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REVEALED: Russia’s secret plan to help Julian #Assange escape from UK…
"Four separate sources said the Kremlin was willing to offer support for the plan – including the possibility of allowing Assange to travel to Russia and live there. One of them said that an unidentified Russian businessman served as an intermediary in these discussions."
"Sources said the escape plot involved giving Assange diplomatic documents so that Ecuador would be able to claim he enjoyed diplomatic immunity."

Remember when they actually tried to do this?
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This pathetic hack attacked #WikiLeaks and #Assange with smears and lies, now he loudly complains that nobody will return his calls. LMFAO. Put someone decent on the beat, @AP. #FreeASSANGE
A-a-a-and now we know why this pathetic @AP hack is so desperate for "content". He has new smears to publish! #FreeASSANGE #Unity4J
AP claim they have "tens of thousands of files". But they are leading with Israel Samir asking the Russian embassy to give @JulianAssange asylum in 2010? It's well known @wikileaks was trying every option at the time. As Kristinn Hrafnsson says, that's “rather uninteresting.”
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BREAKING: Julian #Assange sought a Russian visa…
echo -n "Assange reached out to the Russian embassy at the time of the Red Notice." | shasum -a 512
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Anyone familiar w/ propaganda techniques will see right through this article's lies, & figure its true intentions.

We will deconstruct it for you, lie by lie, falsehood by falsehood, by tomorrow (Sunday) - stay tuned! 😉…
Sorry to begin w/ the end of the article, but this is to show how crappy a job @abcnews is doing: they already had to fix a serious 'mistake' where they 'only' made their readers believe Assange is facing charges when he is not.

Way to go @abcnews... but we're not done yet!
Exposing the lies & manipulation in this article is like entering a long sewer: there's poop everywhere you look.
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NEW Q! 🔥Monday, August 27 #QAnon…
Who is systematically arranging the leaks to select individuals?
Why is this important [to drop] prior to BO testimony?
Q! 🔥 Monday, 8/27 #QAnon #DARKMONEY

Focus Here:
HRC election loss = CF inflow stop
CF inflow stop = No Name Institute inflow ramp
Compare donors.
Direct correlation?
[He did not depart on his own terms]
Think FLYNN [30].
Exactly [30].
We are in control.
BIG week ahead.

[He did not depart on his own terms.] -#QAnon

#DONEin30 ✔️✔️✔️
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An insider's view on @JulianAssange & his organisation @wikileaks ----
Inside WikiLeaks: Working With The Publisher That Changed The World

( Article by the great @SMaurizi, investigative journalist & longtime partner with WikiLeaks)…
As I worked on the Podesta emails, I do know that their publication was not a last second decision

I'd been alerted the day before

Their staggered release was a choice WL made after the org was harshly criticised by MSM for publishing DNC docs all at once

~Stefania Maurizi~
I was also a witness when WL recieved 4 documents about Trump's business & the media partners were asked to help verify those docs.

The Wikileaks Team had already prepared a placeholder graphic for a possible release on Trump.

~Stefania Maurizi~
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Although Mr Assange's conditions were already harsh, having no sunlight or outdoor exercise since June 2012, his situation has gotten worse since Mar 27 when the Ecuadorian govt imposed conditions that are like indefinite confinement.

~Mairead Maguire~
These matters of removal of basic rights of speech, information,liberty, persecution & silencing of journalists etc are of fundamental importance to all of us who believe in free & democratic society.

~ Mairead Maguire~
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This is a rehash of #Assange's assertion that #Guccifer2 was too Russian to be Russian.

(It also ignores my and @kevincollier's confirmation of #WikiLeaks' contacts with G2 and desire for exclusive access to their materials…)
@kevincollier Interesting that #WikiLeaks refers to something a longer version of what #Assange said as "partisan." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Interesting that #WikiLeaks can't find any coverage of it and #Mueller that isn't, in their words, "partisan." I guess there just isn't any. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Or it will end in tragedy.

The Australian government and Prime Minister Turnbull have an historic opportunity to decide which it will be.

~John Pilger~
The Australian govt has clear diplomatic & moral obligation to protect Australian citizens abroad from gross injustice

It can remain silent,for which history will be unforgiving.Or it can act in interest of justice & humanity & bring this remarkable Australian home
~John Pilger~
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Why am I sharing this in relation to @Caitoz's suspension?

Because like the outlets discussed in the article, Caitlin reports fairly and supportively regarding Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, as part of her overall rock-solid antiwar and anti-imperialist stance.
Yes, @Caitoz was most likely mass-reported by #Shareblue botnets specifically re: her opinions regarding #JohnMcCain.

However, it seems that this is part of an overall massive ramping up of offensive (as opposed to defensive/reactive) censorship by Shareblue etcetc.
Seeing all these voices muffled by the establishment since they gagged #Assange really drives home the point that the public is the enemy that the unelected power structure is waging psychological warfare against.
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Twitter just suspended @caitoz.

We warned, and we warned, that after #Assange the rest of us would be next. I hate seeing that come to fruition so damn quickly.

Also, @shareblue: go to hell.
You can still find Cait's work on a number of sites, including Steemit, Consortium News, Facebook, Medium, her website, etc.……
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Australian Government Can Save Julian Assange

(OpEd by famous Australian QC, Julian Burnside,on @JulianAssange crisis)…


#Assange #SafePassage #NoExpulsion #NoExtradition #Unity4J #auspol #ecuador #humanrights
"Julian Assange is an Australian. He is in trouble overseas. He needs the Australian government's help."

"The American have made it clear that they want to get Assange, who has good reason to fear that he will be mistreated the way Chelsea Manning was."

~Julian Burnside~
"#Assange has not seen sunshine or felt rain for 6 years.

His health has deteriorated badly.

His teeth are causing great pain: a dentist can't visit him. He needs root canal surgery,which is not possible except in a fully equipped dental surgery."

~Julian Burnside~
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#TheResistance version of #Freepress:*Subject to terms and conditions, some restrictions may apply.

[Publish Hillary's own words, proof of corruption or US war crimes, and we will call for your death].…
That ^ article was written when Assange could at least defend himself on Twitter by compiling said death threats, calling out the lies etc.
Now, the smarmy cowards are getting away with it.

They don't want #freepress, they want freedom from criticism.
Which, surprise, is the utter opposite of freedom of the press and speech.
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We Told You That Once The Establishment Silenced Assange, The Rest Of The Media Would Be Next: We Were Right…
@telesurenglish and @RealAlexJones have almost nothing in common, but were both censored very recently.

The only bridge connecting them is their support &/or fair coverage of @JulianAssange.

#Unity4J #ReconnectJulian #DefendWL .
On one hand, the establishment is clearly going after anyone who supports Assange.

On the other, we see that since #Assange has been isolated for months, the technocratic media barons are being sicced like the foxhounds for the state that they are on any & all media.
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Julian #Assange Went After a Former Ally. It Backfired Epically.…
Since #Assange continues to go after current and former allies that dare to criticize him or #WikiLeaks, it seems like a good time to remind folks that I'm still accepting leaks and first hand accounts from within and around WL.

DMs are open and I'm EmmaBest on Wire.
(Yes, other leaks are already in the works. Pending verification and redaction, some materials will be released by me, some will be exclusives for others.)
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What have we heard from Julian #Assange? Here is a thread from talks when he could still engage with audiences and answer questions to mark the #Unity4J #FreeAssange 50 hr/50 guest online vigil. I agree with the principles and ideas that follow.
"This from Proverbs is the earliest occurrence known to me of the well known idea that knowledge is power. To keep a person ignorant is to place them in a cage. Radio 4, New Years address 2 Jan 2014…
The Internet has become the most important device for revealing the truth since the printing press. It has become the number one antidote to TV. It has allowed one person with some truth to speak to every single person. Oxford Union, 1 Feb 2013
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I've always had a sinking feeling about #WikiLeaks & #Assange (besides the rape allegations,) but this is solidifying that feeling. We definitely need #transparency, but we must be careful & look out for those w alterior motives.…
From Emma Best (@NatSecGeek)
Re:#WikiLeaks #Assange #RussianCollaborator

Again, we *need* transparency, but we have to know that the motives are pure. Obviously Assange & his minions had ulterior motives.
This says a lot about #RealityWinner's arrest.We know Comey&Trump were targeting "leakers."We now know what many have suspected, Assange was collaborating. We also now know that Assange's motives were to target the UN. Doesnt Reality care about climate change & human rights? 🤔🤔
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Folks on r/WikiLeaks are confused that different people describe me different ways, and that my involvement in both natsec and FOIA makes me a "chameleon to the narrative," as if I haven't long maintained that transparency strengthens natsec in the long run.
Same group of people think my claim to fame is publishing the Turkey database (it was published before I uploaded a copy of it), and not helping to get over 13,000,000 pages of CIA docs online so anyone can read them.

How's that for being a "chameleon to the narrative?"
But since #WikiLeaks folks insist on bringing up Turkey, now seems like a good time to remind everyone that #Assange endangered the source (Phineas Fisher) by refusing to wait as instructed and promoting the release while they were still exfiltrating docs.
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#US Suddenly Buys More Ecuadorian Oil: Is It Also Buying #Assange’s Arrest?

#JulianAssange's Fate Is Being Decided At The Moment…
#ChuckGrassley reminds us it's National Whistleblower Appreciation Day. Something coming??

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@Scottludlam told the panel: “One of the reasons Julian is in the jam that he’s in, is that he is an uncompromising bastard. Compromising the integrity of the work [is not something he would do], because if he [was inclined to do so], he would have cut some kind of deal already.”
@deCespedes said: “It’s up to us to ensure that we have access to this public repository of knowledge.” Like other attendees, Barreto raised the importance of organizing on-the-ground protests and actions.
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#Assange lawyer Carlos Poveda: "We sent 2 letters to the Foreign Ministry of #Ecuador, one about 10 days ago, the other about 5 days ago... They haven't responded to us." #FreeAssange #Unity4J…
Poveda said the letters "indicated precisely the concerns we have over withdrawal of nationality and asylum." So @Lenin Moreno is also planning to withdraw citizenship? He has to if he wants to legally evict #ASSANGE: #Ecuador's constitution protects citizens from extradition.
Poveda said #Assange's lawyers have been "keeping an eye on UK newspapers" and seeking to meet @Lenin Moreno "but at the moment there seems no possibility of doing so."
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Overlooked element of the #Mueller indictment is that it seems to confirm @raffiwriter's reporting about #WikiLeaks' original July 18, 2016 deadline.……
The takeaway of the newly confirmed section? That it was unclear who, but someone "had leverage over [#Assange's] decisions" when it came to #WikiLeaks. The #Mueller indictment all but says that it was Russian intelligence.
The leap in logic of RIS being the source and RIS having leverage is minuscule, and supported by the article, but it is still a dot that's not 100% connected hence the caveat at the end of that tweet.
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1) Hopes for #FreeAssange - so the world is on fire w/regard to this man and his freedom. YES? Absolutely. - Why? - Because he dared to challenge & change the world with his publishing. Why? - Because he despises corruption w/every breath!
2) Enter into this fray the faithless and the faithful! I love them all. Which side am I on? - FAITHFUL! - Why? Because God has shown himself to me in a manner that no one can argue or take from me. Does #JulianAssange have faith? - IDK!
3) People throw around the word "hope", but it's watered down in our era & is now a romantic word. But real hope is a certain expectation for a desired outcome. Key word "CERTAIN". #FreeAssange
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What have we learned from @WikiLeaks ? Friends, this thread will go for a while. Consider and evaluate whether this material is in the public interest as events regarding #WikiLeaks and #Assange unfold. Also, feel free to unfollow if you can't hack it.…
2/ Information released by WikiLeaks has been used by those seeking justice in numerous court cases, for example, the Chagos Islands case uses cables in evidence.…
3/ The Minton Report detailed how Dutch multinational company Trafigura had dumped toxic waste in the Ivory Coast affecting 108,000 people. The report had been suppressed through a super injunction.…
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