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Letter today from @SenatorCollins says #Mueller left it to #Barr to decide whether Trump obstructed justice. In fact Mueller EXPLICITLY said he would've exonerated Trump if he could have & laid out SUBSTANTIAL evidence for MULTIPLE counts of obstruction.
For 6 months, I've asked #Collins 2 yes/no Qs: Did she read Mueller's Report & did she agree w/ his finding that Trump would've been indicted for obstruction if he weren't president? From her answer, I don't know if she read the Report & didn't understand it or didn't read it.
Impossible to look at #Mueller's Vol 2 table of contents & think he didn't determine whether Trump obstructed justice. TRUMP OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE. Mueller explicitly states he didn't charge Trump because of DOJ/OLC policy, not because Trump is INNOCENT.
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1/4.@SenatorCollins over 200 pieces of legislation including protecting for DREAMers, gun control and health care legislation is sitting on @senatemajldr's desk awaiting a vote. He is interfering w/Senate business & you are silent.…
2/4An impeachment inquiry was begun because Trump asked another country to interfere in our election and because he is under investigation for a dozen other impeachable offenses. You refuse to comment on the scope of the investigation and his behavior. This is intolerable.
3/4 Now you are 'concerned' that impeachment will interfere with Senate business. If you were truly concerned about the disruption of business you would have called on @senatemajldr to hold a vote on legislation passed by the House.
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As someone who knows a lot about another presidential scandal, Iran-contra, I think Trump-Ukraine shares some characteristics but is worse. A lot worse. 1/
Like the Iran-contra affair, the Trump-Ukraine scandal involved privatizing foreign/national security policy and working outside of the normal apparatuses. 2/
Like the Iran-contra affair, the Trump-Ukraine scandal involves funds under the purview of Congress. With the former, monies were given to the contras despite a congressional ban on support. With the latter, Trump held back appropriated funds. 3/
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Mainers are in Portland for #TownHallMaine...where’s @SenatorCollins? #mepolitics
Questions from the crowd — thread starting now. #TownHallMaine 1/x
@SenatorCollins, why did you vote for a tax bill that directly undercut the ACA?” #TownHallMaine #mepolitics 2/x
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Ready for my Senator-less town hall.

#mesen #mepolitics #townhallmaine
For those of you not in Maine, follow along to see how town halls go when Susan Collins doesn't show up.

Here is he live feed:…
#townhallmaine #mesen
I'm not fixing that typo.

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A few weeks ago there was a telling incident that, while of no great consequence in the scheme of things, provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Collins spin apparatus and says a lot about the Maine media. Worth unpacking briefly. #mepolitics 1/X
On June 28 @KJ_Online ran a sharp, carefully-crafted letter from Cornelius Donovan V focusing on Susan Collins muted reaction to Trump administration anti-LGBT acts and policies. It was especially salient b/c it spoke to the fraudulence of Collins moderate brand. #mepolitics 2/X
@KJ_Online The letter got attn on social media (e.g. I tweeted it out) but then vanished from KJ's website. I asked editorial page editor @benbragdon why. He replied, "Part of the letter was inaccurate & shouldn’t have been printed. We’ll work w/ the writer to resolve it." #mepolitics 3/X
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In the 2016 Democratic Primaries, Hillary Clinton got around 55% of the vote, Bernie got around 45%.

Current polls show approx: Warren 6%, Harris 8%, Klobuchar 1%, Gabbard 0%, Gillibrand 0%. That's a total of 15% of the vote going to women candidates, 85% to the men.
That means there's around 30% of the Democratic base (like 5 million people) who supported Hillary in 2020, are choosing a male candidate to support rather than one of the female candidates. Assuming she had 50/50 support, that is around 2.5 million women, give or take.
The notion in 2016, and even stronger today, is that you must inherently be a sexist if you prefer one of the males to the women. This is often said by women (as you'd imagine) If that's the case, why are there so many women (around 2.5 million)not supporting a woman candidate?
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Susan Collins voted for #S311.

You should be mad about this bill, whether you are pro-choice, pro-life, or DGAF.

This bill was written to make people angry, not make good law. I don't have the time to line by line this one, but here are highlights.

#Readthebill #mepolitics
The entire purpose of this bill was to divide people into feral pro-life or pro-choice camps...but it's actually crap law. Why you say?

A live birth is a live birth. A live birth creates the same laws for infants that apply to others.

You'll hear pro-life people yelling "BUT KERMIT GOSNELL".

Yeah, exactly, he committed crimes and was found guilty. This bill creates another level of law for something that is already illegal.

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If you’ve ever read a story about a victim of abuse and you’ve wondered, “Well, if it was SO bad, why didn’t she/he leave or speak up sooner?” This very personal thread is for you. It is my life as it is today, laid bare.
I’m going to tell you MY story, from where it left off when I made the decision to stop speaking publicly, about 8 months ago. Please follow along.
Many of you heard parts of my story when my ex-husband, David Sorensen, was forced to resign from the White House after @EliseViebek from the @WashingtonPost wrote an article describing just a few of the ways I was abused by him during our marriage.…
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Want to tackle racial inequality? State level policies are a good place to start. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of some of legislation proposed in #Maine that will help level the playing field (thread) #mepolitics #MartinLutherKingJrDay
“An Act To Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit in Maine” (LR 163) would increase the size of the state EITC, which goes to low income families. Maine has some the highest poverty rates for POC in the nation, and the EITC is one of the most effective anti poverty programs
“An Act To Ensure Pay Transparency and Reduce Gender and Racial Inequities” (LR 942) would require disclosure of race and gender pay gaps for large companies. Black women in Maine make ~59¢ for every $1 made by a white man. More transparency will force corps to face inequities
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I'd like to send my big THANK YOU out to everyone today.

I left last week to the men to celebrate or lick wounds.

I started with 2 goals, both accomplished:

✔️ Incumbent no longer making law

✔️ Find a way to make campaigning not suck while getting $ OUT

#mepolitics #TWPSB
Quick recap of what we accomplished.

Final 1st round vote count looks like 16,260; 5.73% of the votes.

I spent <$800 of my own money, accepted no campaign contributions (probably <$750, I rounded up on stamps - I'd rather estimate high).

<$.05 per vote.

#TWPSB #mepolitics
We problem-solved to fix all the things we don't like about politics.

Bad for the planet, expensive and annoying.

👊Instead we made our own or had signs that could be downloaded, printed on a regular printer, taped in windows, then recycled.

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Check out the newest #MaineRaising!

It's starting to get chilly in #Maine.

Instead of contributing to my campaign, contribute to one of the organizations that helps struggling Mainers make it through our gorgeous but brisk winters.

#MaineRaising4Bond #TWPSB #mepolitics
If #MaineRaising online, this is how you note the campaign.
If you are mailing in a check for your #MaineRaising, here is an example. Please make sure to include a note that your contribution is for heat.
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1/ A Mary Mayhew thread
The new deputy administrator at CMS overseeing the Medicaid and CHIP programs leaves behind her a trail of devastation in Maine from her tenure at Maine's Dept of Health and Human Services #mepolitics
Mayhew bitterly opposed Medicaid expansion, in defiance of all the experts and members of the public health community. She even vowed to repeal the voter-approved law if elected governor #mepolitics…
But before that, Mayhew kicked 25,000 poor and near-poor Mainers off the state's existing Medicaid program #mepolitics…
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The wind is really loud here tonight, so I am up thinking.

#mepolitics, world, I would like to apologize.

I had no idea how incredibly bad media coverage had become until I ran for office...maybe it's always been bad.

I was an active participant in this mess. I'm sorry.
For all the people who had real, legitimate, interesting, newsworthy stories that I thought were being whiny that they didn't get covered.

I'm sorry. I should have listened. You were right.
For the people I wrote off as nutty when you told me that the way candidates were covered was a viscious circle; polls were free advertising for those who least needed it.

I shouldn't have rolled my eyes or heralded the press's right to cover, forgetting their responsibility.
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Hey twitter -

I'd like to take my regularly scheduled #SundaySoapbox and do a last minute swap to focus on Susan Collins.

Let me preface by reminding you I am not running against Susan at this time, but I do have an election in a month that I could use support for.

I am a constituent of Susan's. Ever since I have moved here I am astonished at how incredibly effective she is at harnessing people's hope and her words like a damn magician.

Though she is a consistent conservative vote, she is able to focus all eyes on her.

Let's be clear, Susan is a troll.

Susan is truly brilliant. Absolutely amazing. She captures the hearts and minds of moderates repeatedly despite pulling the football every time.

It's horrific for most constituents, and a blasphemy to representative government.

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It's not very frequent that I comment on a presidential tweet, but this is not ok.

Sexual assault is traumatic. For many the thought of even admitting it has happened to them keeps them from reporting.

Then the worry about having to beg to be believed.

Then your family and community will look at you different.

Your behavior will be questioned, and even if you has zero responsibility, many will blame you for being a tease, wanting it, being irresponsible for choosing what should be a totally innocuous setting.

Since folks have posting yearbook photos, here is one of mine.

Take a moment to contemplate how many unwanted sexual advances and sexual assaults I had to fend off in the school-sanctioned athletic uniform.

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Dear @SenatorCollins, You keep saying you’re hearing “nothing” from constituents about #Kavanaugh. I invite you to come back home and actually spend some time in #Maine- and see the incredible community fighting his nomination. 1/9
For someone who repeatedly promised Maine women you would protect our rights - and earning the @PPact endorsement - how do you explain the 76% of women who OPPOSE his nomination? 2/9
And why are you letting the White House papers - of his “most formative years” (his words, not mine) not be released? Where’s the anger? 3/9
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Hey #mepolitics, I found my inspiration for a #SundaySoapbox a day late. It's a holiday, right?

I had someone compare me to @BarackObama last week and minutes ago I had someone reference hope and change.

Let's talk about hope and change.
Change I'm all for, we'll get back to that.

Let's start with hope.

I have to confess, I don't love hope.

Hope...can be kind of a dick.

It teases you.

You *think* something maybe, kind of can happen.

If you just hope enough it'll be right?


It's probably my family law background.

Too many really lovely people hoping for their partner, child, parent, etc to be the person they could be if that partner, child, parent, etc if they only changed, which of course they have no desire and/or resources to do.

Read 11 tweets on the front page of a paper.

This is a surreal moment for someone who is attention-adverse.

Also, my license plate made the front page 😂😂😂😂

If you like the article, trying something new in politics, or feel generous - come join my twitter thread to #cleartheprojects and #representeducation.

For this #MaineRaising, scroll to the end, donate, leave a campaign note, share.

Ok, I just looked at the photos used. I am really frugal with sunglasses. I've managed to keep that same pair for around 15 years. 😂😂😂😂
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Hey #mepolitics - Ready for another round of #SeeMaineWithTiffany?

Who wants to guess where I was today?
There were many apples, a wagon ride and delighted bees.

The views were amazing!

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I've been asked this a lot - what is the benefit of ranked choice voting?

If you feel like politics keeps pushing far left or far right as candidates differentiate, RCV lets you pick the moderate with the back-up of "not the other one".

I made you a chart.

Maybe you think of yourself as an independent, moderate, etc, and really don't love either party (but probably like one party less) - you can select me as your first choice, and still have the back up of another candidate if not enough people agree with you.
In this race, folks who like Bruce probably don't like Jared, folks who prefer Jared probably aren't keen on Bruce.

A lot of folks would like (or find less annoying) someone who really isn't a party. With RCV, you can do that! It removes the risk of vote-splitting.

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Hey #mepolitics,

Ready for a #SundaySoapbox?

Let's talk about why more women don't run for office.

In my experience, it's about attention...positive and negative attention.

Let me share some.

Warning, there may be some words you don't like here. We censor the ugly too much.
I'm going to stick predominantly to my experience here so I'm not generalizing. I would hope in Maine local elections women experience less of this.

Let's start with the bad attention.

It is almost every day I get some form of negative attention, often lots.

Yesterday, a really nice person put a post about me on reddit.

It was unsolicited, but appreciated. My campaign runs on fans.

Unsolicited but perhaps less appreciated, this was the first comment.

#SundaySoapbox #mepolitics…
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Hey #mepolitics -

Ready for a #SundaySoapbox?

Tonight I'd like to discuss "career politicians", and how we should maybe rethink that term.

It gets treated like a bad phrase. We're doing it wrong.

I *want* people in politics to see legislation as a career. Let's discuss.
How do we treat careers if we are serious about them?

We strive for proficiency, keep up on continuing education and try to do a good job...even when no one else is looking, because it is satisfying to be competent and well-respected at your career.

#SundaySoapbox #mepolitics
I regularly hear people advocate for term limits. For some elected roles? Sure.

For Congress? No.

But whyyyyyyy? Won't it get out the crummy reps? No. It will get us *more* crummy reps that are crummier.

Huh? Let me explain.

#SundaySoapbox #mepolitics
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