"If you miss God's calling, willfully or through neglect, you shall be damned as surely as the worst Protestant is damned". Please calm down, 1940s Catholicism. This is why people stopped being your friends.
Look, if you're going to have pre-marital sex when you're thinking about being a nun, don't do it with a massive crucifix hanging over the bed, because it will probably make you feel bad.
Diane's mum is bad at expressing emotions. It's probably why Diane ended up shagging under a big Jesus instead of just going to nun school in the first place.
An excellent Monopoly reference there from Reverend Mother. Interesting that to her, it is NOT being a nun that is jail. I like that, because it shows she made the right choice.
Catholic nuns jangle more than Anglican ones, coz of their giant rosaries.

That's not a euphemism, they literally wore giant fukkorf rosary beads as belts.
Sister Agnes is in charge of postulants because she is the best at yelling at people.
Diane is bad at making friends. This probably also contributed to shagging under a big Jesus. She was just happy someone liked her.

Wow, this shiz got deep.
Ok Sister Agnes but I can think of a greater thing than God:

God's Mum.

BOOM! Paganism.
Also, apples existing doesn't really prove God exists, but ok.
Sister Agnes is teaching the postulants the proper way to hold their face.

All the postulants are doing it wrongly.
Look, one of the best things is nuns on tractors, and that's just science.
Diane is in trouble for thinking again.
A moment of silence for Agnes, the best goose.
Pope Johnny ex-ex-one-one-one has died. 😭
Bit weird that someone like Diane calls the apostle Peter progressive, but ok.
Diane misses her regular-people fiance despite having a Jesus-fiance now. Selfish.
NUNNAGE ACHIEVED! Well done ladies! Good show.
The new novices are now basically making up things to accuse themselves of, because there are very few genuinely bad things they have the chance to do, as they live in a fricking convent.
Sr Paul is often accused of being empty-headed but actually she is just fun, which is different.
Sr Catherine is in just as much trouble for thinking as when she was Diane.
Sr Catherine is being sent "out west" for thinking.
Sr Paul is crying because she will miss her friend and also because she feels responsible for it, both of which she will probably have to apologise for because it is pre-Vatican II.
What ya reckon, kids? Should we go in for ep 2?
Ok, I'm going in. Let's watch "Frances".
See, this is when it starts to get good, because the sisters are teachers, now. All the kids like Sr Paul the best, because she is the best one.
Sr Philomena is underlining the important words on the board. It would save time is she just underlined the unimportant ones instead.
Sr Philomena gives out Smarties, so she is obviously the second-best one.
Frances is so embarrassed her parents are separated that she has spun an elaborate web of lies.
Frances' mum is planning to see the bishop for permission to marry Roger even though she's already been married before, to Frances' dad. It's all very scandalous.
Frances is asking Sr Agnes about Catholics who get remarried after divorce. Sr Agnes is scaring the living shit outta Frances.
Rosemary has saved Frances from Sr Agnes by pretending to be an utter dullard.
All the girls are getting told off by Mother Ambrose for going out to the milkbar WITHOUT THEIR GLOVES!
One of the girls has asked Sr Catherine to clarify what Shakespeare meant by "beast with two backs". Usually, this would be fine, except this time, Sr Agnes is in the room with them and may actually explode.
Sr Agnes is clearing her throat dramatically to make sure nobody says "sex".
Sr Agnes is having all the girls rule a line through that entire scene.
Rosemary and Frances are at the milkbar, and they're not wearing any gloves. 😮
Sr Catherine will not abide children being hit even though it was "normal". This makes her the third-best one. This is because I have already given first and second place to smiling and giving out Smarties.
Frances' mum actually kept from Frances that she and Frances' dad had actually been fully divorced as she thought Frances was too young.
The bishop has called Frances an atheist because Frances has been studying Catholic law.

Cut to the girls all cooking pancakes on the dormitory floor.
Frances isn't having any pancakes because she's sad because her mum is going to Hell, which is fair enough, really. I probably wouldn't want any pancakes, either.
Mother Ambrose is allowing Frances time of school to go to her mother's disgusting, heathen second wedding. 💖💖💖
Sr Paul is dancing at the wedding reception, cementing her position as the best one.
Sr Agnes has spotted Srs Catherine and Paul having fun. Someone will probably get in trouble, later.
The other girls are teasing Frances because her mum is going to Hell, which seems particularly mean.
Rosemary's mum won't let Frances come stay at their house for Easter, as she is concerned Hell is contagious.
Sr Agnes and the collective mums won't let Frances' mum volunteer to help with the school play, because they are also concerned Hell may be contagious.
The girls are now learning to touch type, even though they would probably type faster if they were allowed to look at what they're doing.
Frances and Rosemary are sharing a toothbrush as a sign of their friendship. Personally, I wouldn't even share a toothbrush with my souse or my own infant child because that shiz nasty, but whatever.
Frances' dad has come to see Frances' confirmation. He has just met Roger. Sr Catherine thinks it is lovely both of Frances' parents and Roger are all there.

There goes Sr Catherine, thinking again.
Frances is taking a photo of her parents and Roger together and it is very nice.
Frances has declared herself "luckier than all the other girls" because she has "two fantastic dads".
We'll watch Ambrose tomorrow, unless I get called into work, in which case Saturday.
No idea why this has gone sideways, but anyway...

I wanted to share the DVD intro because it gives me warm fuzzies of the TV being wheeled into my primary school classroom. That was a VHS, though. 😂
Episode 3: "Ambrose".

We start with Mother Ambrose having a lovely swim before she goes to put her nun suit on.

This ep is historically interesting because it's about the transition from penguin nuns to nuns in normal dresses, by the way.
As Mother dresses, she tells us the significance of each piece of the traditional habit in the form of a prayer.
Cut to nuns having nibbles. Sr Jean seems disappointed to learn the punch is not alcoholic.
The school is getting their first lay teacher, which means fees have to go up for some reason.

If that's why Catholic boarding schools are so expensive now, I saw we dust off some nuns.
Mother Ambrose is studying the new documents from the Vatican which explain the reforms to the church, such as having the Mass in English, and not being shitful to Protestants.
Sr Agnes is suspicious of both the documents from the Vatican and Philip from Play School.
"Economics is the science of money, and the bastards who control it" - Philip from Play School as the economics teacher to a group of girls at Catholic school.
@djackmanson ⬆️⬆️
The Vatican has allowed nuns to take some control over their own lives. Sr Paul thinks they should take the opportunity to "have a little bit more fun". Sr Catherine has made a series of notes.

Sr Catherine with her thinking, again.
Sr Catherine is reading her notes. Some of the older sisters have opened a window to get some air. Sr Agnes seems to be having an episode.
Sr Philomena is very sad because the big Saint Philomena statue has broken. 😢
Mother Ambrose is having a deep and meaningful with Philip from Play School about the reformation of the church. Philip from Play School has shown her his Jesus. His Jesus has a flashing light in the heart. None of that is a euphemism.
Cut to Sr Paul being the first one to try on the swanky new nun dress.

ZOMG! It must be so much nicer in summer than a traditional nun suit.
Sr Agnes is upset because she believes changing the habit is insulting to the nuns who have gone before.
Mother Ambrose has had to cast a vote regarding whether to update the habit as the sisters were 9 for and 9 against. Mother Ambrose has voted for the change.
Mother Ambrose has packed away her traditional habit and giant fukkorf rosary with great reverence. Tomorrow she will wear the smol nun dress and a regular-sized rosary.
PHILIP FROM PLAY SCHOOL IS PLAYING PICK-A-BOX WITH THE GIRLS! That's what I was trying to steal for my assignment.
Mother Ambrose is going for a ride in Philip from Play School's sidecar. That's not a euphemism, either.
Now it's pretty much just Srs Agnes, Philomena and one whose name I don't know still in the old habit. Sr Philomena is worried the girls won't respect her as a teacher in the new habit. She has a little bit of vanity, too. It's all very hard for her. 💔
Sr Philomena also feels having freedom to decide for themselves contradicts their vow of obedience.

Meanwhile, novices in the new dress with the little white veil look rockin'.
There's some cock at the girls' school assembly telling them to tell their parents "a vote for the Labor party is a sin". An actual sin. A sin. Conservatives have always needed to calm the heck down. It is not new.
Sr Glasses (dunno her name) has accused Sr Agnes of cheating at bingo. Personally, I don't think Sr Agnes knows how to cheat at anything.
This is the point in history at which Catholic and Anglican nuns began to jingle only the same amount.
Mother Ambrose's dad is dying. She's going to go see him. Sr Paul is going with her. We have just learned that Mother's name used to be Ruth.
Mother Ambrose's dad has died. She and Sr Paul are washing him. It is surreal AF.
The girls are in trouble for reading a "smutty" magazine. I'm not sure what makes it smutty. It might have a female-presenting nipple in it.
Philip from Play School and Mother Ambrose are having a nice, quiet moment beside the pool, just being two people. Also, he seems to only be in a medium-sized amount of trouble, which is nice.
Turns out Philip from Play School's character is a divorced dad. He and his kids and Mother Ambrose have had a lovely afternoon together at the movies.
The bishop is trying to get Mother Ambrose to fire Philip from Play School. Mother Ambrose has pointed out to him her order is no longer under the jurisdiction of the bishops.
Sr Philomena has tried to blend away her grey hair with gentian violet, but she has used too gosh darn much and looks like a My Little Pony's gran.
The girls are making fun of Sr Philomena because they are teenage girls and teenagers are shitful. Mother Ambrose has taken charge of Sr Philomena's class and sorted them out.
Sr Philomena has tried to off herself, but fortunately was not successful.
Philip from Play School has resigned even though he is the best teacher.

Does this mean the school fees will go back down? Probably not.
The priest has handled Sr Philomena's mental health issues by telling her despair is a sin. He has done this because he is a giant cock.

Mother Ambrose has handled it by allowing Sr Philomena to move out to the sisters' farm and take care of the animals. Philomena loves this.
Disc 2? Well, obviously. I need to pop that in to keep up two eps per day.
Episode 4: Rosemary.
Rosemary is putting on makeup in class, so she's probably going to be expelled or set on fire or something.
Sr Agnes has entered the room. Rosemary is wiping her lipstick off with her hand.
Sr Agnes started by telling the girls not to shag ever no matter what ever whatever. She has gone on to tell them about the male and female reproductive systems and basically described how to shag.
The girls are all going to a dance. Rosemary is in trouble for having boobs. Sr Agnes has made Sr Paul cover them with a hanky. Another girl is in trouble for having armpits.
Some priests have turned up. They're making sure there's enough space between boys and girls who are dancing together.
A couple has been caught shagging in the grass. The girl is Armpits,
Previously Rosemary has had 0 sex education. not even from her mum, and thought she was dying when she got her first period.
Rosemary is pretending to read a smutty novel but has a sex education pamphlet inside it. Unfortunately it's a 1960s Catholic sex education pamphlet so it doesn't actually have any information in it.
Sr Agnes had asked the girls to put any questions they had about sex or reproductive health into a box anonymously. She is now yelling at them and demanding the person who wrote "disgusting questions" owns up.
"Does the Holy Father get erections?" - look, probably.
"If a boy ejaculated in the swimming pool, could I get pregnant?" - honestly, that one might be a genuine question.

It was Rosemary, but I thought it might have been Armpits.
Mother Ambrose has told Rosemary if she has any questions she can go directly to her. This is a much better system than leaving questions in a box for Sr Agnes.
Rosemary was snooping through Armpits' stuff and found that she's on the pill.

Honestly, I'm sure we can agree that's for the best.
Rosemary is sneaking out over the wall. She's in a dress that flashes her knickers, which is probably even worse than having armpits.
Rosemary wants to spend next weekend at her friend Bridgette's house so she can shag Baby Russell Crowe, but her mum says she has to go home and do Catholicism instead.
Rosemary is explaining adultery to her little sister. It has lead to explaining how to shag. Rosemary's mother has walked in on this. Rosemary GOIN' DOWN!
Rosemary is kissing a boy in the park, probably for revenge. The boy is not Baby Russell Crowe.
Rosemary and Not Baby Russell Crowe are shagging. It is awful. He is talking about effective contraceptives and new books during The Act.
Sr Paul is talking the girls through their options for university. She is reminding them they are not limited to nursing, teaching or secretarial work, and they can do anything they choose.
Rosemary is passing notes with Bridgette to find out if she will be able to shag Baby Russell Crowe any time soon. Sr Paul has caught her. Rosemary has eaten the note.
Sr Agnes has declared that Rosemary doesn't belong in a place like that. Sr Agnes is very exclusionary and it's why she will never be one of the best ones.
Rosemary is in a boy's bedroom. That one isn't Baby Russell Crowe either.
Cut to church. It is Ash Wednesday and a priest is getting the girls' faces all dirty.
Rosemary said she was too sick to join in swimming class but really she has bruises on her upper boob from being over-groped.

Sr Paul has made her swim anyway.
Baby Russell Crowe has been called up for the Vietnam War.
It's Baby Russell Crowe's birthday. He and Rosemary are going to go for a drive.
Baby Russell Crowe and Rosemary are shagging in a car. Rosemary has said she doesn't want to use a condom because they are a sin.
Baby Russell Crowe is crying the whole time because he doesn't want to die in the war.
Rosemary has come home to a crying first-year girl who thinks her first period is God punishing her masturbating.
Rosemary is leaving the school. She's leaving her Mick Jagger doll with Frances.
Buckle up, mumma flippers! We gonna delve a bit deeper into the mind of Sr Paul, the best one.
Sr Paul is riding in the back of a ute with her brothers and birth sister. She is heading back to the convent after a family wedding.
Sr Paul is now on a train, looking at photos and remembering the wedding. At the wedding, she saw a family friend who's a priest and is also Simon from Play School. He calls her Veronica because he doesn't know her name is Paul now.
Sr Paul is full-on flirting with Father Simon from Play School.
Father Simon from Play School is preaching revolution and reform. He believes Catholics should have more control over their own lives and Bishops should have less.
Sr Paul is not only working in her family's pub and pouring drinks, she's giving free beer to her kid brother. She's basically a criminal, but I feel it contributes towards her status as the best one.
Sr Paul is friends with an elderly cow.
Fr Simon from Play School is leaving the priesthood. He feels if he doesn't leave voluntarily, he will be pushed out.
Sr Paul and the future-former-Father Simon from Play School are holding hands on some bins.
Cut back to the episode's present day. Sr Paul is sitting on the train and Simon from Play School comes in to her compartment (not a euphemism). He is dressed like a people and not a priest.
He has brought cups of tea. Sr Paul shares some biscuits she's been hoarding.
Back at the convent, Mother Ambrose is very happy to see Sr Paul, but Paul has a TERRIBLE SECRET!
Sr Paul has fallen in love with Simon from Play School, which is very easy to do if you've ever seen him act out a story using bears, or sit on a playdough doughnut.
"Bonita, it's not faaaiir!"

But I digress.
Sr Agnes is having none of this "fallen in love" bullshit, and is trying to guilt Paul into staying at the convent.
Mother Ambrose is reminding Agnes that this is not helpful. Mother Ambrose understands that Sr Paul entered the convent at 19 and things change. Sr Agnes is having none of it... nun of it, if you will... and has stormed off.
Sr Catherine has come to talk to Sr Paul about her decision. Sr Catherine is making subtle jokes about how Sr Paul might get to do the sex.
They're talking about how they always thought if one of them left the convent, it would be Sr Catherine.
Bridgette and Frances are sad Sr Paul is leaving because they are aware she is the best one.
Sr Paul, dressed as a people and acting in her capacity as Veronica, gives each of her Sisters a hug and a kiss as she goes out into the world. Sr Patrick has knitted her a tea cosy. Veronica has pretended to think it's a hat. Everyone laughed but Sr Agnes.
Sr Glasses has given Veronica a tea set. This will come in handy as now she has something to put in her tea cosy.
Veronica and Simon from Play School are holding hands walking down the street. They are renting an apartment together.
Simon from Play School is upset because the apartment is "a dump". Veronica points out they can't afford something that's not a dump.
Veronica is talking to a priest about possibly doing some casual teaching at a boys' school.
The priest is sympathetic. He has a sister who was a nun and left the order,
Simon from Play School is now working with prisoners. He has brought Veronica in to help one of his parole applicants learn how to read and write.
Joe (one of the landlord's kids) has given Veronica a TV. Simon from Play School has pointed out it's probably stolen.
Simon from Play School has said he wants to work in jails because he believes there is some good in everyone.
Veronica and Simon from Play School are pashing on in the kitchen. Simon from Play School has pointed out they should stop, as Veronica is only on temporary leave from the convent and technically still covered by her vows.
Simon from Play School reminds Veronica everything gets to be her choice and nobody can force their decisions onto her.
Mother Ambrose has come to visit Veronica. This has given Veronica the chance to use the tea cosy Sr Patrick made for her.
Mother Ambrose has told Veronica that Rosemary is pregnant and living in an unwed mothers home. She is describing Rosemary as having symptoms of rather severe depression and has asked if Veronica would go talk to her.
Rosemary is surprised to see Veronica dressed as a people. They're going for a walk and having a chat.
Simon from Play School has a pocket full of angry letters from Catholics that don't like that he stopped being a priest. It is a lot of letters as mens' pockets are very big.
The priest at the church where Veronica has gone to Mass has told Simon from Play School he is not welcome in his church. This strikes me as counter-productive.

Simon from Play School has told him he can shove his church and his whole religion.
Simon from Play School is sick of hypocrites in the church and isn't sure how God could allow that to go on. Veronica says if she has children, she wants to raise them as Catholics. Simon from Play School has gone home to bed.
Veronica is teaching a class of senior boys. They are being shitful little bastards.
One of the boys in the class was Joe. Veronica has just told Joe's mum that Joe is a little shit. Joe's mum looks shocked but not surprised.
Veronica has gone to visit Sr Catherine. Sr Catherine says Veronica looks how she did when they first met. This is inaccurate, as when they first met, they were in postulant's dress.
Sr Catherine acknowledges that when it comes to teaching Veronica is the best one.
Sr Catherine says she's been asking for permission to go visit Veronica but they keep saying no. This is probably because they don't want to lose two of them.
Rosemary's baby (no relation) has been born. She's named him Michael after Mick Jagger.
Frances and Bridgette have come to visit Rosemary. this is nice as Veronica is there too, so they get to see her.

Rosemary is keeping Michael, mostly because she doesn't want him to end up adopted by "good Catholics".
Veronica and Simon from Play School are at a wedding. Simon from Play School is not taking communion. Veronica is a bit sad.
Veronica seems to have forgiven him because now they're pashing on on the couch and she's basically in her undies.
Simon from Play School has gone back to his own apartment (the dump downstairs) because he doesn't want Veronica to make decisions like that when she's drunk.
Veronica has returned to her Sisters to tell them her decision.
Veronica has decided to be Sr Paul again. Sr Agnes wants to know if Sr Paul broke her vows.
Sr Patrick is happy to have her Sister back.
Sr Paul is telling Simon from Play School her decision. He is being a spiteful little shit.
Srs Paul and Catherine are having a big hug and Sr Paul is going up to her room to put her nun dress back on.
Sr Paul kneels to pray for those she loves as she thinks fondly about Simon from Play School.
Episode six, the final episode, is about Sr Catherine. You may recall episode 1 was also about Sr Catherine, but back when she was still Diane.
Cut back in time to the story being told. Sr Catherine is getting the mail.
Sr Agnes has called Sr Catherine to join them in the television room.
The little man inside the TV has just announced that the Vatican has said Catholics still can't use any form of birth control. Srs Paul and Catherine and a young novice up the back are quite upset, most vocally Catherine.
A priest is explaining that Catholics can't use birth control because human life is sacred, which Sr Catherine understands as makin' no fricken sense, eh?
Sr Agnes looks smug. Like, over and above her usual state of being.
Frances and Sr Catherine have gone to visit Bridgette. Bridgette has 7000 brothers and sisters.
Bridgette's mum is having quite a bad turn. She has told Sr Catherine she "did something" to bring on a miscarriage. Bridgette's mum explains she had previously begged a doctor for a hysterectomy but he refused as it was for contraceptive purposes. It's all very horrific.
Bridgette's mum explains her body handles pregnancy very badly and she's concerned about what will happen to her born children if she dies in pregnancy.

Bridgette's dad is very blase because apparently this happens to Bridgette's mum often.
Sr Catherine is utterly disgusted The Church puts people through this.
Sr Catherine is walking home when it starts to utterly pelt rain. Sr Agnes has brought her an umbrella.
Srs Catherine and Paul are discussing the role of women within the Cathoolic Church and how their needs and opinions were almost always overlooked.

This episode is much more difficult to make jokes about as there is nobody from Play School or Hollywood in it.
Sr Agnes (acting as Mother while Ambrose is away) has instructed the Srs to restructure their RE lessons around the new guidelines on contraception, even though the guidelines aren't actually new and the Vatican were just like
Sr Agnes thinks the Pope has given a lot of thought to the whole contraception thing and it was very painful for him to say no.

Sr Catherine agrees slightly but thinks more things should be left up to individuals.
Sr Catherine has to explain to the girls that they're not allowed to use artificial contraception because animals don't use artificial contraception.

Sr Catherine has been asked if withdrawal is approved of by the church. It is not. IT IS ALL OR NOTHING!
The school is at Mass. The priest has told the girls there will be a rally against the "tide" of abortion and the "selfish materialism" of the pill. Frances is having none of his shit and has walked out of church.
Sr Catherine is very proud of her but can't say so.
Bridgette has just told Frances she wants to enter the convent. It's probably because she doesn't see another way to avoid what's happening to her mum, but whatever.
Sr Catherine has gone with Bridgette to tell her parents. Her dad seems sad. Her mum almost seems relieved.
Bridgette's mum has covertly told Sr Catherine she's got a new doctor who's not a Catholic and she's got a script for the pill, but she can't bring herself to take them.

Sr Catherine has encouraged her to start taking them.
St Catherine is in confession. She has told the priest she advised a member of the faithful to take the pill, but that she's not sorry.

The priest is not impressed with her not being sorry, because he can't actually do anything with that.
Sr Catherine has stormed out of the confessional and slammed the door. Sr Agnes has done one of her faces.
Frances has written an article for the school paper, speaking out about the church's position on contraception and women. Sr Catherine has asked her to reconsider because Sr Agnes may be resentful.
Frances has chosen to leave the article as is.
All the final year girls are having fun for muck-up day, except Bridgette, who feels like she can't join in because she wants to enter the convent.
Sr Agnes has expelled Frances over her article. Sr Agnes has arranged for Frances to sit her exams at the state exam centre so her grades won't be affected.
Sr Agnes says Sr Catherine has failed in her duties to Frances, since Frances is going around thinking, just like Sr Catherine does.
Bridgette has gone to Sr Catherine and said she wants to sit her exams with Frances, as it was her magazine too.
Sr Catherine has told Bridgette to stop letting other people control her life.
Cut to Bridgette's mum, who was going to take her pill but decided to pop them all out and wash them down the sink instead.
The girls are taking their final exams. Frances is actually lucky, in that she gets to take hers dressed as a people.
Sr Patrick has died. Sr Paul found her. Sad penguins.
Mother Ambrose has come back from Europe. She is showing the Sisters her slides.
Frances has come to the school to see her friends. She calls over Bridgette, who is in her postulant's dress.
Frances asks Bridgette to come out with her. Bridgette protests as she has important baby-nun shiz to do.

Bridgette is actually surprisingly easy to convince. Sr Catherine smiles as she sees Bridgette and Frances run off together.
Bridgette and Frances have met Rosemary and Mick at the milkbar. Bridgette takes off her veil and belt to have a dance.
The priest is calling Bridgette up to read from the scriptures for her class.

As we know, Bridgette has nicked off with her gloriously delinquent friends and is not there.

Sr Catherine is going up.
Sr Catherine is doing the reading in Bridgette's stead. It's a beautiful reading from the letters of St Paul.
Bit odd how it says "this is the word of the Lord" when actually it's the word of Paul, but whatever.
Sr Catherine has gone to see Mother Ambrose. She is telling her she needs to leave the order and go be Diane again.
Mother Ambrose, with great love says, "I hope you have a rotten time out in the real world, because that's what we'll be having here without you."

I don't really understand why Diane can't stay on as a lay teacher, but whatever.
Remember in the last ep when Srs Paul and Catherine said they always thought Catherine would be the one to leave the order? Good times!
Diane is leaving with much less fanfare than Veronica and nobody has made her a tea cosy. It's probably because there's no chance she'll come back, whereas Veronica had the option of turning back into Sr Paul.
Sr Paul has given Diane a blank journal. They have had a big hug.
Sr Paul seems very happy for Diane. I could NOT be that composed. I would be ugly crying.
Cut back to where we came in.
We see Diane has written her memoirs and we are at the release. Frances is a journalist and is scribbling madly on a notepad at the back of the room.
[Final Credits]
If you have enjoyed this epic thread, hold it in your heart because wow! I am probably never doing this again.
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