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A customer found my number, reached out and requested an ambulance for dialysis. He checked if he can pay after few days. Sure, I said. Today I messaged reminding him of payment. His wife called me. The patient passed away 2 days ago. She checked if she can pay in few days #Tears
The wife took the husband to a hospital (same one where the dialysis was going on), but the hospital refused to admit till some money is paid. Because of lockdown, the cash position of the patient was precarious so they couldn't deposit the amount. 2/4
She decided to take an auto-rickshaw (no money for ambulance, and in India, hospital doesn't provide an ex-hospital ambulance if not admitted) and take him to a nearby govt. hospital. He passed away in the tuk-tuk 10 min away from the hospital. 3/4
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Interesting exchange today with a trey of #HateAmerica folks.

Premise: America doesn't hold a "#moralhighground" and hasn't for generations.
My response: #GTFO. Marshal Plan, rebuilding of Japan, tsunami, earthquake, and hurricane relief around the globe, and a thousand similar expenditures of our blood, sweat, and treasure, say otherwise.

Because you might find it hard to believe, I'm including screengrabs:
Of course, the opening gambit is based on the view of so many #Leftists and #NeverTrumpers that @realDonaldTrump is spoiling America's moral stance in the world.
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#Philological detail: Mrs. O'Doherty keeps perpetuating a wrong attribution of 'hottest part of hell reserved for those who stay silent at times of moral crisis.' (or the like). , 39m46s is already the 3rd time I heard her say that. This is at best a
.. loose paraphrase of a more complex passage in Dante's #Inferno. Specifically, the "hottest" doesn't have any textual basis! To the contrary, Dante describes an eerily forlorn (rather cold) place OUTSIDE #hell, reserved for such souls: cf.
For your
.. convenience, I summarize the #punishment that #Dante imagines fence-sitting souls will receive after death:
• they are kept in a kind of antechamber of #hell, together with those #angels who were neither faithful nor rebellious to god
• they utter sounds of lamentation
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BREAKNG: These are US citizens, adults, applauding the passing of a bill that lets them kill innocent babies right up to their birth date. What's next? Harvesting them right out of the crib, for their sick needs. #PRAY #ThesePeopleAreSICK #PlannedParenthoodSellsBabyParts
These people should all have to watch a live abortion. Then again, they might enjoy it. #Tears
The world's leading authority on vaccines details the use of aborted babies in vaccines while under oath. OK, now we're getting somewhere. They need fetus tissue to make vaccines. #BigPharma #AmongOthers
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Today we get serious... Treason is defined as "betraying one's own country, expecially by attempting to kills the soverign or overthrow the government." Let's dig in. We didn't just accidently get to this point in history without a systematic plan by those within our own gov't.
Only introducing DARPA at this point. Note: the history of, and many programs from this Agency are ALL CIA despite it's title "Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency" which was established in 1958 by Eisenhower. Just take in the content of this slide...and stay tuned.
Yes, this all figures in too... Who ran this camp? None other than Siraj Wahhaj, who just happened to headline a 2012 DNC event in O's relection run. Nothing to see here though, troubling to train children how to commit mass school shooting, but no reason to hold without bail?
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Jesus to st. Catherine of Siena, from “The Dialogue of Divine Providence”:
«I have shown you, dearest daughter, a sample of the excellence of good priests (for what I have shown you is only a sample of what that excellence really is), and I have told you of the #dignity […] 1/14
[…] in which I have placed them, having elected them for My ministers, on account of which dignity and authority I do not wish them to be punished by the hand of seculars on account of any personal defect, for those who punish them offend Me miserably. […] 2/14
[…] For every virtuous man is worthy of love, and these all the more by reason of the #ministry which I have placed in their hands.
You should love them therefore by reason of the virtue and dignity of the Sacrament, and by reason of that very virtue and dignity […] 3/14
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