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1) #NicolasSarkozy was #France’s president 2007-2012, was arrested & is being questioned about his illegally financed campaign by #Gaddafi in #Libya, some backstory.

How did Sarkozy go from accepting #illegal cash to advocating overthrow?

#QAnon #Corruption @POTUS #FRA #LeMonde
2) A total of $50m was funneled. And it wasn't done via wire transfer. Franco-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takkiedine claims he carried suitcases full of cash in 2006 and 2007.

$50m is double the legal campaign limit in France.…

#QAnon #TheStormIsHere
3) This story is not new. Here is an article from it back in 2014.…

#Sarkozy is a corrupt #swamp rat. He's been dogged by corruption claims forever. A simple search will show a laundry list.

#qanon #DrainTheSwamp #France #Corruption
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Notice top shareholders of Facebook are quietly selling all their stock while the Platform consistently drops in Stock price day after day. They're acting on insider information that Facebook is cratering now that it's common knowledge its a spy platform for CIA/NSA. #MAGA @POTUS
The Russians own 4.5% of Facebook. Were they really meddling in the Election or uutilizing the Platform they partially own? #MAGA #QAnon #TQFam #8Chan #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormIsHere @POTUS #InternetBillOfRights #FreeTheInternet
This is how the elites operate. They use insider information about Corporations to buy and sell JUST at the right moment to make huge sums of money and SCREW the everyday people who have no access to the info they do.…
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To add to this Andrew McCabe betrayed the office he held and most importantly this Nation #WeThePeople! Trust in this - No one gets fired from the @FBI nor @DOJ without hard credible evidence! This is a fact! People that have a conflict of interest must reveal so. You can not
withhold this kind of information. You can not leak information as well. This will now snowball and people that need to be worried are

1) Loretta Lynch - tarmac meeting/no filing of charges against HRC

2) James Comey - HRC emails/ no charges recommendations
3) Susan Rice - Remember the unusual memo she sent to herself? Everyone wanted to pass this off as normal. Sorry but no this was not normal. By the book? No she was covering tracks for the January 5th meeting with

Loretta Lynch and Barack H. Obama.
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OK Guys I have done some research yesterday of Q posts about ES. 😁 And I have found something. Please correct me if I am wrong, cause this is my crazy self talking 😀

OK. We have Find ES!
IDEN +1 = Identify +1 right?
But we are constantly told more meanings. So I look and...
I find IDEN!
[I]ntegrated [D]igutal [E]nhanced [N]etwork
It is a mobile Telecommunication! ES uses for communication with someone (+1)?
Remember Motrola we will come to that.
I think this is the communication platform the Clowns use now

There is more...
ES is done. Caught and going live in 24h!
We think they are affraid of #InternetBillofRights IBOR and they should be but ... multiple meanings remember So...
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I don't support the #MAGA movement anymore As far as I'm concerned #Trump & #Sessions need be tried by the very #MilitaryTribunals it's "alleged" will litigate against the globalist satanic, freemason, luciferian cabal! My life is relective of their complicity based on eveidence!
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Yes but faces could be blurred out. In order to prevent the possible riots such a release would cause, a gradual approach is probably best, however, it also drags this process out for months or years. People hunger for results, but societal costs must be weighed too, regrettably.
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1) We Patriots must expand our thinking. If you haven't watched Red October, you should. It depicts exactly what's going on right now. @POTUS is Captain Ramius & is delivering #DeepState to Justice because they tried to destroy the US Constitution.
2) In the Movie, the USSR designed a Submarine that could run so silent that it couldn't be detected. The Sub was designed to park off the shore of America to deliver a group of Nuclear Missiles within 2 minutes of launch. How does that Mirror #DeepState?
3) #DeepState is designed to put the proper people in place to be able to subvert laws in it's erosion of the Constitutional form of Government we now live under. Deep State has been placing these people for decades. They now control enough of the Government to make their move.
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Q's two documents

This one is short, but shows a letter from a Mr. Stansfield Turner, Admiral U.S. NAVY to Congressman Walter E. Fauntroy.

#Qanon #WeThePeople #FolllowTheWhiteRabbit #Qanon8chan #TheStormIsHere #CBTS #Breadcrumbs
Turner is responding to an original letter from Fauntroy in which Fauntroy is concerned that members of the media, journalists, are interferring with this JFK assassination investigation.
He goes on to assure him that a free press is extremely important to the nation and he says that "there are no U.S. journalists employed by CIA"
He does say that it is a VIOLATION OF POLICY to contact the editors of journalists who were associated with the agency in the past.
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1-What is the Liddle kidz foundation?
Seems #AdamShiff is involved. I am digging, but here are some fan facts:
It has operated/operates in Haiti.
They have a fondness for touching children.
Mayo Clinic (organ harvesting), #BillGates #Google #Microsoft are main sponsors
2- This is the actual website
This is a pdf of how to massage children (while I understand the benefits, I don't think that is their real intention)…
Is it a coincidence the countries they operate in? 🤫
3- First 2 pics give some background, in case you want to dig on that direction.
Now, let's look at CP. Does that mean what I think it does? 🤫 #ChildPorn
How about the last logo?
Couldn't they find something more 'kid-friendly'?
Maybe they really like heavy-metal...
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#MkUltra should terrify everyone.

available on the US SENATE website.

Following tweets will outline horrifying details of #CIA ABUSE in the 50s.

Governments are not beyond reprimand. They must be held accountable. @POTUS saved us all. #TheGreatAwakening #TheStormHasArrived
Project #MKUltra was the CIA program of research in behavioral modification.

Test subjects were not volunteers. They were unknowing US citizens from 86 universities/institutions.

#QAnon #TheStormHasArrived #research @POTUS
#MKUltra was comprised of 144 subcategories divided into 15 groups.

Limited information is available, pieced together from financial records. Why, you ask?

The CIA claimed “present practice [was] to maintain no records of the planning and approval of test programs.”
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The happening is HAPPENING!!

Good night.

Focus on the substance around outside of window.

New from #QAnon!…
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we all kno alex downer as #Papadopoulos drinking buddy, which "led" to the trmp/russia inves
seems as tho downer was making deals with U1 and CF in 2011

#Qanon #Russia #MemoDay #ObamaGate #TheStormIsHere #MAGA #CBTS #WeAreTheStorm #GreatAwakening @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
2007 australias Downer was working on making a deal to begin selling yellowcake #Putin to strengthen relations…
looks like that deal went through in april 2011…
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I can corroborate Tim's call to the extent that ystrdy my YT was subscribed 2 by KF b4 Tim's posting I just sent Tim this new video, published roughly w/in the last hr however, these parasites have been playing mind games w/me a long time, so I'm skeptical
...and I don't trust Anonymous because I used to investigate with them the OPExposeCPS and admin their Minnesota FB Page, until I discovered a couple CIA moles. I dropped some intel that they should have been doing cartwheels over that implicated the CIA. ...mostly crickets>
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1) Time for another #QAnon update.
This thread covers Q posts on January 21, 2018
Link to #Qanon8chan page:…
2) This is the first post by #QAnon today.
The image is incomplete.
(If you go to Q's page, you need to click the link at the bottom of the post to expand.)
3) This is the full image posted by #Qanon
As you can see, there's a lot of information.
We're going to break it down into sections.
(Where you decide to end one section and begin another is critical.)
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1. There’s a lot surfacing that suggests that #ReleaseTheMemo will produce the following rather devastating revelations about a massive criminal cabal leading all the way to the Oval Office. Let me give you a teaser of the memo here. #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople
2. It involves both the breach of the DNC emails, as well as the famous piss-gate dossier that has been at the heart of the entire #RussiaCollusion narrative from the start.
3. The memo will show that #SethRich, a Bernie-supporting DNC staffer, copied their emails and send them to #Wikileaks to blow the whistle on Hillary’s rigging of the DNC to destroy Sanders.
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Was hoping to hear from Q today on such a BIG NEWS DAY!

#QAnon #TheStorm #GreatAwakening #ReleaseTheMemo




[8] FIRED.


Possible SUICIDES.

++ / + TICK TOCK.

#QAnon #ReleaseTheMemo
3. Forgot the screenshot.

#QAnon #ReleaseTheMemo
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1) "Swole" Jeff Bezos, Richest Man in the WORLD, hobnobs with #CesspoolCitizens Coast-to-Coast, from #SiliconValley #SexFreaks #TechGeeks & #Hollywierdos to Elite #MSM & #DeepState #SwampDenizens in #DCUnderbelly…
What does #CoyBoyBezos do with his fortune?
2) Before buyin#WaPo & a house down the street from #DeepStateHQ to host Subject-Specific Cocktail Parties, the #DARPA #CoyBoy Didn't Always Flaunt His Coin.

For nearly Two Decades He Flew Below the Radar.
3) Things Took a Turn.

In exchange for State Tax Incentives, He Conceded State Sale Tax, & Focused on Government Contracts, Spreading His Tentacles & Forging Political Alliances Nationwide.
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💰(1) @realDonaldTrump was being KIND when he called @SenFeinstein #SneakyDianneFeinstein it should’ve been slimy. For 40 yrs everyone’s turned a blind eye while she and hubby rob America blind and that’s no exaggeration. Let’s just start with America, Global will be later ⚖️
(2) If you didn’t know #SneakyDianneFeinstein is married to Richard aka Dick Blum he’s a billionaire however sweet, little, Dianne is a measly millionaire BUT together they just happen to be #slumlords they made a killing during the housing crisis!
(3) #SneakyDianneFeinstein has funny habit of always saying “she has no idea what her husband is doing” or it’s silly anyone could think there’s a conflict of interest. To help cope with all these unpleasant details we’ll use her own financial disclosures #slumlord #seabove
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Hey @brhodes why did the @FBI deny your security clearance? Looks like it worked out though, Obama just pushed you right through to top secret clearance so you could get to work on the #IranDeal meanwhile all #MSM wants to talk about it Kushner’s security clearance🔍 #Hello2018
Of course @johnpodesta knew, well someone turned a blind eye would be oh so curious to know if the #FBI ever changed their mind and if so, who's name was on the report #wikileaks #ticktock…
WAIT, BEN?! Was blaming #Benghazi on a YouTube video your idea!? You were the head speech writer, you were the foreign policy expert. Look at this garbage you wrote yet #SusanRice and HRC marched right out and parroted it all. #NeverForget #TickTock #BenRhodes
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Foreign and Domestic

1. Official history is merely a veil to hide the truth of what really happened. When the veil is lifted, again and again we see that not only is the official version not true, it is often 100% wrong.

2. Take the Rothschilds, the bloodline formerly known, among other names, as the Bauers, one of the most notorious black occult bloodlines of Middle Ages Germany. It became known as Rothschild (red-shield or rotes-schild in German)
3. in the 18th century a financial dynasty was founded in Frankfurt by Mayer Amschel Rothschild working in league with the Illuminati House of Hesse and others.

They took their name from the red shield or hexagram/Star of David atop of their house in Frankfurt. #Rothschilds
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1. Have been hearing a lot of buzz about HRC, Obama, Podestas possibly being detained at GITMO and or walking around with medical boots on. Let's have a look at their Twitter accounts shall we? #QAnon #TheStormIsHere
2. #HillaryClinton has not posted anything original since the 22nd. Two retweets on the 27th. Does anyone know if she has been sighted anywhere recently? Still wearing the boot as of Dec 14th. Does anyone know if she has been spotted since the 14th?
3. Obama posted this Christmas photo from 2013! Why re-use an OLD XMAS PHOTO? Perhaps because he wasn't available to take a NEW one? thoughts?
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🗝 (1) Speaking of #GITMO or officially #GTMO it would appear there are indeed crumbs, lots of them. Guess who visited there in July? Sessions and Rosenstein 😆 #Qanon
(2) In fact #Sessions thinks GITMO is a very fine place, with plenty of space and mentions we’ve spent a lot of money fixing it up. Who can argue with that?
(3) Do you know who else is a big fan? Who used to run the place? Who fell out with O because he wanted to close it? That would be #GeneralKelly #breadcrumbs
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