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December 12th, 2019 Fresno City Council meeting! Among the items are the proposal to change the General Plan as well as create committee to advise; 70dB limit at Woodward Park Amphitheater; purchasing 87 EV Chargers ; Fancher Creek 180 unit senior rental; 192 unit gated community
Bullard/ Fig Garden. On CONSENT CALENDAR
Authorize the Chief of Police to enter into a Lease Agreement between the City of Fresno and Signature Flight Support Corporation for the continued lease of office and hangar space used by the Fresno Police Department’s Air Support “Sky-
watch” Unit at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport. Authorize the Chief of Police to accept $46,242 in grant funding for the 2019 Off-Highway Vehicle grant program awarded to the Fresno Police Department from the State of California Department of Parks and Recreation;
Amending of the Fresno Municipal Code related to Cannabis Retail Business and Commercial Cannabis Business.
Actions related to Lease Agreement of City-owned land at the Fresno-Clovis Regional Wastewater Reclamation Facility with Mr. James Cook for 550
Approve the reappointments of Edward S. Saliba to the Fresno Madera Area Agency on Aging Board and Paul J. Bauer to the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board, Appropriate $25,000.00 as funding support towards the Hmong Cultural New Year Celebration
Approve the appointment of Blake Zante to the District 6 Project Review Implementation Committee - Councilmember Bredefeld; and the appointments of Robert Lindemann, Nicholas Westburg and Michael Ledieff to the District 2 Project Review Implementation Committee by @kmkarbassi
Amending Section 9-2601 of the Fresno Municipal Code, relating to the use and possession of weapons.
Annual Review and Acceptance of the FY 2019 Summary of Impact Fee Waivers
Annual Review and Acceptance of the FY 2019 Impact Fee Annual Report As Required By California Government Code View.ashx <fresno.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&…>
Invocation by Public Works Director Scott Mozier. Several items removed from Consent Calendar. Also adding Special Meeting regarding General Plan Committee
1-J, 1-O,1-R, 1-S,3-D,3-E all continued to next meeting.
Proclamation to “Jennifer Phan” - The California State University Trustee Award Winner Senior Jennifer Phan is a biochemistry student with a 4.0 GPA and the recipient of the CSU system's highest recognition of student achievement -- the Trustee Award
@PaulCaprioglio last meeting as Council President and it is “fitting that it is a Fresno State student “ Will graduate in Spring of 2020 and then to Medical School and then return to Fresno.
Council Reports: Karbassi: wishes everyone Happy Holiday. It has been an honor to be on Council. Thanks Caprioglio for his work as Council President. Pinedale tomorrow at 7 pm with Santa. Santa chose to be in District 2. Caprioglio thanks PD for Santa’s Village last week.
Santa and Baby Shark were the highlights for the children. Elves were police officers! Thanks Public Works for their hard work during recent rain. On to Consent Calendar. @D7Esparza Table item 1-S relating to weapons in City Hall. Chavez mentions Security will be in Closed
Session in January. @MiguelArias_D3 Asks Police Chief if he wants to speak on it. Caprioglio decides to move on. @GarryBredefeld needs to recuse himself on 1-B. He would like 1-E on Cannabis to be discussed at 1:30. @MiguelArias_D3 wants 1-B to be discussed at 1:30 too.
On to
3-C Actions pertaining to six additional positions at Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT) “Ongoing growth as well as Capital improvements” says Meikle. @MiguelArias_D3 how is money to be spend? A: six additional jobs. Inspections as well as other side parking”
@PaulCaprioglio likes the direct flight to Chicago now. “2 million passengers this year” says Director. “ impact to community “. Next: contingent from Hmong New Year Event Thanks Council and @MayorLeeBrand for the support. We plan a family friendly event. Largest event in Fresno
@PaulCaprioglio says it is a fantastic event. Food, culture and dance are great” next: 3-B Award a Requirements Contract for Custodial Services at Fresno Police Facilities in the amount of $1,440,204 and for a period of three years to Janitorial, Inc. @MiguelArias_D3 where is
The extra money coming from? Police Chief Hall says there are some unused programs that were available. Approved 7-0.
3-A Actions pertaining to the 2019 National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) grant program, herein referred to as the SAKI grant. Authorize the Mayor or to accept $1,000,000 in grant funding for the SAKI grant awarded to the Fresno Police Department from the U.S. Department
from the U.S. Department of Justice, through the Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) 2. Authorize the Mayor or his designee to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fresno County District Attorney's Office for a full time Deputy District
Attorney throughout the three year grant performance period totaling $551,001
Appropriate $8,160,000 for operating programs and previously approved capital improvement projects in the Public Works Department. Mozier says “these are all carry over from 2019 but not from General Fund” Approved
Approval of the 2019 Management Agreement between the City of Fresno and ASM Global for the management of the Fresno Convention and Entertainment Center. @MayorLeeBrand He recommends extending this one year with all vendors and caterers included. Many caterers,party event
Companies are here to complain that this change would exclude local vendors from any events at Convention Center: Expo Rental, Pardini’s etc Assistant Manager Jane Sumpter says there is a $7 million debt. Local vendors will be addressed with language in contract. @kmkarbassi
thanks administration and Mr Krause of ASM Global. Sumpter: Subsidy from City would be less if letting go of local vendors. @GarryBredefeld Extra $500,000 subsidy by using local ? Sumpter: yes, based on numbers. Bredefeld: Administration has not been comfortable by SMG ? Sumpter:
Yes but handled by removal of General Manager. Addressed by new personnel. Bredefeld: just removal of GM would drastically improve ? Yes as well as maintaining building during recession increased debt. Also amenities are what makes Convention Center attractive. GM was there
14 years ago. Bredefeld: why wasn’t he removed earlier? Sumpter: that would be up to the Administration back then. @MayorLeeBrand says he did an extensive audit when he was on Council. Refinanced bonds. Hockey team that filed bankruptcy half way thru season left City debt. We
need to work together so these events don’t leave for other Cities. @GarryBredefeld says don’t hurt local vendors. Brand : this didn’t happen. (They get testy with each other before President Caprioglio cuts it off. @kmkarbassi we will work with all the vendors and Pardini in
near future. @MiguelArias_D3 what is subsidy? Sumpter: $1.7 million plus debt service of $7 million. Arias says direction has been get rid of GM , find cost savings. Thanks Staff for working hard to find those savings. Maybe we should explore running it ourselves since we are
Already paying for it. He wants to work with local but we need to be cognizant of the debt service. Public: Chamber rep: local vendors impact v subsidy. Six month pause is good. All options need to be on table to find solution. Karbassi: would like to extend contract for one year
And keep local vendors. Next: Jim Pardini: has been in this community his entire life. His father was on Committee when Convention Center was formed. This Center is dear to him , his employees and all the vendors. We stuck it out despite some problems with building. We felt we
were fired. A concession number has to be met by SMG and it has been met every year by Pardini. Was told it wa income and money was reason for being fired. He has 400+ employees. We have done this for 20+ years. Lots of vendors at events and bring lots of jobs. Hard to believe
anyone from outside Fresno would do a better job. Caprioglio says it looks like this will be continued so there will be another opportunity to speak on this. Next: Jay Pardini: City is trying to fix subsidy but Convention is about community. Victoria Ernhart of Central Valley
Women’s Conference has used Convention Center for past 20+ years. Donated back $1.2 million back to women’s groups locally. We have contract with SMG and allowed to use local vendors. We have never had a problem wirh any vendors. There will be a 20% surcharge if we were to use
a non preferred vendor of ASM. This will be an added cost and expense if we use local vendors. Rusty Rocca: he is glad to hear there is some changes to this contract. He looks at Convention Center like some people look at parks: may not be money maker but essential to community
Christy Montgomery: been using Convention Center twice a year for past 13 years. SMG has been hard to use. She has looked at other venues. This new contract is hard as she cannot use her long time vendor. Seems like something with this large of an impact should be told to these
local vendors. Adam Parrio: local vendor. He is in house projector rentals for Pardini but anyone can be hired if he is not what they need. This builds everyone up with competition. We all want a fair shot. In-house should be an option but not only option. Jason: Lauten: has
worked with all the local vendors here today. Local promote convention center as a facility more than even SMG does. They are so important because we advise our clients where to go. Mitch: Thanks Mayor And Chamber Head for meeting. He has Expo Rentals. He is Hispanic. He is one
of 14 children and built up his own business. He was told ASM wouldn’t allow Expo to be usd anymore at Convention Center. Client was told “Expo will find out on their own once new year happens” by ASM. We have purchased equipment and trained personnel. Clients were “threatened”
and bullied by outside ASM. Is this City’s best? ASM has same parent company as the poorly run SMG. Why will this be any better? City have lost millions due to SMG when FFA had their Convention here. Expo traveled to Anaheim to work the Convention there due to SMG drove them off.
Has vendors stand who are here. (30 stand). We have the talent here in Fresno. Caprioglio: thinks the Expo speech summarized what those in this building feel. @GarryBredefeld we should not award a contract to ASM. Why Administration wants to award contract? @PaulCaprioglio says
he doesn’t want to give Bredefeld a Yelloe Card for speaking during public time. Bredefeld gets ready. Next : David Holland: he works for Expo but started as a client when he ran ZappCon. He had a poor service from SMG. Local vendors give Better service. Jarod Mederois of Expo
said we had an emergency meeting to tell employees that we may have a terrible 2020. Next : Mariah does 250 events a year. She works with all the local vendors. This contract is vague to say the lease. The Convention Center is struggling currently with SMG. Chamber has been very
Responsive. Arias: thanks he for reading contract.
Next: Clovis Convention: this is First she has heard about what has happened to Pardini. They do great service. Merger of ASM and SMG May have some merit but we need to support local companies. Next: Marilyn Scott: she is Union stagehand at Convention Center for 23 years. City
used to run Convention Center and they ran it well. Union fought when City wanted to privatize with SMG. They were hard on unions. Using In-house vendors are easier to use than other vendors. It is a different attitude than when SMG was there. Much better and closer to when
City ran it. A much better improvement for Unions. Teresa Platt (?) was Manager she spoke with and was good. She spoke to past Councilmembers and gave a list of complaints. Save Mart Center is easier to work with. End public portion. Karbassi: motion to extend contract for 9
Months. Soria: Council is receptive to local vendors. Thanks Rusty corn bringing up the analogy with Parks.it is good for community. We support Local. Will this be an RFP? Karbassi: all is on the table but not necessarily getting rid of ASM automatically.
Soria: make motion to keep current contract for the nine months but keep it open process. Sumpter: if we don’t extend contract the Convention Center will shut down next month. Soria: wants to continue current contract but explore other options during that with all stake holders.
Karbassi: I think we are on same wavelength. @MayorLeeBrand we have an obligation if we are losing money. Difficult situations. I am confident we can solve it. SMG has 500 local employees. We need calm heads and business knowledge.
@MayorLeeBrand Arias is more comfortable with six months v nine as it will be front and center with Budget. Mayor agrees. @District5Chavez says we shouldn’t be having this discussion at the holidays and people worrying about their jobs. He apologizes to them. This will come down to ASM or not.
If this choice comes down to losing local vendors than he is against it. Mayor: if any given year contract isn’t met we can change it. @GarryBredefeld agrees with Chavez. He has always been uneasy with SMG. Changing the t-shirt and calling it something else. ASM and SMG is same
He will be against this today. Need an RFQ. Hopefully new management going forward. We can’t turn a blind eye to the former GM for 14 years. Why is ASM only one that responded to latest RFQ? Vendors should not have to had to dealt with this.Karbassi: if Convention Center was to
have closed in January than many vendors will have lost their jobs.
Approved for six months : 6-1 with Bredefeld voting NO.
For those that have come out today get ready for a tough negotiation with this contract. Next : 10:00 AM *HEARING to consider the vacation of a portion of South Golden State Boulevard, south of San Benito Street, between G Street and F Street For Fresno Rescue Mission. Approved
Initiating a comprehensive update to the Fresno General Plan has been replaced with Creating A Review Committee at 1:30 pm and will come back in six months. Public: Ginger says she has been down here three times for this. @LuisCha70215912
@LuisCha70215912 Ginger thinks something is fishy. Developers rule this town. Chavez asks her to come back at 1:30 and he will go thru the thought process. He has received 45 emails on this. There was language issues with Administration that needs to be worked out. So we are doing Committee
today only. Next: feels like Council doesn’t want people down here. Developers donate to Councilmembers but regular people need to be heard too.
Next: Brian Jefferson of Jefferson for Mayor says SW Fresno’s don’t all know the various portions of West Fresno. They often don’t feel their votes count. Ex-Felons need to know they can vote. More need to register in SW Fresno to make change there.
HEARING to Consider Environmental Assessment ; Plan Amendment & Rezone Application  Development Permit Application and, related Environmental Assessment , pertaining to 11.8 acres of property located at 4259 West Bullard Avenue; filed by Bryan Sassano on behalf of Spencer
Enterprises, Inc., pertaining to approximately 11.8 acres of property near the southeast corner of West Bullard Avenue and North Figarden Drive (Council District 2)
Approved with no discussion from Council.
10:20 Actions pertaining to the 554th Amendment to the Master Fee Schedule View.ashx <fresno.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&…>
@MiguelArias_D3 Has concerns over some of the few increases. Can we push this to next meeting (January 16th)? With the Park Fee increases there is the most contact with public. Council will move it to January.
@MiguelArias_D3 Next: unscheduled communication he is from a local security firm. If a local preference was given to his firm he would have won the award that went to CSI.
3-G Actions pertaining to Traffic Signal Improvements at North Gates and West San Jose Avenues Approved 5-0 with Bredefeld and Soria absent.
4-B Approve the 2020 City Council Meeting schedule. Next meeting January 16th. Similar format to 2019. Approved.
Some items Council worked on prior to their lunch break and after my WiFi connection died: 3-K Actions pertaining to grant applications to the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District and the California Electric Vehicle Implementation Project (Citywide): 1. Authorize the
Works Director, or designee, to execute the application, agreement, amendments and all related documents applicable to the grants for San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) and the California Electric Vehicle Implementation Project (CALEVIP) 2.
the submittal of a grant application to the SJVAPCD and the CALEVIP and acceptance of grant funds. Includes 87 EV Chargers! Staff: It is over $500,000 otherwise this would have been on Consent Calendar but Allows them to file for grant. Approved 5-0
Reimbursement Agreement No. HSR 11-29 with the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA), for the purposes of extending the contract end date by 36 months to December 31, 2022, and increasing the agreement amount by $508,000 for a total of $1,929,000 approved 5-0 with no
discussion. (I think Council wants to get to lunch 😜) 3-I Adding Subsection U to Section 3804 of Chapter 15 of the Fresno Municipal Code relating to the deferral of certain sidewalk construction, driveway approaches and street trees in subdivisions until prior to occupancy of
single family homes. staff recommends releasing bonds even if sidewalks are not finished. This is a hardship for large developments that may take many years to sell all lots. Major sidewalks still have to be finished. Chavez: these are empty lots and we will release them early?
A: Andrew Bonelli allows builders to release bonds. Final Home-inspection cannot be sold Until Sidewalk is done. By waiting less likely Sidewalk will be broken in Construction. Builders cannot start next development while they are waiting for last lot to sell and their bond is
is released. Chavez: What is our leverage? A: the owners are the builder of home too. If property is sold this requirement will follow. Chavez: I have neighborhoods that don’t have sidewalks for their kids to walk to school. Arias: ADA concerns too. You are asking us to have in-
complete neighborhoods and taking away our leverage. Chavez:want to make sure Neighbors are taken care of. We need to continue this. Esparza: has similar concerns. Karbassi: these are sidewalks directly on front of unsold homes? A: yes. Mozier says if they are near light poles
then sidewalk need to be built for electrical conduits. Other communities for this such as Clovis. This is an area where where Fresno is not as business friendly. Karbassi: this is business friendly Fresno. He will vote for it. Approved to continue until next Meeting 4-1
Council is returning to council. Will start with General Plan Review Committee consisting of 17 chosen by council and Mayor. Chavez: perception is General Plan is just about housing. It is about a vision. Land Use and Budget. Why now? Policy that we reevaluate every 5 years using
not only what we got for it. What did taxpayers get for the $3 milllion? What Madera , Fowler and Clovis is doing ? There were some accomplishments with this GP: Fulton Street and new restaurants downtown , BRT. But where are we with transportation, housing ? What worked? We are
not advocating leap frog development but smart growth. He was on South Fresno Committee when this GP was being discussed. It would reduce vehicles traveled and infill. But rents are going up due to not enough housing built. This crisis we can build our way out. Population will go
up 11,000 per year for next ten years. Building permits have dropped and mainly occurred on peripheral. Madera is building a new city across the River. This building there, Clovis , Sanger is causing bottleneck of traffic as people leave these bedroom communities for jobs in
Fresno. We have replaced white flight with Wealth Flight to these bedroom communities. These people are not going to support the core of Fresno like Downtown. They may go to River Park. Nothing wrong with River Park but we need to support core. A lot of work went into this GP
but a pamphlet is not going to build tiny homes. SIGMA is now part of this. We need to develop regionally and not piecemeal. @kmkarbassi this will be a major vote on his time on Council. Market has changed and thus this review is needed. Doesn’t want to lose General Fund
revenue to Clovis or Madera. Public: Kimberly McCoy says we need to create this community. Public worked hard on this General Plan and it should be honored. Aubrey Willis of Chamber thanks Sponsor of this. Our General Plan needs to help build new housing. Input from all sectors
need to be heard before Chamber makes a stand. Next @kieltls was on original General Plan Committee. Developers wanting single family homes that undercut the affordable housing. Public wanted revenue to keep up maintaining parks,Sidewalks. Hard to do if we keep building single
Family homes on periphery. We need to focus on urban core. Next Nylan Zander of League of Women Voters. We are strong supporters of current General Plan. There were 14 community meetings throughout city. City reached out for grant money to create the General Plan these were
awarded to crest long range vision. There is land in city 280,000 housing units can be built on these infill. Taxes are not sufficient if we go out and not up! Five years is not long enough. We need to ask Council to implement current plan instead of creating a new Committee.
Joe White says his neighbors want affordable housing where they don’t have to move and be near jobs. Building out seems to be more for wealthier citizens and not them.
Yvonca Sanders: please ensure City abides by its own rules. An Implementation Committee was supposed to have been created 2017. This was supposed to target older communities and have a diverse make up of private sector on community. Please continue to reach out to community.
Affordable Housing has several rules that are not being followed already. Next: Radley Reep says Fresno County is updating their General Plan In 2020. Is City going to coordinate with them? Chavez: we need to start thinking regionally. Clovis has not been as agreeable to work
with Fresno and other cities. We need to do better. Next : Christine Barker says Committee is a good idea. An Update is expensive. This is worrisome that Council is already finding money to do an update rather than seeing what is/is not working @cmichellebark
Next: Fresno State student on Urban Planning says that expanding sphere of influence has unintended consequences. Who is going to be on Committee? Will it only be developers? Infill is better as we already have vacant buildings burning and stretching our fire department thin.
Arias: new specific plans have been created. Agreement with county will provide money when we annex land; new County General Plan, SIGMA. He has heard from Council that affordable housing is too expensive per unit. Also infill Development is required to upgrade entire neighbor-
hood increasing the cost. We have county residents wanting to hook onto City water but remain in County. Tools were not given to create more infill. Public Safety Tax Measure is coming to Ballot at the same time we give rebates to developers to not pay for public safety. Ulta
and Amazon were given rebates. He is committed to this review. He speaks to those that want infill more than those that want to spread. If you are on his district and want to be on this committee be prepared to do a lot of work and ask tough hard questions. If we want infill
than we need to find new monetary resources. @kmkarbassi market has changed since this General Plan Update and why this review is needed. Nothing has been decided and no one is pulling the strings. We need to build smart. Smart growth is not just building in wealthy. @D7Esparza
As the councilman of the only landlocked district he has many poor buildings. The General Plan isn’t the problem but city employees current and past that didn’t do their part. He will bring legislation that next year that will support the current the General Plan and fulfill the
vision. Please strike the portion about finding money source. @kmkarbassi doesn’t want to strike that portion. It will handcuff the Committe if we strike it. He won’t accept Esparza’s amendment. @Esmeralda_Soria one of the issues she seen is that we need to have an honest dis-
-Cussion of our planning department. It takes too long to get permits done. If our permit demands go up we need to have staff to do it. It takes a long to time to build affordable housing. A project on Blackstone was started five years ago and ground breaking is just beginning
Leapfrog in West Fresno has made it hard to develop. Infrastructure is poor in many neighborhoods. Thanks @LCJandA Leadership Counsel for paper. We haven’t been Implementing what we have in place. We should have been doing this review along. She doesn’t think we need to put Fund
-infill in it already. @GarryBredefeld understands the problems Esparza has in his district. We expanded too quick and left parts behind but we can’t ignore data. Madera is building single family homes. This General Plan says we are not going to grow and we are paying the price
Developers need to pay their way and do when they used to not do that. We can’t stagnate as we will become weak. He will vote for this. Soria: does this bite include the funding ? Chavez: No. approved 6-1
Contested Consent Calendar 1-B provides funding for five separate Housing Authority Apartments. Officer dedicated there is able to reduce crime before it happens Deputy Police Chief says. These residents would not be able to afford this security otherwise. Arias wonders why other
neighborhoods with the same demographics don’t get this but Housing Authority does ? Approved 5-0. 1-E on Cannabis is approved with no discussion. (Bredefeld was gone and not able to vote.) He wants to still discuss it. Can he make comments still. He is able to register a NO vote
He wonders about social equity assistant part and if you have been convicted of a cannabis felony you can own a dispensary? He thinks Councilmembers should not be part of deciding who gets a dispensary. Mayor is on record saying he is against recreational marijuana. Approved 4-3
Actions pertaining to noise regulations at the Woodward Park Amphitheater
Staff TJ Miller says there were 27 events at Amphitheater the past two years primarily concerts. Dirk Pouchel representing homeowners says there was rule that there would no amplified noise. His home is
3300 feet away and has had windows shake from noise. We are not in compliance of park’s noise rules. Had 70 dBs in his backyard. This is unnecessary as there are mitigation factors that can be done. Chris Miller from Cummulus says he has been promoting events there for past 12
years and do 10 events a year. He never heard about these complaints before. He would like to work with @GarryBredefeld when he hears these complaints. Park says it is a 80dB limit. Next: Jason Lauten is a sound provider for cumulus concerts. Sound readings are done to be sure
they are not over limit. 90dB is limit in Amphitheater so it cannot be over 70 dBs Outside. This will hurt major events like Grizzly Fest. Next: Robert Bashon has complained about noise for past ten years. He gets sound inside his house from low bass. Expansion of Amphitheater
was a mistake. He doesn’t think reducing sound level will make much difference to the concert goers. Next : Steve Clayton from Temecula from UC San Diego. Well run concerts are a benefit to community. 70dBs are equivalent to vacuum. SPL is what people are hearing at low end.
Steve Thatcher came up from Tustin. Do 3-5 concerts a year mainly Country music. Surrounding communities come to these concerts. Limiting it to 70 dBs would cause most artists to decline to play in Fresno. Eddie Vergos from Numbskull Productions says he has done concerts around
the state but mainly in Fresno County. He runs Strummers and Tiffany-sequoia shows. The sound in these chambers is about 60 dBs. In Ojai and Bakersfield public parks is 100dBs. No one could afford these drastic fines. This will end all concerts if 70dBs. Not even a comedy show
Brad Silva the President of Fort Washington Homeowners. What is the purpose of Woodward Park? It was originally as a bird sanctuary and not rock concerts. Fort Washington is a unique area but sound pollution gets worse every year. When he was growing up these type of concerts
were held at Ratcliff and Selland. Woodward Park is not the place for Snoop Dog. @GarryBredefeld says our municipal code and across the state says Amphitheater/Parks is supposed to be under 70dBs. Friant Road was Measured at 83 dBS so it is amplifying. That is the data. I sus-
pect colleagues residents wouldn’t want this in their districts. @MiguelArias_D3 a week ago we had discussion about grandfathering razor wire. It was said ordinance was out of date. This ordinance on noise is out of date. The regional parks purpose to generate revenue to fund
the smaller parks. Amphitheater was built to have concerts. Every district has sound issues. Railroads , bulldog game, airport. It is ridiculous that this neighborhood wants s bubble around them at the same time they get to have a regional park in their backyard that they can
walk to and not pay the $5 fee. That park was there before-many houses were. The ordinance is outdated. We heard today local businesses need to be supported. We can’t put aside that for a few who bought a house near the park knowing the Amphitheater was there. @PaulCaprioglio
this is a regional park not a neighborhood park. The 13 concerts a year should not be a burden. He needs to balance the entire city and his district 4. Such as airport noise: do we ask National Guard to leave ? Even though they bring $77 milion to City? Fails 2-3
Actions pertaining to Darling Ingredients relocation to Wastewater Treatment Facility  1. Approve Jensen Road Transfer Agreement between the City and County of Fresno related to the transfer of ownership and maintenance of Jensen Avenue right of way to the City between South
Chateau Fresno and approximately 660 feet west of South Fig Avenue, and payment of certain property taxes to City. 2. Approve Amendment to City of Fresno Tax Rebate- Authorizing the City Manager to grant an easement to Darling Ingredients, Inc., for fire access between the Waste-
water Treatment Plant and the new Darling Rendering. Approved next: -In support of continuing the Fresno Police Department's Southwest Policing District's "Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back to Life" program. Police Chief HallWe can’t justify using full time officers to run this
We will want to use a community staff. It will continue and we can use more like it throughout the city. Resolution so no vote today.
JANUARY 16, - 9:00 A.M. - MEETING.
@kmkarbassi thanks @PaulCaprioglio for his hard work as President. Caprioglio thanks him and thanks Council for ending with the hardest meeting he has ever had 😝
Happy Holidays everyone and see you at next Live Tweet on January 7th for Board of Supervisors and then January 16th City Council!
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