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After the 2015 Mafia war, the heads of the Families (Lá Fámiliá) set up the commission (lá cosa nóstrá) to govern & determine their mutual business venture called 'De-Náijá'. They came to a mutual agreement.
Don Bubï was chosen to head the commission as the godfather.

Don Jagabanio is the head of the riverside Western family, arguably the richest family in the commission; while Don Mobi-Jimi controls the other/less lucrative family on the west end.
Don Ubiama (also known as the Lion) was given d 2nd richest family at the waterside in the south
Others include, Don Sarrachi who retains his territory & also usurped the influential position of No. 3 man in the commission. The godfather was not pleased with the audacious move of Don Sarrachi, but due to the massive support of other under-bosses & Caporegimes in La Famíliá,
the commission reluctantly sanctioned Don Sarrachi's move and halt the hit on him.
This was the beginning of the trouble in La Famíliá.

As the political, economic & social power of the godfather grows, he virtually has all the Judges, Police & authority in his pocket.
This made some underbosses, Caporegimes & enforcers to switch allegiance from their families & now pay respect/tributes to the godfather.
Notable amongst such are: El-Ruffy (fondly called 'Little Man'); he was given blessing to start his own family, & came to be called Don Ruffy.
Others Caporegimes who revolted against their families include Bafashi who turned on Don Jagabanio. Titü (fondly called the bearded one) is in his little & insignificant fight with Don Mobi-Jimi for the less lucrative west end territory.
Don Ubiama (del Leoné) having lost his lucrative waterside territory to another strong family (led by Don Wiki) that refused to be a part of the commission after the 2015 war, is now a consigliere to the godfather.
Don Wiki's family is rich, strong & influential in their own way.
Also known as El'Projecto, Don Wiki has the respect & support of other families that refused to join the commission in De-Naîjä business scheme after the 2015 war. These families pay tributes to him.

Now trouble is brewing in the commission. The godfather's (Don Bübi) grip
on the commission is loosening fast. Most heads of family now doubt his ability to control La Famíliá as it once was pre-2015 mafia war.
All the heads of the Northern families are still in support of the godfather and pay respect/tributes to him. Well, except some renegades led
by Don Al-INTEL, who commands some degree of respect in the mafia kingdom woo-wah.

Within the commission, Don Sarrachi's influence is alarmingly getting stronger & it is disturbing the godfather. Most families now ignore the commission & bring their disputes to Don Sarrachi for
justice and he always delivers. Some even pay respect/tribute to him; Don Sarrachi has all but usurped the power of the godfather, and he must be dealt with.
The commission has convened an emergency meeting and it was proposed that a hit be carried out on Don Sarrachi, & the
godfather has sanctioned the hit.

Another war is looming.

The End.

Watch out for part 2.
Part 2.

The hit was carried out on Don Sarrachi and it failed. To better understand Don Sarrachi and how he survived the hits attempted on him; let us go back to his background.
Don Sarrachi is not a common man or better still, was never a Paisan. He is the son of Late Don Sarrachino, fondly known as El-Oloye. He grew up a gentleman and in riches; was trained in England as a medical doctor. His father, Late Don Sarrachino held sway in the old commission;
that was way before the new breed Mafioso entered the fray and changed the rules.

Late El-Oloye controlled his massive territory and was respected and feared. Then one of his caporegimes El-Kotoyeli made a move on him, and with the support of Oloye’s adversaries,
sponsored several hits on the ailing and aging Don Sarrachino.

Sarrachi never wanted to play a part in the family business, but he had no option than to return and be by his father’s side during those perilous times.
Oloye was pleased by the way his relatively naïve son looked after his empire when his rivals were holding his jugular, his deft moves and ability to always be 5 steps ahead of his enemies endeared him to his father.

He was loved by all; the family respected him,
and took orders from him. His father’s territory is now stabilized, Sarrachi was about to return to his normal life, away from the family business when another tragedy struck.

Just when he thought he was out, they pulled him back in.
One of Oloye’s underbosses, Don Lawalneli, made another move on him, but you guessed right; Sarrachi was by his father’s side to neutralize and further solidify his father’s territory.

Man has made his bones.

He was made a Don, and came to be called Don Sarrachi.
Oloye subsequently handed over his territory to his son and retired to his olive farm.
He died a happy man.

Make no mistake, Don Sarrachi played with the dying breed of the old Dons, and this new Dons should not get it twisted.
Now that we have had a glimpse on Don Sarrachi’s history/background, back to the failed/attempted hits on him.

The commission is in disarray, and to calm fraying nerves & reassure members of his control; the god father engaged the services of the former union leader, (EL-Picket)
to manage the crises brewing within the commission.
El Picket failed and advised that more hits be made on those disrespecting the god father; including Don Sarrachi.
Don Bubi’s enforcers and lieutenants, with the support of the muscle supplied by state security units,
invited Don Sarrachi for question. The invitation was a ploy to detained him and make a move on him.

His Deputy within the commissioned was not left out. He was blockaded in his house, but as we came to know later, he was with his mistress: that saved the deputy’s life.
But Don Sarrachi? Hmmm
The hit men surrounded his mansion, disarmed his guards, disabled the telephone lines & security camera, and was about to invade his mansion when news broke out that Don Sarrachi was in the safety of his office, surrounded by his enforcers/caporegimes,
many miles away from home.

This is it!

Don Sarrachi left the commission, and make no mistake about him, he left with his entire family and his whole territory. He joined forces with the anti-commission group controlled by Don Wiki (EL-Projecto).

The commission is scared.
Now, the commission is disintegrating rapidly. Many notable Dons have had enough of the feeble control of the frail and ailing god father whose major decisions were and are still being made by his underbosses.

Some Dons felt slighted by that.
Moreso, many Dons are fuming because of the inability of Don Bubi and the commission to protect their territories from bandits.
Violence does not encourage business, so these Dons are losing money in their territories, and the people are not paying protection fees anymore.
Notable among these Dons, are Don Totom Loreari of the middle belt territory and Don Ziri Tambulli of one of the less lucrative Northern territories.

Many others have their grouse with Don Bubi controlled commission but lack the required gonads to complain to the god father.
Take for instance Don Totom Loreari, his territory might not be in the business of narcotics, gambling/casinos and Oil; but it is the major source of food for many territories within the commission. If his business is interrupted by marauding bandits, with no protection from
the commission; his people might revolt.

Loyalties and tributes have dwindled and folks are refusing to pay protection fees. Don Totom Loreari has no option than to leave the commission, likewise Don Ziri Tambulli.
In order not to be exposed, these Dons made peace with those territories that refused to join the commission after the 2015 mafia war. These anti-commission group promised the defecting Dons protection. Hits have been sanctioned on Don Totom and his accounts have been frozen;
starving him of funds to fight back.

The godfather is fighting back and is determined to finish all the defecting Dons.

The anti-commission group then made a deft and masterclass move; they named Don Sarrachi the god father within their cycle. The die is cast.

End of part 2.
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