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BREAKING: @ODNIgov issues assessment on Worldwide Threats a day before intel chiefs testify before lawmakers

"#Beijing, #Moscow, #Tehran, & #Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability & intent to advance their interests at the expense of the UnitedStates...despite the pandemic"
"#China increasingly is a near-peer competitor, challenging the United States in multiple arenas...#Russia is pushing back against #Washington where it can globally, employing techniques up to and including the use of force" per Annual Threat Assessment…
"#Iran will remain a regional menace w/broader malign influence activities" per @ODNIgov report "#NorthKorea will be a disruptive player on the regional & world stages"
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House price growth in northern cities and towns is continuing to outpace southern locations, including London, according to the latest UK Land Registry data.…
Liverpool had risen 16.7% since the UK first went into lockdown last year.


In the City of London, the capital's financial district, prices were down 6.5% since March last year. In Westminster and Tower Hamlets, property prices were down 5% & 4.7% respectively.
Australian residential property markets are super hot, with all capital cities experiencing strong auction clearance rates and rapidly rising values.…
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It's Time to Get Back To The Future!

10 Predictions About The Future of #Telcoin

#SendMoneySmarter $TEL Image
#Telcoin represents a look at the future of #fintech, #crypto, and the way people view efficiency, security and convenience with regard to many aspects of managing their money and investments.
Sadly, many newcomers to $TEL have little vision, depth of understanding, or patience when it comes to what #Telcoin has been building... and what's coming next.

These are my predictions for those needing perspective and patience.
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#Thread about #Kangaroos #Australia #animals #USA #trade #AnimalsMatterAF #Shoes #Nike #fashionstyle :

California banned the import of kangaroo products in 1971. Now politicians from both camps want to extend the ban to the whole of the USA.…
However, the commercially hunted kangaroos are not critically endangered species.
However, it is difficult to monitor the ban. The corresponding police unit is already fully occupied with monitoring the illegal trade in ivory and other exotic animals.
Eating kangaroo meat is certainly not for everyone, and the meat is an absolute niche product.
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Russian military equipment on the Crimean Bridge. 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, various trucks, BMP-3 IFVs. Wonder what's going on!!!
Go time?

Lots of Russian movements lately. Biden called Putin the Killer days ago! Russia said it will respond aptly.
Russian airborne division moving quite a lot of Arsenals to #Crimea
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A report released by @theACIJ and @JusticeMyanmar has revealed the extent of the relationship between @Adaniports and MEC - a company owned by the #Myanmar military.

Documents show Adani Ports is paying up to $US52 million to the #Myanmar military via the development of a container port in Yangon.

The same military that has killed and is still killing hundreds of innocent people protesting its 1 Feb coup.

.@Adaniports claimed it never "engaged with military leadership" of #Myanmar - but now photos and video have emerged of Adani Ports execs schmoozing the top Myanmar general in 2019.

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#BREAKING #covid19 #vaccine
#AstraZeneca crap BAN
#AstraZeneca 10% efficacy against #VOC #B1351
Causes blood clots in women under 55
Not used around world for over 65s

@ScottMorrisonMP, @GregHuntMP, @PKelly_CBR,
brendan murphy (@healthgovau), @PKelly_CBR,
They have no idea what they are doing. That is why I have classified them as dick swingers.

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#Australian Police raid on luxury car firm part of aggressive crackdown on deadly crime family feud; combatants are the Alameddine and the Hamzy families (muslims) in Sydney, Australia’s largest city; Raptor Squad target founders of Brothers 4 Life gang.

#Australia - Inside the Alameddine crime crew wreaking havoc across #Sydney's west – from shopping centre brawls and gun-running to the cold-blooded execution of a police accountant
Talal Alameddine is an #ISIS sympathiser who showed no remorse.…
The Rise Of Middle Eastern Crime In #Australia
Lebanese muslim family Terrorises Neighbourhood
I believe that the rise of Middle Eastern organised crime in Sydney will have an impact on society unlike anything we have ever seen.(2006 😉)…
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If U are looking for #opportunities in d USA & Canada, U will need to read this. I've posted many #Scholarships recently for #MSc & #PhD for youths. U are unable to apply cos of #GRE. I'll share why GRE & what U need to know @wakawaka_doctor @Oludeewon @olumuyiwaayo @AishaYesufu
What is GRE General Test?
This test was created by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to evaluate academic readiness of the individual for grad. school. Majority of grad. schools in Canada and USA, require this test as a part of the prerequisites to gain admission.@MrParamode
You CAN’T just wake up & decide to write GRE the next day. It takes a lot of effort & hard work.U have to follow processes, ensure U invest time & resources to achieve ur goal. In simple terms, GRE is more than cramming vocabulary words or skimming through basic mathematics.
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¿Sabías que...?

Se ha observado que los #calderones comunes (Globicephala melas) del hemisferio sur muestran un posible repertorio de llamadas que imita a las #orcas (Orcinus orca).

Pero.. ¿con qué motivo hacen esto? 👇👇👇

📸Barney Moss
Como ya sabemos, los #cetáceos se comunican a través del sonido para encontrar comida, pareja, reconocer su entorno e interactuar socialmente.

📸Tobias Bernhard
Sus vocalizaciones varían entre especies e incluso dentro de las especies (grupos con dialectos propios).

📸Tui De Roy
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"It is now well-established that most pediatric #antidepressant trials were #industry-sponsored & had serious methodological limitations; many trials remained unpublished due to unfavorable results, "

#Children: the sacrificial lambs of capitalism.…
"& those published were mostly ghost-written, selectively reported efficacy outcomes & misrepresented the true rate of treatment-emergent #suicidal events"

Those that claim to care about your health allow #pharmacological & #psychological experimentation on #children & #youth.
"in most countries #antidepressant use has considerably increased in #children & #adolescent over the last 10–15 years (11–13), despite #suicidality warnings, the serious limitations of the evidence-base, & ongoing controversies surrounding risks [] [and] #placebo response."
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📢Escándalo en #Australia: encubrieron los
efectos secundarios que les provocó a los marineros la💉cov d

Los principales medios de no quieren que nadie
sepa que los soldados de la Armada australiana
caen como moscas desde que las💉contra el corona

Numerosas historias que👇🏽
detallan los horribles acontecimientos adversos sufridos por los miembros del ejército australiano han sido completamente borradas de la web. Algunas de ellas han sido sustituidas por piezas de propaganda muy asépticas que afirman que solo
se observan efectos secundarios leves👇🏽
Gregg Hunt, Ministro de Salud de Australia, que impulsó las inyecciones experimentales de terapia génica a los militares de su país, cayó él mismo «gravemente enfermo» sólo un día después de recibir la💉contra el virus

Nuestro ministro de Salud sigue en el hospital desde
el día
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1/23. Does #Australia know what it is doing with vaccines?

The answer is NO.

#covid19 #covid19Aus #vaccines #Pfizer #AstraZeneca Image
2/23. Most countries around the world are in a hurry to vaccinate to reduce the death toll of #COVID19 and to slow down its spread.

#Australia is already at #ZeroCovid so what is it doing?
3/23. The first people they vaccinated were quarantine workers because they are most likely to become infected.

A problem with this is that a vaccinated person can still contract Covid19 (but hopefully not become seriously ill) and can still transmit the virus onto someone else.
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1. Good morning, everyone! Turns out it's not so simple for me to purchase shares of @Vemanti $VMNT. I must adhere by SEC Rule 10B-18. Our counsel is drafting up the memo. Will share with you.

Also, I want to give you a brief summary of what we're working on.
2. We have:

- #fintech M&A transactions which we expect to close by end of Q2. These are already-established players in their respective markets. One w/ 2M+ users. Part of our pan-Asia strategy. This will take us to another level in terms of P&L fundamentals and growth.

- a multi-layer yield #Blockchain #Stablecoin #Crypto project with key partners. Working through the operational details. Aiming to launch this in Q2. Goal is to use #cryptocurrencies to power #fintech products and services that real people and businesses can use.
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Oppressed people around the world , freedom fighters around the world please take notice and learn the lessons being taught by the people of #Yemen.
Yemen; few barefeet men with nothing but machine guns have withstood against a coalition of more than ten countries being
supported openly and secretly by the #USA, #UK , #France , #Germany, #Spain , #Canada , #Australia ..etc. These barefeet fighters have withstood a six years blockade. They have stood and fought armies of hundreds of thousands of mercenaries brought from different countries
around the world , supplied with the most advanced western military heardware , being lead by the highest military commanders from #USA , #UK , #israhell ...etc.
These #Yemeni barefeet fighters have withstood the 24 hours bombardment of the most advanced #American , #British
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Australia:rape allegations vs Attorney General & male staffer
Zimbabwe:VP resigned over sexual misconduct allegation
NY:sexual assault allegations vs Governor
Senegal:rape allegation vs opposition leader
UK:police officer charged w murdering a woman
What fucking world is this?
And remember home is not safer.

This pandemic has been a horrifying reminder, with a spike globally in intimate partner terrorism and domestic abuse (from April 2020) 🎥 @rerutled

“Her body has become a battleground on which powerful men are fighting for political leverage over each other.”… #FreeAdjiSarr #FreeSenegal #March4Justice #ReclaimTheseStreets
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Happening now: @INDOPACOM Commander, Adm Phil Davidson testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee
.@INDOPACOM "laser focused" on @SecDef Lloyd Austin's top 5 priorities, starting w/#COVID19

"We also remain deeply focused on cultivating a safe environment for our DoD fulfill their oath to the Constitution" he says
"We must also work to eliminate sexual assault, sexual harassment, racism & extremism, which have no place within our ranks" per @INDOPACOM's Davidson "Such abhorrent behaviors are inconsistent w/our values & the principles we are sworn to defend"
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#Australia #EU #Canberra #Coronavirus #VACCINE

After the delivery stop of the corona vaccine from the European Union, Australia and other countries want to put pressure on Brussels to still receive the agreed doses.
Trade Minister Dan Tehan told the ABC broadcaster that it was "vaccination protectionism" on the part of the EU. He was "incredibly disappointed" with Italy's decision to block the export of 250,000 doses of Astrazeneca's vaccine.
There are concerns that the EU could hold back future deliveries. #Australia plans to work with #Canada, #Japan, #Norway and #NewZealand to urge the #EU to change its mind, Tehan said.
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On #InternationalWomensDay we'd like to pause and celebrate just a small slice of the enormous contributions to science women have made here at SFI.

Read the thread below for links to some of their own favorite research papers, and a few nominated by other SFI faculty members:
First off, these papers on #FoodWebs led by our VP for #Science, Jennifer Dunne:

[@royalsociety Proceedings B]…


...and this interview she did for @QuantaMagazine:…

#Ecology #Ecologist
Next, two papers on how humans navigate and process #information co-authored by SFI External Prof @DaniSBassett (@Penn):

+ summary:…

+ summary:…
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You are not anti-vaxxer if you ask questions about vaccines. Don't let anyone bully you into believing that.
All individuals have the right to transparent data on vaccines, clear information on safety and efficacy, and bodily autonomy.1
Letter by @ejminoz…
"the rallies that took place on Saturday 20 February, widely reported as ‘anti-vax,’ were in fact anti-mandatory vaccination rallies... these rallies were also concerned with issues of coercion and compulsion to vaccinate, as well as bodily autonomy and informed consent." 2/
"The evidence for these interventions [NPIs] does not exist, and yet they have been MANDATED by supposedly democratic governments." 3/
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