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Contrary to reports, Negeri Sembilan police confirm Nora Quoirin’s disappearance is still being treated as a “missing persons” case and not an abduction. No updates yet, I’m told.
More than 130 people are searching for Nora Quoirin, 15, from London. The charity helping the family says police have told them they‘re treating this as both a missing persons & abduction case. But police maintained later it was still the former & Nora may still be in the area.
JUST IN: As of 5.17pm, no sign of Nora Quiorin yet. Negeri Sembilan police chief says the search for Nora began today at 7.30am, going over places they had searched before, including with a helicopter. This evening they will look downhill, including near the river.
“She may be lost... we will keep looking for her,” says the Negeri Sembilan police chief.
Asked about reports that residents believe there is a mystical element to Nora Quoirin’s disappearance, the police chief tells the reporter to use his own assessment. “How can I prove that?”
Sniffer dogs haven’t been able to detect anything but they’re most useful at picking up scents on the first day that someone disappears, says the state police chief. However, they’re still being used to help search for Nora Quoirin.
On reports that she was wearing her underwear when she disappeared, police say this was just an extrapolation based on what Nora’s mother thought she had worn to bed.
“We are still classifying this case as a missing persons case. There is no evidence to suggest it is an abduction,” says the Negeri Sembilan police chief on Nora Quoirin’s disappearance.

There’s no clues to suggest any struggle took place either.
Deputy Inspector-General of Police of Malaysia: No criminal element detected in Nora Quoirin’s disappearance and the case is classified as a “missing person” investigation. The public is advised not to spread false information about her case.
Despite police statements, Nora Quoirin's family believe she was abducted. "She never goes anywhere by herself. We have no reason to believe she wandered off and is lost," they said in their own statement.
Four days on, the search continues for 15-year-old Nora Quoirin.
Divers and sniffer dogs are part of the search and rescue efforts but so far, no sign of Nora Quoirin. More to come at 3pm.
The Nora Quoirin case is still classified as a missing persons case but they are considering all possibilities & have interviewed several people. > 200 people involved in the search and rescue ops overall including a dive team. Two drones, six sniffer dogs also being used.
“Malaysian jungle tribe” used by the Irish Mirror to describe the indigenous Orang Asli communities who’ve joined in to help the search for Nora Quoirin 🤔
Nora Quoirin’s family thanks search and rescue teams, embassies, hotel staff, local communities for their help.

“We are completely overwhelmed by the support we have received from all over the world. This is extremely traumatic for the whole family”.
Four sniffer dogs and two drones are also being used in the search for Nora Quoirin.
Police want to use a recording of Nora Quoirin’s mother’s voice to help with the search. Right now, search teams are calling out her name but they’re hoping a more familiar voice will reach her.
Police updates from Day 5 of the search for Nora Quoirin:
• No positive leads; still a "missing person"
• 267 people in S&R
• helicopter capable of thermal imaging has joined search
• her photos have been distributed to police manning roads etc; Nur alert issued on her too
Malaysian police are in touch with Interpol too on Nora Quoirin's disappearance.
Police believe Nora Quoirin left through a window at The Dusun resort where she was staying, which was found open when she was discovered missing on Sunday morning.

(Photos from the police)
Police joined hundreds of residents in special prayers to aid the search and rescue operations for Nora Quoirin at the Pantai Mosque in Negeri Sembilan today.

(📷: Negeri Sembilan police)
Day 6 update on the search for Nora Quoirin by police:
• NO footprints found despite reports quoting fire and rescue department personnel as saying there were
• although classified as a missing persons case, criminal investigation teams have been involved since day 1
260 people are involved in the search including members of a special forces unit which specializes in jungle warfare and tracking, VAT 69, the Federal Reserve Unit and local residents/ members of the indigenous community there.
Asked if the window could be opened from the outside, police said if it wasn’t locked, it could. Reporters also asked about the family. The mum arrived from Singapore while the dad & kids came from London - but they arrived within 15-30 mins of each other.
The Negeri Sembilan state police chief hopes they’ll find more clues on Nora Quoirin’s whereabouts as more personnel join the search and more search zones are added. He has appealed for an end to speculation and false statements.
Anyone with information on Nora Quoirin’s disappearance should contact the following numbers.

Police have shared this video of Nora Quoirin’s mother thanking everyone who is helping to search for her 15-year-old daughter.

“We are extremely impressed with the effort, your expertise, your dedication and we hope you find Nora and thank you so much. Terima kasih”
Irish citizen Nora Quoirin has been missing for seven days. Search and rescue personnel in Muslim-majority Malaysia will be spending the Hari Raya Haji or Eid al-Adha holiday looking for her, hence the address below as well.
A statement from Nora Quoirin’s family explains the 15-year-old has holoprosencephaly.

“Her verbal communication is limited. Nóra can read like a young child, but she cannot write more than a few words. She has a good memory but she cannot understand anything conceptual....“
“She cannot make or receive phone calls independently... Nóra likes to walk with her family, but her balance is limited and she struggles with coordination. She has been to Asia, and many European countries before, and has never wandered off or got lost.“
“Nóra is very sensitive. Outside the family, Nóra is very shy and can be quite anxious. Every night, her special time is for cuddles and a night-time story with her Mum. And she was extremely excited about the family holiday in Malaysia.”
Police updates on Day 7 of the search for Nora Quoirin:
• still no evidence of an abduction; search narrowed to a “4 map square” area
• taxi driver who transported Nora’s family questioned, homes of resort workers checked, criminal backgrounds of those in the area checked
“Of course we are very worried about her welfare and we do not how long she can survive,” says the Negeri Sembilan police chief when asked if cops are worried about Nora Quoirin, 7 days in

“We don’t have evidence.. that somebody has sighted her anywhere”.
Day 8 of the search for Nora Quoirin continues, with Muslim search and rescue personnel stopping to take part in prayers to mark the Aidiladha celebration.

(📷: Police)
Negeri Sembilan police chief says in 10 years, there has never been a missing persons case at the Dusun. 296 people took part in the search for Nora Quoirin today.

A special hotline has been set up: 0111-2285058
DAY 9: As of 1030am, the search team for Nora Quoirin has grown to 348 people from various agencies as well as local residents.
“We will continue to search for her”. Day 9 of the search focused on Gunung Berembun, a mountain near the Dusun resort where Nora Quoirin disappeared. Malaysia’s Transport Minister @anthonyloke visited the search and rescue area today too.

📷: Negeri Sembilan police
Malaysian police confirm authorities from England, Ireland and France have been in the country to assist in the search for Nora Quoirin.
JUST IN: RM50,000 reward for any information that directly helps family/ police find 15-year-old Nora Quoirin. Contact 0111-2285058.
Nora Quoirin’s mother reads out the statement announcing the RM50,000 reward for information that can directly lead to her being found.

“She has been vulnerable since the day she was born”.
The Lucie Blackman Trust, which has been supporting Nora Quoirin’s family, says it is aware of reports that a body has been found in the search and are “urgently seeking clarification”. Police have yet to make an official statement on the matter.
BREAKING: Police confirm a body has been found during the search for Nora Quoirin, which the Lucie Blackman Trust has confirmed as well. While investigations are underway to confirm who it is, the Trust says “it sadly seems likely” that it is Nora.
Police have told reporters at the scene that the body was discovered after a report made by a member of the public at 1.57pm. The body’s skin colour was reportedly “white” indicating the deceased is Caucasian. malaymail.com/news/malaysia/…
With the body found apparently 2km from the Dusun resort on Day 10, many questions remain, if it is Nora Quoirin. Did search teams not look in that area, somehow miss her or was the body left there recently? Media are standing by for police comments.
JUST IN: Negeri Sembilan police says
• authorities alerted of body at 1.57pm
• she was found “unclothed”, around 2km from the resort in a hilly area with a ravine
• body had to be “winched” out
• Nora Quoirin’s parents are on the way to the mortuary to identify the body
No other white-skinned females reported missing in the area.

“We are very certain (the body belongs to Nora Quoirin)’” says the Deputy Inspector General of Police.

Still classified as a missing persons case for now.
JUST IN: Nora Quoirin, 15, confirmed dead, 10 days after she disappeared from the Dusun resort. Her parents identified the body at the morgue earlier and a post mortem will be carried out at 10am tomorrow, according to the Negeri Sembilan police chief.
JUST IN: Nora Quoirin’s family in a statement says “the cruelty of her being taken away is unbearable. Our hearts are broken.”

“She has truly touched the whole world.”
A postmortem to determine Nora Quoirin’s cause of death was scheduled for 10am this morning. Police are due to update media at 5pm. Criminal investigators have been at the area where her body was found and the results will inform what they do next.
Nora Quoirin’s postmortem to take another 2 hours. It was scheduled to start at 10am so it’s taken approximately 10 hours so far. News conference by police pushed to 8pm.
Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister extends condolences to Nora Quoirin’s family.
Local and international media standing by for police updates on the Nora Quoirin investigation, including any preliminary results from her postmortem.
JUST IN: Postmortem on Nora Quoirin’s body still ongoing so police cannot provide a cause of death yet. It started at 11.45am.
Two senior pathologists and two forensic chemists are involved in the postmortem on Nora Quoirin’s body. The next update by police is expected only tomorrow.
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