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#Ethereum's #revenue sees fourth consecutive monthly increase, reaching $208m, but underperforms compared to #Bitcoin as global #crypto market faces #bearish trends. 🧵👇

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1/10: #Ethereum's monthly #revenue has improved for the fourth consecutive month to $208m, but is still low. When monthly revenue began ramping up in 2021 and eclipsed >200m for the first time, #ETH was trading around $1,300. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin (#BTC) price is $28,048, above the 50d MA of $27,963, which is #bullish. #Ethereum (#ETH) price is $1,828, below the 50d MA $1,854, which is #bearish, with the price #WoW decreasing by -1.9%.
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You’re not crazy, you’re dreaming big because YOU HEARD GOD.

He’s a big God who does big things. And He’s looking for people He can show Himself mighty TO and THROUGH. Amen?

Believe what He showed you.
You can have what He releases.

NOW is your time to possess God’s promises!

•Mind your stewardship
•Get your house in order
•Remove yourself from anything petty
•Sow for where you want to go
•Speak the Word only
•Master building in silence

This will help you exponentially in this season.

Glory to King Jesus.🔥

•You will not be able to build with anyone who does not believe like you do. You must be evenly yoked.

•God gave YOU the vision, many won’t get it. God anointed YOU, you see and move differently.

*Remember this always.*💯
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Get ready for another #Bitcoin rally!🚀

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#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #investing Image
1/10: Our Greed & Fear index dropped to mid-level last week, setting the market up for another #rally. With #Bitcoin still driven by #US #trading hours and a US public holiday on Monday, we expect US institutions to lift prices above 25,000 from Tuesday night onwards. Image
2/10: #Bitcoin and #Ethereum prices are both above their 50-day moving averages, which is a #bullish sign. The global #crypto market cap increased by 10.9% WoW to $1.17 trillion, with Bitcoin dominance at 40.4% for the week. Overall, the trend is up and the market is #bullish.
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나는 2018년까지 World of Warcraft를 열심히 플레이했었다.
레이드보다는 PvP 위주의 투기장, 평점제 전장에서 열심히 썰었는데 지금 생각해보면 이게 바로 집중력의 원천이었던것 같다.
공부도 게임하듯이 혼자만의 퀘스트를 정해서 했다.
매일 매일 그날의 목표량을 정하여 일퀘/평판퀘 노가다 한다는 심정으로 완전히 숙지할때까지 공부를 하고 어차피 대가리가 나빠서 못외운 내용과 영어 단어들은 빼곡히 포스트잇에 적어 밥먹는 테이블에, 화장실 거울에, 자동차 대시보드에, 아무곳이나 눈길가는 곳에 사정없이 붙여놨다.
문제풀이도 마찬가지였다. 평판노가다 일퀘한다는 생각으로 하루에 3백문제를 정해진 시간안에 풀기를 수없이 반복했다.
이렇게 반복하면 비슷한 유형의 문제를 단어만 봐도 구분해내는 능력이 생긴다.
이렇게 WOW를 플레이 한다는 생각으로 공부를 하는게 꽤 효과적이었다.
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“weeko's ways”

— a #winrina au

weeko (w), who has been kia's (k) neighbor for two years, has always come across as timid, shy, and just plainly an introvert.

so imagine kia's surprise when she suddenly found weeko near the dumpster, reciting southeast asian countries out loud.

or: even with her awkwardness and all the things that make her an enigma, kia still finds herself falling for weeko and her ways.

- will be written in taglish
- fluff
- qrts and rts are highly appreciated
- do not mind the time stamps
- enjoy reading 🫡
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As you study God’s Word, YOUR HEART❤️CHANGES… you literally become more thankful, compassionate, more joyful, more at peace. You begin to REJOICE in life in God’s promises for you… rather than being weighed down like the devil wants you to be.🙀

▪️As you obey God’s Word, YOUR VISION CHANGES… you begin to SEE things differently. God removes the scales, transforms your mind, and you have the correct perspectives… whereas the world is deceived because they don’t know our wonderful Jesus and they reject the Word of God.🤯
📖 PSALM 19:8
The statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart…

the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightning the eyes.



#WOW! 🔥💥💯
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Hello the Ghost of .@JoeBiden, You owe me $714,891,976,707.17, 2 Cat N’ The agar Books, 100,000 Lbs of Goya & 117 Nationwide Choco Taco factory locations …

Oh & that’s not all, there’s more .. 😁

All the stolen gifts, Which consist of;

- 1 Partridge in A Pear Tree Image
-12 Drummers Drumming
- 2 Turtle Doves
- 3 French Hens
- 4 Calling Birds
- 5 Golden Rings
- 6 Geese A-Laying
- 7 Swans A-Swimming
- 8 Maids A-Milking
- 9.5 Ladies Dancing
- 127 Lords A-Leaping
- 111 Rowdy Roddy Pipers Pippin’
- SHAM #WOW !! Image
The Clap … 👏

It’s A New Day, yes it is. ImageImage
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A Crypto-Native's Guide to the World of Warcraft

❓What's this thread really about?

Distinctions btw different token types such as fungible tokens, NFTs, and semi-fungible tokens.

❓Why now?

There has been confusions around the community about what it means to be a semi-fungible token and I'd like to address them here.

❓But ... why #WoW?

Because The #Ethereum ⬇️ and the fact that it's the single greatest MMORG ever created. (There, I said it.)

So, without further ado, let's get to it!

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Stupid question: Wouldn't it have been easy – and an absolute imperative – to destroy the Gorokhovatka bridge over the Oskil with @HIMARStime over the last couple of days, @DefenceU?!
Russians seem to 100% rely on that bridge to 'save' Izyum. Image
@HIMARStime @DefenceU THANK YOU!!! Image
Russians say, Ukraine destroyed the bridge 20 minutes ago. Ignore the rest of the statement, but this is #wow. Image
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#Breaking #NewsMap
Ukrainian forces liberated Yakovenkove, Kalynivka, Taranushyne and Volokhiv Yar in Kharkiv oblast and are advancing along the M03 towards Izyum plus encircling Balakliya.
#Breaking #NewsMap
Ukrainian forces entered Balakliya from the West.
(Conservative map, more Ukrainian gains are possibly, but are visually unverified so far.)
Ukrainian forces liberated Bairak, south of Balalkiya, with no Russian resistance in sight.
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People who attack, slander, rob, lie about, try to swindle, or harm a child of God, have NO IDEA what they’re doing. They just entered different territory; this is not like the world’s justice, God is a RIGHTEOUS God who takes care of His own! Have faith; God will bring VICTORY💪🏽
Allow me to break it down scripturally because I know how emotions and the mind can get involved when you’re under attack. You ready? Let’s do a quick dive.

1. Divine protection is your COVENANT RIGHT:
📖 Genesis 12:3
📖 Deuteronomy 28:7

GOD SEES those who curse and attack you.
2. You are not to be subjected to all the unfair and wicked systems of man; DON’T receive it, don’t accept that you have no choice. The devil is a liar! You’ve been SET APART:

📖 1 Peter 2:9
📖 Joshua 3:5

God will do amazing things just for YOU. Get that in your spirit!
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Two Yr9s producing these in 3 and 2 hours respectively! #wow
#DECinJsy is so lucky to have the fantastic Mark Staveley join the team, to begin teaching #DEC to the incoming Yr10 and Yr12 cohorts with me at @HautlieuSchool. Mr. Staveley is the… 1/2
>existing HeadofD&T who brings such a wealth of knowledge &skill that the students can’t help but produce amazing outcomes.
@SkillsJersey @d_roworth @OurHospitalJsy @ROK_Group
@ClassofYourOwn @DECinSchools @Stewart_Elston @threadreaderapp unroll
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Ich hab hier quasi keine Reichweite und das ist für mein heutiges Vorhaben auch gut so.
Ich muss es mir von der Seele schreiben.
Mein persönliches #Ahrtalflut Protokoll.
Uhrzeiten ab „nach Mitternacht“ sind nur ungefähr Angaben.
#jahrestag #einerkatastrophe #Ahrtal #sinzig
17:00 Uhr startet mein Onlineunterricht. Als Dozentin aus dem heimischen Wohnzimmer.
Bis auf einen weiteren verregneten Tag und ersten „Ahr Hochwasser“ Meldungen (die hier alle paar Sommer mal wieder kommen), war es bis dahin ein normaler Tag für mich. #Flutkatastrophe
Kinder (19 & 17) sowie Mann waren auch daheim.
18:30 Uhr im Flur bemerke ich meinen Sohn hektisch werden. Er, Mitglied der SEG Behandlung des DRK. Örtl. DRK WA-Gruppe explodiert.
SEG Alarm - sofort bereit machen.
Ich sage zum Sohn, er soll auf sich aufpassen. #jahrestag
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How do prompt modifiers impact #dalle2 image quality? I've run ~600 prompts with random modifiers and ranked the results 1-5. Here are my findings! 🧵 Image
Unsurprisingly, "Trending on artstation" seems to have the biggest impact. On average I've rated those 2.9 (compared to 2.0 for prompts with no mods)
* "rendered in octane": 2.4
* "vfx": 2.3
* "elegant": 2.2
* "digital art", "control the soul", "rendering", "wondrous", : 2.1
Mods that appear to make the results worse include:
* "contest winner", "wormhole", "magnificent", "detailed" : 1.7
* "8k", "stunning": 1.8
* "fantastic", "#wow": 1.9
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Good Morning !
Have A Great Weekend everyone!

Reminder—The Sky is Blue & The SUN Shines for U …
Hi .@DanScavino, Moving on from ‘Lord Of The Rings’ too :
#ON 2(3)/25 Or 27

Order Undetermined As of now, will know 23(5)/26 for sure ..
Mystery Solved
Truth To Light

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🤍 how I sold my music nfts (and how it’s changing my life), a thread:
I have been writing, producing, releasing and performing music for over 10 years. Music is my favorite thing in the world and expressing myself through it is like no other feeling I’ve known.
I’ve released two EPs, a ton of singles, and several music videos, and I’ve been very lucky in terms of Web2 streams and playlist adds.
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Heute erhält @PreislerKa den Amos-Preis verliehen. Eine sehr verdiente Würdigung ihres Engagements.
Ich freue mich an der Preisverleihung teilnehmen zu dürfen. Und klar: Es gibt eine "Twitter-Live-Berichterstattung". :-)
Die Laudatio hält Herta Däubler-Gmelin. Die habe ich auf einer @DGB-Veranst. während meiner Wahlstage bei der @DieBDA kennengelernt. Wir waren damals untersch. Meinung, sie (!) sehr überzeugend. Und sehr nett zu einem jungen Referendar "von der Gegenseite". #Jugenderinnerungen
Korrektur: Frau Prof. Dr. Däubler-Gmelin ist Schirmherrin. Die Laudatio hält Prof. Dr. Jörg Hübner.
Ich bitte um Entschuldigung!
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Gaming and me. #Played450Days

I want to tell you a bit about my background in gaming, so you can better understand where I am coming from.

With gaming content, I wish to find like-minded people from this space.

#PlayFi #GameFi #P2E

🎮 THREAD 0/12
My aim is to deliver content on the most competitive Gaming Projects on the Blockchain, and ofc, find new friends.

At this point, my real name or nicknames in the gaming world are not important – the story is.

Eventually, you will see my face and know my name (#YouTube).

I'm a kid from the 90s, from a small town.

Games were an easy choice for an introvert who liked to be alone. I fell in love with games very young.

I used to play Xbox (Halo was awesome). Also, I liked RuneScape. At age 12, World of Warcraft was published...

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With the INV+ launch, @InverseFinance presents a new form of Governance token. This first “positive sum rewards token” ever offers a combination of high APY, unique revenue sharing rewards, low cost borrowing, and more. A thread is more than needed to explain it all!
Most governance tokens entitle holders to nothing other than the token itself, maybe voting, providing very low value to investors. Highly volatile assets - bets on a future hypothetical revenue sharing system. Some holders win, some lose. A zero-sum game 😱
Careful tokenomics research enabled @InverseFinance to design an innovative system for their governance token. The parts feed the whole and generates a positive sum game for all participants. We upgraded their system and invented INV+, a positive sum rewards token. Let’s see how.
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don't lose ur $$$ in this bull run
wow - more than 50% of u is new to this nft bull!
this is great, lots of u are making money!
now the tough part - how do you preserve it.

lets dive 👇
first, bull run makes u feel a certain way.
- it makes u feel the absence of gravity.
- that theres a party in the air.
- that everyones happy and excited.
- that every narrative makes so much sense!
- that every project is and will x2/x3/x10!
- that u are missing out!!!
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People are following mainstream media and buying $ETH at ATH's

But are missing out on this hidden gem built on the $ETH network.💎

That provides interoperability between blockchain networks for TradFi Banks & Enterprises

-Super Thread on Quant Network-
#QNT 👑 #Quant #Fintech Image
1/ The problem: ❎

Traditional Institutions and Enterprises need an operating system that will allow them to easily interoperate between these new nascent crypto markets

For example, you currently can't send $ETH to a $BTC address or $XRP to a $DAG address

Networks are silo'd Image
2) Quant created Overledger - an operating system that allows anyone to enter 3 lines of code on a computer to interoperate between networks

This allows value to flow between blockchain ledgers flawlessly without having to worry about which network it's on.

#fintech #quant #QNT ImageImage
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[#THREAD] J’espère qu’il vous reste du jus pour cette fin de semaine car nous allons parler #NFTs !

De la définition, en passant par l’utilité ainsi que les pièges à éviter pour l’achat d’un #NFT.

Vous saurez tout, ou presque, au sujet de cette révolution numérique.

Let’s go ! Image
Un peu d’histoire

Les #NFTs ne datent pas d’hier et c’est le défunt #HalFinney, membre des #cypherpunks, ayant reçu la 1ère transaction #Bitcoin qui y pense en 1993.

Ce n’est qu’en 2012 que le premier projet émerge sous le nom de Colored Coins, puis en 2014 avec Counterparty. Image
Les projets précédents étant peu connu, c’est en 2017 et grâce à Dieter Shirley que les #NFTs tel qu’on les connait vont faire leur apparition.

Inventeur du standard ERC-721 sur #ETH, il va créer les premiers tokens pour qu’ils servent de monnaie d’échange sur #cryptokitties. Image
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Incredible #sunrise #eclipse #wow #israeljoffe #northbethesda #Maryland #PacMan
Cool article featuring me from #newsweek about the #pacman #Eclipse this morning, thanks :) #israel #joffe #thursdaymorning #fda #sunrise #thursdayvibes…
Another cool article featuring me and my eclipse pics and videos... #FoxNews about the #pacman #Eclipse this morning.. It was an awesome thing to witness at sunrise, thanks :) #israel #joffe #thursdaymorning #fda #sunrise #thursdayvibes…
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- SALT Story -

“I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that my story is not unusual. If I just say that I was born to a farmer in a Solapur village, you will get the drift. My mother was very young and used to everything that comes with being a mother of five girls." (1/10)
"As the eldest, I grew up determined to be the son. Fortunately, I was good at Math. I saved myself from early marriage by getting into an engineering college on merit. My sisters were very happy." (2/10)

#realstory #Finance #womenpower
"Not because I was going to study, but because they could now share the scooty that I used to ride to school!

I am like a mother to my sisters because I do not want them to go through what I did." (3/10)

#money #education #scooty #MOTHER
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