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taekook au where in high school, jeongguk was the punk badboy trying to get the popular ballerina, taehyung. scared for his reputation, tae rejected jeongguk. but years later, student tae saw on tv that jk became a most popular korean idol. yes, this is a sk8ter boi au.
- angst, fluff
- maybe nsfw parts but i'll put trigger warnings
- all the usual au rules not to break the thread
- jungkook, tae, jimin have the same age because why not
HEAVILY inspired by Avril Lavigne's Sk8ter Boi
🌸 PART ONE : 2013 🌸
🌸 Taehyung and his friends 🌸
💀 Jeongguk's friends Yoongi and Hoseok, and soon to be friend Namjoon 💀
should i write this?
alright i was gonna do it anyway lol so i'll update whenever i can and i hope you'll like it! don't hesitate to quote i don't bite 🥰
1. jimin and taehyung r 2 kool 4 skool
2. the goth kid (timestamps don't matter i'm too lazy to put 2013 every time)
3. hoseok texts jeongguk
4. hoseok is curious, he texts jimin (hoseok is in uni but still goes to the same dance studio as tae and chim before they leave for the national company)
5. tae texts jimin. jimin doesn't like it
6. smooth change of subject from jimin. tae is experiencing heartbreak.
7. an usual evening
8. some days later, jimin and taehyung start working + what jimin sees.
9. taehyung be like
10. school
11. yugyeom exposes jeongguk
12. tw: yes he meant pot
13. gloomy jk + school + a hopeless crush won't get nice results though
14. tae is grateful and jk is stupid
15. now taehyung is feeling stupid and jk is feeling grateful
16. shit happens (don't bring weed to class kids) (i hope you love my jimin bc i do)
17. shit happens part 2.
18. tae texts hoseok
19. jeongguk's side
20. jeongguk's texts
21. jeongguk's texts part 2
22. jeongguk's texts part 3
23. tae is happy
24. i'd like to report a malfunctioning jeongguk
25. first conversation !! (sorry i got carried away there's a receipt emoji wtf)
26. :)
* interlude * it's totally my first au so if you want to hop on and give me feedback/advices or anything i made a cc curiouscat.me/suraneize
29. jimin is coming 2 town
30. what are they up to
31. what is tae up to
33. just smooch already plzz
34. curious hoseok texts taehyung
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35. the next day at the arts center
36. tae is waiting :(
37. yes you are baby
38. find me a jeongguk pls the sweetest
39. honestly im in love too at this point
40. reupload because of typos // cuties
41. someday before saturday
42. 👀 a few years what?
43. yes king! (rm is in it too💜)
45. saturday!!!!!
46. still saturday
47. guk and tae ♥️
48. idk you but i ship it
49. instagram updates
50. the datE
51. jeongguk went home and
52. tae is home and
53. And so it went on. The secret dates, the night texting or calling, they didn't bother hiding the obvious affection they had for each other when they were alone. They didn't label what they had, they just felt happy with one another. So happy. Jeongguk was scared for sure -
54. - for it was the first time he ever felt something so strong for someone else. Taehyung? Well Taehyung was scared also, but not of what he felt. He felt of what people would say. His family, his friends, Jimin. Hell, his parents didn't even know he was gay. -
55. - But he enjoyed the warm feeling Jeongguk always brought him. He constantly thought about Jeongguk. He didn't even focus on anything else anymore. He wanted more of Jeongguk yet he needed to stop. However, his heart was, right now, stronger than his brain.
56. *just because ballet is beautiful and I love to pocture tae dancing like that*
57. trouble in paradise ?
58. Taehyung was in the middle of practice but he was so worried he dropped everything, opened the studio's door and bolted out of there, still in his ballet shoes. Jimin and Seokjin looked at each other confused before nodding to each other and following Taehyung.
59. Some people stared atTaehyung but he didn't care, Jeongguk didn't seem okay. Arrived outside, he looked for the trees Jeongguk liked to hide in to wait for Taehyung. He saw him there, sitting on the ground, his head in his hands. He was trembling.
60. - Jeongguk? I'm here.
Taehyung said sitting down next to his lover. He circled Jeongguk's waist with his arms and pulled him, so that Jeongguk's head was resting on his torso. Jeongguk breathed to calm down, following Taehyung's kind whispers and somehow he stopped crying.
61. - Tae...
- It's okay baby take your time.
- My parents... Found out I wasn't going to school anymore. I - They didn't take it well.
- I'm sorry Gukk-ah.. It's okay they will calm down.
- No.. They. I don't think. They said they wouldn't support me anymore.
62. -What do you mean?
- They said I didn't bring any good and that they weren't going to support anything I do. We argued so much my father hit me so many times but.. that's fine. They just... They told me to g-get out and I just thought of you and ran here I'm sorry. I'm mak-
63. - making it a big deal i shouldnvt have I am so sorry I.. I'm.
- Guk it's okay. I'm glad you feel safe with me. And we are going to fix this alright ? You're not alone. Not at all. I'm with you always.
64. - I can't come back tonight. I don't know what I'll do to my father if I come back. I.. I don't want to hurt him.
- Would you be able to? Hit your father?
- I would.
64. - Alright.. We'll have to be discreet but you can come at mine! I'll give you clothes and everything. I'm just going to take my bag and we'll leave. Wait for me!
- No?
- I'm going to crash at my hyung's place. It's fine Tae don't bother. You calmed me.
65. And I am thankful. Really. Thank you baby. But I am not going to bother you. He's practically my older brother anyway.

Taehyung pouted. And Jeongguk wanted to kiss that pout away. So he did, quickly. They haven't done much more than peck on each other's lips anyway.
66. Taehyung smiled against Jeongguk's mouth.
- Alright big boy. But my door will always be open for you. Do you want me to come with you to your hyung's flat?
- No baby it's fine. I'll manage. Go and go crack some nuts.
- Oh my God shut up.

Taehyung giggled. Jeongguk did too.
67. When they parted in their own ways, Taehyung returning inside, Jeongguk hoping on his skateboard, they didn't see Jimin and Seokjin staring at them. The boys were shocked by the kind of people Taehyung dated. A punk. A skater. A person with no name that smelled like trouble.
68. Jimin was disgusted by his friend's betrayal but also his choice. Jimin was suspicious ever since Tae decided to date someone behind his back, but he never thought that the mysterious guy was the cheap school-less emo. No way.
69. Seokjin was disappointed. That, that was it. It was because of that boy that Taehyung was going to lose his career. The boy was mad talended but he wasted time and energy on some kind of boy that would leave him in a heartbeat.
70. So, they decided on their own that they were going to do everything to make them break up. They couldn't stay together. Someone like Jeongguk didn't deserve someone like Taehyung.

Seokjin and Jimin didn't say anything to each other but they understood that they agreed on the
71. Matter. They needed to act. Efficiently.
72. jk&yoongi / tae & jk
73. and so
74. Jeongguk really liked namjoon (wbk sis)
75. turns out jeongguk's stay will be longer than expected
76. meanwhile taehyung
77. jeongguk answers
78. tae wants to skip what?
79. jimin is angry
80. is tae doubting ?
82. meanwhile
83. please protect jeongguk at all cost
87. Two days later, Taehyung didn't get to sleep. He was tired, confused. What was he doing? He was currently at the arts center staring at his reflection on the big windows. He noticed Seokjin coming up behind him.
88. "I need to talk to you, Taehyung." "Yes hyung?" "About that boy you've been seeing."

Taehyung sighed.

"What about him hyung ?"
"You need to stop whatever you are doing."
"What? Why?"
"If you want to succeed in this field, you need to stop. I've... I'be been there too."
89. "What do you mean?"
"There was a guy, that I loved. I think I loved. When I first started taking dancing seriously. He was my universe or so I thought. But he was only holding me back. I don't want you to throw your brilliant future away. Not because of a boy."
90. "What did you do?"
" I broke up with him. And now I'm fine. Look at me. I'm a principal dancer, loved by everyone, and I've succeeded. I am happy now, and I don't have any regrets." Seokjin said through his teeth. Yes he had regrets, but Taehyung didn't need to know that.
91. Taehyung though about what Seokjin told him all night.
92. hoseok texts jeongguk
93. Jeongguk was anxiously waiting for Taehyung outside the Arts Center. He knew he'd be there, it was d-1 before his representation after all. He bought another rose bouquet and he was determined to tell him how he felt. He wanted Taehyung as a boyfriend so much.
94. When Taehyung got out he was surrounded with other pretty ballerinas. Jeongguk felt a bit small compared to them, but he decided to walk towards Tae anyway. There, it all went downhill.
95. Taehyung saw Jeongguk and panicked. Jimin was there. Seokjin was there. Rosé and Lisa were there. Why was Jeongguk here? He didn't know what came out of his mouth.
"Hi Tae!" Jeongguk said, enthusiastically.
"What the hell are you doing here ?" He answered coldly.
96. Jeongguk's smile faltered.
"You're in the arts center. It's not a warehouse to tag. Leave before we call security."
"But Tae I-"
"Leave him alone. Go beg for money elsewhere seriously you're embarrassing." Jimin added.
Jeongguk didn't know when he started crying.
97. But as he watched Taehyung leaving unbothered with his rich friends, he knew what having your heart broken felt like.

But Taehyung felt it, too.
98. There was no representation for Taehyung the next day.

At rehearsal he was so out of it that he fell from the high stage. His knee shattered against the hard concrete, and so did his dream of ballet and opera.

The same evening, at their home, his parents found out he had-
99. a boyfriend because they snooped in his phone. They went mad. A son as a ballerina was difficult enough. A gay son wasn't acceptable.

They kicked Taehyung out of their lives as soon as he was healed because he didn't want to go to therap to fix his digusting self.
100. Taehyung barely managed, thanks to Hoseok who accepted to give him a shelter. But it's never been the same, Hoseok was mad because Jeongguk was his friend too. He never knew what Guk became, Hoseok never told him. Jimin was becoming distant as well.

Taehyung was so alone.
PART I : 2013 is over. I hope you liked it!
✨PART II - 2019 ✨
new lives mean new twitters! meet taehyung ang jeongguk
new twitters part 2 (guess who's a stan now, fakes h*es are everywhere)
new twitters part 3!
101. new beginnings.

Taehyung was at the coffee shop, behind the counter making some extravagant and expensive beverage, just like every friday afternoon. His coworkers were chatting and watching tv, commenting on whatever was on. He wasn't really paying attention
102. but Wheein seemed overly excited, and for sure, it wasn't because of the cash register. He tried to look at what she was so focused on. A music show. Nothing interesting then.

His mind wandered again, what was he thinking about ? Ah yeah, he had this assignment due in
103. a few days, but he also had to finish this month's photography project. What was he going to first? Thank god his job at the coffee shop didn't take him that much time. It was enoug to pay rent and food, and it was enough for him. He managed.
104. Ever since his parents completely cut him off from their lives, he opened his eyes on reality. He had to study hard, find a university with a scholarship. He lost two years to re-do the national exam because he wanted to get in Seoul National University, the best of the
105. country. Not because he wasn't clever, but because Taehyung's goal has been ballet his whole life, and now that his health didn't allo it anymore, he had to find another parh to follow. He chose business and oddly, photography. His parents weren't here to criticize his
106. choices anymore. So he did what he wanted the most.

Taehyung didn't realize he spaced out until Wheein tapped his shoulder gently. It happened sometimes. She didn't mind, but still, she was worried. Taehyung has been his best friend ever since he arrived at snu.
107. She found him the job and helped him find his place here.

"In your head again?"
"Come then we'll get some tea. There's no client for now so Jeonghwa can work alone for a bit."

So they sat at a table next to the tv, with flaming hot mint tea and some cakes.
108. She seemed sometimes focused on the show. Taehyung glanced and saw two mcs, acting terribly and reading cringey jokes on their papers. What was even appealing?
110. Taehyung wanted to comment on the stage but he didn't. Wheein really seemed to enjoy it. Right, it was a cool song, the beat was amazing, their voices heavenly. But well, it was the goal. Who even calls their song %%? It didn't make any sense. It seemed to make sense to
111. his friend though, for she was commenting so happily.
113. Taehyung put his phone on the table and sighed. Jungkook, seemed so familiar yet so foreign. "Who is it?" Taehyung asked Wheein. She was sipping her tea, now that her favourite group's stage was over she turned back to him. "Who?"
"He's a soloist! Debuted like -
114. 3 years ago, but he's so amazing. He does EDM pop, and he's an amazing dancer. Won all the rookie awards someone can dream of. Still winning everything. Really I don't know if Apink can manage the win today since he's strong competition but well fingers crossed."
115. Taehyung was curious now. Wheein, the devil in person, didn't throw compliments like that to anybody. Only for her girlfriend, Hyejin. So... Taehyung decided to watch that Jungkook guy's performance.
116. Jungkook's turn to perform. ignore the red hair, his hair is black!
117. tae recognized his first love
118. triggered.
119. bb :(
120. hyejin (wheein's gf) texts hoseok (they're all uni buddies, even tho hoseok graduated)
121. Hoseok arrived panting in front of the door, finding Wheein sat against it, pulling on the handle helplessly. She was crying silently too, obviously worried. Hoseok helped her up before knocking softly.
"Tae? It's Hobi.. Please Tae open. You've done nothing wrong."
122. He heard Taehyung move closer to the door.
"I did hyung, I did everything wrong" Taehyung said through his tears.
"Open. And we'll talk but please don't stay alone. We're here for you." Hoseok said, looking at Wheein who anxiously looked through the keyhole.
123. After another ten minutes of negotiations, Taehyung opened the door. He tried to erase his tears with his sleeves, and looked at the ground ashamed. Hoseok and Wheein immediately pulled him in a big hug, knowing that Taehyung seeked comfort when he was the weakest.
124. They took Taehyung to his small apartment, and stayed with him, tried to calm him. They managed to do so, and Wheein figured they needed to tall privately. She told them goodbye, hugged Taehyung so tight his bones almost crushed, and made him promise to tell her if he
125. needed anything. He reassured her and let her leave.

Once they were alone, an uncomfortable silence settled. They didn't know where to begin. There was so much Taehyung didn't know.
126. Hoseok started, since he saw Taehyung staring at the ground.
"He decided to become an idol a long time ago, like.. when you guys were still talking. He didn't want to tell you until he signed the contract."
127. "You knew him. He's always been good at everything, even though the world didn't really give him a chance. But when he met you everything changed. He used to do so many bad things, hell, he even ended up at the police station so often that Yoongi declared himself as his
128. guardian so that he wouldn't be also in trouble with his parents. I don't know if you knew that. He never wanted to show you his bad sides. He thought you were perfect Tae, someone beyond amazing. But he thought that he wasn't perfect. Wasn't good enough for you at all.
129. It was stupid obviously, I know you loved him. But that's what he thought. So when he realized that he wasn't on the school path anymore, he tried other things. He didn't necessarily want money. He just wanted to be someone you could be proud of. He didn't want to become
130. a performer, singer or dancer at first. It was just things he enjoyed, and liked practicing. It came to him because his hyung Yoongi? I don't know if you remember, he started working at an entertainment agency. So Jeongguk stayed there a lot too and they saw his talent.
131. Jeongguk saw an opportunity and he took it. He wanted to surprise you and show you that he's become a trainee but you broke things off before he could. I'm not blaming you Taehyung, you were a kid. That's just what happened.
132. Anyway when you parted you were both messes. You had your trouble with your family and.. well everything. But he, he lost his reason to become someone. It has been difficult to make him continue but he did. He trained so hard, even had his high school diploma eventually
133. at the school of performing arts. And he trained even harder. Then he debuted and his career skyrocketed. You never saw him because you don't pay attention to the music industry, but he's really, really a big deal in the business now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you,
134. but I think it's for the best. You both needed to heal and move on. You've been through your fair shares of trouble and pain you both deserved a break. But you both managed at the end." Hoseok stopped talking. Taehyung's face was wet with tears, he didn't bother holding them
135. Anymore.
136. "How is he?" Taehyung finally asked after an overwhelming silence. disturbed punctually by his sobs.
"He's fine Tae. He's happy actually. His life.. is an everending challenge and he's loved. So loved." Hoseok said with a warm smile, thinking abour his little Jeongguk, and
137. How he fits in his new life so well. "His hyungs and I make sure of it yeah? His life can be difficult of course, but no matter what happens he always takes it like a champ and does his best. He loves his fanbase so much, he built strong friendships with people who love him
138. for who he is and he gets to create his own songs. You don't have to worry for him, you really don't."

Taehyung listened carefully to his hyung, feeling somewhat relieved. He didn't ruin Jeongguk. Jeongguk is fine. Now, he's be just an unpleasant memory that Jeongguk has
139. probably forgotten already. The memories of their late conversations, secret dates and sweet kisses had been replaced by award shows, big concerts and late studio nights. Yes, Taehyung was relieved but a little bit hurt still. He couldn't help but open his mouth again.
140. "Is.. is he seeing someone ?" Taehyung didn't know if he wanted an answer to that. Himself has never been able to forget Jeongguk. He went to dates, but never twice with the same person. He couldn't help but compare everyone to the sweet doe-eyes boy who stole his heart
141. but never gave it back. But Taehyung wanted Jeongguk fully healed, recovered, healthy and not lonely. Taehyung hated loneliness, and it was the last thing he wished for Jeongguk. Truly.

"Uh yeah, an idol in a big group, she's called Mina. Don't tell anyone though..."
142. Oh, yeah, it hurt. Taehyung felt his heart ache again but he smiled still. "Of course not hyung. I'm not into that idol thing you know that." Taehyung seemed in deep thoughts though. "Hyung, is he still going to those music shows ?" "Yeah, he's scheduled until next week.
143. Why?" "Can you get in these shows ?"
"Yeah I work with his company." Hoseok raised his eyebrows, suspicious.
"Can I go see him?"
"What? No!" Hoseok panicked. He didn't know how Jeongguk would react meeting Taehyung.
"I don't want to meet, he'd never see me. I just want to
144. see him perfom, in the crowd. I'll wear a face mask and a bucket hat or something. I just.. need to see."
"You don't want to meet him?"
"No. I've hurt him enough, I wouldn't be able to handle a face to face..."
"Alright, I'll get you inside the public, if you stay
145. anonymous."
"Get one for Wheein too then."
Hoseok chuckled.
"Of course I will, if she doesn't scream like a madwoman like she does in front of the tv."
"Well I can't promise that."
146. They stopped talking about Jeongguk after that, because Taehyung needed an emotional break. He was tired and really confused so he needed a distraction. They ended up watching a drama on tv while Hoseok stroked Taehyung's hair which made him sleep pretty quickly.
147. the next day
148. skip to tuesday
149. True to his words, Hoseok dropped them off the d-day and made sure Tae had a black mask ready to cover his face once Jungkook appeared. He left them with the other fans though, and drove off to his dance studio.
150. uwu (sometimes i'm thankful for ship edits it makes my life easier)
151. Taehyung was pretty impressed. He's been watching an impressive amount of idols, and they all gave everything they had. He could see they liked dancing on stage and singing. He liked Apink better though, maybe because he could see Wheein smile so big her dimples showed up.
152. Soon enough, they announced Jungkook's turn. Ignoring his racing heart, Taehyung quickly pulled his mask over his face and lowered his headband. He was pretty far from the stage but he couldn't take any risk. Then, the lights turned off and he saw some shadows on the stage.
153. One of them was Jeongguk. And when the staff lit up the room again, Taehyung swore he saw an angel.
154. basically
155. Dumbfounded. is that the word? Maybe. Taehyung's brain didn't work properly at the moment. He just witnessed the most perfect human being showing a perfect performance. He was so proud of him.
156. Taehyung didn't actually think hiding was important for he wouldn't think Jungkook would've looked at the crowd but well, he did. Once his stages were over, Jungkook waved at everyone, smiling so big, trying to thank everyone who came for him, brought his lightstick and
157. slogans. Taehyung really recognized the over excited and super loving boy he once knew, and that made him tear up. Jungkook was so mad talented in dance and his voice was a blessing, but Taehyung never knew. He never told him how talented he was. He blaed himself for that,
158. too. He felt more tears coming. The mere thought of the boy affected him a lot, so seeing him in flesh was even more hurtful. Wheein noticed him crying too. She held his hand silently and stroked his neck in a comforting way. She whispered "I don't know what happened
159. for you to be that way every time Jungkook is mentioned but I promise it will get better Tae. If you need someone to talk I am here always."
She ended up hugging him tightly anyway.
160. And if Taehyung thought he cried enough, he wasn't ready for the Champion Song announcement. Jungkook won against Lee Taemin, the legendary member of Shinee and Taehyung felt his heart swell with pride. Maybe he shed a tear of two when Jungkook did his acceptance speech,
161. and maybe he turned into some kind of tap when Jungkook cried himself. He cheered though. He cheered so loudly to make up for all the times he didn't. Taehyung needed closure. He needed to see his boy happy after making him cry the lasy time they saw each other. That's why
162. he came here. Taehyung hugged Wheein again, interrupting her while she was trying to get confetti's.
Jungkook sang his song again for the encore stage, which was the cutest thing ever because he kept singing with his fans.
When Taehyung left the studios at the end,
163. and hopped in Hoseok's car, he felt content.

He went on Twitter and decided to roam through Jungkook's account. He smiled when he saw his new post. Cute baby.
164. And if Taehyung followed Jungkook's account and activated his notifications, well, no one had to know.
165. Taehyung's life went on. He still had the same classes, the same sleepless nights studying, the same afternoon shifts at the café with his friends. But it was slightly better now, because when he was alone, in his bed, in the shower, in class, when he spaced out, when he
166. daydreamed, he didn't think about how wrong he acted a few years ago anymore. The guilt wasn't eating him up anymore. Because that's how Taehyung was. His soul was so pure he couldn't handle having hurt someone he loved, someone who gave him everything like Jeongguk.
167. Even though it's been years, even though they had completely different lives now and haven't een seen each other in so long, Jeongguk remained so deeply anchored in Taehyung's mind and heart, and knowing that Jeongguk had been wronged by him had made him sick whenever
168. he thought about the raven-haired boy.

After the Show Champion, Taehyung liked to think he was a happier version of himself. Everything seemed the same except for his lighter heart, and the daily buzz of his phone alerting him that Jeongguk tweeted. The tweets
169. made him realize that it was real, and that Jeongguk was really that loved and supported. And it was enough. He read the tweets, some of his fans' replies showering him with affections, and he got back to whatever he was doing before he was interrupted. Everyone else noticed
170. it, how Taehyung didn't really have this sad look in his eyes when he looked at the windows or watched a movie. Wheein and Hyejin didn't know, Taehyung never told them about his first lover. But Hoseok knew and nothing could have made him happier.
171. Taehyung was doodling on a paper in class when he felt his phone buzz. He took it out discretely.
172. Taehyung was confused, and honestly not looking forward seeing him. He texted Hoseok.
173. (repost bc i missed a word hehe) since they work together and have jk in common, they're friends now 😎
175. "What's happening hyung?" Jeongguk asked from the other end of the practice room.
"What? Nothing." Yoongi quickly said, putting his phone back in his pocket and focusing on the music playing in the room.
"You seem mad. And you muttered a distinct *fuck off*"
176. the idol replied, far from convinced.
"Just a friend in trouble and I can't do anything to help. It's frustrating."
"Oh? Why? Who's the friend?" Jeongguk asked intrigued.
"Yah! stop the questions. Don't you have a comeback to focus on?"
"Nooo it's in a long time. Euphoria
177. was only like two months ago. So? Tell meee!" Jeongguk actually pouted.
"I can't tell you Guk-ah. I'm sorry."
"Hush. Actually, I think you should see Joon, he came up with a new arrangement he thought you'd like." Yoongi half lied. Namjoon really had a new song.
178. Jeongguk left the room excitedly.
The love he has for Joon seriously... Yoongi thought. Now that he was alone he took out his phone again.
179. At the café when Taehyung sees Jimin pushing the door
180. "Taehyung-ah!" Jimin said as soon as he saw his friend behind the counter. Taehyung looked up and smiled at him. A smile that didn't reach his eyes. Jimin noticed, but decided to ignore.
Taehyung greeted him as well.
"I'll take a black coffee please!" He said, taking out
181. his black card to pay. "Do you want something too? My treat."
"Ugh? No I'm working Jimin."
"But I came here to see you"
"I can't leave the counter I'm sorry."
"But YOU can leave Park Jimin." Wheein said as she appeared right next to Taehyung, with a displeased frown.
182. "Wheein... Nice to see you." Jimin muttered.
"I can't say the feeling is mutual." she said coldly. Taehyung tried to catch her gaze to tell her to leave. He didn't want a scene.
"Watch out Wheein, you may be Tae's friend too but I'm still a client."
183. "Listen Jimin it's fine go sit I'll be here in 5 with your drink." Taehyung said. Jimin obeyed.
"No Tae, don't do that."
"I have to."
"You don't have to do shit! The last time you stayed with him remember what happened?"
184. "I do." Taehyung whispered. How could he forget. Jimin came to his flat and spent the next hour telling him how great Taehyung's parents have been with him, how they showered him with gifts and went to his shows. He dared asking Taehyung why he still didn't contact them.
185. And it brang so many bad memories. When they kicked him out of their homes as soon as Tae refused to go to some psychiatric hospital where he would get a treatment against his "condition". That's how they called his sexual orientation. When they completely
186. cut him off, blocked his number, didn't let him in when he tried to knock on the portal of their mansion.

Jimin knew all of that and he still ranted about how good they were. They weren't good. They were heartless monsters. But after Jimin's visit,
187. he called his friends because he didn't want to be alone with his thoughts. They found him on his sofa looking at the turned off tv screen, on the verge of tears.
188. "I know it's difficult Tae, he's been your best friend since you were kids but right now he's no good for you." She said, scratching her neck. They had this conversation countless times. And she was ready to have it a million times more if at the end Taehyung could open his
189. eyes. "He's not the person you were so attached to, and I can't let you keep doing this to yourself if he doesn't change."
"I know Wheenie, I just..." Taehyung shook his head. He was done making Jimin's coffee. "I'll talk to him. For real. About what's so wrong with him.
190. If he doesn't get it then he's out of my life for good. I promise."

As Taehyung left to sit at Jimin's table, she bit her cheek.

"That's what you said the last time too." she whispered.
191. Turns out Taehyung couldn't talk to Jimin. He didn't dare. Maybe he was exaggerating? Surely Jimin didn't mean any harm when he talked. It was all in Taehyung's head. So he joined Jimin and kindly laughed when the other boy said something funny, but Jimin did all the talk.
Taehyung only nodded occasionally while Jimin showed him pictures of his dances in the Vienna and Paris operas. It would be a lie to say that it didn't hurt Taehyung, because what Jimin was showing him, was the dream he could never reach.
192. His knee was itching. His broken and fragile knee. It ached sometimes when he forced too much. The itch and the pang in his chest were the only things he could feel as he looked at that perfect picture of Jimin lifting gracefully a beautiful ballerina in a white dress.
193. But it wasn't Jimin's fault if he fell like a dumb ass and broke his bone, he couldn't be mad at Jimin for showing him his achievements.

What made him snap was when Jimin swiped to a picture of himself with his parents. And Taehyung's parents. All smiley and well dressed.
194. Tae bit his lip anxiously waiting for Jimin to change the picture. But he didn't.
"Oh look! It's when your parents surprised me and went all the way to Vienna to see me! It was so kind of them. Seriously they were front row and always cheeri-"
"Stop talking."
195. "What?"
"I said stop s'talking about them." Taehyung continued with a small voice.
"Tae they're your parents! You have to forgive them"
Taehyung frowned.
"I don't. They abandoned me, I don't owe them anything. Now you stop talking about them, you stop praising them,
196. because you don't know the fccking sh*t I've been through because of them. I lost everything and you're just rubbing it all in my face. Stop it. Of course I'm happy for you, live the dream. But it hurts." Taehyung stood up. " I don't want to hurt anymore."
197. "You're overreacting." Jimin stated, "like you don't have to be mad at me for something you caused, no one asked you to break a leg."
"Do you mean what you're saying?" Taehyung asked dumbfounded.
"I get it you're sad but it's not my fault. You don't have to be selfish like
198. that. We haven't seen each other in so long and I can't even show you what I've been up to." Jimin added.
"You need to stop blaming me. I'm not the one wrong here."
"Well you are. And you're super moody it's annoying, have you been taking those antidepressants again?"
199. "I'm leaving Jimin. You can't bring that up, not again."
"No you're not! Tae!" Jimin said loudly as Taehyung left by the front door. His stuff was still in his locker, he was wearing his work outfit but he needed to get out. He couldn't breathe. That was Jimin's effect.
200. He felt his knee hurt, and at this point he didn't know if it was emotional or physical. He kept walking and walked in a florist to hide.

Taehyung took out his phone from his pocket and texted his friends.
201. wheein first
202. and hobi♥️
203. "Is it Taehyung?" Yoongi asked from the sofa as he saw Hoseok texting someone.
"How do you know?"
"You have a big ass frown. And I've been thinking about him I guess."
"He said he talked back to Jimin but he's shaken, so he's coming."
"Really? Right now?"
"Yeah.. I don't
204. know in what state he'll be in but I hope he's okay." Hoseok said, running his hand through his hair anxiously.
205. They waited for Taehyung while watching a Game of Thrones episode. When the bell rang they almost jumped in their seats, but it was only the pizza delivery.

The second time, a soft knock could be heard at the door. It wasn't surprising, Taehyung already knew the code of
206. the main doors of Hoseok's appartement complex.

Hoseok stood up carefully and opened the door softly. He met a trembling Taehyung. He wasn't crying, but he was surely really affected emotionally. Hoseok automatically opened his arms and Taehyung fell in it.
207. They hugged for a few minutes, Hoseok was whispering calming things to his friends while stroking his back, before Taehyung stopped completely shaking.

When he got out of Hoseok's embrace he noticed Yoongi, standing up in the living room.
208. Taehyung was confused, for he've never seen him before, even though Hoseok did mention a friend. He looked at Hoseok waiting for him to introduce them. Hoseok smiled and did just that.
"So... this is Kim Taehyung, my unofficial little brother. And Tae this is Min Yoongi.
209. He's one of my best friend and I work with him."

Taehyungg stilled. He knew a Min Yoongi. "Yoongi as in... Jeongguk's Yoongi?" Taehyung said, unsure.

Yoongi nodded. "Yes, that one."
"I'm so sorry I.. really am." Taehyung replied. It was Jeongguk's best friend.
210. He probably hated him.
211. But to Taehyung's surprise, Yoongi seemed relaxed. He.. he was smiling. "I've heard so much about you, I'm glad we can finally meet."
Taehyung gaped at Yoongi, surprised.
"You're... glad ?"
"Maybe we should sit" Hoseok said, pushing Taehyung towards the couch.
212. Once they were sat on the two sofas, Taehyung looked at the shorter male. "Obviously, I've been mad, because you did hurt Jeongguk, like, real bad."
Taehyung nodded biting his lip.
"But a bad action doesn't make you a bad person. It's been years and you still regret,
213. you feel guilt, you wouldn't have done the same thing if you could. And most importantly you loved Jeongguk, and I'm sure of that. Before you ask, yes Hoseok tells me everything." Hoseok chucked at that.
"So no, I won't hold a grudge against you because you did
214. it perfectly yourself." Yoongi said softly. "You just want Jeongguk happy and I guess that's what we all want here. I even know about you going to watch him perform without meeting him, and that's very mature of you. Thank you for that."
"To be honest I wouldn't have been
215. able to handle meeting him. Probably never so... I guess it's better this was." Taehyung replied. So Yoongi was nice. And he wasn't going to strangle him. Everything is fine. Wait, no, Jimin happened.
216. "Uh... I, well I fought with Jimin?"
"Is that a question or an affirmation?" Hoseok asked.
"I don't know... I got mad and talked back and then he blamed things on me and didn't listen so I left."
"What did he blame on you?"
"Uh my parents and I's separation
217. my injury and my lack of happiness for him? Something like that."
"What the fvck, Tae I hope you know none of that is your fault." Yoongi said angrily.
"I know, well no like if I hadn't danced so close to the edge of the stage I wouldn't have..."
"It's not your fault.
218. and you have the right ot to sant to listen to what he's done if it's too much. Please don't think that." Hoseok added.
They kept conversing about it, trying to get to Taehyung's head that it was going to be alright. They also watched the show on tv, until
219. Taehyung grabbed a pillow and drifted off to a peaceful sleep, laying on the sofa.
220. What happens when you don't check your phone all evening though.
221. Yoongi was talking quietly to Hoseok, not to disturb Taehyung when they heard a loud knock on the door. They both froze, not expecting anyone. Hoseok got up and went in front of the door, asking who it was. He heard Jeongguk's "open hyung" quite easily. He looked at Yoongi
222. panicked, mouthing "what do i do". Yoongi didn't seem to know either, but Jeongguk was impatient. "I know you're there open! I'm cold and hungry." Jeongguk whined.
Hoseok opened the door a little to see his bratty friend. "You're inside how can you be cold?"
223. "Right but I'm still hungry", Jeongguk said as he pushed Hoseok to enter the room. He went straight to the kitchen, which, by the way, was open to the living room where a clueless Taehyung was resting.
224. He looked through the fridge and took out banana milk. He felt cared for, because all of his hyungs still kept some in their kitchens for him.

"I thought you were hungry, that's not food." Yoongi said, leaning on the counter, low-key trying to block the view while Hoseok
225. was trying to figure out how to move Taehyung without waking him up.
"It's just a starter hyung I need to make the water boil before cooking the ramyuns. But wait, it smells like pizza here." Jeongguk noticed, trying to get to the living room, but Yoongi was still blocking.
226. "Hyung I have to grab some pizza seriously I haven't eaten anything, Mina only wanted us to have a drink. I'm dying." Jeongguk said, his eyes pleading. "There's no pizza stay here."
"I can see it from here seriously. You leave me no choice." Jeongguk said with a malicious
227. smirk. He finished his milk and put it on the counter, before squatting to lift Yoongi up life he weighted nothing. Yes, Yoongi didn't expect it at all.

When he arrived in front of the coffee table he let Yoongi go and bent over to grab a pizza slice. There he noticed the
228. sleeping form on the sofa right in front of him. Hoseok hid him under a cover so that his face wasn't visible. Jeongguk was surprised.
"You could have told me someone was sleeping! I wouldn't have made so much noise seriously." He said accusingly. "But aren't they going to
229. suffocate inside the cover? Their face should be uncovered." Jeongguk stated as he approached Taehyung to relieve him. His hyungs didn't have time to act before he took the blanket off and saw the last person he expected to see, but the one person he never forgot.
230. Jeongguk froze. Literally. His hand was still holding the blanket but his eyes were glued on the sleeping boy. Taehyung. Kim Taehyung. Why was he here ?

He was just as beautiful as Jeongguk remembered, his perfect skin was glowing, his long eyelashes were so pretty.
231. He pouted in his sleep. He seemed so peaceful, hugging a pillow like his life depended on it. He couldn't sleep without something and someone in his arms, Jeongguk recalled. But he remembered everything else related to Kim Taehyung as well.
232. Jeongguk swallowed the huge lump in his throat as an unpleasant feeling settled in his chest. His high school years, all those times he spent high off his mind, all of those times he fought with his parents, all those times people at school mistreated him.
233. All those times the only good thing in his life was the boy in front of him. But then he rejected him, humiliated him just like everyone else. He was the first boy he ever loved, but also one who also brought so much pain in his life. Right now, Jeongguk wanted to throw up.
234. He couldn't look at Taehyung, it was too much. Why was he back? Why? Why right now when Jeongguk's life was so perfect. He had everything now. A job he loved, millions of fans, a beautiful girlfriend, no trouble at all. So why? Was he going to hurt him again?
235. Was Park Jimin somewhere in the flat too? Here to show off their perfect lives and disdain for him? Jeongguk stepped back quietly, still staring at him. He breathed, tried not to run to the bathroom.
He turned his head towards Hoseok and Yoongi who were silently watching
236. the scene unfold. Jeongguk felt his tears coming up, he tried to fight them but well, this time he couldn't. So he did the only thing he ever did when he cried because of Kim Taehyung, he ran to Yoongi and cried in his arms, sobbing violently while his brain replayed the
237. scene when Taehyung decided that Jeongguk wasn't finally worth it and told him so. He tried not to be too loud because the last thing he wanted was for the other boy to wake up. He wouldn't be able to talk to him, not right now.

"I.. need to get out." Jeongguk hiccuped.
238. Hoseok ran a hand on his back and shared a look with Yoongi that said "get him out, I'll take care of Taehyung".

They had done everything they could to prevent the two boys from being hurt because of their shared past, but fate couldn't be defeated sometimes.
239. Yoongi took Jeongguk outside of the building, and they walked together silently in the streets. The older was waiting for Jeongguk to stop crying. He didn't make any sound, but he didn't hold the tears as they fell and wet his cheeks. Yoongi sighed. He just met
240. the wonderful person that was Kim Taehyung. But he didn't plan for Jeongguk to meet him as well, at lesst not like that. It must have been a shock for him.

Yoongi was the one who took care of him after they broke up all those years ago, and it hasn't been pretty.
241. They had been walking for ten minutes when Jeongguk softly talked. "Why was he there?"
"Because he's always been friend with Hoseok."
"But Hoseok told me that what he did to me was shitty."
"It doesn't mean that they didn't stay friends."
242. Jeongguk looked at the ground. "But I thought Hoseok was on my side."
"There's no side. You're not at war you know. Taehyung did the worse to you but it was a mistake. It doesn't mean Hoseok had to get Taehyung out of his life too. Even if he did, I don't thing Taehyung
243. would have survived alone."
"What do you mean alone? I was the lonely and miserable oke. He was always surrounded by his pretty friends and his pretty money and his pretty dream." Jeongguk said angrily.
244. "Don't say that. I know you suffered and by all means I am not invalidating what you went through. I would never. I was there for you and I always will. Taehyung needed someone like you needed me, and that person has always been Hoseok. We never talked about him in front
245. of you, we both feared this kind of reaction. So we kept you apart."
"What do you mean he needed someone like I did ? He has a perfect life! You're not listening. "
"Had. He had a perfect life. After he decided to leave you, he also lost everything. Hell, he didn't even
246. want to leave you. They got into his head and made him lose everythinghe cared about."
"What do you mean?"
"It's a long story."
"I need to know." Jeongguk said, determined.
"I don't know if I should be the one telling you though."
"What? You want me to speak to him?
247. No fvxking way. I am not." the younger said.
"I don't want you to be angry at him Jeongguk, not anymore."
"Give me a reason not to."
"He loved you."
"He didn't. You don't hurt the people you love."
"His best friend and his teachers emotionally manipulated him Jeongguk..."
248. "It's not an excuse."
"You know how difficult it can be to go against your friends and the figures you consider your models. You were young Jeongguk."
"So what? He got what he wanted now, didn't he? He's probably an amazing dancer living his best life in those Operas."
249. "He's not. He couldn't."
"What do you mean?"
"When he left you, it broke your heart Jeongguk, but it also broke his. The day after your split, he was so sad and distracted he fell badly. He broke his bones, the kinf of injury that doesn't heal. He never set a foot
250. on a stage again, or in a dance studio."
"Wh-" Jeongguk started. He was shocked at the news. He always thought Taehyung made it. He deserved it, he was so talented and danced so beautifully. But? He never did? It seemed unreal.
"I'm not done. Unfortunately."
"What can
251. be worse than that? Dancing was his life! What did he do?"
"Well for once you were his life. He didn't give a shit after his injury, he was only worried about you. He wanted to see you again and kept texting you, calling you to apologize, looking at your pictures together
252. But you blocked him and he didn't dare going further. However, his parents discovered your relationship, since he was always on his phone and he was stuck at home because of the cast."
"What happened?" Jeongguk said, fearing the worst.
"At first, they told him that it was
253. going to be fine, that he just had to go to therapy. They treated him as a sick person that needed to be healed. It was heart breaking. Hoseok didn't know how to help. When the Kims realized that Taehyung was never going to do that, they didn't talk to him anymore.
254. and just when he could walk again, they told him to pack his stuff and get the hell out of their lives. Just like yours did Jeongguk. His rich and pretty friends like you said, they all abandoned him. When I told you he needed someone, that's what I meant."
255. Jeongguk was crying again. Taehyung, his bubbly Taehyung, his happy Taehyung had to go through this. How was he now? Was he happy?
Jeongguk had never felt so conflicted in his life. He held a grudge for so long but now what? How was he supposed to feel?
256. "So he lived with Hoseok?" asked unsure. He pictured the sleeping and innocent boy he saw earlier, a boy who suffered that much.
"He did. Like you and I, they stayed together until he could support himself."
"What? How could he support himself? He was supposed
257. to dance as a career!"
"Well he went back to school, studied his ass off and went to University. Seoul National University actually. He cried so much when he got the acceptance letter, Hoseok said."
"It's the best one in South Korea! I've always known he was that clever."
258. Yoongi smiled at Jeongguk's oblivious affection. "Yeah, he studies management, business and photography. He also works in a coffee shop near his University. He pretty much lives the typical University life now. He indeed changed a lot his lifestyle since you saw him."
259. "Does he know? About me? Did he ask about me?" Jeongguk asked, with a glint of something Yoongi couldn't decipher.
"About your idol life?"
"He does. He's known for two months though."
"Yeah, he wasn't the type to follow the music industry before."
260. "Before? He does now? Wait how did he react?"
"He had a panic attack shen he saw your face on tv for the first time." Jeongguk's face fell at Yoongi's brutal honesty. "Why? Is he okay? What-"
"He's fine now... Well kind of. The shock I guess. He never forgot you.
261. but I am really not the one who should tell you about it. Seriously he tried so hard to stay incognito when he went to see your stages I can't wast-"
"WHAT? He saw me on stage? When? Why?" Jeongguk asked frantically.
"Ugh your we're promoting Euphoria, the show champion I
262. think? Not sure. He wanted to see you live, so we got him tickets."
"I didn't know... I didn't notice."
"Of course you didn't see him. He was all hidden with a big ass mask. He didn't want you to recognize him." "Why? Am I still not worthy of the sight of him?"
263. "Stop talking sh*t Jeongguk. He still feels guilty and remorseful about you. He didn't want you to hurt seeing him. He just wanted to see you happy and he didn't have any bad intentions. And to be honest, I don't think he ever did his whole life."
264. "I.. yeah. He's never been a mean person. I'm sorry I just.. It was easier to picture him as the bad guy. He hurt me so bad I demonized him to get over him, and I really didn't expect him to be back in my life. It's been so long hyung." Jeongguk sniffled.
265. "I know I know. He's proud of you you know. Hoseok told me he couldn't shut up after he saw you. He kept talking about how amazing you were, and how you were born for this. He was so scared for you but he's okay now, more than ever." Yoongi added.
266. "He is really? Proud of me."
"Yeah, he even follows your career now, he keeps asking me if you're fine and how your comeback is going, if you sleep enough or eat enough. Seriously I can't believe he's that whipped after five years."
"I just.. I can't belie-"
267. "Guk you're crying again."
"He still cares."
"I don't think he's ever stopped. Now come, we're going to my place."
"What? No we're not coming back at Hoseok?" Jeongguk asked confused. He couldn't care less about which spare room he was going to sleep it, but Hoseok's place
268. had a little something morew
"No, not while Taehyung is still there. He needs to rest, and I don't think he wants to face you."
"You keep saying that! Really it's hard to think it's not because he has something against me."
"You're the most stubborn little sh*t ever Guk.
269. He came to Hoseok because he didn't feel well and I'm not making him get in an emotional rollercoaster with you. Maybe when the time comes, you'll meet him. But even if you do, what are you going to do?"
"Uh... Wait why was he unwell? Is he sick?"
"Physically he's fine.
270. but well, emotionally he's not. No I won't tell you. You know a lot already."
"No more buts. And since you're not angry at him anymore I did my job." Yoongi said as they arrived in front of his apartment complex, gesturing Jeongguk to go ahead.
272. jk>hobi
273. don't let jeongguk near his phone at 3 am
274. like seriously don't
275. yes taehyung had the notifications on because well
276. noooo :-(
277. heart if you recognized the lyrics
278. what you can't say out loud
279. tae is confused and so are we
280. tae texts hoseok
281. we love parallels
282. The dance studio's windows were fogged because of the heat in the room, everybody was out of breath because of the intense practicing for Jungkook's incoming comeback. All the back-up dancers and choreographers were focused on their steps. Everyone was, except the young man.
283. Hoseok ran a hand throughbhis hair out of frustration. "You missed the steps Jeongguk. Focus, seriously."
Jeongguk thought that Hoseok was a sunshine, except when it came to dance. In the studio, he was a monster. But he was right, ever since he saw Taehyung a few days ago
284. he kept daydreaming and remembering the other boy, he didn't know why but he didn't want to stop either.

When Jeongguk missed once again a crucial part of the choreo, Hoseok had enough.

"Out. Everyone out, except you Jeongguk. We need to talk."
285. "Now tell me what's going on. You've never acted like this."
"Uh... You know what's going on." Jeongguk said shyly.
"I don't."
"Hyung... I"
"Is it about the songs you wanted to add last minute to your mini album perhaps?"

Jeongguk bit his lips. Touché.
286. "Well kind of....."
"Use your words, I'm not going to judge you, never."
"I just.. it's Taehyung."
"Of course it is, it's always been him isn't it? What's wrong?"
"I want to see him. Please hyung let me see him."
"Are you asking for permission or something ?
287. You do what you want you know." Hoseok chuckled. "You're both big boys. So does it mean you wrote songs about him again?"
"I won't answer that." Jeongguk pouted. "I don't know I need to see him, I've been restless."
"You're not mad anymore aren't you?" Hoseok still asked.
288. "Actually I don't think so. Yoongi really lifted a weight off my heart when he told me the truth but I'm really curious and I feel like I haven't seen him enough."
"Off your heart? Really?" Hoseok laughed.
"Stop laughing! I'm being honest."
"I know I know. So...
289. if I give you his job's address you're going to focus on your choreography?"
"Are you for real? Yes of course I will! Seriously hyung?"
"Mmh." Hoseok nodded.
"Like really?"
"Oh my God yes now call everyone back. And practice hard."
"YES ALWAYS!" Jeongguk said.
290. i mean he had a choice 🤪
291. The thing is... Jeongguk know knew where Taehyung worked. But firstly, his schedule didn't allow him to go out a lot. So he did it whenever he could. But yeah, secondly, Taehyung had a part time job, and he really wasn't there a lot.

So when Jeongguk first had the
292. time to go to the coffee shop, he was a nervous wreck. He was in front of the lovely doors, asking himself what the hell was he doing right now? How was he going to justify his presence ? Why was he here?
293. He took his time to calm himself and when he finally found the courage to push the heavy golden doors, he found only three female employees inside. Just his luck.
He didn't want to storm out though, so he went to the counter and ordered a hot chocolate, just for the sake of
294. it. The girl in front of him didn't recognize him, he was wearing a mask, but sometimes it was enough for his fans to see him. She probably wasn't one, even though she kept looking at the tv showing a music show.
295. He drank quickly and got out, bummed and disappointed, almost convinced that Hoseok gave him a false address just to calm him or something.
296. But he understood that he had to be persistent to catch one of Taehyung's shifts, so whenever he had free time he ended up hanging around the shop, not necessarily going in but still. He felt a bit close to him like that.
297. It was fine this way, he was just on his way to the shop, when he received a text.
298. Well well well
299. Jeongguk bit his lip. What was he supposed to say? Of course he missed her but he felt like he had more important things to do. What if Taehyung was there this time? And he missed him because of Mina? But Mina didn't do anything wrong, he couldn't send her away like that.
300. He waited on a bench in front of the coffe shop for Mina. The plan was simple, see her, talk to her for five minutes and tell her he had to go back to his company's building. His leg was shaking with anticipation.
301. Suddenly he felt soft hands over his eyes, and a light laugh behind his ear. "Guess who?" the obvious and happy voice of his girlfriend disturbed the silence. He chuckled too, she was sweet. "I don't know, care to enlighten me?"
"Jeongguk! Come on!"
"Come Mina, I missed
302. you too." It was true, he liked hanging aroung with her, they really got along and laughed a lot together.
"How are you?" He asked, concerned. She was in the top group from JYP, and the bastard never let her rest. It took a toll on her a few months ago, so he keeps worrying.
303. "I'm okay, I'm glad I can see you now. I'm sorry for being selfish, really. I just.. Sorry." She said, sadly. "I don't want to be a burden for you I know you were busy but I love you and I missed you." Jeongguk felt like a d*ckhead for not being here for his own girlfriend.
304. "It's fine, I am the one who's sorry. I've just been really busy alright? But we'll see each other soon. I'll try to organize us a date, just like before. Is that okay with you?" Her eyes sparkled. Nice one, Jeon. He was so focused on her he didn't hear the doors of the
305. coffee shop open, nor the obvious laughter.

"I'm letting you go now I'm going to see my girls. Text me the details for the date okay? Love you." She said as she pecked his lips and left the bench to walk away

Jeongguk smiled to himself, happy that she was feeling better.
306. Taehyung, him, wasn't smiling anymore.

His shift just ended and he was getting out with Wheein, talking about the night out they planned tonight. He just got out by the front doors when his heart stopped beating at the sight. Jeongguk, his Jeongguk was there.
307. When Wheein noticed he stopped walking she turned around and looked at him with her eyebrow raised. "Tae, come or Jeonghwa will make us clean more. I swear I'm not doing it again." She warned him.

Taehyung couldn't tear his gaze away from Jeongguk, who,
308. when he heard Wheein's voixe, turned around curiously. And after all those years, his eyes met Taehyung's.

Jeongguk felt euphoric at first, because there he was. Taehyung. But when he saw the sad look on his eyes he frowned. And he realized what Taehyung just witnessed.
309. "Tae? What are you-" Wheein approached Taehyung and then turned her head to see what her friend was staring at. Her eyes widened at the sight of the idol. "Are you Jeo-"
"Let's go Wheein." Taehyung said, beginning to move to leave. He didn't know why. He felt like he
310. needed to go. He felt hurt, he felt his lip trembling and the tears threatening to fall. Why was he feeling like that? He knew Jeongguk had a girlfriend, that he was happy and everything so why did he feel so bad?
She was everything he couldn't be and they seemed so close
311. and beautiful together.

He did this to himself, thinking that random tweets were for him.Thinking that maybe things could go differently. What a fool. He didn't matter in Jeongguk's life anymore.

But he wanted to. That's why he was hurting.
312. Jeongguk on his side, didn't want to meet Taehyung like that. He imagined that reunion so many times, creating perfect scenarios where they would just jump in each other's arms and become
313. close again. He didn't expect Taehyung's face to fall upon seeing him.
"Taehyung?" He asked, unsure. Taehyung seemed like he wanted to leave but his friends kept him from doing so, holding his arm firmly.
"Taehyung stop you're hurting me." She said as he stopped
314. trying to get away from her. Taehyung's shoulders dropped as he realized that he couldn't escape it.
He turned to face Wheein and whispered something quite long in her ear. She nodded and squeezed his shoulder, before glancing at Jeongguk and leaving.

They were alone now.
316. Jeongguk didn't say anything as he watched Taehyung. Taehyung seemed to be in some internal conflict, and Jeongguk didn't want to push him. He did right, because Tae finally sighed and stopped looking at the ground to look at Jeonggk properly.

Jeongguk had no words.
317. He truly was the most beautiful man this planet has ever seen. His features were so perfect and unique, and his gaze was so intense Jeongguk gulped. He recognized the boy that made his heart beat before, except that he was a man now.

"I really need to stop trying
318. to run away from you." Taehyung finally said.And if his face made him speechless, his voice made him weak on the knees. It was so much deeper and manly. Jeongguk didn't know what to say so he just

"I'm sorry"
319. Taehyung frowned hearing that. "What are you sorry for? You never did anything wrong Guk." He seemed so sincere. "I am the one who is sorry, but honestly you deserve better than an apology like that on the sidewalk."
"What do you mean?"
"Let's get out of here."
320. Jeongguk felt his heart going wild when Taehyung said that. So.. he was willing to do it? To talk? He wasn't pushing him away anymore.

"Where do you want to go?"
"I... Uh. I don't live far away from here? And honestly I feel like crying so I'd better not do it in a public
321. space." Taehyung said shyly looking at the ground.
"Let's go then, I can't stay outside for too long too. I don't need paps and fans chasing us right now." Jeongguk stated. But he was super excited as well, because he just got invited to Tae's place.
"Come on then."Taehyung
322. said as he started walking backwards, waiting for Jeongguk to watch up. Once he did, they started walking normally, side by side.

Taehyung waited a few minutes before asking "who told you?"
"Who told me what?"
"Where I work."
"Uh.. Hoseok hyung. Please don't blame him I
323. forced him to tell me."
"I wasn't going to.. I'd rather thank him forever." Taehyung said, shyly looking at the ground. He seemed amused though, and when Jeongguk followed his gaze, he saw that their shadows in front of them looked like they were holding hands.
324. They didn't really talk that much, Taehyung was busy organizing his thoughts, because HOLY HELL Jeongguk was next to him, willing to talk. He couldn't believe it.

Jeongguk on the other hand was shamelessly staring at Taehyung, after all those years he could see him again.
325. When they arrived in front of Taehyung's door he was a bit nervous. "It's.. really small and probably not super clean I'm sorry I really didn't expect anyone."
"Don't apologize for that! I really don't care. I'm just glad you're letting me in." Jeongguk replied.
326. Small was the right word, but it was cosy and it smelled nice inside. Truthfully Jeongguk didn't pay attention to that, he was glued to Taehyung who sat on the small sofa. "Do you want anything? I don't have coffee I-"
"You don't like it I know.. I'm fine though
327. don't worry." Jeongguk smiled, casually knocking the air off Taehyung's lungs because.. he looked so young. So much like the Jeongguk he used to know and call his.

"I.. I really can't believe you came here." Taehyung said.
"Why? You knew I was still around. You came
328. to see me on stage."
"Seeing you anonymously from afar is far from meeting you Guk. Wait can I call you Guk? It's been so long."
"I've never denied you anything Tae, and I'm not going to start now."

Taehyung was thankful he wasn't drinking anything because he probably
329. would've choked right now.
330. After that, they didn't know what to say to each other. Not because they had nothing to tell, more because they didn't know what they were, why they met again, who was the other person now. Five years is a long time and they felt it now more than ever.
331. Taehyung felt the urge to apologize though. He had been feeling it for so long but having Jeongguk sat so close to him made it more powerful. So he did.

"Jeongguk I.. I am sorry. I am so sorry for what I did to you. I wish I had an excuse,
332. or anything to explain myself but I don't. It was pure selfishness and evilness, and I've been regretting that the second I said it. I.. it's not me anymore, I don't know what happened but the thing is I said it, I was so mean, inconsiderate, rude and I broke your trust and
333. everything we had. I am so sorry Guk. I wish I could come back in time and.. just do everything for you not to feel pain and especially not because of me. I am not begging for forgiveness because I don't think I deserve it, but I want you to know I am sorry."
334. Jeongguk didn't say anything about the tears that spilled out of Taehyung's eyes because truthfully, he was in the same state. Taehyung still thought that he wasn't worthy of his forgiveness.

"Tae... I know. I know you didn't mean it, I know you've suffered because of it
335. as well and I have no reason not to forgive you. I already did to be honest. Well, I still hated you until like two weeks ago, until I saw you at Hoseok's. It really was emotionally difficult but I talked with Yoongi abour you and now I wish we'd met sooner."
336. "You forgive me? You really do?" Taehyung looked at him, hopeful.
"I really do. I promise. But don't do this ever again, man it hurt like a bitch."
"No... no never. I'm not a child anymore and well I can't promise you I won't make any mistakes. But thank you Guk. It means
337. a lot to me." Taehyung smiled a bit, even though his eyes were still wet. And Jeongguk still thought he was the most beautiful person in the world.

He stopped staring though, didn't want to look like a total creep.
338. "What happened to you? After the night... you know what I mean."
"You mean when I fell?" Taehyung said directly.
"Didn't Yoongi tell you everything already?" Taehyung teased.
"He told me a lot, I want to hear it from you.
339. I didn't know anything, I'm sorry I should've been there with you."
"You didn't owe me anything Guk, especially after the way I acted. You still don't owe me anything right? You don't have to be here if you don't want to."
340. "No no I wanted to meet you again. I really did. I had plenty of time to heal and stuff."

Not me. Taehyung thought but will never say.
"It's a long story."
"I've got all night Tae." Jeongguk whispered, getting cozier on the sofa and grabbing a pillow to cuddle it.
341. "You remember that night? The day after it I was going to dance the Nutcracker, as an extra. Just a minor role, hidden in the decoration but still. So the day after it, I didn't sleep at all. I.. well I just regretted what I did to you and wanted to see you and apologize but
342. I had really small balls at the time so I didn't. I went to the Arrs Center after to rehearse and get ready, so it was the last last rehearsal on the stage and well I just fell from the higher stage straight into the ground, and my knee absorbed the shock.
343. Basically, my kneecap shattered and I had some other complications I don't even remember. It was all my fault though, I should've been more careful but I guess I wasn't in the right state of mind. After that I went to the hospital, had surgeries. But in the meantime
344. I tried to reach you? A lot I think. At first I did so when I was under anesthesia and completly fucked out but then I just really needed to hear or see you. And my parents noticed so they found out I was gay when they went through my phones and well, our photos."
345. Taehyung shuddered at the memory, but then he felt an encouraging and warm hand on his knee, showing him that it was okay. So Taehyung carried on.
"Uh.. So they waited until I was healed and they told me that I had to leave to Japan."
"To undergo a psychological
346. therapy for me to stop being gay I guess." Jeongguk was shocked hearing that. Taehyung....
"I said no of course, so they basically kicked me out, cut out my ressources and that's all. I've never heard from them then. Sucks because I needed their money to get re-education
347. and maybe dance again, but I couldn't. I stayed at Hoseok's starting from that, stopped dancing obviously, started studying,cut off all my ties with my former friends and started new."
"All of your friends?" Jeongguk asked, remembering the bitches Tae used to hang out with.
348. "No Jimin is still around I guess."
"But Tae he's the worse!"
"I know, but I wasn't strong enough to let him go. I.. couldn't. I know he's bad as a friend but I needed familiarity. It was awful enough to lose all of my dreams, the family that was supposed to just
349. care after me and the love of my life." Taehyung said without thinking. Well.
350. Jeongguk furrowed his eyebrows. Who? Who was the oove of Taehyung's life?
"What?" Taehyung asked confused.
"Who was the love of your life?"
"You can't seriously be asking that."
"I just did? What's wrong come on tell me! You've seen my girl, Mina,
351. earlier, so spill I want to know."
If Taehyung was going to say *you* a few seconds ago, now he absolutely wasn't anymore. His girl. Right.
"No one. It doesn't matter anymore! Stop talking about that. Tell me about you Guk. I want us tostart over."
"What? Really?"
352. "Yes."
"So we're going to be friends?"
"If you want us to be yes." Taehyung smiled at Jeongguk's obvious excitement. It only got better when Jeongguk started telling me everything about his career and how he started being a trainee. He carefully avoided what Taehyung
353. did to him and for that, the student was thankful. Jeongguk looked so happy and passionate talking about his music and his fans, so happy, Taehyung felt so warm seeing him smile so bright.

And maybe it was all going to be okay now.
354. Taehyung also noticed that Jeongguk avoided talking about Mina, he never mentioned her once when he was telling his life story. Wasn't she that important? He talked about a lot of other idols who became his friends, even another girl he called his best friend, but no Mina.
355. Soon enough it was night time, and they hadn't stopped talking, eating and they even started playing video games together. Taehyung felt so joyful every single second he spent with him and he wished it never stopped.

His Jeongguk didn't change at all. He was still the
356. same lovely baby, overly excited and funny. Taehyung just fell as if the hole in his heart, that appeared after that night five years ago, was starting to be filled again.

Jeongguk fell asleep in the sofa, while Taehyung was playing his game, bundled up in warm
357. blankets and wearing some of Taehyung's biggest clothes because let's be honest, those muscles made him really thicc (sorry i had to).

Taehyung stopped playing when he heard the soft and regular breathes of the other. He just looked at him, feeling his heart swell.
358. He was so beautiful, kind and selfless, willing to accept Taehyung into his life again.

Taehyung lifted his hand and cleared Jeongguk's forehead of the strands of hair sticking to his skin, massaging his scalp at the same time. Jeongguk let out a content sigh.
359. Soon enough, when Taehyung's arm started to hurt after stroking the younger's hair, he turned off the TV, put a better pillow under Jeongguk's head and left for his room.

Taehyung needed to talk to someone, he couldn't stay like that.
2AM. Would Hoseok be up?
360. spoiler alert : he was.
361. and just because i can (if you get it i love you)
362. find you a friend like hobi 🥰
363. yoongi>joon & jimin>jin
364. shit's going down
367. abusive people don't make themselves responsible
368. help
369. "You're upset." Namjoon said as he turned off his computer.
"Uh?" Seokjin asked from the sofa.
"What's wrong?"
"I've been a shitty friends and I think I still am."
"Do you want to talk about it?" Namjoon asked getting up to sit next to his boyfriend.
"Why are we together?"
370. Seokjin asked, fidgeting.
"Because we love each other? How is this related?"
"Did I hurt you? Like... Have I been a bad person to you?"
"To me? I don't think so. You've always been honest and I knew what I was signing up for. Why?"
"Have I ever been selfish with you?"
371. "I never saw it that way. You. cared about your career, it's normal. I did as well. You never lead me on, and we lived our lives how we wanted. I decided to do so as well, we didn't work out hears ago because we decided to separate. It's not bad."
"I thought so too. But then
372. I made a student break up with his boyfriend because I thought it was the good thing to do."
"Like I told him not stay in a relationship and that it'd ruin his career, and make him leave the company."
"Why did you do that?"
"I guess I saw myself in him."
373. "You can't project yourself into others like that." Namjoon sighed putting his hand on Seokjin's knee.
"I never wanted to hurt someone but I guess I got jealous too. Of them having what I gave up on. I may have not hurt you Joon but I feel like I've really been immature
374. and yeah selfish. I'm sorry for that. Really. And I am so thankful for the second chance you decided to give me."
Namjoon gave him a dimpled smile and kissed his cheek.
"Thank you for that, but I don't think I'm the only one you should be apologizing too. Who's the kid
375. anyway?"
"Uh... His name is Taehyung. Kim Taehyung."
"Wait tall, lean, boxy smile, with a boy named Jeongguk?"
Seokjin sighed.
"Uh yeah. That one... Wait, Do you know him?"
"No, I know the ex-boyfriend. He's been pretty messed up after said break-up, he loved Taehyung with
376. Everything he had. He got into the company and became an idol."
"Yeah I kno,w that. At least he's got the perfect life now."
"I don't think you can call it perfect. He's been barely holding on."
"But he's successful? He has an army ( *wink wink*) of fans, endless money and
377. I even head he got himself a girlgroup member as a girlfriend. He clearly moved on."
"He didn't. He doesn't love her the way he loved Taehyung. Hell, he wrote so many songs about Taehyung's smile but he never mentions Mina anywhere. I personnally think he just doesn't
378. want to be alone, so he hangs on a person who showed interest and he ended up having affection for her. It's not love, it can't be love. That's why I think it's sad and far from perfect. Thinking about it... You need to apologize."
379. "Isn't it too late?"
"Clearly it's still important to him. It must be for Taehyung too. Do you want me to get you in contact with him? Hoseok hyung is still in contact with him."
"I think you're right. I'm going to try."
380. the following morning, at tae's appartement
381. i love wheenie :(
382. meet jungkook's best friend!
384. Jeongguk locked his phone when Jennie told him she had to go to film her performance. He looked at the ceiling for a few minutes and decided to sleep a little more.
He'd wake up in a few minutes to wash his face and wear something else than Taehyung's clothes to greet him.
385. Taehyung got dressed and slowly opened the door of his room, tiptoeing to reach his small living room.

There, he found Jeongguk asleep, his phone in his hand. He must have been conversing late with his girlfriend, Taehyung thought. Biting his cheek, he approached
386. the boy and arranged the cover, took his phone out of his hand and closed the curtains. The sun would rise soon and it shouldn't bother Jeongguk.
Taehyung left a little note on the coffee table, telling Jeongguk that he was free to eat and do whatever he wanted, but
387. that Taehyung needed to leave for his classes. He left a copy of the key on the note, and as quietly as he could, he left the flat to go to Wheein's.
388. jk wakes up and messages jen
389. Taehyung entered without knocking, going straight to the sofa where Hyejin and Wheein were sat cuddled up. He sat between them, Wheein's hand in his hair and Hyejin's hand rubbing his back. "What is it Tae? What are you keeping to yourself?" they asked worriedly. So he told
390. everything. Everything that happened ever since he first laid his eyes on Jeongguk in a crappy office. They listened thoroughly, encouraging him and cuddling him when he started to cry.
391. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you that before. I guess you knowing nothing about the situation made me comfortable. I didn't want to break the stupid bubble I was in, thinking that my past didn't matter anymore. Talking to you about it would have made it too real, but he's back."
392. "You don't have to apologize Tae, it's fine. I'm just sad you went through this. I'm glad Hoseok oppa was here for you though. Don't you want us to call him?"
"No don't. I already talked to him."
"Tae I hate to tell you this but..You can't stay like that."
"I agree. We never
393. really understood why you never dated anyone for more than a week, like, you love romance and you have a soft heart. It didn't add up."
"Yeah... I just it didn't feel right. No one felt right. Going to see other people."
394. "So... you never went to anyone else because of your relationship five years ago?"
"Don't look at me like that Hyejin... It was so perfect, so beautiful. I felt so in love and that boy, God knows he was my everything. I broke my everything."
"You know he's not the same
395. person he used to be? He's completely different now. You can't stay in love with someone that existed over 5 years ago... It's not healthy." Taehyung seemed to think.
"I know I just... " He couldn't say it aloud.
"I think you felt guilt mostly. And nostalgia."
396. Hyejin looked at Wheein and they both shared a look.
"Guilty? How come?"
"We know how Tae is when he messes up, or hurt someone. He feels guilt, and do everything to make it up. To erase his wrongs. He never had an oportunity to do so with Jeongguk."
397. "Yeah I think it's that too.."
"Tell us Tae."
"Uh... It just.. I felt like I owed it to him? Because he's been in pain because of me. So I should be too. And like... stay alone."
"But how did he seem when you met him? Mentally? Physically?"
"He was fine
398. from what he showed me. He seems to love his life."
"And what does he feel towards you? Hatred? Anger? Resentment?"
"No... He seemed genuinely happy to meet, catch up and hang out."
"So what did you guys agree to be?"
"And he, on his side, has a healthy love life.
399. hasn't he?"
"So as a friend, do you think he would want you to hold on an old story, that he already forgave you for, and stay stuck on him when he doesn't?"
"... No."
"I'm going to move on from what we used to have."
400. I shouldn't still think about us and what we were because today is different, and well he doesn't feel the same for me."
"That's my baby!" Wheein said smiling and hugging tightly her friend. "Don't let yourself be eaten by the ghosts of your past Tae, you deserve a healthy
401. life too. And don't think you're alone. We're all here for you." Hyejin told him with affection.
"Such a poet." Tae smiled.
"Shut up."
402. Taehyung went to class as scheduled, when he arrived home, his phone buzzed.
403. Taehyung frowned. He never gave his number to him? How did that happen? He didn't have time to think more because he got a flood of messages from Hoseok.
406. instagram ✨
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407. oh oh
409. looking for advices ?
411. which one did he send ? 🤩
412. turmoil
413. wheein is here to save the day
414. and it's a win for 9/10!!
415. error 404: hyungs not found
416. Jeongguk is bored. Taehyung didn't want to hang out, his hyungs couldn't and he wasn't in the mood to see his idol friends. Therefore it was either working or staying at home and watching TV or something. But the romance drama airing on KBS reminded him that
417. well, he had a love life as well. Maybe Mina would like to see him? He finally responded to the morning text she sent earlier.
418. Jeongguk and Mina's date went well, at first. He Picked her up at her company's building, said hello to her bandmates and took her to one of their favorite restaurants. Well, it was their favorite because the staff was discreet and they could have private rooms easily.
419. She seemed really tired though, and picked on her food instead of eating it. She was going through it again, Jeongguk thought. "So.. when's the comeback?" "In three weeks.. I'm not ready, I keep making mistakes and we're shooting the video tomorrow. I'm sorry I said
420. yes to dinner but I really can't eat." "Why?" Jeongguk frowned. He felt that whenever he was with her, the only thing she did was talk about herself and her self esteem issues, but she was too weak right now for him to complain. They were in a relationship, right?
421. He needed to be there for her. So she talked about what she struggled with, her conflict with her manager and her staff, her problems with her bandmates because sometimes they're too much, the fact that she misses her friends.
422. Jeongguk tried to reassure, of course. He told her that she was amazing, that she could do it. He believed in her, always had, always will. After some time she seemed calm enough, so he tried to redirect the conversation to something else. He tried to tell her
423. about his idea, to create new choreographies of other artists' songs for his fans but she was exhausted. So he didn't push and told her that maybe, she should get some rest at her dorm, because she must have worked hard today.

She discreetly kissed him goodnight and left
424. him in front of her dorm building. And in the way to Hoseok's flat, Jeongguk couldn't help but compare this night to the one he spent with Taehyung. Well, he compared all of his dates with Mina to that single evening with Taehyung.
425. He arrived at Hoseok's flat a little early, his hyung wasn't there yet so he just let himself in, as he knew the door code. He thought about Taehyung's key, and how he's going to make sure to never have to give it back.

He texted Mina to tell him he was safe,
426. she replied with several hearts, that's all. He felt more tired and troubled nowthan he was before, he didn't want to blame it on Mina and the therapy session he tried to give her, but still, he did. And he felt guilty because it wasn't fair, she loved him and trusted him.
427. She had a weird way to show it but still.

He wanted to text Jennie, she would know what to do, but she was still promoting and right now probably sleeping, and Jeongguk knew more than anyone else how sleep was important these days.

He stayed on the sofa, clouded with
427. thoughts who went back to Tae. Why did he went with his other friend instead of him?Jeongguk asked first. Taehyung should've said yes to him.Not the other. Plus they have known each other for a longer time and they needed to catch up.Still,he hoped Taehyung was having fun.
429. he indeed had a great time ft cuties wheein and hyejin (they weren't having a double date)
430. Wheein sees the post and texts Tae
i'm too lazy to re-write
437. "Hyejin babe I have to hang up I'll see you tomorrow!" Hoseok quickly said, hanging up. "Guk you're here early!" He kept talking, trying to see if Jeongguk heard what he said about Taehyung.
"Yeah I guess... went out with Mina.Who were you talking to?" Jeongguk said unsure.
438. "Hyejin, a friend from college. She's amazing."
"And that Taehyung, he's my Taehyung?" Jeongguk said looking at everything but Hoseok.
"He's the Taehyung you know yes, not really your Taehyung too." Hoseok chuckled.
"But... he was out with a friend he told me."
439. "No he went to a date, he didn't really know the guy though but they'll change that I'm sure."
"Why? Why would he go in a date I asked him out first. He shouldn't have done that for someone he didn't even know."
"Guk? What's that?"
"I asked him first and he said no."
440. "Maybe he wanted to see seomeone else? Why are you mad?"
"He shouldn't have done it."
"Guk he has a life now, of his own, which doesn't revolve you anymore. You haven't been a part of it for years, he can make his own choices and do whatever he wants." Hoseok said.
441. "But..."
"Plus, YOU went on a date with someone today as well, hell you literally have someone in your life. You're not making sense. Taehyung is your friend now, support him instead of being mad for small things like that."
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442. "I'm not mad." Jeongguk tried to say.
"And I'm not blind."
"Ok maybe I am mad but not because Tae is dating. I just know I would've had a better evening if he was with me and it sucks that he had fun without me."
"Sure it's not about Tae." Hoseok chuckled.
443. "But what happened tonight? Mina was tired again?"
"Yeah you know how it is. I can't even blame her because she's so fragile at the moment, but I feel like she cares more about having someone to hold on to, rather than me you know? Like as if any person would do."
444. "You feel that she's not into you for who you are? She's always adored you."
"Yeah I thought that.. but time passed and now the only thing that matters is her, and fuck I shouldn't say that. She's not well of course she matters."
"Hey it's okay. Talk to her about it
445. and how you feel. She's your partner alright?"
"Yeah.. but maybe after her comeback."
"You know you barely see each other when her group is promoting."
"Then after her promotions? I don't know I'll talk to her at some point. That whole dating thing was better with-"
446. Jeongguk stopped himself from saying another word, a name he shouldn't say. He didn't think it through. He was dating Mina. Her, not somebody else. And maybe it wasn't easy but he had to stay by her side through her hardships, even if she didn't acknowledge him for now
447. it was only temporary, right?
448. Jeongguk stayed at Hoseok's for a few hours, talking and playing video games. He was tired but he really didn't feel like going home alone. They talked about the latest gossips in the company and within their group of friends.
449. Naturally the conversation drifted to Hoseok's own group of friends at University.
"I still can't believe you've been friends with Taehyung for so long and never told me. Plus, I'm still waiting for the day Park Jimin will show up out of nowhere and call me a junkie.
450. I don't think so... actually I broke ties with him five years ago."
"What? But Taehyung said he was still around him? so I figured he was still around you."
"Not at all. Jimin became... or maybe he's always been really toxic and the way he's been treating Taehyung
451. has only become worse over the years. I tried to tell Taehyung but getting out of a toxic friendship is difficult when you are the victim. It's like an on and off relationship, Taehyung tried to get away but Jimin always comes back to him. And you know Tae, he's too kind to
452. tell gim to fuck off for good."
"Why has Jimin become like that? They used to be so close."
"I really don't know. Jimin isn't close to anyone except Joon's boyfriend, and surprisingly the boyfriend is kind and mature." Hoseok frowned.
453. "Who's that boyfriend anyway? You met him? Is he a dancer?"
"Yeah, I did. He's Kim Seokjin. Used to be Tae's teacher as well, before Tae stopped dancing. He didn't tell me, I just stalked." Hoseok shrugged.
"Twitter. They still follow each other and stuff."
454. Jeongguk pulled out his phone and lurked. "Kim Seokjin you said? He's beautiful."
"True that."
"Jimin is verified you think?"
"yeah I think so"
"Found him! He is verified. He's handsome too. Why do evil people look handsome?"
455. "Wait is that a glitch? He's following my idol account."
"Yeah look. He even tweets about me what the fuck he hated me"
456. "Maybe he's a fan? Tae never told me about it."
"Maybe Taehyung doesn't know?"
"He should? They're following each other on Twitter but maybe Tae has never seen the tweets."
"What's Tae's twitter?"
"I'm not giving that to you."
"Pleeeease, hyung, we're friends he
457. wouldn't mind!"
"I can go through Jimin's following list then. It's small. Or Yours. Skinny ratios and stuff."
"You're a child."
"Ask Taehyung directly. At least it's going to give you a reason to text him, I know you've been dying to text him."Jeongguk smiled at that.
458. "Bur maybe not tonight, Wheein told me he went to bed."
"Who's Wheein?"
"I told you? My friend from Uni. Her." He showed her one of her picture on Instagram.
"Oh I know her! I saw her with Taehyung."
"They're best friends."
"Really? Like she's a good person?"
459. "Yes Guk. She's amazing, and very important to him."
"And Hyejin right?"
"Yes. You're surprisingly interested."
"Well if I start to hang out with Tae I need to know his friends too."
"Are you happy about that?"
"About what precisely?"
"Getting close to Taehyung.
460. Even in a platonic way."
"Yes I am, really. I feel like.. he's always had a place in my heart you know? And his absence made it like there was always something missing, beyond the pain of what he's done. But now that I forgave him I'm happy to be close to him again.
461. I guess that's why I can't shut up about him."
462. Hoseok chuckled. "Sure. Well if it can help, Tae has been following you too on your public account, he's always hyping you up it's kind of cute."
"Yep. He even has your notifications on, kinda though you were talking about him the last time you
463. indirected him, and don't deny it, I know you did."
"What did he say? Why didn't you tell me before? Like if I tweet now he'll receive it?"
"Yes Jeongguk that's how notifications work."
"Ok wait."
"He won't see it I told you he was sleeping."
"Then he'll see it in
464. the morning, no big deal."
Hoseok watched Jeongguk focus on his phone, his tongue between his lips in concentration. Hoseok turned on his phone to see what the other decided to tweet.
465. "Jeongguk?"
466. Jimin was in the cab, back from home. He had dinner with his parents and Taehyung's parents and he felt... sad and empty. Once again, he tried to talk to Taehyung's parents, tell them to talk to their son but they still showed the same disgust, the same refusal.
467. And the worst thing was that his own parents did too. They called Taehyung names, and Jimin felt them too, because that's what he was. Gay. And the parental figures he had his whole life were disgusted.

He flicked through his phone, not wanting to bother Jin
468. tonight, knowing that the other was sleeping. Jimin chuckled bitterly thinking that well, beside Jin, he had no friends. Maybe he was that much of a bad person, that only sweet Taehyung kept him around, even though he hurt him.

He went through Twitter to occupy
469. his hands, and frowned when he saw Jeon Jungkook's latest tweet. Taehyung? His Taehyung? They were back on speaking terms? After everything Jimin did they found each other again somehow, while Taehyung never spared a glance to Jimin.
He logged into Instagram and
470. almost choked on his own saliva. What the hell? Taehyung posted a picture of a man, he was on a date. So... he wasn't with Jeongguk? But who was that man? Why was Taehyung dating AND posting a picture of someone? He never did.
471. And it hurt like a bitch. Taehyung hasn't reached him ever since he stormed out of the café. Taehyung didn't care about him. And he couldn't even blame it on the other boy, because Jimin could only just admit it now, it was his fault. He's been the bad person
472. who ruined Taehyung's life.
So he cried. He cried in the back of a suv, alone, and miserable. He sobbed so loudly even the driver looked at him weirdly but he didn't care, he needed this. He needed to open his eyes and let his emotions take over, and maybe, like
473. Jin said, he could be able to be a better person. But for now, he felt like the piece of shit he has always been.
474. The morning after, Jin woke up with several notifications on his phone, but the only important one was that single text from Jimin, sent at 4am.

*Hyung... have you found someone for me? You said I needed help. I agree.*

It made him happy, seeing Jimin willing to change.
475. And if Jimin was able to do so, he must do it too. He needed to talk to Taehyung and clear everything he's done, for the boy's sake.
476. Taehyung woke up late, as it was Sunday. His room was pitch black, so finding his phone to check the time was a hassle. Once he found it he went straight to the texts Bogum sent him to wish him a good night. It made Tae feel all giddy and excited. He didn't reply though
477. not wanting to sound desperate, even though he really wanted to. Bogum has been a bowl of fresh hair. A cute, lovely, charming and funny person, who made Taehyung so comfortable for their date. Maybe it was because he was Jeongguk-free now, so he could focus on himself.
478. And it was nice. Scrolling through his notifications, Taehyung almost dropped his phone. What the fuck did Jeongguk just tweet. Or tweeted, it was 10 hours ago.
When the tweet loaded, Taehyung had to scrub his eyes. Jeongguk told Taehyung, in front of his millions
479. of followers, to text him.

Did he KNOW that he had his notifications ? Or WORSE do Jeongguk know his twitter account? The one where he's always ranted too many personal things? Taehyung scrolled through the replies, mainly of fans asking who tf was this Tae
480. some even speculating whether Tae was the famous Taeyeon or not. Taehyung chuckled, maybe it was her,he was just paranoid and overrating his friendship with Jeongguk.
481. So Taehyung didn't text, instead he stayed in his bed and watched some show on netflix, too lazy to do anything else and too unsure to text anyone.
482. in the meantime
483. jin and joon
484. Taehyung was on his sofa focused on his laptop when his phone went off again, he checked it curious. It wasn't the girls nor Bogum.... nor Jeongguk. It was again an unknown number. He unlocked his phone to check the text. Kim Seokjin. Taehyung didn't even know
485. that the older man remembered him. But he seemed polite in his text so Taehyung replied, curious.
489. Taehyung closed his eyes and pressed his face in his pillow. He felt like crying. Why was life so unfair? Why do people get to do whatever they want, achieve their dreams, while he had to give up everything he loved ? He could only watch from afar, Seokjin
490. dancing, Jeongguk kissing his lovely and talented girlfriend and Jimin having a wonderful relationship with his family. Why? Did he do something wrong in his past life?
His knee itched, and more than ever he felt the huge scar burning, reminding him the surgery.
491. He remembered the face of his doctors telling him that he may not be able to dance again professionally. He remembered the delighted face of his father telling him that he was finally going to be able to study to work in his company. He remembered his dreams shattering.
492. taehyung doesn't reply
493. Taehyung could barely read the messages he received, but he knew he had to calm down. He shouldn't explode just because someone mentioned dancing, he was an adult for God's sake, it's been years. But he couldn't help it. Knowing that Jeongguk was coming managed to
494. calm him down a bit though, maybe because he unconsciously didn't want the other to see this vulnerable side of himself. Taehyung threw away his phone, it was buzzing too much. He was still sobbing, waiting for the doorbell to ring.

After two hours, he was still waiting.
495. Hoseok was in the studio, busy until now with a group of trainee's dance lesson. He sighed and checked his phone, no news from Taehyung. Hoseok just assumed he was fine, for Jeongguk was with him.
496. Or so he thought, because when Hoseok left the dance studio to head outside, he saw Jeongguk getting out of the elevator, focused on his phone. He frowned and called his friend.
Jeongguk lifted his head, and his eyes widened seeing his hyung half running towards him.
497. "Yah! Weren't you supposed to be with Tae?"
"Yeah but... I had to come here to fix something."
"Fix what?"
"Dispatch caught me with Mina, we had to make a deal quickly to avoid a scandal."
"Oh shit, I'm sorry."
"It's fine.. We dodged a bullet but I should have been
498. more careful, they caught us kissing it's really bad."
"It's alright, a dating thing wouldn't affect your career, and BigHit's chill with it."
"Mina's not though, she has that cute and innocent image to preserve you know it. It was a hassle, Dispatch wanted
499. load of photoshoots and collaborations."
"It's okay. So who did you send to Tae? Yoongi?" Hoseok asked as they headed outside.
"Uh.. no one? I was going to head there now."
Hoseok stopped walking.
"You didn't send anyone to check up on him?"
"I- no? I texted!"
500. "Fvck Jeongguk why didn't you? I need to see him."
"I'm coming with you!"
"He probably waited for you while going through an emotional crisis, I don't think that's a good idea."
"He needed a friend and you weren't there Guk. You messed things up." Hoseok said as he
501. got on his car and drove away. Jeongguk stayed in the parking lot, troubled. He didn't think his reunion would last two hours, he thought he'd be able to go to Taehyung's soon. But he didn't, and his Taehyung probably suffered because he was so, so dumb.
502. Hoseok knocked softly on the wooden door, he couldn't hear anything inside but he knew that Taehyung was there. After a few seconds, he heard sole shuffling and the door opened, revealing a poury and tired Taehyung.
503. "You're not Jeongguk." He said lightly, wanting to joke. But Hoseok knew he had been waiting for the other boy. He sat on te sofa and let Taehyung put his head on his lap. "Sorry, he got held up ar the company, he had to fix some career threatening issue."
"Oh.. Alright."
504. "I can't blame him, then."
"No Tae... He should've told us. I would've been there earlier."
"No hyung I'm fine, I keep having issues and I don't want to bother anymore. Look, I managed just fine alone!"
"Your hands are still shaking Tae. And you will never be a bother,
505. you're my best friend and will always be one of my priorities."
"I don't want you tonmiss work because of me and my antics."
"I care way more about you than my job Tae. Never doubt that." Taehyung chuckled sadly.
"That's not what Jeongguk think though."
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506. "I.. don't know what to say Tae. He really had an emergency but he should've warned us. I'm sorry."
"I shouldn't ask that much of him, we're barely friends."
"No Taehyung, he said he would be there for you and he failed you. Don't look for excuses."
"Yes hyung..."
507. "So what's in that gorgeous head of yours? Why did you.."
"I just felt like shit because I miss dancing and.. yeah. I can't do it anymore so I felt bad in my body you know?"
Hoseok ran his fingers through Taehyung's hair, knowing that it was a soothing gesture for him.
508. "You've never tried dancing again Tae? In all those years?"
"You know I can't. My knee wouldn't handle a single pirouette."
"Have you tried or are those just assumptions?"
"Hyung... My knee hurt when I walk for too long. I will never be able to dance like I used to."
509. "Maybe not, maybe you won't be as gracious and skilled, but it would still be dance. You could try? Just for you. Not for an audience. Just to enjoy the feeling, it could help you reconcile with your body again."
"Do you think it would work?"
"I'm not sure, but yeah I do."
510. wheein & hoseok
unrelated - which song of bts' new album is your favorite?🍇
512. Jeongguk arrived home. He was pacing, still without news from Taehyung. He wondered if he should text him, or text Hoseok? But his hyung sounded mad at him, he didn't know what to do.
514. He didn't feel like opening her text but well, he had to. He took out a small bottle of soju and sat on his kitchen counter before though.
515. After he told her goodnight, he went back to his thread with jennie, he felt like he should talk to her. she never liked mina as a person, and now he wondered why.
516. He arrived at their spot on his bike, he's always loved this place ever since he was a teenager and it's been comforting to come back as a trainee with jen. He saw her already sitting on the grass and staring at river, so he settled next to her.
517. She smiled when she noticed him.
"Hey bunny"
"Stop with that!"
"If your fans can call you that, I'm allowed too."
"No you're not."
"I was the first golden in the fanbase, excuse you."
"Shut up." He waid chucking.
518. She stopped smiling and looked at him with those eyes, the same eyes his mother used to gave him when he fell off his bike when he was 5. A worried look.
"Are you okay?"
"Not really..."
"Come here." she patted her shoulder and Guk leaned on her.
"I am a constant
519. disappointment for my friends, my girlfriend is making me unhappy and the person I don't want to hurt is hurting because of me."
"Well that's a lot of things we've got to work on. Take that." She handed him a warm drink. "Not coffee don't worry." He muttered a thanks.
520. "So first thing first, what the hell is happening with Mina?" Jennie asked concerned.
"I don't know, I.. like nothing changed between us, we still meet up and text a lot but it's more what we do and talk about you know?"
"What do you mean?" She asked, but Jeongguk felt
521. like she knew already.
"Why don't you like her? You told me but it doesn't add up."
Jennie hesitated. "I told you, we were into the same guy."
"You wouldn't hate her for that."
"I don't hate her, I dislike her."
"Still, you don't usually care about that."
522. "Fine it's not everything. But she really was into Jongin when we were still in the talking phase! Really. It was annoying."
"I know you wouldn't lie, but hiding the truth isn't much better Jen."
"I don't want to interfere in your relationship, she's not a bad person
523. per see, else I would've forbidden you from dating her."
"Really? Forbidding me? As if I would've listened to you."
"You totally would've. I am wise and older than you."
"You're not older that much!"
"Don't care. So yeah I would've, but she's just.. how can I say it."
524. "Self centered? And very, very insecure. We've been friends before the whole Jongin fiasco and she was difficult, it was draining. She's a nice girl but she doesn't realize how... how can I say. Oppressive she can be. So I told her because I was her friend
525. you know? She didn't take it well, said that I didn't care about her, that she wasn't well and I wasn't understanding. I only told her to ask for professional help! Really because she seemed to be falling into depression and it was worrying. She shut me out then.
526. I tried to tell her that there was nothing wrong with seeking for professional help, especially in the world we live in. I don't know what I did wrong but well yeah our friendship ended. She glares at me whenever she sees me. When you told me you guys were dating
527. you seemed happy, so I thought she was better. What did she do wrong with you?" She finally looked at her friend and saw his eyes glistening with tears.
"Baby what? Why are you crying?"
"Mnot baby. It's.. she didn't change at all. Still self centered, still... suffocating.
528. I talked about that to Hoseok and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't do anything yet because she wouldn't be able to handle it."
"She never will Guk. She's probably really attached to you, because of the attention you give her. But she's never going to
529. let you go if you don't decide to do it. Her idea of love is not what love should be, and you shouldn't feel trapped. I'm sorry I didn't see it earlier, I should've told you but I didn't want to ruin anything and judge your relationship, because I am not in it and what
530. happened between her and me was a long time ago. But Guk, if you're unhappy and don't feel well in this, end it. And now I'm telling you, you have to do it. She's not good for you."
"But then our relationship will be a failure."
"And? It's fine, you're young.
531. My last relationship was a failure too, and I'm okay, I still have time to find someone who belongs with me."
"You really think I should end things?"
"Do you love her?"
"Do you love her as a person loves their lifetime partner?"
"I think so?"
"Do you love her
532. as you loved Taehyung?"
Jeongguk's heart missed a beat.
"I don't."
"So now for your sake and hers, end things. I'll tell her bandmates and her managers to look out for her, she may be fragile but you're not falling with her."
"But I don't think I'll ever love
533. someone as much as I love Tae."
"You said love. Not loved."
"Guk listen, you've been a dick to him today. I don't know what is going on inside your heart and your brain but I do think it's a pretty mess. Don't do anything to Taehyung right now.
534. Don't start anything until you're sure of your feelings. Don't do anything until you know it won't hurt him." He didn't say a word.
"I'll break up with her."
"It's good Guk, it's fine. You can still care for her as a friend if you care that much."
535. "You don't sound that convinced."
"No, it's just.. I'm just wondering if I ever loved her as.. a lover. I.. when we kissed it was more comfortable than loving I guess. And like when we fuc-"
"Oh god no, no. Don't continue." she laughed, pushing Jeongguk playfully.
536. "But we're not done. What you said earlier you're not a disappointment and you never will. Your friends don't think that."
"I did, I keep on making stupid mistakes."
"You're allowed to make mistakes, it doesn't mean that you're a disappointment, don't think
537. that. I don't like how you treated Taehyung today. Sometimes you made me feel sad because of something you said or did, but no matter what you've always apologized and made up for it. You're amazing Guk, a wonderful friend, not a disappointment."
538. "You really think so? But Hoseok was mad today."
"He's allowed to. Was he mad because of Tae?"
"Then he should be. You, here, made a mistake."
"And what should you do when you make a mistake?"
"Repair it?"
"Yes. And apologize. You forgot about
539. Taehyung's well being although you said you would support him. You fucked up."
"How can I make it better?"
"Act like you feel, Guk. Pretty words mean nothing if you do the opposite. Go see him, stay with him, be the friend you're supposed to be, because
540. I know he would've done everything for you."
"How do you know that?"
"Talked to Yoongi oppa before you arrived."
"What did he say?"
"Nothing. So is everything sorted out?"
"Uh.. I'll break up with Mina, I'll apologize and make everything right to Taehyung and stop being
541. too harsh on myself."
"That's my bunny!"
"I'm not a fucking bunny!" Jeongguk said as he surged forward and tackled Jen on the ground. She fakes being injured and hit him as revenge, but they grew tired eventually and stopped playing like children.
542. They laid on their back next to each other.
"Do you think you'll ever stop loving Jongin?" Jennie didn't reply at first, still staring at the sky.
"Do you think you ever stopped loving Taehyung?" She whispered.
543. "I never forget him, love? I don't know. We were teens, and now we're... us. I still feel things, I know it because I really want to be close to him and uh..."
"When he went out with that guy I didn't like it."
"Fucker. Let Taehyung live."
"I know I know. I try!"
544. "I still love him, Jongin I mean. I didn't break things off because I didn't feel anything, but I couldn't handle the pressure. Being outed as a couple for an idol in this goddamn country is awful."
"Mmh. Yeah that's why I really wanted to avoid the Mina thing."
545. "I didn't say you were wrong for trying to prevent Dispatch from revealing your relationship. But you had to do something for Taehyung as well, and you did not. Stop pouting. You were wrong."
"I really want to see him now."
"He probably doesn't want to see you."
546. Jeongguk whined, making Jennie laugh. "Okay big boy, I need to leave now. I have to wake up in three hours."
"What? But you said you were clear."
"I made my schedule clear for you idiot, it's fine I'll drink coffee. Now go to bed too, and think of a way to make it up to Tae.
547. And I have my car I don't need a ride! Good night bun!"
"Fuck you!"
548. the same evening
549. and the morning after
550. jeongguk is having internal difficulties
551. Meanwhile
554. man up jeongguk!!!
555. sweet
558. The day of the appointment, Jeongguk was ready one hour in advance. He was supposed to meet Taehyung directly at the clinic, so he drove around in his Audi waiting for the right time. When he finally parked in front of the building, he rushed inside and looked
559. for Taehyung in the lobby. There he was, leaning on a wall, looking like the stunning piece of art that he was. Taehyung was smiling to his phone, which made Jeongguk remember to turn off his. Today was about Taehyung. Everyone else could wait.
560. He put his phone in his jacket pocket and arrived in front of Taehyung, would raised his head and smirked.
"Look who showed up."
"I told you I'd be there!"
"Not the first time you did."
"Tae..." Jeongguk pouted.
"It's okay I was kidding. Come, the elevators are that way."
561. The elevator was full, which made them press against each other, more than they should. At first, they were just next to each other, but Taehyung complained about Jeongguk's shoulder hurting his torso, so Jeongguk rotated. Bad move. They were the same height
562. and now Jeongguk could closely see all the flaws that Taehyung didn't have. He was so pretty, his moles were still all there. Jeongguk had flashbacks, of their youth. When they used to peck shyly and hug a lot. Jeongguk was drowning in Taehyung's eyes, and he could
563. feel Taehyung's irregular breathe on his lips. Those lips. Did they feel the same as they used to? And why did he feel his heart going crazy? Jeongguk swallowed in nervousness.
He didn't have the balls nor the time to find out because they arrived at their floor and
564. Taehyung escaped, clezrly troubled as well. Jeongguk followed him, trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

When they arrived in front of the specialist's office, Taehyung stopped walking but didn't knock.
565. "Tae?" Jeongguk asked, touching the other's elbow. Taehyung hesitated.
"He's going to tell me my knee is fucked and I shouldn't force it."
"Maybe. Or maybe he's going to tell you that it's fine, that you can go. No matter what happens, you will be fine.
566. you can walk, run, and even though you won't be able to join properly a dance studio, you can still dance on your own Tae. Dance is expressing yourself with your body, it's not always about skills and companies and stupid titles. Dance is when you give everything
567. you have in a move, dance is feeling the music through your body. I know you're scared. But whatever this dude is going to tell you, you will dance again, and I will be there with you if you need me. I'll dance with you."
Taehyung looked at Jeongguk
568. with teary eyes. "You will?"
"Yes Tae. I'm here for you now. I'm sorry I couldn't be before, but now you're stuck with me."
Taehyung chuckled and pulled Jeongguk in for a hug. His arms were around his neck and he tried to stop sobbing. Why was he crying? Of happiness
569. surely, because Jeongguk's words touched him deeply. He was right. No matter what, he would dance again.
"Kim Taehyung?" An unknown voice interrupted the hug. Taehyung looked at the open door and saw the orthopedist he had an appointment with. He excused himself, bowed,
570. and followed the man in the office. Jeongguk was about to sit on one of the chairs in the hallway when Taehyung looked at him puzzled, before telling him to come inside as well. Jeongguk smiled. Inside, they talked, the orthopedist made Taehyung go through
572. an x-ray exam, examine his files, interprete them, talked about the state of the injury, and before they knew it was nighttime.

Once they were outside, they were both smiling. According to the tests, Taehyung would be fine, only had to see a physiotherapist if he felt pain
573. He could join Hoseok's dance studio. Needless to say, it was a good day.

Until Jeongguk checked his phone once he was alone in his car, it was blown up with missed calls and texts.
575. tae & wheein
576. Taehyung did as she told, and checked Twitter. The trending words were all related to Jungkook and his friend Jennie, along the words dating. He checked the press, which talked about their couple and pictures of them cuddling. They were only friends, Tae knew that.
577. The fans were going wild, some defending Jungkook, others talking badly about both idols, burning their albums or closing their fanpages. It seemed bad, and Taehyung flew down the stairs of his apartment complex hoping that Jeongguk was stilll here.
578. He found his car still parked, so he approached it and knocked on the window. He could see Jungkook glued to his phone, his hands trembling.
Jeonggguk jumped at the sound, and unlocked his car when he saw that it was Tae. The latter sat on the passenger seat.
579. Jeongguk seemed glued on his phone, scrolling through his fancafe while his notifications were still blowing up. He refused the calls and ignored the texts, still focused on the hate he could read. Taehyung tried to shake his shoulders, to make Guk look at him.
580. Taehyung snatched the phone from Jeongguk's hands, finally getting is attention.
"Guk what is happening?"
"I- I don't know? I-"
"Hey calm down, please don't freak out. What is that article about?"
"I was just having fun with Jen? Like we always do, we're not dating..."
581. "But I thought Dispatch reached the companies before releasing things? Like you did with you're actual girlfriend."
"Yeah but? I don.'t know I didn't have my phone on the whole day."
Realization hit Taehyung.
"Oh my God it's my fault."
"What? What no Tae you did
582. nothing wrong, I did nothing wrong as well. I wasn't here to handle the drama, the Dispatch journalists didn't want to wait nor cared about a deal. They already had one with me for Mina so they are the winners here, they must've gotten so many clicks. I just.. The fans they
583. hate me. They hate Jennie, I've never seen this. I knew some of them would be mad because of me dating but? They are thousands... I- do they only like me because I'm a potential boyfriend? Why is this happening why...."
"Guk come here" Taehyung said opening his arms.
584. "There may be thousands fake fans but there are still millions goldens. They didn't deserve you." Taehyung said, holding the boy tight.
"There are so many reasons to like you as an artist so don't start doubting yourself, you're amazing, talented and hardworking.
585. We will figure this shit out, okay?" "Okay" Jeongguk whispered, getting out of the embrace.
"I should.. text my manager? or text Jennie first. Oh my god her manager must be so mad she's still on a dating ban. But what am I going to" he was interrupted
586. by his phone ringing. Taehyung, who still had the phone in his hand, looked at the screen showing the pretty face of Mina. "Oh shit I have a girlfriend" Jeongguk said, with horror.
587. Taehyung laughed truing to ease the tension. "Yes you do, so? Do we answer this?"
"No! I'll call BigHit first. They shouldn't mind that much I'm free to date, I'm more worried about Jennie and my... fans."
"Call your manager and then Jennie alright? I don't really
588. know how to approach the issue, but you're okay. I've seen more goldens defending you than the opposite! Now call."
"Okay. You are staying right?"
"Of course."
589. While Jeongguk was talking to his bosses, Taehyung kept on scrolling through Twitter. Some people really were bashing Jungkook, but the real issue was the slut-shaming Jennie was facing. Taehyung didn't know her personally, just knew that Jungkook and her were best friends.
590. He felt bad for the girl, Yoongi said she was an absolute sweetheart and.. if someone didn't throw compliments easily it was the rapper.
Thinking about that, he quickly texted Hoseok and Yoongi to tell them that Jeongguk was with him and that he was okay.
591. Jeongguk hung up sighing.
"So?" "As I said.. they don't mind. But the losses are still there, many people cancelled tickets for my next fanmeeting. It's bad. But they said I could just post something on social medias and they'd release a statement similar to YG's.
592. I'm just afraid it won't stop the rumors, because many people and stalkers already know I'm dating Mina so they might reveal it now. It's... impossible to avoid and I'm not ready for more backlash."
"Jeongguk if it's too much you know you can just turn off your
593. phone right? Don't let them get into your head. Please. I'll stay here with you until you feel fine."
"Tank you Tae, really. I- I need to call Jen."
"Do so!"

She picked up immediately, Taehyujg could hear her through the phone, asking if he was okay, and saying
594. that she was sorry. Jeongguk quickly told her that she wasn't at fault, that it was fine. Repeating Taehyung's discourse. While doing so, Jeongguk reached for Tae's hand, and he squeezed it. Taehyung squeezed back, encouragingly, and kept the hand in his.
595. "I'm sorry you're getting hate from my fans Jen, I never wanted to."
She laughed sadly. "It's fine Guk, well it's not but I guess I'm used to it now. Not the first male idol I've dated"

They agreed on both releasing tweets to calm the angered fans, along with their
596. companies official statements. While he knew Jennie was soon clear of any doubt, he also knew that his relationship with Mina was surely going to be revealed tonight. Just his luck, when he was supposed to break up with her.
"How do I tweet that *yo this girl is ma friend*?
597. Taehyung laughed, and asked "seriously?"
"Yeah like I need to clear things."
"Wait until Jennie does it then improvise? I never had to worry about millions of people watching ly tweets."
"Well since I know that you've got my notifications on I'm always worried." Jeongguk
598. teased. He saw the surprise and embarrassment on his friend's face. "Oh my god it's not what you think!"
"It's fine I like to know that somehow, you care." Taehyung softened.
"Of course I do."
"I should give you my private account to follow, so you can see what I
599. really tweet"
"Are you sure? That's commitment."
"Yeah I'm sure, I want you in my life forever now so I'm not afraid of commitment."
"You're too good with words"
"That's why I ended up writing songs, genius."
"You're annoying Guk."
"You know you are, so-"
600. "She tweeted!"
"Show me" Taehyung bent over to look at Guk's screen.
601. [bro-zoned and friend-zoned in the same message damn
603. "They're going to out Mina and me now." "You should call her. It's gonna be hard for her."
"I guess. Do you mind if I go out for this?"
"No no Guk it's your car I'll leave."
"No stay, it's cold. I'll be back."

Jeongguk left the car and called Mina. He was expecting a scene
604. and he got it. She went from asking him why he was cheating, to why was he so distant, and do you not like me anymore? Jeongguk felt like pure shit but he had to do it. He told her he couldn't meet her but they needed to break up. He used the current situation as a shield.
605. He didn't tell her how he didn't love her, just how they needed to focus on their fragile careers. He told her to go straight to her agency to prepare a statement, about how they used to date but broke things off.
606. He didn't feel like what he was doing was right but he was so lost at the moment. Their careers were at stake.

She listened to him though, through her sobs she agreed to go to her company's building and sort everything out.
607. She questioned the break up and cried so much, asking Jeongguk why? Jeongguk don't leave me. But finally she gave up, seeming to understand how important this was.

When Jeongguk hung up, he checked his phone and he was right, everything was out.
608. He went back to his car, to Taehyung who rubbed his back and told him that it was just a bad night. "I want to sleep I'm- tired of this."
"Then come, sleep at mine."
"Are you sure?"
"Of course come."

They were sat on Taehyung's bed, and Tae made some tea for Guk.
609. "You're sadder. Is Mina okay?"
"She's not.."
"I figured... I'm sorry."
"I broke up with her."
"What? Why?"
"I.. too much. Everything's too much. I just had two dating scandals in one night, BigHit's stocks just dropped a little, I get so much hate. It's too much."
610. He started to cry silently. "Guk..." Taehyung hugged him tight again. What was he supposed to do? He knew nothing about these industry things, nothing about Guk's relationship, he only knew how to hug tight and whisper soothing words.
611. They fell asleep that way, cuddling in Taehyung's bed. When he woke up, he saw Jeongguk sleeping with his mouth open. Cute.

He took out his phone without disturbing his friend and checked Twitter and Naver. Jungkook was still in the trends, in many articles and tweets.
612. As they agreed, Mina's agency and BigHit released statements about the relationship the two used to have, and how they broke up earlier because of their busy schedules.

He could still read many negative reactions about Guk, and Mina.
613. He looked down at the boy resting, Jeongguk's head was on his shoulder and their legs were tangled. Taehyung wanted to protect this boy from everything bad in the world, from everything people were saying about him. How could they? They didn't even know him.
614. When Jeongguk will wake up, he will have to face the unforgiving world he lived in, and for that Taehyung was sad. Jeongguk deserved endless happiness and love, not negative reactions made from thousands of jobless people who thought they had the right to judge a singer.
615. Eventually, Jeongguk started to stir and wake up. The boy frowned when he saw Taehyung's face.
"What is it? Am I that ugly up front?"
"Am I dreaming?" Jeongguk said groggily, his eyes half opened. Taehyung smiled.
"No silly. Slept well?"
"Yeah. Wanna sleep more though."
616. "Then sleep." Taehyung was going to leave the bed to give Jeongguk more space but the boy tightened his grip on Taehyung's waist, not giving him a choice. So Taehyung complied and closed his eyes too, enjoying the peacefulness of the moment.
613. They woke up a couple hours later, and Taehyung brought breakfast in bed for Jeongguk. Or was it lunch? it was past noon. They ate, while Taehyung faked being mad at the boy when he accidentally dropped crumbs on the bed. They had to talk about what was happening
614. eventually, but for now they were in their bubble, where Jeongguk felt safe. They showered and put on comfortable clothes, and as usual, Guk looked bomb in Tae's clothes.

They stayed in the double bed, and Taehyung wanted to ask what Jeongguk wanted to do now.
615. "I..uh. I'm not quite ready to face everything just yet. Really not and-"
They were interrupted by Taehyung's ringtone. He looked at his phone screen and saw Yoongi's ID. He muttered *Yoongi* to Jeongguk, the latter nodded.
"Hi hyung?" Taehyung greeted.
"Are you still with
616. Guk?" Yoongi asked directly.
"Put me on speaker" Taehyung did do.
"Guk... are you okay?"
"Yeah hyung. Could be better but it's alright."
"I just went out of a meeting with the CEO and some shareholders..."
Taehyung felt Jeongguk shivering. He put a blanket over him
617. "And?"
"And they decided to put you on hiatus... Basically your comeback is postponed until further notice and they advanced their plans for their new boy group's debut. I'm sorry Guk, I had no say in this."
"Why?" Jeongguk's voice cracked.
"You know how fragile
618. a reputation is. Basically with yesterday's thing, you went from Korea's sweetheart to Korea's rebel kid who can't control himself, I know it's stupid, but people are stupid. BigHit are trying to protect your and their image, they're taking legal action but they still think
619. that you should take a break as well."
"It's not definitive right?"
"Of course not. You're still our biggest asset Guk. It's just about making your reputation right again. Fuck I'm really sorry Jeongguk, you didn't deserve that."
"Don't be sorry hyung."
"You really broke up
620. with Mina?"
"Yeah I did.. on the phone, like a coward."
"You're not a coward Guk, you're way braver than anyone I know. Except Taehyung, that dude is the Rock." Jeongguk finally laughed.
"Anyway I have to go, I'll tell Hoseok that you're fine, bye kids."
"Bye hyung!" Tae
621. replied.

"What does it mean?"
"It means that I won't do shit until the company tells me I'm coming back..." Jeongguk said, lowering his head.
"But.. you can still like write songs and produce and dance right?"
"Yeah I guess, but I'll have nothing scheduled."
622. "Maybe you deserve a break Guk."
"But I can't take a break, I have fan and they-"
"Will understand that you're a human and that you need to recover from what just happened."
"But people will say tha-"
"We don't care Guk. What's important is you. They don't know you."
623. "Plus you can still record songs or dances for your fans and put it online, you're just going to be stress free for a while."
"Okay... Yeah I wanted to do the dance cover thing for them already!"
"See, and if you're that bored I'll hire you in my café."
624. "Alright. But on one condition."
"Which one?"
"You will help me and dance with me."
"I don't know how to dance!"
"Of course you do, but we'll work it out together? Okay? At Hoseok's dance studio."
"You really want to mock me don't you?"
"Yeah totally. So?"
625. "Alright."
"Pinky promise?" Jeongguk lifted his hand, his pinky out. Taehyung chuckled.
"Pinky promise." He linked their fingers.

After that, Jeongguk seemed less troubles, and he was. A weight lifted off his chest. He was going to be fine.
626. They were watching comfortably a Drama on Taehyung's laptop when the bell rang. Taehyung got up to see who dared to interrupt them. He opened the door and froze. He completely forgot.

There, Bogum stood with flowers in his hands and a big smile on his face.
627. "Hyung! Hi!" Taehyung said, a smile appearing on his face.
"Hello Taehyung. You.. aren't ready. Did you forget?" Bogum said, amused. Taehyung was wearing an oversized hoodie and some sweatpants. "I did... I am so sorry. Uh. I have a friend over and he's been
628. through a ... bad break up, I was so focused on him I'm really sorry." Taehyung grimaced. He was looking forward this date, and now he couldn't just abandon Jeongguk.
"It's fine Tae. Take them", Bogum said, giving Taehyung the flowers.
"They're beautiful, thank you."
629. "Would it be too cheesy to say that you're way prettier?"
"Probably" Taehyung giggled.
"I still think you are" Bogum said fondly. "I understand for your friend, I hope he'll get better."
"Could we go out another day? Soon? Like Tomorrow?"
"Eager are we?
630. but yes tomorrow evening Tae. Don't forget to tell me if you can't make it right? I won't be mad. And tell your friend I said hi!"
Taehyung hugged Bogum goodbye and the older man left, not even mad that Taehyung bailed out.

Taehyung smiled looking at the flowers.
631. He didn't have any vase so he put them on the counter for now, he only noticed Jeongguk in the doorway after.
"Do you need anything?" Tae asked.
"You had a date today?"
"You cancelled?"
"I invited you over, and I won't leave you alone. We're going out
632. tomorrow instead."
"I don't know actually, last time I was the one who decided so it'll be a surprise."
"Do you...have fun?"
"Yeah, he's amazing." Jeongguk noticed the happy way Taehyung smiled.
"You like him?" Maybe Jeongguk's voice cracked, and maybe Taehyung
633. pretended not to notice.
"Too early to say Gukkie. But I think I could."
Jeongguk didn't reply anything, so Taehyung gripped his arm and lead us back to the room, where they were cuddling. Taehyung wanted to grab his phone but Jeongguk didn't let him.
634. "Come here, forget your phone, it's just you and me now. At least for today." There was something in his voice that Taehyung couldn't decipher. So he whispered a little "okay" and rested his head right above Jeongguk's heart, not even noticing the quick heartbeat.
635.Jeongguk was praying for him not to notice,because he didn't understand how he was feeling right now,why his heart was hammering and his brain thinking too much.He just knew that he was grateful to be in Taehyung's presence right now,and would never take it for granted again.
636. Just because you don't check your phone, doesn't mean that it's not happening.
638. It was late when Hoseok arrived at Taehyung's, but he hoped they weren't already asleep. He wondered if they knew about everything happening beside the dating scandal. Hell, the dating issue seemed so insignificant next to the drug scandal the idol was now facing.
639. Hoseok knocked softly on the door, and waited a few seconds before Taehyung opened the door, surprised.
"Hyung? Come!" He let the older in. Hoseok spotted Jeongguk on the couch eating ramyuns, they were eating diners.
"What's happening?"
"You haven't checked your phone?"
640. Hoseok asked, just to know if he needed to tell them.
"No? not since Yoongi hyung called."
"Sit... I have to tell you something, and then we'll have to go straight to BigHit."
"Right now?" Jeongguk asked.
"Yes, right now, something leaked Guk. It's bad."
641. "You remember your high school days? This leaked. One of your former classmates talked about you and how you were doing drugs and a troublemaker. She had a picture of you and it blew up. Now people are saying that you got arrested and other stuff like this."
642. The color drained from Jeongguk's face. "But I thought... it wouldn't be an issue, we silenced it! 5 years ago!"
"We did, but we couldn't control everyone, I'm sorry."
"Oh my God my career won't survive a drug scandal, I'm over. I can't. Fuck why did I do that?"
643. Jeongguk started crying, he couldn't stop the tears. It was it. He was going to be known as the criminal, the idol who lied, everyone was going to hate him. They'd even out him on trial. He's be shunned.
"Guk please, it's going to be fine!" Taehyung tried to reassure him
644. but truthfully, he was scared too. South Korea was so strict on drugs, and the population so stuck up on reputation... they were walking on thin ice.
"It blew up so people also started lying saying that you went to jail, stuff like that. Regarding the lies,
645. BigHit can threaten to sue, make a statement with you and try to appease the anger of the people. The only issue is for the person who started it all with the truth, how you did consume drugs. She will be difficult to take down legally because she stated
646. the truth, brought up your illegal past. We could charge with invasion of privacy or defamation but then the people will know it's true."
"So I'm fucked? For real? It's not a hiatus it's an end."
"I... have an idea. That's why I wanted to talk before we leave."
"What is it?"
647. "The girl who went to your high school, she's your former best friend Taehyung. Park Chaeyoung."
"What? Roséanne?"
"Yeah, her."
"Oh shit"
"What?" Guk asked.
"She's a snake. Stopped talking to me after my parents disowned me..."
"Don't you think you can convince her
648. to delete her tweets and say she was wrong or something?" Hoseok asked, unsure. He showed them her tweets on his phone. Jeongguk gulped seeing the pictures, and the amount of reweets and likes this got. Everyone knew, everyone was probably destroying him right now.
649. Hoseok was scared, they needed to benefit from Taehyung's links with her. It was risky, but it could truly help Jeongguk regain the public's validation and his fans' trust.
"I don't know... I don't have a way to contact her anymore. But Jimin probably does
650. because he still has the same circle of friends."
"Oh no, I can't let you contact Jimin Tae, not after everything he's done to you." Jeongguk said determined.
"Jeongguk..." Hoseok started. "Jeongguk is right he put you through too much."
"I'm not letting this
651. occasion to help Guk go because I can't handle a conversation hyung." He turned to face Jeongguk." I will do it Gukkie, I don't mind. It might work, she's the root of the rumors, if we manage to make her admit she lied, you will be okay." Taehyung said softly.
652. "Let's go to the agency, I'll text Jimin on the way." Taehyung said, getting up. The two others followed him. He grabbed his phone and started looking for Jimin's number. It would be a lie to say that he liked the idea of seeing his former friend again, but this was too
653. important. He just asked Jimin to text him back as soon as he gets the text, saying that it was urgent.

They left for BigHit in Hoseok's car, Jeongguk and Taehyung pressed closed in the back seat because Taehyung didn't want to leave Jeongguk alone.
654. When they arrived at the building, the front was flooded with journalists and fans, the crowd was way too noisy. Hoseok drove straight to the underground parking, and Taehyung hid Jeongguk from everyone.

Once they were inside, Jeongguk's managers took him to a meeting
655. room and Taehyung was forced to leave. He felt like shit for letting Jeongguk deal with angry old men alone but he really couldn't sneak in, so he waited in the hallway, until his phone buzzed with a text message notification. Jimin answered.
661. When Taehyung got out of the building, many journalists blinded him and tried to get him to answer questions about Jungkook, probably thinking that he was an employee. He managed to escape the crowd and find a spot where Jimin could pick him up. He sent his location and
662. lurked on Naver to evaluate the situation. Many, many articles were written about Jeongguk, flooded with angry reactions. It made Taehyung want to cry, it was unfair, so unfair.

Lost in the comments, he didn't hear the fancy car stopping in front of him.
663. Taehyung tried to ease the tension by asking how he was, how dance was, but Jimin stayed evasive and focused on driving. They quickly reached a tall skyscraper, and Jimin directly entered the private parking area.
"She knows I am coming." Jimin explained.
664. "Okay.." Taehyung said.
When they entered the elevator, Taehyung realized how expensive and posh the building she lived in was, he wasn't surprised though. Her parents were chaebols.
"She's working for a fashion magazine now."
"Good for her I guess?"
665. "Yeah." Jimin awkwardly said. When they reached the door, Jimin knocked, Taehyung stayed behind.

Roséanne opened the door, beautiful as always. She smiled upon seeing Jimin but her eyes widened when she saw Taehyung.
"Kim Taehyung..."
"Hi Chae." He replied.
666. She opened the door for them to enter, still staring at Taehyung as if she saw a ghost. She probably thought that. "Do you know why we are here?" Jimin asked her when they sat on her expensive sofa. Her whole flat was straight out of a magazine, full of artwork
667. and a grand piano, all cream and white.
"I don't... Can I offer you something to drink?"
Jimin and Taehyung looked at each other, questioning whether they should play friendly or not.
"Do you happen to have tea?" Jimin smiled.
"Yes, I'll be back."
668. When they settled down with their drinks, she finally asked them why they reached to her.
"Not that I am complaining, you've been avoiding brunch Jimin. And Taehyung.. I never thought I'd see you again. "
"Well after you blocked my number and told me not to talk to you
669. I didn't think we'd see each other again as well." Taehyung spat a bit more harshly than he intended.
"Yeah.. I was stupid I'm sorry."
"Are you really?"
"Guys please. Tae, not the momen" Jimin pleaded.
"What do you need me for?" Roseanne finally said.
"You've been
670. quite active on Twitter today."
"Oh... yeah I saw something funny about her high school years. It gave me tons of followers. Is that why you're here?" She raised an eyebrow.
"Yes. What you tweeted, it harmed Jeongguk, terribly."
"I have no compassion for people
671. who use drugs, why do you care? You used to bash him as well. He only got what he deserves."
"He doesn't deserve that."
"Maybe, honestly I don't care."
"Chaeyoung, please, delete your tweets. Say you were lying, he can loose everything because of that." Jimin said.
672. "You want m3 to publicly admit that I lied? On My twitter account? No way. They're going to come for my throat, all those fans. And what am I going to pass for in front of my bosses? My increased popularity on social media can even get me the writing job I want."
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673. Taehyung and Jimin shared a look, they expected this.
"Why do you only think about yourself?" Jimin asked.
"As if you weren't the most selfish person too. You used people."
"I.. I changed."
"Your loss. I won't damage my reputation for an idol."
"Chaeyoung...It goes beyond
674. you. Jeongguk is affected, but also the people who work for him, his fans, millions of fans. Why would you do that to them?"
"At least they know the truth now! Seriously stop." She raised her voice.
"He's never been like that. More than half the things you knew
675. about him were false." Taehyung replied.
She scoffed.
"How would you know that? And why do you care so much?"
"Because I was his boyfriend. In high school. And now we're friends. That's why I care." She looked at him as if he grew a second head.
"What ? Oh my god
676. no way." She turned to look at Jimin.
"Is that the reason why you despised him? Because he dated your crush?"
"Roseanne no, please." Jimin pleaded.
"What?" Taehyung asked."What do you mean?"
"You never told him Jimin?"
"No. Please don't he doesn't have to know."
677. "He deserved to know."
"What are you talking about?"
"About something Jimin kept hidden. Do you know he used to be the one spreading the rumors about Jeongguk? It was all fun but now I get it Jimin, you wanted him to hurt."
"Aren't you too doing things to hurt him?"
678. "I only did it for clout, fame, and I got it. You did it because you're sick and obsessed."
"I am not!"
"Are you trying to concince yourself or me?"
"Please stop arguing.." Taehyung was feeling hopeless. How was he going to convince Chaeyoung to delete the tweets
679. if Jimin and her kept fighting?They needed to act for Jeongguk. They were doing the opposite.And Taehyung didn't even know Jimin went as far as inventing rumors to damage Jeongguk.His heart hurt thinking about 17yo Jeongguk, bullied and alone yet so kind and loving with Tae.
680. She seemed to be making Jimin angry as well, and stressed. What did he have to hide? Who was he crushing on?
"Alright Jimin, you know what? If you think you're so clear, if you tell Taehyung AND your parents the truth about you, then I'll delete, say I lied and apologize."
681. The color drained from Jimin's face. "What? No I-"
"I won't be the only one losing something then."
"What do you have to tell Jimin?" Taehyung asked.
"I- I can't"
"Then poor Jeongguk will suffer. You're so selfish."
"WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?" Taehyung exploded.
682. "I can't tell you Taehyung. Only Jimin will, if he ever grow balls. Do you want another cup of tea?" She seemed unbothered now, qs if Jimin wasn't on the verge of crying just in front of her.
"Jimin? What is it?"
"I.. You will hate me."
"Don't I already?"
683. Chaeyoung laughed.
"Oh so? You guys parted ways? Poor Jimin. Did everything to have Taehyung for himself and ended up alone."
"What? Jimin please."
"Do you want me to delete the tweets Jimin? Jungkook is losing fans and money, you must act."
684. "You have to know I am so, so sorry for it. I really am." Jimin said quietly.
"Go on."
"I... I was in love with you. Still am. I- Didn't know what to do."
"What the fvck?" Taehyung was in disbelief.
"I was in denial because I didn't want to be gay and... I loved you so much"
685. "You didn't."
"It's true! I-"
"Yeah it's true. He always whined about you when you weren't there." Chaeyoung said.
"I did everything I could to prevent you from dating anyone but you did with Jeongguk and at first I really hated him that's why I... ruined his image
686. and I was the one who made the school staff notice his bag of weed out of his pockets, it was barely noticeable when he fell but I- pretended helping him get up to make it fall on the floor. Because I knew you liked him."
"Jimin.. What the fvck."
"He was proud of it, if I
687. may add." Chaeyoung again added.
"You ruined...I- What the.. Oh my God. Because you loved ME?"
"I did... Taehyung I'm sorry."
"That's why you feel guilty now? Want to have a clear conscience?"
"No I'm genuinely sorry..."
"What did you do next Jimin?"
"I'm the one
688. who told everyone that you never wanted to see them again. After your injury. So I would be the only one you would care for." Taehyung started to cry.
"Why? Oh my.. Jimin."
"I am sorry."
"So Jimin? Is Jeongguk worth losing Taehyung again?"
689. "You're sick too Chaeyoung. Why are you doing this to him? What are you gaining?" Both boys had tears in their eyes.
"Personal satisfaction. It annoyed me to know you were still close and his plan worked. Plus Taehyung, you didn't really deserve what happened to you."
does Jimin deserve rights at this point? discuss
690. "It's none of your business!"
"Drop it Taehyung. Delete the tweets." Jimin said.
"I am not done. You need to come out to your parents as well."
"No! They'll drop him. He can't!"
"I don't really care. Your parents might drop you. I might lose my job. So?"
"Jimin, don't."
691. "Taehyung I need to do it. I was going to come out anyway... I- I owe it to Jeongguk."
"But they will leave you, like they left me."
"It's fine, I'm an adult. I can survive by myself. I- will call them."
"Jimin... No one should tell you when to come out
692. It's your choice, your life you shouldn't."
"You never had a choice Taehyung. I participated in making your life a living hell, Jeonggk's too. I decided to get help you know? To stop everything, it's fine really." Jimin said. He didn't seem fine bur he dialed
693. his father's number anyway.

Taehyung was feeling so awful. Jimin... Jimin loved him. Jimin was jealous. Jimin did the worse things to Jeongguk. But Jimin was crying, Jimin didn't hesitate to help. Could he ever make up for what he did?
694. Jimin left in another room as soon as his father accepted the call. Chaeyoung then started to talk. "So... you're stupid. You just told me one of the most famous idol here and worldwide was attracted to men. How do you think the world is going to react if I ever tell it?"
695. "Please.. no. Don't. Please." He fvcked up. He fvcked up so bad. "Why would you do that?"
"Why not? I told you, I got plenty of new followers and ton of attention, my company values this kind of media presence."
"You're not getting the good exposure
696. you're only the girl who leaked things about an idol, it's... it's a childish behavior. You're showing that you care more about celebrities than your public image. Which respectable magazine would be linked to a scandal lover? Except Dispatch."
"Mmh. Right, but still."
697. "Don't you feel angry? Abour what Jimin did? Why are you defending him? If I were you I'd be so mad." She asked.
"I was angry, I used to be. But it was five years ago and honestly I'm tired of living with hatred, even more now that he's basically losing his family."
698. "He's only doing that to live without guilt."
"Maybe, maybe not, I'll talk to him later. He's doing everything you asked, so do your part now."
"Chill, I will." She said grabbing her phone. "So I delete, apologized, said I lied and photoshopped the picture?"
699. "But... why? I thought you didn't want to lose your job?"
"They won't fire me for a Twitter incident, plus it's not like I need to work anyway, I'm an heir. I got something way better, I never thought I'd see Jimin this devastated." She laughed. Taehyung's heart dropped.
700. "I'll write the apology tweet now, if you want more tea just help yourself."
Jimin came back, his eyes red and his nose running. Tae was going to speak but Jimin shook his head and sat down silently. His hands were trembling and his breathing irregular.
701. rosé is such a fake
702. "Done." She finally said. "They're all going wild now."
"Good, we're leaving." Taehyung said, tugging Jimin's arm. Jimin got up without a word and left the flat. Taehyung wanted to follow but Chaeyoung grabbed his wrist. "Wait."
"What is it? We've done what you
703. wanted, what do you need?"
"I wanted Jimin to suffer because of everything he's done, not you."
"You hurt the one I care the most about. You made me suffer too."
"But Jimin has been nothing but a-"
"I wasn't talking about Jimin. Either way, you had no right."
"We were
704. friends Taehyung. I really cared about you, even though life tore us apart."
"Stop this bullsh*t, you decided to cut ties, don't put the blame on life or fate. We were friends but I was blind to your real persona. I saw it tonight."
"Jimin is a d*ck, he deserved it."
705. "Who are you to judge what he deserves?Who are you to force his coming out, knowing what he'd have to endure? Who are you to attack innocent people out of boredom? What the fvck Chaeyoung. I though your bitchy image at school was an act but truly it's just your personality."
706. She was dumbfounded, and he left her that way. Jimin was indeed in the hallway, so Taehyung touched his back to make him walk towards the elevator. The ride back to BigHit was quiet.
708. Jeongguk felt like it wasn't happening to him. He was on a chair, in a room surrounded by older men, discussing the future of another idol, not him. It couldn't be him. It wasn't him half of them wanted to drop, it wasn't him they called a problem. He doesn't
709. know for how long he's been sitting here, listening to the shareholders talking about him as if he was a bad investment. Not a human, but a moneymaker. His CEO was mad as well, because no one agreed on what to do. His managers sided with him, saying that they would
710. overcome the issue, that Jeongguk was a trustable person. The shareholders were angry, making demands such as the ceo's resignation and Jungkook's termination of contract. Jeongguk was scared. What was he going to do? Who would hire him after that? Would they really do that?
711. The talks were interrupted when one of the firm's lawyers opened the door. They all shut up to listen to him. "We managed to tone down the malicious comments, we've got a full database of links and evidences from Jungkook's fanbases. We are taking action as we speak,
712. and all the scandals will die down thanks to our work."
An angry old man™️ huffed and asked "And how are you so sure of that? The stocks are STILL dropping. -16% in an evening!"
"The dating scandals are going to, Jungkook isn't dating anyone at the moment so the
713. fans and supporters will eventually be okay with those."
"Did you forget that Golden boy was a drug addict and a fvcking criminal?"
The legal team employee was about to talk when the CEO came to Jeongguk's defense.
"Stay respectful please. He isn't a criminal, his record
714. was thoroughly inspected when he started training. Furthermore, the drug claims are false, and we will prove it." Jeongguk closed his fists. They were true, though. That's what he was though. A filthy junkie.
"Actually there is no need to prove it."
"What do you mean sir?"
715. Another shareholder asked.
"The root of the drug rumor, the tweet from the former classmate, has admitted her lie, deteled everything and even praised Jungkook and apologized. Now, it needs to reach the general public."
"Will we ever get the public's appreciation back?"
716. "Eventually yes, if right now, we play our cards right."
Jeongguk was nervous. They managed to convince the witch to delete and apologized, but at what cost? Who in their right mind would throw themselves in the lion's den by admitting such a thing?
717. "What do you mean, by playing our cards right?" another shareholder spoke, a young woman who threw worried glances at Jeongguk.
"We should go all out. A press conference would be good and get us some coverage, but we need to stop completely Jungkook's artistic activities.
718. Otherwise the public will think we don't care. The rumors need to get away first."
"But I am already on hiatus!" Jeongguk spoke for the first time.
"We're cutting everything Jeongguk. You're not allowed to publish anything on your SNS anymore. You won't have any gigs.
719. I don't want any interaction with other idols, especially females." His manager said.
"What? No! I said okay for the music but... I have to stay on social medias."
"It will only fuel the anger. No."
"But my fans! I can't... They will forget about me. They will abandon me."
720. "They won't. They adore you. A small hiatus won't change it." The woman spoke.
"But I need to interact.. I need them too." Guk said softly.
"I think we should stick to the plan right now, and maybe reconsider it according to the public's reaction? Surely it won't have to be
721. for too long."
"We will, Ms Kim. Jeonggukie, it's going to be okay, we're going to make the rumors disappear. But you have to be more careful with ylur relationship and the way you announce them in the future. Mina's CEO was furious, the dating scandal was a loss for them
722. as well." His boss said to the young man.
"I- I know, it's.. I'm sorry." Jeongguk got up and bowed at 90° for all the people in the room, repeating sinceres apologies. Those people, he owed them his life right now, and he fvcked up. But he was going to listen to them now
723. and well, if he got away with a simple hiatus, he could live with it.
"You can get out Jeongguk, we have to organize the press conference, go write a written apology. It will be your last Twitter post." Jeongguk nodded and went to the door. When he got out and ended up
724. in the hallway, it wasn't long before he got shaken by Taehyung, who jumped on him to hug him tightly. "Gukkie... it's going to be okay." Jeongguk smiled, because now, and thanks to Taehyung, he knew that eventually he was really going to be okay.
725. They all sat in Yoongi's studio while Jeongguk told them what he heard in the room. They were relieved to know that the accusations were proven false, but still worried because Jungkook's reputation as an idol suffered a lot. Jeongguk's hyungs knew a hiatus was coming but
726. they also knew how much it was going to affect Jeongguk. They could only be grateful that Taehyung was making Jeongguk smile by talking about all the things they could do together now that he had a free schedule.

The only person who wasn't talking was Jimin,
727. stuck on his phone and at the verge of tears. He just got news from his mother who sided with his father, telling him that he was an abnormality, that that Taehyung kid influenced him, that he was ana dult now and should live on his own without contacting them.
728. He stopped staring at his mother's texts when the door opened revealing Namjoon and Jin, they both looked worried but sighed when they saw Jeongguk smiling. Taehyung however lost his smile when he saw Jin, who basically bodied his ballerina past.
729. Taehyung bit his lip when he saw Seokjin going to Jimin, putting a hand on his shoulder to soothe the smaller boy. Maybe he should comfort Jimin too?
Namjoon was talking to Jeongguk now anyway, taking Guk's attention away from him.
730. So Taehyung stood up and went to Seokjin and Jimin, the latter was silently crying. He asked them if they could talk, outside. They both accepted.
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737. Meanwhile
738. i'll let you pick for the hiatus
738. 3 months later 🌺
741. Ok it's been five days and at this point, Jeongguk was very close to waiting at the airport for Taehyung. He was meant to come back in two days. Well he wouldn't miss him that much if they communicated but Tae was probably... busy. With what, he didn't want to know.
742. When his phone buzzed and it was a notification from Taehyung, he smiled sooo wide. Just a "Hey Gukkie!!!!!" that made his heart swell. The nickname, the excitement, Jeongguk could picture Taehyung texting, his tongue poking out in concentration. Guk sat on his couch.
744. What could he possibly have to announce? What the hell? Jeongguk felt his heart skipping a beat when he though about the fact that they never told i love you's to each other. Taehyung told him so. Was he going to confess? Was Taehyung reciprocating his feelings?
745. Were the holidays for that? Wait, was he planning on something bigger?Proposing? No, no way, they've been dating for three months.But some couple become fiancés really fast, they exist. No, they wouldn't.What will happen? Why is Taehyung so excited about it?Does he love him?
746. He bit his lip when Tae answered his last text
747. Jeongguk was scared, really scared. He felt like he was going to lose Taehyung tonight. That Bogum was going to take him away for good. It was stupid, obviously Taehyung would still be here for Jeongguk even he ends up tied up to that old loser he calls a boyfriend.
748. Yet the feeling couldn't disappear. Jeongguk closed his eyes and threw his phone on the other side of the sofa. Just thinking about Taehyung with his boyfriend right now was making him sick.
749. A few hours later #squadreunion
753. what's the problem guk?
755. (just for the visual bc they're both pretty 🖤🖤)
756. Guk was on his bed, waiting for Wheein to accept the call.

He was a bit stressed because well, they weren't THAT close. They met several times and they really hit off well, she was nice and funny and Jeongguk liked her a lot, but she was intimidating too.
757. She was Taehyung's best friend after all, she was like family. When she accepted the call, makeup free, in pajamas but smiling, Jeongguk was relieved.
"Jeongguk! Hi!" She said directly.
"Hi Wheein, how are you?"
"Pretty good, you?"
"I'm good too." He said.
758. Wheein waited for him to explain the reason why he called. She raised her eyebrow and smirked.
"Any reason why you decided to call in the middle of the night?"

"Uh.. yeah. Sorry for that, I guess. Yeah sorry. Uh. It's about Tae." Jeongguk confessed.
759. "I figured! What is it? Is it that bad you need to call me and not him?"
"I don't want to bother him, he must be busy."
"Why would he be busy?"
"He told me Bogum planned something..."
"Planned what?" She asked, curious
"That's what I need to know, what.. happened tonight?"
760. "Why do you think something happened?"
"Taehyung said Bog had to tell him something and he hasn't texted me ever since so I figured"
"You're right, but I think he would've liked it if you called him."
"He would?"
"Things didn't go that well tonight Guk, I can't tell you more
761. but he would like your support"
"What? Is he okay? What happened?"
"He's fine it's just that things are going to change, seriously I don't know what I can tell without invading his privacy it's frustrating. You should ask him directly." She hesitated.
Guk exhaled.
762. "Are you sure I wouldn't bother him?"
"Guk, if I'm sure about something, it's that you would never ever bother Taehyung. Okay?" She said with fond eyes. "But if you want to confess you might want to wait a little bit, he's still confused and well, he still has a boyfriend.
763. Don't pout oh my god, both of those issues will be arranged sith time. Give him some time."
"How-how do you know?"
"Know what? That you have feelings for him? I'm not blind, it's the way you act Jeongguk. I saw you fall for him with my own eyes these past months."
764. "Does he..."
"He doesn't know, of course not. Things would have been different otherwise. But.. you did well Jeongguk. I know he means a lot to you, and seeing him with someone else must have been difficult but you didn't do anything against it.
765. You're so selfless and I have no doubt you have only his happiness in mind. You need to know that you make him happy too, never forget that. He will eventually be ready to know how you feel, I know he will."
"Okay wow. I might tear up. But.. did.. did he break up with Bog?
766. You're talking as if he did. I-I won't do anything if he's with him."
"Call him tomorrow Jeongguk and pick him up from the airport. He's still technically with Bogum but as I said, he needs some time." She smiled softly. "I need to hang up, I have an early shift tomorrow.
767. I'm sorry I can't tell you more but really, I don't know what he'd want me to say. Call him."
"I will, goodnight Wheein, thank you."
"Anything for you."
768. As soon as she hang up, Wheein raced to the bedroom she shared with Hyejin. She jumped on the bed, "HYEJIN WAKE UP!!!!!"
"Oh God... what" she answered with her eyes closed.
"I think.. wait no I AM SURE Jeongguk likes Taehyung. Or even loves. I don't know but he has
769. feelings for him like, genuine feelings!"
"What?" Hyejin opened her eyes and stared at a smiling Wheein.
"Yes!! he told me, he just called. he wanted to know what happened between Bo and Tae, I obviously didn't tell but oh my god"
"Did he really..."
"Yeah baby,
770. Jeongguk fell for Taehyung, twice."
"That's.. that's so romantic. How didn't I notice?"
"You're dense, you didn't notice my own feelings for you for like.. months."
"Are you ever going to drop that? I thought I was straight!" Wheein laughed.
"Alright I'll stop. But for real
771. I hope Taehyung will get over the Bogum thing so Jeongguk can confess and they can date and then marry and then adopt puppies an-"
"How do you even know Taehyung will reciprocate Jeongguk's feelings?"Hyejin asked
"It's just..I don't think Jeongguk ever left Taehyung's heart
772. even though their relationship has only been platonic ever since their break up years ago. They share this bond, it's so special. Whenever I'm with them, whenever they stare at each other, I feel like I'm invading or something." Wheein yawned while Hyejin stroke her hair.
773. "You know how Tae's wellbeing happiness has always been our priority? Being close to Jeongguk used to hurt him, that's why we were reluctant. But now it doesn't hurt him anymore. Jeongguk makes Taehyung smile so much you know? They make each other happy.
774. Taehyung had Bo, that's why I don't really think he allowed himself to think about Jeongguk in a romantic way, or think about his feelings. But honestly babe, at the end, I think Taehyung will fall too, because no matter what they went through, they were meant to be."
777. The following day, Taehyung had enough. The atmosphere was so weird, Bogum was acting as if nothing changed, as if he did not just put an expiration date to their relationship. Taehyung was confused, about what they'd be, how they'd break up. Bogum wasn't. He was still
778. smiling, still affectionate, still talking about what they'd do back home. Talking about his new job. The only thing helping Taehyung not to snap was Jeongguk's messages.
778. On the plane, when Bogum was But Taehyung knew they weren't talking about the same home. Home for Bogum was Chicago, home for Taehyung was... was Seoul. It was his tiny apartment and his favorite spots at uni, it was Hoseok's dance studio and Wheein and Hyejin's apartment.
779. But when he finally landed, when he got his suitcase and arrived in the Incheon Terminal, when he spotted Jeongguk waiting for him, smiling so big, dressed all in black but somehow shining so bright, Taehyung realized what home also was. Home was Jeongguk's eagerness
780. and excitement to meet him, home was Jeongguk's laugh when Taehyung dropped his bags, home was the warmth of Jeongguk's hug when they reached each other.

Why couldn't Taehyung realize it before?
781. It had only been a week apart, but to Taehyung's defense, Jeongguk's hugs were the best. The warmest, the tightest, the most comfortable. He didn't want to let go. But he heard Bogum clear his throat behind him and he knew he had to back off.
782. Reluctantly, Taehyung stepped away from Jeongguk's embrace.
"Nice to see you Jeongguk!" Bogum said to the younger.
"Nice to see you too... hyung." Jeongguk said as Bogum whispered something in Tae's ear. Which he could perfectly hear.
"Why is he here?"
783. "I told you he'd see me and pick me up at the airport."
"What? No you didn't."
"I did hyung. Look... I promised."
"But we just landed, why can't we go both home and rest?"
"I am perfectly fine hyung, I missed my friend, so I'm going to spend some time with him.
784. You can go home, I'll text you." Taehyung said as he awkwardly kissed his boyfriend on the cheek, before grabbing his bags ang Jeongguk's arm to leave the hall. Bogum was left all alone wondering why the hell Taehyung just disappeared.
785. Once they were sat in the idol's car, he asked him "Why was he so mad?"
"He thought I'd follow him after we land"
"Why didn't you?"
"Because you said you'd pick me up?" Taehyung asked confused.
"Yeah but..."
"No buts, I missed you. I want to spend time with you, and he
786. doesn't have a say in this, especially now."
"What do you mean by especially now?"
Taehyung bit his lip.
"He's.. leaving Seoul."
"He's going back to the United States."
"For how long? Are you leaving?" Jeongguk felt his heart beat in his chest, was Taehyung
787. saying goodbye? Now?
"He's moving for good. And no, I am staying here Gukkie, you aren't getting rid of me this easily." Jeongguk finally breathed again.
"Fvck don't scare me like that again Tae. I thought you'd leave me."
"Sorry.. But I am not leaving you, never again."
788. "Never?"
"Yes never" Taehyung chuckled. "I'm staying here, I've never wanted to leave. It's home."
Jeongguk saw Taehyung looking at him fondly, and this, this made something warm erupt in his chest.
"I- do you want to go eat somewhere ?"
"Sure. Pick the place though."
789. Jeongguk picked a small but crowded restaurant, where he knew the food was good. Taehyung needed to eat well after his flight.
"Tae, I have something to ask you."
"What is it?" the dancer asked with his brows furrowed. "Is everything okay?"
"Yeah it's just...
790. "The company called earlier. They're putting me off huatus, my scandal died down and my songs and albums are back up on the charts, so basically I'm clear."
"Oh my God really?" Here it was, Taehyung's boxy smile, the one that made Jeongguk smile too.
791. "Like.. really really? Oh God"
"Yeah" Jeongguk laughed. "I'll be starting to work on the songs and concept soon."
"Guk that's amazing, it went by so fast."
"It is. Thanks to you though."
"What is thanks to me? You're the one Korea loves dummy."
"No I mean..
792. I went through everything thanks to you you know? I couldn't have done it without you. I'm happy you were here, and I'm- I'm happy you're staying. I'm happy you're.. here"
Taehyung hesitated for a split second before he grabbed Jeongguk's hand on the table and squeezed it.
793. "Guk... Five years ago I made the worst mistake of my life by abandoning you when you needed me the most, when- when I was supposed to be here by your side. And I am so sorry I did. I never- I've been the most stupid person ever, listening to other people dictating me
794. how to handle my life and relationship according to their standards. I- I loved you then. I never told you and it's a bit too late now but I did. We always come back to that topic anyway. And now you have to know that you can rely on me. Always. Whatever happens, you can
795. lean on me." Jeongguk felt the overwhelming urge to hug Taehyung but he did not. He stayed on his seat and bit his lip. Love. He said he loved him. Past tense. But still, he talked about love. Taehyung loved Jeongguk, and now Jeongguk loves Taehyung.

And where was Bogum in
796. this?

Tae saw Jeongguk seemed conflicted. He finally raised his head and looked at the dancer in the eye.
"Sorry I went over the top with my love declaration but.. I don't want you to be surprised, I'm really not kidding when I say that I want to stay in your life."
797. "I want you to stay too. And I want to stay in yours too and I've loved every day we've spent together these past months and... shit I'm rambling. But yeah, thank you." Jeongguk you dumb fvck he's going to figure out you have feelings for him. And he still has a boyfriend.
798. "So... what did you want to ask me?"
"Oh.. uh. Well you know I always work on my albums, concepts songs, designs and dances personally. And i want this one to be genuine, to be about me. No over the top fantasies. And uh.."
"Can you do it with me? Can you help me pick
799. the songs? The concept? Can you choreograph it with me?"
"Jeongguk? Wh- Why me?"

"Because you're the one who knows me the most, who.. who loved you for who I was and I wan- I need to do this with you."
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800. Jeongguk was nervous about asking this to Taehyung. It was a lot of work, to pile up with his studies, his part time job, his social and love life but he couldn't imagine preparing his comeback without Taehyung. This one would be crucial for his career, for his future,
801. and he knew he'd give the best of himself if Taehyung is here to guide and help him. Jeongguk felt reassured when Taehyung started to smile softly. And then he agreed, with his sweet "of course I will do this with you".
802. That night, when Taehyung laid in his bed for the first time in seven days, he could only think of Jeongguk. Kind-hearted Jeongguk and his cute behavior, his surprising request and most importantly the soft kiss on the cheek he gave Tae when he dropped him off.
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812. Taehyung was cleaning the counter when Wheein touched his shoulder and whispered a quiet "he's here". Sighing, the dancer turned around to see his boyfriend walking inside the café, smiling at him. Taehyung waved awkwardly and untied his apron, before joining the table Bo
813. picked. It was the farthest from the counter but still not intimate nor secluded.

"Hi baby" Bogum said happily, squeezing Taehyung's hand in his own. It made Tae even more nervous.
814. "How are you?"
"I'm great! How about you?"
"Great.. too. It's nice to be home."
"Yeah, I cleared my office today, and sent some stuff off to America."
"How the moving going?"
"Nicely. Everything is arriving and our flat will be ready by the end of the week."
815. Taehyung felt his throat constricting.
"Bo.. you know I am not going right? You can't say 'our' like that."
"I know.. But I still hope you'll change your mind. I promise, Chicago is extraordinary. You'll love it there, plus even if you stay, you'll visit me often right?"
816. Taehyung bit his lip when he saw Bogum's hopeful eyes. So that's why he was acting as if nothing changed. Because he really thought that nothing would change. He wanted a long distance relationship and he even thought that he could change his mind.
817. "Tae... Please."
"Hyung I don't think it's a good idea."
"Why? What?"
"I don't think I can do it. The long distance thing. I don't think it's the solution."
"What... are you saying?" Bogum looked hurt. Congratulation Taehyung. You once again hurt someone.
818. "I'm saying that.. We should stop. You're leaving and I am staying, we don't have a future together."
"But Tae.. We could. We- We don't have to do this."
"Hyung, you made your choice and I made mine. Let's just break up and stay friends."

Taehyung saw Bogum swallowing and
819. biting his lip, probably gathering his thoughts. God, I suck at break-ups.

"It's not just the distance, isn't it?" Bogum talked, weakly.
"What do you mean? Of course it's the distance."
"No... Like. Maybe you're just not attached to me enough? Is it it?"
820. "What? No of course I've always liked you Bo, I wouldn't have been your boyfriend for months otherwise."
"Liked? Do you even still like me? Because I love you Taehyung. I wanted us to build something." Ouch, the topic of love.
"You never asked me if I was okay
821. before you signed your contract Bo, you can't expect me to leave with you just like that. Even if I loved you back... I can't, I wouldn't have left. I want to stay, I need to stay."
"You haven't answered me."
"You don't like me anymore?"
"I still do Bo,
822. I still feel things for you, but... but they've never been strong I- I don't want to lie to you and I can't control my feelings. What we had, I treasure it but it's... It's fading Bogum-hyung. I-"
"You can't love me."
"I can't. I'm sorry."
"Don't apologize..
823. I guess you're right. I can't expect you to love me just because I love you. And I should've talked to you beforehand."
"Yeah... communication is key, as they say."
"You know I felt you slipping away ever since I told you the news but I wanted to be blind for once."
824. "I'm sorry."
"Don't Tae, you've been honest and respectful, don't be sorry. It's gonna take me some time though. I honestly want to cry right now but we're in public so.."
"Nah it's fine. Just.. I'll leave. And for the friend thing. not now Tae, maybe when I'll get
825. over you. I- It's difficult. Fvck I can't believe I lost you. I had you and I lost you."
"I couldn't give you what you wanted Bogum,it's not-"
"Taehyung, it's not your fault either. You were a wonderful boyfriend, you're an amazing person. The person you'll fall in love with
826. will be the luckiest motherfcker on this planet."
Taehyung chuckled sadly. Bogum was looking at his fingers, and his eyes were starting to get wet with unshed tears. He spoke again.
"I should go, you're in the middle of your shift. I'll- contact you. Later. Yeah"
827. "I'm sorry." Taehyung said again. It couldn't make up for the pain Bogum must feel but he had to say it. Both men stood up and face each other.
"Bye Tae." Bogum hugged his ex boyfriend, stared at him for a few seconds and left the café in silence. Taehyung looked at the door
828. for a few minutes before he felt a hand on his shoulder.
"Is he okay?" Wheein softly asked.
"He will be, I hope he will be." Taehyung felt guilty for breaking the other man's heart and their relationship, but somehow relieved. Bogum could leave in peace now.
829. "You don't have to act all though Tae, I know you're upset and probably guilty and sad. He meant a lot for you. Please don't keep everything inside." Wheein tried again.
"I can't, we're working, I- can I go to the staff room?"
"Yeah go, sure, go." She said, understanding.
834. Jennie knocked on the door, waiting for Taehyung's permission to enter.

She really did bring new shoes to try to cheer the other boy up, since they shared the same love for fashion. Jungkook didn't really say much to her, just that he just broke up with his boyfriend
835. and definitely needed to be cheered up. She did not hesitate, got out of her agency's building, straight to a Gucci store and then off to Taehyung's café, ready to help him morally.

She didn't question why Jungkook was not here already, even though, the two have
836. been like glued together for months, and she was aware of Jungkook's feelings for Taehyung.

She bit her lip until Taehyung opened the door, surprised to find the idol.
"Jennie? What are you-"
"I could sense your sadness from miles away."
"Jungkook told you already?"
837. "I mean... Yeah"
Taehyung laughed, he liked Jungkook's best friend.
"Do you want a coffee or something ?"
"Yeah actually, but only if you sit with me."
"Oh wait before we leave I have this for you!" She handed him the white bag, and he gaped when he saw the
838. brand.
"What the fvck?"
"Open it!" She said excitedly, showing off her gummy smile.
He did so, not wanting to make her wait. Gucci loafers. Expensive, beautiful and fancy Gucci shoes. The one he's been eyeing ever since they watched together Gucci's last fashion show.
839. Twenty minutes later, they were sitting at the counter, drinking sweet beverages. Taehyung had trouble accepting the gift, but his friend was convincing. And she seemed happy to see him liking her gift, sonwhat was he going to do? Say no?

He knew she wasn't just here to
840. give him shoes though, so he was trying to find a way to talk. She beat him to it.
"So... the tweet. What was it about? What did Gguk do?"
"How do you know it's him?"
"We both onlt know one dumbass Tae" she giggled.
"True. Our dumbass."
"Mmh." She smiled knowingly.
841. Taehyung showed her his conversation with Jungkook, and he watched her eyebrows raise and her mouth open. "He did NOT"

Taehyung chuckled.

"Yes he did"
"Oh my God how did you take it?"
"I.. pretty bad at first, I was going to apologize..."
"But you barged in
842. with Gucci shoes." Even Wheein laughed from behind the counter while serving a client.
843. "Don't.. apologize for this anymore Tae. Kook wouldn't like it. He forgave you, and see, if he's able to laugh like this he's over it. Trust me."

She said as she regained her composure.
844. "You think so? I mean yeah you just said it but.. yeah. So what should I do? Send a few laughing emojis? Like 2 or 3, maybe 4? No 4 would be too much."
"Or should I send like a simple Haha? or haha. Or a ㅋㅋ?"
"Taehyung why are you asking me advice like a teenager
845. talking to their crush? Seriously the number of Haha?" She giggled, while Wheein laughed so much she had to cover her mouth.

"Hey..." Taehyung pouted at his two friends.
"I think you said something too close to home Jen, didn't she Tae?" Wheein said.

"What? Uh. No! No."
846. "No?" Jennie tilted her head smirking.

"I-. No. I don't know. Jen I just got out of a relationship don't tease me." He pouted.

"Fine big boy. I'll just bother Wheein instead."
"You can't, I am happily and steadily married." She replied while making a cappuccino.
847. "It's because you're lucky. You met your soulmate." Taehyung pouted even more.

"Yeah... I feel lucky to have her."
"Gross." Jennie scrunched her nose. "Both of you found your soulmates at a young age a-"
"What do you mean both of us?"
"Exactly what I said Taehyung!"
848. She winked awfully and wiggled her eyebrows, which made Taehyung laugh in disbelief.

"Seriously stop talking about Jeongguk that way it's really no-"
"No one said anything about Jeongguk Tae." Wheein cut him mid-sentence.
"Yes you did!"
"Nop. I didn't." Jennie and
849. Wheein dared to high-five.

"Speaking of Jeongguk, are we going to reply to his text or..?" Wheein asked after she served a client.

"We?" Taehyung cackled.

"Totally. So.. judging by his tweet about you he absolutely didn't mean any harm." Jennie spoke confidently.
850. "What tweet about me? What? He didn't tweet about me."

"Yes he did. He always does. On his private account dummy, which I - just realized you have no access, and I might have screwed up." She said covering her mouth with her hand, her eyes almost popping off her head.
851. "He has a private account? I didn't know... He never told me. Why didn't he tell me? And what does he say about me?"

"It's a small account, to have a place to rant privately, I have one too... Maybe because he talks abour his fee- uh his very private emotions?
852. And sometimes it's difficult to write when you know that some people read."

"But what.. does he say bad things? Did I do something wrong?"

"No! No fuck Taehyung no. It's all good things. Honestly he doesn't shut up abour how much you mean to him. Really. He'd even
853. get shy if you read it, and he really blamed himself after his text... and he thought you'd be really sad so that's partly because I came here with a little gift to cheer you up."
"You bought me 3.000.000₩ shoes because of a tweet?"
"It's not about the price Tae,
854. it's about knowing that you really liked the shoes and wanting to make you smile a little bit, because this day has been difficult for you and Jeongguk might have worsened it."
Taehyung hugged her without hesitation for this.
"Thank you.. I'm so happy he has you
855. in his life."
"Likewise" She said giggling as she tried to escape the boy's embrace.
"So.. what do we reply?"

"I vote for *Ok dumbass send me your @ on twt or I'll pout" Wheein said, laughing.

"He might actually do anything to avoid you pouting Tae so that might work!"
856. "As much as this is true, I won't ask for something he's not ready to give me. But maybe the haha like I said earlier?"

"Dude the haha is a big fat no. Don't." Wheein said as Jennie nodded.
857. "Alright I'm gonna just... go with the flow or something."
861. a what now
862. *1 hour later*
867. Jeongguk didn't think this through. He was supposed to meet Taehyung in twenty minutes,at BigHit's building, but he was home with a sleeping dog wondering if he could bring Doggy to his agency.

He decided against it, and called Taehyung to tell him to meet him here instead
868. The other boy didn't ask, but agreed happily. His cheerful tone and his 'can't wait to see you gukkie' made Guk's heart swell a little bit. Oh, he adored that boy.

He started to clean his living room, even though it was already spotless.
869. It was because he was stressed, even though Taehyung has been at his place a few times already these past months. But.. It was the first time Taehyung was coming to his place ever since Jeongguk realized that his feelings weren't that platonic anymore.The fact that he had
870. a dog to gift Taehyung also played with his nerves. Who even gift dogs? What if he didn't like him? What if they didn't get along? Maybe he should keep Doggy.
871. He didn't have time to dwell on it because he heard the door closing and Taehyung's excited "Honey I'm home!". It was a little joke between them since they had each other's keys and door passwords. But oh boy, how Jeongguk wished it was true.
872. Taehyung arrived, looking like he was straight out of a fashion magazine, although Jeongguk knew he was just back from his classes.

"So, what are we doing?" Taehyung said as he threw himself on the couch.
"I don't know..." Jeongguk said as he sat down. Then got up.
873. "Are you going to stay up forever? Come I want cuddles." Taehyung pouted.
"No I- I no" Jeongguk said as he sat down again. Just as he was about to tell Taehyung that they could think about a concept for the comeback, Doggy started whining. He wass locked in Jeongguk's room
874. because the latter panicked. Taehyung furrowed his brows. "What was that?"
"Nothing." And another bark could be heard.
"It's a dog." Taehyung said excitedly.
"It's the TV!"
"Then go turn it off!"
"Uh- yeah okay." Jeongguk stood up again.
875. While Jeongguk was trying to make Doggy stop crying, Taehyung was left alone in the living room.

He let his eyes wander around, he was used to the room but something on the coffee table intrigued him. Next to the laptop and a few music sheets was a black leather notebook,
876. it seemed worn out, kind of old and its pages were used. He figured it was his lyrics. Not thinking too much of it, Taehyung opened it, but what what he read first made his brows furrow. On a blank page were written two words, in Gukkie's handwriting.

*To Taehyung*
omg i really want to continue writing tonight but that would've made a good cliffhanger 😳😳
877. Jeongguk could absolutely not handle an hyper puppy. He was too desperate for attention, too keen on running everywhere. And right now, Doggy just escaped the room and was running towards the living room, where Taehyung was. Now he had to give Taehyung his present.
878. Just as Taehyung was about to turn the page and read what was in the notebook, he heard little feet padding the floor and a few happy barks in the living room. He then saw the little ball of fluff running towards him, and Jeongguk walking behind the dog.
879. Jeongguk suddenly forgot how to breathe when he saw the huge smile that took over Taehyung's face when he saw Doggy. And suddenly, all his worries disappeared. Then they came back when he saw his lyrics book on Taehyung's lap.
880. Taehyung however, seemed to have forgotten about the book. He closed it and put it back on the table before kneeling on the floor to play with the puppy. His eyes were sparkling and he was talking with a silly voice to excite the tiny dog.
881. Jeongguk obviously ended up on the floor watching them, Doggy seemed to have adopted Taehyung.
"I did not know you had a dog Jeonggukie. Why didn't you tell me? I thought we were best friends." Taehyung said while rubbing the puppy's belly.
882. "Uh..." Jeonggguk scratched his neck.
"What's his name? Or Her name? What do we have here?"
"He. He doesn't have a name yet."
"Why? You need to name him."
"I can't, he's not mine."
"Oh my god whose dog is that? Gukkie you didn't steal a dog, did you?" Taehyung was concerned
883. "No I didn't.. it'-it's your dog. It's yours. You have to name him."
"You said you were sad and lonely and you're always saying how much you miss your parents dog so... It's too much isn't it?Oh sh"
"He is mine? Guk really?" Taehyung's mouth was wide open.
"Yeah he-"
884. Jeongguk didn't even have time to finish his sentence, because Taehyung rused to hug him. The impact made them both fall on the ground. Taehyung on top of Jeongguk. The first didn't think of it as an issue as he drowned Jeongguk in "thank you oh my god thank you so much"´s.
885. Jeongguk couldn't breathe anymore, not because Taehyung was crushing his chest with his whole body, but because the other boy was squealing in his neck, giggling happily. It tickled, and it made something warm erupt in his heart. As if it was on instinct,
886. Jeongguk wrapped his arms around Taehyung, pressing him even more against him.
"You're welcome Tae, I'm.. happy you like him."

Taehyung got out of the warm embrace to look Jeongguk in the eyes. "Like him? Guk I adore him. I've wanted a dog for so long. Oh my God
887. You're the best. The best Gukkie."

Jeongguk's cheeks became redder by the second. Taehyung was so close, so happy, so beautiful. It wasn't fair.
888. Jeongguk wanted to put his hand on the back of Taehyung's head. He wanted to touch his soft hair and bring him down so he could taste his lips. He wanted to know if they were as soft as he remembered. If kissing Taehyung would bring back the butterflies he haven't felt
889. in so long. He was too aware of the beautiful's boy weight on him. Of his soft eyes looking at him with such happiness and tenderness. Just like 5 years ago.

He raised his hand, carefully, but he cupped his cheek instead. Taehyung didn't really understand, why was
890. Jeongguk looking at him like that? Like he meant something. Like he was about to.. do something. Tae felt his heart hammering in his chest, suddenly realizing his position, straddling Jeongguk. He tackled him on the ground. Oh God.

"Gukkie.. what are you doing?"
891. "I-" He couldn't even answer, 'ot that he had anything to answer, because Doggy decided that he wanted attention. He jumped on Jeongguk's chest and startled Taehyung, who got off and sat on the floor quickly.

"I- We should find a name. For the dog. I mean. Yeah a name."
893. "Pick one Tae, he's not my dog."
Jeongguk said as he finally sat up, still shaken by what he almost did.

"Actually.. I've already like.. Tried to find names for dogs in case I ever had one."
"Really? Tell me."
"Yeontan. I think it's pretty. What do you think?"
894. "Yeah.. very pretty." Jeongguk said, still staring at Taehyung's pink lips. Yeonwhat?

"So do you like your name? Tan-ah? Do you like it?" Taehyung asked the puppy directly, who was finally happy with the attention he was getting.

"Seems like he does! Look Guk!"
895. "He seems delighted." Jeongguk said as he got up slowly, approached the coffee table and discreetly took the noteook.

"He's such a good boy, do you think he knows any tricks?"
"I don't know Tae, try some" Guk chuckled.
896. And this is how Jeongguk and Taehyung's working session for Guk's album ended up being a "Taehyung plays with Yeontan and squeals a lot while Jeongguk writes and plays with his guitar while occasionally staring fondly at Taehyung" session.
897. By the time Taehyung started to feel hungry, it was dark outside. Jeongguk was yawning but still writing and Yeontan was way less energetic.

"I think I need to leave now..."
"What? why? You can stay here!"
"I have an early class tomorrow. I don't have my-
898. uni stuff here.. I'm sorry"
"No no don't apologize for that. You'll stay another time okay?"
"Yes obviously !"
"I need to give you Yeontan's papers and his stuff, I didn't get to buy him everything but maybe we could do that this week?"

"Of course."

Jeongguk gathered
899. all the paperwork on the table and gave it to Taehyung.

"Thank you again Gukkie, it's the best gift ever."
"Better than Jennie's Gucci shoes?" Guk said teasingly.

"Yes, but don't tell her!"
"Noo don't worry. I value your head, I don't want her to cut if off"
900. Once Jeongguk walked Taehyung outside and came back home, he sat back on his couch and grabbed his guitar back.

When he looked for his lyrics book, he realized that he... gave it to Taehyung with the adoption papers. He was screwed.
904. parallels
907. Jeongguk was pacing in his living room. Will Taehyung open the book? What if he does? How will he react? He tried to think about Jennie's words. How it wouldn't be so bad if he read it.

In a way it would prevent Jeongguk from having to confess face to face.
908. It would save him the pure humiliation. The rejection.

Because let's be real, he just broke up with his boyfriend. He couldn't have feelings for him now, maybe not yet.

But... the songs he wrote for Taehyung, thanks to Taehyung for 5 years. They were so raw, so personal.
909. Jeongguk felt naked just thinking about the fact that someone else might read them right now.

Taehyung could read each words he wrote about him, about his eyes and his laughter, the sound of his voice and the gold of his skin. He could know exactly when each one of them
910. was written because stupid Jeongguk dated all of his pages.

He would read the last song he wrote about him, tonight. He would read the precious words he set down on the paper, while his heart swelled in his chest. The sweet *I love you*s he finally accepted to feel.
911. Taehyung hang his coat, took h'off his shoes, took off Yeontan's leash and went straight to his room. He put the folders Guk gave him, took a quick shower and changed. Yeontan was sniffing his home, taking the time to settle in this unknown place.

When Taehyung
912. finally laid in his bed exhausted, he saw the papers and folders.

He was too tired to read anything about the dog for now, and it couldn't be anything too important. Jeongguk gave him some food, at least for today and tomorrow. So he just placed everything
913. on his night table. It could wait. Except... a familiar cover caught his attention.

The notebook he found earlier in Jeongguk's room. The one who had his name on it. Why was it here? Was it about Tan? Or.. ? He hesitated but grabbed it slowly. The leather cover
914. was worned out, the edges suffered through time. Taehyung opened the first page again, and traced the two words with his fingers.

It seemed too old to be about the 6-month-old puppy.

Immediately, Taehyung grabbed his phone and opened his message thread with Jeongguk.
tell me if he should open the lyrics book on curiouscat.me/suraneize 🤪
918. come to me / guk's lockscreen
920. 13 minutes, that's the time it took Jeongguk to drive from his Gangnam penthouse to Taehyung's apartment. It took him 2 minutes to give himself a pep talk once parked. 3 minutes to climb up the stairs. 1 to open the door with his own key.
921. He found Taehyung in his silky pajamas, sitting on his bed with the precious notebook between his hands. He was biting his lips out of nervousness but he smiled when he saw that Jeongguk arrived.
922. Jeongguk sat on the bed next to the other boy, waiting for him to talk.

"Gukkie... I don't know what I should expect from this at all and... I don't know what is going to happen and I'm honestly really stressed right now. So.. what is it? Why was it with your guitar
923. and why is my name written on it?"

"You sure have a lot of questions." Jeongguk said, smiling because Taehyung looked so cute right now.

"It's the book where I've been writing all of my songs a-"
"But you have other lyrics books Gguk!"
"Let me finish, it's...
924. where I've always written all the songs I wrote about you."
"You- you wrote songs about me?"
"I was pretty fond of you, if you didn't realize it." Jeongguk chuckled. He's really doing this right now.

"Open the first pages."
925. Taehyung nodded and opened the first page with trembling fingers.

Jeongguk tried to study his face, his reaction. The pages he was reading now were the ones he wrote at 17, when they started dating. It was clumsy, maybe not that good and exploitable for a song.. but it was
926. honest. It was pure. It was young love.

Jeongguk saw Taehyung's eyes getting wetter with each words he read, and he couldn't help himself but cup Taehyung's cheek and catch a tear in its fall.

"Don't cry baby."
927. Taehyung nodded, took a deep breathe and turned the pages more.

When he read the date he froze. The day he broke things off with Jeongguk in the worst way.

Taehyung swallowed the lumo in his throat and read more. For a few pages, he could read heartbreak,
928. sadness, incomprehension, mourning. But he could still read love. Despite everything, despite what he's done, Jeongguk still wrote about how much he loved him and would wait for him. In between his words of heartache, Jeongguk wrote about how Taehyung made him feel the
929. happiest.

When Jeongguk saw what Taehyung was reading, he didn't try to make him stop crying. He let his tears flow, because he felt himself starting to cry. He never liked seeing Taehyung sad.

"I'm sorry" Taehyung whispered, sincerely and quietly.
930. "I'm fine now Taehyung. Don't worry about that anymore." Jeongguk shyly reached for Taehyung's hand and intertwined their fingers. Just like they used to do when they walked together near the Han river.

Even though they grew up, their hands still fitted perfectly together.
931. Taehyung glanced at Jeongguk quickly, not questioning his gesture but squeezing instead. Jeongguk's hands were so warm.

With a shaky breathe he turned the pages more. There, the intervals between each dates were longer. The songs became sentences and the
930. love faded. He could read nostalgia and regret, questions and still, sadness.

There were a lot of questions asked to Taehyung directly.

Wasn't I enough? Why did you break my heart? I would've changed for you. Are you finally happy now?
932. If it wasn't for the hand holding him so tightly, Taehyung would've closed that damn thing and left the room. He couldn't even look at Jeongguk right now.

Reading this, dated a little less than a year ago, Taehyung could see that Jeongguk didn't feel anything
933. romantic about him. He was just a ghost of the past who belonged in his memories. He couldn't read what he wrote after they reunited. He didn't want to know.

He came back to reality when he felt a pair of lips kiss his knuckles.

"Keep reading, Taehyung."
934. Taehyung felt shivers running down his spine at the contact.

He kept turning the pages and reading until the date he waited for. When they reunited, a few months ago.

It wasn't resentful, it wasn't harsh. It was forgiveness and understanding. It was apologies
935. in verses. It was sweet and genuine, and it made another tear fall, this time on the paper.

As he turned the pages, Taehyung couldn't believe what he read. It was friendship at first, songs about laughter and mutual affection.

Songs about confusion, because I have her but
936. Taehyung, I want you.

Then it was loneliness, songs about feeling left out, then jealousy, with poems about how...it hurts, but Taehyung you seem happy with him.

Thankfulness then, because Taehyung, you helped me, saved me. You were always here for me. Taehyung thank you.
937. Jeongguk was holding his breathe right now, his palm was probably sweaty. Taehyung was getting closer to tonight's date. Taehyung probably figured out what all of this meant, that Jeongguk fell for him, again.

"J-Gguk.. what does it mean?" Taehyung's thoughts were
938. all over the place. He never knew the extent of Jeongguk's feelings, everything Jeongguk ever felt for him. It was devastating, but it felt so warm at the same time.

"Keep reading Taehyung. We'll talk after I promise but if you don't read it yourself, I don't think
939. I'll ever be able to tell you face to face."

"Tell me what?" Taehyung tried to look at Jeongguk but the latter was focused on the book. The book.

"Tae.. please."
940. Taehyung nodded and squeezed Jeongguk's hand again.

He turned the page. He recognized the date. It was.. during his trip to Jeju with Bogum. It didn't look like a song anymore, more like a page from a diary. Or maybe that's what the whole book was since the beginning.
941. Jeongguk wrote what he never told Taehyung, how he really felt about him. How he missed him, despite only being away for a few days. He missed his presence, he missed having him by his side. He never wanted to feel that again.

Taehyung, stop leaving, please. Taehyung stay.
942. Then, the day of Taehyung's return in Seoul.

*Taehyung, I'm so happy you are back, I missed you so much.

Tonight. It looked so much like a date.

Taehyung, I think I like you but don't be mad, I can't really resist you.
943. You brought back the butterflies and the giddiness, all those childish feelings I've only ever felt with you. 5 years go, 5 months ago, even today. Every time I am with you, I feel them. Each time I see you smiling at me, I feel like living again.

It must sound cheesy
944. but no one's going to read that sh!t so I don't care. You're everything to me Taehyung, and even though I'm not everything to you anymore... I don't really care, I'm just happy you're in my life again.*

Taehyung was really trying to prevent himself from sobbing at this
945. point, but he kept going. He couldn't stop, Jeongguk wanted him to read. He kept reading, about Jeongguk writing again so adoringly.

It was songs again, about soulmates, about hearing bells and red strings of fates. How sometimes, you could only love one person all your
946. life because... they're meant for you. Soulmates.

He arrived at today's date but he didn't even notice.

It was a few verses written shakily. Because Jeongguk wrote it sat on the sofa, the notebook on his knee, watching Taehyung play with the puppy in the living room.
947. A verse about a smile and a laughter that could light up any room, especially any living room in a cold evening.

A verse about a soul so beautiful, it could heal any broken heart, even the most damaged ones.

A verse about heart so big you couldn't help bit fall for it,
948. again and again.

There was a small sentence written at the bottom. Less shaky than the rest.

*Taehyung. I am so scared but I am sure of myself now. I am in love with you. Again.*

When a tear escaped Taehyung's eyes and fell on the paper, it spilled the not-so-dry ink.
949. Even Yeontan playing in the living room couldn't disturb the silence in Taehyung's bedroom.

Taehyung couldn't really believe what he read so he read it once more, twice more, until he was sure he didn't imagine it.

He could hear Jeongguk breathing a little bit
950. too loud, and feel his warmth on his side.

Taehyung gathered the courage to look at the boy next to him. This beautiful boy, this perfect boy. The one he fell in love with five years ago, who loved him back, the boy whose heart he broke. This boy was in love with him now.
951. "Jeongguk..."
"Tae.. I understand if- no I understand that you don't feel the same. I get it it's normal, you're probably still like.. you know, not over Bogum but I- you needed to know. I'm really sorry honestly it's just-" Jeongguk struggled to find his words
952. but Jeongguk was still holding Taehyung's hand. He finally looked up and for the first time since Taehyung started reading all about the depths of Jeongguk's feelings, their eyes locked.

Those eyes, so round and full of stars. Taehyung loved them so much, but his gaze
953. slowly lowered until they reached Jeongguk's pink lips. Maybe? His heart skipped a beat just thinking about it, so.

Stop doubting, Taehyung.

"Jeongguk.. please kiss me."
954. Jeongguk's eyes widened and his heart started beating faster. Did he hear well?

"I- Are you sure?" He asked.

Taehyung didn't answer. Instead, he tilted his head and leaned in, closing his eyes.

When their lips finally touched, Taehyung stopped worrying.
955. It was a little bit awkward for a few seconds, until Jeongguk realized that he was being kissed by Kim Taehyung.

Then he closed his eyes too, and their lips started moving in sync. Jeongguk raised his free hand to cup Taehyung's cheek and deepened the kiss.
956. It was so much better than the pecks they used to share when they were younger, so much better than kissing their previous lovers. It was raw and real, and they never wanted to stop. But they had to.

When they parted to breathe, they made their foreheads touch
957. so they could stare into each other's eyes and breathe the same air.

"Guk.. I don't know what- I just." Taehyung was panting.

"You don't have to say anything Taehyung.I'll give you some time to think.. later. Can I kiss you again?"
958. "Yes, of course. Yes. Kiss me."
Jeongguk smirked and pushed Taehyung on the bed, so his back collided softly with the matress. He heard the book fall on the ground but that wasn't his first priority right now.

He hovered above Taehyung and kept him close, between his arms.
959. And Taehyung loved being kissed. He loved being kissed by Jeongguk so much they fully made out for.. he doesn't know how long.
960. At some point, Taehyung was just pecking Jeongguk's face, his cheek, his nose, his forehead, making the singer giggle. Taehyung never wanted to let him go.

Jeongguk laid on his back and tugged Taehyung so he could rest his head on his shoulder.
961. "I can't believe this is happening."
"Really?" Taehyung said as he hugged Jeongguk tightly.
"I don't think I'd have the balls to make you read that oh my god."
"You're honestly really brave. I would never have been able to do that."
"Do what?"
"Confess to y-"
962. He stopped talking when he realized what he said.
"Confess what baby?" Jeongguk smirked, even though Taehyung couldn't see him.

"Uh. I might. Like. Like you too. Not might. I do like you too."
"Mh?"Jeongguk hummed.He was so happy right now he could cry. Tae had feelings for
963. him too.

"I know it's not an I love you, but, it's.. not an I love you yet. I.. yeah."
"You're cute you know that?" Jeongguk said as he bumped Taehyung's nose.
"You're cuter." Taehyung muttered.
"I am?"
"You wrote songs about my smile so yes, you are cuter."
964. "I did. And I'm probably going to write some more."
"Oh my God." Taehyung hid his face in the crook of Jeongguk's neck.

After a few seconds though, he started talking again, his voice a little muffled.

"What is going to happen now?"
"What are we,Jeongguk? I- don't
965. want to go back to what we had. I want that and more. I.. I've waited for so long Jeongguk, so long.."
"Tae?" Jeongguk said as Taehyung left Jeongguk's warmth to sit up. Was he...?

"I know it's been a rollercoaster
966. but we've known each other for so long. I wanted it five years ago, when I got to know you. And I want it too now. Honestly I've always wanted to kiss the hell out of you. Jeonggukkie, I-Can we be boyfriends now?"

Jeongguk sat up as fast as he could too. Holy Sht.
967. "Boyfriends?" Jeongguk smiled so widely.He never expected that. He thought he was going to confess, face a rejection and go home.
"Yes" Taehyung pouted.
"Yes Taehyung, I want to be your boyfriend." Taehyung surged and hugged him happily. But suddenly Jeongguk felt nauseous.
968. "Tae.. Taehyung wait."
"What? what is it?"
"I really want us to be dating but..."
"But what?" Taehyung said, worried.
"I won't be able to give you what Bogum gave you. I.. will need to hide you, you know? I can't be dating someone in public, at least not yet. But
969. you don't deserve to be hidden. It's going to be difficult and you... I'm so sorry Tae, it was way easier before."

Taehyung looked at him softly.
"Don't apologize for that Gukkie, I don't care at all. As long as it's you and me, I don't mind. Don't compare yourself with
970. Bogum hyung, just forget about it. I don't mind it. At all."
"But it will be difficult to go on dates outside and you won't be able to post anything about me and-"
"You want to take me on dates?" Taehyung smirked.
"Of course I want to! I want to go everywhere and
971. do everything with you." Taehyung laughed while looking at him.

"Why are you giggling?"
"Because you're just as romantic as you used to be"
"Well it's your fault. Deal with it."
"Gladly Gukkie." Taehyung circled his arms around Jeongguk's neck and rested his head on the
972. other's shoulder.
"I don't mind not posting cheesy Instagram posts or having to wear a mask and a cap if we go out.I don't mind any of these because they're just details.I just want to be with you again."
Jeongguk circled his arms around Taehyung's waist.
"I want it too."
973. a few hours later hehe
976. When Taehyung locked his phone and looked at Jeongguk's face, the other was mortified.

"What is it?" Tae giggles softly.

"Look, about my twitter account, I really couldn't give it to you!"
"Mmh really? Why is that?"
"You would've found out about my crush on you in a way
977. less romantic way."
"What? Wait! Did you plan this?"
"No... Well I was kinda hoping we would even get closer if we prepared my album together, and I would like sing for you dramatically or something. Tonight was totally not in my plans."
"You can totally still serenade me.
978. and you're totally accepting my follow request on your account, I bet there are thirst tweets there."
Seeing Jeongguk's mortified face, Taehyung burst out laughing.
"No way. Oh my God and Hoseok hyung and Jennie never told me this!"
"Joon hyung and Yoongi hyung too..."
979. "They knew?"

"They were the ones I was whining to when you were out with Bogum hyung..."

Taehyung kissed Jeongguk's cheek, hugged him tigher and said:

"We're still preparing that album together. And you're still accepting my follow request, baby."

"Anything you want."
980. some tweets Taehyung finds, once he accesses the forbidden Twitter acc
981. *a few days later*

"Aren't you tired?" Taehyung said, panting.
"Nop,I'm too excited to be tired." Jeongguk said smiling, but when he looked at his boyfriend through the dance studio mirror his smile vanished."And you? Are you okay? Is it your knee?"
"I'm fine, I just
982. need like two minutes."
Jeongguk turned around and was going to open his mouth but Taehyung beat him to it, kissed him quickly and reassured him.
"I'm going to sit, do the routine from the beginning I wanna watch."

In the back, Hoseok was leaning on the wall
983. biting his lip. Namjoon scratched his head.
"Is it.. always like this?"
"Yes. Always."
"Let them be, they're on the honeymoon phase it's normal." Yoongi said furrowing his eyebrows.
"We didn't say anything!" Hoseok replied.
"Sure. Now go work you're the choreographer."

"I think Tear belongs on the setlist." Taehyung said, sitting on the kitchen counter.
"I'm kinda insecure about this one. I've never rapped in a track let alone with the hyungs."
"That's exactly why it should be in the setlist. my man can spit bars."
985. "Shut up" Guk said as he stood in front of Taehyung.
"Gguk, if you don't want to it's fine, but... It's a raw song, it's so powerful and beautiful. I love it, even more because it's about your deepest feelings, the realest ones. Your fans will love it too."
986. "I don't mind singing it. It's just... it's all about our breakup. It's not lovey-dovey."
"And you said that you wanted to share, with this album. It's not about stupid love songs, it's about you and what you went through. The bad, the good, the black and the white.
987. don't hold back. Especially not for me. This album is about you and your journey."
"Our journey."
"Sap." Taehyung giggled.
"Your sap" Jeongguk grinned. Taehyung shook his head and.. well they kissed.

That's how they picked the setlist, together.
988. comeback hints

"What are you doing here?" Taehyung said, surprised, as he climbed in Jeongguk's car, parked in front of his University.
"I missed you."Jeongguk pouted.
"You had some time to miss me? With all the work you have?"
"Yes." Jeongguk said as he leaned to kiss his
990. boyfriend. As Jeongguk drove. he told Taehyung how he was going to drop his first comeback teaser tonight.
"I can't believe we've been together for a month already. Life with you goes by so fast."
"I feel the same, I've been so happy lately Tae. Honestly we should've
991. done that five years ago."
"I was such an ass five years ago, please"
"You weren't an ass baby, just a little bit too ... nice and naive?"
"Talking about asses, If I could I would've gone back in time AND kicked my own ass."
Jeongguk grinned.
"What is so funny?"
992. "It's the first time we can talk about the past... laughing, without you apologizing and worrying. It feels good."
"You're right. It feels good." Taehyung whispered.

993. Comeback teaser 💜
994. who said romance was dead?
995. A few hours later, as Jeongguk was lying on the couch going through his mails, he was surprised by Taehyung straddling him.

"Not that I don't appreciate this but what ar-"His cheeks got pressed between Taehyung's palms, who grabbed his lover's face

"Jeongguk, I love you."
996. Jeongguk felt his heart miss a beat. Taehyung loves him? He couldn't even say anything in return because Taehyung kissed him, softly at first, but then more passionately.

Jeongguk could only grab Taehyung's waist and deepen the kiss.

They were in love.
*do you want me to write a nsfw scene? *
alright, this is completely NSFW 🔞, you won't miss anything from the plot if you decide not to read. also i did not proof read this and it's probably awful, apologies in advance 🥺
still nsfw 🔞
also tell me if y'all want a top jungkook too in the future updates 🥴 curiouscat.me/suraneize
997. "I can't believe I'm dancing in your music video." Tae said as they were leaving BigHit.
"Babe you've been saying since for hours."
"I didn't know it would make it to the cut! Seriously."
"You're the best of couse they would make your scene appear in it."
"You're biased."
998. "Of course I am. But what did you think of the video globally?"
"It's gorgeous. I never knew I needed you licking a candle's wax off your fingers until now." Taehyung laughed as he drove around.
"Oh I know you like it when I lick things."
"You're a menace."
999. "Do you think the fans will like it? It's quite dark and.."
"It's honestly amazing. It fits the song well and the visuals are stunning. They WILL like it. Plus the whole rich goth vibe? I'd sell my soul to the Jungkook in the MV."
"You wouldn't sell your soul to me now?"
1000. Jeongguk pouted.
Jeongguk dared to puff. But Taehyung knew he was trying to calm his stress. the comeback was in three days, his grand return after his several scandals and hiatus. Jeongguk went through so much these past month, but he was still fearing rejection.
1001. Taehyung parked in front of his apartment complex but didn't get out. Instead he turned to face Jeongguk.
"Mh?" Jeongguk hummed, still a little pouting.
"You're going to do great."
"And not only because you have an amazing fanbase who will support you
1002. but also because you're so talented and hardworking, you will show them all thatbylu deserve that number one spot. You're the best, you're going to get so many trophies you will have to stock them at my place."
Jeongguk giggled.
"So you know how music shows work now?"
1003. "I had to. I met you again because I saw you performing on stage, I owe them big time."
"What did you think? When you saw me perform."
"On TV or in real life?"
"On TV, like, for the first time."
"Uh... to be honest I don't know. I was shocked and I went through a panic
1004. attack." Taehyung scratched his head.
"I'm sorry."
"Not your fault dummy. I developed these after my parents left me."
"You don't seem to have them these days though... are you better?"
"I am Gukkie. You make life better. I still have them from time to time
1005. but I know I'll heal. Everything will get better including for you love. You will comeback and get the success you deserve. I love you, your fans love you, even that cranky shareholder who wanted you out will love you."
"But what if they didn't forgive me?"
1006. "There's nothing to forgive. You did nothing of the things they accused you of, and there's no evidence. They just needed to forget. And they did. Honestly I looked through articles about you and it's all positive."
"You're too good at lifting my mood up."
1007. "I hope so, I like your smile too much not to see it." Taehyung said as he poked Jeongguk's cheek. "Now get out of my car, I am starving."
"It's my car!"
"Not anymore."

Jeongguk smiled and got closer to his boyfriend. They kissed above the console for too many minutes.
1008. some teasers
1010. Comeback day.

Jeongguk was pacing in the living room, while Taehyung was watching him.

"Gukkie please sit, relax!"
"I can't relax. The album is out in 22 minutes, oh my god."
"Love this isn't your first album... it's going to be fine."
"I know I just... Oh God."
1011. "What do you do usually? When your albums drop online?"
"I'm at the company or taking a nap, since they're released at 6pm."
"Why aren't you at the company ?"
"I wanted to stay with you."
Taehyung smiled.
"Right answer, now come here let me play with your hair. You're
1012. too stressed."
"Okay" Jeongguk didn't hesitate before he rested on the sofa with his head on Taehyung's lap.
"I just... I loved making this with you Tae. I love this album so much and I want everyone to love it just as much."
1013. "They will." Taehyung said as he kissed Jeongguk's forehead, seing as the minutes passed, his boyfriend relaxing and eventually falling asleep.

When he logged on Twitter and Naver, he looked for reactions and felt relieved when everyone loved it. Like Jeongguk deserved.
1014. stan twitter
1015. stan twitter pt2
1016. showcase day 💜
1018. after performance
1020. soft hours
1021. When Jeongguk finally arrived at his boyfriend's flat, he immediately felt better. The tiny apartment smelled like home, like Taehyung's perfume and his cleaning products. Yeontan was chewing on his toy in the corner of the living room, the tv was playing some drama and
1022. the bathroom door was opened. Jeongguk took off his shoes and headed towards it, finding Taehyung closing the tap and checking the water's temperature. There were a few candles allowing a warm and relaxing scent to spread around the room.
1023. All those tiny gestures he always was surprised of made him feel... special, loved. He felt an urge to hug Taehyung so he did just that, causing a giggle to escape the other.

"Welcome home, love"
🔞 NSFW! skip if you want!! it's still terrible and very short but I promised 🥴
1024. Taehyung slowly came back to his senses as Jeongguk traced patterns on his naked skin. He felt so warm, in his boyfriend's arms.

"Mh?" Jeongguk asked, half asleep.
"Are you happy?"
"Why are you asking that?" Jeongguk said nuzzling Tae's hair.
"Answer" Taehyung
1025. "Right now? Yes, I am. I'm so happy, and I hope it will last forever. And you?"

He felt his shoulder getting kissed.

"It tickles Tae"
"I love you. And I am happy with you too. You know, sometimes I really feel like I'm meant to be with you"
"We ARE meant to be baby."
❀ – THE END 🖤
this was a rollercoaster oh my god, thank you so much for reading i never expected it to get so much attention 🥺 here is my cc if you wanna drop a lik msg for feedback curiouscat.me/glowingcf
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