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Good news: There is hope for meaningful bipartisan cooperation to improve elections!

A major bipartisan election security measure not mentioned in this article: Risk-limiting audits, or RLAs, of election outcomes. #ElectionSecurity #ElectionTwitter 1/7…
RLAs are hand-count samples of the physical ballots designed to have a high mathematical probability of catching and correcting an error that swung an election. 2/7
Election officials and lawmakers from both major parties, in states as politically diverse as Texas, Rhode Island, Georgia, California, Virginia, and Colorado are enacting and conducting risk-limiting audit projects. 3/7
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1/ In interview #2000MulesDocumentary #2000MulesTheMovie maker claimed that they do not have video of same person on two dropboxes because they don't have camera on all dropboxes. The movie trailer starting 1:11 states they identified 242 mules in Atlanta
/ who "went to an average of 24 dropboxes". They do NOT claim that they visited boxes 24 times, they say 24 dropboxes. The number of drop boxes in Atlanta metro area counties Gwinnett, Cobb, DeKalb and Fulton counties was 110 in 2020 or 22% boxes in the area. The film shows
3/ surveillance from 5 locations in Atlanta, that means that each visit has 4.5% probability to be a box with surveillance or 33% change to visit one box and 11% chance to visit at least two boxes with surveillance. With 242 persons it is 99.99999999997% certain that at least
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Thread 🧵
1/ Congressman Bill Posey is getting a free pass from @January6thCmte, @TheJusticeDept, and the public in general, but he shouldn't be. His lies about the election, and his attempts to overturn the results are documented at length here.

Enjoy ☕

#OperationAvalanche ImageImage
2/ Bill Posey is the U.S. Representative for all of Brevard County, FL. We are known for being home to the Kennedy Space Center and for having the most capitol rioters. But there's so much more...…
3/ Before Bill Posey was a Congressman, he was a State Senator in Florida, and after the 2000 election debacle here, he was one of the key architects of Florida's election reform laws which opened the state to electronic machine voting.… Image
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New series: #MovieNight! Learn about the history of #ElectionProtection & have fun.
Academy-Award nominated director Dorothy Fadiman will be there to discuss her film: Stealing America.
We'll watch the film together on Zoom & share thoughts in the chat.… Image
We hope you'll support our work transforming US #elections w/a tax-deductible donation!
We have a $5,000 matching grant for all donations made before 10/20 at midnight ET.
Please donate today!
10/12 7pm ET
Sign up to attend:… Image
It's so much fun to watch films together on zoom - and share thoughts in the chat. Way more fun than watching alone. This series will start at the beginning of the electronic #voting machine election security movement after HAVA was passed in 2002. Image
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1. "Yesterday was such a frustrating day that by evening I had to go to bed with chest pains..."

Thread. What is a #Hybrid #VotingMachine & Why Do I Care?…
#SMARTelections #ElectionProtection
2. "It started out a good day. The day before I celebrated my 14th anniversary with my husband. The cherry blossom tree we planted in the backyard was exploding in pink taffy balls, and the smell of the lilies he got me floated through the living room as I walked to my desk."
3. "From there it went downhill pretty quickly ... For the last 2 years, I have been trying to protect New York voters, and voters across the country from a particularly “bad” type of voting machine known as a “hybrid”.

What is a “hybrid” voting machine?"
#Hacking #Voting
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Rs claim to care about election security, & #handmarkedpaperballots are the “gold standard.” But Rs have made little or no effort to replace paperless (unauditable) voting machines in 5 of the 6 states that still use them. By ⁦@KaleighRogers⁩ 1/…
3/ Nor have they prioritized requiring backup paper poll books for electronic poll books, which have become much more popular in recent years.
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Title III — Election Security

This title aims to improve the security of U.S. election infrastructure to counter the threat of foreign interference.

#PassFTPA #HR1
#FreedomToVote #DemCast
• Establishes new grants to fund election security upgrades
• be owned & controlled by citizens or permanent residents of the US
•report cybersecurity incidents of goods & services provided to the EAC & DHS

#ElectionSecurity #FreedomToVote
Part 2 — Grants for Risk-Limiting Audits of Results of Elections

🔥 Conducts risk audits 🔥

• election officials manually recount a sufficient number of

💥->paper ballots<-💥

to ensure with a high level of statistical probability, the electronic tally's accurate.
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What does #ForThePeopleAct HR1 do for American voters?

This will be my hat tip to Rep John Lewis, may you rest in power Sir.

Let's advocate #GoodTrouble and #PassFTPA HR1.

#DemCastTX #CommonDefense
#Indivisible #FreshVoicesRise
Across 10 titles, this historic legislation would make it easier to vote in federal elections, end congressional gerrymandering, overhaul federal campaign finance laws,…
increase safeguards against foreign interference, strengthen gov ethics rules, & more. Most reforms would be implemented for the Nov 2022 general election, with the exception of some redistricting & public financing changes that would go into effect later.…
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Happening now: Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on @USSOCOM & @US_CYBERCOM
"We recognize that our counterterrorism operations, while still critical to protecting Americans fro the likes of #ISIS & #alQaida, must become even more sustainable & focus on the most pressing threats" per @DeptofDefense Acting Asst Sec for Special Ops Chris Maier
"SOF continue to deter & disrupt persistent threats by terrorist & extremist organizations" per @USSOCOM Commander, Gen Richard Clarke

"20 years of this fight has honed out capability & most importantly our resolve" he says, calling SOF approaches "effective and sustainable"
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Thread #VVSG2
1. "The Election Assistance Commission on Wednesday voted to adopt the first comprehensive update to its voting system security guidelines in more than 15 years, concluding a lengthy process that ended with a mixed reception from some election security experts."
2. @SMART_elections wrote a letter to @EACgov that hundreds of others sent as well asking for a number of requirements,including:
- create a panel of technical election security experts, separate from NIST staff, with no financial relationship to vendors
3. Other items we asked for:
- The EAC must set and meet the goal that by the end of 2022 40% of the Technical Guidance Development Committee will be made up of technologists and individuals with technology expertise.
- require digital ballot images to be public records
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Thread on @washingtonpost article that mentions @SMART_elections extensively.
1. "Voting machines didn’t steal the election. But most are still terrible technology."…
2. "a tech backwater, the voting machine industry has been sustained through inertia and sweetheart deals ... One hurdle to reform is that the industry is dominated by three players — Election Systems & Software...Dominion Voting (30 percent); and Hart InterCivic (15 percent)."
3. "ES&S, has seized on the moment to threaten members of SMART Elections, a journalism and advocacy group, with a lawsuit for spreading “false, defamatory and disparaging” information about one of its machines, the ExpressVote XL."…
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GEN SALIM SALEH: The biggest security threat in Uganda today is the daily issue of livelihoods, jobs, expanding the economy....

📷 @OWC_ug
@DamalieOwori @OWC_ug GEN SALIM SALEH: President Museveni recently told me that whoever wants to discuss Uganda's economy, should first look at factors of production in 1900, in 1962, 1986 and how they are in 2020. Where do we want them to be?

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#SolarWinds hack. Thread.
1. Dominion Voting Systems, a voting machine vendor used in #Election2020, is a Solar Winds client. It does not use Orion, the product at the center of the hack. via attorney Paul Lehto

Solar Winds list of clients is now hidden…
2. Unknown if #hacking investigation is expanding to all #SolarWinds clients, like Dominion Voting Systems.
#ElectionSecurity #ElectionProtection #Election2020results
3. "early signs indicate the reach of the stealthy supplychain attack will have substantial aftershocks; #SolarWinds claims to have 300,000 customers, inc. /National Security Agency all 5 branches of the U.S. military & entities in /health tech telecommunications media & finance"
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My new film UNITED STATES VS. REALITY WINNER is about #RealityWinner who disclosed one document about Russian election interference to the media and received the longest prison sentence ever imposed on a #whistleblower in federal court: 63 months. Whistleblower Reality Winne...
Reality Winner is in prison right now, where she had contracted COVID-19, and is especially vulnerable because of underlying health conditions such as a history of respiratory illnesses, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression.…
Our independent film team documented the harsh prosecution of #RealityWinner in Augusta, GA, along with journalists @kgosztola & @tkbarnes. Reality and her family faced an overwhelming adversary, the US Government that wanted to make an example out of then 25-year-old Reality.
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In the fallout from the #2020Election, numerous credible allegations of voting #Irregularities have arisen in the form of sworn #Affidavits and other #Evidence.

ℹ️This #Infographic provides an overview of what we currently know. (Thread👇) Read more:…
1. This year, universal #MailInBallots were widely adopted by states in response to the #Pandemic.

This year, 9 states plus #WashingtonDC mailed #Ballots to everyone on their voter rolls, while others suspended the witness requirement.
2. #Progressive groups in many states sued to ease #ElectionSecurity features for #MailInBallots and, in some cases, to allow #Ballots to arrive after #ElectionDay.
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It’s our birthday! #CISAgov was established on November 16, 2018. From elections to COVID-19 to natural disasters and more, year two has been action-packed. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…
Informed by #cyber intelligence and real-world events, we issued several insight products, providing background on #cyber threats, #vulnerabilities, and mitigation activities: #InfoSec
One key insight was in in January when we warned partners about potential Iranian retaliation against U.S. organizations—and advised them on how to assess and strengthen their physical & cyber security. This is the kind of rapid information-sharing we aim for! #InfoSecurity
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Do you know who oversees Elections in your State?
In 41 states, it's the Secretary of State
Here are All the Democratic Candidates for #SoS in #Elections2020
Find All Democratic Candidates 50 States
w/ Postcards & Links:…
Democratic Candidate, Secretary of State:
Contribute here…

vs GOP Incumbent Jay Ashcroft
Article “Jay Ashcroft Carries on the Family Tradition of Extremist Politics”…
MONTANA #Election2020
Democratic Candidate #MT Secretary of State
Bryce Bennett
State Senator & Former State Rep

In-Person Absentee Voting #EarlyVoting Oct 5-Nov 2
#SecretariesOfState #SoS
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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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The Federal Hearing for Handmarked Paper Ballots on Zoom was just HACKED! An ISIS music video popped-up with threats.

More proof that every electronic system can be corrupted. Voting should never be done on computers!

Handmarked Paper Ballots can’t be hacked. @GaSecofState Image
The plaintiffs (@CoalitionGoodGv) were just getting testimony from @dominionvoting’s systems expert who said:

“I don’t understand what you mean by insuring every vote is counted.”

It’s also 9/11 so I have to wonder if there’s an extra layer of intention to the hacking.
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#Election2020 - "The social media companies are doing a slightly better job" @MarkWarner tells #BillingtonCyberSecurity "They're still reactive"

"At least the intelligence community is more aware" Warner adds, but warns lots that should have been done has not been done
"We as the Congress has not legislated any guardrails" per @MarkWarner

"We have not passed a single piece of legislation" for #ElectionSecurity "The majority leader has not let them come to the floor"
.@MarkWarner also worried about foreign meddling and influence ops

"I'm very very concerned #Russia could try to exacerbate those racial divisions again" he says
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1. NY just passed #AVR Automatic Voter Registration. @StandUpAmerica estimates this will add over 1Mill voters to the #NY rolls. Wouldn't it be great to know that those votes were going to be counted correctly? But w/new #VotingMachines being certified we will not know.
2. #Security experts like @rad_atl & @kskoglund & auditing expert @philipbstark say that the hybrid #VotingMachines are not secure and "No form of audit can confirm they functioned correctly." (Quote from Dr. Stark). Read a paper he co-authored.…
3. One #Hybrid #VotingMachine is already certified in #NY. It's the Dominion ICE & is in at least 15 counties including #Westchester County where they're trying to buy 100s more. In the Westchester #primary the ICE hybrid voting machines created 4 hour lines. via @IndivisWstchr
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Are you taking notes? It's time for all of us to prepare and to "move on them like a bitch".

Don't wait for a leader... no one is coming. Pick up a sign, grab a friend... show up at your city's capitol or even stand at the end of your driveway.

Great info below from Sarah @SarahAnnabell15
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