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In February, Buttigieg was saying Medicare for All is the "compromise position", "center of the debate" since it's a public payer & private doctors.

Now, he's running attack ads against Warren & Bernie because Medicare for All is “polarizing”, & “dictates” to Americans
In Feb, Buttigieg argued that a "very disciplined right wing message machine" caricatured Obamacare as left wing.

Now, he's joining the disciplined insurance industry message machine to characterize his Dem competitors as authoritarian, with attack ads.

In April, New York Times reported that Pete Buttigieg attended dinners with billionaire financier and megadonor Bernard Schwartz where 'how to stop Bernie' was a topic of conversation.

A week ago, CNBC’s Jim Cramer and David Faber reported that they’re hearing Wall Street executives saying Elizabeth Warren “has gotta be stopped”.

Last month, the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece with hyperbolic fear-mongering that changes proposed by business leaders in anticipation of a Warren presidency won’t stop her from “lining them up” for hangings.

In June, New York Times reported that Wall Street donors were “swooning”over Pete Buttigieg.

Pete, previously an unknown small city mayor, raised $25 million in the second quarter of this year. More than anyone else.

In April, it was widely reported that Pete Buttigieg was the only Democrat taking donations from registered lobbyists. He disavowed those donations after the negative publicity.

Elizabeth Warren has been advocating for breaking up anti-competitive tech monoplies.

Pete Buttigieg commented on this and disingenuously implied that Warren wanted to do so without due process.

In May, Vox reported that Pete Buttigieg had become “the toast of Silicon Valley’s wealthiest donors”.

Previously, Dropbox’s Sam Houston, Y Combinator’s Sam Altman, and Facebook’s Chris Cox financed his failed 2017 bid to become DNC chair.

In his book, Buttigieg recalls a protest at Harvard where activists were protesting for a living wage, and refers to them with the pejorative “social justice warriors” while praising the “apolitical geeks who were quietly at work in Kirkland House” (Zuckerberg & co).
The anecdote is especially unnecessary since Zuckerberg wasn’t yet a student at Harvard at the time of the protests Buttigieg describes.

Zuckerberg visited Pete Buttigieg in 2017 to do a tour of South Bend.

When Buttigieg did his official campaign launch in April, Zuckerberg watched live on Facebook.

Now, Pete’s running dishonest attack ads against his Dem competitors on Facebook.

A Senate Intelligence Committee report in 2018 brought Facebook under scrutiny and found that it took few measures to prevent Russia’s Internet Research Agency from buying ads to mislead voters.

When Pete Buttigieg became mayor, he fired the popular black police chief (Boykins) for allowing recording of racist officers who were plotting against the chief.

Now it has emerged that Pete’s donors lobbied him to do so.

Pete Buttigieg has always claimed that he doesn’t know if there was racist language on the recordings, and that he didn’t think he had the legal right to listen.

Now, it has emerged that his office did know what was on the tapes.

Buttigieg claimed that he fired Boykins after he found out that illegal recordings were made.

But on the recordings, the racist officers discuss Buttigieg (after his election, before he took office), stating that Buttigieg was going to fire Boykins.

The racist white police officers also discussed wanting to “whack” black police officers.

In the second debate, Pete Buttigieg said, “It is time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say. ... If we embrace a conservative agenda...they're going to say we're a bunch of crazy socialists. So let's just stand up for the right policy, go out there and defend it.”
Now, not only is he running attack ads against Warren and Bernie, fear-mongering about polarization, and dictation. He is attacking Beto O’Rourke for his position on assault weapon buybacks. Saying it plays into Republican hands.

Beto’s view on AR-15/AK-47 buyback is supported by a majority of Americans, and instead of helping Beto “stand up for the right policy, go out there and defend it”, instead of helping increase the number, he has decided that he will play politics on it.

Taking cheap shots at his competitors is something Pete Buttigieg has no scruples about.

By comparison, when Beto O’Rourke was asked about the mayor of Austin endorsing Buttigieg, two days after Buttigieg’s snide comments about Beto, Beto had nothing but praise for both.

Buttigieg regularly uses the line, “it’s not about who’s looking good in the committee hearing”.

Nonsensical since the viral moments of his competitors, Harris & Klobuchar against Kavanaugh, Warren against Wells Fargo CEO, have real material impact.

Back in March when Andrew Yang had met the donor requirement for the first debate, he sent out a tweet encouraging donations to Buttigieg, to help him make it too.

Pete, in typical fashion, never acknowledged or responded to the show of comity.

Pete Buttigieg had his best month in April when he was vague on policy, but promised everyone that he was a progressive and that he was going to shake things up from the ‘fundamentally conservative framework both Clinton and Obama operated in’.
When Buttigieg would be asked about detailed policies he would respond with ‘Democrats shouldn't drown voters in the minutia of policy’.

When Pete Buttigieg finally released policy, every policy prescription was more modest that his competitors.

His approach to college costs, e.g., is to increase Pell Grants and his student loan plan is relief for those in “low-quality, overwhelmingly for-profit programs".
Most private colleges in America are nonprofit. It’s unclear what “overwhelmingly for-profit” means, or what “low-quality” means.

The student loan crisis has gotten so severe that it's largely responsible for the army beating its recruitment goals.

Pete Buttigieg is emblematic of the poll tested, big donor funded, cynical politician who must win at all costs, who doesn’t quite know what he’s for, but won’t stop talking about how bad everyone else is.
A few months ago I was all in for Pete. But the dishonest attack ads against fellow Dems was the last straw.

I haven’t seen anyone else run ads to try sink their competitors, or take advantage of a competitor trying to do the right thing in advancing the cause of gun reform.
In the aftermath of a deadly shooting, Australia imposed strict gun laws & had a mandatory gun buyback in 1996, broader than the assault weapon buyback Beto is proposing. It yielded results.
Even if Beto doesn’t succeed in this race for the nomination, he is helping shift the window of conversation around gun reform, playing the Jay Inslee role, while cynical politicians like Pete Buttigieg are trying to use Beto’s position to help their own prospects.
In March, Pete Buttigieg signed the @NoFossilMoney pledge that required him to not take money from fossil fuel companies or their executives.

It was a flagrant lie, Pete has taken maxed-out donations from fossil fuel executives, according to FEC filings.

@NoFossilMoney Pete Buttigieg even fundraised off of the @NoFossilMoney pledge that he lied about.

"Because we're not taking money from the fossil fuel industry or any corporate PACs, we'll need you".
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