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Reading this article and Trump's speech that Q has referred to *repeatedly* (which I will post for you in this thread), gives a whole new meaning for #TheStormIsUponUs and #WeAreAtWar. #QAnon #SaveAmerica #WWG1GWA #MAGA…
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People are seeing comms for Snowden returning - Q Confirmed he wasn't in Russia, I believe he was always in Hong Kong... Now that I read that Q post, Q seems to imply that too - interesting as I concluded that independently based on China comms #Qanon
Here is a 19 tweet thread regarding a secret nuke plan failing. Very interesting, but what does this have to do with Snowden? Well...
I think the bad guys were trying to create a Katrina situation (redo history of when Bush became unpopular) It helps to realize that while Trump's approval hovers around 50% - Bush's sunk to 27%…… #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening
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09/04/2019 Trump Deleted Tweet comms
2nd tweet: 8 -> 4 Periods = 8chan -> 4chan
3rd tweet: Unofficial -> Official…
Translation? Looks like Q+ is preparing to take Q back to 4chan where it began! #Qanon #4chan #8chanHearing
Notice surrounding all tweets are about #TheStormIsHere and #DECLAS
Q only left the higher traffic of 4chan early on due to mods being compromised - presumably this has been resolved. I have no idea, I only try to decode the comms : ) #GreatAwakening
These #8ch posts

are within a day of each other- unless I'm misreading how long it takes to develop tools then timetables have shifted radically! So many mind games being played on Q's next move (check thread) #Qanon #Qanon8chan
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Attention Patriots.

This below is the best article I have read on #SpyGate #FISAGate #ObamaGate. It lays it out all simply for us to follow.

All patriots please ReTweet this.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheStorm
Attention Patriots.

This below is the best article I have read on #SpyGate #FISAGate #ObamaGate. It lays it out all simply for us to follow.

All patriots please ReTweet this.

#QAnon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #TheStorm…
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Every time when James Comey tweets there is a #FalseFlag.
Just now at 8:30 (PT) or 11:30 (EST), he tweeted.
#QPost 2330

@realDonaldTrump DNC Met with FBI on Dossier Before FISA Granted; FBI Secretly Recorded Trump Campaign
Read carefully.

Collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on Russia allegations before surveillance warrant…
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Video Operation London Bridge
It will be 7-11 days before announcements be made
Watch the news nothing is ever a coincidence
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1) Just a reminder to all the #Anons #Patriots #Qanon #TheStormIsHere #MAGA #WWG1WGA #PedoGate etc. You also need to be preparing. We know how bad this could potentially get... If you're only on here re-tweeting, sharing links, and connecting the dots that's just half of it 🇺🇸
2) You need to take this seriously and prepare for what could be coming. You need to have long term food, water filtration, bug out bags, weapons, medical supplies, radio equipment, solar panels, batteries etc...
3) Get with like minded friends. Become physically fit. Train. Learn new skills. Go to the shooting range more. Take a medical course. Get your HAM license. Keep dropping red pills and exposing this corruption. But if it really pops off we all need to be self sufficient.
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Ho Lee Fuk, is anyone else seeing this?!
Suicide Watch -> the Watch
Yesterday, Rudy posted and later deleted this post. 👇 #Qanon #QArmy #GreatAwakening #QArmy #WakeUpAmerica #SundayThoughts
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1. Yesterday #QAnon pointed out that "Obama Sr" and Stanley Ann Dunham both learned Russian in class together at University of Hawaii.
2. Also pointed out in yesterday's #QAnon's drops were the improbable circumstances of the death/disappearance of #LorettaFuddy. #Q
3. Responses to #QAnon's drops stir uncertainty of Hussein's true parentage. Some find no resemblance to Dunham. Particularly dissimilar is Obama Sr, & Frank Marshall Davis not so much. W no paper certificate in hand, & #Fuddy gone, #Q said "Connect via past religious leaders".
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1. #QAnon Mar: [C]omey, part of [ABC] agencies, ([C]IA), would be [C]oming soon, but MUELLER hearing delayed (Horowitz) rpt, prior to [C]omey release, leading to DECLAS, the start of #TheGreatAwakening bringing many Indictments's.…
2. #QAnon Both of Hussein's parents were [C]lowns, learned Russian, as did our Farm-trained Nellie Ohr. #Q (#3126), above.
3. #QAnon Mueller hearing's done, revealing an addled puppet w no command of the strings. [Bob] wasn't really ready, except to take his place in the bulls-eye, in [kill box]. As w the watch's reflection, now we've reached the inflection. #Boomerang
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Commit this to memory - scan it - retain it - archive it.
The classified procedures for raw signals intelligence by the NSA was declassed 22 years early!
Hmmm, why do you think that happened?
Read it yourself.…📁

#Qanon #TheStormisHere #EnjoytheSHow
Note the signature page :
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D's are lying about Ukrainian businessman Kalimnik, a US State Department intelligence asset, as a "Russian agent", and having the senile Mueller affirm it.… to spin the #DeepState #SpyGate #RussiaHoax aimed at our electorate.
2. #FusionGPS's Glen Simpson, the #SpyGate perpetrator of #Steele's #FakeDossier used to deceive the #FISA COURT for the #RussiaHoax, was "outside of my purview", according to Mueller.…
3. The attempt to ensnare to the President of the United States into an obstruction of justice coup, using even his affectations rather than actions, was part of the #Comey's treason, and #Mueller wrote reams about the President's displeasure to that end.…
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Interference by foreign nations is a good ruse for the MSM. This is our counter move against Google and Big Tech election interference and censoring. #TheStormIsHere #TheGreatAwakening #TrustThePlan
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OK I lied lol and then there is this! #TrustThePlan
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Why is this relevant now?
Lorna M. Mahlock is the first African American woman to be nominated as a Brigadier general in the USMC, which occurred in 2018. The signoff by President Donald Trump, was announced in a press release by U.S. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis.
As of March 2019, BGen Mahlock is the Director, Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) and the Deputy Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Marine Corps.
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I'm just going to say it. If I piss anyone off, unfollow or Block me. #TheGreatAwakening and the Q movement is patriots joining together to expose the Evil CABAL. It's for Love of God and Country. @realDonaldTrump has created 6 million jobs. Yet too many people who claim to be
It appears too many phony Patriots would rather hang out on the internet all day asking for donations in the name of #QAnon rather than get a job. Anons put in literally hundreds of hrs doing research and NEVER ask for a donation.
Q made it clear that shills have infiltrated our movememt for profit. This crap needs to stop. #TheStormIsHere rejoice and be glad in it Patriots. May God bless you and may God Bless America. Don't forget, Trump walked away from a billionaire lifestyle to do this for free!
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Very interesting the FBI in a safe found thousands of photos of underage girls, cash, diamonds, a old 1980's Expired Passport with Jeffrey Epstein pic on it under different name and FBI found a residence of Epstein's in Saudi Arabia.
SA was purged back in Dec 2017
HRC = Alice
SA = Wonderland
Re_read drops re: SA
Have faith.
For God & Country.
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Thread: Potus Tweet decode.
1. Note the division of capitalized words. When broken down the first set is BD. Commonly referring to Big Data: data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. #QAnon
2. Sorry for the delay the data network went down here. If you look at POTUS Tweet the capitalized words are set up in groups. The firs is BD: Big Data: data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. #QAnon
The next is BDC: Business development company. #QAnon
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A bit of analysis of the #Scavino #CampDavid #Image of the #PoolTable

A message to @POTUS that #Q is about to #Engage ?

"TO PT - It's about TO BREAK"

Updated Image ...
I thought this was worth another update, after @HeWhoWaits1776 post about the ball colours. It makes perfect sense now and actually gives us a date ...

5Eyes Declass perhaps?

#Q #TheStormIsHere #WWG1WGA
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A Trump delete/retweet with no grammatical changes - but code is still easy.
Note is posted on 6/13/2019 -"not ready today"
He deletes at 13th minute = 13th day = today
He retweets it 21st minute = something big to happen in #Iran within 8 days! #Qanon
New Trump tweet delete changing "i" to "u"
1st tweet = 12th min = Day of interview which has been used in countless hit pieces since. Changing "i" to "u" of "Ridiculous" = Asking allies to turn this argument from himself to them. #Qanon #GreatAwakening
Trump misspelling - Lockheed -> Lockhead - context of Coatesville- Pennsylvania = connected with 9/11- and Lockheed = planes perhaps some info is about to get "unlocked"?… #Qanon #GreatAwakening #Itshappening
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Learn our comms.

Frame 1:20
Q 45 “For your eyes only”

Q 1578
Look for more Markers Proofs.
Q still working overtime..
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q #GreatAwakening
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1. #QAnon You are now witnessing the systematic destruction of the OLD GUARD. May, 2019: The 'kick-off', the 'start' of the 'offense' against the #DeepStateCorruption.
Enjoy the show!
2. #QAnon Now the 'kick-off': The blockade is over, "Russia collusion drama is over. There's a little side show w these hearings going on now but the next act of this drama is going to be the FISA abuse & the misuse of our IC & there's going to be a lot of accountability..." #Q
3. #QAnon

Starting: Karate Kid Kick Offense
Enjoy the show!

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1.) What I'm about to show you is truly crazy. So buckle up, grab your popcorn and "learn to (uni)code".
The Thunde[R]sto[R]m is He[R]e
r u ready?
@SebGorka @GenFlynn
2.) What is Unicode?
Unicode is a computing industry standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems. (continued)
Unicode 12.0, contains a repertoire of 137,993 characters covering 150 modern and historic scripts, as well as multiple symbol sets and emoji.

So what does Unicode have to do with #QAnon, #TheStorm, and the letter R?

Let me show you...
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