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What a fucking idiot. Someone hit me up with the shocked pikachu meme, because this guy is the epitomy of it. He gets butthurt b/c he can’t take the same level of vitriol he dishes out, screeches about make-believe nazis, and is then SHOCKED when censors start censoring.
This jackwagon tried to make use of his connections to a monopolistic firm in an act of tortious interference and defamation to destroy one of his direct competitors, in flagrant violation of capitalist principles and free speech, and now that the blowback is hitting him?
“Oh, this is terrible, this is youtube’s fault.” No, it is YOURS, yours and every other oppression-happy fucktard who’s content is so fucking boring destroying your competition in anticompetitive and dlagrant violation of antitrust law is the only way your firms can survive.
Vox, Daily Beast, Vice, CNN, Fox, MSNBC and NBC, WaComPost, the failing NYT, all these news organizations need to just take their corporate charters and fucking burn them so we can get on with our lives and not have the corrupted vestigial cancerous herpes-ridden cocaine-addled..
... paint huffing, goat blowing, neckbearded, slovenly, boring, lying, toothless, ball-less, clueless, greedy, insecure, spineless, circlejerking, copy-pasting, perverted, loud, arrogant, pompous, feckless, illogical, fashion senseless, ugly, screeching, whining, fucking stupid..
.. modern American media constantly trying to drag us backwards by our tainthair into an ideological dark age where ‘heresy’ was in vogue as opposed to ‘white supremacist.’

These people are fucking stupid, they’re corrupt, they take money from whoever will pay them to print lies
And the minute a funnier, more interesting, smarter, and more erudite competitor steals their pitiful ass distant rumble of thunder? They fucking LOSE. THEIR. MINDS.

Whelp, congrats. Game on. Time for the gloves to come off.


When I sparred with Scott Adams a few months ago over his dumbassed chart in which facism spawned from capitalism, I countered by saying his entire model was FUCKING STUPID because at no point in history has capitalism led into fascism. Government intervention in the economy does
Currently, Youtube and other related social media giants get to flagrantly publishing laws which are meant to ensure the freedom of the press; not journalism in particular, but the ‘press’ being ANY FORM OF COMMUNICATION OTHER THAN SPOKEN. Such as the printing press.
Essentially, social media SHOULD go one of two ways. One is they act as a public forum which contains guarantees against censorship for users, the other is they act as publishers. This means they’re responsible for policing ALL content posted to them.
Youtube and other social media skate this by not going either direction. They partially police their sites with ‘community standards’ that are almost purely subjective and hidden behind a ‘We can kick you off whenever because we DGAF’ terms of service.
However, they don’t police everything and they then get to act as if they’re utterly immune to legal consequences from shit like CHILD EXPLOITATION VIDEOS. YOUTUBE. YOU ASSHOLES. TOSH.0 REVEALED THIS OVER FIVE YEARS AGO AND YOU DIDNT DO FUCK ALL.…
But where does government interventionism get involved? Simple; Alphabet, Google and thus Youtube’s overall parent company, is dumping FUCKING MILLIONS to politicians to ensure they never have to deal with the that should be governing their platforms.…
But how does this kind of shit lead to fascism? Simple. Fascist economics is, by and large, the government playong favorites with private corporations, picking out a select few winners who are allowed to grow as large and monopolistically abusive as they like.
Oh? You want an example?

BMW, the Nazi’s exlusive supplier for parts of the war machine, fueling much of the company’s growth, and even made use of Nazi slave labor camps, thus why BMW remains one of the largest auto manufacturers in the world.…
Fascism is the centralization of economic and political power under a few select oligarchic players plain and simple. The ruthless elimination of competition by having large monopolistic forms with bribed and indifferent or even complicit government backing in doing so is fascism
The Nazis, in their quest for censorship, would establish holding companies to obfuscate their connections to companies as they took over, drove out of business, or straight up bought out competing media firms.

Sounds a helluva lot like the Democrats and Obama’s media programs.
Hmmmmm..... social media giants blatantly cooperating with the Democrats... government programs dumping millions into friendly media organizations... outright cooperation with hack partisan groups like the SPLC to provide a casus belli for destroying competitors...

Wow. What do you fucking know. I’m so freaking shocked.
These people are that stupid.

Giant Meteor of Death 2020. I dont want to live on this planet anymore, not if I have to share it w/ dumbassed meth-addled mole people working as journalists screaming about white supremacists while they themselves are acting as the fascists.

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