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Good news! The number of cosponsors for the SAFE Act (H.R. 961), which would ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and the transport of American #horses for slaughter, has reached 234. TAKE ACTION: Send a message to your rep / senators: #yes2safe #wildhorses 1/ Image
Thank you, @RepKirkpatrick, for cosponsoring the bipartisan SAFE Act (H.R. 961) to ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and the export of American horses for slaughter, for the good of America's #horses and for human health! #yes2safe #wildhorses 2/
Thank you, @RepFredKeller, for cosponsoring the bipartisan SAFE Act (H.R. 961) to ban horse slaughter in the U.S. and the export of American horses for slaughter, for the good of America's #horses and for human health! #yes2safe #wildhorses 3/
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🐎 #CreekFire #FresnoCounty

Evacuating & need a place for #horses in the #Clovis area? The Double S Horse Ranch has 70+ pens avail. 📱559-392-6972

Facility 🔗


#California #DAT #Equine #MaderaCounty #Evacuations #Animals
🐎 #CreekFire #FresnoCounty

▪6 acres to store trailers
▪Can dry camp
▪Some horse pens, fenced pasture & a chicken coop
▪Large fenced backyard
▪Located below Marshall station

📱Lizz Weaver Call/text 559-797-5237


#California #DAT #Horses #Animals
🐎 #CreekFire #FresnoCounty

Evacuating & need a place for #horses in the #Clovis area? The Double S Horse Ranch has 70+ pens avail. 📱559-392-6972

Facility 🔗


#California #DAT #Equine #MaderaCounty #Evacuations #Animals
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@BBCTheOneShow thank you for your coverage of #PetTheft in the U.K. However #PetTheft is out of control, the thieves are are upping their game and we need to up ours. Can you help further. #CrimewatchUK was a popular programme watched by millions we need #PetWatchUK 1/3
2/3 to help the families find their #missing and #Stolen Pets it’s not just #dogs that are stolen but #cats, #horses #livestock etc The Pet Community need help, not everyone is on #socialmedia but millions watch #TV we have to reach those millions who may not know they have 2/3
someone else’s stolen pet in their family. Here are some more that have been stolen during lockdown can you create a programme to help find some of them ? Theft and Theft by Finding devastates families please help
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This Saturday, Bureau of Land Mgmt's contractors will fly helicopters over the Sulphur HMA in Utah to roundup & remove approx. 600 #wildhorses. AWHC's reps will be on-site for this operation. #stoptheroundups Image
These wild horses have bloodlines dating back to the first #horses brought to North America by Spanish explorers in the early 1500s & are among just a handful of herds with strong Spanish genetics. #keepwildhorseswild Image
BLM has set a population limit of just 165-250 #wildhorses on the 267,208-acre Sulphur HMA, or as low as one horse for every 1,619 acres. The low pop limit is imposed so that livestock operators get to graze the equivalent of 1,417 cow/calf pairs & 692 sheep on part of the HMA.
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Good news: The House version of the SAFE Act to ban horse slaughter and the export of American #horses for slaughter has its 229th and 230th cosponsors!

TAKE ACTION: Click to urge your rep and senators to say #yes2safe:

#wildhorses #nohorseslaughter 1/3 Image
Thank you, @RepOHalleran, for cosponsoring the bipartisan SAFE Act (H.R. 961) to ban horse slaughter for the good of America's #horses and for human health! #yes2safe 2/3
Thank you, @RepGonzalez, for cosponsoring the bipartisan SAFE Act (H.R. 961) to ban horse slaughter for the good of America's #horses and for human health! #yes2safe 3/3
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Spirit, the Kiger mustang stallion who served as model for animators of @Dreamworks 2002 Oscar-nominated film #SpiritStallionoftheCimarron turned 25 on May 8. We spent months planning a birthday party to celebrate his big day and raise funds for our sanctuary... #horses 1/5
2/5 ...Because of the pandemic, we canceled our planned event. But the story of America’s wild horses and burros of determination--so we moved Spirit’s party online for a yearlong celebration to raise funds for the 500+ wild horses and burros in our care... 2/5 #horses
3/5 ...On Spirit’s page, you can find videos from the movie’s screenwriter, @JohnFusco12, one of the film’s co-directors, Lorna Cook, birthday wishes from friends and fans, coloring pages and, of course, video of Spirit... #horses #spiritstallionofthecimarron
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For 1 more day, your donation to RTF will do even more to keep wild horse family bands, like Chief and Shuwa's band, together.

Until Friday at 11:59 p.m. East / 8:59 p.m. West, @GlobalGiving is matching donations up to $50 at 50% at #horses 1/6 Image
The difference between $50 and $75 made possible by the matching campaign is the difference between treating two mares with fertility control and treating three mares ($25 covers the cost of the vaccine PZP plus adjuvant in one dart). #horses 2/6
Safe, proven and humane PZP allows us to keep stallions and mares together, providing as natural of a lifestyle as we can while responsibly managing our numbers. #horses 3/6
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Don't miss Spirit's 25th birthday celebration! In honor of the 25th birthday of Spirit, our Kiger mustang ambassador, and America's wild horses, join us on May 9 for a special benefit event at our #Lompoc, Calif., sanctuary. 1/3 #horses Image
The animation director for @Dreamworks' "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron," Lorna Cook, will share stories from the making of the 2002 Oscar-nominated film for which our beloved stallion Spirit served as muse and model. 2/3 #horses
Join us for an afternoon of music, food, Native American song and blessings, educational presentations, ranch activities and more. Proceeds will go toward the care of the well over 500 wild horses and burros at our four sanctuary locations. 3/3 #horses
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Happy #FoalFriday!—Meet Neptune, a colt born on Friday, Feb. 21, at our #Lompoc, Calif., headquarters sanctuary, to Juno, a member of our Hart Mountain herd. His sire is Freedom. #horses 1/6 Image
At RTF, we have used the immunocontraceptive vaccine PZP since 2000 to allow stallions and mares to live together in their family bands while curbing the rate of reproduction. We’ve done so with a 91-98% efficacy rate, so we do welcome the occasional adorable foal. #horses 2/6 Image
RTF is a proponent of the use of safe, proven and humane fertility control as a key tool to slow wild horse and burro reproduction, allowing for he phase-out of the government’s nearly 50-year-old practice of capturing and removing wild horses. #horses 3/6 Image
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About 60% of newly emerged & re-emerging pathogens share a common origin: #animals. When we cut down the forests where they live, they roost in our backyards & farms instead. #OneHealth @dirgarambe @mdkimhsdubai @Virologist_11
@dirgarambe @mdkimhsdubai @Virologist_11 #Marburg #virus 1970s-80s: cases in #SouthAfrica & #Kenya. 1998: 2nd biggest outbreak - 154 cases in the #DRCongo. 2005: biggest outbreak - #Angola with 374 cases with 329 deaths (fatality rate: 88%). 2017: outbreak in #Uganda contained through early detection & response.
@dirgarambe @mdkimhsdubai @Virologist_11 #Ebola #virus 2014–16: #outbreak started in #Guinea & moved to #SierraLeone #Liberia - largest since the virus was first discovered in 1976. Current 2018-19 outbreak in eastern #DRCongo (#Zaire species) - highly complex, with insecurity adversely affecting #publichealth response.
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Thread: Meet Ruby Tuesday! This filly was born to Diamond (at left in the video) overnight on Jan. 21 at our Lompoc, Calif., headquarters sanctuary. Ruby Tuesday’s sire is Samir, who, like Diamond, is descendent of our of foundation herd from Hart Mountain in Oregon. 1/6 #horses
At RTF, we use fertility control to manage our numbers. Occasional births come as a not entirely unwelcome surprise because, well, the foals are so darn adorable. 2/6 #horses
RTF advocates for the use of safe, proven and humane fertility control to slow–not stop--wild horse reproduction, allowing for minimally invasive on-range management of wild horses and the phase-out of the government’s practice of capturing and removing wild horses. 3/6 #horses
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Thread: Azure was about 8 years old in 2015 when the BLM captured and removed him and 200 wild horses close to starving due to drought in an emergency roundup from the Wheeler Pass Joint Management Area near Cold Creek, Nev.. 28 severely emaciated #horses were euthanized. 1/5 Image
A wild horse enthusiast who had been photographing the herd was distraught when she learned that the BLM had captured and removed the horses she loved. RTF tracked down the horses to a ranch in Utah the agency had contracted with to feed the horses back to health. 2/5 #horses ImageImage
The photographer and local advocates were able to identify 10 of the horses that they were familiar with, including Azure, which grazed together on the range. The group is now thriving together on our 2,000-acre San Luis Obispo, Calif., satellite sanctuary. 3/5 #horses Image
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*DAWN UPDATE*: We walked Dawn around the other night at the vet center to remind her that there's life outside of the stall where she’s remained since her emergency surgery for severe colic in the early hours of Oct. 22. 1/4 #horses
Our beloved beloved Sulphur Springs mare still lays down, but doesn't act like she's in pain. She is suffering from diarrhea and the vet clinic staff is feeding her frequent but smaller meals. She seems a bit depressed. 2/4
Our vet thinks she may do better now if she comes home. We are all excited about that and hope that she will continue to improve. Our in-residence volunteer will do night checks and feedings, and Dawn will be surrounded by friends in the open barn with much more room. 3/4
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Happy #FoalFriday from RTF! Here’s our colt Sol Dorado, center, with his mother, Esperanza, and Sol’s filly friend Kimimila (Butterfly). The three and Kimimila’s mother, Opal, are part of a group of 30 #horses, some pregnant, which came to our sanctuary in December. 1/2 Image
The horses came from the Cayuse Ranch, founded in 1916 by Wyoming homesteader Bob Brislawn. For decades, the ranch was home to some of the original bloodlines of the horses brought to the Americas by early Spanish explorers. 2/2
When the ranch was sold in 2017, the Brislawns quietly put a call for help. Several groups, including RTF, stepped up to provide homes for 150 mustangs.

These early Colonial Spanish horses represent the foundation of the vanishing bloodlines that define the American mustang. 3/3
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Last Saturday marked our final scheduled event of the 2019 program season: a wonderful photo safari at our #SanLuisObispo, Calif., satellite sanctuary. 1/3 #horses #centralcoast ImageImage
Thank you to each and every one of the more than 700 visitors of all ages who took part in tours, safaris, youth & family days, special clinics and private events this season at our #Lompoc, Calif., headquarters and in #SanLuisObispo. 2/4 #CentralCoast #horses ImageImage
It's gratifying for our staff to share the story of America's mustangs and help reconnect people with the natural world. Plus, each ticket purchased helps us to provide complete care to more than 550 resident wild horses and burros. 3/4 #horses ImageImage
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Dawn update: She was doing OK on Friday as she recovers from her three-hour emergency surgery Tuesday for severe colic. Her temperature was good and levels headed the right direction... 1/3 #horses (Photo of Dawn at home: Bari Lee Photography) Image
...Dawn is slowly being allowed to drink water--she didn’t gulp it, which was good--and has been given handfuls of food. The vet warned us that it would be unusual if she gets a little colicky, which did happen on Friday. She was given Banamine and is being watched closely... 2/3
...Thank you all for your love, concern, and support for this special and trusting Sulphur Springs mare. Please consider a donation to our Emergency Vet Fund to help pay for her ongoing care: 3/3
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Regarding this tweet, I have heard from a vet that this is probably a sign of oppression not resistance. She writes: "Unfortunately it is a trained behavior and was trained using force from what I can see." #horses #trainedbehavior #oppressorsthinkofeverything
She also writes, "In all "falls" the horse has his head pulled to the side, which is how horses are taught to lay down. The horse looses balance if you pull his head to the side. At first they pull a front paw up at the same time & the horse goes down."
"After the horse learns, he responds only to the cue the human is clearly giving." #oppression that appeared to be #resistance #horsesarenotlazy
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Good news in the battle against horse slaughter: Today, the Senate Appropriations Committee included language in the Fiscal Year 2020 Ag Appropriations bill defunding horse slaughter inspections for another year. 1/3 #nohorseslaughter #horses #yes2safe Image
This stop-gap measure has helped us keep slaughter plants inside the United States closed since 2007 as we work to pass the SAFE Act (H.R. 961 / S. 2006) to both permanently ban horse slaughter and the transport of horses, domestic and wild, over our borders for slaughter. 2/3
Thank you to @SenatorTomUdall, @LindseyGrahamSC and @SenatorCollins for championing the defund language, as well as to the committee's chair, @SenShelby, and ranking member, @SenatorLeahy, for including anti-slaughter language in a bipartisan package of approved amendments. 3/3
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Since May, 42 wild burros have been found dead with gunshot wounds on public land along the Interstate 15 corridor between Halloran Springs, Calif., and Primm, Nev. #wildhorses #horses #burros 1/3 Image
If you believe that you may have information about the shootings of burros along the Interstate 15 corridor in California near the Nevada border, please call (800) 782-7436 or see 2/3
BLM is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for killing burros along the I-15 corridor near the Calif.-Nev. border. We're working to raise an another $5,000 in reward funds. To donate, see 3/3
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1/ Thread #Pets #Livestock #Horses #DisasterPreparedness

After the awful #CampFire #DisasterAssistTeam created a searchable Found Pets database w/ 1000+ animals - most were forever separated from their families

Make a #DisasterPlan for your whole family

2/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019 #DisasterPreparedness

The AVMA (American Vet Med Assoc) & ASPCA have excellent #resources & tips for what to include in #DisasterPrepKits



#DisasterAssistTeam #Animals #DAT
3/ #Pets #Cats #Dogs #HurricaneSeason2019

Red Rover has printable #DisasterPrep lists & #info specific to different disaster events 🐶


Info for #CompanionAnimals 🐱

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Good news! 26 more House members are cosponsoring the SAFE Act (H.R. 961), which would ban horse slaughter / the transport of #horses for slaughter. New total: 114. TAKE ACTION: Keep the momentum going: Send a message to your rep: #wildhorses #yes2safe 1/4 Image
Thank you to these new cosponsors of the bipartisan SAFE Act (H.R. 961) to ban horse slaughter: @RepDennyHeck, @CongressmanRaja, @jahimes, @RepDebHaaland, @RepJudyChu, @RepCasten, @RepSteveChabot, @RepDavid, @NitaLowey, @RepPeterDeFazio, @AndyKimNJ, @RepDMP #yes2safe 2/4
Thank you to these new cosponsors of the bipartisan SAFE Act (H.R. 961) to ban horse slaughter: @JasonCrowCO6, @RepSchneider, @RepJohnLarson, @CarolynBMaloney, @RepDarrenSoto, @RepCindyAxne, @RepBonnie, @USRepKCastor #yes2safe 3/4
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1/8 My favorite #quote by #JosephStalin, which explains the scientific, #DialecticalMaterialist explanation of true freedom in material reality, not just as an abstract ideal. #StalinIsBack #StalinLives #JVStalin #Stalin #StalinQuote #StalinQuotes #Truth #MELS #MarxismLeninism
2/8 Having an #objective, #rational, #ScientificSocialist, #Dialectical, & #Materialist viewpoint allows us to accurately see & evaluate & analyze #Truth & #Reality as they truly materially exist in this universe.
3/8 An idealistic, dogmatic viewpoint, which capitalists have, however, makes one irrational enough to 'see' freedom where freedom stays trapped on a piece of paper while people are oppressed in their actual lived lives.
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