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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! A telephone conversation between #Russian president Vladimir #Putin and Alexander #Lukashenko brought the Russian leader nothing but an additional headache.
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#Lukashenko gently denied #Putin almost all requests and refused to fulfill many of the earlier promises. Lukashenko confidently stated that if a decision is made on the offensive of Russian troops on #Ukraine from the territory of #Belarus, he will not interfere but...
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will not be able to help in any way. The order for sewing military uniforms for the Russian military will also not be fulfilled by the Belarusian side. On #Putin's proposal to come to #Russia for a meeting in the near future, #Lukashenko refused.
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#Ukrainian officials assess that #Russian forces are preparing to launch a large-scale decisive offensive in eastern Ukraine in mid to late February. ImageImageImageImage
2/ Key takeaways for February 6, 2023:

Select Russian nationalist voices continued to express skepticism towards #Russia’s ability to launch a successful offensive in #Ukraine past late February.
3/ German Chancellor Olaf Scholz undermined Russian President Vladimir #Putin’s false narrative that the provision of German tanks to #Ukraine threatens Russian security.
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#Ukranian channels celebrating use of chem weapons on #Russian soldiers.
After release of the canister the men appear to have spasms and neurological complications.
The whole video is set to a sarcastic tune about drowning
#WarCrimes of #Ukraine . These are the good guys?

Shaman group making the canisters and attaching them to drones
Claims this if for #Russians in #Bakhmut

Second video from Shaman grp. Bragging that the canisters all ready to deploy
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At the beginning of February 2022, #Biden warned that "if #Russia invades #Ukraine with tanks and troops, then there will be no more #NordStream2"
#ItsDone #NordStream: Fourth leak found as Russia and West trade blame over alleged sabotage of gas pipeline | Sep 29
- #EU and #US have stopped to directly accusing Russia, a #Kremlin official was rebuked after hinting that #Washington was #responsible.
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Pretty amazing video from a #Ukrainian amphibious incursion across the Dnieper from #Kherson to the #Russian held eastern bank. Source reported it recently, purports to be taken Feb 3rd. Cannot verify that & not sure if it was released previously. New to me. Geolocated below.
The fast boat we see is likely coming to pick up the UA soldiers & not drop them off though hard to tell. At first glance the raid seems rather pointless, endangering the men's lives for no obvious potential gain. The RU reaction likewise seems overkill as it is unlikely to have
killed any of the UA troops but did cause much damage on their side of the river. This alone could be the main point of the raid, plus intel gathering including noting the RU reaction. It is evident however that the RU forces at this point prefer a standoffish position along the
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1/ i'm not going to do the week end recap today - maybe update tomorrow as the situation remains almost the same (out of few couple meters here & there)
just want to let you know that for the last 24h there are 2 majors areas where RU & Ukr are confronting really hard (purple)
2/ one is the part above (for the hill - highground) above #Blahodatne (reminder read 8/9/ here below) :
3/ and also the South West of #Bakhmut, were Ukrainians are really doing a number there as they have decided not to let the Ru stay there as they were so closed to totally control the area. really hard battles there..
and Ru absolutely need the area to go on with their plan...
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Bombshell: Former Israeli prime minister says that Western leaders blocked #Ukraine & #Russia peace deal which he negotiated on #Zelensky request in March because they wanted to continue to strike Putin. He says that there was good chance of such deal.
Former Israel PM says that after #Putin promised him in March not to kill Zelensky & dropped demilitarization of #Ukraine demand, #Zelensky dropped NATO membership of Ukraine, which Bennett says was reason for #Russian invasion. But West blocked such deal.
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Senior Iranian officials flew to #Russia last month to visit site of planned factory meant to build at least 6,000 drones Moscow would use to target #Ukraine according to a WSJ report…
The visit took place in the #Russian town of Yelabuga, about east of Moscow
The Iranian delegation was led by Brig. Gen. Abdollah Mehrabi, head of the IRGC Aerospace Force Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization, and Ghassem Damavandian, the chief executive of Iran’s Quds Aviation Industry (involved in drone-manufacturing)
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#Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergei #Lavrov will visit #Baghdad today with a high-level delegation including businessmen politicians and journalists.

The conflict between NATO and Russia has created more space to maneuver in geopolitically speaking for nations like Iraq.
We hope this visit will reflect the new multipolar reality of the world. It is time Iraq uses the opportunity to shift out of the US sphere of influence (occupation) and build equitable relations with non alligned nations.
Iraq has lots to gain from a relationship with Russia in terms of investments in the energy sector, security, air defense systems etc.

Building strong relationships with countries such as Russia and China could start the dedollarisation process of the Iraqi economy.
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This is Day 347 of #Russia's war on #Ukraine and my 347th Daily Thread.

Welcome along to the place for all the news and analysis in one handy 🧵

Saturday was quiet, but here's the link in case you were busy and need a refresher:

Now for many in the #UK, today is "Happy Valley Day" - the finalé of the very popular TV series.

Actor Sarah Lancashire donated her police hat and shoulder numbers which raised over £4,000 for #Ukraine at a Halifax Ukrainian Club charity event.…
This morning's Intel update from the UK is the grimmest for a while. It seems they expect #Bakhmut to fall soon.

#StandWithUkraine Image
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Southern Ukraine Update:

Ukrainian forces continue to target Russian military assets in east (left) bank Kherson Oblast. 1/
Geolocated footage shows #Ukrainian forces striking a #Russian Tor M2DT air defense system 12km southwest of Nova Kakhovka, #Kherson Oblast and 8km from the east (left) bank of the #Dnipro River on February 3, the second instance in two days. 2/
The presence of these short-range air defense systems optimized for Arctic warfare near the riverbank suggests that the #Russian 80th Separate Arctic Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Northern Fleet is operating close to the riverbank and has brought its own air defense systems. 3/
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Eastern Ukraine Update:

Russian forces continued offensive operations in the Bakhmut area on February 4. 1/
The #Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister stated that #Russian forces have committed a substantial portion of their forces to offensive operations in the direction of #Bakhmut intending to break through Ukrainian defenses in the past week but that they have been unsuccessful. 2/
#Russian milbloggers are attempting to portray Russian offensives northeast of #Bakhmut and south of Kreminna as being a complementary effort to encircle Siversk. 3/
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NEW: #Russian decisive offensive operations are unlikely to target #Zaporizhia City from the western Donetsk–Zaporizhia frontline as the Russian military continues to prepare for an offensive in western #Luhansk Oblast.

Our latest:
2/ ISW continues to assess that Russia is concentrating troops and military equipment to stage a decisive offensive on the western Luhansk Oblast and Bakhmut areas.
3/ Western and Ukrainian military officials have repeatedly noted that Russian forces are likely setting conditions to reach the Luhansk and Donetsk oblast borders — an objective that Russian Chief of General Staff Army General Valery Gerasimov had also outlined on December 22.
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Die gute Nachricht - 116 Verteidiger der 🇺🇦sind frei. 87 Soldaten der #UA-Armee, 8 der @TDF_UA , 7 Nationalgardisten, 6 Polizisten, 5 Grenzschützer, 2 Matrosen und 1 Vertreter des Staatlichen Notdienstes. Die anderen nicht vergessen. 👇
#ArmUkraineNow #Russian #GLSDBAreFree
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1/ Mid day - Operational situation update/ #russian_invasion in #Ukraine on February 04, 2023
#Russian is slowly moving forward in a dozen of different areas & put maximum pressure but yet contained & minored success.
South #Bakhmut area one of them.
#AFU resist.
2/ To be honest i thought #Ukraine would have tried (much more) to push back Ru orcs in S-SO of #Bakhmut, because as explained earlier i think by the end of the month, the East side of Bakhmut will certainly be under Ru control, so #AFU could manage to control all the west side.
3/ but Russians have so many men there (and much much more to come quite soon) that if they dont take the control back up to Mayorsk, & if Ru take heights close to Tchasiv Yar, as said it would be even difficult to hold the West part of Bakhmut.
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Before delivering F-16s (Ukrainian pilots already training) and tanks to #Ukraine, #US-led NATO assures air protection first to try and push #Russia to use non-conventional weapons.

France, Italy ready to deliver SAMP/T anti-missile system to Ukraine…
The #US confiscated $5.4 million belonging to sanctioned #Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeyev, paving the way for the Russian funds to potentially be used to help rebuild war-ravaged #Ukraine and turn Russian against President Vladimir Putin.
The 5.4 million pave the way to rob hundreds of billions belonging to #Russia and #Russians and to force #Moscow to do the same so mainstream media can dem,onise the Russia government further.

It is a complete military and finasncial war.
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Absolutely devastating news today about US marine and volunteer medic Pete Reed being killed in #Bakhmut. His ambulance was apparently hit by #Russian shelling as he evacuated civilians. Pete was one of the most remarkable humans I have ever met in my years on the road. #petereed
2. I met Pete in Mosul in 2016. The Iraqi govt had banned civilian cars due to ISIS car bombs. NGOs were miles from the front. Injured civilians had nowhere to go. Pete set up in a house and got donated med equipment, treating soldiers and civilians alike. He was 27 years old.
3. Pete ended up offering triage to many Iraqi soldiers who had poor medivac facilities for troops, training many of them too. In one day on the front with him I saw him treat several children. Him and his team saved dozens, perhaps hundreds of lives.
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel!
Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin visited Volgograd, where he took part in events dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi troops in the Battle of Stalingrad.
Practically, #Putin took part in all events, except for a performance at a gala concert. Only in front of a large crowd of people, at a concert, he did not take risks and released a double who read a speech written by the president of #Russia personally.
Speaking to the public, the double, reading exclusively prepared material, strayed from the text several times and forgot to cough, like #Putin. But, on the whole, the double worked well. Since the double read-out with expression of the text that Putin personally wrote,...
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Following up on the Kreminna forest front. I believe it is critical for #Russian forces to seal off the length of the forest belt along the Siverskyi river. To do to this southern forest flank precisely what they were not able to do to the western flank of the Izium forest belt
a few months back (and as discussed in the quoted previous post). So this is what we are talking about, a combination of complex river system (Siverskyi Donets) or alluvial plain with natural dense forests, and a wider managed forestry plantation. Russia has been able to hold
Dobrova (which was key), and edges of the forest south of Kreminna. Torske and Zarichne are held by UA forces easily supplied from a build up in Lyman. However, with Dibrova in RU hands, UA forces are using river crossings in the south from the Siversk front to greatly multiply
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We now get to discuss the #Kreminna front finally. In light red (DPA map)we see very roughly future likely #Russian lines of advance around #Bakhmut & #Siversk. Hope to discuss those again in detail but for now let us assume these involve an operational encirclement of Bakhmut
(followed by a total one) and an advance on Siversk by hitting the strong eastern UA line from the rear, and advancing northwards along the high ground. This would push the front to the final Donbass line of defense, the formidable Kostyanivka - Slovansk line. The menacing
creature to the Russian effort is the often ignored Kreminna front, especially its thick forest belt. It is here where UA forces can leverage their preference for forest cover and assault the less densely defended northern/Kharkhov front, where they made such large gains a few
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Mobilization and Force Generation Efforts:

The #Wagner Group’s prison recruitment efforts may have slowed in previous months. 1/
The #Wagner Group’s reputation for committing convict recruits to highly attritional human wave attacks in eastern #Ukraine has likely engendered resistance among #Russian prisoners to Wagner Group recruitment efforts. 2/
The likely substandard physical condition of the majority of #Russia’s prison population for military service is likely also constraining the #Wagner Group’s prison recruitment effort. 3/
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🧵 While #ChatGPT is grabbing the headlines, pushing @GoogleAI (#LaMDA) and @Baidu_Inc to rush their plans to launch competitors, maybe it’s time to explore the security/privacy concerns generative AIs raise.

Here's a #thread on some of these, brought to you by @InfosecurityMag.
@GoogleAI @Baidu_Inc @InfosecurityMag First, @OpenAI’s #ChatGPT has already been used to develop #malware and other malicious tools, as @a_mascellino reported on January 9, 2023. #encryption #cybercrime cc @SShykevich @_CPResearch_…
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel!
Yesterday, #Russian president Vladimir #Putin held two meetings via video call. The first one was with representatives of the leadership of the security bloc. The second one was with the leadership of the military bloc.
At the meeting with representatives of the security bloc, they discussed the state of affairs in the country as a whole and in the "new territories" in particular. The question was raised about the movement of refugee flows from new territories to #Russia...
in the event of an effective counter-offensive of the Armed Forces of #Ukraine. #Putin very reluctantly joined the discussion of this topic. It was decided to send almost all new refugees from the territory of Ukraine to the sparsely populated regions of Siberia.
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#Russian sources have released this striking video purported to be of an S-300 AA battery being destroyed around Kreminna (a front I wish to update about shortly). I however have geolocated it to Lisa Stinka
aout 70km from the Kreminna front line. The S-300 is a very powerful proven anti air system. If the video is indeed new, the relative ease in which the RU UAV is flying over enemy territory to direct a strike on a S-300 (can't verify that but it does look like it) battery deep
behind enemy lines is further proof of the growing confidence and proficiency of of RU forces in the air. #Ukraine started out the war with up to 100 S-300 systems, though most were likely in a bad state of disrepair and many have been destroyed. However, a core group of working
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