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With the release of #DynamicWorld and other #global maps from the last few years, I have some (rambling) thoughts on global products, the challenge of accuracy assessment, and why I think there is still a lot of room for high-quality local/regional predictive mapping (1)
First, these global products are super cool! I played around with Google's DynamicWorld 10 m land cover today and being able to see the probabilities for each class for each pixel is great and being able to do this for every #Sentinel image through time is really unique (2)
However, at #local scales, they can be hit-or-miss, and none are ideal for every need. Some fail to pass a visual inspection (the "eye test") and even the best products require (in my opinion) local quantitative accuracy assessment before use for decision making or in models. (3)
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Further clashes are bound to unfold soon in #Tripolitania.


• some #local rivalries have become too tense.

#macro fault lines have shifted too far away from #Libya’s Jun 2020 equilibrium, which so many policymakers & watchers take for granted;

[ see 🧵 thread👇🏻]
One must, right off the bat, acknowledge the outsized importance of #Zawiyah actors in today’s NW Libya configuration.

The most zealous pro-Dabaiba fighters on 5/17 in #Tripoli were led by #Bahrun.

& the #Buzeriba forces (who didn’t fight on 5/17) are ferociously anti-Dabaiba.
Other #local antagonisms that became evident on 5/17 in Tripoli include Mustafa Qaddur’s animosity vs. his #Mukhabarat superior & Dabaiba ally Hussein al-#Ayeb.

Nawassi — which holds a major grudge against Bahrun, too — coordinates w/ Buzeriba & Wershefana’s Muammar al-Dhawi. Image
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New #Report Alert!!!

Laying out the 'benefits windfall' from place-based #local #netzero projects and how to unlock their delivery.

#EneryRevolution @UKRI_News funded, written by @PwC_UK @PCANcities & Otley Energy .

Short thread 1/5…
Super-critical because targeting the two areas - #heating and #mobility that we are stalled on in UK #netzero delivery.
Chart shows top two sectors now #transport (navy) and #buildings (heat - pink) - both flat-lined (bar pandemic effects). (2/5)
This work models costs / benefits from bottom-up for 6 UK cities to #decarbonise in 2 scenarios:
- use same #lowcarbon measures everywhere
- tailor to local needs / opportunities

And adds strategic analysis of current situation for #delivery (3/5)
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Agents ARE NOT reliant on the Rightmove for the popular myth reasons; sales, traffic and what #local competitors will say.
Portal traffic- "more eyes on listings sells homes better" an embarrassing nonsense; confusing consumers with buyers is the King's new clothes of agency
ANY agent who regularly sells homes to buyers who've wandered into a purchase cold off the internet is NOT an estate agent- case law says so.
Agents who sell to random people they've never met, heard of or qualified are passive in the process. That IS NOT duty of care and skill
I have a way, a detailed and accurate way of measuring user engagement for every home that's listed.

There's about 300 traffics to generate 50 applicants, to generate 10 viewings, to generate a sale.

80% of traffic is unique to an individual listing, only interested in one home
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TAIWAN News: Eric Chu wins race for KMT leadership, first time ever with less than 50% vote for party election. Chu has vowed to return the century-old party to power in 2024.…
If US-China conflict escalates, it's going to run through Taiwan and its local politics. A few important dates on Taiwan's political calendar leading up to 2024 election, which is about 10 months ahead of US election cycle.
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High Representative #Inzko used his so-called Bonn Powers to amend the 🇧🇦 Criminal Code & introduce sanctions for “glorification of war criminals convicted by final and binding judgments and the denial of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.”

My thread🧵👇🏼1/18
Survivors & families of war victims, individuals & institutions active in human rights, remembering the past & reconciliation #welcomed #Inzko’s #decision. Most of them advocated for such legislative changes for years. Even Inzko promissed them many times to make it happen. (2)
As reported by the #Srebrenica #Memorial, denial & glorification of war crimes, incl.genocide, take place on regular & systematic basis in 🇧🇦 & the region =🇷🇸.
Ministries finance books on or by convicted war criminals, governments commission reports full of denial of facts.. (3)
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Excerpts from "'America’s Post-Pandemic Geography' - Covid-19 is transforming all types of communities, from big cities to suburbs to rural areas" - from the Summer 2021 Issue of @CityJournal - by @Richard_Florida & @joelkotkin. A #Thread.

The article →…
1. "The #Pandemic will pass...But in geographic terms, today’s Covid-precipitated crises may well prove to be the most transformative event that #America has experienced since the great migration to the suburbs after World War II."
2. "....centrifugal forces pull some people out of #Cities: families seek more #Affordable space, backyards, and access to better schools. With the wider scope of choice that #RemoteWork affords, some are casting their nets wider and moving farther afield..."
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#Local| Esta mañana fueron encontrados sin vida los cuerpos de dos hombres dentro de una vivienda en la colonia San Jorge, cantón Tapalchucut del municipio de Izalco, Sonsonate.

📸Archivo de Referencia
Las autoridades han informaron que dichas personas presentan señales de haber sido ultimados dentro de sus vivienda por sujetos desconocidos, durante la noche o madrugada.
Luego de las primeras inspecciones, la Policía presume que las víctimas podrían pertenecer a estructuras que delinquen en el sector, esa podría ser la hipótesis principal del doble.
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Powered exclusively by #VOLUNTEER efforts, @iamwillproject locally engages in promoting a #ContinuumOfCare spectrum, while advocating for #CommunityHEALTH.

@iawpfoundation #IAWP Image
Helping to #bridge the gaps between progressive #healthcare providers and those individuals seeking primary #medical services & professional #supportive healthcare #resource referrals, @iamwillproject creates #Testing & #LinkAge to #Care connection opportunities. #Outreach! #IAWP
A spark ignited in the #spring of 1972 & #trails have been ablaze ever since. #IAWP effectively expands consumer #HealthLiteracy by freely disseminating plain language #healthcare information & facilitating #complimentary skill building. #SelfCare #CommunityHEALTH @iawpfoundation
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1/ #Anghami First Arab Tech Company listing on NASDAQ NY
Thread time>
✌🏻How did we go from rejections to stock listing!
It started with a bunch of emails we sent hoping to get an investor engaged. Most remain unanswered, few told us we'll fail. Thankfully one believed. One of Anghami founders fir...Announcing the NASDAQ list ...
2/ 🎢 What looks glamorous now with an upcoming bell ringing (virtually or not), was definitely a 9 year roller coaster: we went from ecstasy to confusion, from backstabbing to vindication - all within days. I will talk about how we made it through & what's #Chapter2 #Startup
3/ 🚨How many times were we close to sinking?
A lot. Some stories are mind boggling. I will get to that thread one day. Most of the times we came out strong, but a few times, It was really rough. We only made it because we believed in each other.
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CINTAILAH. Ajakan Pak @jokowi untuk benci produk asing sebagai bentuk dukungan #produk #lokal tentu memiliki motif baik. Ini juga seiringan dengan tren #konsumen #dunia selama #pandemi. Namun, kebangkitan "#lokalisme" ini justru didasari #cinta bukan #benci. Kita bahas👇
#Lokalisme, menjadi suatu tren yang ditimbulkan akibat #pandemi #COVID19. Riset dari @Kantar, menyebutkan bahwa ada gejala #konsumen di #dunia cenderung lebih memilih #brand dan #produk dari dalam #negeri-nya sendiri. Mengapa?

#local #lokal #jokowi #umkm #perdagangan #asing
Kini, #konsumen di #dunia ikut melibatkan faktor #emosi dalam membeli #produk. Kehadiran #brand lokal yang masih mungil tapi mudah direach memberi peluang konsumen untuk diapproach lebih #personal oleh si #brand. Ada #intimacy dari relasi keduanya.

#lokalisme #local #jokowi #ukm
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The Digital Economy is only 15% of the world's GDP 🌍. A select group is reaping massive rewards 💰 by bridging the gap to the other 85%....

I call them Modern Industrialists.

Learn to think like them by asking yourself 5 simple questions...👇 The Complete Essay
I'll be expanding on how to become a Modern Industrialist and the driving forces behind why they're uniquely important to developing massive impact on this tweet thread. Like or RT the image post and I'll a new factor every 5.
#1 - Digital money is new money to the local economy. #economicdevelopment strategy lacking in recruitment for these individuals will not be competitive in the long term. #Local economies need them to thrive in today's world.
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We're going to market!

This week's microgreens:
Green Pea
Triple Kale
Happy Family
One-Two Punch
Countryside Delight
Rainbow Radish

#organic #eatlocal #farmtotable #shoplocal #foodie
Find us around #SWFL @
Surfside Sunshine Farmers' Market, Cape
Tues. 11-6PM
Riverside District Fort Myers Farmer's Market
Thurs. 9-1PM
Miromar Outlets Farmers' Market
Fri. 9-1PM
Downtown Cape Coral Farmers' Market
Sat. 8-1PM
South Collier Farmers' Market, Naples
Sun. 9-2PM
Don't see what you're looking for? We grow #microgreens to order! Give us a call or go to our shop.
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I have seen a lot of #pentesters struggle with tunneling and port-forwarding concepts. All #hackers should definitely understand these concepts for successful tests.

This thread is dedicated to Tunneling/PortForwarding tricks.

#infosec #pentest #tunneling #security #bugbounty
Local Port2Port

Open new Port in SSH Server --> Other port

ssh -R user@ #Local port 1521 accessible in port 10521 from everywhere

ssh -R user@ #Remote port 1521 accessible in port 10521 from everywhere
Port2hostnet (proxychains)

Local Port --> Compromised host(SSH) --> Wherever

ssh -f -N -D <attacker_port> <username>@<ip_compromised>

#pentest #security #infosec #bugbounty
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Read this book at the time of #CAMS #IPO.
A brilliant read to know about the #growth trajectory of the #company & why it's only starting.

@YMehta_ @finthusiasts @nid_rockz @manurishiguptha @MadrasMobile @MarketScientist
@AnyBodyCanFly @ipo_mantra

Thread coming.👇 Image
Foreword by- Mr. Deepak Parekh, Chairman @HomeLoansByHDFC

He writes about India's #economy post #Liberalization & how #companies that have come up have one thing in common- #knowledge.

#CAMS began as a #software development & #computer education firm, moved to share registry services handling #IPO's, later became a Registrar & Transfer Agent (#RTA). It now also handles documentation requirements in #banking, #insurance & #microfinance.

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Currencies have always been a promise of some sort, and the value of the currency depends ultimately on the value of that promise.

Now the REALLY interesting thing about this observation is that we can all make our own promises too.

Hear me out:
The promise of gold and silver coinage was that the coins were pure and of a certain weight, and that the metal would continue to be in demand and supply would be limited - even though this promise was broken occasionally, e.g. by Mansa Musa or the Conquistadores.
The promise of gold-standard currencies is that they would remain convertable to gold, which layered another breakable promise on top of the previous promise of gold being a stable store of value. This promise has been broken too, most famously by US president Nixon in 1971.
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How #American #Elections Work: A Thread👇

The #TrumpCampaign and its allies have filed #lawsuits to try to block some key states from certifying #Election2020results results that show #Democrat @JoeBiden defeating President @realDonaldTrump.
After #ElectionNight , certifying the #results is a step #states take so that winners can be officially #confirmed. The @AP and other #media outlets on Saturday declared @JoeBiden the #WINNER of the #PresidentialElection2020
after analyses concluded that @RealdonqldTrump couldn’t gain enough votes from remaining ballots to surpass @JoeBiden.
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La personalización de contenidos mediante #IA se afianza como estrategia para atraer y reforzar consumo de #audio en plataformas de #radio, #música y #podcast. Recopilo aquí recientes iniciativas que incidirán sobre producción y distribución de industria a corto y medio plazo ↘️
1/9. En su decidida apuesta por el #podcast, @Spotify exprime la experiencia en identificar hábitos y gustos de cada usuario: las #playlists de #podcasts y #música personalizada configuran un menú cuya eficiencia garantiza un mayor tiempo de escucha

2/9. También @Google trabaja para generar flujos sonoros adaptados a cada usuario con listas de 90' que combinan #radio, #podcasts y lectura de #noticias personalizadas con especial foco en contenido #local, el que cada vez ocupa menos tiempo en #radio

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Adapting streets to a "six-foot-city" is certainly a question of geometry & space, but also how to govern that space, how to develop capacity to deliver #humanscale networks.
3 principles explored in our latest commentary
Photo: @dutch_ish Image
Principle 1 for #humanscale streets: leverage #accessibility to meaningful destinations. Entire street networks that offer a range of mobility options need to be realized. Image
Principle 2 for #humanscale streets: Empower #local policy networks to nurture public and political support for improved accessibility at the human scale. #citizenscience #datadriven #CommunityEngagement
Photo: @eucyclewalk Image
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This is a #handmade #terracotta panel from a 19thcentury #temple in #murshidabad in #Bengal it depicts #soldiers with their #arms we can clearly see from their #costumes #headgear #footwear #swords that they are part of the #local population @dStephenB @arthysteriaa @MuseumBuddy Image
This #terracotta panel from a 19thcentury #temple in #baranagar in #Bengal shows #European #Soldiers How do we know they are? From their #muskets #attire #headgear the presence of these soldiers must have had a great impact in the #lives of their local people #museums #stories Image
Another stunning #terracotta panel from a temple in #atpur in #Bengal @DalrympleWill said in his talk yesterday that the #British carried away 40 boats of wealth from the #murshidabad treasury in 18th cen. No wonder these #European soldiers are even in #temples flanked by #gods Image
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Catch our Director Dr @laveeshbhandari interact with young, budding economists and share about our initiatives on creating a sustainable and inclusive world! @UNCTAD @yahindiadelhi @aashima_arora_ @NikkhilKalia
Register: ImageImageImage
"#Economic #Growth is leading to a fall in #employment for women due to a structural shift in the #economy. Due to technological advancement - demand for agri labourers, most of whom are women working on small family farms is reduced." -@laveeshbhandari (1/11)
"I am not saying it is right. Fall in demand is for all landless labourers, who are generally unskilled and not just women." - @laveeshbhandari (2/11) Read more: @narendramodi @thegwpfcom @JoeAgneya @alindaMjan @anshuman1tiwari @capt_amarinder @smritiirani
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#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs

#Culture is a key dimension of #SustainableDevelopment

In this thread, we will show how #cities#GoodPractices have significantly contributed to achieving #SDGs as referred in our OBS 🔗 and Guide…
#SDG11 aims at promoting the #sustainable #development of #cities

👉#SDG11 is the Goal that addresses #culture more directly, with Target 11.4 aiming at strengthening efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s #cultural and natural #heritage

#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs
👉In #BeitSahour the revitalization of the historic Old City and its related #heritage has contributed to local #identity and #sustainable tourism

✨See good practice here 🔗…

#Listen2Cities #LocalizingSDGs #SDG11
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👇1/X: A thread on why #opensource financial tools consisting of local apps that protect your #privacy are a necessity in today's world of constant hacks and data leaks.


In a world dominated by closed source SaaS someone has to freaking say it!👹
2/X: What does #opensource mean? Why should the user care?

Opensource means that the tool is #transparent and #auditable about what it does. The code is open for all to see and judge.

The user can then verify (probably through other experts) that all claims of the tool are true
3/X: What does "protecting your privacy" mean?

Protecting your privacy DOES NOT MEAN having a freaking privacy policy🤦💩

No organization intends to leak user data. Yet it happens all the time

Financial data are among the most sensitive data we got. Hacks can lead to targeting
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Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (1/17)

"There isn’t enough #money that comes into #MainstreamMedia for the #environment for it to support the cause."

@MRTB_India @a_khosla @khannaajay @ajaynagpure @AnumitaRoychowd @Brikesh @fayedsouza
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (2/17)

"The media wants sources of #revenue apart from what they are getting from #government #ads and lobbies."
Improving Air Quality Communications - Insights by @ravinarajkohli (3/17)

"They (media) have approached us time and time again, and asked if there are any available #funds and why there isn't any #philanthropic money coming for the environment?"

@RNTata2000 @NandanNilekani
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