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#Thread 1. My people make una no vex about the gist I promised to drop, the damn thing is too long & too explicit. I have been working with my team of directors at 'HBO' to edit & re-shoot. lol I go do am like 'Game of thrones' & drop it in episodes cos all cant fit in 25 extra
2. tweets as given by twitter. Episode 1:
Disclaimer: The stories I tell here are factions, that is they are a mixture of facts & fiction. What is fact/fiction is only known to me, this is primarily a creative enterprise using humor & plain story-telling skills to entertain,
3. teach & learn as well from your feedback. Please, note that names & incidences do not represent actual persons or experiences. I’m only using my literary license, not motor license O! (Rated 18+) James & Joan have been married for 5 years & have two kids together.
4. We are family friends; my husband & James were secondary school buddies. Hubby was three classes below him, so he was more like a school son to James while they were in school; but the friendship sort of continued after school. We visit their home whenever we are in Abuja &
5. James hooks up with my husband whenever he is in Lagos, which is like once a year since he is hardly in the country. James is the guy of most women’s dream; attended the Nigeria Defense Academy, passed out as an Air Force officer. He spent 6 years in the military before
6. returning to civilian life. He went to the United States to get certifications as a commercial pilot & eventually got a job in the Gulf region flying jets belonging to rich Arabs all over the world. With his kind of job, he is barely home but compensates his family with lots
7. of cash & gifts. He owns very expensive cars & posh houses in Abuja. Meanwhile, Joan is the everyday fine-face who got to marry a very rich guy. She worked with an insurance company for a while before resigning & opening a swank saloon that caters to the city’s big girls.
8. While she leaves the running of the saloon mostly to her employees, she spends more of her time at home watching Telemundo, African Magic; playing with her friends & sisters who are always in the house. Joan has two sisters & a cousin who is also a lady, all living in the
9. same house with her & the kids as her husband is hardly ever at home. Her sisters?cousin are all over 20 years of age & are university undergraduates. Sometime in 2015, my husband walks in to say he got a call from James saying he was in Nigeria on leave & would be
10. around for a month. It turns out a relative of ours was wedding in Abuja & we were to attend, so we decided to use the opportunity to visit James & family as well. Four days later, we got into Abuja & Oga James came to the airport to pick us with his 2014 Range Rover Sport.
11. He took us to an hotel where we checked in before proceeding to his house to have lunch. Joan with the kids welcomed us warmly, we sat down & chatted about the weather, soccer, politics etc. James got us some drinks while madam went into the kitchen to get some food.
12. We are not close, so I didn’t feel it was right to enter into her kitchen with her, knowing that some women are highly territorial with their kitchen. I just sat with the men in the living room to watch Manchester United versus Southampton, sipping my drink. A Few minutes
13. later the kitchen door opens & two ladies walk in bearing trays of food. In the silence that greeted their appearance, you could hear a pin drop. Both girls are tall & fair in complexion. Looking at them you would know they are either sisters or close relatives of Joan as
14. there was some semblance. One had on a short jean skirt with a singlet showing her navel and 'NO FRIGGING BRA' on! The other wasn’t dressed any better as she also wore a very tight t-shirt with no bra too! The one with the singlet bends down to serve my husband & I notice
15. that both her breasts were almost out of the singlet! I was now feeling ‘one-kain' & watching my husband. The ‘bad guy’ noticed I was looking at him & starts acting like the yellow card that was just issued to a player in the match was actually the goal of the season!
16. Then I looked at our host, but he had his poker face on, his game face. Well, he sees these ladies dressed this way almost everyday & doesn't see it as a big deal, I reasoned. The ladies serve us & leave just as Joan, our hostess, walks in from the kitchen. We got down to
17. eating while having a conversation like friends would normally do over a meal. After lunch, I helped our hostess clear the dishes while the men continued with the game & drinks. I helped her do the dishes while we chatted about small stuff in the kitchen. We came out of
18. the kitchen & it was time to go. James wheeled out another car, this time a G-Wagon & drove us to the hotel where we were lodged. On our way, my husband asks him: "Dude, is this how your sisters-in-law dress in the house when you are around?" He laughs & says: "You never
19. see nothing. One of them came out early in the morning, while dusting the place; she bent over & her g-string was right in my face!” Puzzled, my husband asked: "what have you done about this?" "Man, I don complain to Joan & she spoke to her sisters. They seem to have
20. stopped it my last trip home but after I left & came back they started doing it again! Man, I am tired! Do you know my siblings do not come to my house anymore?" My husband was like "What"? "There is always a fight when my younger ones come around in my absence. The
21. atmosphere remains tense even when I am here, so they no longer come. My in-laws have taken over the house. I go back to work, they turn my house into their village. In fact, one of my wife’s sisters actually took this G-Wagon back to school in Lagos!” I am silent
22. as I instinctively felt there was more to the story. Eventually, we got to the hotel, thanked James & said our goodbyes. We got into our room & I tell my husband my thoughts; James is either sleeping with one of the girls or will eventually sleep with one of them if that
23. nonsense I saw continues. “Ahh! Where is this coming from now?” my husband protests. “Look dear, I didn't like the feeling I got inside that house today”, I told him. “So, based on a feeling you got , you have already concluded?”, he countered. After the wedding the
24. next day, we left Abuja for Lagos. A few months later my husband comes in saying: “James called. He's staying at a hotel here in Lagos. Says he’s back to conclude something important”. I looked at my husband’s face as he spoke. I noticed it was a dark mask of worry as
25. he avoided looking at me. I knew there was trouble….

To be continued tomorrow, I have exceeded the 25 extra tweet limits!
26. Episode 2 of my story 'Three strikes & out' continues;
Honey, what's wrong?, I asked as I moved close to him, held his arms & looked softly into his crumpled face. "I don't know yet, I really don’t know, but from his tone, things are not fine at all with him. Got to go.”
27. He picked his car keys, planted a kiss on my forehead, squeezed my right hand & moved briskly out the door. I looked at him, part questioningly part pitifully, unable to make up my mind whether my interest was in the gist I thought he was not telling me or in my husband’s
28. worry over whatever it was that was happening to his friend. I quickly caught up with him outside the door. “Come here, baby”, I held his face to mine & kissed his lips. “Don’t be long”. Whatever it is I will know soon enough….It was past midnight & he was nowhere to be
29. seen. I’d done a yeoman’s job of keeping off calling him, because I didn’t want him to think I’m pressuring him for gist, even as I was dying to hear what’s going on with Oga James. Then, the phone rang. It was him.“Hello, Sweets. You okay?”“Yeah, I’m okay”, he
30 responded. How is James? Is he okay.” “Yeah, he’s fine”“Are you still with him”“Of course, I’m still with him. Just called to let you know you shouldn’t wait up for me. I’ll be coming back a bit late”. “Okay, dear. Be safe”, I said & dropped the phone. I laid face up in bed,
31. wondering what was going on. What are they talking about that’s taking them this long? I knew they weren’t socializing, because my husband’s face & mood wasn’t game for such a thing & his tone on the phone was quite subdued. He wasn’t talking to me from anywhere there was
32. a racket. About 2hrs.30mins later I heard the sound of the car. He walked in, but as I sprang up & before I could ask any question, he said: “Honey, please wait, let me take a shower, abeg". In my mind I am like shower ke? I sat up all through waiting for you to come back
33. to give me gist & here you are killing me with suspense! But I feigned self-restraint & said nothing. I understand him well enough to know that he could decide to make me drag this gist out of him, kicking & screaming, for a whole year if he smells my eagerness. So,
34. I let him go for his shower, while I hid my face in a novel, putting up a front of total commitment to the story I was reading. I looked up briefly when I saw him get out of the shower, but planted back my face in my novel as I itched for him to begin the gist. He sat
35. down, but rather than start the gist, he picked up the remote & started channel-hopping until he settled on Amanpour who was on CNN. I felt like punching him in the face for putting me through this, but my Ice Queen persona was holding up. I even started some small chat
36. about the mischief of our last son, before he cut me off with a solemn sigh. “Honey, are you okay?” I asked suppressing my triumphalism as I sensed the gist was about to flow. “I’m okay, this James thing is just getting to me bad”, he said. What happened?
37. What’s happening to him?”. He turned off the TV, faced me & said: “James and Joan are getting a divorce". I felt like someone head-butted me and crashed a huge fist in the middle of my mouth. I don’t know whether it was the surprise or the gravity of the news, but I choked.
38. Sure, I was expecting some gist, but all the while in my mind, I was thinking whatever it was with James must have something to do with his job. Even if I’d thought anything along the lines of some domestic issue, I wouldn’t have thought divorce. When I found my voice,
39. I asked: "Divorce ke! What happened?" "It's a long story, that’s why I spent that much time with him. I really don’t know where to start. A little silence followed & my husband began the story. “It all started with Oluchi. You know Oluchi, don’t you?”, he asked me.“Oluchi?
40. Which Oluchi? Joan’s cousin? The one living with them in the house?“Yes, Joan’s Cousin”.“What? She fought with James’s brothers & it all got very messy & has now affected their marriage? Is that it?”“Look, will you stop interrupting me, woman! I’m too tired to do this, don’t
41. make me just put my head down & sleep off now! Hmm….See yanga O, just because I want hear gist.“Sorry, Honey. What happened?”"James said he’s fucked up & knows that what he did was wrong, but he somehow couldn't help it”.“Oh, I see! So, he slept with her, abi? He slept with
42. the cousin of his wife? Jesus! Chei! Why are you men like this? Must you always do it? Even to one's cousin, a relation?” I just burst into tears! I was imagining it was me. Oh God! Next thing I know, my husband got up, tersely said goodnight & was off to bed. My
43. emotions had an immediate reset. Kai! Which kain mallam be this wey I marry? He wouldn't even say nice things like “Honey you know I can't do such a thing”. He just walked off like that in a humph. Na wa O! I had to run in to beg him oo! I needed to hear this weird story.
44. If I had to get on my knees to extract it from him, so be it! I went & laid by his side, placing my head gently on his chest. I could hear his breathing. I rubbed his chest & arms and held on to him.“I’m sorry for reacting like that. I was just scared & worried for Oga
45. James, Joan….& for us too.”“C’mon, stop talking like that. I’m sorry I reacted the way I did too”, he said, running his fingers through my hair. “It’s difficult for me to deal with as well. He said it started sometime late last year. James was in Abu Dhabi at the time
46. when his phone rang. Since he didn’t have the number saved on his phone, he picked it up & asked 'Hello, who is this?' A female voice replied and said “Na wa ohh, so na only your wife you dey call? So you are not aware that if a man marries a woman, he is married to her
47. entire family? It’s me Oluchi." James said he laughed, feeling it was all a joke & asked her how she was doing. She said she was in school at that moment but would be arriving in Dubai with two of her friends in a few days to do some shopping. She was wondering if shecould
48. stay at his place when she arrives. James told her he doesn't have a house in Dubai, that he only goes to Dubai on official trips. He actually has his home in Qatar, even though he gets to be all over the Gulf considering he is a pilot. He told her to call him when she
49. arrives Dubai & that if he is chanced, he could pop in to see her. Few days later he received a call from a local number, Oluchi had arrived in Dubai. She was calling from the airport to tell him that she & her friends had just cleared immigration & were entering a cab to
50. go check into a hotel. James told her to call him & let him know what hotel they were staying. The next time they spoke, he told her that he would be free the following day & would come into Dubai to take her around. Next morning James arrived Dubai as agreed
51. & she met him at the lobby of the hotel with her friends. He took them out sightseeing. They did some shopping after which they went back to the hotel. James said he left them at the lobby but promised to return in the evening of the following day as he had things to do
52. during the morning hours. Next day he called Oluchi to tell her he was at the hotel lobby, she told him to come up, giving him her room number. He said he got there knocked, she opened the door to let him in. As he got in, two things hit him. 1st, she was alone!
53. Where were her friends? 2nd, she had on a negligee! At this point I asked my husband: “Did Joan his wife know Oluchi was in Dubai & did she know Oluchi would be meeting up with James? Did James call up Joan to let her know he’d met up with Oluchi in Dubai?” My husband’s
54. response was astonishing! “What does it matter if Joan knows or not? Would her knowing stop shit from happening?”I wanted to jump up & punch his chest, but I restrained myself, knowing that would be the end of the gist. I didn’t come this far to spoil it with a tantrum.
55. But I just thought what a really silly cad he must be to not tell the wife that her cousin was in Dubai. Obviously, he had the intentions to sleep with her. Or did she tell James not to let Joan know? Whatever, James, so far wasn’t coming out here as a victim or prey….
56. But, as I said, I wasn’t going to start a gist-killing debate…..Quiet, quiet, he’ll continue soon…“James said he felt so uncomfortable. Yeah sure he has seen her & the other sisters dress indecently, but that was in his house in Nigeria where there were always people
57. around. This one was different, he was alone with her in a hotel room in a strange land! He sat on a chair while she went to the bed leaning at the head of the bed while folding her legs. He then knew this wasn't going to end well because he could see everything, pubic hair
58. & all! Said they chatted for a bit then Oluchi stood up & came to sit on his laps & that was when he lost it! He confessed that he couldn’t hold himself any longer as he started exploring her body while she explored his. Minutes later it was over, they had crossed the
59. line of no return”. Hmm….The predator playing victim. He should have said she raped him, I said to myself mockingly as I secretly sneered. I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I couldn’t say anything because I knew there was more. My husband said James said they
60. continued seeing each other & having sex until she left for Nigeria six days later. They stayed in touch via text messages, whatsapp etc. Few months later, James returned to his home in Abuja, Nigeria. He was glad Oluchi was in school, because he wasn't so sure how
61. he’d have kept a straight face with her in the house. But 4 days after he returned home, he took his kids to school while his wife headed off to her salon. On getting to the school, the kids complained that their homework wasn't packed & they also weren't with
62. the bank teller to show the school authorities as proof their fees had been paid. So he rushed back home to go get the homework and bank teller. As he got into the house, he went straight to the kids’ room first for the homework. He noticed that the door was open
63. slightly, as he pushed it open a little more, standing right there before him was trouble...Or rather, lying down there before him was trouble! Somto, Joans immediate younger sister was lying down on the bed wrapped in a towel that barely covered her crotch!
64. She had on an earpiece with her eyes closed; probably listening to some music but whatever it was she was listening to had her turned on because she had a vibrator in her hands & she was playing with herself'! James said he couldn't believe his eyes! He said everything in him
65. told him to run but his legs failed him, he couldn't help watching her writhe as she played with herself. He said; "then something evil took control of me. I just had this urge to touch her, to let her know I had seen her". "I stepped into the room, she still had her eyes
66. closed & still using her toy on herself". "It was obvious she was having fun & I madly wanted to be part of the fun". "I sqautted beside the bed, she still hadn't opened her eyes". "Then I lost it" he said. "I grabbed her hand with the vibrator and before she could
67. understand what was going on, I bent down & had my face covering her crotch". "She made a sound like she wanted to scream but something in her made her not to as she put up a feeble attempt to fight me off". "I had my mouth all over her & then she stopped pretending to
68. fight me". "She muttered my name like 4 times, I stopped to answer her & realized the towel had fallen off her body completely". "At that point there was no going back, I had her. I knew she wanted it same way as I did". My husband said at this point he asked him if
69. he was okay? Couldn't you just pick your things & get out of the house? Or call your wife or anything! Just do something instead of what I am hearing? James replied, "easy for you to judge because you haven't found yourself in a situation where you have beautiful girls
70. throwing their nakedness in your face almost every single day". "I swear these girls are asking for it! They were splashing their sex(iness) all over the place & asking me to do it with their every move"! Then my husband stops talking and asks; "honey are you listening"?
71. And I answer him; "I am"But why aren't you saying anything? What in Gods name do you want me to say? What is the best thing to say while listening to this type of nonsense? Tell me what you want me to say and I will say it, I fumed! So I am the one saying 'nonsense'? I
72. don't blame you! He gets up & storms out of the room. This time I am in no mood to go after him! I was no longer interested in the gist! James & family can go to hell for all I care! Or so I thought.
73. The next morning we say our good mornings & morning devotion, but it was obvious there was malice in the air. I round up with morning chores, shower & head off to work. It was a very busy day so I didn't think much about the sordid story I listened to the night before. Later
74. in the day, work had eased up a bit & I had time to think. What a world. A man takes on two of his wife's siblings? Then I thought of the ladies, & you let him without as much as a fight? What in amadiohas name is going on? Where is sango when you need him? That was the
75. moment the gods of thunder should have struck everyone of them bastards! I had to check myself as I realized I was cursing out a bit loud but thank God we had no clients in the office & just two colleagues where rounding off for the day. Then I remembered I had spoken
76. rudely to my husband the night before, I picked up the phone & dialed his number. He picked up as soon as it rang & I apologized to him, he laughed & said "not so fast baby! You haven't heard everything ooo! Gist plenty". So there is more of this 'nonsense' I thought to
77. myself? I got home a bit late, the traffic was hell. Hubby wasn't home so I quickly took a shower & rushed to the kitchen to prepare something we would both eat. I heard him come in while I was in the kitchen. Without coming into the kitchen to say hi, he went straight into
78. the shower. Minutes later he was out & walked in & I started with "honey I am truly sorry about the way I spoke to you last night" he laughed & waved it away. We both pick our plates & head to the living room together. While we eat, we discuss about the days events. Then
79. he asks me, "where was I last night before you rudely interrupted me"? Me? Interrupted you? I said. He looks at me & I answered; "James eventually sleeps with Somto". He eventualy continues the gist: James said he went out that day after his rump with somto not really
80. feeling anything! That if there was anything that bothered him, it was the fact that they did it in the house. Not just in the house, but in the room where his kids sleep. As for guilty conscience & all that, he felt nothing! He claimed he had endured enough for over three
81. years! I wasn't believing what I was hearing but I wasn't going to let my husband know what I was feeling so as to avoid another drama. Although James promised himself that it was not going to happen again, it did. He said a few days later he was alone in the living
82. room watching TV when he got a whatsapp message. He opened it & it was a message from somto and it read: "wish you could leave that TV & come eat me. I am doing same thing you saw me do the other day." He said he immediately deleted the message, turned his phone off
83. & went into his room to sleep beside his wife. He confessed that he thought of her until he eventually slept off. The following day he made sure he left the house before his wife did as he didn't want to be left alone with her. While driving he hears the whatsapp message
84. tone & picks up the phone; "you didnt reply my message last night, I am going swimming with my friends at Bolton White by 1pm. Join us" the message read! At this point I couldn't hold myself any longer! What kind of ladies are these? Is this some sort of game to them or
85. are they hell bent on destroying their sisters marriage? I shouted! Then I ask hubby, so what did James do? James said he was determined to ignore the message but by 1 pm his phone rang. He brought the phone out, not knowing the number he picked & it was somto on the
86. other end. Where are you? She asked. He replied; "Somto please stop the nonsense" & hung up. He said minutes later he got a whatsapp mesage with a picture attached from her; "you didn't have to drop the phone on me. I had a friend come in from Kaduna, I told her about
87. a guy I just met who is good 'at it' & she is game for a threesome. Its obvious you are not interested. Bye" the message read. James went on & said; bros you need see the picture. The babe had on her swimming trunk, a complete girl! I replied her message; I am
88. coming! He went? I screamed! He got there & instead of going to the pool to meet them, he went into the hotel reception & paid for a room. He says he now sends somto a message from the room telling her that he was in the hotel. She replied saying that she would meet him in
89. a few minutes. He said while he was waiting, so many things started going through his mind. What if shes had a change of heart and decided to let her sister/his wife know? Maybe this was some sort of trap to catch him in the act? So I asked; "did he leave then?" My husband
90. says; "honey please can you allow me finish?" I am sorry I replied. James calls the reception and asks them if the room opposite the one he is staying is free and the receptionist says; yes. Send someone up with the key immediately, I will pay the person cash. Let me get
91. this straight sir, you intend to get another room? The one directly opposite your current one? The receptionist asked? Stop with the silly questions & send someone up with the key pronto was James response. In less than 3 minutes a porter knocks at the door with the key
92. , James pays him for the room & he leaves. As he was switching to the new room, his phone rings. Somto was calling to get the room number. He gives her the number of the room which he just vacated while he peeped from the opposite room to see if his suspicions were
93. true. Listening to all this, I was very angry! One minute this dude is acting the part of victim and the next minute he is a mastermind who has everything figured out. Why are men like this? I thought to myself? James said while he waited & peeped from the
94. opposite room, he could hear somtos voice but she wasn't with just 'one friend'. He heard two more voices, he got scared! So this was a set up after all? Who is the extra lady? She said she was coming with a friend & now they are three? While all these were going
95. through his mind, she knocks at the door. He freezes while peeking from the opposite room. He recognizes the face of the lady somto sent her picture via whatsapp but the 3rd lady, he said he had never seen before. Somto now brings out her phone & moves to make a call,
96. he suspects it's his number she is about to call so he mutes his phone. His phone rings & he picks up, "I am at the door knocking na" somto says. Yes I know, how come there are two ladies with you? You mentioned just one person? James replied. "Abeg open door! Three is
97. better than two" Somto says with a giggle. He opens the door from behind them, somto turns & say; haba! I thought you said '302', how come you are coming out from '303'? James said before he could respond, she hugs him & gives him a kiss. Turns to her friends & introduces
98. him as 'Stanley, her boyfriend'! She & her friends all enter the room & he shuts the door. James said a lot of things were going on in his mind; this was supposed to be a threesome but its looking more like a 'foursome'. Who would make this first move? Somto or himself?
99. As he was trying to process everything in his head, somto picks the room intercom & calls for a bottle of Jack Daniel &a pack of cigarettes. This James claims shocked him as he had never seen her drink let alone smoke. He said as the drinks arrive, Somto excuses herself
100. and heads for the bathroom. Like a minute later, she calls for one of the ladies who joins her in the bathroom. Few seconds the3rd lady joins them & he was all alone. He said so many thoughts started going through his mind. What are these ladies up to? How come three of
101. them are in the bathroom all at once? What if there's a change of mind? Then he got the smell! Weed! Someone was smoking marijuana, the smell was so strong it couldn't be coming from outside the room. At that moment the bathroom door opened & somto came out. James said
102. his heart stopped beating when she stepped out, right then he knew he was heading into more trouble...

To be continued same time tomorrow.
103. bathroom door open, Somto standing spliff in hand, naked! She eyed him seductively, took a long drag, puffed out & descended on him on the bed! As she struggled with his top, so the lady from Kaduna was pulling off his trousers & underwear. James said at that point he
104. no longer cared as he had made up his mind to relax & just have fun. Somto put out the weed & started kissing him ferociously. At that moment the third lady came out from the bathroom, naked. She & the Kaduna lady began doing things to his genitals that almost killed him
105. with excitement. They spent almost the entire day in the room; it was very late in the evening when James said he left the hotel & went back home. Somto only came back the next day; James said he wondered what excuse she must have given his wife. James admitted that
106. they kept seeing each other in different hotels whenever they could. He confessed that he once traveled to Jos to go see an old school friend & that Somto left the house earlier that day to go wait for him at a place they both had previously agreed on so they could
107. travel together. James said he returned to work in the Gulf shortly after & he had some peace, because neither Somto nor Oluchi called him while he was there. 3 months later, he returned home as usual & met Oluchi and Ifeyinwa at home. They were on holidays from school.
108. Somto was said to have traveled to see their parents, his in-laws in the village. He said he tried as much as possible to act normal with Oluchi & she seemed to understand & acted the same. She never sent him a text or called him when he was out. One Saturday, he got a
109. call. The caller said; "I am inspector Haliru Mohammed with Maitama Police Station. Your number was given to me by one Ifeyinwa. She is being detained here & would like you to come bail her. I am the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) handling the matter." And the voice
110. quickly hung up, James said. He said he wasn't even aware that she didn’t sleep in the house, so hearing that she was being detained came as a shock. He narrated the weird conversation he just had on the phone to a lawyer friend who was with him at the gym & they both
111. decided to head off to the police station to find out what happened. On getting to the station, James requested to see the policeman who called him on the phone and he was told the man had stepped out. He then asked to see the Divisional Police Officer (DPO), but he was
112. told he had not come to work as it was a Saturday. He was then advised to see the Divisional Crime Officer (DCO) as he was in his office. James and his friend were immediately ushered into the DCO's office.
113. They had to wait for a few minutes because the senior police officer was on the phone. When he was through, he introduced himself to James, his lawyer friend and asked how he could help. James told him of the strange call he received earlier about his in-law who was being
114. detained in his station. The DCO rang a bell, a junior officer came in & saluted. He asked him if he knew about the lady arrested & if he could get the IPO on the phone? The junior officer said he could get Inspector Mohammed immediately since he lived very close to the
115. police station. Inspector Mohammed soon showed up, saluted the DCO & was introduced to James , his friend & he immediately got down to narrating what led to Ifeyinwa's arrest. He said they received a distress call from a hotel right there in Maitama at about 2 am. Upon
116. getting to the hotel, the hotel staff told them that they heard screams from upstairs as they were taken to a room where they saw 4 ladies almost totally nude with one of the ladies unconscious & bleeding from a gash on her head. He said they put all the ladies in their
117. patrol car & rushed the unconscious one to the hospital where she was admitted before taking the other three, including Ifeyinwa to the police station. They recovered a laptop that was being used to record what was going on in the room, different pills that had different
118. colors & a small sachet that contained marijuana. The IPO said he tried interrogating the ladies when they got to the station but they weren’t coherent enough as all he could get from them was that they were having a party. So he decided to detain them until the morning
119. when the alcohol & drugs must have cleared from their system. The DCO now spoke to James and said “So you are here to pick up your sister-in-law but we are yet to ascertain what exactly led to the hotel staff calling. We haven't taken any of the ladies statements.
120. The hotel staff has also not come to write statements, so I would advise you to be patient until we are done with investigations. Do not forget that we also have this issue of the unconscious lady who is still at the hospital”. James said he pleaded with the DCO to do
121. anything he could to assist him so he could take Ifeyinwa out on bail. The DCO now ordered that the IPO go bring Ifeyinwa to come narrate what happened & also write a statement. Few minutes later Ifeyinwa came in looking disheveled in a very short skirt & a top that
122. exposed her midriff. “Brother, good morning”, she said to James, but she wouldn’t look him in the eye. James said he didn't answer her as the DCO now asked her to explain what exactly happened. At first she wouldn't say anything until the DCO threatened to keep her detained
123. till the next day before she eventually spoke. She said a couple of guys invited her with her friends over to the hotel for some drinks. That it’s possible their drinks were spiked because she couldn't remember much. The DCO now asked her if she could remember the names
124. of the guys. And she answered that she knew just the one guy who called her on the phone. At that point the DCO demanded that the laptop that was confiscated be brought to his office. It was not password protected so the IPO turned it on & played the video that was
125. recorded at the hotel. James said he couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was an orgy, real porn & Ifeyinwa was at the centre of the action! From what they could see on the laptop screen, there were two guys and four ladies including Ifeyinwa and it was obvious that they
126. weren't forced into anything. They were seen taking lots of alcohol, smoking marijuana. He said he also observed that the girls dropped some of the pills into their drinks. That the party only went awry when the lady who was found unconscious lost her footing, probably due
127. to being intoxicated. She fell down & hit her head on the edge of the bed. He said they all gathered round the lady and tried carrying her up. It was then they noticed she was bleeding from the head and that was when one of the girls screamed. The screaming made the
128. two boys drop her on the bed opened the door & ran. It was the screaming & the young men leaving in a hurry that made the hotel staff call the police. James said his friend the lawyer now spoke, asking the DCO to please release the lady to his custody and that he
129. would produce her any time she was needed. After some deliberations, the DCO eventually agreed. James said he instructed the IPO to take them outside where Ifeyinwa & the other ladies would write their statements after which bail conditions for all the ladies would be
130. met. James said as they got to the police station gate, the other two ladies got into a taxi and left. His friend the lawyer drove off in his own car, so he was left with Ifeyinwa. He said he got into his car and she got in beside him. As he drove home, all he could think
131. of was her crazy sexual antics in that video with her friends. He said he turned to look at her, but she was staring out of the window on her side. When he turned to look at her again, she caught him staring at her exposed thighs & smiled. He said he felt foolish & looked
132. away & then she spoke: “Brother, please don’t tell your wife. Please I beg you do not tell my sisters, I do not have strength for their talk". James said he eventually dropped her off not too far from the house, so she could go in alone while he went back to the gym.
133. He said he got an SMS at the gym from Ifeyinwa still pleading with him not to tell anyone in the house & he responded with an 'ok'. By the time he got back to the house later that day, he had decided not to mention it to his wife and to act like nothing happened.
134. Soon, he was preparing to go back to the Gulf. But he had to first make a business trip to Kano. The trip lasted 3 days after which he returned to Abuja. He got home and met no one in the house. He said he got into the bathroom to have a shower so he could lie down and rest
135. after the long drive from Kano. He stepped out of the shower & went to the wardrobe to get something to change into, but as he opened the wardrobe door, someone jumped out of the wardrobe and on him! He said he almost had a heart attack before he realized it was Ifeyinwa.
136. "Ifeyinwa what are you doing?”, he asked as the towel he had on fell off his waist & he struggle to cover up his nakedness. But Ifeyinwa moved closer, put her arms around his naked body & began kissing his neck, his arms, his lips. James said all he kept thinking of at this
137. point was the video of Ifeyinwa performing those sex acts as she grabbed his hardened ‘member’ and teased her genital with its tip as she kissed him. He said they ended up on the bed and she told him how she swore that she was going to one day see his nakedness as he had
138. seen hers in that video. James told her to wait as they couldn't do anything in the house or even right there on his matrimonial bed. So they both agreed to meet at an hotel far from the house. He said she left before him to go do the reservation while he drove down
139. after a few minutes. He said even though many things crossed his mind as he drove to meet up Ifeyinwa, but there was no feeling of remorse. He wanted her and he was going to get her. He said he got to the hotel, went straight to the room as she had sent him the room
140. number & knocked. He heard her voice say: "Come in, the door is not locked". He walked in and there she was lying covered with the duvet. As soon as he shut the door, she threw the duvet to the floor and they had some mad sex! James said he and Ifeyinwa met
141. three more times in some hotel in town before he left back to the UAE. But before he left, he got a text from Oluchi saying: “You think say you be actor, abi?” He deleted it immediately & didn’t say a word to her when he got home. With Somto gone for months, he was
142. relieved to be back to work outside Nigeria. He said he had spent over four months at work when his wife called one day and said to him: "You are the worst bastard that has walked the earth! You deserve to be castrated!" & she hung up! He said he tried calling back but she
143. wouldn’t pick up. Then few minutes later he got a WhatsApp message from Oluchi which read: "So you had to fuck all of us? Congratulations! Now everyone knows!" He said he was a bit confused, because he didn’t know what was going on. But his first instinct was to call his
144. dad. He said as soon as his dad picked the phone, the first thing he said was: "You have gone mad! You better come home and clean this mess! You are a disgrace! Do you know your mum could die from this?" James said every attempt to try talk to his dad thereafter failed.
145. Later that day, his elder brother called. He listened to James’s story and his theory that the ladies set him up. He said his brother told him how disappointed he was in him. "Well, it seems the ladies found out that you had slept with every one of them. How did
146. you think they found out?” James also wondered. “Was it Oluchi?” he asked. “No, it wasn’t Oluchi. It was Isa. Isa told your wife about you & Somto. He said he was at the back of the house pumping water when he saw you and Somto having sex. He said he had to tell
147. madam, because she has been very good to him and his conscience was worrying him. Immediately after telling her, he left and didn’t return”.“No, hold on, you mean Isa told Joan about me and Somto?”“Yes, after that, she called you”“So, where is my wife now”? "She has
148. sent all the girls out of the house. She is in the village now where she has told her people & our parents". James said he couldn’t call his wife because he didn't know what to say to her if she eventually picked the phone. So he decided to brave it & head back to Nigeria.
149. He said he needed to see his wife before meeting anyone else. So he called her with a new line he acquired as he got back. As soon as she picked, he told her that he wanted her to come to Abuja so they could talk. After being silent for almost a minute, she eventually
150. agreed to come the very next day. He said he tried asking her what flight she would be coming on so he could pick her but she hung up on him and refused picking up when he called back. James said he was still asleep when he heard the doorbell ring. He went down,
151. opened the door; Joan & Oluchi were standing at the door. Joan pushed the door so hard & walked past him into the living room, followed by Oluchi. Before he could say anything to Joan she started crying. He said he didn’t know what to do or even what to feel. “James,
152. why? Why this wickedness?” “I’m sorry, my darling. I’m truly sorry….” he began. “Shut up! Just shut up!” She yelled! “Okay, let me ask you, where do you think Somto is at the moment? Where?”“Err….I don’t know….“Good! Here is the information you need. Somto left here,
153. went to my parents to tell them she’s pregnant for her boyfriend by the name Stanley. Does that name sound familiar to you? She told them this Stanley lives abroad & will come home soon. But she wanted my parents not to tell me or you about this pregnancy, because we would
154. be mad. So, they protected her. They didn’t tell me, but I’m sure you knew!”“No, Joan! How can I know & keep that away from you? No, I…..”Oh, you don’t know? Well, I’m sure you know that Ifeyinwa is five months pregnant & she says it’s your baby! Did you hear that?
155. She’s there in Umuahia, waiting to give birth to your baby! It was when Somto heard this, she opened up too that the baby she’s expecting next month is yours! Do you get it now? So, here I am, I want to hear what you want to say to me, Cowboy! Start talking!

The End.
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