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So this happened a week ago & it’s getting zero attention—
The 3rd annual hackers convention @defcon @VotingVillageDC

The vulnerabilities found on easily hacked voting machines were astronomical & alarming.

Result—Congress must mandate US election security.

Let’s unwrap this…
2017 was the first year hackers were given free reign to try to hack US voting equipment of all types.

In 2017, Hackers @defcon @VotingVillageDC were able to hack all machines used in the 2016, in as little as 90 minutes.

In 2017, they found a CF card in a surplussed Diebold electronic voting machine (EVM) with active voter rolls from the 2008 election in a SQLite database, plain text.

Folks…this is an alarming example of how secure state’s voting records are:

In 2018 at the 2nd annual @defcon @VotingVillageDC, an 11 year old was able to hack a currently used voting machine in just 10 minutes.

Numerous election vulnerabilities were found at the hacker’s convention in 2018 and Midterms were just 2 months later.

This was the state of US election security as we went into the 2018…


Among other efforts to suppress Democrat voters for Midterm Elections 2018, voting machines in TX, MI, NY, GA & many other states “malfunctioned”

In TX—straight ticket Dem voters reported their votes inexplicably changing from Beto to Cruz.

A week ago at the 2019 hackers village, a well known vulnerability in EVMs was exploited—hundreds of currently used US voting machines are using a no longer supported version of Windows.

This EVM, used in 2018 Midterms, was hacked in under 5 minutes:

Hackers at the 2019 @votingvillageDC easily loaded old windows games like Doom & Pong onto currently used US EVMs

Again—Easily hacked, vulnerable US EVMs lack of security is reduced to video games. They’re currently used in US elections across the nation.
In 2016: 21 of our intelligence agencies warned lawmakers—
“Russia targeted & breached all 50 states”—US Senate report

Hillary warned us—
Trump engaged in espionage & encouraged cyberattacks against the US because Putin had a clear favorite in the 2016.

In 2017: James Comey warned us—
Testimony before the Senate: “They'll be back..they'll be back in 2020...”

May 2019:
Robert Mueller warned us—

“They’re doing it as we sit here & they expect to do it during the next campaign”
Trump claims millions illegally voted w/no factual basis in reality.

He propagates his election lies for 3 reasons—
🔹It targets POC, immigrants & Dem voters
🔹It stifles the real threat of Russian interference that questions his legitimacy as POTUS
Trump has attempted to target Dem voters & bury Russia interference since 2016:
🔹Defunct Election “Integrity” Commission headed by Crosscheck’s Kris Kobach
🔹Rig the 2020 Census to target & undercount immigrants & POC
🔹False Voter fraud claims

Trump announced by tweet, no election security legislation is to go forward until Voter ID is implemented.

Since 2000, 31 cases of voter impersonation have been found in the US—GW Bush’s DOJ studied & found fraud in 0.00000013% of ballots cast.

Odds of Russian interference=100%
#VoterID laws prevent ~10% of ELIGIBLE voters from voting. Low-income & POC voters are primarily affected.

Eligible voters who can’t vote bc of ID laws is the definition of suppression & disenfranchisement—This does not happen in a functioning democracy.…
WI was won* by 22,748 votes—220,000 were thrown off voter rolls & Walker’s strict voter ID laws were enacted.

WI #VoterID effect—POC/poor didn’t vote.

WI hasn’t voted for a GOP POTUS in 40 years.

The law was repealed b4 2018 midterms & Walker lost.

PA was one of the 3 swing states that handed Trump the electoral. It was won* by 44,292 votes.

Last week in PA:
“ES&S violated lobbying-disclosure rules in its bid for Philadelphia's voting-machine contract.”—@ericgeller

ES&S is 100% Republican owned.

Think one major city in the swing state of PA doesn’t matter?

“ES&S is the largest vendor of all voting equipment—It alone accounts for 44% of US election equipment.”—@jennycohn1

Again—ES&S is 100% Republican owned & 28 states have 0 election audit laws
In a functioning democracy, one man would not be able to block a duly elected Senate from voting.

@senatemajldr obstructed democracy for 6/8 years of Obama’s presidency.

#MoscowMitch blocked warning the US about Russian interference prior to the 2016 election to favor Trump.
#MoscowMitch blocked a bipartisan sanctions bill against Russia. 1 of Putin’s oligarchs invested $200 Million in KY, for an economic boost, benefiting an aluminum plant.

His approval rating in his home state of KY is one of the lowest in Congress. ~30%

#MoscowMitch is the sole obstructionist to our republic’s democratic elections.

His blocking a Senate vote on HR1 & HR2722 for election security, ensures 2020 to be a repeat of the fraudulent 2016

#Kentucky— Support the US, not Russia @AmyMcGrathKY

Every day since 2016, more news comes out that Trump would not be president* without Russian interference.

The biggest threat to our republic is the compromised state of our elections.

The biggest threat to the 2020 is Russian interference & outdated, hackable voting equipment.
#ElectionSecurity is a non-partisan issue.
Here’s what you can do—

1. Contact DAILY:
✅ Your 2 Senators
CALL: 202-224-3121
OR email @openletterbot

Demand a Senate vote on HR1 & HR2722 b4 2020

✅ STATE SOS election officials
2. There’s a little known nationwide day of action planned on Tues, Sept 17.

People nationwide are asked to gather outside their local US Senator’s office to demand #ElectionSecurityNOW

Sign up now to host or attend an event in your community.
3. VOTE Blue & GOTV for Dem candidates

Sept 24 is National Voter’s Registration Day. Consider helping out or running a voter’s registration drive.
It’s so easy & requires <1 day of your time.

@LWV will show you how

Your vote is your voice. Your vote is power.
If it wasn’t:
🔹Lobbyists and the 1% wouldn’t be trying to buy it
🔹Russia wouldn’t be hacking it
🔹The GOP wouldn’t be trying to prevent it

None of them would have any power, if the other 99% voted.


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