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It's not enough to set goals and to want to slay. You have to mind the culture you evolve in.

Looking at some timelines I know for a fact some of you are set up for failure. Your environment, your words, your interests all point at an alignment with a culture of dysfunction.
Your belief system influences your results.

Not just the belief system directly connected to your goal (I believe I can lose 10 kilos).

The belief system associated to the culture you're in and your personal life experience (life is unfair, I always have to work harder)...
This second belief system will also affect your goal.

You can hustle, you can work hard, check all the boxes but nothing happens, things collapse, people don't pay you on time, people betray you, ...

Something in your subconscious is probably manifesting along with your goals.
'The struggle is real'
'Can't trust nobody'
'Slaving away at this task'

Did you hear what you just said?

Just have affirmed, commanded struggle to be upon your life.

Everybody ran with the manifestation thing but forgot it works negatively as well.
Now some people just have poor mental hygiene, they have trained themselves to think negative thoughts.

Retrain the mind and you get positive results.

Others are in a culture that was birthed in the struggle: all the codes, the jokes, the habits are about the struggle.
There you have a problem.

You can clean your mind, be a positive thinker all you want but if your entire culture is rooted in struggle guess what you get?

Your goals manifest with that extra juicy struggle seasoning.

That's why you keep hitting a wall.
Because the culture predicts that there should be struggle.

It contains subconscious commands that manifest struggle.

What you focus on, manifests.
What you think about, manifests.
What you joke about, manifests.

'The struggle is real.'
If you say so!

That's how mind works
And it will work on manifesting more of that struggle for you, like a faithful servant.

The subsconcious mind is there for you, it's there to serve you, but if you feed it struggle or trash guess what you're going to get?

More of the same, that's all it can do.
Normally when it's a negative thought, you just switch the though, but when it's an entire culture you have to upgrade everything.

And that's a hard task because the culture is connected to love, to home, to roots, to protection.
So that's not just switching up a belief.
There you are questionning your foundations, your allegiances, your connection to your family, to your ancestors, to your history.

It's a complete overhaul.

You also risk being ostracized by the community, cast out.

And that's a scary prospect.
Being cast out was used as one of the harshest form of punishement in ancient times.

It triggers fundamental survival fears.

So hopefully you can see how massive it is to deal with a mental upgrade when it comes to the culture you evolve in.
It is huge but it's necessary.

And those of you who do the work, do the affirmations, think positive but wonder why your life is still filled with struggle you need to do that work. Because nothing will work until you do.

The struggle will always catch up with you.
Because the struggle lives in you as a attribute assigned to your cultural identity.

Your subconscious will make sure you are always expressing your identity.

Struggle will follow you everywhere until you upgrade your identity & give your subconscious new commands.
It doesn't mean you can get ahead in life, that you can't have a cushy job, a big house.

It just means that one way or another that extra juicy struggle seasoning will also be added to the mix and pop up at the most random time.

The wall you keep hitting.
Obviously there's one culture that comes to mind more anything here: people with an ancestry rooted in slavery.

That's a culture of survivalism: strong, resilient survivors. The problem is survival implies a struggle.
There's something to survive.

It becomes a prophecy.
Since the culture is based on survival, it contains subconscious commands that manifests things for you to survive.

That wall you keep hitting.

You can't abandon your roots, but also can't keep hitting the wall.

Something needs to change.
I am working on something to clear this up for good for professional women with ancestry rooted in slavery in the Americas who are doing everything to move ahead in life and are sick and tired of hitting that wall.

DM me if you want to be notified when there's more info.
This is going be a confidential, invite-only thing.

I am not going to talking too much about it here, I'm testing it with a small group first.

So if you think this is something you could need, DM me now to be on that notification list.

It's time to let go of that struggle.
It's time to stop:

- being worked to the bone,
- being paid less than everyone for more work,
- being there to carry everybody else's burdens,
- being betrayed by the people you love but having to keep it under the rug,
- being victimized,
- being alone with your pain.
And this is not about 'racism, 'white supremacy', 'patriarchy or any of those keywords.

Not to say there aren't real tangible problems in the world, but this is not what this is about.

This is about what you can do here & now to fix things for yourself no matter what.
This is about taking control of your mind to take control of your life and override all those forces.

Whatever you focus on grows.
Whatever you push against grows.

You can't fight these forces by rallying against them.

Being against anything make it bigger.
The battle is won in your mind first.

Good news: you don't need to force anyone to do anything.

Bad news: you have to do the work.

If you're ready to win this battle, DM me.
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