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1. Drones are not the same as combat aircraft. In the war in #Donbas it soon became apparent that modern air combat strategies would not play a role in the conflict. After the July 2014 #Russian Buk shoot down of #MH17 with some other combat air loses around that time, the air
2. over Donbas was seldom scene of combat operations. The war became like WWI but with even less air combat. I can't think of another protracted modern war since the #Chinese civil war where air power figured as little as it did in 2015 in #Ukraine. Mostly artillery like #China.
3. At the time of the heaviest fighting we were giving the #Ukrainians very little material support. Some intel but for the most part they were on their own. Like now they needed #counterbattery radars & better howitzers. HIMARS ideally but at least the radars & our M777 155mms.
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My latest report from #Ukraine's uneasy frontline and the port city of Mariupol. Video by @VolodymyrYurch and @guardian film coming soon. With thanks to @USCC_center…
The Ukrainian troops I met are motivated, professional and ready to defend their homes. But it's also clear they are badly outgunned by (pro) #Russian forces. The war continues, with shots and grenade fire when we visited the spectacularly wrecked frontline village of Shyrokyne
"The village’s seaside complex resembles a phantasmagoric film set. An alley of pulverised flats leads on to a glass-strewn terrace. There is a rusted child’s bike, a washing machine and a savagely twisted bonnet from a GAZ-53 truck. Swimming is not advised: the beach is mined"
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If there is the possibility of aliens existing in our Galaxy, they would be laughing at us in this moment, because they would observe how incapable we are of stopping all ridiculous things that are happening including wars we are waging #mythread
on #Russia #Ukraine #USA
#EU 1/1 Image
#Baerbock calls for stable relations with #Russia but sees fundamental differences in frosty meeting with #Lavrov, stating Russian troop presence near #Ukraine had “no understandable reason” #Psaki says Russia could launch an attack in Ukraine “at any time”. 1/2
Baerbock opened dialogue by suggesting there is "no alternative to stable relations btw Moscow & Berlin”, confirming that she and the federal government want to continue to work on that. #FAZ 1/3
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After listening to drumbeat of #War I was decided to share my vision on ongoing crisis of #Ukraine
Long thread
#Russia #Ukraine #WW3 #history Image
First that western audience is missing - that's a truth why #Ukraine? Russia was not invading in Ukraine in #2014 and do not annex a #Crimea

People of Crimea decided on the referendum to walk away from Ukraine and join #Russia on 16 of March 2014 Image
To understand why people of #Crimea and after them people of #Donbas and leave behind #Ukraine where is #coup happened
We filmed a very tough documentary on that topic, if you didn't see that - there is a free copy from us

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More statements by US & #Ukrainian officials & media that Russia plans #falseflag operation to launch war with #Ukraine. But there is complete silence about false flag Maidan massacre that started escalating conflicts between #Russia & Ukraine & West.…
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Maidan massacre deja vu: Possible false flag attacks in #Ukraine now become mainstream issue. Blinken & Nuland warn about possible #Russian false flag attack. Conversely, Russian defense minister warns about possible chemical #falseflag attack in #Donbass.…
Nuland: It is #Russia that has prepared for internal sabotage, destabilization, and false flag options for #Ukraine…
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-Did #USA just checkmated #Russia in #Kazakistan
-As per Polish Gen Waldemar: Just one more step & NATO will be gone
-He blames #Germany for that
-Russia was adamant in #Ukraine, now forced to divide attention
-#Putin can't afford to ignore Kazakistan

@Chellaney @MD_Nalapat
-If democratic Muslim forces take power in Kazakhstan, it will leave #Putin’s orbit
-It would be big setback to grand #Russian plans
-#China also prefers autocratic leader in oil-rich neighbourhood
-#USA’s energy concerns: Exxon Mobil & Chevron have invested tens of bn of $
-#Kazakistan is world’s largest landlocked country
-It is bigger than the whole of Western #Europe
-This is the 1st time that Collective Security Treaty Organization, a #Russian equivalent of #NATO, has been invoked
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My La Razón (Spain) Interview Concerning the Protests and Violence in #Kazakhstan and Deployment of #Russian-led Forces. #KazakhstanProtest…
Key points in my La Razon interview: #KazakhstanProtest started because of increase of prices for liquefied petroleum gas which #Kazakhstan government subsidized. But they turned into violent attacks & seizures of government, police & security service headquarters & looting. 1/
It is not yet sufficiently clear as to why #KazakhstanProtest turned so violent, especially in the former capital city in the south of Kazakhstan, and who exactly the attackers, whom #Kazakhstan president branded as terrorists, were.
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Unfortunately, there are many reports of regime forces, propped by Russian army which invaded #Kazakhstan to bolster faltering dictatorahip under the "peacekeeping" ruse -
reports of Kazakh protesters being essentially locked within central city areas and eliminated/mass-murdered
The areas are cordoned/walled off and controlled mostly by #Russian army and few loyal #Kazakhstan regime forces, while the remaining protesters within those areas are finished off - brutally murdered.
The actual casualty number is not known, might be in the thousands.
Reports indicate that there are military trucks leaving those cordoned areas, which are under Russian control.

These trucks are filled to the brim with the civilian protesters' bodies/corpses.

Everything that is happening inside these areas is under strict Russian control.
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If you are in Europe or the US, you might have not heard that #Russian troops "intervened" in #Kazakhstan where the president gave orders to "kill without warning" today. #KazakhstanProtest #Kazachstan (wrong spelling, btw) 🧵
To sum it up, the poor revolted against the reign of Nur-Sultan Nazarbaev, the former president who stayed in power for 30 years, and his puppet, a current president. The army (more or less) sided with the people.
In response, and on the current Kazakh president's request, Putin sent "peacekeeping" paratroopers. Dozens are killed. Many political analysts are commenting on the dangerous situation. However, I have not seen anyone mention an important factor: Eurasianism.
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I still giggle at one of the more obscure Syriac names of God, although it represents in a nutshell the multi-lingual heritage of Syriac Christianity.

Some early Greek manuscripts of translations of the Hebrew Bible included graphical representations of the Tetragrammaton.
יהוה (Hebrew)
ΠΙΠΙ (Greek)

The visual connection is obvious, but of course if one were to try to sound out the Greek, it is read the opposite direction, and Π is 'p' and Ι is 'i' leading to a pronunciation "Pipi."

That's all ancient stuff, but it got into Syriac.
I've heard a rumor that Jacob of Edessa in the 7th/8th C wrote a polemic against those who call God "Pipi" (though I don't have the citation - citations welcome!).

Of course, in Syriac, it has no graphical relationship to the Tetragrammaton (ܦܝܦܝ), but that didn't stop it.
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In my CTV interview, I said that it's most dangerous moment in #Russia & #Ukraine conflict since #Russian annexation of Crimea & covert military interventions in #Crimea & #Donbass in support of pro-Russian separatists after violent overthrow of pro-Russian government in Ukraine
I said in my CTV interview that military buildup by #Russia near Ukraine border is like in 2014 & in 2021. #Putin & other #Russian leaders threatened to use military force if #Zelensky government would launch military operation in #Donbas or if #Ukraine would move to join #NATO
I said that Russia calls #Ukraine military threat because of NATO membership plans, Western military assets deployment & potential deployment of missiles even though Ukraine won’t join #NATO in near future. Ukraine & #Russia are like Canada & US because of long border & ties.
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"freedom gas"

PDF is from mid 2020;

It's fracked gas, US taxpayer subsidised, the areas where fracking occurs in US have regular earthquakes and water sources are dangerously polluted

Costs more to frack it than sell it in USA, so they export it here ImageImage
Having subsidised this fracking with hundreds of $billions of US taxpayer money, USA were determined to sell it. It was never a viable export either, coming in at more than triple the price of Russian gas, even without transport subsidies

Marine fuel is more polluting, produces more #NO2/#CO2 than aviation fuel. Any "green saving" is obliterated before "freedom gas" even arrives in Britain, let alone remote parts of Europe

#UK #EU hate #Russia so much, they are prepared to freeze us all ImageImage
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Polls are hardly valid measure of behavior. During coup attempt against #gorbachev, there were not even demonstrations in #Ukraine against coup, including in West Ukraine. #Ukrainian Communist turned overnight into supporters of independence after coup defeat.
Almost entire ruling Party of Regions & Communists & #Ukrainian military & security & police forces did not resist with arms after violent overthrow of #Ukraine government by means of Maidan massacre with Maidan leadership & far right involvement.…
Almost all Maidan government supporters & #Ukrainian military & security & police forces in #Crimea also did not resist with arms during #Russian annexation. Most military & security service & police there switched allegiance from #Ukraine to #Russia…
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1. Most #Ukrainian and #German experts interviewed for this investigation do not expect that a transit of power in Moscow will lead to an improvement of #Russia's relations to #Ukraine:…
@prismUA @EESRIorg @fes_russia @FESonline @FES_Europa @FESnewsbrief
2. While being a #German living in #Ukraine, I find myself, in contrast, in agreement with most #Russian experts who were polled in this #expertsurvey and who think that a change of leadership would have positive repercussions for Russian-#Ukrainian #relations.
3. Many thanks to #MarcelRöthig and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, and @MaksymKhylko of the Foreign Policy Council "#UkrainianPrism"​ for this excellent study!…
CC: @TerekMedia @NEC_Ukraine @ukraineoffice @UkrVerstehen @post_ukrainian @H__Ukraine @ACEurasia
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1/7 Thread on Rising #Impact of NATO-#DeepState
#Warmongering on the #European Gas #Imports
from #Russia.

The #Yamal Natural #Gas #Pipeline:

Cost: $36 Billion
Diameter of 14,20cm
Capacity 33 billion m³ a year.
Squeezed by warmongering:

2/7 Dec. 14, 2021 - #Yamal-#Europe #Gas
flows #Stable: Press.

#Belarus leader Alexander #Lukashenko has made repeated #Threats to halt operations on a #Pipeline that sends #Russian natural #Gas to #Europe:…
3/7 Dec. 15, 2021 - #Russian #Gas #Exports
to #Europe via #Yamal #Pipeline #Rises,
despite warning by Alexander #Lukashenko
from #Minsk, #Belarus:

"To suspend the #Transit of natural gas in response to Western #Sanctions, boosting spot #Gas #Prices."

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I said in my live interview today to @globalnews Radio in Canada that current US - #Russia conflict is most serious since violent overthrow of #Ukrainian government in 2014, subsequent #Russian annexation of Crimea in response to it & start of the war in #Donbas
@globalnews #Russia regards promised #NATO membership of #Ukraine & Western weapons deployment there as threat similarly to US during Caribbean crisis when Soviet Union deployed missiles with nuclear weapons in #Cuba. Russia also opposes policies of #Ukrainian governments since 2014.
My research suggests that possibility of war between #Russia & #Ukraine increased significantly. However, crisis in unlikely to reach level of #Cuban Missile Crisis. #Biden & other US & NATO officials confirmed that there won’t be direct military involvement of US & NATO.
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"Garbage in, garbage out" again dominates narratives by Western politicians, media & self-proclaimed experts on escalating conflicts involving #Ukraine. They omit or misrepresent that #Maidan massacre was perpetrated with involvement of elements of Maidan leadership & far right.
False-flag #Maidan massacre led to overthrow of #Ukrainian government & ultimately to #Russian annexation of Crimea, civil war in #Donbas, Russian military intervention in Donbas & escalating & dangerous conflicts between Ukraine & #Russia & West & Russia.
Without understanding #Maidan massacre & who was involved in this massacre it's impossible to understand & resolve peacefully internal & international conflicts involving #Ukraine. It's no accident that scholars who researched them continue to be deliberately ignored or censored.
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1/5 A slice of my life! Walking you through diff pavilions at #Expo2020 in Dubai.
So first, sharing the VERTICAL CINEMA experience. 👇
Prolly soon we’ll all b lying down and staring up to watch #3D movies/ videos. 😊

Video is frm #US, #SKorea and the #Australian pavilion.
2/5 At the #Germany’s pavilion it was all about group activities and Earth. In the video— as the swings moved collectively, the lights came down. And there wr other similar group activities in the pavilion. Prolly one of the best pavillions at the #Expo2020 to visit in groups.
3/5 At the #Saudi Pavilion, the concept of VERTICAL cinema was reversed. We had to look down. 👇It felt as if the land and hills around wr real and moving. But the same 3D experience as video in tweet-1, sans any glasses. #ExpoDubai2020 #Expo2020
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On a leaked audio recording, chairman of the #Hungarian parliament #KövérLászló calls 🇭🇺opposition the most significant #NationalSecurity threat the country is facing and asks the 🇭🇺 domestic intelligence agency to mitigate this threat. (THREAD 1/5)…
#Kövér addressed the leadership of the domestic intelligence/counter-intelligence agency #AVH in February 2020.
3/5 This piece of information may shed new light on the #PegasusAffair in 🇭🇺 & raises the impression that #IntelligenceAgencies may be systematically used by the incumbent #OrbanRegime in #Hungary to conduct surveillance of the #DemocraticOpposition, independent journalists ...
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Classic cases of “they first came for” & witch-hunters becoming witch hunted: #Zelensky accuses Akhmetov of involvement in imminent coup plot with #Russia, while Akhmetov’s & Poroshenko’s proxies accuse head of Office of President of #Ukraine & his deputy of being #Russian agents
All of them supported #Zelensky witch hunt against opposition parties’ leaders on trumped-up charges of state treason on behalf of #Russia. Confrontation between Zelensky & oligarchs, who control TV, suggests real possibility that he might be overthrown before end of presidency.
I noted in my TV interview before his confrontation with Akhemtov, whose TV channels now turned against Zelensky: #Zelensky became president of #Ukraine because of support from oligarchs & their TV channels. Lose of such support would lead to further drop of his popularity.
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1, #Germany's new government's #coalitionagreement of the @SPDbt, @Die_Gruenen and @FDP, on the #EuropeanEunion's #EasternNeighborhood: "We are working together with the #EU and its member states on the further development of the #EasternPartnership.
2. States such as #Ukraine, #Moldova & #Georgia, which are striving to join the EU, should be able to move closer through consistent rule-of-law and market-economy reforms. We will react decisively and reliably to democratic upheavals and be a partner to the democracy movements.
3. We want to facilitate civil society exchanges through targeted visa facilitation. We will continue to support Ukraine in restoring full territorial integrity and sovereignty. @UkrVerstehen @H__Ukraine @PromoteUkraine @NEC_Ukraine @intercourier_ua @UaPosition @CPD_UA @gazeta_ua
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US & #Ukrainian governments "crying wolf" about imminent #Russian invasion of #Ukraine & misrepresenting war in #Donbas as war with #Russia for last 7 1/2 years make it difficult to know if their latest claims are real or fake, like before.…
My research suggests that possibility of new #Russian military intervention in #Donbas or even war with #Ukraine increased as result of failure by #Zelensky to implement Minsk agreements, which were signed as result of Russian military interventions, & his belligerent shift.
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@Jeremy_Hunt As you know my @NHSuk care has been #blocked #hacked undermined from 1998 when my notes went 'missing'-looking back in the notes I do have, my low WBC, thyroid, immune, autoimmune conditions were covered up from 2001 #UKcorruption @EHRC @GOVUK…
@Jeremy_Hunt You ignored me from 2011-I paid for German medical care 2012-15 BUT #MI6 @GOVUK with @JointCtteNSS covering up-sadistically doctored my blood tests, blocked that care too from May 2014 @gmcuk putting my life at risk AGAIN
#UKCorruption @EHRC…
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