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Wikipedia is considering bowing to the Communist Party of China by considering deleting this entry:… #China #TiananmenSquareMassacre #facts
Over 10,000 Chinese students were massacred by the Chinese government in early June of 1989.
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#China official messaging on unification with #Taiwan has been on a tear lately. #PeoplesDaily runs front page article today, expanding ("thoroughly studying") #XinJinping's speech on 110th anniv. of Xinhai Revolution, titled 共同创造祖国完全统一、民族伟大复兴的光荣伟业 1/10
"Creating together the unification of the motherland and the glorious enterprise of national rejuvenation." Article repeats that Xi Jinping's sentence that "The complete reunification of our country will be and can be realized." 2/10…
What is interesting is the length the piece spends on connecting the #CPC with founding father Sun Yatsen, and how the party is the true heir of the Xinhai revolutionaries 作为孙中山先生革命事业最坚定的支持者、最忠诚的合作者、最忠实的继承者 3/10
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1/ This article could be titled:

"How the Liberals won by realizing that @erinotoole was a flip-flopper and @CPC_HQ campaign staff can't keep up"… #cdnpoli #CPC
2/ "Liberal research concluded that @erinotoole was a flip-flopper: he would say whatever he thought was politically expedient — even if he never held those views before — and showed a remarkable willingness to throw out positions when they were no longer convenient"

3/ How @CPC_HQ came up with vaccine policy:

"@erinotoole's advisers spent the next two weeks researching and consulting focus groups on the question of mandatory vaccination"

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💨Rais Alpha Conde (Guinea) alipinduliwa kwa msaada wa USA & Ufaransa, lkn kwa ASSIMI GOÏTA (Mali) alisaidiwa na Urusi.Pia mauaji ya IDRIS DÉBY (Chad) yalifanywa na URUSI
👩‍💻𝐌𝐚𝐦𝐛𝐨 𝐌𝐚𝐳𝐢𝐭𝐨 𝐓𝐮𝐬𝐢𝐲𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐣𝐮𝐚👇
Mnamo Aprili 20, 2021 majira ya jioni zilianza sherehe huko La Brasserie Kiss, umbali wa 100M kutoka ktkt ya mji wa Bangui (Afrika ya Kati). Kila aliyepita huo mtaa aliona magari kadhaa yamepaki mbele ya nyumba moja ya Ghorofa 3, jumba ambalo ni kivutio kikubwa sana ktk jiji hilo
Jengo hili lipo nje kidogo ya mtaa maarufu wa DU COLONEL CONUS na ikifika usiku hupendeza sana kutokana na mng'ao wa taa ulioizunguka. Kulingana na saa kule ilikuwa mida ya saa 2 usiku hivi na kwa wenyeji wa mji huo, ni muda ambao amri ya kutotembea usiku huanza kutumika.
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#XiJinping sent a congratulatory message to #EricChu less than 24 hours after he was elected KMT chairman at #Taiwan in his capacity as the general secretary of the CPC, which is a long-standing practice of interaction between the two parties.
Actually, the only #KMT chairman who did not receive a congratulatory message from the #CPC was the current one, Johnny Chiang, who has an ambiguous attitude toward the "1992 Consensus", which is seen by #Beijing as the political basis for cross-Strait relations.
As a Chinese, it's interesting for me to read the congratulatory messages btw the 2 parties, bc their style is so different from that sent by Chinese leaders to their foreign counterparts. There is a traditional, classical Chinese culture that flows btw the lines of the messages.
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1/ As #cdnmedia *now* talks to Conservative caucus members, they must interrogate their #elxn2021 coverage. When O’Toole presented himself so contrary to his leadership run, the current & not so fmr #CPC & platform. Did it not occur to reporters to investigate what was real?
2/ I know #cdnmedia think Liberals are hostile to journalism who can’t tolerate Trudeau criticism. There is *some* truth to this. But lots of our complaints are legit & r made in good faith. Most of Liberal Twitter has closely followed Trump’s America in horror, as Cdn media has.
3/ The diff btwn #cdnmedia & those who reg use the #, is we don’t believe #Conservatives & #Republicans are light yrs apart. Like the CPC caucus—we know O’Toole’s #Elxn44 campaign wasn’t representative of majority of Cons (elected or base) Nor resembled how EOT would govern as PM
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Gd uncensored answers but IMO Cons are deluding themselves. Ya can’t say O’Toole & #CPC hv been “positive & compassionate” while cheering for vaccine fail, voting & msging against LGBTQ2S, Indigenous ppls, women, ongoing COVID relief and Chinese & Asian Canadians for starters
Some other things I find notable @mattgurney’s interview with this anonymous #Conservative operative.

It was obviously very intentional for the #CPC to hide their most controversial candidates and for Erin O’Toole to ignore the candidates in the ridings he campaigned in. #Elxn44
It’s wild #CPC weren’t prepared to be attacked on guns and the issues that Conservatives always hv to answer for. This is a sign not just of the self delusion I mentioned but the insecure flip flops is further evidence of an an unmoored party. But still willing to knowingly lie.
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Whenever the CPC loses & debate about the party's ideology resumes, one vocal segment of the base always argues some version of "We don't need two Liberal parties!" It's a truism that masks an absurdity...
Imagine if R.J. Manion's Tories had voted against Mackenzie King's declaration of war against Germany, instead moving a motion approving of Hitler's invasion of Poland & wishing him every success, merely to avoid being too much "like the Liberals"...
That's the kind of poltroonery you end up with if your raison d'être is founded on a negative dialectics whereby you premise your existence on a state of not-being someone else.

Maybe the CPC should focus less on not-being (i.e. other parties) & more on *being* something...
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A question everyone should be asking: WHY has #cdnmedia failed to report on one of the biggest political scandals in decades. O’Toole & #CPC colluded w/ #Conservative premiers to delay implementing covid measures until after #elxn44vote. People died as a result #CovidInquiryNow
The very next day after #elxn44vote, #JasonKenney shuffles Shandro, #ScottMoe flies under the radar & the UCP sends an official request to the Trudeau gov’t for help. (Because of jurisdiction the feds must be invited). Something UCP could’ve done weeks ago. #CovidInquiryNow
I’d just like to underscore this point. The letter sent by Ric McIver the day he replaced Shandro, is extremely revealing. A “State of Public Health Emergency” was declared on Sept 15, but no formal request was made to the Trudeau gov’t until immediately after #Elxn44. #ABleg
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Some thoughts on Cda's 44th Federal Election, & the upcoming Parliament.

1. To #CdnMedia: stop with the "The Election was unnecessary" stuff. The 43rd Parliament WAS dysfunctional, & you had a role to play in that dysfunction, going for controversy & "clicks" over truth...
Going for a majority was not the ONLY reason #PMJT asked the GG to dissolve Parliament. #CPC was playing "chicken" with an election call, for the duration of the Pandemic, & tried to obstruct the Govt's efforts to help as many Cdns as possible. Cdns needed to have their say...
2. @JustinTrudeau @CanadianPM - your Govt needs to communicate with Cdns more effectively. #cdnmedia will not willingly assist in this, so explore other ways, but please strive to get representation on every political pundit panel discussion on News Channels...
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During this election, I’ve seen a ton of hypocrisy and dishonesty in #ConservativeParty attacks, and compiled some of this
#cpc claim: the cons never wanted this “vanity election.”
Picture: #otoole was demanding it for months #elxn44vote
#cpc claim: Trudeau bought the media and it was all biased for him.
Picture: most media in Canada is heavily biased in favour of the conservatives, and has been for years.
#cpc claim: they are against negative adds and condemned #trudeau for supposedly using some.
Picture: a still from the first Con party add of the election, which featured Trudeau’s face photoshopped on a little girl from Willy Wonka, but got pulled for copyright infringement
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Already so tired of the “undecided voter” trope.

#Elxn44 #LeadersDebate
The bias from the moderator is already ridiculous. “You inspire people” she says to Jagmeet, then complains in her q that Trudeau “plunged the country” into an election. No minority government has ever lasted more than 2 years. We should vote mid winter?
#Elxn44   #LeadersDebate
OMG!!! O’Toole pretending to be a “pro choice ally”. Meanwhile he would have 14 rabid far right anti choice extremists in his cabinet. Unbelievable! #OTooleIsALiar

#Elxn44   #LeadersDebate
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On the eve of advance voting I wanted to share some of my thoughts on this election. #Debate2021
I won't list the 6 years of lies, corruption, inablity to deliver on 'promises', divisiveness & folly driven by @liberal_party in HOC & on the world stage. You all know that. 1/2
All of the antics of the #LPC is well documented. What has been weighing on my mind is how wasted the last 6 years have been. Instead of moving Canada ahead & building this country to greater success, the #LPC has squandered the time on games & to the loss of Cdn families 1/3
and business/commerce. Never in 62 years have I seen such disregard for all that we have,or had as the case may be.

So as we head to the polls, pause & really think of your future, your families future & the future of #Canada . Is the #CPC perfect. No. But I have seen many 1/4
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We're having #Elxn44 because of #ErinOToole and the #CPC chose to play games and filibuster.

This is ON THEM.

#Debatenight #Elxn44 #cdnpoli
Both @theJagmeetSingh and @AnnamiePaul know that it was the #CPC acting in bad faith and playing games in the #HoC that cause this election.

They lie JUST like The O'ther Guy.

#cdnpoli #elxn44 #Debatenight
@theJagmeetSingh @AnnamiePaul #Trudeau has failed? Really, #ErinOToole?

You say he doesn't deliver results.

Reality says otherwise.

#OTooleLies #cdnpoli #elxn44 #debatsdeschefs
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Why, in my view, is this a #CPC op & NOT originating with the PPC?

The CPC are the sole beneficiaries. They can look “reasonable” compared to the PPC & prevent #PPC from hiving off any CPC votes. But this op does other things too….#NeverVoteCPC #Elxn44 #NeverVoteConservative
…It gives #CPC plausible deniability for a sociopathic campaign straight out of the authoritarian playbook, it allows for gaslighting (as O’Toole has done, endlessly) & it creates an atmosphere of hate aimed at PMJT, while seeking to demoralize & intimidate Liberals. #Elxn44
These tactics are designed to attract others to join in & amplify the op to make it look organic. PPC attracts antisocial personality types who consume RW disinformation. So they would naturally be attracted to this type of engagement. Easy dupes, if you will. #NeverVoteCPC
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Erin O’Toole’s mercenary PR team, Topham Guerin, that handled Boris Johnson’s campaign & Brexit, have a history of malign influence tactics that seem to follow them around. They learned at the knee of Lynton Crosby, aka Australia’s Karl Rove. #Elxn44 #NeverVoteCPC
#Facebook is utilized heavily in Topham Guerin strategies. Skirting election laws by using front groups setting up Facebook pages that pretend to be grassroots, thus avoid inclusion as 3rd party advertising. Working for Crosby, TG oversaw an entire disinformation network. #Elxn44
When working for Scott Morrison, Australia’s current conservative PM (the Liberal Party in Australia is the equivalent of the #CPC), similar tactics that we’re witnessing in 🇨🇦, could be seen. The left was targeted in addition to the right. An oft used tactic by the Right #Elxn44
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This is a thread about Donor Lists in the upcoming #yyc municipal elections. This thread contains original research based off of the donor lists enclosed by @JeffDavisonYYC, @JeromyYYC and @JyotiGondek
#yyccc #yycvote
First, I just want to say a couple of things:
1.Political Campaigns are expensive and the rules imposed by the UCP have made it difficult for candidates. If you find a good candidate, please consider supporting them financially or with your time.
2.Candidates have no control over who donates to them. Receiving a donation from someone does not mean that the candidate supports that person.
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1. Andrew Lawton peddles in extremism. Erin O’Toole treating this propagandist as an actual journalist, normalizes far right disinformation & pretends it’s legitimate & reasonable. It isn’t. It’s the subversion of objective truth & facts. #elxn44 #cdnmedia #StopTheCPC ImageImage
2. Andrew Lawton got his toxic start at “Rebel” so-called “News”. Where many far right extremists have gotten their propaganda launching pad. #NeverVoteCPC #NeverVoteConservative #Elxn44 #StopTheCPC ImageImageImageImage
3. On Canada Day, when many chose to observe a day of mourning, to honour Indigenous lives lost at the hands of systemic racism, Andrew Lawton chose instead to dog whistle to neo-Nazis. #NeverVoteCPC #NeverVoteConservative #Elxn44 #cdnmedia #StopTheCPC ImageImageImageImage
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#ErinOToole is pledging to get the national vaccination rate above 90%. On motivating the unvaccinated, the #CPC leader says "You don't win people over by threatening them. You win them over by reaching out, talking to them, understanding their fears, answering their questions..
We need to persuade every Canadian that vaccines are safe, effective and our best route out of this crisis." #ErinOToole Dear Mr. O'Toole. Nobody is threatening the unvaccinated. They are threatening us. Vaccines are the only way out of the crisis. The science is crystal clear.
Every reasonable person knows it. For those who choose to remain unvaccinated, the only way to "secure the future" as you like to say, is to deprive them of privileges & opportunities to work & socialize with the rest of us. That means mandates.
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1. A few years ago I heard about a horrific story where a developmentally delayed 13 y/o (who operated at the level of a 7 y/o, according to her mother) became pregnant from being raped by her stepfather. Anti-abortion groups sued the abortion provider. #elxn44
2. You read that correctly. Anti-abortion groups did not mount an action against the child’s abuser, but against the abortion clinic. Poilievre, Candice Bergen, Michael Barrett, Ed Fast, & every single #CPC MP on that list above, also believe….
#NeverVoteCPC #StopTheCPC #elxn44
3….what those anti-choice groups believed: this child should’ve been forced to carry a pregnancy resulting from horrific abuse.
In the beliefs of these #CPC MPs - who would be in charge of people’s lives - there should be no rape or incest exceptions. #NeverVoteCPC #elxn44
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Basically, the claim here is that the conservatives "won't touch abortion, scout's honour". /2
Except for the undeniable fact that "pro-life" makes up some 35% of the CPC's active membership as of the first round balloting in the recent leadership campaign. /3…
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1/26 🧵#CDNpoli #2Michaels #Elxn44

It's been hard for me to watch #CDNmedia coverage of the 2 Michaels, knowing there's a pointless media blackout that's resulted in widespread #disinformation & exploitation by partisan actors

This #thread is RE Spavor

2/26 🧵#CDNpoli #2Michaels #Elxn44

Canada has become a laughing stock to our global partners due to #CDNmedia suppression of facts about Spavor & Kovrig, that are available to everyone else in the world, including 🇨🇦, if we only bothered to google
3/26 🧵#CDNpoli #Elxn44

I've known facts about the #2Michaels for some time & I declined to share earlier so it wouldn't impact Spavor & Kovrig's trials in #China. But that collective ignorance is being weaponized against voters & both sides have been disingenuous in recent news
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1. The deliberate countrywide organized vandalism of #LPC candidates signs, reminds me of an operation carried out in West Germany by the KGB in 1959.

@RidT wrote about this op in his book Active Measures. #cdnpoli #Elxn44
2. The KGB spotted that Germany had a lingering problem with antisemitism. It was only 14 years after the holocaust. So the KGB mounted an op where they committed fake acts of antisemitic hate crimes. Painting swastikas on Jewish graves, defacing buildings etc. The KGB’s plan….
3….was intended to bring out real antisemitic hate crimes. The KGB committed the fake hate crimes to encourage a wave of antisemitic activity that would tarnish West Germany’s attempts to rebuild its reputation.

The deliberate act of organized vandalism of #LPC signs….#Elxn44
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