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1/3 Mein Kommentar: Diese Verbindung scheint nur natürlich: #Russland ist unter #Putin in so mancher Hinsicht das, was sich die #AfD und andere #Rechtsradikale für die Zukunft Deutschlands vorstellen.…
2/3: Was jedoch erstaunlich ist, dass auch viele sich selbst als "#links", "#sozialistisch" oder "#sozialdemokratisch" verstehende europäische Politiker und Bürger Putins #Russland mit positivem Interesse, Empathie oder gar #Sympathie begegnen. #Russlandversteher #Putinversteher
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1/6 Pro-#Kremlin #disinfo continues to spread after #Czech officials accused #Russian military intelligence of involvement in a deadly munitions-depot explosion in the Czech town of #Vrbětice in 2014. @frankvrabel1 @mlrchtr

Key findings from May 4 report:…
2/6 #Czech #disinfo sources are pushing pro-#Kremlin coverage of the #GRU scandal to benefit Czech political actors and parties advocating populist, pro-Kremlin positions, "like the far-right SPD, the Communist Party (KSČM), and the #Putin-friendly Czech president, Miloš Zeman.”
3/6 #Czech #disinformation media have pushed a number of false narratives in response to the allegations of #GRU involvement, including that it is “a ploy to escalate the conflict between #Russia and the West, instigated by the United States.”
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Nachtrag zum letzten Thread über die Nawalny-Proteste in Russland:
- Oscar-verdächtige Aufnahmen von pro-Nawalny-Mittwochsdemos wurden veröffentlicht,
- Video des "todkranken" Nawalny ins Netz geleakt,
- sein Hunger-Streik ist beendet.
Details und die Aufnahmen im Thread 👇
Zur Erinnerung:
Kurz nach #Putin´s Ansprache an die Föderalversammlung kam es quer durch RUS zu pro-Nawalny-Demos.
Wie auch früher bei ähnlichen Demos kam nur ein Bruchteil der Leute, die vom Nawalny-Team großspurig angekündigt wurden.
Hier mehr 👇
Nun zu den Aufnahmen.
Man kennt von pro-Nawalny-Demos schon einige Kuriositäten, aber diese Einlage ist schon wirklich Oscar-verdächtig 👇
Ein angeblicher Rollstuhlfahrer wird vor die Polizei geschmissen, Videos gemacht, dann weggefahren und geht auf eigenen Beinen weg🤷‍♂️
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☝️Despite #Russia’s announcement of the withdrawal of its troops from the borders with #Ukraine starting from today, there are no grounds to believe the de-escalation is to happen soon (thread) ⤵️…
In fact, only the personnel is to be withdrawn to their permanent bases. All the military equipment is staying near the eastern border with #Ukraine. This means that there is still danger that troops will be quickly pulled back again whenever the #Kremlin decides on it.
These facts confirm that still #RussiaEscalates its aggression against #Ukraine:
◾️#Russia keeps refusing bilateral negotiations with Ukraine on the escalation — #Putin agreed to meet the President of Ukraine but explicitly mentioned that discussing Donbas is out of the question;
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🔴A new message from #Navalny (just out, 20 min ago): "It's getting harder and harder to figure out what's really going on there, outside of my prison cell." Thread. 👇The article on the protests👇(50--120,000 in the streets, 1,200arrested) Pls RT…
"Hi, this is Navalny. It's getting harder and harder for me to figure out what's really going on there, outside of my prison cell. Right now I only have a TV without remote control, & all the buttons (including the volume one!!!) are blocked so I can only watch a Culture channel"
"One hour a day. But my lawyer came to visit and told me a bit about what happened yesterday and - I will tell you honestly - two feelings are raging inside me: pride and hope. Pride for being a part of this great and beautiful whole..."
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#LIVE: @POTUS Biden hosts world leaders in the White House for virtual climate summit, on #EarthDay, for ways to slow #climatechange…
@POTUS #LIVE: King Salman will shortly be speaking at the virtual climate summit
@POTUS #LIVE: President @joeBiden says US will reduce emissions in half by the end of the current decade
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Sorry for being away I was at the anti #Putin regime protest in #TelAviv with my parents
Local Israeli TV was there !
#Israel #TelAviv
#Russia #Putin #Navalny #FreeNavalny
Не молчим , #СвободаНавальному #ТельАвив
@teamnavalny @fbkinfo
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Vladimir #Putin says state of the nation address is about domestic politics. But “a few words” about foreign policy, security too. Fasten your seatbelts.

(Usual structure for these things is: 1) cash for pensioners + doctors, 2) big break around the corner 3) nukes for NATO)
The skeleton in the cupboard //

On a normal day, Putin’s speech would be the main event, but not today. Even before Putin began his speech, protests in support of hunger striking ‘skeletal’ Alexei Navalny were underway in Russian Far East. Arrests have already been reported.
Test systems in 4 days //

Putin says Russia must be ready to produce test systems within 4 days of any future pandemic — and develop vaccines in short order.
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BREAKING: Arrests and raids galore in Russia, as the country braces itself for unsanctioned rallies in support of #Navalny & #Putin's address to the nation. I will report live. In Moscow, the police just pulled out of a taxi and drove away an opposition leader Lyubov Sobol.👇👇👇
BREAKING: In St. Petersburg, the police searched the homes of six activists and a journalist. Water canon trucks appeared on the main street of the city. In Kurgan, an employee of Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund center, as well as the girlfriend of the coordinator, were detained.
In Irkutsk, an activist was detained six hours before the rally, without a reason, as he walked down the street. In Ulan-Ude, the mayor's office suddenly decided to fumigate the square where the rally was planned, "against ticks."
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This is Dvortzovaya square in Saint Petersburg, same thing with Manezhnaya square in Moscow
#Russia #Navalny #Putin
Today , anti Putin regime protests in support of Alexey Navalny will be held in cities and towns across Russia and across the world [THREAD]
#FreeNavalnyNow #Navalny #Russia #Putin
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Wie #Querdenken und #AfD #Corona systematisch nutzen um den Rechtsstaats auszuhebeln, der Mehrheit ihren Willen aufzuzwingen, und um Demokratie und Justiz größtmöglichen Schaden zuzufügen.

Zeit für demokratischen Widerspruch und Widerstand!

Wie diese Leute versuchen Rechtsstaat und Demokratie auszuhebeln, lahmzulegen, um sie zu schließlich zu zerstören kann man sehr gut an den #Corona- Maskenurteilen von #Weimar und #Weilheim darstellen, die wie auch die Aufhebung von Demoverboten keine „Einzelfälle“mehr sind.
Ein deutsches Gericht auszuhebeln ist gar nicht so schwierig. Man nehme Richter deren Haltung zu einem strittigen Thema bekannt ist und gebe ein paar fragwürdige Gutachter dazu die in die gewünschte Richtung argumentieren.
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1/7: The most frustrating aspect of the #Kremlin's current escalation vis-a-vis #Ukraine is the rationality of its action and simplicity of the situation: The #EuropeanUnion has the economic means to stop #Putin.
2/7: #Russia's economy and budget are dependent on income from Russian energy exports to the EU. However, the EU will not use this leverage - even though the collective costs of doing so may not be high any more, in view of #LNG, renewables, contingency plans etc.
3/7: When the EU did impose some moderately serious sanctions in 2014, that was not a response to #Russia's aggression against #Ukraine. It was a punishment for Moscow's killing of more than 200 EU citizens on the #MH17 flight sho by a Russian missile over Ukraine, in July 2014.
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HAPPENING NOW: @POTUS talks #Russia after slapping #Moscow with what US officials described as sweeping sanctions for a variety of malign activities Image
"Earlier this week, I spoke w/President Putin of #Russia about the nature of our relationship" per @POTUS "I was candid & respectful. The conversation was candid & respectful - 2 great powers w/significant responsibility..."
"#Russia|ns & Americans are both proud & patriotic people" per @POTUS "And I believe the Russian ppl, like the American ppl, are invested in the peaceful & secure future of our world"
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These are real heroes. This doctor just spent over a month under home arrest (first w/o the right to seeing her kids.) Now, she & her colleagues are going to the penal colony to insist on the right to treat #Navalny. His condition is deteriorating; the colony is struck by TB.
This is the same doctor who played Beethoven while her house was being searched. Here's my interview with her lawyer from 2 months ago only. Now she's risking her life again...
#Navalny is on a hunger strike and lost 13 kg (26 lbs). He's showing symptoms of the coma and toxic poisoning aftermath, according to the doctors in the video above. #Putin is killing people in the broad daylight and in front of the whole world. Share a word.
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Falls 🇷🇺 in den nächsten Tagen tatsächlich erneut eine Offensive gegen die 🇺🇦 startet, werden sich einige deutsche Medien & Politiker a) überrascht zeigen und b) auf die „Mitverantwortung“ der #Ukraine verweisen. Warum beides gefährlicher Quatsch ist:👇1/7…
Die Neutralitätsdoktrin als Problem: „The otherwise admirable commitment to [journalistic] objectivity is rendered absurd when one side bases its entire strategy on deceit. Put simply, there can be no meaningful middle ground between deliberate 🇷🇺 disinformation and reality.“ 2/7
In 🇩🇪/🇪🇺 reden wir gerne von notwendiger #Resilienz der Gesellschaft. Aber viele Politiker, Medien, „Experten“ & Influencer erkennen die eigene Verantwortung dabei nicht. Sicher nicht alle in böswilliger Absicht, aber zumindest naiv, singen sie Stücke von #Putin​s Liedblatt. 3/7
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'Rusya-Ukrayna Savaşı': Son yaşananlar...

Avrupa'nın en büyük 4. kömür rezervine sahip, Donetsk ve Lugansk’ı kapsayan bölge olan #Donbass, Ukrayna topraklarının sadece %5'ini oluşturuyor ancak milli hasıladaki katkısı % 20 civarında.
İhracatın da 4'te birinin yapıldığı bölge, ağırlıklı Rus nüfusuna sahip. Yanukoviç’in Batı yanlıları tarafından devrilmesinden sonra da Rusya’nın desteğiyle silahlı mücadele başlamıştı.
Geçtiğimiz yaz karşılıklı ateşkes kararı alan taraflar, son aylarda yaşanan ihlaller ve 26 Mart’ta 4 Ukrayna askerinin keskin nişancı tarafından öldürülmesiyle yığınak yapmaya başladı.
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A new proposal for peace in Eastern Ukraine has been overshadowed by renewed bloodshed btw the Ukrainian army + Russia-backed separatists. Here is a shamelessly long twitter thread:
France and Germany have apparently been working on a new approach to a settlement since November 2020, when it became clear that the warring sides had run out of reasonable proposals to offer.
“Clusters” propose a sequence of actions sides must do to implement the “Minsk-2” agreements. After agreeing on them in the Normandy Four they are passed to the Trilateral Contact Group, where the OSCE moderates negotiations of Ukraine🇺🇦, Russia🇷🇺 with participation of “LDPR”.
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1/3: Dr. @RichardHerzing1 warnt hier zu Recht vor einer möglichen großen Eskalation in der #Ukraine. Wie schon 2014 steht #Putin angesichts sinkender Wählerunterstützung mit dem Rücken zur Wand. @GSPSipo @Konflikt_Sicher @TerekMedia @Sicherheitspod…
2/3: #WladimirPutin könnte neuerlich versuchen, mit einer militärischen #Aggression und #Gebietsexpansion - wie 2014 mit der #Krimannexion - von den wachsenden inneren Problemen #Russland|s abzulenken. @UISweden @UkrInFuture @ostexperte @RusVerstehen @LiberaleModerne @OstWestTV
3/3: Die ökonomische Lage #Russlands ist offenbar schlechter, als es die offiziellen Zahlen andeuten. Siehe dazu der Brief von #TorbjörnBecker @SITEStockholm @handels_sse | @threadreaderapp #unroll @OstAusschuss @osteuropaverein @Der_BDI @wiwo @ostexperte…
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IMPORTANT context of the supposedly-imminent further #Russia invasion of #Ukraine: outsiders might assume that recent domestic UA developments are somehow unbearable for #Putin or ruining his Ukraine takeover plans.
They're NOT (analysis🧵👇)
Despite #Ukraine public's steady and overwhelming resentment of #Russia and capitulation to the latter (as shown by polls), Kremlin's chances for a successful "hybrid" (less-bloody) capture of Ukraine (for a short time, of course) aren't completely gone:
1. There's demonstrable, increasingly-overt pro-Kremlin influence in #Ukraine President Zelensky's Office, Prosecutor General's Office, courts etc.
This influence might be rival to the #Putin's relative & traditional envoy Medvedchuk, but it's certainly beneficial for #Russia.
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#Navalny is on a hunger strike (lost 16 lbs since the arrival to the colony); has severe back/legs pain. To suppress the protests, the Kremlin cracks down on the opposition & social media. To spark nationalism, #Putin pulled troops to the #Ukrainian border. Europe fears war.
Instead of doctors, the Kremlin sent #MariaButina, reporting for RT (Russian Today.) Yes, that Butina.…
"In the past week, the U.S. military’s European Command raised its watch level from possible crisis to potential imminent crisis — the highest level — in response to the deployment of the additional Russian troops."…
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#Russia published its annual Foreign Policy Review, a 66 page document that highlights key events and issues in RUS foreign policy and diplomatic activity in 2020. Full text here (in RUS):…
A brief summary of relations w/ #US in this SHORT THREAD
1. Relations w/ #US & #Canada discussed on 1.5 pages. The FP review says "tensions w/ US continued to build up becuase of multifaceted American efforts to contain #Russia. Interaction was limited and ad hoc."
2. In 2020, Presidents (#Putin & #Trump) spoke on the phone 8 times, Foreign ministers spoke on the phone 6 times + 1 meeting @MunSecConf. Security Councils of #US & #Russia "maintained contacts". In April, Russia sent "humanitarian medical aid" to US, US sent to RUS ventilators.
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The propaganda against the Russians is not new, it is used to discredit the leaders, today #Putin and yesterday #Stalin, #Lenin, etc.

You will never learn anything from the US enemies (#Russia, #China & others) watching to the Western media





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Happening now: @POTUS @JoeBiden conducts his 1st news conference as president of the #UnitedStates Image
"I got elected to solve problems" per @POTUS, saying #COVID19 & the economy were the top, immediate priorities

Says he's hoping he can now begin to focus on issues like immigration, gun control - "We're going to move on these one at time"
"I think my Republican colleagues are going to have to determine whether or not we want to work together or they're going to decide the way in which they want to proceed is...continue the politics of division" per @POTUS
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#Syria—The🇷🇺Russian media has published new photos showing the commander of the Al-Nimr militia in the Syrian army, Brigadier General. Suhail #alHassan along with a number of Russian special forces personnel. 3 photos of "Al Hassan" were posted on March 18, and last Sunday. 1/10
🇸🇾Al-Hassan is considered one of the most prominent officers in the #Assad regime, and has a long history of carrying out massacres against the Syrian people, prompting the🇺🇸United States of America to place him on the list of sanctions. 2/10
#AlHassan commanded many military operations in #Syria, the last of which was in Idlib, and adopted the scorched earth strategy before any military offensive. 3/10
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