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Another Thread - How I met Fola Adeola Ex GTB Md and what Bishop Oyedepo had to do with it.

As I stated in the previous thread, I’m writing these stories because people ask me how I was able to go from a N15,000 month intern at SOU to earning millions from ad campaigns.
I could say hard work, perseverance, patience, diligence, creativity etc which would all be true. But comm’n you already know all that. I had an extra sauce of faith and I learned it from Adefarasin & Oyedepo. Since you know the foundation I want tell you about the extra sauce.
I have so many ridiculous stories of how I won ad campaigns and pitches I could write a book. So as an honor to God who helped me and as I’m exiting the game soon. I want to encourage someone lost, weak or depressed. You can find an anchor outside of you when there’s a storm.
This is a true story, lol absolutely no jara, no extras and I’ll mention names because I’m not afraid of anyone’s Daddy😂😂. It’s so surreal as I type it i have my hair follicles standing straight. God is scary.
This is the back story so you understand the context of my depression that year. It’s February 2010 and I’m preparing to travel to Rio carnival with @shadeladipo and crew. My dad had tried to reach me a few times in the past month but I was so busy with clients I wasn’t calling.
So i knew I was traveling and I wanted to catch up. I called him and had a good laugh, had just bought him a car. He was happy. I was excited and after I dropped the phone. He died. As in he died. Look I was broken in a billion pieces. Guilt hugged me.
So that whole year depression sets in. Nothing is great. I hate my life. My office. Myself. The only light at the time outside my family was my girlfriend. Then we broke up cause I was too depressed 😩. Wicked Babe. I plunged further. My soul is empty.
It happened that year was political season, Goodluck was campaigning, Ribadu & others etc so my bro the CEO of Wildfusion Digital - @Abasiama Idaresit drags me to Abuja. He says get out of Lag. Chase politics money in Abuja. You’ll feel better when you win something. I prepare...
I prepare a very unique ad campaigns. Head to abuja with @Abasiama & the CEO of Afritickets- @OllyTC so I’m pitching DM2 to everyone. I need a win. The head of PDP’s campaign was a woman named Stella Oduah who ran a company called SPG. It takes ages to see her. Finally I do.
I pitch my campaign to her & her team and she asks for a bill. I give her my bill and I wait for a week. No news. I’m agitated. Abas & Olaotan have gone back to Lagos. I’m still in AbJ waiting for a campaign. So i decide to back to Lag defeated. My plane even almost crashed lol😩
I’m in Lagos. No father. No girlfriend. No campaign. My family is in mourning. I’m mourning. Then my staff brings me the Monday paper and I open it and lo and behold my campaign is in the paper.😡😡. I’m so madddddd! I call Abj. Then I call Stella Oduah.
She tells me another ad agency brought the same ad campaign. Smh. So I’m upset. Word for word. Picture for picture. Nuance for Nuance. My exact campaign was running and I wasn’t paid a dime. Everyone advises me to forget. So I do. But I’m even worse now. Depression😭😭😭😭😭😭
Lagos is dark for me. I want to get out. I can’t breathe. Among my cd collection I have Bishop Oyedepo cds. I just start praying to God. I need a win. I need a lift. I need something. So I’m playing Oyedepo cds for about two days and @ nights. Then one night. One night. One night
Listen to me. Just listen. I’m repeating the words Oyedepo is saying in prayer. I’m in my living room and I fall asleep on the couch. In the dead of the night I have a dream. So real !!!!!! 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
In the dream I’m in a small room. There’s a round table and two chairs. I’m sitting on one and there’s a man I’ve never seen sitting opp me. He says my name is Fola Adeola and I want to tell you my life story and he starts to tell me his story. Mind you I do not know who he is.
I wake up and I realize I know the name that’s ex GTB MD’s name. But why is he telling me his life story. I have never had dealings with him. I dismiss it as one of those ridiculous dreams and I carry on with my life and praying for my win. The next day I get a call from a girl
She says Uyi DM2. Yes!! Would you like to create ads for the Nuhu Ribadu campaign? 😮. Yes ! Come to the building opp Muri Okunola Park. Please come now. I drive there and that’s Ribadu’s campaign office. Super fast internet in that place man smh.
So I give a bill. They give me a deposit for 10 TV commercials for Ribadu. I’m happy God has answered me. I leave to return in a few days. When I get back someone says Ribadu has picked his running mate and he wants to meet you. So stay back this evening. I ask who ??????????????
The man says FOLA ADEOLA former GTB MD. I swear to you I didn’t move................
That evening Fola Adeola comes to the building. He is in a room. There are two chairs and a round table. He sits opposite me and says my name is Fola Adeola and I want to tell you my life story
I sat in that meeting with @ToluAjayi_ now of Insight communications. Fola Adeola renacts my whole dream to me. The most surreal thing to ever happen to me. Anyway I get the job deliver the Tv ads bar one that caused a lil ruckus. I get paid well enough and I got my win.
The point to my stories - I worked hard, I stressed, I believed in myself. But there was an extra sauce that came from outside me that gave me those jobs. Listening to Oyedepo opened faith in Jesus to me. And everytime I listened and prayed his words something ridiculous happened
As I’m ending my career. I would be doing a great injustice if I didn’t open up how I jumped from N15,000 per month to Hundreds of millions and multi national ad campaigns. It wasn’t just hard work. It was God through men like Oyedepo & Adefarasin.
If you’re confused or depressed. It takes one word to change everything.I can’t remember what I prayed when I was listening to Bishop Oyedepo but it worked wonders. I hardly go to church. Have been to HOTR only 4 times this whole year.But that’s where my help came.God through men
I’ll do this till Sunday night. I’ll tell how I met Chief Edem Duke and what Oyedepo had to do with it and I’ll tell you one absolutely ridiculous Paul Adefarasin story. Just so you know when you can’t lift yourself. God has people who can lift you.
And for everyone telling me how I’m glorifying men. I’m telling my personal story. Where you there ? You have yours. This is mine. This was how i got out of tight spots. God opened doors I failed to open when i listened to Oyedepo & Adefarasin. It’s my truth. I can’t deny it.
In all of this Oyedepo wasn’t beside me. I was just listening to tapes or watching YouTube & repeating the prayers in my house in my spare time. In between work & playing FIFA & going to clubs with my friends. I’ve been to his church about 7 times in my life. But God showed up.
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