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1. Based on this broadcast by Mike FATW, Id say Dinosaur programming is about to be activated!!
Listen to 06 18 2022 - FINANCIAL- CRYPTO - WEATHER by council1arch on #SoundCloud
2. Mike has been such a blessing to me over the years. His experiences as a US government operative w high intelligence clearance & his strong relationship w the Lord Jesus helped me better understand many a programming situation! When no one else was talking about fallen
3.entities, AI, quantum entanglements btwn man & devils, other and cosmic issues, he was pioneering the way for us to understand what we r up against. Mike addresses issues I know to b true from tge work I do w survivors.
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ja. das ist knallhart @murschetg

#NiklasLuhmann verschwendete sein ganzes leben damit, jene unterscheidungen zu killen, welche für #parteinpolitik das lebenselexiert ist:

#gesellschaft als
- gruppen von menschen
- innerhalb von territorien
- ...
zu beschreiben...
@murschetg dass #kapitalismus #capitalism #marktwirtschaft teil von problem ist, scheint bloss nicht klar, weil es kein gegenmodell mehr gibt?

das arabische modell ist inzwischen näher am #hyperkapitalismus, ja?

dubai = do buy (so?)
@murschetg das chinesische modell massenmedial völlig verzerrt und von hinweisen aus der universität völlig unterbelichtet. sensationell dazu: @IsabellaMWeber…
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Some pay out regularly every day, week or month, and others allow you to release your #cashback to your account whenever you want provided that you've met some kind of minimum amount. This can be as low as $1.00, so it's not nearly as restrictive as it might #SoundCloud… Getting free money for playing something you were going to be playing anyway is a deal that no one can really be unhappy with. Even though there are different ways that online casinos might handle cashback, the bottom line is that it's even more value… than you were going to be getting through the other promotions you've taken advantage of, and that's something that players will always appreciate because it gives them more chances to bet and win.

Sorry, there is no bonus that matches your criteria.
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1. 04 21 2022 Pastor Paul Interview With Michael - Worldwide Unrest by council1arch on #SoundCloud Mike speaks at 3 min mark that 3 yr old children r nixing their parents. I dont know what nation he attributes that to but that sounds like "Into the Woods"
2.program. Im at conference atm so I've not gotten to listen to Mikes complete interview from last nite. But check it out.. It sounds important!
3. I like Mike bc the things he speaks of match up w info & principles I see as I work w upper level Ritual abuse MC survivors. I concur w Mikes statement that here that the hybrid children of fallen angels &bloodline women r out & about & taking rulership positions.
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1.Interesting info given by Mike FATW. Listen at 50 sec to 10 min mark. He speaks of a sudden increase in paranoia & schizophrenia
Listen to 04 13 2022 Evening Q And A - Global Updates - Earth Changes - People Changes by council1arch on #SoundCloud otherwise healthy functioning individuals. These people r abandoning their homes & families & retreating to the outdoors to live. Mike attributes this behavior to fallen entities & the huge geomagnetic changes affecting our nervous system. I completely
3.agree that these factors r in play. My family & friends experience the headaches & physical pains in conjunction w the retracting magnetosohere & cosmic weather. We watch cosmic weather daily. But I propose that this uptick of "paranoia & schizophrenia" in otherwise healthy
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On 23rd March 1931, Bhagat Singh was hanged by the British at the age of only 23.

Quaid e Azam, the founder of Pakistan, fought for Bhagat Singh when he couldn't attend the trial because of his hunger strike. Jinnah said in Central Assembly meeting on Sept 12 1929: Image
“The man who goes on a hunger strike has a soul and he believes in the justice of his case”

“Sir, can you imagine a more horrible form of torture than a hunger strike? If, rightly or wrongly, these men are inflicting this punishment on themselves, and thereby you are..
.. unconvinced. Is that any reason why you should ask us to abandon one of the cardinal principles of criminal jurisprudence? It’s not everybody who can go starving to death”

Jinnah had asked, “If these young men pursue this course, and I am sorry to hear that one of them died,
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4 Min. Con @LorenzoRamirez_

Escucha AUD-20220326-WA0041.mp3 de cuevas_dawson en

Chilísima ella ...
Y su Compi ... Más
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"gleichgültigkeit können und dürfen wir uns nicht leisten, wenn menschlichkeit und demokratie auf dem spiel stehen" @BarbaraBleisch

ziemlich wild, ein solcher satz im intro zum gespräch ;-)
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Campaigning for equality and recognition of human rights in sport - Kristen Worley #57 by LawInSport via #soundcloud…
In this podcast Kristen Worley, athlete and, equality and human right campaigner, talks about her personal journey campaigning for the equality and human rights to be recognised in sport.
This journey led Kristen to take a landmark case to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against the Cycling Canada, the Ontario Cycling Association and the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).
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Ayeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Anthem

Listen to F Ck Up Some Commas by Future on #SoundCloud
🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Listen to Famous Dex - Drip From My Walk by Plugged Soundz on #SoundCloud
I got hoooooooooooooooes callin(excuse me I'm in the zone yall 😂😂🤣) Listen to sheck wes - mo bamba (prod. 16yrold & take a daytrip) by 16yrold on #SoundCloud
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Listen to KURT RAMBIS by NIGGLETIUS!!! on #SoundCloud
Listen to The 3 Lyrical Ps (feat. Prodigy & Styles P) by NIGGLETIUS!!! on #SoundCloud
Slim thick aye
Listen to Raekwon & Ghostface killah - Slim Thick Remix (Dirty) by ICEH2O RECORDS on #SoundCloud
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Mestres @Claudiozaidan11 e @ricapriotti


Prêmio: José Paulo de Andrade de Crônica: 'Cidade de São Paulo'. A ideia é que as pessoas escrevam sobre a cidade de São Paulo do seu jeito e participem da primeira edição que já está com inscrições abertas.
O júri vai escolher o texto que, com originalidade, saiba dosar informação, erudição, humor, características da crônica da 'cidade de São Paulo'.
O (A) vencedor(a) será anunciado em 18 de maio de 2022 – data de aniversário de José Paulo de Andrade – e receberá um troféu da @RBandeirantes

É uma ideia!
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"watching the returns on my investment"- @LarryJuneTFM

#ImpactXP #Impactors #SaitamaWolfPack #saitama #Shiba Listen to Larry June - Financial Freedom Produced By Sledgren by Sledgren on #SoundCloud
"When this comes on the real (X)P's go crazy"- @LarryJuneTFM
#saitama #SaitamaWolfPack #ImpactXP #IMPACTors

Listen to The P (prod. Cookin Soul) by Larry June TFM on #SoundCloud
"Damn what's up with all this hate"- @DOPEITSDOM
Listen to Dom Kennedy - When I Come Around by Higher on #SoundCloud
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1. If u've not heard Mike FATW broadcast from last nite, u'll want to. Imo it confirms the INFINITY program activation
Listen to 12 02 2021 Pastor Paul Interview With Michael - EQs - Volcanism - Mexico - Genetic Experiments by council1arch on #SoundCloud
2.that I posted about over the weekend. Im not government intelligence like Mike FATW but he demonstrates to me again and again he understands programming and the occult like no one I've seen. Mike speaks about the Destroyer coming. This is Apollyon/Abbadon. This is the
3.thinning of the veil I discussed recently. Programmed individuals think in their programming they r "testing the hardness of the Petra rock inside them" but they r really looking for the thinning of the veil to bring these entities here. The biggest Kahoona is The
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FEMINIST GIANT is growing! And part of that growth is Arabic translations of my essays by the brilliant @itmeansagift. Here is her translation of my essay on being childfree by choice…
The 1st of my essays that @itmeansagift translated was this one on abortion.

It's difficult to write about abortion, being childfree by choice & menopause (the next essay she'll be translating) in any language. It's important my
essays are now in Arabic
In addition to Arabic, I have also introduced audio versions of my essays. Here is Unmothering, the original version of my essay on being childfree by choice with the audio link at the top of the essay.

Join my Soundcloiud!…
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Cast #6 The Alchemical Work through the Tarot
#SoundCloud #np…
We are spirit
Bound to this flesh
We go around one foot nailed down
We're bound to reach out and beyond
This flesh become Pneuma
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Last nites broadcast fom Mike FATW.
Listen to 10 11 2021 Q And A - The Word Of God In Deceitful Days by council1arch on #SoundCloud
FYI the under the ocean city that is "like NYC" Mike tells u about is identified by many MC survivors who have been there. Mike is high up government intelligence. He validates their stories!! And thats just one of many such places!
1.Pay attention to the study Mike quotes where humans were shielded from experiencing the Schuman resonance and how they bc ill. I started following the recording of the Schuman resonance daily a couple yrs ago. Galaxy and I can predict great variations in the
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This is a bit old now, but still interesting. Includes a question on @AbiyAhmedAli's open letter to @JoeBiden.

#AFMediaHub @StateDept @AsstSecStateAF

‘The U.S. Response To The Ongoing Crisis In Northern Ethiopia’ on #SoundCloud #np…
There is a particularly good question from the EBC at 19:31 into the briefing, this follows the question on the open letter at 17:28 from The Africa Report.
At the end 23:28 there are a couple of questions from the @todaynewsafrica publication which are also interesting in terms of understanding what the stance of that publication is.
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Have you heard "Matrix Busting Bad*sses" by Waking Warriors on #SoundCloud? #np…
5-6 Degree Libra

'A Man Watches His Ideals Taking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision'…
The Pluto Libra generation is on a mission to save the world through beauty. They do the commitment thing in powerfully re-imagined ways. ... ​Pluto Libras have an instinct for this, and through the power of will, really can re-imagine their world, on 👉their terms. 🎯
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Recht auf persönliche Freiheit Art. 10 Abs. 2 BV
Anspruch auf Grundschulunterricht Art. 19 BV
Versammlungsfreiheit Art. 22 BV
Vereinigungsfreiheit Art. 23 BV
Wirtschaftsfreiheit Art. 27 BV
Politische Rechte Art. 34 BV
Medienfreiheit Art. 17 BV
Schutz auf Privatsphäre Art. 13 BV
die #pozilei dein*_In freund*_In und helfer*_In (so?) #DefundThePolice Image
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I launched FEMINIST GIANT on Sept. 1. I am super fucking proud that during that time:

-I've written 39 essays
-Pay 2 interns who compile weekly Global Roundups of feminist news
-Co-produced a Pride Panel w/ @strandbookstore
-Been quoted in various media e.g BBC, NPR
-Been translated into Turkish & Italian, Spanish soon
- Have kept FEMINIST GIANT free, no paywall or ads because I want it available to all…
And to mark FEMINIST GIANT's 10 month birthday, I've launched audio essays: here's me reading my latest essay

Have you heard ‘Too Loud, Swears Too Much, Goes Too Far’ by Mona Eltahawy on #SoundCloud? #np…
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NEW! Launching today: audio recordings of my essays on FEMINIST GIANT.

Hear me read my essays, starting with one of my most popular: #WhyISayFuck…
Adding new audio soon. Stay up to date and susbscribe!

FEMINIST GIANT is free, no paywall or ads.

If you can pay, it helps keep it free.
I recorded the audio version of both my books and loved it!

I know that The Seven Necessary Sins For Women and Girls audiobook is not yet available everywhere. Until then, hear me read my essays on FEMINIST GIANT☝🏽And here is the opening of my book
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If you like the audiobook of my two books, which I recorded, you will like a new FEMINIST GIANT feature I’m launching on Sunday: audio versions of my essays.

Here is an excerpt of me reading from my first book Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution on #SoundCloud: the dedication, epigraph, and Introduction.…
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Listening to this on my bike ride


@a16z Podcast: Why Crypto Tokens Matter by a16z on #SoundCloud…
Pretty informative. But one contention is conflation in price n value. Price is an abstract signifier
They also talk about how crypto is ultimately a reshaping of the foundations and protocols of the internet

They talk about economising the internet where value is transacted as a base layer rather than on top
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