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Biden voters, right?!

Sure, the ‘woke’ highly (mis)educated crowd are well versed in the La-La Land geopolitics 🤣

Unfortunately, the mentality of opining on matters completely out of their expertise is more widespread than that…

Besides #VoterID, we need a civics *test* too!
🤣 Biden Supporters 🤦
The capital of Europe is…
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The State Legislatures had the POWER to Re-allocate the Electoral College Votes to a 50/50 Split in 2020 when they discovered the Flaws in the Election Process could NOT be Fixed
Pence had the Opportunity to Publicly Challenge the States to Review their Elections and consider their Options under the Constitution to Re-Allocate the Electoral Votes in a new manner given the Failures in the State-wide Election Process
Pence did not have to wait until January 6th to request the State Legislatures CONFIRM the results following the Most Corrupt Election in History run behind the cover of the China Virus Outbreaks
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#RiggedElection ?

The Democrat Primary in #NYC is a TOTAL SHITSHOW

but hey... #BillBarr had a gut instinct that there was NO FRAUD in the 2020 Election and refused to Launch a Formal Investigation


Q: Why did the #LiberalMedia coordinate with #BillGates, #Fauci, #Zuckerberg, & #DemocratCorruptionNetworks to:

1) Hide Cuomo's Nursing Home Deaths
2) Push Virus #Fear PsyOp
3) Hide the Wuhan Lab
4) Attack Trump
5) Cover-up Voter Fraud Ops in Key States

#AG #BillBarr knew damn well the setup into the 2020 Election was DESIGNED FOR FRAUD

He was NOT expressing a wild view that we were Vulnerable -- every expert believed our System was being setup. But just like the Lab, you were NOT supposed to tell the American People
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Timing, Timing, Timing

Giuliani's Law License was Suspended to get the #LiberalMedia Buzz before the Election Audits start to Expose the "Gaming of the System" and the Fraud Operations that were hidden behind the China Virus Fear PsyOp

Our Election Processes have been CORRUPT for DECADES

But this is BY DESIGN

Q: Why would the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks OPPOSE #VoterID & Strict Chain of Custody?

A: "Gaming the System" requires flexibility in the Rules, Control of the Local Judges, and Control of the Liberal Media (+ Big Tech)
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In advance of the #ForThePeopleAct vote tomorrow, re-upping this thread on our (forthcoming at @The_JOP) paper on #VoterID laws. We show Black and Latinx voters would be disproportionately likely to be turned away from the polls under the strictest ID statues.
Our findings coincide with forthcoming work by @phoebehennn, @mieuque, and @MichaelLMorse, who also find Black and Latinx voters are far more likely than whites to show up at the polls without qualifying ID.…
The reason we know about these racially disparate impacts is because in both TX and MI voters can complete a sworn statement (and in TX, present other ID) and then vote via a regular ballot. Giving voters in all strict ID states this option is one part of the #ForThePeopleAct.
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1/ It really does make a ton of sense when you think about it.

Trump told the people, directly through tweets and rhetoric, they would steal the election and how.
2/ This is now supported by hundreds of affidavits including military intelligence analysts confirming they too anticipated what foriegn countries would do, documented them doing it in real time, and can prove the entire digital scheme in a court of law.
3/ Not to mention the lower court election fraud cases heard on the merits (evidence) currently boasts a 71% win percentage.

So why then didn't patriots stop the election theft if they knew it was coming and how they would do it?
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Rather than using the slimmest majority in modern history to enact bills that would fix problems in our election system, Democrats seem maniacally focused on making sure they maintain power.

#HR1 is a straight up power grab. #electionintegrity…
Many solutions that until recently had bipartisan support as set forth by the Carter-Baker Commission have been set aflame by the Democrats drunk with power and beholden to the radical left.
#HR1 would codify many of the very problems America experienced in 2020 & leaves the door wide open to election fraud. Instead of bringing America together, this bill would pull us further apart as elections would become more politicized, as Dems use #SB1 to secure lasting power.
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Today was my first opportunity to challenge the government as Shadow Leader of the House of Commons. The government controls most of the parliamentary timetable, so weekly Business Questions are an opportunity to scrutinise these decisions closely (THREAD).
Up against my opposite number Jacob Rees Mogg, I first asked about the government’s attempts to restrict voting through their #VoterID proposals. This is a scandalous attack on democracy.
Next, social care. This is more urgent than ever. 659 days since Prime Minister said he had a plan to fix it, 10 years since Dilnot Commission proposed such a plan. When will the govt act?
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1/ Oh hey. Someone's tweet just reminded me of something.
#voterID #VoterSuppression

My mom's 70-something. She's been married to my dad, a retired Army warrant officer, for 50+ years. She's had numerous jobs, been overseas several times, had a driver's license since she was 16.
2/ She's volunteered at the VA medical facility, worked at the polling stations every election (big & small) for about a decade, has had numerous bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, etc.

Her current driver's license (exp 2022) doesn't have the "Real ID" marker on it.
3/ She has a friend whose son is pretty high up in the DMV; he assured her she could do it all online. She's not internet savvy, so I got her info & tried to do it. Everything said she was eligible to renew/update her DL online, but when I tried to finalize it, it was rejected.
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The #QueensSpeech today referenced to a string of draconian laws the Government is planning to introduce. Big Brother Watch will have its 👁️ on the following:
🚓The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill: which will create 10-year sentences for protests that risk "annoyance", "inconvenience" or "disease", and reintroduce digital strip searches.
The Electoral Integrity Bill: which introduces #VoterID will prevent many thousands of people voting, despite no evidence of systemic ballot box fraud and only 1 fraud conviction per 20 million votes cast in the last 2 General Elections.
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Cyber Space Command. #VoterID Laws. Forensic #ElectionIntegrity Audit.

Sept 2018: President #Trump signs EO designating Election Security a matter of National Security and declares foreign interference in our elections a National Emergency.…
A — 1st image: backchannel screenshot, Nov 2018.

B — 2nd image: DOD reveal, Nov 2019.

✔ 1 year delta (proofed)
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#ALEC ATTACKS - How evangelicals and corporations captured state lawmaking to safeguard white supremacy and corporate power #KochNetwork
A report from the Center for Constitutional Rights, Dream Defenders, Palestine Legal, The Red Nation, and the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights re #ALEC #KochNetwork
In 2012, 17-year-old Black teenager Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman near his father’s home in Florida. One year after his death, a jury found his killer not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter, citing Florida’s #standyourground law.
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1) #2020Election F.U.D.

We've always been gaslit by FakeNews every election year. This year is no different & worse.

FEAR: Demonrats will steal the election😱

UNCERTAINTY: Can Silent Majority win?🤔

DOUBT: Joe out-polls Trump👀

Let's explore a bit…🧐👇
2) #2008Election

To look ahead, we need to look back. 2008 is a good frame of reference to start with. #HopeAndChange 1st black, yada, yada.

Impressive, but pales in comparison to Reagan's #MorningInAmerica landslide.

NoName threw the race by backstabbing Sarah Palin🙄👇
3) #2012Election

2012 is also a good reference.

The trill is gone. #Obamacare... Shovel ready jobs that weren't… #OccupyWallStreet (#OWS)...

Simply put , Middle America didn't care for fundamentally changing America.

And RINO @PierrEDelectO threw the race…😡👇
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See Keillar's thread responding to Trump admin official who insisted GOP isn't engaging in #VoterSuppression, but responding to widespread #VoterFraud.

It's more likely someone will be struck by lightning than vote fraudulently. /Thread…
.@BrennanCenter reviewed elections that had been meticulously studied for fraud & found #VoterFraud by impersonation rates of between 0.0003% & 0.0025%. When authorities investigate reports of voter impersonation, they typically find clerical errors or bad data matching.
There were 4 cases of #VoterFraud in the 2016 US elections.…
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The Black vote in #Wisconsin statewide fell by a mind-blowing 24.5 percent between 2012 and 2016 when the state's new #VoterID law hit.… Image
Trump took #Wisconsin by a mere 22,000 votes out of 3 million cast in 2016. The loss of Black and student votes due to the ID law cost at minimum 61,274 votes, almost three times Trump’s plurality.… Image
And that estimate of the loss is low. I’ve left out the Latinx voters who are growing near to the size of the Black population. Any way you calculate it, the show-me-your-papers #VoterID tactic won #Wisconsin, not the voters.…
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Se #Trump ipotizza di rimandare le #elezioni fino a quando non sarà sicuro votare di persona, invece del voto per corrispondenza tanto auspicato dai Dem, i Dem cosa fanno?

Lo accusano di voler bloccare le elezioni per restare al potereh!1!

Quindi . . .
. . . si voterà il 3 novembre, di persona, con #VoterID.

Perché se #Trump dice una cosa, i DEMenti devono fare il contrario, ad ogni costo.

#NothingCanStopWhatIsComing Image
🤣🤣🤣 guarda come abboccano subito!

Ma certo che #Trump non ha il potere di rinviare le elezioni
Lo sa benissimo.

Li sta solo trollando e loro ci cascano, come al solito.

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The latest House #coronavirus relief package includes establishing mail-in voting for the #2020 PresidentialElection and nationwide #BallotHarvesting, allowing political operatives to collect and deliver ballots.
.@SpeakerPelosi's newest legislation is packed with an effort to deliver a ballot to every registered voter on the voter rolls and to nationally legalize the process known as #BallotHarvesting. @JxhnBinder
The plan would mandate mail-in voting during times of national emergencies, thus mailing ballots to every registered voter despite severe issues with the nation’s voter rolls. @JxhnBinder
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💠Game Theory

🔷 Each player considers situation and strives for objectives

🔷 Opposing objectives at dual (game) time

🔷 #PatriotsInControl have everything, know opponents playbook

🔷 #CabalTakedown Cabal has no alternative but to proceed existing #NWO plan

Black Hats
operation to
1) DESTROY re-election of #Trump
2) continue Plan for #NWO control by micro-chipping / forced vaccination

White Hats
timing to
3) Remove Globalist control via #rothschilds central banking system
4) Re-boot global system outside Cabal control
#COV19 – Cabal

1) DESTROY #Trump prevent re-election

🆘 Use Fear to drive #narratives
🚷 Use Crisis to adjust election laws
🆘 Protect Biden
📛 Hinder #VoterID
❌ Smash #Trump economy
💯 Chaos, mayhem, panic
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"#VoterSuppression is a myth. It is a term made up to smear perfectly legal activities — like #VoterID laws — by suggesting it is illegal," @PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams. #2020Election
All of this brings us to a teaching moment about language and the law of elections. The correct terms for suppression are “#VoterIntimidation” or “#VoteDenial.” Both are illegal.
@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams. #2020Election
"Some forms of alleged voter suppression are actually the fix for other forms. #VoterID speeds lines #ElectionOfficials can swiftly check in voters. States without voter ID have a slower, more cumbersome check-in. "@PILFoundation's J. Christian Adams.
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A proposed constitutional amendment (LR292CA) enacting #VoterID in Nebraska is being presented at the Gov't Committee. The sponsor, Sen. Andrew La Grone, says election confidence is lower than it should be, and requiring IDs could improve that.
"What I hear in my community is many of them view it as a common sense approach to securing elections against any kind of interference," La Grone says. He represents Gretna and part of Sarpy County.
La Grone said he thinks Voter ID can be enacted without any Nebraskan being disenfranchised.

Sen. Matt Hansen asks why he brought it as a constitutional amendment rather than a bill. La Grone said the people of Nebraska should get a say.
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Mark my words.....@DonaldJTrumpJr @parscale

Before the democrat primaries are over, the democrats who are getting hosed by the DNC (and their supporters) will be screaming about voting fraud. The demos on the outside looking in, will lead the charge for #VoterID.
The demos co'opted candidates like Bernie back in the 2016 cycle; They needed the #'s & $$. Now they are the majority in the party, & trying to take control. The DNC power brokers killed his shot in 2016, & are doing it again. His army won't take it lying down this time.
Make no mistake, the DNC is doing everything in their power to attempt to keep Biden in this race as long as they can. His lack of true support is what they're 'quality controlling' (rigging) in IOWA. Biden HAS to stay in the race to avoid his (& HRC/DNC/BHO) corruption exposure.
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#ALEC's States & Nation Policy Summit opens at a Westin resort in Scottsdale on Wednesday with an agenda touching on several of it's core principles including “election integrity”, #privatization of #education and support for #homeschooling, and protection for #BigPharma 1/6
Also on Wednesday, #ALEC and the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-#LGBT coalition devoted to re-criminalising homosexuality in the US in the name of Christianity are co-hosting a dinner. #Christofascists… 2/6
Rightwing ‘bill mill’ accused of sowing #racist and white supremacist policies… A report published on Tuesday by the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) and other advocacy groups charges #ALEC with propagating #WhiteSupremacy 3/6
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Press release: ‘Show your papers’ policy of mandatory voter ID poses threat to free and fair elections…
A 2016 Electoral Commission report pointed out that 3.5 million citizens in the UK do not have access to photo ID, and 11 million citizens do not have a passport or driving licence
More than 700 people were denied a vote for not having ID in pilots conducted in May’s local elections – across just 10 council areas. We could see voters excluded on an industrial scale if mandatory photo ID were rolled out nationally
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This will have alarming consequences for our democracy. Voter fraud is not an issue in the UK: of the 44.6m who voted in 2017, there was *1 conviction* re: voter fraud. The Windrush scandal showed that making ID documents mandatory shuts out BME, older & poorer gps. #VoterID
What about this govt's duty to abide by the Public Sector Equality Duty? Third sector orgs raised many concerns about the impact of voter ID on groups with protected characteristics (BME, older, homelesss etc.). Where are the results of voter ID pilots in 10 areas this year?
Most importantly, it is not mandatory to have identification in the UK. Some 3.5m ppl (7.5% of electorate) in the UK do not have photo ID. Passports/photo IDs are hard to purchase for disadvantaged groups. It is the reason why so many of the Windrush generation were caught out.
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