down to see Jimin had moved from palming himself to palming Yoongi. ‘Um…”
Jimin pouted but withdrew his hands. “Sorry alpha, I’m just so… so wet right now, all I want is for you to fuck me.”
Closing his eyes and taking a steadying breath, Yoongi pushed down every dirty thought in his mind. This was business. Only business.
“Later, kitten,” Yoongi said and Jimin mewled, back arching in response. It looked so filthy and Yoongi was glad he had enough presence to take a few pictures of him that way.
Climbing off the bed, Yoongi backed up a bit to take a breath. “Uh, I think we got enough?” he said, keeping his eyes on his camera, flicking through the pictures.
“Yeah?” Jimin sat up, his demure omega act gone. “I think that went well, shall we look at the pictures?”

“Sure, just let me upload them to the computer,” Yoongi turned so fast he nearly ran right into the separating curtain before stumbling his way to his bag.
By the time the laptop was set up and the pictures downloading, Jimin had put his robe back on, the ears and collar were gone. Yoongi wondered if he was still plugged with the tail but thought better of asking.
“I think these look great,” Jimin said, seated next to him at the table. “Wow, I’m really impressed.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi mumbled, scratching at his neck. “This was… interesting.”
“Interesting enough to do it full time?” Jimin asked, looking at him with wary eyes. “Or did it weird you out.”

Yoongi let out a breath. What to say to that. Yeah, it was great, but how long before I’m just fucking you into the mattress instead of working?
“Is that how it always is?” Yoongi asked, his brow furrowing. “Do you always… ask those things?”

“Honestly? No,” Jimin laughed a little. “I don’t usually get so far into it, but… I’m not used to such strong alpha smell. I was… a little overwhelmed. I think you were too?”
“A little, but for a first time I guess that’s understandable,” Yoongi said. “I’d like to work with you, I’m sure we can figure out a balance that works for us.”

“Hmm, I hope so,” Jimin said, lips curling again. “Alright, let’s talk salary.”
Yoongi honestly didn’t care what he was being paid. This was too good of an offer to pass up. Not because he thought he’d get to fuck Jimin, but it was definitely more interesting than wedding photos.

They’d figure out the details of how this would work, it would be fine.
End of part 1! Yoongi is obviously very affected by Jimin, and wants to see him more than just twice a week. He thinks maybe he'll check out Jimin's cam show on the weekend, but it could affect their working relationship. What should he do?

Part 2! Yoongi catches Jimin's cam show, and is very surprised by what he sees.

(WARNING: This part will include shibari/rope play and will include images, nothing graphic and no dicks will be shown, but if you aren't comfortable with it, please mute me!)
They struck a contract over the next few days, one they were both happy with and with a pay that Yoongi thought was more than fair. It wasn’t so much he wouldn’t take other jobs, but enough that he wasn’t worried about making rent on time.
With that agreement, Yoongi allowed Jimin to use the test shots on his website, and because needed to know, Jimin gave him the address.

“Wow,” Namjoon said, looking over his shoulder. “He’s really good at that huh.”
“I don’t think I’ve worked with a model who knew himself that well,” Yoongi said, clicking through the photos. He’d done a bit of editing and finishing to Jimin’s specifications,the model’s watermark plastered all over the free samples. The HD versions were behind a paywall.
“I never thought you’d find a job you’d like, but this is right up your alley,” Namjoon said, clapping him on the shoulder. “Is it weird though? Watching him act like that and smelling him?”
Yoongi’s lips pursed slightly, Jimin’s voice clear in his head as he looked at each shot. “It’s… different. I don’t think he’d like me talking about his method.”
“Fair enough,” Namjoon nodded, looking at his watch. “Well, I gotta run, meeting Jin for dinner. You sure you don’t want to join us?”
“I’m sure, I’ve got some more work to do to get ready for Monday,” Yoongi said, waving him off.
“Alright, but you’re starting to disappoint Jin by being so antisocial,” Namjoon said, getting up to head to the door of Yoongi’s apartment. “Question though, through all that… were you tempted?”
Yoongi was glad he was facing away from Namjoon so he didn’t have to see the pained wince before turning to look at him. “No, it stayed professional,” he lied through his teeth.

It wasn’t lear if Namjoon believed him, but he left with a wave of his hand anyway.
Letting out a sigh, Yoongi went back to looking at the pictures before backing out to the splash page of Jimin’s website. He didn’t know who had designed it for him, but it was very nicely put together.
It was then that a small popup notification came up at the bottom of his screen and he squinted at it. Who used popups in this economy?
The notification was simple, a picture of Jimin in a small monitor and the words /LIVE NOW/ printed along the bottom.

Yoongi never clicked a popup so fast.
The screen he landed on was very plain, all focus on the video player that was showing a plain bed with white bedding. He immediately recognized it as Jimin’s.
Said Jimin came into the frame wearing a simple pullover and small black shorts. He sat down on the edge of the bed and waved at the camera as he checked the comments.
“Hey guys,” Jimin said. “I’ll wait a little bit before getting started, I’ve got something really special planned tonight and want to give everyone a chance to watch the whole thing.”
Yoongi realized what this was probably far too late and sucked in a sharp breath of air. He hadn’t talked with Jimin about watching the show, and wondered if it was crossing some kind of ethical barrier. This was a client, and they had a professional relationship.
“I also wanted to say sorry about not having any new content for you guys the past couple of weeks,” Jimin continued. “As you know, Whasa and I had a… falling out. But! I found a new photographer, he’s great. I uploaded some of the test shots, I hope you guys check them out.”
Well. Yoongi frowned, conflicted. If Jimin was going to talk about him, then it’d be okay to watch, right?
“I’m really, really excited to work with him,” Jimin said, scanning through some of the comments. “Is he cute?” Jimin giggled, flushing and running his hand through his fluffy hair.
“He is, small for an alpha but very cute.”

Yoongi grunted in indignation.
“Obviously that’s not why I hired him! Don’t get any ideas,” Jimin wagged a finger at the camera. “I’m sure I’ll be talking about him and the work we do quite a bit so look forward to it.”
Jimin’s attention went off screen momentarily before looking right back into the camera and leaning forward. “Okay, let’s get started huh? I’ve got a surprise for you guys! You all should know Taetae right? One of the other cam channels on this site?”
Yoongi sat up a little in his chair, hackles up. Taetae?
“Well, I invited him here today to give me a hand,” Jimin said, waving someone over. “If you don’t know Taetae, I suggest you check his channel out. He’s one of my best friends, and the only one I trust to do this.”
A second figure walked into the frame and sat down next to Jimin, waving at the camera. Yoongi recognized he was one of Jimin’s bodyguards from the cafe. An omega. Yoongi’s alpha settled down at that.
The other omega looked at Jimin, smiling widely at him. “Are you ready?”

Jimin nodded, biting at his lip as he started scooting back on the bed. “I don’t want any of you to worry, Taetae knows what he’s doing. Him and his alphas do this all the time.”
“Do what all the time?” Yoongi muttered under his breath, watching with rapt fascination.
Taetae climbed up on the bed, sitting between Jimin’s spread knees, scratching the underside of his thighs and saying something softly to Jimin the mic didn’t pick up. Jimin nodded, head pressed back into the pillows and bent his knees slightly.
Taetae reached over to the far side of the bed, invisible to the camera and came back with a black collar that he fit around Jimin’s neck. Then he started pulling off Jimin’s clothes, making soothing noises as his pullover was taken and his undershirt.
The shorts were last, and Yoongi’s eyes widened at the sight of a sheer thong that wasn’t holding much back. He still hadn’t a clue as the what was going on until Taetae brought out a long length of black rope.
“For those that don’t know, this is called shibari,” Jimin said as he sat up under Taetae’s direction. “It’s a form of binding from Japan and it feels awesome. I don’t recommend any of you newbies do it without watching a lot of videos or learning from someone experienced."
It was clear Taetae knew what he was doing, creating intricate loops and patterns with the rope across Jimin’s skin. Jimin’s hands and legs were bent, tied together in ways that looked uncomfortable.
The fact that Jimin could easily move his limbs into the needed poses told of his flexibility and that had Yoongi… interested.
Taetae had Jimin roll onto his knees, Jimin’s back arched forward with his legs and arms behind him. By the look on Jimin’s face, he wasn’t in any pain or uncomfortable. In fact, the way he bit his lip had Yoongi thinking he was… aroused by it.
“Doesn’t he look pretty?” Taetae said, lifting the camera and standing over Jimin. “The ropes will leave such pretty marks on you Chim.” His hand came into frame, rolling one of the ropes to the side to show where it had left small indents.
Yoongi licked his lips at that. Truthfully, he didn’t think he’d care for this kind of thing on anyone else, but it looked hot on Jimin. Maybe the omega was just sinful by nature but Yoongi had never watched to touch something more than those marks on Jimin’s thighs.
At that point, Yoongi was ignoring how hard he was getting just watching. He wasn’t going to jack off to this. He wasn’t going to jack of to Jimin. They work together. It would be weird.
“Taetae, I’m ready,” Jimin said, lifting his head a little and looking over his shoulder at Taetae and the camera.

“Okay pretty, roll over onto your side,” Taetae said, getting down off the bed and placing the camera back down but closer to the bed.
Jimin did as asked without difficulty, more like falling over than rolling. Taetae showed the camera the small bullet vibrator, smiling into the lens. “You won’t be able to see this, so I thought you’d like to know what’s going to get Chim off. Just this, and the ropes.”
“Taetae,” Jimin whined, his voice high and needy. Yoongi had to close his eyes, remembering how that voice had called for him so wantonly just the other day. He wondered how Jimin smelled right then, the strawberry smell sure to be overripe and intoxicating.
He wasn’t going to jack off to Jimin.
Opening his eyes when he heard a noise, he blinked at how Taetae had moved to sit behind Jimin and was pressing the vibrator into him. Jimin was still wearing the sheer thong so while he had a hard erection, it was confined tightly under the material.
“Taetae, please,” Jimin whined, but his eyes were on the camera as his body twitched. Yoongi could tell he wanted to use his hands, his legs, something, and he gasped whenever the ropes brushed over his nipples.
“Just a sec Chim, don’t be impatient,” Taetae said, sitting back when he was done. “I’m going to turn it on, that okay?”
“Yes, please,” Jimin was writhing already and Taetae patted his thigh before picking up the control. He pressed a button that had Jimin moaning and shuddering. “Taetae, oh fuck, please, it hurts.”
“What hurts, your little cock?” Taetae leaned over to run his finger over Jimin’s erection. “I don’t know, what do you think the viewers want Chim? You think they want you to get off so easily?”
“Chim if you can’t answer me I’ll have to gag you,” Taetae said, already grabbing for the restraint. “You’re going to come untouched, that’s what you agreed to.”
“No! Taetae, please,” Jimin sobbed, but accepted the gag when Taetae put it in his mouth and secured it. Jimin’s sobs were muffled, and tears were rolling down his cheeks.
“I’m going to turn this up, and go get a glass of water,” Taetae said, climbing off the bed. He pushed the button on the vibrators remote again and Jimin screamed into the gag. His hips were bucking wildly as Taetae moved off camera.
Yoongi seriously hoped Taetae wasn’t going to leave him alone like that but if Jimin trusted this omega then he would trust him too.
Watching Jimin writhe and sob and rut his cock against empty air was proving to be a lot for Yoongi. His own cock ached in his pants, but his grip on the arms of his chair were firm. He was not going to get off to Jimin like this.
He didn’t notice how unconsciously the was moving his hips slightly in time with Jimin. He wasn’t imagining fucking Jimin all tied up like that. He wasn’t imagining Jimin being that submissive for him. He wasn’t.
Taetae was gone nearly five minutes, and Yoongi was nearly as frustrated as Jimin seemed to be. His head was thrashing and his screams merely down to sharp pants and guttural moans at that point.
Setting the glass of water on the bedside table and moving to pick up the remote again, Taetae looked at the camera. “What do you think, has he suffered enough?” Taetae asked with a smirk. He watched the comments for a moment.
“Wow Chim, your fans are so soft for you,” Taetae said. “They already want you to come.” Jimin replied with a harsh wail stuck in his throat.

Taetae moved to behind Jimin again, picking up the remote. “Alright, come for them Chim,” he said, pressing another button.
It wasn’t even a second and Jimin’s hips thrust forward. Yoongi watched in awe as Jimin was coming, his dick still trapped, the head peeking out to paint his belly and the comforter below. His cries were muffled by the gag and his eyes were clenched shut tight.
Jimin’s form visibly relaxed and Taetae removed the vibrator. Jimin didn’t even flinch, his eyes cracked half open and his expression slack. He looked completely fucked out and fuck if Yoongi wasn’t even more turned on by that. Wanted to /do/ that to him.
His hands clenched tighter on the arms of his chair and watched with a dry mouth as Taetae started to clean Jimin up. The gag was removed first, Jimin making a soft sigh of thanks and smiling a little at the camera.
Taetae massaged Jimin’s jaw and cheeks a little, wiping his tears before starting to undo the ropes. It was slow, each limb released was massaged with gentle hands until Jimin was lain against the bed.
“Here, see how pretty he looks?” Taetae said, pulling the camera closer to show off the rope marks left on his skin.

Yoongi groaned softly, his fingers twitching. What he wouldn’t do to feel those indents.
Taetae finished removing the ropes and massaging Jimin’s muscles. “Aftercare is very important after rope play, even if it’s short like this was,” he was saying. Yoongi filed that away.
It was obvious Jimin was still having trouble coming around, making soft whimpering noises and his muscles twitching while Taetae retrieved the glass of water. He helped Jimin sit up and take a few sips before laying him back down.
“Thank you Taetae,” Jimin said, a small smile forming. “You’re the best.”

“I know,” Taetae said, leaning down and they gave each other a soft peck. The kind of kiss that showed their closeness as friends, no heat or desire behind it. “You okay?”
“I’m good yeah,” Jimin nodded and rolled onto his side to face the camera and sat up. He still had the collar on, a bit of drool running down his chin. “I hope you guys liked that, I know I did.”
“Yeah,” Yoongi mumbled out loud. “Definitely.”
“I’ll see you guys next Friday okay?” Jimin was crawling towards the camera. “And I’ll have new stuff posted on Wednesday for you to drool over. If you liked this, remember to leave a tip, and I’ll do more rope play in the future if you want me to.”
Jimin gave a small wave and the feed turned off. The live video replaced with one of Jimin’s old pictures of him with cat ears and a collar on.
Yoongi unzipped his pants, quickly found his usual porn site and got off faster than he had since high school. He didn’t even really need the extra visual stimulation because nothing would be as hot as what Jimin had just done.
He may or may not have had Jimin’s voice screaming /Alpha/ in his head when he finally came, but he’d deny it if asked.
Sitting back in his chair, limp cock still in his hand and dried come pooling on his belly, Yoongi wondered what the hell he’d just gotten himself into.
End of part 2! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as Yoongi did.

Now, what kind of shoot should Jimin plan for with Yoongi next? Here are some of his favorites:
Yoongi didn’t tell a soul. Not Namjoon, not Jin, not even a random tweet on his private twitter account. No one was to know. Just him and the FBI agent watching him.

But he had to tell Jimin.
The guilt was eating up at him inside if he didn’t say something, so he resolved to tell him at the shoot.
Of course, like with any well laid plan, the minute you’re distracted it’s over. Jimin answering his door in a red plaid skirt, white button up that hung off his shoulders, and thigh high white stockings had every thought whooshing right out of his brain.
“Hey, you’re a little early,” Jimin said, backing up to let Yoongi in.

“Yeah… sorry is that okay?” Yoongi said, blinking to clear his head.

“Of course, I was just getting finished getting ready,” Jimin said. “Need to do my makeup and hair still. Go ahead and get set up?”
“Okay,” Yoongi said dumbly, watching Jimin go, not thinking about how the skirt swished with the sway of his hips. Damnit, he’d already missed his chance. He’d just have to say something before they began.
Glancing around at the room, he saw the bedroom area was closed off and the living area had been rearranged. The couch was moved against the far wall and under the window was a desk and chair he didn’t remember seeing there before.
Obviously, putting two and two together because he was smart, Yoongi figured out this was was going to be a kind of mock school setting. Jimin already had the outfit, and there were some books and materials on the desk. Seemed like it was missing something though.
Yoongi pushed it out of his mind and started to get his cameras and the lights set up. When Jimin came out, Yoongi stared at him and his new brown wig with pig tails and his lips a glossy soft pink.
“Um, I have a small favor to ask,” Jimin said before Yoongi could get his brain working again and before he could say what he needed to say again. “It’s okay if you say no, I just figured I’d ask.”
“Ask what?” Yoongi blinked a few times at him.

“Well, I was kind of hoping maybe you’d help me with the scene?” Jimin posed, tilting his head slightly and batting his eyes. “You wouldn’t have to do much, maybe a hand or just, a full body but your face wouldn’t be shown?”
Now Yoongi was confused and squinted at him. “You want me in the shoot?”

“Yeah, as a… male student,” Jimin said, motioning to where a dress shirt and tie were hung up on a coat rack. “Just a couple of shots, please?”
Yoongi looked between Jimin and the shirt, knowing this was a bad idea but how the hell was he supposed to say no when Jimin was pouting at him.
“I guess… that’s okay?” Yoongi said, and did as told, putting on the shirt and tie. It was a little tight in the shoulders and the tie looked like it had seen better days but it was fine. “Let’s start with you first though okay?”
“Great!” Jimin grinned and bounced over towards the desk. He straddled the chair backwards, legs spread and Yoongi caught the first sight of the white panties he had on. Well, he went for full authenticity it looks like.
Taking a breath, Yoongi started to take pictures, motioning for Jimin to change positions, turn his head this way and that. The shoot was going normally, Yoongi not thinking for one second about Jimin under him or fucking him or anything that would jeopardize their arrangement.
Until he moved closer.
Jimin bent low over the desk, waving his hips back and forth to show off his panties. Yoongi crouched to get a good shot when Jimin hiked the skirt up higher to give a clear view of the see through back of the panties.
“Sunbae?” Jimin said, his voice low and raspy. “Can you help me sunbae?” Jimin was looking over his shoulder at him and Yoongi was glad he got the shot he did of that look before standing up.
Jimin pushed away from the desk and stalked towards him, gently pushing on Yoongi’s chest until he sat down in the chair. “Help me sunbae,” he said, kneeling down to run his hands up Yoongi’s pants.
“What… what do you need help with?” Yoongi asked, pressing the button on the remote for the auto pictures to start taking.

“I don’t think I’m doing well in my math class sunbae, can you tutor me? I’ll be a good student for you,” Jimin said, eyes never leaving Yoongi’s.
Yoongi wasn’t sure the roleplay was necessary, because the words were going straight to his dick along with Jimin’s scent. The sweet smell of strawberries was complimenting how pink and red he was all over.
But, if it helped Jimin get the look he wanted, Yoongi would play. Not like he’d never done a bit of roleplay before. “If you were a good student, you wouldn’t need my help,” Yoongi said, running a hand up Jimin's leg, the skirt hitching.
Jimin’s lips curled upwards and he stood, unbuttoning his shirt and tossing it to the side, revealing a red tank underneath. “I mean, sunbae, I’ll be a /good/ student for you,” he said, sitting down on Yoongi’s lap and rolling his hips.
Yoongi’s brain short circuited, hands going to his hips immediately. “Oh… oh you’ll be… a good… good student, a good /girl/ for me?”
Letting out a soft gasp, Jimin nodded, his bottom lip caught between his teeth and he ground his clothed dick against Yoongi’s. “So good for you, sunbae.”

“Jimin,” Yoongi groaned, his eyes fluttering. “Please.”
Jimin didn’t let up, his eyes dark as he took in the state Yoongi was in. “I want to play,” he whispered. “Can I play?”
“Yes, yes, please,” Yoongi nodded, leaning in to nose against Jimin’s neck, earning a keen of pleasure. He was sure this wasn’t good, that this was crossing a line, but he didn’t care.
Chuckling softly, Jimin got up from his lap, but pointing at him to stay. Yoongi didn’t think he could move anyway since all the blood from his limbs was pooling in his dick.
He watched Jimin move to the far side of the room before picking up a bundle of chains and walked back towards him with it. “Sunbae, I’ll play a little bit, you’ll like it,” Jimin said, moving back to sit back down on his lap.
For this first time since they started, Jimin’s eyes met Yoongi’s not as part of the scene, but serious. “You good?” he asked, affixing a set of cuffs to his Yoongi’s wrists.
Yoongi looked down at the cuffs, and the chain and collar in Jimin’s hands still, but he nodded. “Um… this is enough,” he said, motioning at the cuffs.

“Fair enough,” Jimin dropped the collar and chain. “Maybe next time.”
Yoongi didn’t want to think about next time, not when his dick was so hard and he wasn’t sure what was going on. But Jimin was up again, taking Yoongi by the hand cuffs and pushing him onto the couch.
Once Yoongi was seated, Jimin began to take off the tank top, dropping it by his feet. Then, turning around and bending nearly in half, he gave Yoongi an up close look at the panties and Jimin’s straining length.

“Want me to take them off sunbae?” Jimin asked and Yoongi nodded.
“Yes, show me how good you are,” Yoongi said, amazed he could find his voice.

Jimin chuckled and unzipped the skirt, leaving him in his stockings and panties. Yoongi wanted to touch, so bad, but he was handcuffed for a reason, so he kept his hands in his lap and just watched.
Jimin took off his high heels and the stockings before turning around, playing with the hem of the panties. “Not really fair I’m almost naked and you’re still in clothes,” he said. “Pants, off.”
Yoongi didn’t even think, unbuckling his belt and pushing his pants off, leaving him in his boxers and socks. There wasn’t much he could do about the shirt with the cuffs on so he left it as is.
“So eager sunbae, you’re supposed to be a good role model for your hoobae,” Jimin pouted, climbing up into his lap. The handcuffs and subsequently Yoongi’s hands were lifted and pressed behind his head.
“Can’t take charge when I’m like this,” Yoongi said, and frankly he was fine with Jimin like this. He was still mindful of the camera going off every few seconds, but he knew he was going to get some great shots of Jimin in control.
“You want me to take the cuffs off?” Jimin asked, running his hands over Yoongi’s shoulders and chest. “What will you do if I do?”
Yoongi tilted his head to the side, taking in a deep breath of the omega’s scent. “I’m going to rip those panties off you, bend you over that desk and fuck you,” he growled. “Fuck you, and knot you until you’re screaming. Fill you up so good omega.”
Jimin’s breath hitched and Yoongi could see his eyes dilate in want. “Fuck,” he whispered between clenched teeth. “Alpha,” he whimpered and rubbed himself on Yoongi’s thigh.
“You want that omega?” Yoongi whispered, the scene forgotten, the camera forgotten, all that he knew was an omega was in his lap and leaking slick by the smell and feel of it.
“Yes,” Jimin whimpered, suddenly so unsure of himself. “I want… I want you to…”

“Take the cuffs off,” Yoongi ordered and Jimin scrambled to unlatch the cuffs. Thankfully the didn’t require a key because Yoongi wasn’t sure if he could have waited for Jimin to find them.
Soon as the metal hit the floor Yoongi was on Jimin. Arms going around his waist he surged forward to kiss him, their lips meeting in a hungry clash. Yoongi let his hands wander everywhere, squeezing supple flesh and pinching Jimin’s nipples.
Everywhere his fingers went he heard Jimin gasping in pleasure and when Yoongi bit down hard on a bony jut of his collar, Jimin nearly toppled over with a scream.
Yoongi flipped him onto the couch, tearing off the last shred of clothing and looked down at Jimin, his vision red with /want/. He ran his hands up Jimin’s thigh, admiring the smooth hairless skin.
“They’re gone,” Yoongi remarked, remembering the marks from the video and how they’d been embedded in his thighs.

“What?” Jimin asked in confusion. “What’s gone?”
“The rope marks,” Yoongi said, not paying attention to the question or even his answer. He knew something was wrong by the way Jimin sat up, eyes serious.

“Rope marks?” Jimin questioned. “You watched my show?”
Yoongi froze, immediately pulling his hands away despite his alpha side howling in dismay.

He fucked up. He should have said something before this, before Jimin was naked in front of him and he was hard as hell.
“... I did,” Yoongi nodded, looking away, ready to retreat. “I was just… I was looking at the pictures and then the pop up came up and I clicked it without thinking and next thing I know you’re getting tied up by Taetae-”
“Did you like it?” Jimin asked and Yoongi had to look back up at at that.


“Did you like what you say?” Jimin asked, sitting up and shifting to get on his knees. “Did you like seeing me tied up, plugged up with a vibrator until I came?”
Yoongi was in full blown panic mode now. What was the right answer? No? I didn’t enjoy it but I watched the whole thing?

“I… yes,” Yoongi said, biting the bullet. Better to get the truth out there so he can get shoved out the door before they did something they both regretted.
“Good,” Jimin’s expression softened into a smile and he leaned in to give Yoongi a slow, sensual kiss. “I have a secret too.”
Yoongi was still reeling from the ‘good’ remark, not sure he heard that right. Jimin was taking pity on him because he patted his cheek and slid back into his lap. “I was thinking about you during it,” he said.
“Your scent was so thick in here still, even Taehyung said it was strong. I wanted it to be you fucking me, not some cheap vibrator,” Jimin continued, not letting Yoongi speak. “I want you to tie me up and fuck me, use me until I’m bawling. I want you to ruin me.”
“But… the show,” Yoongi shook his head, trying not to get distracted. “You’re not… you’re okay with it?”
“I wouldn’t have mentioned the cam show if I didn’t want you to see it,” Jimin said, scraping his teeth over Yoongi’s jaw. “You know how much I want you Yoongi? I can’t stop thinking about you fucking me.”
Yoongi closed his eyes, fingers curling into Jimin’s hips. “Fuck, that’s… good,” he said, finally getting up and setting Jimin’s feet on the floor. “Cause I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re driving me fucking crazy.”
Jimin had the audacity to giggle as Yoongi backed him up onto the desk. The books and lamp were cleared onto the floor with a push of Jimin’s hands and Yoongi had Jimin bend over the wood, spread his ass to get a good look at it now.
A small silver ball was poking out of Jimin’s ass and Yoongi smirked as he toyed with the end of the plug. “I take it you were looking to get fucked little omega?” Yoongi said, thrusting the plug in and out slowly.
“Yes,” Jimin groaned, head flopping down onto the cool wood, fingers curled tightly around the edge. “Hoped you’d finally take the bait.”
“It’s only the second shoot, you wanted me that bad?” Yoongi chuckled, pulling the plug out until it finally came loose. He didn't care about where it went as he tossed it behind him.
“I knew I wanted you the second I smelled you alpha,” Jimin said, wiggling his ass more and Yoongi gave him a light spank.
“That makes two of us,” he said, finally ridding himself of his shirt and kneeling behind Jimin.

“Oh fuck,” Jimin’s whole body trembled when Yoongi nuzzled his nose into Jimin’s entrance, breathing in the scent.
“You smell so good omega, I want to eat you alive,” Yoongi said, lapping at the slick that was now oozing out of Jimin’s hole. “You taste good too, so fucking good. His tongue danced around the rim in between kisses until he let his tongue slip into Jimin’s ass.
Jimin may have said something, but Yoongi couldn’t hear anything over the sound of him enjoying eating Jimin out.
He idly wondered if it was a dream but then Jimin had reached back to curl his fingers into Yoongi’s hair and yanked hard. Pulling back with a yelp, Yoongi scowled at Jimin and smacked him again before getting to his feet.
“Fuck me, alpha,” Jimin said, his stare was resolute even f his breathing and high heart rate told a different story.

Yoongi frowned at him, smacking his ass again before lining up his cock and pushing into Jimin’s stretched hole.
Jimin keened, back arching and head snapping up at the suddenness of it. “Oh fuck, alpha, fuck you’re so… oh fuck me.”
“What, like this?” Yoongi said, pulling his hips back and thrusting back into him, setting up a rhythm. Jimin’s ass and thighs jiggled with each sharp thrust and Yoongi enamored by the sight. He’d never get tired of it, or the feeling of Jimin’s wet tight hole on his dick.
Relaying that to Jimin just made the omega moan loader amongst the sound of skin slapping against skin.
“Look at you, so perfect for me omega, like you were made just for me,” Yoongi growled, folding himself over Jimin’s back. His hips couldn’t move as fast like that, but he could go deeper and harder.
Jimin’s head leaned back against hi shoulder, his grunts and cries getting caught in his throat. “So… so good…” he whined.
“You want my knot omega?” Yoongi hissed in his ear, biting at the lobe as his hands curled under Jimin’s arms to grasp his shoulders. With the new leverage he fucked Jimin’s body back onto his cock.
“Fuck, please,” Jimin whimpered, his head lolling and nearly colliding with the desktop. Yoongi pulled back, bringing Jimin up with him and holding him up. Jimin’s body was lax in his hold, too fucked out to do much more than stand there and take it.
Yoongi could feel himself getting closer and he bit in Jimin’s shoulder to keep him still as his hips stuttered with the intensity of the oncoming orgasm. He could feel himself catching on Jimin’s rim before he shoved himself so far and deep into Jimin until he couldn’t pull out.
The orgasm ripped through Yoongi, a shot of pleasure up and down his spine as he pumped wave after wave of come into Jimin.

Jimin screamed, falling back into Yoongi and coming haphazardly all over the desk and floor.
They stood there for a long few seconds until Yoongi could move again and maneuvered the chair so he could sit. He was still locked tight in Jimin so it would be an uncomfortable few moments as they caught their breath.
Yoongi pressed lightly kisses to the bruise that was forming on Jimin’s shoulder from his bite, thankful it hadn’t been any higher or deeper. Last thing either of them needed was a mating mark.
It was Jimin who spoke first, his voice thin. “I… I like you Yoongi, but I think we fucked up. We shouldn’t have,” he said softly. His back was leaning against Yoongi’s chest and he was looking towards the window, his expression pensive.
“Shouldn’t have fucked?” Yoongi asked, resting his chin on Jimin’s shoulder.
“No… yes… I mean,” Jimin turned his head to look at him. “We should have talked about it,” he said. “We work together, and doing it in the middle of a shoot is just…”

“Unprofessional,” Yoongi nodded, closing his eyes. “Would we still have if we’d talked? Do you regret it?”
“I don’t know,” Jimin replied. “Maybe it was just too soon, I don’t know.”

Yoongi let out a deep sigh. “Well, until we figure this out… maybe we shouldn’t do anymore work. I… think you should get a new photographer.”
Jimin didn’t respond, just closed his eyes and nodded. Yoongi wasn’t sure what else to say.

In fact, neither of them said much else until Yoongi left.
“Here,” Yoongi handed out his SD card to Jimin. “All the digital copies of the shoot. And all the backups too.”
Jimin accepted the card, curling it tightly in his hands. He’d put on a robe once the knot had gone down and Yoongi packed up his things. He didn’t say anything, just watched Yoongi leave.
End of part 3!

Decisions have consequences. Yoongi watching Jimin's show made him want Jimin more and was too caught up in his attraction to talk to Jimin. But, Yoongi doesn't want it to end like this, so what should he do next?
Part 4!

Yoongi decides to call Jimin, hopefully Jimin answers.

WARNING: descriptions of past abuse
Yoongi wasn’t pouting. He wasn’t, no matter what Jin said.

“You’ve been staring at your phone likes it’s going to come alive and eat you,” Jin said. “Has he still not contacted you?”
“No,” Yoongi replied, lips downturning again. “He made it pretty clear he wasn’t going to either.”

“Well maybe you should take some initiative for once and call him,” Jin suggested. “You’re becoming a fixture on my couch and as much as I love you Yoongi, you’re depressing me.”
“Alright, I’ll leave then,” Yoongi said, but didn’t make a move to get up, still slumped into the couch. “Namjoon, your boyfriend’s kicking me out.”

Jin threw up his hands and got to his feet. “I make one suggestion and he goes to tattle on me.”
“Jin, leave Yoongi alone,” Namjoon hummed from his seat at the table. He was barely paying attention to either of him. Yoongi gave Jin a smug smirk. “Yoongi, call Jimin and talk.”
Yoongi’s smirk melted away and he scowled at the back of Namjoon’s head. “He doesn’t want to talk. He doesn’t want anything to do with me, I was a mistake.”
“I said call Jimin, not your father,” Namjoon replied with a sigh, turning around in his seat. “You like him don’t you? For all your fussing over contracts and being professional, you do genuinely like him, right?”
Shoulders lowering, Yoongi blew out an exasperated breath. “So what if I do? I fucked up. I shouldn’t have let it happen and now he hates me.”

“I guarantee he doesn’t hate you,” Jin said, pouring himself a glass of wine in the kitchen. “He’s just scared.”
“Scared of what? Me?” Yoongi shook his head. “He didn’t sound scared, he sounded upset.”
“Of course he sounded upset, you guys jumped into something feet first without looking,” Jin said. “You had an obvious attraction to each other, acted on instincts, then panicked. It happens. Think about it. He’s an unmated omega. We’re hardwired to please, but also to mate.”
Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Oh don’t even give me that bullshit Jin, we’re more than our base instincts, you’ve told me that hundreds of times.”
“I have, and while I truly believe it, sometimes it’s not that simple,” Jin said. He retook his seat across from Yoongi in a chair, crossing his legs and sipping at his wine. “He told you that he likes to have alpha photographers, helps get him in the mood for shoots, right?”
“Yes, he said that,” Yoongi grumbled, failing to see the point. “Doesn’t mean anything.”
“Of course it does! It means everything,” Jin huffed at him. “He’s willingly putting himself in a room taking provocative photos, inhaling your alpha pheromones that I’m sure were raging like your hard on watching him do all this. Alpha pheromones, like yours, are very strong.”
“Do you believe this, Joon?” Yoongi motioned at Jin as he looked over at Namjoon again. The other alpha had taken off his glasses and was rubbing his temple. “I thought some of your enlightened bullshit would have rubbed off on him by now.”
“He’s not entirely wrong Yoongi,” Namjoon said. “We are more than alpha and omega instincts. But, you were both playing into them, using them to enhance the work. Soon as you both gave into those desires, you played into those instincts.”
“And then you knotted him,” Jin put in, earning a frosty stare from Yoongi. “Well you did, so he’s all hopped up on alpha pheromones and took a knot. Maybe you don’t know what it’s like to be an omega, but all those things together make your head spin.”
“I don’t think it was any better for Yoongi,” Namjoon supplied. Yoongi wanted to kick the both of them. “You were already attracted to him, then you watched his cam show which got you more interested, and then you trap yourself in a room with him? You weren’t thinking clearly.”
“No shit, please tell me more things I already know,” Yoongi rolled his eyes. “What does any of this have to do with him kicking me out.”
“You didn’t mate!” Jin all but exploded. “Soon as you knotted him, his omega side was expecting a bite and when it didn’t happen? Yoongi, it feels like a rejection.”

“How is it a rejection?” Yoongi was confused. He’d been with omegas before, this had never happened to him.
“Because you got what you wanted out of him, and if he was that deep in his omega instincts, it was as good as a rejection of him being a good mate,” Jin said. “Your alpha side praised him, made him feel wanted, good enough.”
“And since neither of you talked about what was going on between you,” Namjoon continued, “he had no expectation of you wanting more from him. He got scared.”
“You sure seem to know a lot about someone you’ve never met,” Yoongi frowned. It wasn’t like he didn’t understand what they were saying. It made a bit of sense even, but Yoongi didn’t think that was the whole truth. There had to be more to it than just instinct.
“Obviously we don’t know him, which is why I’ve been saying to /call him/,” Jin urged. “Maybe he wants you to call? Maybe he’s waiting for you to make a move? What’s the worst that could happen? He hangs up.”
Yoongi hated it when Jin had a point. Hated it because now he had two parental figures that weren’t his own actual parents. It had been bad enough with just Namjoon giving him advice, now his boyfriend had to weigh his opinion in as well. It sucked that they were usually right.
So, Yoongi swallowed his pride, and called Jimin.

Or, he tried. Because the person that answered the phone definitely wasn’t Jimin.
“Why are you calling?” A low voice, recognizable, asked. “Chim doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Yoongi squinted at the nickname. “Is this… Taetae? I mean, Taehyung?”
“It is, so why are you calling?”

“I’d like to talk to Jimin, I’m sure he-”

“Yes, he told me all about it,” Taehyung snorted. “So, why do you think I’d let you talk to him?”
“Because I want to apologize and smooth things over,” Yoongi said, trying to not clench his jaw at the tone Taehyung had. Of course Jimin’s friend had every right to be pissed, didn’t mean Yoongi had to like it.
“Smooth things over? So what, you can fuck him and leave him again? You pompous, self centered-”
“Hey, listen asshole, I didn’t say anything like that,” Yoongi shot back. No way in hell was he going to let anyone talk to him that way. Unless it was Jimin. “I want to talk to him because I think he got the wrong impression.”
“Oh I think he got the right impression,” Taehyung’s sneer could be felt through the phone. “You’re just another low life alpha looking to pop a knot in some pretty omega.”
“No, that’s not who I am,” Yoongi growled between bared teeth. “Look, I don’t need to explain anything to you, but I do actually /like/ Jimin. /I’m/ not the one who told me to hit the road and never come back, /he did/.”
Silence on the other end of the phone had Yoongi’s chest puffing in victory. He’d made his point and shut the omega up. Damn right he was going to be proud of that.
“He told you to leave?” Taehyung asked, the question resounded with confusion. “As in, told you it wasn’t going to work and not to call him?”
“Yes, it was all him,” Yoongi said, tone softening. “Despite what he told you, I didn’t want to stop seeing him.”
“Jimin’s in the bathroom, he’s getting ready for a shoot,” Taehyung said. “Kook and I are helping him today, but.. I think maybe you and I should sit down and talk face to face okay? Chim… he’s been through a lot and I need to know you’re truly serious.”
“I am,” Yoongi nodded despite knowing he couldn’t be seen. “I am dead serious about him.”

“Then why don’t you meet us for dinner? Six work?”
“Yeah, just give me an address and I’ll be there,” Yoongi said. He didn’t like the way Taehyung had said Jimin had been through a lot, his uneasy tone had Yoongi fearing the worst. What could have happened to him?
Yoongi hadn’t realized when Taehyung said ‘us’ he had meant a literal ‘us’ in the form of the omega and two alphas that flanked him.
Suffice it to say that Yoongi wasn’t intimidated, but definitely a little curious and confused. They were meeting at the same cafe he had met Jimin at in the first place, the three walking up to his table and sitting down.
“Hi,” Taehyung grinned at him. Taehyung was easily recognizable from the video, and Yoongi had a vague recollection of the other two from before, but how did they know him? “Chim shared some of your photos with me,” Taehyung said when Yoongi looked confused.
“Ah… wait... “ Yoongi's eyes widened at that implication. “He shared.. /those/ photos?”

“Of course, he wanted my opinion,” Taehyung said. “Anyway,” he went on as Yoongi sputtered helplessly, “this is Jungkook, and Hoseok,” he pointed to his left and right, “my alphas.”
“Your… alphas… plural?” Yoongi looked between them. It wasn’t unheard of for an alpha to take two omegas, but two alphas was not something one heard of every day.
“Yes, plural,” Taehyung winked at him. “Takes a lot to keep me satisfied, if you’re really curious, you should watch our-”

“Tae,” the red head on Taehyung’s left, Hoseok, put a hand on the omega’s arm. “We’re here for a reason yeah?”
Tae’s mouth closed with a click and he nodded. His expression soured comically and he sat up a bit in his chair. “What are your intentions towards Jimin? My best friend, my omega soulmate, the platonic love of my life?”
Clearing his throat, Yoongi sat up a little more, jaw up as he stared Taehyung down. “I like him, quite a bit. I don’t know how he feels, but I would like to take him out on a date.”
It was clear Taehyung had expected him to say something else because he opened his mouth to retort, pointing his index finger at him until Yoongi’s words caught up to his brain. “Wait, what? A date? Really?”
“Yes, why is that weird?” Yoongi frowned at him, keeping his growl to a minimum lest he offend the two alphas.
“Because… I just didn’t expect you to say /date/,” Taehyung said. “See him again yeah, but date? Who dates anymore? Just ask him to be your boyfriend!”
“People still date Tae,” the other alpha, Jungkook said, his lips quirking a little. “You dated me remember?”
“All we did was go to the arcade,” Taehyung waved him off. “Okay, date. That’s reasonable. I don’t know if he’ll see it that way.”

“Why wouldn’t he?” Yoongi asked. “Does he not date?”
The three exchanged looks and Hoseok sat forward. “I’m sure Jimin told you about his former photographer? Did he tell you what happened, why he fired her?”
“He said there was some problems,” Yoongi said, trying to remember the very limited conversation they’d had about it. At the time he figured it was a sore spot, but hadn’t considered that maybe Jimin had dated her. “Were they together?”
“No, oh no,” Taehyung shook his head vehemently. “That was… part of the bigger issue but he would never have dated her. He saw her as a friend, a close friend.”

“None of us liked her though,” Jungkook muttered, bristling just at her mention.
“Why not?” Yoongi asked. “I’m kind of lost, I thought she was just the photographer.”
“Whasa was an alpha, as I’m sure you figured out,” Taehyung replied. “They took dance together, and were dance partners, so they got really close. Whasa asked him to be a model for her photography class and he agreed.”
“It was school stuff at first, nothing bad, just very artsy,” Hoseok continued. “But she talked Jimin into doing stuff a little more risque, said they could earn money doing it. They were broke college kids at the time so Jimin agreed.”
“Jimin quit school about six months into it,” Taehyung said. “He said he was making a lot of money and didn’t need school. We really tried to talk him out of it, but he was only listening to Whasa at that point.”
“She made him quit school?” Yoongi’s jaw dropped at that. “Just… how much control did she have over him?”

“A lot,” Jungkook grunted. “She was in love with him, but he wouldn’t give in to her advances. We suspect it’s why she- how things got the way they did.”
Yoongi looked to Taehyung for an explanation. The omega was fidgeting a little, his expression pained. “I sat in on one of their sessions once, and she would order him around, make him do things to himself that weren’t… they weren’t good. It was like she was a dominatrix.”
“Chim told me once that the sessions… sometimes they kept going after the camera stopped,” Jungkook said. “Which is how the cam shows started. She’d order him to do things, sexually. If he didn’t do it, she’d hit him. Pretty hard with a paddle or a whip.”
“He’d have to do certain things to please her,” Hoseok said. “It was like she was living some kind of… sexual fantasy with him. The longer it went on, the more she took control of him and his life. He couldn’t see us, his parents, no one but her.”
“We only knew he was alive if the pictures went up every week,” Taehyung said, his distress obvious in his expression. “Jimin trusted her completely because she made him that way. He didn’t see it, wouldn’t believe us until it was almost too late.”
“About three months ago, Jimin came to us one day with bruises around his neck,” Hoseok said quietly. “She’d put a choke collar on him, attached it to a leash that was attached to a… what was that thing?” Hoseok looked to Taehyung.
“One of those you know… machines,” Taehyung said, his voice dropping. “With a dildo on it. Everytime it went in, it pulled the collar and choked Jimin. She left him on it for like an hour.”

“Oh my god,” Yoongi whispered, eyes wide. “He could have been killed.”
“He had some throat damage from it,” Hoseok nodded. “That’s when he kicked her out of his life. She couldn’t have him the way she wanted, so she was abusing him and breaking him to make him… need her.”
“It’s why his act is the way it is,” Taehyung sighed. “When he’s in front of the camera, he becomes someone else. This meek omega that needs to be praised and told what to do. That’s not the Jimin I know.”
“We were all really concerned when Jimin said he wanted to keep doing the pictures and the cam show,” Jungkook said. “We couldn’t talk him out of it. We were really worried some alpha was going to take one look at him and do the same thing.”
Taking in a slow deep breath, Yoongi rubbed his hand through his hair. “I wouldn’t do that to him. I couldn’t even imagine wanting to hurt him like that.”
“Honestly, I believe you,” Taehyung said with a small smile. “Jimin showed me the pictures, you were pretty hesitant when he was in that state. You were like a little golden retriever puppy you were so lost.”
Yoongi grunted in indignation but he knew Taehyung was right. Yoongi wouldn’t have done anything Jimin didn’t want to do. Not only because he had no idea what those kinds of things would be, but because he wasn’t going to push Jimin at all. So he told Jimin’s friends that.
“That’s good to hear,” Hoseok nodded, his smile of relief showing. “Because we wouldn’t have let you near him if we thought you were going to hurt him.”

“So what now?” Yoongi asked. “I tried calling him, obviously. Does he know you’re here?”
“He does,” Taehyung nodded. “We wouldn’t have come here to tell you this without him knowing. He didn’t exactly give us his blessing to tell you, but he didn’t tell us not to either. I know he likes you, but he’s scared.”
“Scared of me?” Yoongi frowned. He didn’t like the idea Jimin would be scared of him at all, but he understood. “I’d like to be able to talk to him face to face.”
“Then I suggest you get going because he’s waiting for you at his place,” Hoseok said. “I think he knows you’re not her, and aren’t going to be her, but he panicked.”
“Because of the knotting? Yeah I already got that lecture,” Yoongi said. “Well, I guess I should go then.”

“We’ll let him know you’re on the way. And Yoongi? If you hurt him, these two are going to take a testicle each as souvenirs," Taehyung said, motioning to the alphas.
Yoongi looked between the two alphas, giving them a pained smile. “All I want is a date, that’s all. To start.”

“Good luck then,” Taehyung nodded.
Yoongi hadn’t thought he’d ever be back to Jimin's apartment, but when the door swung open and the omega was stood there with an apprehensive smile, Yoongi smiled back.
“Hey,” Jimin opened the door wider and let Yoongi in. “So, you got the grilling from the Protect Jimin Squad?”
“Kind of, yeah,” Yoongi laughed a little as he took off his shoes. “Your friends are great though. You’re lucky you have good friends like that.”

“I know, I didn’t realize how great of friends until recently,” Jimin said, motioning for them to sit on the couch.
There was an awkward silence, Yoongi organizing his thoughts and he assumed Jimin was doing the same.

“So, they told you about what happened,” Jimin spoke first. Yoongi looked up to see him picking at a thread on a cushion seam. “You must think I’m stupid.”
“Why would I think you’re stupid?” Yoongi shook his head. “I don’t think that at all. I think she was stupid, and controlling, and-”
“I let her,” Jimin looked up, his expression serious. “I let her do that for so long, and I couldn’t tell you why. At the time, I believed her, thought she knew what was best.”
“You trusted her, no one can fault you for that Jimin,” Yoongi said quietly. “It’s not your fault.”

“Tae keeps telling me that,” Jimin laughed bitterly. “It’s hard to believe. Especially since… nothing changed when it was you behind the camera. I still acted the same way.”
“Jimin, it’s okay,” Yoongi said, sliding a little closer to put his hand on Jimin’s knee. “It’s what you’ve been doing for years. I’m just glad it was me, and not some other asshole who would treat you the way she did. Like a toy to be used.”
Jimin took a deep breath, closing his eyes. He leaned forward to rest his forehead on Yoongi’s shoulder. “I felt safe with you, you know?”
Yoongi’s lips quirked and he put an arm around his shoulder. “I know.” Resting his head on Jimin’s, he let them sit there for a while in silence, letting Jimin process, and deal.
“Why did you come back?” Jimin asked.
“Because I like you Jimin,” Yoongi said softly in his ear. “Not because of what I’ve seen you do, or because of how you act or anything like that. You’re sweet, and funny, and yeah you’re hot, but I want to know you, the real you. Not what you play up for the camera.”
“What if you don’t like that me?” Jimin asked, his face still buried against Yoongi’s shoulder. “What if you just want the omega who’ll present himself to you?”
“I don’t want that, I want the real you,” Yoongi said, pushing Jimin back slightly and tilting his head up by a finger under his chin. “So let me get to know you.”

Jimin’s smile was small and watery, but he nodded. “Okay.”
“Okay,” Yoongi returned the smile, just looking over his features. “I want to take you out on a proper date.”

Blinking, Jimin sat up straighter. “O-oh?” he stuttered. “I’ve never been a real date,” he admitted. “Whasa… she didn’t like any of the alpha guys who’d ask me out.”
“Of course not, but she’s not here,” Yoongi said. “So, will you go out with me?”

Jimin’s smile brightened further and he nodded. “Yeah, I’ll go out on a date with you.”
Yoongi wasn’t expecting Jimin to lean forward and give him a kiss, but it wasn’t unwelcome and he let the soft brush of their lips linger for a moment before pulling back. “So, what are you doing tonight?”
Jimin hummed, head tilted in thought. “Well, I think I’ve got a date?”

Laughing, Yoongi pulled Jimin back in close for another light kiss. “Yeah, I think you do.”
“Yoongi,” Jimin pulled back to look at him seriously. “I know we’ve already fucked, but can we… take it slow from now on?”
“Of course,” Yoongi said immediately. “I’m not taking you out just to fuck you and leave, Jimin. I never wanted that. I want you, all of you, at your pace.”
Jimin relaxed and he all but collapsed into Yoongi’s chest. “Thank you,” he said softly. “No one’s ever wanted to just date me. Just fuck me and go. It’s… not a great feeling.”
“No I can’t imagine it would be,” Yoongi said, running his hand through Jimin’s hair. “But that’s all changed now.”
Jimin hummed in response. “But you know I won’t wait forever, you… really fucked me good. It was all I could think about for days.”
Yoongi growled softly at Jimin’s words, his alpha pride puffing up in his chest. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you either.”
Jimin sat up and maneuvered himself to straddle Yoongi’s thighs and looked down at him. “It’s gonna be hard holding myself back,” he said, smoothing his hands over Yoongi’s shoulders. “Now that I know how good you are.”
“But we will wait,” Yoongi emphasized, squeezing Jimin’s thighs. “Whatever else can wait until we’re sure.”
Jimin pouted a little but nodded. “You’re right, I know you’re right. I already know you’re perfect for me Yoongi. God, your cock was the best.”

“Good things come to those who wait,” Yoongi smirked up at him.
“What’s that?” Yoongi chuckled as Jimin played with the buttons on his shirt.

“Would you fuck me on the live show?”
Yoongi paled slightly, his mind going blank. “Shit, Jimin,” he groaned, letting his head fall back into the cushion. “I thought you’d never ask.”
End of part 4! Who doesn't like a bit of angsty goodness?

Part 5 will be the final part! No poll this time because I want it to be a surprise what they'll get up to.

Thank you for reading!
Part 5 Preview
Part 5 Preview
As usual, please do not reply to the thread, quote only. make sure to @ me so i can guarantee i see your reply.
WARNING: this part contains feminization (very mild), daddy/baby girl kink and consensual voyeurism. also ridiculous amounts of slick but that's abo 🤷‍♀️
“Joon, it’s starting! You’re going to miss it!” Jin called over his shoulder as he opened live feed, setting it to fill the screen.

“I’m not watching my best friend have sex,” Joon replied.
“He said it was important and that we should really watch!” Jin continued, settling into his seat on the couch, laptop firmly on his lap. “He wouldn’t have even mentioned if it wasn’t important.”
Namjoon emerged from the kitchen, holding out a glass of wine to Jin who took it with a grin. “You don’t think it’s weird? Watching Yoongi make love to his boyfriend on camera?”
“Make love? Namjoon, from what they’ve both told us, this camshow is not going to be making love,” Jin snorted. “Yoongi’s right, you really are a prude. Here I thought I knew you.”
“I’m not a prude,” Namjoon scowled at him, setting down on the other end of the couch.

“Prove it,” Seokjin raised an eyebrow at him. “Watch it with me.”
Sighing in resignation, because he knew he was going to lose, Namjoon motioned for Jin to come towards him and they settled in together just as Jimin’s face appeared on the screen.
“Hi guys,” Jimin waved into the camera. “As I mentioned last week, today is going to be really, really special.” His attention went just off frame and he grinned a little.
“As you all know, it’s been six months since my new photographer started,” he said, bringing his attention back to the camera. “I know I’ve been teasing you all by talking about him and never showing you his face. But! Today’s different.”
“I finally managed to get him to agree,” Jimin said. “You all should know that we’ve been… dating for the past few months, and it’s been great. So, that’s why today’s special. My /boyfriend/ is joining me.”
Jimin eagerly watched the comments, his bottom lip between his teeth to keep his expression in check.

They knew saying the ‘b’ word would be a risk, and could lose some of the dedicated viewers, but it was important. Yoongi supported the decision, if that’s what Jimin wanted.
Watching from the side, Yoongi had his arms crossed and leaned up against the wall. Despite his eagerness to do this, they had taken their time getting back to the sex part. Almost three months.
Three months of torture as far as Yoongi was concerned because they were still doing Jimin’s photoshoots. But after having talked to Jimin’s friends and Jimin himself, Yoongi was adamant they keep a clear boundary when working.
Yes, Yoongi still helps guide Jimin through the scene of whatever he was modeling, but he kept himself in check. It was as much for his own sanity as it was for Jimin’s mental well being. He didn’t want the lines to get blurred about what was work and what was boyfriend time.
It hadn’t been easy at first, but they’d pulled through and it was all the better. Jimin’s work wouldn’t suffer and Yoongi didn’t violate his ethics as a photographer.
Yoongi was actually surprised they’d made it three months without sex, but he was grateful for the time to learn as much as he could about Jimin. But three months seemed to have been both their limits.
After a particularly long shoot involving leather and straps and Jimin getting so turned on he came untouched, they practically threw themselves at each other when Yoongi put down his camera. It was probably the best sex Yoongi had ever had.
Sex aside, Jimin was fun, and sweet, and perfect for Yoongi. He smelled heavenly and he brought up all kinds of things in the alpha. Thoughts of mating and families. He had wondered if Jimin felt the same, but he didn’t wonder anymore.
Yoongi wouldn’t have agreed to do the live otherwise.
“Well I think enough time’s passed, everybody’s in,” Jimin said. “I’ve left my announcement on the bottom of the page introducing who Yoongi is, so, no one should be surprised when they come in late. You want to meet him?”
Yoongi knew that was his cue and he slowly walked forward, towards Jimin who rolled from where he’d been laying on the bed facing the camera to looking up at Yoongi.
“Because it’s such a special day, I let Yoongi pick what’s going to happen today,” Jimin said, leaning back on his hands, the long sleeves of his pink sweater bunched at his wrists.
His knees opened and closed slowly, giving Yoongi the perfect view of his white stockings, and the white cotton panties.
“He wanted me to be his baby girl today, isn’t that right daddy?” Jimin said, tilting his head back to expose his throat to Yoongi.
Yoongi licked his lips as he knelt onto the corner of the bed. “We starting?” he asked, perking a brow at him. He didn’t look at the computer or the camera, he wasn’t ready to acknowledge them quite yet.
“Is that what you want daddy?” Jimin hummed. “I’ll be so good for you daddy, what do you want?”
Yoongi smirked a little as he crawled toward Jimin. He was long past the stuttered words and dry throat. Jimin still knew how to rile him up and get him hard, but he was prepared for it. Most of the time.
“I want you to suck me off,” Yoongi said, sitting up on his knees and unzipping his pants. “Think you can do that without making a mess?”
Jimin’s eyes darkened and he nodded, twisting around to get on all fours. He nuzzled his nose against Yoongi’s groin until Yoongi pushed his pants down enough to bring out his cock from his underwear. Jimin didn’t even hesitate as he liked a stripe up the length.
“Don’t tease baby,” Yoongi said, running his hands through Jimin’s now pink hair. It was so soft, like cotton candy. Jimin had wanted to wear a wig but Yoongi loved feeling his boyfriend’s hair.
He liked the way his fingers could curl into the strands and tug to get Jimin going. Which he did, yanking up on his hair lightly as his dick hit Jimin in the nose. Jimin squeaked and pouted up at Yoongi but opened his mouth to let Yoongi slowly slide his dick in.
“So wet baby, so warm,” Yoongi moaned, thrusting in and out slowly. Jimin groaned in response, eyes fluttering as he let Yoongi use his mouth. He tried to suckle at it, wrap his tongue around and twist. All of that just made Yoongi’s mind go blank and thrust in harder.
He didn’t want to hurt Jimin, even if he knew the omega could take it. He kept his desire to rut into him in check, pulling back when Jimin’s eyes snapped open and he made a startled choking noise. Too deep, but fuck had it felt good.
Pull Jimin off of him, Yoongi ran his thumb over Jimin’s lips. “You did good baby, but I think it’s time I get you opened up for me.”
There was a glint of something in Jimin’s eye but he nodded even as he panted for breath. Yoongi let go of his hair so Jimin could around and lean his upper body down onto the mattress.
Yoongi liked Jimin in this position. Well, any position, but face down ass up was one of his favorites. Scooting forward, Yoongi pushed the oversized sweater off from his ass so he could get a look at the pure white panties Jimin had on.
He’d liked the look of Jimin in them from the school girl shoot, and while Yoongi liked any kind of underwear on Jimin, the white panties reminded him of a good memory. He let his hands trail down Jimin’s back, fingers digging into his skin before hooking them into the waistband.
It should have been expected, but Yoongi’s eyes went up when he pulled the panties down and over the curve of Jimin’s ass. There, nestled between his plump cheeks, was a pink glass flower.
“Oh, baby,” Yoongi cooed, tracing a finger around the glass. “Did you prepare yourself for me already?” he asked when he finished taking Jimin’s underwear off and tossing it. “Such a dirty girl.”
Jimin whined, thighs trembling at the touch. “Wanted… wanted to surprise you daddy, it’s such a special day, I didn’t want you to have to get all messy.”
“Fuck baby girl, you’re so good to me,” Yoongi took hold of the plug and twisted it slightly. Jimin flinched, cheeks clenching. “Stay still,” Yoongi tapped Jimin’s thigh.
He pulled the plug out slowly and pushed it back in. Slick gushed out around it, making a squelching sound that was music to his ears. It took a second for the smell to hit him and Yoongi closed his eyes, breathing it in.
“Fuck Jimin, I love your smell,” Yoongi hissed, pulling the plug out finally and tossing it on the bed. He didn’t give Jimin a chance before diving in with his nose and tongue. He pressed his tongue against Jimin’s rim and lapped at the sweet taste.
Inhaling between swallow, Yoongi was sure he could get drunk just off the taste of Jimin’s slick, his smell, everything that was Jimin.
“Taste like strawberries,” Yoongi groaned. Jimin was thrashing his head back and forth, unable to form a thought or words. “You gone already baby? What’s your color?”

“G-green,” Jimin gasped, lifting his head out of the mattress to look back at him. “Thank you daddy.”
Lips quirking, Yoongi didn’t have to ask what Jimin was thanking him for, he knew Jimin appreciated when Yoongi made sure he was okay in a scene. That had been a must for Yoongi after hearing about what had been done to Jimin.
Yoongi always wanted Jimin to trust that he wouldn’t push too far. Jimin had laughed at him for it, but he appreciated it all the same.
“Take off the sweater,” Yoongi commanded as he sat back up on his knees. The stockings could stay on, Jimin liked the feel of them, but the sweater needed to go.
It took Jimin a moment to get his limbs working to pull the sweater over his head and dropped it off the side of the bed.
“Good girl,” Yoongi hummed, massaging Jimin’s hips. “You look so pretty baby, all open for me, slick leaking everywhere. You want to be fucked? You want daddy to fuck you?”
“Yes, yes daddy,” Jimin nodded, sitting up on his forearms and throwing a look over his shoulder. “Please daddy, take me.”
Using a bit of Jimin’s slick, Yoongi gave his hard cock a few sharp pumps before ridding himself of the rest of his clothes. Spreading Jimin’s ass again, he lined himself up and slowly pressed himself in.
“How you like that, hm?” Yoongi asked when he was fully seated. “Tell them how good it feels.”

“Oh.. oh fuck… daddy, alpha,”Jimin wailed, his head going between rolling and sagging. “Feels so good daddy, so big, fuck it’s like your dick was made for me.”
“That’s right baby girl, just for you,” Yoongi said, starting to work himself in and out. “This cock is just for you, you like daddy’s cock?”

“Yes, yes, love daddy’s cock,” Jimin babbled, unable to keep his head up.
“Baby, you’re ignoring your audience,” Yoongi said, reaching forward with one hand to grab Jimin by the hair and pull his head around to look straight at the camera. Yoongi glanced over to see how it looked on the screen.
If anything, it made him fuck Jimin harder seeing the fucked out expression on Jimin’s face and his own dick fucking into Jimin. It was hot, it looked hot, and by the comments flooding the chat on the screen, Jimin’s audience was loving it.
Or hating it, he wasn’t sure, he couldn’t read the comments with how fast they were going and he wasn’t about to stop to look.

“Alpha, alpha,” Jimin whined lowly. Yoongi slowed down and wrapped his arm around Jimin’s chest and pulled him up.
“What is it baby?” Yoongi asked, rolling his hips gently into Jimin as he kissed his neck.

“I… I’m so close,” Jimin whimpered, his head laying back onto Yoongi’s shoulder. “It… it’s time.”
“You sure?” Yoongi murmured low enough the microphone wouldn’t pick it up. “Can you hold out just a little longer baby?” he asked a little louder, nuzzling into the side of his neck. “Just a little longer.”
Jimin was unconsciously moving his hips back against Yoongi’s, wanting him deeper and faster than what he was doing. “Please, please alpha,” Jimin moaned. His own hand snaked down his chest to his cock and Yoongi pulled it away.
“No baby, not yet,” Yoongi warned. He wrapped his arms under Jimin’s and curled them up over Jimin’s shoulders to hold him steady. “Almost there baby girl, doing so good, being such a good girl.” He started a punishing pace, his thighs smacking hard into Jimin’s.
Jimin all but screamed at the new pace, back arching and almost pulled away but Yoongi held him tight. He could feel how close he was getting, knew it would be soon. “I’m close baby, I’m so close, you want it?” he asked, gazing towards the camera as he kissed Jimin’s shoulder.
“Yes, yes alpha,” Jimin’s head tilted even more so Yoongi could nuzzle against his scent gland. “Please alpha, /claim me/.”
The words went straight to Yoongi’s alpha pride and it roared to life, easily overtaking his mind and body. Opening his mouth, he clamped down hard onto Jimin’s neck and bit down into the tender spot.
Jimin screamed as he came, the bite tipping him over the edge and his cock dribbled come uselessly onto the sheets below. By the time his scream had died in his throat, Yoongi was licking at the fresh wound to clean up any bit of blood.
“Almost there baby, almost done, can you hold on just a little longer?” Yoongi asked and Jimin nodded weakly. “Good baby, such a good omega.”
Gently laying Jimin down into the mattress, Yoongi rolled Jimin to his back before sliding himself in again. This position was more intimate, better for Jimin. Yoongi had Jimin’s legs around his waist as he fucked into him.
“So good for me omega, so good, you’re all mine now, all mine,” Yoongi grunted and groaned, his hips stuttering as the first wave of his orgasm hit.
Jimin seemed to wake up from his stupor at that moment and he pulled Yoongi down to complete the mating, his teeth piercing Yoongi’s flesh and sealing their bond.
Yoongi had never popped a knot so fast and come so hard as he did the second Jimin claimed him.

It was the best orgasm he had ever had, and probably ever will again.
Yoongi thought he might have blacked out for a second because next thing he knew Jimin had his face in his small hands and was smiling sleepily up at him. “Yoongi? You okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, I’m good,” Yoongi nodded, smiling back and leaned in to kiss him gently. “You did so good, thank you.”

“Hmm… you’re welcome,” Jimin chuckled softly. “As much as I want to just lay here and fall asleep, we have to say goodbye.”
Eyes snapping open wide, Yoongi needed a second before he understand what Jimin was talking about. “Oh, the feed, right.”
It took a bit of maneuvering and slow shuffles, but Yoongi got Jimin into his lap and the scooted to the edge of the bed where the computer was.
“I’m sorry if I wasn’t as interactive as usual guys, I’m sure you now know why I said this was a special day,” Jimin said, his head leaning against Yoongi’s tiredly. “He’s mine forever, and I’m his.”
Yoongi nodded, his arms tightening around Jimin’s waist. “But, I’ll share him with you all,” he said. “I’ll still take his pretty pictures you all enjoy.”
“And I’ll still do my show once a week,” Jimin said. “I just might have a guest more often now. So, I hope you guys liked the show. I’ll see you next week.”
Jimin leaned forward and turned off the feed. “I’d say for your first show, you didn’t do too bad.”

“Helped that you’re a pro at it,” Yoongi said, pressing kisses to Jimin’s cheek. “Happy?”
“Very, very happy,” Jimin nodded, smiling down at him. “I’ve got my alpha, and he’s the best alpha.”
“And I have the best omega, and he’s all mine,” Yoongi replied softly. “Except on Friday nights, he’s dating half the country.”

Jimin snorted at that, leaning their foreheads together. “Maybe, but you’re the one that gets to fuck me.”
“That is a highlight,” Yoongi nodded, closing his eyes. “I love you for more than that you know.”

“Yes Yoongi, I know,” Jimin chuckled softly. “I love you for more than that too.”
Namjoon had spent the better part of the experience with his hand over his eyes. He knew he was flush with embarrassment just from hearing what was going on.

“Oh my god,” Jin smacked Namjoon’s arm and pointed. “Look! They mated.”
“Wait what?” Namjoon blinked a few times and looked at the screen. Sure enough, Yoongi was licking at a wound on Jimin’s neck. “Holy… shit.”

“No wonder he wanted us to watch, oh my god that’s so sweet,” Jin cooed.
“Sweet?” Namjoon eyed his mate with a frown. “How is that sweet?”
“It’s like an old mating ritual,” Jin said. “Remember? The family members would all gather to watch the couple mate and claim each other? This is less invasive, but it’s such a sweet sentiment.”

“If you think so,” Namjoon sighed.
“It’s too bad we didn’t think of something like that when we mated,” Jin said, resting his head against Namjoon’s chest, not paying attention to the rest of the feed after that.

“I wouldn’t have done it,” Namjoon said, poking him. “I love you, but that’s… that’s way too much.”
Jin lifted his head and stuck his tongue out at him. “Prude.”

“You keep calling me a prude and you’re going to wish I really was,” Namjoon warned.
Sitting up, Jin’s eyes flashed dangerously as he leaned in just close enough to brushing lips against Namjoon’s as he spoke. “Prude.”
Jin screamed when Namjoon pounced on him and giggled all the way to the bedroom where they could put on their own private show.
The end!
Thank you all for reading and encouraging and participating. This was a thread I'd been wanting to do but needed a push to do it! I started this celebrating my 3k followers, but now we're almost at 4k and I'm so grateful to everyone. Thank you!
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