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🌆Good evening and welcome everyone! 💐

We are all set for an In Conversation with Dr. Tessy Thomas #agniputhri #missilewoman Director General (#Aeronautical Systems) @DRDO_India.

Please post your recommendations, comments with #ChatwithTessyThomas

@APJAbdulKalam @mygovindia
The excitement in us has reached the threshold as we get set for an explosion of tweets as part of #ChatwithTessyThomas, In Conversation with series, track 1 #consultations of #STIP2020.

@Ashutos61 @guptaakhilesh63 @adityakaushik00 @Jengovz @nimita_pandey @ChagunBasha
All ready for launch 3⃣2⃣1⃣….. Here we go! with
💫Tessy Thomas, Director General, Aeronautical Systems @DRDO_India
💫@adityakaushik00, Deputy Director, @WatFuture and 💫@Jengovz DST-STI-Post-doctoral Policy fellow @IndiaDST @DSTCPRIISc
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#1 New @IMSR_UoB @UoB_IAHR research: Urine steroid metabolomics for the differential diagnosis of adrenal incidentalomas: a prospective test validation study – learn all about the #EURINEACT study in this twitter thread and read its results #OpenAccess…
#2 Cross-sectional imaging by CT or MRI regularly discovers adrenal masses; 2-12% are eventually diagnosed as adrenal cortical carcinoma #ACC . However, limited specificity of imaging prevents accurate detection of #ACC…
#3 Urine Steroid Metabolomics combines steroid profiling by mass spectrometry with data analysis by a machine learning algorithm. This non-invasive, radiation-free biomarker tool can detect a malignant “steroid fingerprint” in the urine of #ACC patients…
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Thanks @subu_caps ... sadly there has been no response from anyone @angew_chem ... the numbers are stunning. I should add that there has been only 1/140 Black scientists on their "wall of fame" in the past 3 years I analyzed. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackInSTEM
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@nadiasdaly As a woman in science, I’ll say it’s hard but your experience is disappointing.

I suggest:

1. Repeat the ask. “Actually, I’ve looked at your work and I think you’re really the person I want to talk with. Would you be willing to consider it?
@nadiasdaly 2. Be open. “I hear you. But on the other hand, I’m making an intentional effort to get comments from women who are experts. You are clearly an expert.”
@nadiasdaly Or
3. Make it safe. “How about we give it a shot? If you’re uncomfortable with the outcome, we can always scrap it. But I’d really prefer to talk with you.”
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Everyone in #academia knows the struggle of getting a #grant through peer review – but despite how crucial it is to doing research, there’s very little research on how grant applications get funded!

Today we’ll highlight what is known so far.
We know that the funds aren’t distributed equally – @yardenkatz and @umatterdata found that not only do the top 10% of NIH grantees get 40% of the grants, but the ratio has been getting worse over the years.…
It’s not just NIH, the UK’s EPSRC has 8% of grantees getting 50% of the grants, as found by @lincongnito…

The paper we featured by @EmilBargmann & @AagaardKaare found that the top 20% of grantees got 50% of the grants in Denmark…
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While we're talking about #WomenInScience & #COVID19Women & "heroes" of #scicomm, I want to give a big shout-out to @wcassias & @sidneymbell from @nextstrain.

Our #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 Situation Reports & their translations reach >500,000 views per week!

This is a *team effort* & many people are involved at all stages here - in particular contributions often come from myself, @hamesjadfield @nicfelm & @LouiseHMoncla.

HOWEVER Sidney & Cassia are absolutely integral in coordinating this effort & pushing these out every week!

We are *proud* to be part of a team at Nextstrain, & no one of us could do this alone. We use @nextstrain because it helps to recognise the *team* contributions (particular from dev & code) that go into making this possible - not just the pretty-picture end results!

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Get to know a few amazing #WomenInScience in our collection, like Frances Arnold, a scientist, chemical engineer, and the winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize for chemistry. She was also a 2019 American Portrait Gala honoree! #WomensHistoryMonth
Maxine Singer is a pioneering molecular biologist who earned the National Medal of Science in 1992. Singer is also known for promoting science education in public schools and equal access for women and minorities in scientific fields. #WomenInScience
Mary Engle Pennington, born in 1872, was a bacteriological chemist and refrigeration engineer. Despite being denied a bachelor's degree (for being a woman), Pennington excelled in her career, being the FDA's first female lab chief. #WomenInScience
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#WomenInScience #SheDared

The history of science has often seen the contributions of women being overlooked. This #WomensDay, we are paying a tribute to unsung Indian women who blazed new trails in science.

THREAD: Bibha Chowdhury, India's unsung pioneer in particle physics.
1/ Born in 1913, Bibha was supposedly India's first woman researcher.

Yet, neither does the name of this gifted physicist surface in any book on inspiring Indian women, nor is she mentioned amongst various lists of Indian pioneers in the history of science. #WomensDay
2/ Bibha also did not win any national award or receive a fellowship from a renowned scientific society during her lifetime.

And yet, in 1949, she was handpicked by none other than Homi Bhabha to join the newly established Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) in Mumbai.
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1/7 A first for me and a first for the Moore Lab! Here we showed that the aggresome turns on to clear protein during quiescent neural stem cell exit and show a critical role for the intermediate filament protein vimentin in this process.
2/7 We find that neural stem cells employ the aggresome in response to many types of disrupted proteostasis. Vimentin, which cages the aggresome, scaffolds proteasomes to the aggresome. In the absence of this scaffolding of proteasomes to the aggresome vimentin knock out
3/7 neural stem cells are more susceptible to disruptions in proteostasis. This becomes biologically relevant when we look at neural stem cell quiescence exit – a time when neural stem cells must shift proteostasis and clear a wave of protein. Quiescent neural stem cells
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.@Laramaister had the genius idea of reverse-correlating one's self, and @mattlongo Sophie De Beukelaer & @manos_tsakiris followed suit. And what happens?
Preprint alert 'The Self in the Mind’s Eye' with @Laramaister @mattlongo Sophie De Beukelaer @manos_tsakiris from BIAS project @Warburg_News @RHULPsychology @BirkbeckUoL @BangorUni
How do we see ourselves in our mind’s eye ? The question of how we represent our self has been at the centre of cultural practices across centuries (look at self-portraits), & at the centre of our understanding of mental health issues such as body-image disorders.
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#ESOz2020 Day 4. Starting at 9am sharp (& me walking around to get the watch movement tick this hour) with Matt Jarvis giving the review talk “Galaxy populations across time and wavelength”
Ah, yes, the webpage combining the thread for #ESOz2020 Day 3 is here:…
In this talk it has been mentioned again LSST (several times during #ESOz2020 mentioned) but please everyone remember that it is now the “Vera Rubin Observatory” @VRubinObs in honour to this great woman astrophysicist… #WomenInScience
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Continuing with the #womeninScience #WomenInScienceDay

Here are some interesting links from @CellPressNews…
Joan Steitz speaks with Cell editor Lara Szewczak about how she came to be an advocate for women in science.


This one celebrates young and diverse scientists and the mentorship that has guided them. Their stories come from different corners of the world but are tied together by a common thread of tenacity and perseverance.…


Researchers and STEM advocates argue that science is fundamentally about people and that these human narratives must be captured and shared publicly as an integral part of the scientific process.…


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My niece Dr. Shifra Goldenberg serves San Diego Zoo Global as a Research Fellow in Population Sustainability, with a joint appointment as an Intl Project Manager at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.…
As a behavioral ecologist, Shifra works in Asia & Africa to leverage animal behavior to address questions that simultaneously advance basic understanding of animal societies & conservation objectives, primarily conducting research in the field, on elephants.
Needless to say, I am deeply proud of the work she is doing.
If elephant science and/or conservation interests you, here is a list of some of her publications. She also has an elephant blog at @NatGeo.
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The gender balance in science and tech is notoriously uneven, but that hasn't stopped women from slaying giants in their fields. Take Donna Strickland, who recently became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics in 55 years. 1/ #WomenInScience
...or Fei-Fei Li, an artificial intelligence researcher who is working to create algorithms with more human sensitivity—and less bias. 2/ #WomenInScience
...or Cohl Furey, a mathematical physicist at the University of Cambridge, who’s finding the links between particle physics and the octonions, eight-dimensional numbers that could help us understand the force holding atoms together. 3/ #WomenInScience
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Female graduates in science, technology, engineering, and math:

🇮🇳IND: 43%
🇿🇦RSA: 43%
🇮🇹ITA: 40%
🇬🇧GBR: 38%
🇮🇩IDN: 37%
🇧🇷BRA: 37%
🇸🇪SWE: 35%
🇹🇷TUR: 35%
🇺🇸USA: 34%
🇫🇷FRA: 32%
🇨🇦CAN: 31%
🇲🇽MEX: 31%
🇪🇸ESP: 30%
🇳🇱NED: 29%
🇩🇪GER: 28%
🇰🇷KOR: 25%
🇨🇱CHL: 19%

(UN) #WomenInScience
Scientific authors who are women:

🇨🇴COL: 41%
🇦🇷ARG: 34%
🇦🇺AUS: 28%
🇮🇹ITA: 28%
🇲🇽MEX: 28%
🇪🇸ESP: 27%
🇿🇦RSA: 26%
🇺🇸USA: 24%
🇧🇷BRA: 23%
🇫🇷FRA: 23%
🇹🇷TUR: 22%
🇸🇪SWE: 21%
🇬🇧GBR: 21%
🇨🇳CHN: 19%
🇷🇺RUS: 17%
🇨🇦CAN: 17%
🇩🇪GER: 16%
🇮🇳IND: 15%
🇰🇷KOR: 11%
🇯🇵JPN: 6%

(ISSA) #WomenInScience
Employed researchers who are women:

🇦🇷ARG: 53%
🇳🇿NZL: 52%
🇲🇾MAL: 48%
🇮🇩IDN: 46%
🇿🇦RSA: 45%
🇪🇸ESP: 40%
🇷🇺RUS: 40%
🇵🇰PAK: 39%
🇬🇧GBR: 39%
🇹🇷TUR: 37%
🇮🇹ITA: 35%
🇸🇪SWE: 34%
🇲🇽MEX: 33%
🇩🇪GER: 28%
🇫🇷FRA: 27%
🇨🇳CHN: 27%
🇰🇷KOR: 20%
🇯🇵JPN: 16%
🇮🇳IND: 14%
🇺🇸USA: n/a

(UN) #WomenInScience
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In celebration of international #WomenInScience day, l’d like to introduce you to 3 nutritionists/ medical researchers that I worked on during my PhD. They were pretty tough and persevering... THREAD 1/8 #histmed #histSTEM
Many women nutritionists in the mid-20th century were field workers. Field work is complex and messy, and it can be harder to implement controls. It was often looked down upon by fundamental researchers/laboratory scientists. Thus, their work was often overlooked. 2/8
First let me introduce you to Dr Lucy Wills. She was key in the discovery of #folicacid and its importance to pregnant women and their babies. Relatively overlooked in histories of #nutrition, she was recently recognised via a #googledoodle… 3/8
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On #WomeninScience day let's talk about Williamina Fleming (1857-1911).

#WomeninScienceDay Williamina Fleming
Williamina was born in Dundee, the daughter of a carver and gilder with premises in the Nethergate. She left school when she was 14 and became a pupil-teacher.

In 1877, Williamina married James Orr Fleming, an accountant and fellow Dundonian. She worked as a teacher for a short while, before the couple emigrated to America (specifically Boston, Massachusetts) when Williamina was 21.

#WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM
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On #WomenInScience Day,

We celebrate all the women who have had a pioneering role in advancing science and health.

@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO On #WomenInScience Day, let's remember Florence Nightingale, a 19th- century statistician and founder of modern nursing, who understood the benefits of hygiene and sanitation in preventing disease.
@pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO On #WomenInScience Day, let's remember Fe del Mundo, a paediatrician from the #Philippines, who did pioneering work on infectious diseases including #dengue. She was the first female student at Harvard Medical School.
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Buenos días! Hoy #11F día internacional de la mujer y la niña en la #ciencia queremos recordar a unas cuantas científicas, empezamos hilo :)
Podéis ampliar toda la información en un #fanzine que os podéis descargar de nuestra web con las maravillosas ilustraciones de @DnaeSnz96 ……
Inge nació el 13 de mayo de 1888 en Copenague y se educó en un colegio muy progresista que trataba a hombres y mujeres por igual; una anomalía en ese
momento. #11F2020 #womeninscience #MujeryCiencia
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This is a reprised thread to celebrate some of the outstanding female Sport & Exercise medicine physicians in Australia who are on Twitter, as part of
@WomenScienceDay #WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM @ACSEP_ @womenandmed
@WomenScienceDay @ACSEP_ @womenandmed @ACSEP_ now has a female President
@DrLouiseTulloh who is providing terrific leadership. As well as ♀️ President, ACSEP has female CEO @hoover22
, 50% board representation… >50% office staff and Gender dashboard to try to increase equity on other metrics
@WomenScienceDay @ACSEP_ @womenandmed @DrLouiseTulloh @hoover22 @DrLouiseTulloh will leave a legacy of actively increasing the female representation across leadership of all levels of the College and making sure prospective ♀️ SEM physicians have visible role models
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Spectroscopy allows us to spy on molecules invisible to the naked eye. Through a cuvette the spectrophotometer allows us to peer and measure concentrations with the help of Beer! 👉
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem
The Beer Lambert law (Beer’s law) allows you to convert between concentration (c) of a dissolved thing (solute) & absorbance of light. Don't have a lot - use a NanoDrop so the UV-Vis fun don't stop!…
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem
Do you listen to your spectrograph peaks when they try to speak? Or just look at highest 1 & assume purification's done? Peakiest peak *might* tell concentration - but rest can reveal contamination! 👉
#366DaysOfScience #biochemistry #scicomm #realtimechem
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Community Service.

Look at Dr Sompwe Chanda Shine.

A thread.
I have known many people say, when you practice charity, donot let others know. Do it in private, it's not a show. Or that many people do it just for the millage. Well, for me, outreaches hold a lot of value. And sharing my experiences add to that value. 1/6
Meet Dr Sompwe, who has a passion in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. She is an Anesthesia specialist at UTH but in her free time apart from ZOCA, she promote STEM in communities. 2/6
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Today, we are at the beautiful campus of @jncasr Bangalore for our #Wikipedia edit a thon for Indian Women in Science
Smita Jain begins the proceedings with an overview of IndiaBioscience and its activities in the area of networking, communication, skill building, resources, data and policy discussions
Shobhana Narasimha begins her talk on "Women in Science - Enigmas, Challenges and Successes" asking people to close their eyes and visualize the picture that comes to mind when they think of "Scientist".
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Amazing session at #ASMicrobe on increasing DIVERSITY in the workplace:
1-Everything about maintaining diversity needs to be deliberate
2- Institutions need to review their mission statement
3- Draw awareness to biases
4- Work towards maintaining diverse workforce
There are examples of underrepresented groups/people not being treated fairly in the workplace. Their efforts are not recognised and acknowledged similar to others and unequal responsibilities are given to them. We have to work towards creating an inclusive culture. #ASMicrobe
Recruitment process also needs to be fair. Selection starts from filtering applicants based on school attended. But this is not the only factor which reflects the skills & experience the person has. The Q should be what this person could bring to your organisation? #ASMicrobe
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