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Recién enterándome del dato de #inflación de septiembre en Chile, donde suelen mezclarse muchas cosas en el análisis vox populi.

Sale hilo 🧵 largo para intentar aterrizar la discusión a no economistas y que cada cual saque sus conclusiones.

#Retiros #Precios #BancoCentral
¿Qué es la inflación? Su definición no advierte tantas diferencias, pero sí su CAUSAS. En cuanto a lo 1ero, la inflación es el aumento *generalizado* de los precios de la economía, en un periodo de tiempo dado.

Es decir, no vale decir "a mí me aumentó tal cosa", hay q ver todo.
Otra forma de verlo, es la pérdida del poder adquisitivo del dinero: cada vez más tu billete compra menos cosas, pero de nuevo, dicha pérdida tiene que ser *general* en toda la economía.

¿Y cómo se mide esto? Por supuesto, a través de un proxy o Índice de Precios al Consumidor.
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Incredible #sunrise #eclipse #wow #israeljoffe #northbethesda #Maryland #PacMan
Cool article featuring me from #newsweek about the #pacman #Eclipse this morning, thanks :) #israel #joffe #thursdaymorning #fda #sunrise #thursdayvibes…
Another cool article featuring me and my eclipse pics and videos... #FoxNews about the #pacman #Eclipse this morning.. It was an awesome thing to witness at sunrise, thanks :) #israel #joffe #thursdaymorning #fda #sunrise #thursdayvibes…
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- SALT Story -

“I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that my story is not unusual. If I just say that I was born to a farmer in a Solapur village, you will get the drift. My mother was very young and used to everything that comes with being a mother of five girls." (1/10)
"As the eldest, I grew up determined to be the son. Fortunately, I was good at Math. I saved myself from early marriage by getting into an engineering college on merit. My sisters were very happy." (2/10)

#realstory #Finance #womenpower
"Not because I was going to study, but because they could now share the scooty that I used to ride to school!

I am like a mother to my sisters because I do not want them to go through what I did." (3/10)

#money #education #scooty #MOTHER
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Thanks for the continued follow! It is appreciated.

Am now doing one year thread on oddities of past year of escapist tinge.

Default mode built on past as kid who hid with a book behind the clawfoot bathtub until the fighting and rampaging died down.


This us not my year, but was interesting so I added it.



Beginning of week in quarantine after potential work exposure.

Exercise some control by choosing to living in nothing but giant T-shirts of my choosing.
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World of Warcraft #WoW et la propagation du virus rapide #thread sur une histoire virtuelle mais vraie qui devrait nous servir de leçon dans la réalité véritable.

En 2005, WoW est à son apogée. A titre d'exemple sur 15M d'abonnés à internet en France, 8M sont joueurs de WoW ! ⬇️
Pour présenter rapidement le concept du jeu : des joueurs jouent ensemble en ligne, ils peuvent combattre des monstres, réaliser des quêtes... pour faire progresser leur personnage.

L'un des attraits est le concept de donjon : une succession de pièces, de monstres et de boss.
Souvent compliqué, finir un donjon avec des amis procure joie, expérience, or, équipements rares...

En septembre 2005, un nouveau donjon est créé avec comme boss final : "Hakkar l'écorcheur d'âmes" (non, il n'est pas très sympa).
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🔭✨🌀 Záhada galaxie BEZ TEMNÉ HMOTY vyřešena, odsává ji galaxie jiná...
Víc tuna ► nebo v #thread níže.

#veda #science #věda #galaxy #darkmatter #astrophysics #astrofyzika #fyzika #physics #wow #wonder #nature #universe #apocalypse #astronomy #space
Titěrná galaxie NGC 1052-DF4 udělala nedávno v kosmologii nemalé vlny. Její pozorování naznačilo, že má kolem sebe šokantně málo temné hmoty. Nynější studie naznačuje řešení záhady – temná hmota kolem NGC 1052-DF4 skutečně chybí, ale jenom protože ji UKRADLY GALAXIE OKOLNÍ. 💥
To zjistilo pozorování týmu MIREI MONTES učiněná s pomocí Hubblea. DF4 se totiž nachází blízko masivnější galaxie NGC1035. Právě tenhle větší budulínek z menší galaxie ZŘEJMĚ ODSÁVÁ viditelnou (baryonovou) hmotu i „neviditelnou“ temnou (nebaryonovou) hmotu. 🌬
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#WOW: Ohio House Aging Committee is hearing testimony on a bill to allow family members to be “essential caregivers” for nursing home patients.

Lynn Meldon says she’s seen her 94-year-old mom in her nursing home, for a total of 70 minutes since March.
Lynn says at one point her mother fell down: “How bad is it, that when the nursing home called to tell me...I almost hoped my mom was hurt bad enough, so that I could go visit her in the emergency room?”
Lynn Meldon: “They are slowly dying from isolation, not COVID.”
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Heute möchte ich ein Spiel vorstellen, welches mir besonders große Freude beim Testen machte. Denn neben einer für mich neuen und intressanten Mechanik, verbinde ich mit der Spielwelt einen Teil meiner Jugend und Momente, die ich wohl nie vergessen werde
#Wow #Asmodee Image
Small World of Warcarft.
Jüngst erschien das Spiel in Deutschland bei @Asmo_dee, welche es von @days_of_wonder übersetzt haben. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Version des Spiels Small Word, mit der #Wow Lizenz von @Blizzard_Ent. Wie gut die Umsetzung ist, könnt ihr hier lesen!
1. Die Aufmachung:
Das Spiel kommt in einer stabilen Pappschachtel, welche mit einer stimmigen #Wow Optik ausgestattet ist, daher. Das Cover zeigt eine Kampfszene zwischen #Allianz und #Horde. Dabei wird auch gleich ein Spielelement angeteast.
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#QuarantineWatchParty #onlyfans #news #newnormal
Let me share some things with you, I'll do my best to put it into words,and Let those the Creator of all Reality our Heavenly Father should have to see, see. Today we're going to talk about #Letters and stuff. #alphabetsoup
Let's look at a more controversial Alphabet, #Hebrew, where we even get the English word above from, Aleph Beth. Remember #children #Layers meanings within meanings #hmmyeeealright
So what letters stand out to you? Tha's nice, those which I noticed most are T-taw, Q-Qoph, And W - Waw or is that a Y, why oh me oh my? #WhyWomenKill #Youtube #Y
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Yeah, you ever wonder how crazy Joe Biden or 44 or HRC got so many followers, likes or retweets? Here's how....

There are more SANE American citizens than we are led to believe. It's ALL a hoax! A Scam!!!

#WakeUpAmerica #LetsRoll #RollinWithReba
#VoteReba2020 #FL21 #RedTsunami
The political arena is full of FAKES on both sides of the aisle. You might be surprised to learn that not only do Dems pay people to promo their social media, but Reps do too. Not only that, but often the person to whom is given the credit is NEVER touching their accounts...
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Hilo; "Paseando por #Azeroth"

(Aquí iré colgando capturas del #worldofwarcraft y así tenerlas organizadas en el mismo hilo)

Empezamos con el Maravilloso #Skyline de las ruinas de #Lordaeron visto desde #Rémol! Image
Hoy en "Paseando por #Azeroth" ;

#Orgrimar! sobran las palabras...

#QuedateEnCasaSubnormal Jugando al #WoWClassic ! o en su defecto al #WorldOfWarcraft retail... Image
Hoy en "Paseando por #Azeroth" ;

Gracias Guardia Real del Terror por proteger a Nuestra reina Alma en Pena.

#QuedateEnCasaSubnormal Jugando al #WoWClassic ! o en su defecto al #WorldOfWarcraft retail... Image
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Ok, I finished putting in all the English monastery values from the Valor Ecclesiasticus into Excel, and can reveal the top 30 foundations/all valued as worth over £1000 gross general income in 1535

Now to do church statuses for all the other ones! All 510 of them!
this is mostly going to be very depressing, isn't it?

Caldwell Priory, Augustinian (originally Canons of the Holy Sepulchre), valued at £148, dissolved 1536. Subsequently ironworks and currently having the dullest flats imaginable built on top of it
dayum, abingdon

you know, finding plans of the really robbed-trench sites of even the biggest buildings like this and Warden (the biggest Cistercian Abbey in southern England) is REALLY HARD
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I know not everyone is a fan of #screentime [feh] for their #kids, but in the face of #CoronaVirus the #KidsMedia world is stepping up.
@bigbadboo Studio is removing the paywall for its #VOD platform @OznozKids. If you're not familiar with it, now's the time to become so, especially if your home speaks more than one language. #Oznoz has 200+ hours of #video content for #children, in 10 languages.
Podcast @wowintheworld is getting activities & resources to #teachers to send home as needed. Their #wowsheet designed by educators can be used with any #Wow episode ( They're also offering free teacher memberships via @FirstBook (…)
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#WOW: Hillary DIDN'T say the "Russians" were grooming Tulsi Gabbard.

She said "REPUBLICANS" were grooming her for a 3rd party run.

"Mr. Merrill said late Friday evening that Mrs. Clinton’s initial “grooming” claim had referred to Republicans, not Russia, as initially reported."
#FTR: The article has been updated...but the reporter has NOT corrected her tweet.

Shortly after tweeting out the incorrect article, she retweeted the suggestion that Tulsi's primary challenger for her congress is not a serious opponent.

She's not even trying to hide her bias.
#PS: Hillary never even said Tulsi's name.

You should listen to the interview starting ~43 mins in.

The questions are about Republicans, who she refers to as "they."

She even says "they" and adds "and the Russians"...JUST before the misreported quote.…
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Walking away from @united premier counter shaking off microagressions. One white man had two agents working with him while I stood there waiting for someone to simply put my bag tag on my luggage. Asked for help. No one even looked up. Pretended I wasn’t there. #wow
Update: @United responded quickly. I explained that micro-aggressions break the trust of mileage customers who choose airlines and place trust in them to care for our bodies and our emotions while in their care. They got it. 1/
Thanks to the @united social media responder for understanding the seriousness of micro-aggressions. And thank you for your good Will gesture of credit or miles. I accepted the miles. Plus, I was just upgraded on both flights. Thank you for replacing bad memories with good ones.
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1/ Ok, FINALLY time for some #NXIVMtrial catch-up tweets.
As you all know by now, the prosecution rested its case on Friday against Keith Alan Raniere, a.k.a, "The Vanguard".
2/ The defense decided not to present a case?!
Perhaps that’s because every time they open their mouths, more evidence for the prosecution comes out, lol…
Closing arguments for #NXIVMtrial are on Monday..
3/Before I continue, a ROUND of APPLAUSE for Assistant US attorneys Tanja Hajjar and Moira Penza- two of the sharpest tacks in the courtroom!
Self assured and un-intimidated by their opponents with (decades) more experience- #WOW!
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Yay we are go! @ryanfseipke introducing the best #microbio19 session 'The biological and chemical tales of the antibiotic makers' on behalf of fellow organizers @kate_duncan @lore_fermar and myself and invite all session delegates to social from 9pm onwards in The Dirty Onion pub
First speaker of the best #microbio19 session is @MattHutchings10 on #antbiotics
.@MattHutchings10: covers 10years of amzing chemical ecology and (micro)biology, with multilevel multitrophic interactions #Microbio19
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1/ "Only limited studies have been done concerning adultery among Christians. But initial findings have been shocking."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989, at least 4 years into his sexual assault & harassment of multiple parishioners and employees
2/ " 'The Myth of the Greener Grass' answered many of the questions I had been struggling to answer on the subject of adultery: What causes affairs?"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989
3/ "In fact in the Old Testament, under Mosaic Law, anyone caught in adultery received the death penalty."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989

*actually, this worked out to only the women getting executed. #bicbw
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starting the day with drugs is not as fun as it sounds #chronicpain
strong cannabis cookie, 1/2 soma, 600 mg ibuprofen, 1/2 a joint, heating pad, and now we wait. #migrainemorning #backpain #walkinglikeagnoll
a whole nother joint and several hours later, i can move and managed a shower! now to eat breakfast and then probably rest again. I've got schoolwork to do, laundry and dishes piling up... i will do what i can do today #spoonie #chronicillness
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Today I was thinking about what to do with my #Magic cards.

So often love of a game comes in direct conflict with dislike of playing with people who are fans of the game. This applies from everything to games like #MtG to #Overwatch #WoW #DnD AL and #pathfinder society
I'm still mad over one situation. In #DnD #LFR organized play, I playing an epic level artificer with all the warlord cheese

There was this man who constantly told me I was slow, and he was so insistent about it that he even convinced my friends at the table I was slow.
But look. I had pre-generated tables for every attack, with all normal modifiers.
I would set aside the exact number of dice before my turn, color dice coded per attack type.

I only even had dice applicable to the character. There was no die hunt
I was optimized.
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