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A daivajna & mantrasastravit (Astrologer cum expert in mantrasaastra) called me up this morning& said that immediately we need to perform a homa 4d wellbeing of our ppl&soldiers during this tough time to please Rudra for saving us from untimely death&diseases ailing all of us. ImageImage
It requires resources for procuring dravyams required for execution & dakshina to ritviks who are otherwise not able to easily eke out a living as they used to earlier during non corona days.
Budget needs 2b worked out but still not sure of capable of organzng it due 2 expnditure
Its not an atirudra like one. Its just 2 richas of Srirudra prasna's 1st anuvaka with purascharana with homa 2b performed on number of days suggested. The vidwan who suggested this feels it better be organized at individual's houses for japa & homa then can be performed at 1place
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I cannot overstate how much better off we would be had the government simply done nothing over the past 60 days

Receipts! Thread 1/X
Probably the most damning article I've seen is one attempting to run cover for the government but it in fact gives us clear evidence that people would have done the right thing and taken steps to protect themselves had the government done nothing at all
Then there are the obvious civil liberty infringements of which there are too many to list so I'll just give a few.
How many lives do you honestly believe were saved by imprisoning these few brave souls trying to feed themselves during this insanity?
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1) THREAD on how Hindutva Zealots Harming India’s Goodwill in Muslim World, also trying to explain (put in perspective) why suddenly Arabs Twitterati (and SM influencers) are criticizing India (based on my article in @HeadlinesBeyond… )
2) Sample this tweet by self-proclaimed Hindutva-nationalist-patriot @Payal_Rohatgi. Hindutva trolls like her are harming India's interests and damaging its relations with Arab countries by sharing such Fake News and other Islamophobic contents.

3) Little Background: Since the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Muslims in India have been accused of doing “Corona jihad” after it came to light that a congregation called by Tablighi Jamaat at its Markaz turned into “super spreader”, resulting in one-third of known cases.
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There are many good musicians in/from Nakuru. Let me give you links to some music. Who knows, they can end up in your playlist and also make it easier for the artists to work with others. Let's do this. A THREAD. Go through and share
Vanessa Pym photo by yours truly... She has several good songs you can check on YouTube and Apple Music or other platforms. Here is a link to one song I like. My Love For You by @vanessapymmusic
Remember when Benzema of Ochunglo Family was known for a different genre of music as part of Letronica Circle, they also worked with Vanessa. Check this Lectronica Circle & Vanessa Vonroe - KENYA
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Listen to Nurse mentions children saved in New York by Heath Motley #np on #SoundCloud…
@BlancoSombrero can any of this be verified 😳 very disturbing
Maybe that’s what these are for 😲…
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قبل ايام اكملت ١٠اعوام
منذ استقالتي من وظيفتي الواعده
بالشركة الرائعه #أرامكو_السعودية

و اخترت المغامرة في ادغال
#ريادة_الأعمال بحثا عن شئ ما !!

افكر الان في ان (اثرد) لكم تجربتي
واختصر الدروس التي تعلمتها

لكني متردد لأن كتابتها متعبة نفسيا

إن كان سردها سيفيدكم
اعملوا 🔃 او❤️
1️⃣ #ثريد

توقعت بعض الاهتمام بالموضوع
وخصوصا من الاخوان موظفي
#أرامكو 😄👋🏻👷🏻‍♂️

لكن لم اتوقع هذا الاهتمام الكبير #صراحه

سابدأ بكم تغريده الليله
و اسرد خواطري عن الموضوع في #سلسلة
خلال هذا الاسبوع المزحوم😥

و ربما اعطي بعض التفاصيل على #سناب_شات لاحقا

نقول بسم الله

قبل ان اصل للحديث عن استقالتي من وظيفتي في #ارامكو والتي يتمناها الكثير
و هي فعلا شركة مميزه و الخروج منها ليس قرار سهل ابدا

يجب ان اذكر ان رحلة البحث عن هذا (الشئ؟)
بدأت منذ طفولتي..
اذكر مغامرات الاكتشاف والتامل
في جبال واودية #ابها
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Ep 22: The True Story Behind the Magnitsky Act w @antiputinismus
on #SoundCloud…
@antiputinismus Become a patron to get some bonus content on the Magnitsky Act, Bill Browder & Corporate Censorship…
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Our latest episode is out:
How the Superrich stole Democracy with @DougHenwood…
Listen to Ep 20: Look At Venezuela w @MikePrysner…
Listen to Ep 19: Ukranian Nazis and Their CIA Collaborators w Moss Robeson by historic_ly #np on #SoundCloud…
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Some basics.

The US Dollar is a tax credit.
It is a unit of measure.
You can't run out of inches
You can't run out of numbers
The government can't run out of dollars...
unless it purposely, politically chooses to.

Since the US Dollar is a mere tax credit and a unit of measure, it is neither precious nor permanent.

A dollar is an IOU.
When it is spent into existence a debt is born.
When it is taxed out of existence a debt is washed away.
All money is debt.
So reducing the national debt means reducing the national money supply.

Dollars are not reused
A dollar is spent once into existence.
It circulates within the economy
Is destroyed once it is returned as a tax.
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They're coming for Tunisia with the same broken offer: Give up your liberties in return for economic stability. The thing is, after that, they don't even guarantee economic stability - only economic stagnation and servitude as they try to extend an already broken rentier model.
We spoke repeatedly about the broken economic model in which Arab countries are stuck on the @ArabTyrantMan'ual podcast. The counter revolution is jumping in with offers of cash to extend an already doomed economic model. Links follow.
Listen to Episode 006 - The Arab World Won't Fix Itself by Arab Tyrant Manual Podcast #np on #SoundCloud…
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Femi you played an absolute blinder here.
I listened to a bit more of @IamSairaKhan and @EamonnHolmes.

Later on Saira said this:

She's fed up with " patronising intellectuals" and their details.…
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Mesujambas aide claim #SarakiAudio was doctored. LAUGHABLE!

@bukolasaraki should have the option to sue me. Your loss today in Kwara is the beginning of liberation of Kwara

Listen to the audio again

@MBuhari - @bukolasaraki’ on #SoundCloud #np…
That @bukolasaraki is not denying that was him in #SarakiAudio is commendable.

That @bukolasaraki is claiming #SarakiAudio was doctored is applying the same method @GovUmarGanduje adopted that I roundly criticised please read here 👇
Isn't it an Irony that the @atiku @bukolasaraki and Obigotry gang who condemned @GovUmarGanduje for claiming video was doctored are now claiming #SarakiAudio was doctored by @ogundamisi

@bukolasaraki should be MAN enough to own up to his recklessness. Kwara is now Free from him
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Why I decided to oppose @MBuhari - @bukolasaraki addresses followers in Kwara State 👇

"All that you have complained about tonight is on point, I can not find anything you have said that is not on point, you complained about empowerment" @bukolasaraki
"Let us agree that the last 3 and a half years, things have not been easy at all, I agree and accept things have not been easy at all, particularly in the area of empowerment" @bukolasaraki
"Before 2015 I have always tried to empower the youth and get you involved in appointments, but this time around as a result of what I call human factor, things have not been the same, I believe it is the will of God" @bukolasaraki
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Welcome to #SinglePayerSunday
April 5th
Support #MedicareForAll by becoming a #MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
#MedicareForAllVoter 🗽
Democrats Are Embracing #SinglePayer Health Care - The Atlantic
#MedicareForAll ⚕️
#SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
#SinglePayer #MedicareForAll Is the Only Health-Care System That Makes Sense via @thenation #SinglePayerSunday 🚑…
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