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Star Citizen community remains in a collective meltdown mode since the Forbes article that not only exposed the VP (wife of CEO) as an abusive person accused of domestic violence, but which also highlighted that they've been unjustly enriching themselves with backer money.
They've been creating thread after thread, lamenting the "unfairness" of the article, even as the mods on the official forum play whack-a-mole in an on-going bid to keep deleting them.

This one's new; created when the mods were asleep.…
Meanwhile, over in the no-holds-barred cesspool that is the official Reddit, it's no different. Though I have to admit that I'm shocked to have seen quite a few reasonable posts supporting @MattRyanPerez article. This is about the umpteenth one.…
Meanwhile, over on YT, they're also making protest videos (I kid you not) which get like, on average 30 views because people stopped paying attention to those clowns a long time ago. I'm not linking to them because those pricks are monetizing outrage and I'm not giving them views
Even when completely unbiased fans such as @ObsidianAnt make reasonable videos about this, they get attacked because they're moving outside the hive cult mindset. All he did was literally point out that most of everything in the article was known.

On Twitter (where they're mostly ignored because nobody ain't got time fo' dat), the hilarity is no different.

Take for instance this charmer's take on a Dec 2018 Forbes article.

This is his take on this Forbes article....4.5 months later.

Notice something? Yup, BOTH articles are by the SAME author, Matt Perez.

These guys are completely insane. It's why for years now we watched them devolve into a cult. And they got worse over time, even as the project declined, and Chris and co, the preacher in this context, continued to rip them off under the guise of making their "dream" game.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, besides doing a Free Fly event which has been completely and utterly disastrous (which hilarious goes to prove the very point the Forbes article was highlighting) CIG, out of the Blue, cooked up a May 17th LA studio event.…
These clowns are all blocked, but it's hilarious to see stuff like this; then checking in with some friendly concierge backers who confirmed it.

I'm shocked.
As of last night, they haven't sold 10 tickets.

I'm going to buy all of them and hand them out to the homeless people around the block.
Bottom line is they all know the project is doomed, and that they gave a grifter, his crazy wife, and legacy partner over $250M. And all they've got for it after 7 years is a sub-par tech mode a high school science class could have whipped up with UE over Summer break.
While this is all going on, people who were party to the Forbes article, are passing around titbits they were surprised didn't make it into the article after they literally spilled the beans. Had @MattRyanPerez included them, things would be a whole lot worse today.
e.g. the authors knew, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Chris was lying about his past wealth. These dumb asses actually thought it was a good idea to lie to an institutional publication which has spent DECADES investigating and writing about FINANCIAL WEALTH.
When you are wondering why the shocking Sandi stalking incident is plonk in the middle of an article and seemed out of place, wonder why it's relevant to mention that the primaries bought a $4.7M home, shortly after getting $46M in bailout for a $250M project that was INSOLVENT
Meanwhile, you have these same sources, passing around pictures and anecdotes placing Chris and Sandi in a 2BR apt right up to the Kickstarter windfall after which they moved into a $16K per month home.
Why is this relevant? Well, go look at the crowd-funded cases where the FTC and no less than two AGs have gone after creators for using backer money outside of the promises made to deliver the project.

So no, it's not strange for that to appear in the article at all.
Yet, amid all this, the very guys who failed (despite our prompting for years) to hold Chris and his cronies accountable, are the ones attacking us and the media for pointing out the obvious. That this is an unmitigated scam of epic proportions, which goes beyond mismanagement.
I wrote this thread yesterday in which I compared Star Citizen cult to a church. If you have observed this train-wreck these past years, it's hard not to see the comparison. Except, the toxic clowns in the community are "gamers" who attack dissent.

In 2020, once it dawns on Calder and @FlyingKameLA the venerable $46M babysitter, that Chris has basically burned everyone - again; that's when the real sparks will start to fly.
This was barely one year before proving me right that the project was in financial trouble and that Chris had blown through all backer money.

Cash on hand end of 2017? $14M. Yearly burn rate? In excess of $40M
This $46M absolutely has nothing to do with "marketing" of SQ42; and I'm quite certain that Dan Offner is going to figure that out soon enough. It's Chris and his gang cashing out. The same way they built F42 with backer money, then sold it back to themselves, again cashing out.
All of these things combined, are precisely why when articles like this Forbes one show up, the cult starts to freak out because it once again highlights the problems inherent in an 8yr, $300M project that any publisher would have shutdown and written off at $100M.
Finally, the one thing that most are forgetting is that Star Citizen, though it's not an MMO and will NEVER be one, requires an Internet connection to run. Guess what happens if/when CIG collapses and there's nobody to pay for the servers.
Hey at least we'd have the memories, and Chris would - for a time - keep his $4.7M house and all the nice things backers paid for, then got a busted incomplete tech demo in return.

It's coming sooner than you think.
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