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Hello #Boulder Twitter. It is Tuesday night and there is a city council meeting: The first of 3 this week (technically 2 since the retreat is one meeting, but split over Friday-Saturday, but you get the gist).
I'm not going to be tweeting much until later, when staff discusses which of city council's recently shared priorities they can actually implement.

(Hint: It ain't much.)
You can read more about what city council members proposed here: I'll add council's priorities as a whole entity after the retreat this weekend.
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I am here and I am tweeting #Boulder city council; just trying to get Spanish-language resources for #MarshallFire together, too.
Obviously the latter is more important, but I'll tweet what's relevant tonight, which may include but not be limited to: Discussion on emergency winter sheltering, assault weapons ban, 2022 workplan. And other stuff.
First an update on the #MarshallFire recovery efforts.
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A drop in wind speeds but also a drop in temperatures, with many still without power in #Boulder County. Expected to get down to single digits overnight #cowx
Snow has also really started to pick up in the last few minutes here in #Boulder
Still thousands without power in #Boulder, per Xcel outage map. Looks like they are making some progress and seeing some crews out on the map, but no ETA on restoration. Have not been able to reach Xcel media folks yet today
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Before I head back to #Boulder, #Nebraska, here's the forecast laid out by the Omaha #NWS. Please think before you go out tonight or tomorrow because breathing will make your lungs burn/hurt outside.

#windchill #Platte #Colfax #Butler #Stanton
O'Neill....don't go out tonight, Not with an expected 32 below wind chill. It will only take minutes for frost bite then hypothermia to set it. Don't risk it.

#Nebraska #windchill #Platte #Colfax #Butler #Stanton
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UPDATE: #Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said no casualties reported yet. 2,000 homes in the burn area, but that does not mean all 2,000 were damaged or lost #MarshallFire
Pelle said winds died down last night and they were able to make some progress on #MarshallFire. Warned people to still stay away, still active fires, downed lines and other hazards.
"We saw a lot of risk we're still trying to mitigate."
Pelle said only one person was reported missing last night, but they were located. Given speed of fire and the number of homes destroyed, he said fact that no deaths have been reported yet is "pretty miraculous." #MarshallFire
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Horrific situation in #bouldercounty
• No casualties, but "we would not be surprised if there are injuries and fatalities," sheriff said
• Entire Superior neighborhood of 370 homes, gone
• Couple hundred homes in Old Town Superior, gone
• 110 mph winds supercharged flames
• Superior Marketplace, with the Super Target, on fire
• Element hotel in Superior, "fully engulfed"
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Today is a brutal reminder that you’re way more likely to become a climate refugee than you are a billionaire. Time to start acting like it #marshallfire #boulder
I wish I had some help or resources to offer, but like many I’m at home, out of the way, with a go-bag packed and a hope that winds fade soon. Thank you so much to all first responders, and for updates, Boulder OEM has been keeping info live here:…
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HERE ARE THE DOGS FOUND AT DOG TAG (address confirmed) AND AT THE @HumaneBoulder!! (A thread..) please share!! #marshallfire #colorado #boulder #FOUNDPETS
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#MarshallFire #Superior #Colorado Structure fire reported at 1119 W Enclave Cir. Quite a few other structures fires I have not posted, too many to track.
#MarshallFire #Superior #Colorado Hospital sounds like it may be evacuated, not sure which one.
#MarshallFire #Superior #Colorado Trying to stop the garbage truck from trying to still collect trash.
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“Leave now!”

Emergency responders are evacuating towns of Superior and Louisville, #Colorado as thousands of people are rushing to evacuate

Two large grass fires have burned properties and are threatening more

@CBSDenver @CBSNews


Residents and shoppers in Louisville and Superior were forced to evacuate local shopping centers, some positive incredibly shocking videos like this one on twitter

Leaving stores to walk into a thick haze

@CBSDenver @CBSNews


@Hunthk11 was in #Boulder county as people were ordered to evacuate.

Hunt shared this video with @CBSDenver which shows hundreds of vehicles trying to navigate the thick plume of smoke as winds gust 75mph

@CBSNews #cowx

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Current #wildfires in #Boulder #Superior #Louisville #Colorado with multiple evacuation orders. Lost the thread, will continue below.
Fire jumping McCaslin, unit reports people trapped between Main Street and Rock Creek in Superior #wildfire
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Hearing 911 calls from people requesting evacuation in #Boulder #Colorado due to fast moving wildfire(s).
Smoke reported 5800 Oxford Road, 55 and Naiwa, S? road and J road, 119 and Arapahoe, ? and East County line (multiple callouts)
House fully engulfed, but evacuated (missed the address), things are intense in #Boulder #Colorado at the moment.
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It's the most wonderful time of the year, #Boulder: The last city council meeting of 2021!
It's a fairly light one, too, so feel free to dip out.
- Public hearing, adoption of new fracking rules (which, yes, seems big, but fracking in Boulder is extremely unlikely)…
(That story is from first reading, so the fracking info is good but all the other stuff in it is old)

Also tonight:
Council is gonna change up the way it does email, and possibly resume some extra-meeting engagement stuff

And that's, like, it. Easy peezy.
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I'm sick, but it's Tuesday and there's a city council meeting in #Boulder.

Thankfully just a study session. Tonight we'll be discussing:
Racial equity efforts
Snow/ice removal
Vision Zero
I hope ya'll are doing literally anything else, but I'll be threading discussion anyway.
Our new city attorney, Teresa Tate, is at this meeting, her first.
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#Boulder! It's city council night! After a week off, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to GO.

Tonight we've got two public hearings:
- Budget adjustments
- Review (no vote) of plans to redevelop 2054 Spruce into 63 homes
Then a couple non-public hearing items, such as OKing the election results and an update on what council is doing / plans to do with occupancy limits and evictions.

Should be fun!
I know I've already posted a campaign ask, but I hear the key to good fundraising is to keep asking.

If you enjoy *not* attending city council meetings and instead reading my threads and/or recaps, please consider supporting Boulder Beat with some $$.…
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Oh, hello, #Boulder. It's Tuesday and the very first meeting of our city council!

They're easing into things with a discussion on deaths of the unhoused.…
New council = new mayor. Either Bob Yates or Aaron Brockett. Mayor pro tem for the next year will be Rachel Friend, the sole applicant.

Mayor serves until 2023, when Boulder will start electing its own mayors via ranked choice voting.
We've got some other stuff tonight, too, like historic landmarks and first reading of fracking rules, plus a brief touch on the CU South annexation referendum petition (to undo that council decision). All fairly quick hits.
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Hey, #Boulder, time for Shay's Recommended Reading List. (It's not really A Thing but it could become one, since a few ppl have said they like the stories I share from other sources.)

First, this look at the benefits of cemeteries (which I love).…
"In modern democracies ... an ethos of public sacrifice is rarely needed because freedom and survival are more or less guaranteed ... The idea that we can enjoy the benefits of society while owing nothing in return is literally infantile. Only children owe nothing.”
That's from this excellent interview with Sebastian Junger, who is phenomenal.…
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Hey, #Boulder. It's Tuesday, and the last meeting of this city council. I know you're all heartbroken about that.

They're in person, but I'm still remote. I hear Swetlik will be wearing a suit.
What have we got tonight? Not much. A whole hour(!) scheduled to honor outgoing council members Weaver, Young, Swetlik, Nagle. Some discussion of a new council email system.
The big items are the COVID update, of course (Hint: It's real bad) and an update on the recent deaths of Jessica Aldama and her baby. That will likely consist of the city explaining why they aren't telling anyone anything.
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We were #live during a press conference in #Boulder #Colorado yesterday afternoon for the announcement that mother and immigrant rights advocate Ingrid Encalada Latorre was granted a 1 year stay of removal.…
Rev. David Schwartz opened the conference. He is the lead minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder where Encalada Latorre claimed sanctuary for 4+ years. Because of the stay, she can now leave the church to go on hikes, take her children to school, etc. Image
Although this is positive news for Encalada Latorre, and her family and friends, there is more work to be done. Encalada Latorre and her team plan on trying to reopen her case, which a Jefferson County district judge refused to do in August 2017. Image
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#Boulder is passing yet another climate resolution.…
As you'll remember, the city recently switched up its focus and efforts to fight climate change. These new things are being incorporated into this new climate resolution.…
(Pre-meeting story)…
Boulder's last climate resolution was in 2019, when they declared a climate emergency…
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Hey, #Boulder, it's city council night (again). Tonight we've got:
Parking price increases
Restaurants in (some) parks
Xcel update
Climate resolution (yeah, another one)
You can read about some of these things here:…
Also, not relevant, but I just learned that some people send in ballots *from previous years' elections* — often enough that elections officials mentioned it in a briefing today.

Like, who? How?? Why???
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Sorry to have left you hanging last night, #Boulder. Here is your Wednesday morning recap from city council.

First, investigation into the Pearl condo fires is ongoing. Should know the cause by today or tmrw.…
Longmont's Teresa Taylor Tate will be Boulder's new city attorney.…
Boulder passes $462M recommended budget for 2022 with zero changes.…
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It's Tuesday, #Boulder. You know what that means: City council night. And tonight .... is budget night. Try to contain your excitement.
Which you can read about here.…
It's *also* the night we learn who our new city attorney will be.

And there are two other public hearings for some biz licensing changes and partial redevelopment of Diagonal Plaza.…
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Another Tuesday, another city council meeting, another epic tweet thread for ya, #Boulder.

Tonight's a study session. Lots of updates.
- municipal court
- e-scooters
And a couple discussions:
- Will this CC ever go back to in-person meetings? Or leave that to new members?
- Will council officially support or oppose any citizen ballot measures this election?
So as far as study sessions go, pretty interesting.
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