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@Donlemon if you really want “better race relations” do you really think the best thing to do is to race bait people and to constantly refer to people in groupings based on their race and not by their own individuality?? #ALLAmericaUnite
Let me start again as I did with Chris Cizzilla and say PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP = LOVES ALL AMERICANS period. He is not a racist, he has a great history of proving it which you refuse to report on. So this is not going to defend racism but it does defend @POTUS #LoveTruthPeace
This is the President Trump I know. Why don’t you show America this??

@donlemon this is a long comment to you (in ~35 tweets). If you would like to debate me on twitter I would be most open to that opportunity. I really want to address the things that you are saying on @CNN about “white people.” #LoveTruthPeace
Sadly, I feel I must say, I am a white man, or at least appear to be even though I am up to 25% of African Heritage, based on what I know of my parents, but no one would know it to look at me and I was adopted so I grew up in an all white home with white parents. #ALLAmericaUnite
I lived in Oakland, Ca for over twenty years so have a huge amount of multi-cultural experience to draw from my own life. Also, my current friends are from all ethnicities and sexual orientations and my sexuality is none of anyone’s business and frankly should stay in the bedroom
I have dated people of many races and creeds. I have friends who are very attached to identifying with their race and many who think that is inconsequential to who they are. Similarly I have gay friends who are out, not out, out to some, whatever they choose. #LoveTruthPeace
One thing I have never met it a “white nationalist” or “white suprematist”. But I have seen them on tv and realize they do exist but from what I understand they are a dying breed. I have never seen the KKK or anything like it other than on TV.
Ok, Don Lemon, enough for the qualifiers, those were for you, not for me - because that seems to be all that matters to you so I want to give full disclosure. My mantra is “LOVE-TRUTH-PEACE”. “Give Love, tell the Truth so we can all experience Peace” I always try to live THIS.
Ok so first, Don Lemon, you said, “...not to demonize any one group or any one ethnicity”. Have you ONCE heard President Trump say he doesn’t want the caravan because of their race? NO, because he hasn’t. So YOU are race baiting then, aren’t you? #LoveTruthPeace
Then you are going to say-I can tell what is in his heart - you do it so often. HOW DARE YOU! So how would you feel if I said that I feel that you are one of the most racist people I have ever heard on television Don Lemon? #ALLAmericaUnite
I normally never would say that, but your WORDS have shown that to be so! BUT, Don Lemon I can say that because of your words that you appear to be a Racist. #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
You SHOULD KNOW that as a reporter neither you nor Cuomo should EVER try to interpret or make up interpretations of ones words, facial expression or code.
#ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
Don Lemon, you were laughing almost uncontrollably when someone called Kanye an “uneducated negro” and similar things. Always referring to people by their race, preferring people by their race -all those things make you appear to be racist Don Lemon and it makes me SICK to watch.
Ok, next... you, Don Lemon said live on air “...stop demonizing people and realize that the biggest terror threat in this country is white men....”. #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
So you do not consider white men people?? Doesn’t this reckon back to when people in a very very ugly way used to say this about Black people to justify slavery? How can you do this Don Lemon? Don’t you realize it is WRONG?
“...most of them are radicalized on the right...”. Which level of inappropriateness shall I discuss? You really believe most white men are radicalized? RIDICULOUS. There are radicals of all colors on all platforms and radicalism is sick and ugly but has nothing to do with race.
You may choose to say, “but you are misinterpreting me,” and hopefully I am, but this is exactly what you do to our HONORABLE President Trump all the time and you NEVER give him the benefit of the doubt or defend him. #ALLAmericaUnite
Next, DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT BLACK PEOPLE CANNOT BE RACIST SURE THEY CAN.Anyone can, and some are, but it has nothing to do with what percentage of the population your are. There are many Black people that are racist against Asian and/or Brown people in addition to White people.
No matter what RACE you are, racism is sick and ugly. No one should be a racist, and I condemn it on all levels. YOU SHOULD TOO, Don Lemon. I call on you to immediately, completely, and regularly condemn racism on your show. And then LIVE IT. #LoveTruthPeace
America needs to heal, Don Lemon, but we can all see you are committed to stoking RACISM, ANGER, HATE and you are willing to LIE, make things up, and suppress information that doesn't meet your biases. #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
Grow up, Don Lemon, be an actual reporter, move on, I don't care but you MUST CHANGE. If not for your own self, do it for your fellow man, do it for AMERICA. #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
It is incredibly clear that EVERYONE at @CNN needs to spend HOURS of time watching Walter Cronkite and the way he handled the news. HE WAS THE EXAMPLE. That is what EVERY single one of you should be striving to do. BE LIKE WALT!
Just be fair, Don Lemon, bring on real people, not pundits, bring on people who can calmly express their opinions and don't interrupt each other. Bring on people that want to make the world a better place not a worse one. #ALLAmericaUnite
But honestly, Don Lemon, I think you should not have any guests on your show for at least 6 months-you often let them make you worse and its very very sad. To more than half of the US you look pathetic, based on your actions and your behavior. Is that really the legacy you want?
So, let’s talk about @therealroseanne and others that have used phrases or words that “trigger” you and your ilk. GIVE IT UP! How are everyday people supposed to know your trigger words? That is on you. Rosanne didn’t know what she was doing was “wrong” - it was a joke.
Frankly what we need is more humor, more lightness. I might not have said what Rosanne did, but she also has no problem mocking white people, white men, white working class people - she does it so that they call themselves to a higher being. #ALLAmericaUnite
People don't talk in codes. If I have said anything here that you find to be a code, I haven’t Don Lemon. And again, that is on you. #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
Do we really need a book that we hand to anyone that wants to talk to us “our trigger words 101”? That is crazy. We need to remember that we are all Americans. We are all just looking to be loved and we all are equally imperfect in God’s light. #ALLAmericaUnite
So, Don Lemon, how about you leave race relations to people who actually care about their fellow man and don't see race in everything that they see? Is that unfair for me to say? Yes, it probably is, but its how I feel. #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
What I would really prefer is that you would start working WITH us instead of AGAINST us. We were never against you. But because of YOUR actions, Don Lemon, now we are “against you” because you have proven yourself to be “against us.” How sad for us all. #LoveTruthPeace
But, As I said to Chris Cizzilla, Don Lemon. You have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world - you just have to be willing. You have to give up hate and lies and be willing to stand in “TRUTH, LOVE, & PEACE”. Are you up for the challenge? #ALLAmericaUnite
Again, as I said to Chris Cizzilla, I truly believe that if all at @CNN would stop spreading hate and would start telling the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH,you will find that we are actually living in the America that you dream of but are just unwilling to see.
So in conclusion, I love you, I have given you my truth and I am looking for Peace. Will you meet me half way? How about all the way? God Bless you, God Bless America, and God Bless our GREAT PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. Let’s be friends! #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
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#ALLAmericaUnite 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻 is a #CleanUpTheMSM campaign. We are resolved to #PeacefullyRemove all media personalities that refuse to tell the truth and/or who spread hate so that all Americans can know the TRUTH❣️ #LoveTruthPeace
DONE!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸❣️ #ALLAmericaUnite #LoveTruthPeace
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