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Good evening #Threadnought!

Welcome to another exciting livestreaming of "Nicky Explains It All." We'll start in a few minutes, but first a few things.

1) If you can and if you want to, donations toward the meds I'll probably end up on accepted here: ko-fi.com/legalinspirati…
2) Nick talks very fast. I have the stream splitscreened with Twitter. I can't respond to your responses until the stream ends for the most part. Please feel free to respond! I just likely won't answer for a while.
3) Nick makes a lot of hateful remarks. I don't endorse them and for the most part I have just gotten to the point where I ignore them. However, I am very sarcastic and sometimes I use them as part of my Art. Please don't take anything I say as agreement with such.
And we're off! Or we would have been if StreamLabs were not in on the Conspiracy and hadn't muted Nick's feed when he was doing his intro. It's fixed. NICK WILL NOT BE SILENCED.
Lots of stuff filed today. But we're only hitting the three Big Notes. And they are big.
Nick reminds us that Hsu's firm is not new. Just a new attorney. Vic hasn't changed counsel. He's just adding more starts to the firmament. He's like that.
Hsu's letter addresses Lemoine's petition to "gargle hideously" at Chris Slatosch in a "closed room, with a pedophilic leer."

And the "Garbage Human Being" starts right out of the gate.
As far as Funi's motion, Nick points out with great good cheer that he won't have to review all the exhibits because we were here for one of them!
Nick points out, with that same grace and humor, that the exhibit misrepresents the show a bit, but that's okay. He's not a petty man. (Aside: It sure does. It makes the show look much better than it actually is.)
And now a story about something that happened in Florida involving someone who shot someone and I have no idea why.
Not going to comment on this story as I don't know it. Please stand by.
Nick thinks the sheriff of Pinellas County, FL, should get lots of mailed fists to the groin in the afterlife for reasons which I am not entirely clear on because I really don't care what they are so I am not listening very closely.
But apparently there will be discussion of this matter on a later show so if you are interested in gun control and/or people being punched in the groin by angels and/or demons, tune in.
Nick will apparently be giving tips to CCW holders related to this case, so you won't want to miss it!
Nick got a new Ridge Wallet AND a new Ridge Knife from his sponsor, Ridge. "Ridge: For when you need a wallet made by people who also make knives."
BIG NEWS: Nick is now a Twitch Partner! Please hold your applause until the end of the stream. And feel free to put your bits all up in his face*. If YouTube nixes him, you can find him there. Make a note, True Believers!
*(TM) @BoozyBadger
Nick is a man of culture and depth, and he may do movie review or book reviews or broth... no, that's just me, never mind, my mistake, anyway, there will be a variety of things on his Twitch so he can keep his YouTube pure. *sigh of relief*
Somebody I have never heard of on YouTube got demonetized for reasons that Nick finds objectionable. Again, I know nothing about this so I have no comment.
Random Lemoine disability mockery.
Superchat: Have you been following the General Flynn case?

Nick: It is on the periphery of my fast attention, but no.
SC: *recommends a Twitter feed*

Nick, wistfully: I remember Twitter. Before the Thought Police came.
Superchatter mentions me by name, Nick reads it, I feel the warm glow of validation. Thanks to all concerned.
Nick's nemesis, Dominique Skye, has apparently been banned off Twitter *harder than Nick.* Nick, despite his love of all mankind, finds this appropriate. Some things even he cannot forgive. Understandably so.
Nick goes to pour some bourbon and makes a face, remarking that he always forgets that this bourbon sucks. Maybe this would make more sense if I drank. But I doubt it.
Nick will be doing some Discord streams on cooking, which again, you won't want to miss. Sign up for the Patreon, pay your money, hold a plastic bag over your head for a while to get in the proper frame of mind.
Random Monica Rial joke.

Nick, indignant: I made béchamel yesterday! That has a roux!

Nick's culinary skills are eclipsed only by his legal insights, I'm sure you will be unsurprised to learn.
Anyway, letter from Martinez Hsu to the judge. HERE WE GO.
Vic's lawyers don't agree to not have a hearing. Lemoine, that unethical pile of garbage (and Nick knows from unethical piles of garbage) lied by omission in not asking for a hearing, says Nick, master of Tarrant County Local Rules.
So, in the name of JUSTICE, Vic's lawyers demand a hearing. With oral presentations. Because that's gone so, so well for them in the past, why WOULDN'T they?
Next up, Plaintiff's response to the motion to compel Slatosch to submit to deposition and produce documents. And their OWN motion. For SANCTIONS. For JUSTICE. For BASIC HUMAN DECENCY.
Nick speculates that Plaintiff's counsel is getting TIRED. Tired of the GARBAGE. And at long last, they are FIRING BACK. (Aside: Because better late than never?)
Nick finds the basic argument - that the discovery stay isn't lifted because the ruling isn't complete - interesting in that this would seem, to the inattentive and brainless layman, to conflict with the, you know, filing of the appeal.
But of course, points out Nick, Master of TX App Pro, the appeal just hides in that Magic Box we talked about last time. And in law, we can argue in the alternative. Ty isn't saying that the case isn't over. But if it isn't, it isn't not. Savvy?
According to Nick, Slatosch's testimony couldn't possibly have any bearing on the suit about whether a fact was or was not true, since it is merely a recital of those facts. (Aside: Wut?)
Nick reads the recitals of why sanctions are appropriate, and adds that they are also appropriate because (random Lemoine insult.) Which, I think we can all agree, is certainly a solid legal position.
And now, "Arguments and Authorities*."
(Spoiler: As pointed out by @questauthority, this is a lie, as there are no cases cited. At all. Although I guess random cites to the TRCP are technically authorities.)
Nick is reading the motion, which is thrilling, I hasten to admit, but he hasn't said anything for me to directly admire yet. Please stand by.
Nick, in his great neutrality and fairness, says this may not be the strongest argument (that the discovery stay is still in place,) but not for the reasons those idiots on LawTwitter think. For different reasons. REASONIER reasons.
Nick's brain has outpaced his mouth and a correction is forthcoming. Please stand by.
something something community healing something
Moving on. Even if the discovery stay were not in place, this discovery is irrelevant. It's meaningless. (It's the me of discovery, basically.) Nick agrees.
The idea that Slatosch has relevant information to whether the suit was brought frivolously, after he was allegedly threatened legally into supporting a frivolous legal assertion, is preposterous, says Nick, Master of Logical Analysis.
It's not like Slatosch was making the legal decisions, points out Nick, and who can gainsay him?
Chupp! Hey Chupp! It's NOT DISPUTED that Slatosch breached his contract, points out Nick gleefully! Except in your brain!

(Aside: This is an interesting assertion.)
Defendants may have IMPLIED that Slatosch was threatened, but they haven't got the NERVE to just say it. And Ty's team is CALLING THEM OUT. SAY IT. SAY IT YOU COWARDS.
(random Chupp insult)
Asking Slatosch if he thinks he breached the agreement would call for him to make a legal determination, points out Nick, master of the Rules of Evidence. (Aside: That's... not what that that means.)
What Lemoine is trying to do, suggests Nick, Master of Legal Psychology, is stretch the TCPA Sanctions into "bad conduct" sanctions, because he got IGNORED when he pointed out Ty's alleged bad conduct. And he knows the court knows that Ty knew that he didn't know he messed up.
Volney's request for sanctions, while misguided, is not TOTALLY UNREASONABLE, unlike Lemoine, who is scheming like the schemer that he is to get what isn't his'n.
(random Nazi joke)
Chat: How big a problem is it that the motion randomly started referring to the affidavit as an unsworn declaration?

Nick: Not at all. Because the difference is all in Lemoine's schemer head anyway, nobody else cares.
Nick says that Slatosch might have been threatened with a lawsuit, but that's not a THREAT threat. It's just a thing that happens. It's part of the rough and tumble of life. As happens.
If Slatosch got doxed it was the defts that did it. Not Nick. He didn't do it. He is suspiciou… I mean, he is confident in his assurance.

It might have been Renfamous, for reasons only someone with Nick's dizzying intellect can comprehend apparently.
But it wasn't Nick. He would never do that. He is a friend to all children.
Lemoine doesn't want to OPENLY call Ty a liar because he knows the repurcussions if he's wrong. (Aside: Lemoine has, in fact, openly called Ty a liar.) But what he's trying to do is make Slatosch commit perjury in HIS side's favor, not in Vic's favor like l... I mean, never mind.
Now the motion for sanctions, which Nick has been waiting for. If he were not a manly man, he would OPENLY WEEP for joy, at the notion that someone is at last FIGHTING BACK against these people. These horrible, horrible people.
Notice that ONLY Lemoine has the gall to do this. The other lawyers don't. Only him. The schemer. The TOAD. And the fact that the other lawyers would get the depo to review diminishes this argument NOT ONE JOT.
Nick thinks that the TCPA discovery stay probably IS gone, but that we're outside all discovery periods. Outside them. Beyond them. They are on the other side of a Schwarzschild Radius of Discovery and can never be reached again.
*random mockery of a disabled person*

Did I mention Garbage Human Being? Because Garbage Human Being.
They don't have a prima facie showing that Slatosch perjured himself says Nick, and Nick knows from not making a prima facie showing if any man alive possesses the knowledge.
SC: Can the court restrict lawyers from "movement?"

Nick: If you mean from making motions, that's now how they'd do it, they'd just sanction them for making too many frivolous ones. (Aside: A reasonable abstract summary. Nice one, Nick.)
And now, a word from our sponsor: Ridge Wallets!
This is their CARBON STEEL wallet! With MONEY CLIP!
(Aside: Nick keeps using "carbon steel" like it was some kind of high-tech wonder feature and IT IS NOT.)
They also sent him what appears to be a reasonably functional one-handed knife. The factory edge seems to be serviceable. So well done Ridge. (Aside: It is not a "manual lock," Nick. THAT IS NOT A THING. It's a liner-lock.)
If you want to know if Ridge is cool, all you need to know is that they sponsor Nick. (Aside: I could not agree more.)
Chat: You should be sponsored by Ty's law firm!

Nick: *chuckles* I can't do that, you crazy kids.
Nick is talking to/about someone called "Ear Juice" and I'll give you one guess how that second word is pronounced.
Somebody just paid, I think, 100 Rubles to make a random comment about Judge Chupp's ancestry. That was $1.58 well spent, says I.
Now, Funi's motion for fees, costs and sanctions. Ludicrous as it is, it's one up on that schemer Lemoine, because at least this is what the judge ASKED for.
Nick is going on the record as saying that the judge will probably give the deft's everything they ask for because he knows it's going to appeal and he just can't work up the gumption to care. Let them deal with it at the appeals court.
Funimation probably also thinks this, which explains what Nick concedes is an at least somewhat reasonable request. As ever, Nick is magnanimous in victory.
But Lemoine doesn't understand this. He's not perceptive. He's just showing off. So instead of asking for things he'd get, he's asking for things to show off for (random Renfamous insult.) (Random disability insult.)
Apparently that knife costs $160. That... can't be right, can it?

*goes to look*

It is. I... wow. I got nothin'.
Volney, though his request is reasonable, still put Nick in the exhibits. Like a WEIRDO. Good job, weirdo.
Nick reminds you that the fees must be reasonable as JUSTICE and EQUITY require.

He also points out that Funi is part of a multi-billion dollar corporation so there's just no way that they could equitably claim ANYTHING from a poor brave soul like Vic.
The risk of legal action, points out Nick, is built into Funi's bottom line. They expect to pay them. So how could it be equitable to make Vic pay them? It COULDN'T, that's how. (Aside: That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.)
The number that they're asking for is not a reasonable amount of attorney's fees, says Nick. It just isn't. But the judge is still going to give it to them. Because the FIX IS IN.
If you were trying to be "reasonable," Mr. Volney, why did you include the mediation fees, when the judge told you YOU HAD TO BEAR THEM? CHECKMATE.
(Aside: That is also not how this works, or what that means.)
How can Funi counsel claim against time spent working with other deft's counsel if there WAS NO CONSPIRACY, asks Nick, Heir of Columbo's Coat. CHECKMATE. AGAIN.
(Aside: You know what I'm going to say.)
Also, how could you charge for research when LawTwitter would have done it FOR FREE, Volney, you waster of resources?
Nick is reading large swatches of the motion. There is minimal opportunity for commentary. Please stand by.
Nick derisively points out that a footnote is just a giant string of citations, and has no actual content and it's worthless, and I genuinely don't know how to respond to that.
The other side knows that they only won because Chupp refused to consider affidavits that Ty withdrew and the judge said he'd read and couldn't help but consider at that point but you know what Nick means. IT WAS ALL A TECHNICALITY, OKAY?
If the deft's were telling the truth about the TCPA being applicable, they should have raised it DAY ONE. The only reason they didn't was to run up the bill, apparently in the hope they'd get an incompetent judge and he might not make them pay all of it.
The motion talks about the GFM, so it's time to bring it up YES! $257K, bay-be!
Volney doesn't know Vic hasn't had to pay legal fees. He doesn't know how much they were. *NICK* doesn't know what the fees are. Nobody does except Ty and Vic. Volney is just making stuff UP.
You can't contribute to GFM if you're an adolescent so it is PATENT NONSENSE to claim that Nick is stirring up his "adolescent followers," points out Nick, Master of the Excluded Middle.
What was Vic going to do, tell Nick not to pay lawyers on his behalf? Nick wouldn't have LET him say no. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. Nick is just their humble instrument
(Aside: This is so wrong I don't know where to start.)
Nick says that Vic HAS had to pay fees, because that GFM is HIS MONEY, which people GAVE to him, and he then paid it. It's a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS that people GAVE to him, and he has to spend it on this lawsuit.
(Aside: I... I got nothin'. This is like Goebbels levels of propaganda, if Goebbels had been dropped on his head repeatedly as an infant. Call it The Big Dumb Lie.)
Mignogna has "attacked his enemies in court?" AS. IF. Nick WISHES he would. He WISHES that these SCUMBAGS would face some kind of JUSTICE.

*random physical insults of Rial and Marchi*

Anyway, Vic and Ty have been GENTLE.
Volney, your clients sell things that OBJECTIFY WOMEN to CHILDREN. Have you NO SHAME? You haven't been attacked, but by God you DESERVE it, points out Nick, Friend to All Women.
Look, Nick and Ty may make gentle fun of the defendants from time to time, but calling this "attacking?" You SNOWFLAKE, Volney. You SHRINKING VIOLET.
SH: Monogatari is REVERSE harem anime!

Nick: So they reduce MEN to sex objects too!
Volney says that Nick and Ty promote the GFM on Nick's show. LIES. LIES. LIES. Ty has NEVER been on for an endorsement of the GFM. Nick SPECIFICALLY WAITED for Ty to hang up before mentioning the GFM that's linked all over his streams that Ty appears in. DISGUSTING.
There's NOTHING IMPROPER, speaking of LIES, about Ty saying that IN A WAY they've already won. And the fact that he thinks they have won a complete moral victory has NO RELEVANCE to whether they might file more 0-17 type lawsuits. OBVIOUSLY.
Nick will not be intimidated, and repeats that the GFM will stay up UNTIL THE SUIT IS OVER. Which it ISN'T.
Nick is literally pounding on the table and shouting. This is... extraordinary.
Nick has a message for you, JOHN.

Vic didn't hire Nick.

Vic had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT other than to confirm that the GFM was paying for the lawsuit and he was okay with that. NOTHING ELSE. If this was a PR campaign, Vic would be ALL OVER THIS.
Nick WISHES there had been a PR firm working in tandem with Vic's CRACK LEGAL TEAM. Because THAT could only have helped. Helped to protect an INNOCENT MAN from your LIES, JOHN.
Accusations that Vic and his team plan further lawsuits? How PREPOSTEROUS. Just because they said so, and the GFM referred to "the first lawsuit," and, well, never mind all that, where's your PROOF?
The 2AP wasn't even CONSIDRED by the court, John. If it had, you'd be in REAL trouble. If those unsworn statements had been considered, you'd be DEAD IN THE FREAKING WATER and YOU KNOW IT. Just because the judge read them & said he couldn't help but consider them, MEANS NOTHING.
Someone has donated to the GFM in my name. Thanks!
Nick is not going to read the affidavit of John Volney. It's too disgusting. It's tainted with lies.
Nick points out (quite correctly) that the attorney's billing rate is not equivalent to their salary. Not sure why, but I'll take it.
Exhibit F is labeled "livestream" when it was a VIDEO UPLOAD. More LIES. It was a VIDEO UPLOAD of a livestream. CASE. CLOSED.
John says that the GFM was established to BANKROLL LAWSUITS. More LIES. It was established to support Vic in his LEGAL DEFENSE of his REPUTATION by *filing* lawsuits against his persecutors. Totally different.
*random sexual comment*
The Deft's are PRAYING that the appeal fails. Because *random racist sexual metaphor* and you won't like it. AT. ALL.

And you're not getting a DOLLAR of this GFM, you would be grifter-grifters!
(Aside: The only way that could be true is if BHBH has burned it all off, since if it IS in trust for Vic, it's reachable.)
*random childish play on words about Volney's law firm*
Nick doesn't care about the resumes of LIARS. So we're skipping them other than to silently mock them in passing. Which is basically skipping them.
Random skipping around in invoices and... AHA! More canoodling with Rial/Marchi/Toye's lawyers. $1100 to meet with people you AREN'T conspiring with? HIGHLY DUBIOUS. HIGHLY. DUBIOUS.
(Aside: Nick seems... strangely unacquainted with litigation billing.)
(For instance... billing to draft a motion you ended up not filing is NOT suspicious. Nick seems to think it is.)
(He is also woefully ignorant of how multi-party litigation strategy works. I'm sorry, I can't put it any more diplomatically and still communicate the depths of his lack of understanding.)
Chat helpfully points out that it's HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS that the total amount claimed is almost exactly how much is in the GFM.
Nick just derisively dismissed a research time entry by saying, "Do you not know how to Google, John?" and I can't make fun of that, it's make-fun-proof in much the same way that Vic is libel-proof.
There's just going to be more of this for a while so let me say this: Good lawyers research. Every time. I look up the rules when I have a question about filing a patent application or a supporting document. Every time. Yes, it's expensive.
But to steal an old saying, if you think research is expensive, try ignorance.

This. Bill. Is. Not. Padded. Only someone who does not do exacting, complex legal work would think that it is.
In Nick's opinion, you shouldn't bill for reviewing documents unless you end up filing them.

Again, I can't make fun of that in any additional sense other than by just repeating it.
Nick has just claimed that attending depositions is unrelated to the TCPA because they should have filed the TCPA before depositions happened so having depositions was a CHOICE and they shouldn't get fees for it and see previous tweet comment.
Nick believes that Volney and Lemoine deliberately let the suit go on before filing the TCPA so they could claim more TCPA costs and fees and remember what I said about how Nick doesn't know how complex litigation works yeah that about sums it up wow.
I apologize for not being more clever and snarky and satirical but this is what you call self-parodying and I'm good but I'm not that good.
The liquor is starting to hit Nick. Lucky him, thinks the audience, at least that part of it which comprises me. Some of us have to do this sober.
Chupp has no reason to do more work on this. He's checked out. He's shuffled off to Buffalo. He's going to foist this off on the appeals court like he's going to foist off the substantive decisions. Like he's going to foist off JUSTICE.
Chat is really picking up on Nick's theory that Lemoine talking to Volney proves agency or conspiracy or something. They are good disciples. Admirable, really.
Anything after the TCPA ruling, Nick says, should be excluded from fee calculations.

*random Lemoine disability mockery, involving a hypothetical discount*

Garbage. Human. Being.
How can it be related to the TCPA if the TCPA ruling is over? HOW CAN YOU HAVE ANY PUDDING IF YOU DON'T EAT YOUR MEAT?
And don't get Nick started on the double - the TRIPLE-dipping of having a lawyer from EACH defendant at the depositions? You're CO-defendants. COOPERATE, you wastrels, you perpetrators of champerty!
*random mockery of the judge's mental capabilities*

By the way, Nick NEVER promised victory. He never did. He wouldn't. He only said that Vic SHOULD win. That he WOULD win, if justice prevailed.
*random stupid fucking rant about how he's using an offensive term but he isn't being offensive*
*random highly dramatic and completely incorrect explanation of what "meritorious lawsuit" means*
Nick graciously admits that the mediator's fees were quite reasonable, he's had shorter ones that cost just as much. So well done mediator.
They watched Nick's stream for free and then had the AUDACITY to try to charge for having it transcribed. WHO'S the grifter here?
Nick repeats that despite the efforts of the Forces of Darkness, the GFM will stay open through the appeals and EVERYTHING AFTER THEM. The GFM is NOT for the purpose of filing new lawsuits, but new lawsuits may be filed with the GFM.
Nick may have to file an affidavit to set the record STRAIGHT on this disingenuous deception.

By the way, Nick's wildest dream was that the GFM might raise fifty grand. But the FANS, the PEOPLE, have exceeded even that wildest dream. That's now much they love Vic.
Nick has not requested a disposition of the lawsuit funding. He has no idea what's been spent. The GFM could be all used up. He doesn't know. And neither do the deft's lawyers. Ty knows. Vic knows.
Of course, good work costs money. And Ty, he does good work. Great work. And that has to be paid for. Because good work costs money.

Also Nick will be on Twitch - where he's a PARTNER, did he mention?
Twitch will be Rekieta Media, not Rekieta Law, just so you know. There will be a schedule. Daytime content. You won't want to miss it. You CAN'T miss it.
Also, if Nick's YT gets knocked out by the Armies of Darkness, he will switch to Twitch to keep beaming out TRUTH. Just so you know.
Chat: Will Vic have to pay the fees pending appeal?

Nick: No. Just an appeals bond for costs? (Aside: TX lawyers have confirmed that this is likely true.)
Chat: What's the worst case as far as how much Chupp can make Vic pay?

Nick: NOTHING. He can make him pay NOTHING until the appeal is complete. And the appeal is DE NOVO. Including costs, fees, and sanctions.
Chupp, theorizes Nick, has no reason to cut the deft's requests. It's not like he has any incentive to do his job or follow the ethics rules by creating a reasonable ruling or anything. FOISTING. It's all FOISTING. Appeals court, brace for FOIST.
*random chat comments making fun of rape, say what you will about Nick, his fans make him look good*
Nick: Since you technically don't HAVE to file an answer, that's yet another thing they shouldn't be allowed to claim as fees and costs.

Chat: What's up with Chuck Huber?

Nick: Oh, I don't know. There's no reason to believe he's SCARED of ending up JUST LIKE VIC or anything, I don't know why he 's *random sexual act with Chris Sabot*. Could be lots of reasons.
*random chatter makes fun of my name, I feel so alive*
Nick: By taking down a YT channel with Superchatters, YT may have committed Tortious Interference and oh, God, make it stop.
This is the same theory that Uber's drivers used to beat Uber, opines Nick.
Nick gives chat an "owo" on request.

If Nick weren't so gifted at pretty much everything, it would be suspicious how casually he accomplished that.
Chat: Vic should sue Ty for messing up the case!

Nick: A) It's hard to sue lawyers and B) for what, everything he's done has been brilliant and not at all malpractice or anything, obviously, I'm only responding to this obvious troll to make the record clear.
Nick reminds us that LawTwitter only LOOKS right about what happened because their ridiculous predictions got matched up with an idiot judge who made somewhat similar ridiculous decisions and they lined up purely by chance, that's all.
Chat: If you file an affidavit, could you then be deposed?

Nick: No, it's too burdensome, everything I know is an open book, besides it would be privileged. (Aside: that last is an interesting assertion.)
Chat: Now that you have no Twitter how can we obtain your wisdom?

Nick: Email me. or DM my intern. She may forward it. She may not. It's not like she's a slave or anything. She does what she does.
Chat: Court is expensive!

Nick: You got that right.

Me: You got that right.
Chat: If the appeals court sends it back to Chupp can he just do the same thing?

Nick: *incomprehensible answer which is correct at first and then wanders*
Nick is surprised that carbon fiber is lighter than an equivalent volume of Titanium and yeah, I guess that's right, good for him.
Nick: Vic has tons of supporters who know that he's innocent of all this nonsense, but they're SCARED. Scared of Funimation. They are scary. They may have ties to the Yakuza. People who stand up to them are often abducted by alies. Everyone's at risk.
Are you a man? Do you work in the industry? YOU SHOULD BE TERRIFIED.




Nick tried to warn you. He hopes his warning is wrong. But it's not. It's inevitable. So good luck.
Chat: One of the defendants is Tweeting a bunch of LIES about you. tagging Twitch ,etc

Nick: (paraphrased) I've done nothing wrong. On Twitch. That anybody has seen. Did I mention I'm a Twitch partner? I'm a Twitch partner
*random transphobic Monica Rial insult*
Here comes the outro!

Oh, wait, hang on, hackers or something. It's coming soon.

By the way Nick hopes to buy a new computer and do a live build this month, don't miss it!

Now switch to Twitch for some Nick Thoughts.

Sorry, I won't be there. I can only take so much of the glory that is Nick at one time.

Parting thought: They're wrong, we're right, and as always, England Prevails!
And that's the stream. Off to look at your comments.

Don't forget, if you liked the livetweeting: ko-fi.com/legalinspirati…

Thanks everybody!
*stars, dammit
*vast, dammit
What he meant was apparently "carbon fiber" which is like "carbon steel" in that a lot of idiots believe stupid things about them so I'm going to let that one go.
*aliens, dammit
Nick's law school, by the way, is nationally known for its excellent dispute resolution program, which gets more mindboggling the longer I think about it.
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