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Not a lot of people will remember it, but Zionists had several "conquests" they had to achieve in order to create their State.

The conquests of Land and Labour were key to their success. #TheMoreYouKnow
You gotta go way back to really understand the subject matter.
#BaselProgram Image
The majority opposed Zionism. Correctly so. It's a bigoted idea.

But, Zionists ensured there would be consequences.
This is how you explain their eventual collaboration with the Nazis, if you're honest about the history of Zionism... anyway. #HaavaraAgreement Image
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TERFs don't believe sweat accumulates in the vulva and have clearly never seen @stevieboebi's video "Why does my vagina smell?" Which I can't find anymore for some reason, but yeah, maybe listen to a sex educator instead of making shit up about "there's no sweat glands there..."
She's a cis woman too, if that helps.
Anyway, your vulva has fucking sweat glands, bitch. Sweat is indeed a part of your coochie scent. *facepalms at the continued ignorance.*

"women don't sweat."🙄Yeah, you sure keep owning with that "biology" you're so knowledgeable about...
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This just in: TERFs believe in spontaneous generation. They do not believe that the Lactobacilli and other good bacteria and yeast that should be present in a healthy vagina moved in from outside. They believe they were spontaneously birthed from their XX chromosomes.
They don't believe these are independent, genetically unique organisms that symbiote with humans, they believe that they are birthed spontaneously from "female bodies" the way folks used to believe maggots came spontaneously from meat, and mold from bread.
In fact it is impossible for lactobacilli or any other bacteria or other microfauna to be "produced" by the human body, XX chromosomes or not. They're unique organisms that exist all around us, and migrate in and stay wherever they find a nice home like a vagina. #TheMoreYouKnow
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There’s a sucker born everyday but will this reporting like everything get swept under the rug bec MSM is chasing the latest shiny object? #TheMoreYouKnow…
2/An independent report showing no widespread election fraud in 2020 would have gotten in the way of the Trump campaign's fundraising. TFG is a man who has been sued dozens of times for allegedly refusing to pay his bills in full.
3/So he must have really hated that his campaign spent over $600,000 to be told he was wrong.

According to The WP, the Trump campaign commissioned an outside firm to try to substantiate the claims of widespread fraud Trump was peddling.
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I have been noticing more issues with low iron amongst my obstetrics and gynaecology patients lately so thought we should do a thread on iron...

Why is iron important?
Why can iron be low?
How can you get more iron?

#iron #anemia #pregnancy #periods #ObGynTwitter #MedTwitter
Iron (Fe) is a super important mineral for us.

Iron the centre of the heme group, which sits in the centre of each subunit of the hemoglobin protein structure.

Hemoglobin proteins pack the inside of our red blood cells.
Iron at the core of each hemoglobin molecule binds oxygen.

There are ~260 million hemoglobin molecules in each red blood cell and we each have ~25 trillion red blood cells in circulation!

This is our transport system for oxygen to get from our lungs to our cells and organs.
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2/warrant that shows he is reportedly under investigation for possible identity theft, conspiring to damage a protected computer connected to a suspected voting equipment security breach, & conspiracy to defraud the United States.
3/Plaintiffs," Judge Tostrud wrote, "have not served Defendants [Garland and Wray] with the Complaint, or at least Plaintiffs have not yet filed any proof of service."

That was just the first slap.
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This is an 80% lower receiver. With a jig, many times included, and some power tools this can go to being a finished AR15 lower receiver in a very short time.

These aren't regulated at all in 45 states. For the most part neither are all the other parts to an AR. Image
If this was 100% finished it would require serial numbers and you would have to go to a Federal Firearm License Holder aka gun shops to buy them and go through a background check.
These are fairly easy to learn to finish and then assemble in to an AR. They also sell handguns blanks in a similar fashion, 80% finished with no serial numbers and no background check. Becoming very common to find these with gangs in a lot of major cities.
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Amen Brother!
& As Written Below 👀!
2 Cor.11:3👇
👉"The" *Serpent✔👇👇👇
{*🐍=*Flesh=Carnal Mind
Of 👉A *MAN✔}
[👀=Rev.13:18 / Prov.12:14
& 16:25 & Ps.2:1-6]
👉IS=👉"A" *BEAST✔
Ecc.3:18/1 Cor.15:32
2 Pet. 2:12 & Jude 10]
& He's Deceived
*Every One✔
Since 👉"The" *Garden✔
In That Day When
👉We Ate "Of The Tree✔
"Of" 👉The Knowledge
Of=Good & Evil✔
& It Was At That Very Moment Of Time & Though We Don't Even Remember It,
Our Angel Fell From
The Grace Of God
& Losing Our✔
👉First Estate
As It Is Revealed 👀,
👉[👀=Jude 6]
& Now We Which Have Received 👉Christ Jesus,
Or, Yahshua Ha Maschiach
[👀=John 1:12/1 John 3:1
& Rom. 8:14]👇👇👇
Do Now Compare Spiritual Things With Spiritual
👉[👀=1 Cor.2:13]
Following & Receiving
The Testimony Of Jesus
👉& *The Spirit✔
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DHS watchdog says Trump's agency appears to have altered report on Russian interference in 2020 election in part because of politics - CNNPolitics…
2/another reason for the #wagthedog news cycle LEAK ?

TFG’s DHS delayed & ALTERED an intel report related to Russian interference in the 2020 election, making changes that "appear to be based in part on political considerations," according to a newly released watchdog report.
3/DHS IG's assessment provides a damning look at the way DHS' Office of Intel & Analysis dealt w intel related to 🇷🇺efforts to interfere in US, stating DHS had deviated from its standard procedures in modifying assessments related to Moscow's targeting of the 2020 presidential 🗳
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This is an absolutely true story. This happened in the early 1990, when I arrived in the US as a refugee from Transnistria. Back then, the US didn't only accept war refugees, it actually welcomed them (well, we were white, which... yeah, helps) with some basic assistance...
So, for example, we were given a bunch of donated clothing (I was always asked in school, which team I ACTUALLY rooted for: the Cubs, the Texas Rangers or the Chattanooga Lookouts, to which I invariably replied with my blankets looks) and a few other necessities...
Among them was a box that contained flour, sugar, some other unmistakeabke staples... and a large can without a label. We pried it open with a knife (the concept of an electric can opener was foreign), only to discover thick, viscous, brown paste inside, its purpose unclear...
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When your dealer cuts off your credit line...
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The first major strike in a Canadian hospital was because that hospital hired a Jewish doctor?

It was called the Days of Shame and led to creation of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. #TheMoreYouKnow
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✨The Ryan Eggold & Freema Agyeman (aka Goldman aka the Co-captains of the #Sharpwin ship) Thread✨
Pictures from the first table read (of the Pilot) and first cast dinner. #AndSoItBegins

🗓️ March 7 and March 8, 2018 ImageImageImageImage
Ryan recalling the day he met Freema for the first time. #StruckByHer

🗓️ Interview from September 2018 Image
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👉Tamiko Bolton is an American education consultant, licensed pharmacist, and entrepreneur in both the health and education sectors.

Bolton is the third wife of Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros.

She is also identified as a partner in #SorosFundManagement.
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THREAD: Historically, Catholic disapproval of #abortion was not rooted in concern for the fetus. It was based on the assumption that only someone who engaged in forbidden sexual activity would need to have an abortion. (1/5)
Catholic arguments against abortion did not usually focus on the morality of abortion itself because scientifically, theologically, and morally, the fetus was not considered a person. (2/5)
Many church officials and anti-choice Catholics now use what's called the ontological argument against abortion by claiming that the fetus is a person from the moment of conception. (3/5)
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We gave them the chance to do the right thing and they took a pass. There's NO reasoning with the @GOP. No "pleases and thank you's", either. They're a hostile entity trying to run your country straight into the ground. America? They just don't "get it".
When Mike Lee says America isn't about Democracy, you get what they're about.
When McCarthy says he'll go after anyone who helps get to the truth, get why.
When EIGHT GOP members spent the Fourth of July in RUSSIA, get the picture!
When 45 brought the RUSSIANS into the Oval Office and threw out the American Press, GUESS WHY?!
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If I ran out of gas in front of Chevron, I'd push my car to the next service station.
(Psst.. Balance of Nature is now sponsoring Tucker Carlson) Image
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@UFT Town Hall call is about to start. There's going to be a lot packed into this call, including 1. yesterday's Memorandum of Agreement that we covered here yesterday night and 2. the (very weak) safety conditions for schools this coming year #UFTTownHall
@UFT Town Hall is starting now with Mulgrew mentioning the storms of last night and helping one another. Too bad @UFTUnity's negotiations with @NYCSchools safety conditions/protocols aren't as protective: here's the layout of it #UFTTownHall
@UFT Mulgrew's agenda: safety, MOA, other things that might come, and the vaccine mandate on this #UFTTownHall Call now.

Mulgrew's asking us to take a deep breath even though we & students are about to go into overcrowded unventilated school conditions w/ an airborne pathogen.
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HOW THE F%!CK DID WE GET HERE?—The "Ray Charles Could See What Is Next" Edition

While we continue to be distracted by theatrical nonsense, something pretty sinister is happening right under our noses...
Our housing market is being manipulated like a 16-year-old girl in a sparkly vampire's den.
First, some background...

The Fed has been spending ludicrous amounts of money on mortgage-based assets.

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They call this "Strategic Conservation."

Grab the land, rich in rare earth minerals or water, and lock it up with the Feds, thus taking that supply off the global market.
Then Globalist billionaires corner the market on those minerals/water on available land in shithole countries for slave wages (like those who signed up for the CCP's Belt and Road Initiative) and sell them back to you.

Hansjörg Wyss coined this phrase.…
Remember the fuss over Bear Ears National Monument, back at the beginning of Trump's presidency?…
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Hey-o! I’ve been off this hell site for a while. Must’ve been good for my mental health, right? Wrong! Because I’m still reading trash language books. This time it’s “Have you eaten grandma?” by Gyles Brandreth. Thread time! Image
It's another book written by someone who hates language. They say they love it, but spend 300 pages moaning about it. What gives? Do paleontologists write books about how Triceratops were a bunch of asshats?
So the subtitle of this book is “Or, the life-saving importance of correct punctuation, grammar, and good English” – LIFE-SAVING!!! I didn’t see any evidence for this in the book. Quite the opposite in fact. More on that in a bit.
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Starting with iOS 15 (probably macOS 12 too), launchd's behavior changes again.
Now the daemon cache loading is offloaded to a new mandatory boot-task called launchd_cache_loader (in /usr/libexec).
Cache is now in /System/Library/xpc/launchd.plist(.sig)
As far as I can tell, launchd_cache_loader connects to launchd through a Mach port and to the AMFI kext through its IOService. If AMFI returns that the cdhash equals the one in its trust cache, launchd_cache_loader sends the cache to launchd.
Honest question tho: what’s the point of keeping the files on-disk since their contents is kept signed in a cache?
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How the F%*K Did We Get Here?—Part 2:

The "If I Call It 'Sustainable Devolpment,' Will You Stop Calling Me A Conspiracy Theorist?" Edition

In Part 1 of "How the F%*K Did We Get Here?," I explained how the formation of the ICLEI in 1990 was tantamount to having UN boots on the ground, meddling in local politics. Image
Well, just two years later, those boots—now firmly imbedded within local governments around the world—received their marching orders...
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