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Where is everyone going for #OpenFarmDay?

There are around 100 farms across #Maine participating in the 29th annual event. Support #smallbusiness and agriculture by coming out!โ€ฆ
Very first farm in the #OpenFarmDay brochure has...a winery. Somone want to tell @Governor_LePage that we should be exporting wines as well as importing them?

So much fun on #OpenFarmDay!

Our first stop was From The Country Farm. No online ordering, but you should absolutely do a #MaineRaising with a phone order. Amazing soaps, lotions and goat cheese.

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Hey #mepolitics, want to talk about carbon tax?

Bruce thinks it is an "extreme" policy. I think that's a bit of a cop-out.

Without even needing to get into whether or not we caused climate change (spoiler, we did), we need to have comprehensive options to adapt to it.
Those options may include a carbon tax, which isn't particularly extreme or novel. We'll have to come at it from several angles to be most effective.

Extreme would be something like "let's ban all cars today!" Clearly impractical.

Novel might be something like feeding seaweed to cows. (Which actually sounds pretty cool, plus we have cows and seaweed here, so industry leader for the win!)โ€ฆ
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Hey @TwitterGov, @TwitterSupport, @jack -

I've been ballot-qualified for over 45 days, 12 days longer than this Maine candidate, with more than 34x the followers, much more content to twitter, and with at least as good of odds to win as Mark.

Where is my candidate designation?
So we clearly aren't going for chronological order. Huh. ๐Ÿ˜
You know what's super weird #mepolitics? The two GOP challengers, both total long shots, have gotten their tags.

The Independents in our federal races (who qualified before anyone), not.

The @MaineDems challengers, also not.

Why @twitter, @TwitterGov, @jack, @TwitterSupport?
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It seems like perhaps the candidates have been waffle-y or a bit unclear on this.

Russia never stopped having a cold war with us.

Maybe you don't remember getting under your desk in drills? (as if a desk would stop a bomb) I'm old like that.

Russia is not an ally.

This is not a partisan issue. This is a patriot issue.

We should never lose sight that there is one country on this planet more than any other that would love nothing more than to disrupt our peace, destroy our trade relations, and decimate our economy.


We are not friends.

We are not frenemies.

They are directly, actively at war with our nation and have been for decades.

It is a congressional duty to be aware of such enemies engaging in active hostile acts and behave accordingly.

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Best congress?

I ran into @BoxOfMaine at the #moxiefestival.

One of the terrific things about #Maine is even if you've just arrived, you'll be bumping into folks you know in the most unexpected places.

I had an impromptu conversation about #mepolitics with @wqry106 at the @MoxieFestival...unintentionally starring my 5 year old. ๐Ÿ˜‚


#SeeMaineWithTiffany #moxiefestival
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Let me tell you about @MomsDemand. I do think that @shannonrwatts is probably to the left of me, and likely the org as well.

When I first received the questionnaire I figured it was like all of the others that I would not be able to answer.

I'm a pretty firmly #2A girl, in a very #2A world.

The questions were...sensible, balanced, not extreme. I was able to asnwer everything with a couple of hand-written notes about proper wording and making sure things were not too intrusive.

Be open to the possibility that stump speeches aside on either side, there are actually some areas where both would find a palatable solution. :)

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So weird that there isn't a bill number or text, right?

I guess we have to go play go (lobster) fish!

#mepolitics #Readthebill
To do this we look up the bills in front of the house today. It looks like #HR200/#HR965. Alas, neither have today's activity so we wait.

Side note - #HR985 looks like the Sec. of the Interior might be getting ready to sell things we don't want sold. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

#mepolitics #Readthebill

We're starting to get blue's clues here, but on quick glance I don't see much here other than the word "lobster" on two pages in this document; lobster defined and page 103 which doesn't say much about what Bruce said.

#mepolitics #Readthebillโ€ฆ
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Time for a new shop #MaineRaising.

Tired of being hit up for $? Shop instead!

Support my congressional run by buying self-care items from a #Maine seller. Our economy gets better, you get great stuff.

Show off your lotions, balms, soaps!

#buymaine4bond #mepolitics #ME02
Feeling extra noble?

Contribute to organizations that work to support those struggling with food insecurity.


Make sure to include a personal note about the campaign with your #MaineRaising!
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What do I need money for?

That same $10 could buy a struggling family a meal, and if enough people believe that is a more productive use of their money, I will be on the news and don't need ads.

(Plus it's improving lives instead of annoying people)

While we are talking about opportunity costs, that same $10 could help someone find a Maine business they love, and help a small business land a new client.

Who needs postcards when you can help them grow their business? Wouldn't you rather get this than a flyer?

Millions of dollars are wasted every year with folks selling you a political product they can't deliver that you don't really want anyway.

Let's get back to basics.

Be honest.

Be reasonable.

Do the job well for fair pay.

Help people.

Leave the BS behind.

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Today I marched in no parades.

I thought I would tell you why #mepolitics.

My belief is that Congress is a supporting actor at home, not the star of the show.
You'll most often find me in the crowd

Cheering you on

Supporting your successes

Shining the spotlight back at you

Watch long enough and you'll see I tend to only seek enough attention to do the job properly, and even then, I will send as much as I can back to our communities - where it belongs.

Happy 4th of July Maine!

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The mainstream media - @PressHerald and the New York Times - is getting played by Susan Collins big time. The rest of us are not fools. #mepolitics
Susan Collins voted for the GOP tax scam after "assurances" from McConnell on an ACA stabilization bill. She will vote for an anti-Roe justice after "assurances" the nominee will "respect precedent." See the pattern? #mepolitics
.@DLeonhardt has some essential reading on Susan Collins:
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Obligations kept me south today...#Portland #Maine #KeepFamiliesTogetherMarch

Shoes on church steps.

Crowds starting to form.
Photos don't do this justice. You can hear the crowd blocks away. #Portland #Maine



Photos don't do this justice either. A bunch of folks still in the park. #Lewiston #Auburn #Maine

Kids in tow so we had to take refuge from the heat at #HouseOfBacon.



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Make no mistake: the ACA and women's health are at stake. Trump's litmus test for a justice: strike down health care. Flood with calls =>
@lisamurkowski 202-224-6665
@SenatorCollins 202-224-2523 #mepolitics
One of Trump's top choices, Amy Coney Barrett, has explicitly written publicly she would strike down the ACA:โ€ฆ
NEW: The Supreme Court vacancy puts the ACA and pre-existing condition protections at risk.โ€ฆ
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Why is a bill about vets with exposure to chemical weapons talking about home loans? Wait...did you all just vote to provide benefits to vets by taxing other vets on their benefits?

Does no one read these before they vote?

Sounds like I have a #Readthebill coming.

This is #HR299

Nothing exciting on the first page.

#Readthebill #mepolitics
I'm not going super in depth on this bill because it's not an area I am very knowledgeable about off the top of my head. In Congress, I'd phone a friend.

P2 - bill name, code section it's updating and setting parameters for who is eligible (vietnam vets).

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Hey #mepolitics -

Want to read it? It's not in yet with a number. This is the "Family Reunification Act"

Off the bat, I'll give you credit for signing on to a short bill - 3 pages, 2 substantive.

I think some words are missing though. Do you suggest any edits @RepPoliquin? What were they? Have they been incorporated yet?

#Readthebill #mepolitics
The summary is that the AG and Secretary of HHS shall use all necessary means to ensure that each unaccompanied alien child who was removed to be reunited...but there are some concerns. It's a little vague.

#Readthebill #mepolitics
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Zak is being arrested right now after trying to deliver toys, books, water, and blankets to children imprisoned in @realDonaldTrump's internment camp. #mepolitics #resist
Update: Zak's arraignment should take place within the next couple of hours. #mepolitics #resist #FreeTheChildren
Update: here's a picture of where Zak is being held and will be arraigned later this evening. #mepolitics #resist #FreeZak #FreeTheChildren
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Wow. This is the private letter @SenatorCollins is sending to her constituents rationalizing Trump's policy of separating children from their families. #mepolitics
Susan Collins is the most "moderate" Republican Senator. She is defending the Sessions policy in private!!! We need to vote them ALL out.
In a way, this should not be a surprise. Susan Collins *introduced* Jeff Sessions at his nomination hearing! "I can vouch confidently for the fact that Jeff Sessions is a person of integrity, a principled leader, and a dedicated public servant."โ€ฆ
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๐Ÿšจ RED ALERT: The White House and conservative groups are unveiling a new health care repeal bill this month. We obtained the summary document. 1/
They will make a push to pass a budget resolution soon in order to ram this bill through with GOP votes. The public blowback must be massive and immediate.
This bill will attempt to bribe @lisamurkowski and @SenatorCollins. Flood their phones. Let them know as U.S. Senators they should care about the sick and poor in ALL states. #mepolitics

COLLINS 202-224-2523
MURKOWSKI 202-224-6665
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Hey #mepolitics, can we talk about what a ridiculous line the good guy with a gun is?

Stick with me here for the thread...because I'm not going to advocate to take your guns unless you are the bad guy.

However, we need to start talking about this. It's way past time.
Let's roll with the premise that not many of us are chomping at the bit to be first-hand witnesses to the good guy/bad guy show down.

I certainly don't want to be hanging out when some nut decides to go Dr. Evil's version of Rambo, do you?
Most of my time is spent either at work (with clients, driving, in court), with my kids, and these days campaigning...or asleep.

Clearly not as much of the last as I'd wish since it's 130 am and I'm up worried about a letter I got from my health insurance.
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I thought this video was fake until I saw it from a verified account.

America, think really, really hard about any organization that tells you fellow Americans are the enemies. We are neighbors, friends and communities with different points of view.

Does this video make you feel like you have an enemy or you are an enemy?

Why would any organization try to get you to have such a visceral, emotional reaction to other Americans?

This is not ok.

This is the opposite of patriotism.

This is not who we are.
The last time we disagreed with weapons instead of words, we had a civil war.

Is that what you want? Do you want to shoot your neighbors over ideology? Do you want a "clenched fist" because you wear a MAGA hat and the other person prefers a pink knitted one?
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voted for #HR620

Want to see what's in it?

#Readthebill #mepolitics #TWPSB #bond2018
Seems innocuous. It's a short bill.

Promotes education? Sounds good
Clarify? Well, seems reasonable
Notice and cure? That seems like a prudent course

Why are people all upset?
Our first hint that something more nefarious is afoot comes pretty swiftly. Reform is a strong word for the title given the description. Adding a little education, clarification and a notice/cure seems fairly wimpy to earn a bold word like "reform".
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As a parent and grandparent, I am grieving today for the 17 families who lost loved ones in the #Parkland school tragedy and for the survivors who will be forever haunted by what they lived through. 1/7 #mepolitics
Iโ€™m ashamed to be in a Congress that continues to sit on its hands while these tragedies and our constituents demand swift action. 2/7 #mepolitics
Itโ€™s not for lack of trying on the part of Democrats, who have offered sensible legislation to stem the flow of weapons into the hands of those who would use them to slaughter members of our communities. 3/7
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...want to see what's in it?

I'll only have time to read one tonight, so let's do H. Res. 724

#ReadtheBill #mepolitics #ME02 #Bond2018 #TWPSB
Disclaimer, I do not work in employment law. Were I actually voting on this bill, I would phone a friend(s) to make sure I am not missing anything. First page is nothing sensational - title, sponsors, etc.
P. 2 - There are a lot of references throughout that reference the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995, without appropriate citations or specificity. A bit sloppy to me. A good use of staff is looking up references for efficient bill reading, it shouldn't take this long.
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This level of attention is what you should expect from congress when they are discussing our laws.

#mepolitics #TWPSB #Readthebill #bond2018
We should not elect ANYONE who does not demonstrate a capacity to read laws and does not appear to enjoy doing so. That's *the* job.

I wish everyone would take a step back from positions to notice many of our legislators are not proficient in the basic skills of the job. #TWPSB
If someone has not read and/or does not understand the text of a bill and the consequences that flow from that bill, then their opinions on positions are moot...because they cannot tell you if the bill accurately reflects those positions or addresses their championed problems.
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