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1/7 🎉🚀 Celebrating @cakedefi's 4 anniversary, let's take a trip down memory lane! Back in 2019, @uzyn and I met for a casual catch-up that led to the birth of #CakeDeFi. #FoundingStory Image
2/7 🧠💡 It all started with U-Zyn's foresight in how crypto would develop: He believed that the crypto community would soon shift from just trading to generating cash flow from their assets. His insight immediately resonated with me. Image
3/7 😄🍰 Choosing the name "Cake DeFi" was a deliberate decision. We wanted our company to not only excel but also to bring a smile to people's faces. Plus, there was no other business named "Cake" in Singapore - perfect for us to stand out! Image
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This week I am hoping that the varied content I will tweet will be interesting, create conversation & perhaps inspire in some form.

#Thankyou to @MelissaSweetDr & the @CroakeyNews for letting me once again host @WePublicHealth I must be getting close to hosting almost 10 times!
The original premise for hosting was regarding #SystemsThinking incorporated in #PublicHealth #MPH teaching @CAphia - but we will also be incorporating #IWD2023 along with some live tweeting from the first day of this awesome conference
Since last year I have been following the excellent @TessaRDavis trying to learn how to improve how I tweet (amongst other things) so this will be a real test for me. For all #PublicHealth academics I strongly recommend you follow her as she has great tips for students.
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While I wait for The Sunday Times to be put to bed...2022 has been a busy year. Here are just some of my specific stories that I think worthy of noting as we had into the #NewYear
1) First up from Feb is this story where we revealed the fact midwifery staffing was going into reverse for the first time with serious concerns about care and maternity units closing 323 times in 2020-21
2) Then in March, we had this interview with the @MidwivesRCM chief which certainly made waves as we headed towards the publication of the Shrewsbury and Telford report:
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🧵 I did 10 parent teacher conferences yesterday where my kids have an A in the class & I had nothing to discuss. I used the time to tell #TeacherTwitter a few things:
👉I know you risked your own health & life, & your family’s, to come to work in a #pandemic. #ThankYou

👉I know you spent 1.5 yrs teaching our kids virtually, navigating unfamiliar technology, staring at a little dot on your monitor instead of a class full of kids, not knowing if the kids with cameras off were there, wondering about the ones who never connect. #ThankYou

👉I know you are now trying to teach students this year’s content, but also content that was learned & forgotten during the #pandemic…or never learned at all. And that, as you do this, your schools, & in turn you, will be held accountable for how your students are performing. /3
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The #BigPictureConference is already amazing and I’ve only just stepped through the doors @ScotlandTBP #rewilding ImageImageImageImage
Session One- rewilding for everyone. #BigPictureConference
First we have Vicki Hird and her books Rebugging the Planet #BigPictureConference #rewilding
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A tutte le persone che sono venute a sentirci. Alla Casa delle Donne del Comune di Rimini che ha organizzato l'incontro insieme a Rete Donne Rimini. A Irene Gulminelli, che ha preso noi e il pubblico per mano, accompagnando l'incontro con cuore e con ragione.
1/4 ImageImageImageImage
A chi ci sostiene in questo nostro cercare.
E' stato bellissimo! ❤️

Raccontare #AnneLister a tante persone che ne sentivano parlare forse per la prima volta non è cosa semplice
Crediamo di essere riuscite a far arrivare la straordinarietà di Anne e di aver instillato un po' di curiosità. Ma soprattutto speriamo di aver trasmesso la portata del coraggio e della complessità di questa donna che, due secoli fa,
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Urbane #Dokumentation in #Wort & #Bild, sowie #Kommunikation zu den Aspekten sozialer #Fliehkraefte
im Zeichen der #Externalisierung von politischer Verantwortung - Das war 12 Jahre #Plasmogen5

Es wurde mir das Wohnen & Arbeiten durch das #SGBII genommen, aber nicht das Sehen!
Ich habe mich in 12 Jahren um Transparenz in einem Teilbereich von #Gesellschaft bemüht, worin dank dem TV mit seinen #ScriptedReality - Formaten nur #Fremdzuschreibung & Soziale
Ressentiments wirksam waren.
Es gab Zeiten echter Reichweite & ich habe diese für Mitmenschen genutzt
Als #Mensch und reflektiertes #Leben habe ich diverse #s erlebt:



und zuletzt das "#IchBinArmutsbetroffen"

Bis zu dem letzten # gab es immer ein Miteinander.

Wir haben uns gegenseitig bestärkt & Erfahrungen ausgetauscht.

Ohne Wenn und Aber!
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An earning worth millions!

Today while walking towards Jalgaon, one gentleman walked towards me. He was in hurry as it was little rain happening.

He came to me and asked “aap kal Mukti school mein gaye wahi sahab ho kya?” (Are you the person who went to Mukti school yesterday).
I said Yes.

He took something out of his pocket and said “my child told me about you and I drive a pool taxi service. This is for your cause and please have some food with this. I will surely donate blood someday.”

And he handed over this Rs.100 note to me and
rushed to his jeep where passangers were waiting across the road.

Before, I couldn’t say or react anything but he left me emotional on the road.

A school talk for 15-20 mins made such an impact ensures that whatever I am doing is going in the right direction and proves that…
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As part of activities to commemorate our 3 years of operations at Ibom Air, we've gifted large umbrellas to street vendors in Uyo, Abuja, Bayelsa, Enugu & Port Harcourt so far.

Most recently, we hit the streets of Calabar & received a warm welcome from some very happy vendors
Thank you Calabar for having us! 🧡

Next stop #Lagos!

Thank you
@stormblastmedia (Video 📹)
@xposurebystevedavid (Photos 📸)
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Navinder Grover kicks off ⁦@GurdwaraAid⁩’s National Gurdwara Conference 2022, reminding us this is a learning environment and that as well as some great speakers there is an opportunity to exchange know how with peers from gurdwaras and other Sikh charities across the UK. ImageImage
Mandip Singh of @GurdwaraAid reminds us that the theme today is #Safeguarding and #Disputes and that there will be an opportunity to enjoy similar sessions at regional events including one in the #WestMidlands. Image
Mandip also speaks touchingly about Gurdeep Singh, Co-founder of @GurdwaraAid, who tragically passed away recently. Image
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My #ROOTS, Run DEEP ! …

#ThankYou, Job Well Done ! .-

Double Edge Sharp

Where do your ROOTS start?
Where Do Your ROOTS #END ? ..

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We have recalled our goal for #Kunar. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I can’t stop here. I have tons of people messaging me from every corner of #Afghanistan asking for help. Plz continue to give to @ASEELApp & send me the order number. #ThankYou…
I am going to start another campaign soon. It would be a general campaign and not a province or region specific fundraiser. If you are interested to partner, plz DM me. Together we achieve more, lets partner #Afghanistan #SaveAfghanistan #AfghanistanCrisis #hunger #Crisis #Afghan
Not recalled
Apologies for the typo
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After 15 months in therapy, I’ve found
1) my therapist can’t do the work for me.
2) It can’t change systemic forces. It helps me to tolerate a system that shouldn’t exist in the first place.
3) It gives me energy to fight that system too.
4) Without therapy, I wouldn’t be here.
5) Digging deep into trauma is traumatizing. Therapy requires self-care.
6) Therapists can be wrong. A good therapist will know that.
7) Therapy is difficult to schedule & pay for. It’s a privilege & should be subsidized.
8) Sometimes it’s just one line that changes everything.
A red flag. I’ve had therapists who were only western educated. Even the best ones would condescend on my eastern roots & say things like “That’s just your culture.” I countered the white therapist also had a culture. He couldn’t see it. To him it was “just the way things are.”
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4 moments I’m incredibly proud of from 2021

Thankyou @IndigenousXLtd for inviting me to ring in the New Year with some of the deadliest followers on Twitter 😎🎆🥳

#Thankyou @Barkaa__ @walkleys @junkee @10NewsFirstSyd @SBSNews @NITV for making these moments possible! Happy 2022
Thankyou to every single person who is doing the work for our people and communities every single day. You are seen! You are important!

Thankyou to my supporters and those who continue to learn and support our mob throughout the country & the Torres Strait 🖤✨❤️🙏🏽 #Grateful
I feel like I just came in and messed the whole page up but it’s been the funnest week ever! 😁🖤🥳

Thanks for being patient with me! 😅
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1/14 🆕 🚨Accelerated article on #breastcancer just out in @nature! #bcsm

We asked:
1️⃣ What drives response to #chemotherapy in #breast #cancer
2️⃣ Can we use #machinelearning to predict response to chemotherapy❓


A 🧵👇👇👇 @OncoAlert
2/14 We are unable to #predict #response to treatment in clinic…

✅Good response ➡️treatment very effective ➡️better survival
❌Poorer response ➡️treatment less effective ➡️worse survival

Being able to forecast response would be a landmark advance!
3/14 We ran a study in women with #breastcancer @CUH_NHS+@CRUK_CI:
1️⃣who had a #cancer biopsy (which we analysed)
2️⃣received 18 weeks of chemo+/-targeted therapy
3️⃣had surgery (and we measured how much cancer remained)

We associated PRE-therapy profiles↔️POST-therapy response👇
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Attending the NAPP National Association of Practicing Psychiatrists Gender Dysphoria In Young People Webinar 2 hours now. Will live tweet #live
This is a medical condition because it involves medication and surgery
Presentations by 5 different psychiatrists all experienced and working within the area of gender Dysphoria @dianna_kenny is speaking about intake assessment which is called “gatekeeping”
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A $10,000 reward will be announced tomorrow.

It’s for anyone w/ info leading to an arrest in 23-month old Jasper Wu’s shooting death along 880.

The money comes f/the Oakland Chinatown Chamber, @BurmaSuperstar & @SanFranciscoPOA Crimes Against Asians Fund #JusticeForJasper
A number of you have been asking how Jasper’s parents are doing.

I am giving them space as they make funeral plans & grieve.

A family friend says they’re planning for a Buddhist monk to perform the last rite chanting & the funeral could be the week after next. #RIP
The family’s friend also said mom Xiao Xiao (Cherry) did not want to accept the $200k+ GoFundMe at 1st

She was feeling guilt & didn’t know what she’d do w/ the $ since her son was already dead

Cherry’s friend got her to accept explaining its a show of support f/the community.
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1/ PRODUCT - S-Metalachlor
APPLICATION DETAILS- Annual grasses, yellow nutsedge & some broad leaves.
2/ PRODUCT - Lasso
APPLICATION DETAILS - Annual grasses & some broadleaf weeds.

3/ PRODUCT - Clomazone
APPLICATION DETAILS - Annual grasses & broadleaf weeds
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Maintain A Strategic Distance From Post-harvest Losses (Thread)
@farmhutafrica @SyngentaZW @zfu_official @SeedCoGroup @BVChironga @CelinaHatidani @FarmhutBot Image
The nature of an organic product or vegetable is never in a way that is better than at the hour of gather it just disintegrates starting thereon, until it, in the end, passes on.
To defeat postharvest misfortunes, cultivators, packers, transporters, and retailers should dominate the test of skill and endurance and utilize severe measures to get the produce from the ranch and to your fork while keeping it as new as could really be expected.
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The Adler Group – Bond Villains.

Viceroy’s report is now live:…

Adler Group is a stitched together and overly indebted dumpster fire, operated for the sole benefit of a secretive, kleptocratic cabal. $ADJ $ADL #thread 1/
The Adler Group exists as a conduit for its shadow directors and associates to systematically enrich themselves to the detriment of bondholders, shareholders, and minority holders of various listed investments. $ADJ $ADL 2/
Properly accounted for: Adler has already triggered a default-event. Mismarked assets cannot support its crippling debt. Sales of Adler’s yielding portfolio will have a moot effect on Adler’s LTV - which we calculate to be in-excess of 85%. $ADJ $ADL 3/
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So from the thread @Qnie_Addis I have had some discussions with colleagues and made some inquires on the @CNN and @nimaelbagir's #Fake news against #Ethiopia on their 'news report'. 1/14
Please read this thread @Qnie_Addis @EthThinker @MimiH87987850 @PLPSD @dejene_2011. 🙏
First, the best way, I think, is to assert based on the US laws. That means, they can be responsible for violating the laws of the US especially concerning fake news. But, due to the First Amendment that provides wider protection to freedom of speech this task is no easy. 2/14
The reason is simple, the US does not have laws against fake news. Of course there is fake news. But the US law favors freedom of speech more. They have their own philosophy. Yet, that does not mean freedom of speech is absolute. 3/14
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