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#HudumaBill2019 defines “birth” as "means the issuing forth from the mother after the expiration of the twenty-eighth week of pregnancy, whether alive or dead"

In other words, your kid gets recorded on the slave plantation manager's books for being alive #ResistHudumaNamba
Before #hudumanamba, I would have agreed with having one database with all of one's information. To save yourself the trouble of reproducing the same data at different places.

But wakenya, it is isphilosophically bad and fundmametally inhuman #HudumaBill2019 #ResistHudumaNamba
First, it is not our job to make GoK's work easier. It is the job of different agencies to liase with each other about what they are doing. But instead of that, they are branding HUMAN BEINGS with 666 at birth till death. #resisthudumanamba
A baby who breathes for only one hour will get a huduma namba. Imagine being a mother who loses her baby after a few hours or days, and then having to clear the baby's #hudumanamba. Did @FirstLadyKenya, who claims to care for child birth, approve this nonsense? #resisthudumanamba
@FirstLadyKenya And this #hudumanamba is supposed to be global. If you give birth outside Kenya, your kid must get the number.

This is government laziness. They want people to do their work for them. If civil servants are too dumb to think complexly, they should get another job. #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya Now let me get to why #hudumabill2019 is a slave law like of the plantation days.

1. The number WILL BE PERMANENT and the ONLY identification. Think of it. Nothing on that chip will be alterable. Any data put on that number will define you, rather than the other way round.
@FirstLadyKenya So the way people's skin color automatically identified them as slaves, the government decides who you are by the data it has, and whether it's wrong or whether you change, that's just to bad. That's slavery.

The philosophers left in Kenya need to speak against #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya Our humanity is too complex for us to reduce it to a single number from a single institution. We have history, families, emotions, experience, and we cannot allow one institution, which is manipulated by foreigners and business interests, to decide who we are #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya Painful human experiences are going to be manipulated, coded and dehumanized by #hudumabill2019. I've already mentioned losing infants. Imagine, even marriage will be hudumanized. So if your marriage ends, GoK will keep track of your painful history and keep using it against you.
@FirstLadyKenya But worse, if you are in a marriage with a psychotic spouse, they can use your huduma namba to track you down, since your identity is one and is permanent.

Watch any sci-fi movie and see all the things that can go wrong with the 666 numba #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya Here is another insidious clause of #hudumabill2019
"The design of the Huduma card shall continually consider advances in technology, and subject to appropriate guidelines, a non-physical mobile Huduma card may be issued"

What does "non-physical mobile" mean?
@FirstLadyKenya Writing a law today to cover a future that you don't even know is bad jurisprudence. If the government has a plan to make huduma namba more evil, they should just spell it out in the law. Not give GoK a blank cheque to make changes in the future without telling us #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya Someone explain what this means:
"The Cabinet Secretary shall ensure the structure and design of the NIIMS is output oriented, technology neutral, flexible, and has no technology lock-ins by any vendor."

What does "output oriented" mean? What output? For whom? #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya There is nothing like technology neutral. All technology has human biases written into it, because it is made by human beings. I know GoK people don't read, but let me still recommend Cathy O'Neil's research on "weapons of math destruction" #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya And what vendors are we talking about here? What does "lock-in" mean? #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya Here's another evil clause of the #hudumabill2019
Every GoK agency offering a public service shall be linked to the NIIMS database in such manner as to enable such agency to–
(a) authenticate personal data in their possession with NIIMS; and
@FirstLadyKenya (b) transmit, access or retrieve information necessary for the proper discharge of agency’s functions. #hudumabill2019

How is GoK sure that every one of those agencies has the correct data?

With all the different agencies accessing the same data, how are our nambas safe?
@FirstLadyKenya Again when it comes to women, #hudumabill2019 is just insane.

Every mother (not father) will have to give a history of her childbirths every time she is registering a new born for a huduma numba
@FirstLadyKenya And if a mother does not register her baby for #hudumanamba within 90 days, she will pay a penalty.

#Hudumabill2019 is nothing less than policing bodies and degrading women.

@mucheru @fredmatiangi what kind of dehumanized people are you?
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi #Hudumabill2019 is a desecration of humanity and reduces women to human making machines.

@StateHouseKenya we know you got this slave law from the Americans. And read the code noir - yes, we went to school - this is what happened to women during slavery.

Shame on you.
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya #hudumabill2019 says nothing about who is actually authorized to have access to that data. It talks only of those who are not authorized.

The bill is very scanty on how it will protect the data. It leaves it up to the Permanent Secretary. What do political appointees know?
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya The #hudumabill2019 slave plantation committee will include these two ministries - labour and education.

That means that schools will forward data on kids without parents' knowledge.

This is a breach of at so many levels.
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya 1. Schools should not be giving data on minors to anybody without the parents' consent.
2. Teachers are ethically obligated to maintain confidentiality on our students.
3. Data on academic achievement is very narrow and does not represent a person's entire life #hudumabill2019
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya #Hudumabill2019 is a slave law. The government lacks the intellectual, philosophical and institutional capacity to offer service as we appointed it to do, so now it seeks to criminalize the citizens so that we have to justify our use of services by using a number.
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya #Hudumabill2019 violates our INALIENABLE rights as citizens to healthcare and education by criminalizing access to those services.

#Hudumabil2019 violates the rights of a child as a minor, by requiring schools to upload data of kids on the NIIMS without parents' consent
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya #Hudumabill2019 is misogynist, reducing women to birthing machines that have to register every birth from their wombs, registering women's birth history, and criminalizing women for not submitting the data in the stipulated time.

@EstherPassaris kazi kwako
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya @EstherPassaris #Hudumabill2019 also violates our right to privacy, and makes people in abusive marriages particularly vulnerable because they can be tracked down

#Hudumabill2019 gives no provision for people to expunge or change their identities, which is their right as human beings
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya @EstherPassaris Above all, GoK lacks the capacity to understand and implement #hudumabill2019 in a way that does not violate the humanity of Kenyans. Look at #competencybasedcurriculum which is meant to dumb down Kenyans, and the @EduMinKenya was not able to notice from when UNESCO proposed it
@FirstLadyKenya @mucheru @FredMatiangi @StateHouseKenya @EstherPassaris @EduMinKenya As @JerotichSeii said, this government is too dumb, too corrupt and too stupid to understand the larger philosophical and global issues it's playing with. With #hudumabill2019, GoK is selling Kenyans to foreign capital, and GoK is too stupid to know and too corrupt to care.
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