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Apple’s disgraceful Tim Cook. Hillary Vaughn: ‘Hi Mr Cook. Do you support the Chinese people’s right to protest?’ @tim_cook : Silence - Vaughn: ‘Do you have any reaction to the factory workers that were beaten and detained for protesting lockdowns?’ Tim Cook: Silence 1/4
Vaughn: ‘Do you regret restricting airdrop access that protestors used to evade surveillance from the Chinese Communist government?’ Tim Cook:Silence - Vaughn: ‘Do you think it’s problematic to do business with the Communist Party of China as they trample basic human rights?’ 2/4
Tim Cook: Silence . @Apple and @tim_cook have iPhones assembled in sweatshop like conditions and also work hand-in-hand with the Chinese government to control and repress basic human rights. Watching our faux social justice warrior avoid tough questions shows the world 3/4
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NO NO NO. The reason the #EmergenciesAct was invoked was because things WERE NOT resolving. They were becoming entrenched. Children and Ottawa residents were increasingly at risk. #EmergencyActInquiry
The political right & malign actors, including adversaries like 🇷🇺& 🇨🇳, used public health measures as a means to sow toxicdisinformation & weaponize the public via social media manipulation in order to destabilize democracies. This was not a “protest”. #EmergencyActInquiry #POEC
If the #CPC opposition weren’t such manifestly bad faith actors, that were participants in #FluTruxKlan destabilization operation, then perhaps things wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand. Provincial & fed #Conservatives WANTED this destructive chaos. #EmergencyActInquiry #POEC
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Child abuse occurred during #FreeDumbConvoy. Majority #CPC MPs supported & promoted this malign influence op that cost 🇨🇦billions, shuttered businesses, caused harm to residents. It should be disqualifying from holding public office. #NeverVoteConservative #EmergenciesActInquiry ImageImageImageImage
Kids were used as props and human shields. They were endangered on multiple fronts by parents who believed radicalized nonsense. All used & exploited by bad faith actors like #PierrePoilievreTheCoward. It is disgraceful. #FreeDumbConvoy #EmergenciesActInquiry ImageImageImageImage
The trolls and bots that showed up on this post reveal that #FreeDumbConvoy was never about truth, freedom, rights or “mandates”.

Disinformation bots & trolls are never about any of those things. Don’t engage, just report & block these toxic accounts. ImageImageImageImage
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.@nationalpost is garbage. It is a propaganda rag that used to also do reporting & now only occasionally throws actual reporting in to disguise what a deception publication it is. Its attempts to carry water for #FreeDumbConvoy is a case in point. #EmergenciesActInquiry #cdnmedia Image
Carson Jerema is a propagandist. His job is writing propaganda “opinion” pieces, not journalism & certainly not informing the public. In fact, he misinforms the public. His claims are directly contradicted by evidence & testimony. He begrudgingly acknowledges the harm, then… ImageImageImage
Claims the harm wasn’t sufficient. That it was somehow all under control by other levels of government, when the evidence clearly shows this was not the case. That the unwillingness & failure to act by provincial & municipal governments forced the use of #EmergenciesAct. #cdnpoli
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Fr The report to #20thPartyCongress:
Fr this day forward, the central task of the #CPC will be to lead the Chinese people of all ethnic groups to realize #SCG of building China into a great modern socialist country & to advance national rejuvenation via Chinese modernization.
To build a modern socialist country in all respects, We must, first and foremost, pursue high-quality dev't. Dev't is our Party's top priority in governing and rejuvenating #China.
To build China into a great modern socialist country in all respects, we hv adopted a two-step strategic plan:
1)basically realize socialist modernization from 2020-2035
2)build China into a great modern socialist country from 2035 through middle of this century
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The lies told by #Conservatives & a supine #CdnMediaFailed around the #EmergenciesAct, is appalling on every level. Not only did virtually all #CPC MPs support an #InfoOps & destabilization operation against 🇨🇦, many were key participants. The EA was necessary as a direct 1/2
…of provincial & municipal failures, in addition to the failure of local & provincial policing.

I would also love to know what information was shared between @csiscanada, @FINTRAC_Canada & @OttawaPolice, #OPP @RCMPAlberta & @rcmpmb.

#NeverVoteConservative #cdnpoli
*result (a direct result, that should have said)
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JUST IN: #BNNChina Reports.

About 2,500 journalists, including 750 foreign reporters and 150 from China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have applied to attend the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)...
...that is scheduled to open on Sunday, 16 October, a person in charge of the press center said in a statement.
The press center for the congress officially started to work on Wednesday. Foreign journalists needed to submit applications before 10 am on Wednesday to attend the press conference and the opening ceremony, according to a registration form posted by the press center.
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Absolutely chilling. Key members of #CPC, esp Pierre Polievre, participated in a destabilization operation against 🇨🇦. Mike Flynn was also part of #FluTruxKlan. This is/was an op meant to undermine the legitimacy of 🇨🇦’s gov’t. This op continues using #PsyOps & #InfoOps. #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
From coordinated behaviour to trend anti-Trudeau hashtags to propaganda offensives in #cdnmedia, to online radicalization in Facebook groups, to targeting religious groups, these coordinated ops are attacks on 🇨🇦. Supporting them should be disqualifying for holding public office. ImageImageImageImage
I’ll also add, it goes without saying this study conducted by Flynn & colleagues, looks like a blueprint for (among other disinfo ops) the election denier movement to convince people Biden isn’t the lawfully elected president. (See import work by Robert Pape & @CPOST_UChicago). ImageImageImageImage
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#PMJT has had many death threats, including an assassination attempt, #Conservatives said absolutely nothing.

There was a violent attempt to overthrow 🇺🇸 democracy on #January6th, #CPC MPs said nothing.

Sophie Gregoire has had multiple credible violent threats, #CPCSaidNothing ImageImageImageImage
.@cathmckenna @melaniejoly, @RachelNotley & other female Liberal & NDP politicians have had heinous rape & death threats. #ConservativesSaidNothing, including Polievre. Who not only said nothing, but used the opportunity for political gain. #cdnpoli ImageImageImage
These were not disgusting “jokes”, like the one made by ‘dirt bag’ Jeremy MacKenzie about Ana Poilievre, but rather they were real world credible violent threats. But #NevrePoilievre not only said nothing, he coveted the extremists & criticized Trudeau for calling them out.
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#ThrowbackThursday, a reminder of Stephen Harper - the man who handpicked #NevrePoilievre, mentored him & helped install him as #cpcldr (using dirty tricks). A man who feels right at home with authoritarians. #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou #cdnpoli ImageImageImage
#ThrowbackThursday, remember all the ways in which the #CPC sold out 🇨🇦. Remember all the malicious ways they used (abused) power. #NeverVoteConservative #NevrePoilievre #cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
#ThrowbackThursday, Harper & #CPC were, and are, very cosy with neo-fascists. #NeverVoteConservative #cdnpoli #NevrePoilievre ImageImageImageImage
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Ran a little social experiment on Thursday. Some people have been telling me over the last few weeks that responding to Poilievre's excesses is a waste of time. It simply makes his fans even more intensely loyal to him. All he has to do is push the buttons of people to his left.
Those people then react and it makes his people defend him with even greater intensity. So Trump & Fox and others have been doing this forever. It's known as "Owning the Libs" So I wanted to see how this worked on the other side. I declared that @DavidAkin was not heckling.
Of course that isn't literally true. Just as when Poilievre says we don't live in a free country, it's not literally true. Compared to most countries Canada is very free. Compared to the way most news conferences plod along, Akin was a naughty mischief making nuisance - Heckler!
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Among the countless un-conservative features of today's right wing, possibly the most un-conservative is their total lack of cultural memory. Collectively, the Canadian right's grasp of history is roughly equal to that of pubic lice.

Now, sometimes that amnesia is deliberate...
Take the right's current pants-wetting hysteria over the "Great Reset", allegedly being enacted by a shadowy cabal of globalists headed by Klaus Schwab. Yes, it's a deeply unhinged conspiracy theory on the order of the Elders of Zion. It's also espoused by mainstream CPC figures
Some Rebel Media chud is apparently doing a "documentary" on it.

Here's the thing. The North American right have been the world's foremost disciples of globalisation for over 40 years...
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Nothing from anyone else. ImageImageImageImage
Not even our boy Scott Image
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The #CPC and #Chinese government have always been committed to realizing complete national reunification. Resolving #Taiwan question & realizing complete national reunification is the shared aspiration of all #Chinese people & a commitment & a historical mission of the #CPC.
#PeacefulReunification & #OneCountryTwoSystems are our fundamental guidelines for resolving #Taiwan question. The reunification by peaceful means is the first choice of #CPC & #Chinese gov't in resolving #Taiwan question, as it best serves the interests of all #Chinese Nation.
We are ready to create vast space for peaceful reunification; but we will leave no room for separatist activities in any form. We will work with the greatest sincerity and exert our utmost efforts to achieve peaceful reunification.
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As we approach the annual pilgrimage of the Chinese elite to the resort town of Beidaihe,the world should remember what was happening in 1960 when this photo of the relaxed Mao Zedong was taken. 40,000-50,000 of his own people were starving to death daily due to this madman’s 1/5
disastrous social experiments. The so-called Great Leap Forward is,to this day, the worst man-made famine in human history. Mao’s stupidity killed 50 million Chinese. Why do today’s Chinese rank and file continue to discuss Mao with reverence when it is abundantly clear 2/5
that he was mentally disturbed and deeply evil. Mao’s atrocities killed more of his own people than Hitler and Stalin combined. As Xi heads to Beidaihe, he won’t be lounging on the beach as his idol was in 1960. He will be feverishly trying to wheel and deal to 3/5
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@brianlilley is speculating that Trudeau may call a Fall election. I would be a huge fan of having another chance to bounce the idiot and his incompetent Cabinet but we also have to think about getting the right's house in order. 1/
I am going to assume that @PierrePoilievre will win the @CPC_HQ leadership - if he doesn't I suspect the CPC will collapse in on itself. But let's assume he does. Where does that leave Max and the #PPC? 2/
For the moment we need Max to keep CPC honest and as a ready to go alternative if the Party of Toronto stabs Pierre as they stabbed Max. But if Pierre wins I think the #PPC and the #CPC need to make a deal. 3/
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Bank runs are happening all over China. It’s important to note that the Chinese banking system represents 350% of Chinese GDP (on balance sheet) while the U.S. system is only 100%. One of the largest lending categories of Chinese banks is real estate…Chinese property 1/3
Developers are filing bankruptcies at a record pace. Moody’s has DOWNGRADED 91 Chinese property developers this year alone…while Moody’s had only downgraded 54 OVER THE PAST DECADE before this year’s actions. China’s banks are insolvent. The CPC is likely to brutally 2/3
suppress the bank runs in the near term as they can’t allow them to spread further. It’s not just small banks, the biggest crowd over the weekend was found at The Bank of China (one of the largest SOE banks). #China #bankrun #CPC #CCP #BankofChina #ChinaExposed 3/3
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If you have struggled to understand the "#Convoy" folks, if you cannot believe there are still ppl FIRMLY behind #Trump45 in the USA.. if all of this crap terrifies you because it seems like hypnosis might be at play..

Read this :…
In a nutshell - this explains better than any CBC political panell, any folks the Sunday talk shows and all that, why @PierrePoilievre (Pepe Polyester) cannot , I repeat CANNOT lead the #CPC or ever get within a million miles of the Office of PM.
It outlines the game, they play, these authoritarian lying leaders with a side of fascism .. it explains why and how it works on a segment of the populace. Sadly, I didn't see it explain how to deal with them. BUT, making #Trump, Pepe and others criminals is a start.
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Today marks the 85th anniversary of the “#Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge) Incident”. 85 years ago today, #Japanese militarism created the so-called “Lugou Bridge (Marco Polo Bridge) Incident” to launch full-scale invasion of #China.
After bloody battles and unyielding fight, the #Chinese people defeated the heinous #Japanese militarists and won the great victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. The #CPC was the pillar in achieving this great victory.
The victory was also an important part of the #World Anti-Fascist War. It was a victory for the #Chinese people and for people of the world. China believes that to grow China-Japan relations, it is important to see history as a mirror and look ahead to the future.
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How convenient for @PierrePoilievre that Patrick Brown is disqualified by Conservative leadership organizers.

Patrick Brown has been kicked out of the Conservative Party leadership race by the Leadership Election Organizing Committee. #Cdnpoli…
I guess he just wasn't RW enough for the Conservatives, I'm sure this will seal Pierre Poilievre as leader. #KingOfTheCons
So arrogant he doesn't even show up to debate other #CPC hopefuls, this after likely eliminating Patrick Brown.

@PierrePoilievre so confident he's got the #CPC Leadership, he is skipping the Calgary leadership debate, will attend party with Brett Wilson.…
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Anybody who thinks that Skippy's little march with James Topp yesterday will backfire on him is deluding themselves. We here in #cdnpoli mostly know who the yahoos in the #FreeDumbConvoy really are, but the vast majority of #CPC voters don't. "But James Topp is a VETERAN. .../2
He must be a HERO. Good for Pierre."

The MSM doesn't inform your parents/grandparents about the truth on the 6:00 news. They are going to vote PP in as #CPC leader and will vote for him in the next election. We must take it on ourselves to inform family, neighbours, .../3
co-workers about what is really going on. Don't hold back for fear of conflict. Inform them. Make them think. Most are good people who are uninformed or misinformed. Don't waste your time on the #FringeMinority... they can't be reached. Ignoring this trend toward .../4
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This fascist “movement” has hijacked our flag, hijacked #CanadaDay2022, trampled the FREEDOMS of others to enjoy 🇨🇦 Day at the nation’s capital. Hijacked peace & normal life of Ottawa residents & cost businesses. Fuck these Brownshirts & all who enable them. #cdnpoli #ottnews
Many Trump/#January6th supporters, have come as tourists to participate in this op. Right wing circles have exchanged plans to camp at KOA grounds all summer in an attempt to sabotage & disrupt 🇨🇦’s democratically elected gov’t with the full seditious participation of #CPC.
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