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Medically, legally, ethically & morally, #Assange should be granted bail tomorrow on following grounds:

1) Pre-existing medical issues as result of:

- arbitrary detention (@UN WGAD);
- solitary confinement;
- prolonged & continuing psychological torture (@NilsMelzer); &

- apparently politically motivated & deliberate medical neglect;
- on the basis of which @Doctors4Assange raised concerns with UK (@patel4witham) & Aus (@MarisePayne) Govs, directly & in @TheLancet , that “Assange may die in prison”.


2) Significantly increased risk of death amid #COVIDー19 pandemic to a low-risk prisoner with pre-existing medical issues:

- @WHO guidance on “heightened risk” of CV-19 in prisons, prisoners’ “greater underlying burden of disease & worse health conditions”, & need for...

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There is no justification for this response. I understand banning all international travel, but shutting the states down over a flustrain is grossly illegal. This isn’t #Ebola & the stats don’t justify it. Only justification is if they got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon deployed
Does anybody think it's odd the national guard is deployed in all 50 states & military troops moving to borders across the world over a flu strain? Shutting down the world economy basically? This isn't Ebola. Something big is going on and the troop movement & confusion is proof.
I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump and the military got tipped off of a WORSE bioweapon that was going to be deployed by China. That's my new favorite theory. That they have foreknowledge of something more sinister.
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OK - this story is connected to everything

#Assange, #Vault7 , pedophilia, bradley manning,

the @CIA , #Wikileaks, etc.

This article has new, and weird, details at the end.


more on the vault 7 leaker / pedo / etc.

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A thread on #JulianAssange

Thanks to @_taylorhudak @action_4assange @TheDuran_com (a few words mine)

UK govt (the crown) admitted right from the outset of the extradition hearing that the US has bought political charges against Julian Assange.

2. This is an important point, as going right back to the 19th century Britain does not extradite people who are charged in other countries with political offences.
3. People such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin & people who fled the Nazis came to Britain, confident that the UK would not extradite them to face political charges in their own country.
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"It's Actually Not A LARP Part 2"…
Here's Part 1 in case you missed it and the mega thread that followed. Another obnoxious thread is on its way...
So I left off around the time when Thomas Schoenberger and Trevor Fitzgibbon allegedly met for the first time and again, if you missed it, here’s the significance when it comes to our favorite Twitter 🐮 along with a handful of others like myself:
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#whistleblowers bring to light warcrimes and unconstitutional abuse of power.
Tulsi is the only candidate that said they would end the extradition of #Assange.
AND Pardon #Snowden and #Manning.
Tulsi has stood alone, naming names, and calling for #whistleblowers that uncover warcrimes and constitutional abuse to be protected.
#Assange #Manning #Snowden
Should Our Next President Protect Whistleblowers and their Publishers?
@TulsiGabbard is the only candidate who stands up for our #whistleblowers that uncover constitutional abuse.
#Assange #Manning #Snowden
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Some of us have been helping Assange (this has happened before) at the peak of a critical time for his justice, all eyes should be on Julian.

Instead, nefarious actors attempts to harm (again), break up our support for Julian.

This time they used people I appreciate & have...
...helped, to divide the #Assange support community. #DisruptTruth @wikileaks

I am at a loss of words, how much this harms Julian. When he needs us the most!

For the record, I am not suicidal. If something happens to me, the evidence is secure #FreesAssange Was given to Q 2017
Those harming are in a criminal report I wrote over a year ago. Yet they continue. #NotClever

They have stalked me/others for over 2 yrs. They feign 'victim' while stalking, funding chaos, perpetuating cyber terrorism, +

ThanQfully good people love, help, care, share! #DoNoHarm
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This Assange “Trial” Is A Self-Contradictory Kafkaesque Nightmare

"So Assange may only speak through his lawyers, but also he’s been presented with many obstacles to speaking with his lawyers. Perfectly normal stuff in a perfectly normal trial"…
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Snowy, wet day at Woolwich courthouse in London. Day 4 of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's extradition hearing should begin very soon

Thread for Day 4 updates.
We stopped and started the day’s proceedings. Assange was given a head set so he can hear the proceedings while in the glass box. The prosecution and the defense are going to try and speak into the microphones. But the prosecutor doesn’t like that he has to bend over to speak.
James Lewis, prosecutor, is finishing argument from Day 3.

“To introduce political offense exception by the backdoor would be to subvert the intention of the Parliament”

See here for some background:…
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NSA has 32 pages of communications between Julian Assange and Seth Rich.

tw will censor this tweet

#QAnon #ItWasSeth
Archive of censored blog about 32 pages of communications between #Assange and #SethRich
#QAnon #ItWasSeth
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Update from #Assange hearings: after District Judge Vanessa Baraitser asked Assange’s lawyers to check on him as her seemed tired. He then stood up to address the court: “I’m as much a participant in these proceedings as I am a spectator in Wimbledon.
“I’m having enough difficulty concentrating as it is. I can’t speak to my lawyers with any confidentiality. There is no point in participating in these proceedings if I can’t communicate with my lawyers without any privacy.
“The other side must have something like 100 contact hours. There is already enough spying on my lawyers as it is. There are a number of unnamed embassy officials here. There are two microphones in here. What’s the point of asking if I can concentrate if I can’t participate?”
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Legal arguments will focus on whether the charges levied ahainst #JulianAssange by the US government are "political offences". If so, the WikiLeaks founder can't be extradited to the US, under the Anglo-US extradition treaty

via @SputnikInt
Edward Fitzgerald QC (#Assange defence barrister)

If you are detained in plain violation of the Treaty, then on that autonomous test under Article 5 (UK HRA 1998), then you are not detained in a manner prescribed by law, you are detained in a manner which is arbitrary.
Also check @kgosztola's #Assange hearing Day 3 thread here as there will be extended pauses in tweets while I write up reports on the hearings hearings.
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This is thread for Day 3 in Julian Assange’s extradition hearing.

Proceedings will focus on argument over whether allegations against Assange amount to “political offenses” under US-UK extradition treaty.

If so, likely improper for judge to approve extradition.
Here is main thrust of defense argument: Julian Assange is charged under US Espionage Act. All charges depend on alleged intent to obtain or disclose US state secrets in manner damaging to US government. These are “political offenses” and unlawful under extradition treaty.
I’ll insert a prediction: Since defense plans to argue espionage is a political offense, the prosecution will lamely argue Assange isn’t charged with espionage but simply charged with offenses under the Espionage Act. Much to add if this is uttered in any form
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Fairbanks blowing the whistle on Trump's acting DNI negotiating a deal with Ecuador based on lies about WikiLeaks is infinitely more interesting and important than the stupid Dem debate. Watch and share. #Assange #FreeAssange
Just scroll through @CassandraRules' timeline for more background and information after watching.
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ASSANGE HEARING UPDATE: #JulianAssange defense lawyer Mark Summers just debunked and dismantled two of prosecution's chief allegations re US extradition request... (con't)
2) #JulianAssange defense reminded prosecution that #WikiLeaks did not release unredacted cable first, and flagged up role of disgraced @guardian writer #LukeHarding as actual culprit publishing password to raw cables which then spread online. WL published doc after all that..
3) Prosecution's allegation that #Assange & #ChelseaManning had cracked hash pw to obtain classified documents is provably false. As was allegation that #Julian 'solicited the theft of classified docs' by creating "Most Wanted List...
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WikiLeaks was part of a redaction process with establishment outlets such as Der Spiegel and El Pais. The process involved USG feeding suggested redactions into media relationship... WikiLeaks followed through
accordingly. Regional redaction processes also occured when local news papers were done.

"The state department was also part of the process. They gave numbers to WikiLeaks to redact", which WikiLeaks did, knowing the requests were coming from the US. The USG knows this.
Can it be said, "with any sensible view", that the [extradition] request portrays an accurate picture of the situation

"We had many suggestions for redactions which WikiLeaks agreed to", including the names of people. Summers says quoting a WS
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Mark Summers QC for the defence now rises to make a motion on extradition law.
Says he will be dealing with three specific pieces of evidence.
1.The allegation that #Assange helped Chelsea Manning crack a password.
2. The allegation of "theft," against him
3. The allegation he put people at risk.

All "Utter rubbish," he adds
"Lies, lies and more lies," Summers says of the prosecution case.
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At Woolwich courthouse in London for Day 2 of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s week-long extradition hearing

This will be thread for today’s proceedings.
Court begins with Edward Lewis, prosecutor, objecting to defense arranging through court a transcript of proceedings without notifying prosecution. #Assange
Prosecutor says everyone should be on “same playing field and at the moment we’re not.” Because defense has a transcript and prosecutor has not worked out process for paying and obtaining transcript #Assange
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Judge enters and proceedings commence.
Mr Assange is escorted into the glass-fronted dock,
Protestors outside very audible in court.
James Lewis QC for US government rises to support the defence submission that #assange treatment may interfere with #Assange's right to a fair hearing.
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THREAD I attended the first hearing of the #AssangeTrial today. There is an incredible paradox and even a non-sense. The prosecutor accused #Assange of having endangered "political dissidents and journalists". On the contrary, Julian contributed to reveal war crimes and lies.
@rebecca_vincent @cmihr @pierrehaski @PaulMoreiraPLTV @ggreenwald @yanisvaroufakis @Snowden In #AssangeTrial, can the prosecutor tell us why the Obama administration did decide not to prosecute, and now the Trump’s one does? It seems that there are alternative facts and even an alternative justice under @realDonaldTrump.
@rebecca_vincent @cmihr @pierrehaski @PaulMoreiraPLTV @ggreenwald @yanisvaroufakis @Snowden @realDonaldTrump We knew that the prosecutor would use these arguments against Julian #Assange: the problem is that there is no evidence, not one, that Julian endangered people. The ones who accuse him not only endangered, but clearly killed lots of civilians and even committed war crimes.
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Breaking #Assange Defence counsel says a Republican congressman visited Assange and offered him a full pardon in exchange for "personal services," on behalf of Donald #Trump
Congressman named in court as Dana Rohrabacher.
The congressman said he was worried that accusations of interference in the 2016 election were harming US/Russia relations, wanted #Assange to say Russia was not involved.
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Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: The extradition is for political purposes and that’s prohibited under US/UK treaty.

#DontExtraditeAssange #Freepress #FreeAssange
Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: This prosecution is not about criminal justice, it is due to underlying political motives of the US government.
Extraditing #Assange would also lead to "inhuman and degrading treatment," in the US prison system, his counsel tells the court, says mental condition could put him at risk of suicide.
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And the reason @wikileaks published is because the original file was in a format that was not easily accessible to informants but would be to those that posed a risk to them, internet talk suggested the risk was increasing so they published so that the informants could be aware.
Here is #Assange attempting to warn the US that they haven’t released the docs but someone else has:
Here's a copy of how the passwords were published:
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