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Watching with disgust as conservative bots and trolls swarm social media trying to contain Canada's approval of Trudeau's leadership in this crisis. They are attacking him, his family, his science based decisions and all the people around him who are in fact saving lives.
#CPC's media partners at the American owned GOP/CPC driven Postmedia network, the Globe & Mail & other activist media are joining with the bot/troll armies to interfere and distract so their party of choice is not decimated by their own self-inflicted wounds & childish stunts.
Keep in mind Canadians, @CPC_HQ, Harper, Manning, Kenney, Ford, Moe and a handful of other Conservative politicians, with GOP help, are trying to drag Canada into becoming a clone of the shit show the world is watching unfold in the US. Rampant unfettered predatory capitalism.
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Watching the ongoing whining & braying from O&G supporters/workers who are supposedly from Alberta and those who really are from there is uncomfortable at best and disconcerting at worst. Clearly, there are outside players as well as @jkenney's way overpaid slush fund
'issues' management personnel, & #CPC's win at any cost team as well, so there's that to be considered. I'm sure Kenney hired bot farm managers from Ontario, his home province, to fill out the ground troops. What I don't understand is why real supporters/slush fund denizens
want Albertans to look like such whiny howling asses. Seriously? Virtually all of the pro O&G tweets are belligerent, threatening, insulting, obnoxious, arrogant, whiny beyond scope and just bloody childish. Very, very few of the 'supporters' have any optimistic views of
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#FakeTory #BlockedByOToole' that's ok I believe in a real Blue Tory @jimkarahalios not a damn establishment candidate at the CPC. Who believes real supporters of the party and won't slap the soldiers that died for us and our country. We are Canadian's, we follow by example #PPC
I can see His tweets anytime!
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So the pre-analysis of the the upcoming #CPC leadership 'race' has begun in earnest and there are some things, actually very few things, that stand out. One is, there is virtually no discussion of policy, vision or direction for Canada among the possible candidates.
The discussion, analysis and party rules are centered around who can win. The #CPC want their eventual leader to be able to draw votes from a myriad of factions. They want their leader to be able to please the so-cons as well as the moderates and their fear/hate based factions
They want their future leader to show party members they can win. The word 'Canada' is only used when discussing regional strengths and weakness with regard to winning. There is little if any discussion concerning Quebec's aspirations but the leader must be bilingual to win.
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A thread about how well #China is playing the international game to become the most prominent economy in this decade, by @swardley.
@swardley Some key points about #China's long-run #strategy:

- For the #CPC (Communist Party of China) the #market is only a tool to leverage the power of the Chinese people, culture, and state, and not the holy sacred truth, as most western liberals believe. See @swardley's explanation.
@swardley - #China, through its CPC, acts as the #world's #biggest #buyer of goods & services, and hence, is able to impose its conditions (read law, prices, access to intellectual property, etc) to all multinationals that want to access the Chinese market, no matter how big they are.
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1) In regards to the UN Agendas 21/2030/and UNSDA(sustainable development agenda) which includes the Paris Accord and carbon pricing, ask the questions. While this plan was in development since the late 60’s, why were the masses never informed or educated on it?
2) Why,with the agenda being so enormous and consequential that it will “transform our world”,that no media talked about it,(Anyone that did was labeled a conspiracy theorist),why are the masses so woefully unaware that this agenda affects all aspects of our lives or even exists?
3) Aspects like higher taxes(carbon tax affects cost of everything), loss of property rights like land and guns, loss of free expression, food production, transportation, and consumption, loss of industries and jobs, the attack on our basic identity and culture,...
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#Breaking Global News has learned the Conservative National Council is asking questions about how and where Andrew Scheer's office spent over $900,000 charged to the party. Sources say that's about $700,000 higher than the usual amount… #cdnpoli #CPC
One of the members of National Council noticed the spike in the line item in the budget for the Leader's Office and asked what it was for and was told it was higher than expected pre-writ activity expenses as the party ramped up for an election year #cdnpoli #CPC
We asked why so much money this year, #CPC stmt "Much like any party leader, the Leader of the Conservative Party is required to undergo a significant amount of travel for partisan events and activities. These costs increase leading up to an election year... (1/2) #cdnpoli
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Today on @TheWestBlock we kick off with @MichelleRempel on what she thinks of Andrew Scheer's resignation and the private school tuition donor money was paying for. What does she make of the party's executive director signing off on it? And will she run for leader? #cdnpoli #CPC
@TheWestBlock @MichelleRempel Then we sit down with NDP leader @theJagmeetSingh to ask about his top up - how normal is this for party leaders? We'll also ask whether or not the NDP will be supporting NAFTA after being unsure earlier this week and is time for Canada to get tougher with China? #cdnpoli #NDP
@TheWestBlock @MichelleRempel @theJagmeetSingh Our journos break it all down with @RobertFife and @IvisonJ walking us through the civil war that is still raging inside the Conservative party, how Mr. Scheer's resignation went down, and what the fallout will be #cdnpoli
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#Breaking Global News can confirm that Executive Director of the Conservative Party Dustin Van Vugt has been fired in the wake of the Scheer private school expense controversy and the party has launched an internal review with an auditor #cdnpoli #CPC
Senior Conservative source just called me denying Van Vugt has been fired. Source says as of three minutes ago Van Vugt had not been resigned or terminated. Says Conservative Fund/Party doesn't have the power to fire Van Vugt. #cdnpoli #CPC
Welcome to the Conservative civil war #cdnpoli #CPC
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#Breaking Global News has learned Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is about to resign #cdnpoli #CPC
Global News has learned that Scheer is resigning after it was revealed he had been using Conservative Party money to pay for his children's private school education. #cdnpoli #CPC
#CPC sources tell Global News that members of the Conservative Fund are outraged and demanded Scheer's resignation when they found out party money was being spent on private schooling. Sources say the expenditures were made without the knowledge or approval of the Fund #cdnpoli
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Today on @TheWestBlock: Andrew Scheer’s defiance against the push to oust him as leader - can he hold on? @Jenni_Byrne and @GarnettGenuis face off. Then Premier @PremierScottMoe joins on the eve of the first premiers’ meeting and the attacks on @AndrewScheer #cdnpoli #cpc
We’ll sit down with @RobertFife who has seen his share leadership battles, what does he think lays ahead from Scheer and we’ll take out our crystal balls for the throne speech #cdnpoli
*lies ahead 🤦🏼‍♀️
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A few threads from Conservative sources we reported tonight on @GlobalNational about the brewing Conservative civil war, questions about @AndrewScheer's leadership, @LeonaAlleslev as Deputy Leader and Canada Proud/Conservative Victory (THREAD) #cdnpoli #CPC
@GlobalNational @AndrewScheer @LeonaAlleslev Conservative sources frustrated by Alleslev's role say they like Alleslev but feel her appointment highlights Scheer's failure to bring leadership competitors into the tent to become allies (say he has done little on this front since being elected leader) #cdnpoli #CPC
@GlobalNational @AndrewScheer @LeonaAlleslev Caucus sources tell @globalnews they felt Scheer's team tried to intimidate MPs in the big election postmortem meeting, changing a vote about whether MPs should have the power to force a leadership review from secret ballot to the caucus chair to open roll call #cdnpoli #CPC
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#exclusive Global News has learned that @LeonaAlleslev will be announced as Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party tomorrow morning. Multiple conservative sources say Alleslev was told today. #cdnpoli #cpc
@LeonaAlleslev Leona Alleslev crossed the floor from the Liberal Party in September of 2018. She is a former Air Force officer and GTA MP. #cdnpoli #cpc
@LeonaAlleslev Alleslev is relatively new to politics, she was elected for the first time in 2015. For the Conservatives she brings the key element of being from the GTA, is generally seen as a progressive in the party, and she is a woman. #cdnpoli #cpc
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1. Before he was elected, @FordNation promised he would see the Basic Income Pilot through...

Once elected, he killed it.

Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

He's going ahead with it anyway

#cdnpoli #ONpoli
2. Before the #Elxn43 vote was held, NB Premier @BlaineHiggs he said he wouldn't fight the #CarbonTax in court if the @CPC_HQ lost.

While he will go ahead with a Made in NB carbon pricing scheme, he is still involved in the court case.

#NBPoli #CdnPoli
3. Before he was elected, AB Premier @JKenney promised cuts wouldn't go beyond a certain point and that he'd respect city charters.

He waited until the #Elxn43 vote was held to drop a buget in which he betrayed those promises and many more.

#ABPoli #CdnPoli
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Instagram account "Canadian Gun Vault" posted a photo of a list of electoral ridings with a handgun lying across it.
He is angry about the election, apparently.
I think he might, as they say, "Belong to Intelligence."
he oozes with deception:
When I look up "The Canadian Gun Vault Inc." on socialblade they list some really interesting "similar" channels.
ABC News?
hmmm, you don't say. It means they share something in common.
But what?
/2 When I search "Amazing Polly" these are the results I get.
They make perfect sense.
Anon Rah is there because that channel translates my videos into German and uses my channel name a lot.
The others are self explanatory.
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The @CPC_HQ are now hunkering down to try and figure out why they lost the election, as a fellow Canadian I think it's my duty to help them and provide a list using the hashtag #WhyScheerLost. Feel free to help the #CPC understand why they lost. #cdnpoli…
1. Do not hire Rebel Media alumni or co-founders. #WhyScheerLost
2. Do not hire people who have knowingly employed founders of hate groups, especially groups that created a video titled "10 Things I Hate About Jews."
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Born and raised Albertan here. (A Thread)

I lived my entire life in a 1-party state; the #Conservative one.

My whole life, the same cries: "We're just not being represented! No one listens in Ottawa"
Can we talk about the real problem?
It’s not #Trudeau. Not this time.
Let’s ignore #Trudeau completely, this is bigger than him.

I want YOU to do a gut check.

I mean it.

Take a good, very looong look at the #CPC.
When we had to do 'belt tightening' due to the global recession, no life lines were laid down 'just in case'.
It wasn’t even considered.
We struggled under @stephenharper. It wasn’t easy.
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No matter the outcome Monday I will never forgive #Scheer, #HamishMarshall & their cadre who have acted like pondscum, knowing they had nothing of substance - ir they couldn't hit the #Libs on economic record - they opted for a very American campaign of unrelenting lies
knowing that the sheer volume would overwhelm & create suspicion, sneak under the cognitive brain & stick in subconscious. They appealed to the very worst instincts & fears of Cdns & slyly courted votes from racists, homophobes, anti-abortion nuts & more dangerous types.
They did this consciously, a shamelessly hypocritical & pandering deathbed conversion to caring about womens rights, Indigenous people, people of colour - as long as they could weaponize it against #Trudeau w/warheads of bullshit.
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1/ #ChooseForward Another discussion with a #cpc supporter last night. I concede that I was intentionally winding him up—condescendingly disproving false claims with cited facts or correcting subjective beliefs with more reasonable alternative inferences.
2/ A recurrent #cpc theme is the need for a national debt reduction. In itself that’s a reasonable goal—in fact virtually every party wants to do that.
🇨🇦 $120Bn debt is AVERAGE among OECD;
🇨🇦 has the HIGHEST credit rating^ (AAA),

3/🇨🇦pays the lowest interest on our debt, at a time when borrowing costs are very low.
It is a GOOD time to use debt to accomplish national goals.
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In USA #Obama's team oversold Hope & Change to ppl hungry for it after Bush. When he didn't transform the world, they stayed home next election & he almost lost. Then stayed home next time over disappointment that Obama didn't create an Eden on Earth. So they got #Trump.
Same thing playing out here so far. #Trudeau was a Rorschach blot for ppls individual hopes & contrast to darkness of Harper. JT could never satisfy all those expectations. 4 yrs is barely time to even start fixing some things. And tho he kept 92% of promises
voting reform wasn't one of them. Reasons why don't matter to those who think it's the most important issue of our times. And JT, like Hillary, turned out to not be perfect. So like in 2016 US election ppl are disappointed due to their own naivete & ignorance of how govt runs
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#CPC know #Scheer is a weak leader, who lied about his earlier job qualifications to hide that he'd been on taxpayer's teat his whole adult life, is homophobic, will endanger our health as payoff for industry donations - but they are standing behind him not whining (1/7 thread)
about his 'imperfections'. They defend & champion him as they do for their candidates whether they're shitty or not. Meanwhile Liberals have been trashing #Trudeau for his distant past while overlooking his current achievements & govt successes & party's vision of country.
This is how Conservatives win. Because too many Liberals are holier-than-thou hypocrites & who can't handle if their pet cause didn't advance enough, because these Liberals think that their cause is the most important, damn the rest. If ur one of those Liberals, you deserve
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I was pondering Student Debt whilst dropping my son at Uni this weekend. #CPC2019

353,960 Students off to uni in 2018.

3 year intake means total is approx 1 Million.

Each paying on average £500 pm. for accommodation.

£500 Million PER MONTH on STUDENT DEBT given to landlords?
#CPC then I look around these Student cities and towns - and notice that the economy is literally being kept afloat by debt.

The only reason the shops are surviving, shop staff kept employed, restaurants, bars etc is Student debt.

But it's not real money - it is still future Government debt because the lending model is flawed.

Students will NEVER be able to pay the debt and to ask them too would be wrong.

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Thread - some horrifying pictures. Below I am listing only SOME examples of ridings in Ontario where the race is very tight and a Conservative will be elected ONLY because of vote splitting on the left. See for yourself.We are fighting the wrong battle here! #cdnpoli #elxn43 #cpc
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Apologies if you've seen before.... trying out a threadroll. Content courtesy of @HarveyMyatt

Scheer's Platform/Position (Part 1):
1. Not bow down
2 UN/climate hysteria
3. Will Kill UNDRIP as UN has NO authority over
4. Will build pipeline!
@HarveyMyatt Scheer’s Platform/Position (Part 2):

5. Remove GST off home energy including oil, electricity, natural gas, propane, wood pellets
6. Reduce small business tax/federal taxes
7. $1,000.00 tax credit 4 home-schooled children
@HarveyMyatt Scheer’s Platform/Position (Part 3):

8. Will keep tax-free Canada Child Benefit/seniors benefits
9. Will increase transfers 2 provinces 4 healthcare/social services by approx 3% yr
10. New Parents Act - tax free parent/UI free
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